The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on July 14, 1968 · Page 117
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 117

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 14, 1968
Page 117
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SUNDAY, JULY 14, 1968 THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR- SEC. 7 PAGE 3 IN BRIEF Current Movies V ;. V- i l i''y;; IEE LUVISI, pianist, will appear with violinist Eric Rosenblith in a festival ''concert tonight at Oldfields. He also will be first soloist of the Indianapolis Italy Made Eastwood By DOROTHY MANNERS t ' ' Hollywood : HIS IS ONE of the most LAST 3 PAYS VMIIUM5 FIRST CITY SHOWINGS THEY HAD TO BE THE TOUGHEST F'OHTINO FORCE ON tWRTH! The Green Berets mm 'JOHN DAVID Wayne Janssen mhwii V Today at 2:00-4:30-7-9:30 Off-Street Parking Open 12:43 Start 1:00 HELD OVER THRU TUES. . . . . BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR! Rod STEIGER Sidney POITIER Katharine HEPBURN "In The Heat Of The Night" Elke SOMMER Bob CRANE "The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz" A Vim "THE SECRET WAR OF HARRY FRIOO" . , , ITUm "DON'T JUST STAND THERE" riBST EXCLUSIVE INPIANAPOUS tHOWIHCS " TODAY open i :45 1 .. rp? -. ' wjll M u,,, win aii' '"" jpjwwn in ' C CAltTHIAT.I I SS 1 1 ! fTnr' , STARTS WEDNESDAY! PIMT INMANAPOUS tMOWINO! wxmmm SLillWlIGrci1 -mwnJtm tKtm-KCI-iim PIUS CO HIT! FIRST OUTDOOR SHOWINGS 1 V - - I V i? ' y V i . A ' v v V' - ' - ' " 1 V ' ' - . - . 1 I - ' v v . - ; I - t 1 N i I ., Jf A v r " f. ' ' V- . ' - t s 4 - - S I ! , ' 5 ' "," ' 4 I ' ' " i - ' , f i 5 I unbelievable careers ever to happen in this town of unbelievable careers. Clint Eastwood is on his way to earning $750,000 per picture while the proverbial man in the street is still asking, "Who's Clint Eastwood?" ' ; ' HE'S THE hottest property sight unseen (almost) in Hollywood today with co-star billing opposite Lee Marvin in "Paint Your Wagon" just starting at Paramount; "Where Eagles Dare," teamed with OFF-ST. PARK. PH. U?-MU-COOL CONT. MAT. TODAY FROM 1:N Aim. Atolti 75c CklM. SOc DISNEY'S Dortlt FMtart ill Color "THE JUNGLE BOOR" "JkVJi "THE BOY TMB EAGLE 'jV.!S m, "THB SCALPHUMTERS" 'The party' ' Clttn. Qalet ' CMftrtiMj Ctd M4 Frltti'ly Adm. Adults $1.00, Child. SOc OPEN DAILY AT NOON COOL AS A MOUNTAIN EREBZI NOW . . . THB SIZZLE RS OF THE SUMMER . . . WHERE THE SOUL LIVES DONT MISS THIS ONI iS0BW3I At. ( attisw'm um mm bg . i Symphony Orchestra's 1 968-69 season, playing the Schumann A Minor Piano Concerto at Clowes Hall Oct. 24 and 25. A Hollywood Hero Richard Burton coming up for release; and ditto for. "Coo-gan's Bluff for Universal, in which he stars solo. ' You could call him "the million dollar unknown" 'and not be too far off the Imark. ' ' Clint Eastwood? Let's see. Oh, yes, he was that good looking young fellow faintly reminiscent of Gary Cooper who was in that Rawhide TV series for several years, wasn't he? He sure wasn't writing his own salary ticket in those days. Where's he been and what has he been doing that he's zoomed upward like this without our being aware of him? The way Clint tells it is: "When the Rawhide series rolled to a close after over seven years, I was just another television actor out of work in Hollywood. I 1 wanted very much to make it in motion pictures but after a long wait, it appeared motion pictures were not dying to make it with me. "Finally, . an offer came along from if you can believe the name Jolly Films, an Italian company, for me to star in an Italian western titled 'A Fistful of Dollars.' The budget for the entire production was $200,000. My salary was a flat $15,000. "I didn't want to go to Italy. It seemed to cie the graveyard of American actors who can't make it here. But my agent said, There's nothing for you here. You've never been to Europe. Just consider it an all-expenses paid vacation and look around Europe with $15,000 thrown in.' "So, I accepted, we finished the picture and after that . ..." he ran out of words. And little wonder. "A Fistful of Dollars" grossed over $4,000,000, the Europeans went stark raving crazy over Clint Eastwood, so much that a sequel had to be filmed immediately under the title, "A Few Dollars More," and Mini, oi i Ill A. "The Girl b The Frecdtei SI!?" ZtZ, Atfvtnce TlrtH Sl . . . Air CtmittaW OPENING TOMORROW Through July 21 A World of Entertainment Awaits To This Jummor ALL SEATS RESERVED J y g) fm AM Show MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED Hern: M OO, J.W, 13.00, $J 50, 1200, tl.M Bllcofiy 90, 11.09 Miko chtek or norwy ardor ptyoblo to tTARUOKT HUStCAU, INC. oond to M11 Ettt 411) 81.. M J. Indiontpollt, Indltni 4S70S RttM oneleM o MH-oddriuotf. ttompod onvolepo lor pnm& rtphr. aMil;M. t;l:TO COiHi' ':ffiirj"ii MnihfiMana NEW FILMS "THE DETECTIVE" Prank Sinatra as Joe Leland, a detective, finds that his life in the police department is more important than his life as a man. Lee Remick co-stars as his wife, Karen, who wanted one man, but was drawn to many. "WILD IN THE STREETS" The "now" generation takes over the nation when 24-year-old Max Frost (Christopher Jones) becomes President of the United States. A prominent program in his administration is the establishment of prison camps for citizens over 30 years old. "THE GREEN BERETS" John Wayne portrays a colonel of Special' Forces trained for guerrilia warfare in Vietnam. Aldo Ray, Raymond St.' Jacques and Jim Hutton partake in the war with David Janssen as a war correspondent. "THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR" Steve McQueen plays a rich executive playboy who pulls robberies Just for kicks. Faye Dunaway is an insurance Investigator, with Eddy Malone as a Boston police detective. "BENJAMIN" The diary of a young boy and his romantic involvement with various women. after this the big time, Italian version. In quick order he co-stared with Silvana Mangano in "The Witches," and starred for Dlno de Laurentiis and Vlttorlo de Sica In "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." Richard Burton was next up with co-starring contract with him in "Where Eagles Dare." And now he's back home where the smartest pioducers in Hollywood will tell you he's the next happening to the American screen. A good look at him, say over a luncheon table in the Paramount commissary, and it's not hard to believe. Clint was born to be a movie idol in the purest tradition a great, big beautiful hunk of a man, six feet four inches of height, 198 pounds of virility, brown hair best of all, green eyes, As green as Paul Newman's are blue. He's going to kill 'ent in "Paint Your Wagon," the Alan Jay Lerner-Josh Logan musical, and these two astute gentlemen are the first to say so. EVEN HIS biography is all American: Clint was born in San Francisco to Ruth and Clint Eastwood, a businessman. At Oakland Technical High School, he was a star on the basketball team; worked as a lumberjack in Oregon after graduation and then he was drafted into the Army When he was honorably dis charged and uncerain about his future, he entered Los Angeles City College, and caught Hollywood fever. A steady salary and a rather permanent Job (who could guess it would run 7 years?) decided another important thing for Clint He got married to a beautiful model named Maggie and currently they are the proud parents of a son, Kyle, born in May of this year. . This is the way it's hap pened with Clint up to date. But you haven't seen anything yet because, more than likely, you haven t seen Clint inn m ill Fiji! (CtptlM IISfktlirM TV'S MclAlfS NAVTI ThMtr Bin Oft If OMfl ToOW 1:00 It Shwtlmt No Finn RtMratlan $lltht cvrtiln tlm I 3D I. Mm. turn lt. tmtm 7:30 p.m. Tkktli Now on Sl "ROSEMARY'S BABY" Young New York housewife has terrorizing revelations come to her while living in an eerie apartment house full of weird neighbors. John Cassavetes plays her husband. "THE ODD COUPLE" Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau find themselves sharing an apartment after their wives boot them out of their houses. They find that life is even worse without their nag ging wives. ' "THE FOX" Sandy Dennis and Anne Heywood portray two emotionally troubled women who seek to escape reality on an isolated chicken farm. Keir Dullea portrays a soldier who disrupts their security. , "SPACE ODYSSEY" Adventure of first contact that the human race will have with life elsewhere in the universe. Fictional film tries to answer some of the many questions plaguing scientists about interplanetary relations. Keir Duliea and Gary Lockwood star. ' V.' "THE PRODUCERS" While Max Bialystock (Zero Mostel) fondly dreams of the bygone days when he was the top producer of Broadway, he plans to make one last attempt in a play entitled "Springtime For Hitler." "GONE WITH THE WIND" Margaret Mitchell's dramatic story of romance during the Civil War, starring Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Olivia de Havilland and Leslie Howard. OTHER FILMS SHOWING "IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT" Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger play two police officers whose . bigotry and resentment ride with them in their search for a murderer. "PLANET OF THE APES" Four American astronauts land on an unidentified planet where they are captured by a strange simian civilization whose society is ruled by gorillas, where man is regarded as a brute to be controlled lest he destroys the ape culture. "THE JUNGLE BOOK" Animated feature cartoon of tales by Rudyard Kipling centers around a small boy, orphaned and found by ani mals who raised him in the jungle, who is threatened by a man-eating tiger. "YOURS, MINE AND OURS" Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda play widow and widower who fall in love but can't bring themselves to tell each other how many children are involved. JULIE ANDREWS is a governess for the Von Trapp family children in "The Sound of Music," opening its first drive-in showings at the Sherman, Tibbs, and Greenwood Wednesday. Starlight Musicals fosontt WFWMJi in Parson Last Time Tonight at 7:30 OG it Good Tickers Available Thoarra lo Offico ' Opn Taa 1:00 P.M. thru Showtimo PrkM! S 50-5.00 4 504 00-J5O-3.0OJ.5O-J.0O Hilron U. Irawn Thtalra 49lh & llvt. Placa-lirtlar U. ' 1 ''"' -"ni j - ' ' r ; umM j F. " '' ' ''' ' " ' '" t- 'A ' : w wJ&? . '&M-w.Z f ., sr. CHRISTOPHER JONES becomes the first hippie President of the United States in "Wild In The Streets," at the Bel-Air, Meridian, Northside, Pen dleton, Twin and Westlake. Today's Movies DOWNTOWN CIRCLB-"Gom Wild T Win" at 2 nd I p.m. INDIAN A-"J001 1 Sotco OffWT" at i ant) 0:15 D DI. L0EW'S-"Tm Tkornn Cram Affair" at . I:J5. 3:35, 5:30, 7:30 and :30 p.m. LYRIC "Araaad Tha Waria la M par" at 2:15, 5:20 and S:I5 p.m. NORTHSIDE OLENDAlB-'Tht odd Caupla." GLENDALB II "Tha Pox." ESOUIR E "Banlamla." NORA "Tha Pradacan." UPTOWN "Tka Plana! af fka Apa." VOOUe-'Tha Onn Earatt." EASTSIDE ARLINGTON "Plana af ttta Ami." CARLVLE "Tha Datactlva." EMERSON ''In Tha Haat af Mia NlaM" and "Tha WlckaO Drtami at Paala Sctialtt." IRVINO "Tha jMtla Boat." SOUTHSIDE REGENCY I "Tha Datactlva." REGENCY II "Tharaathlr MaOan Millia." WESTSIDE GEORGETOWN "Tha Dttaetlva." LAFAYETTE SO. "Ranmanr'1 Babr." DRIVE-INS ABC NOBLESVILLE "Planat af tha Aptt" and "Tha Fllm Plam Man." BEL-AIR-"WII4 la Tha Slraatt" and "Haantad Palata." CENTERBROOK "Yaart, Mlna and Oart" and "Battla Baotalh Tha Earth." CLERMONT "Planat af tha Aaaa" and "Tha Pllai-Flam Man." GREENWOOD "Tha Thamai Crawn Affair" and "Fltiwlllr." LAFAYETTE ROAD "Tharaa"l Meiam Millia" and "Tha Ballad af Jasia." MAPLECROFT "Planat af tha Aaai" and "Tha Film-Flan Man." MERIDIAN "Wild I Tha Slraatt" and "Mama af Uthar." MOOnlite "Mardar't Raw" and "Tha NATIONAL "Tha roath It Madam MIIMf and "Tha Ballad af JaMa." TIBBS "Tha Thamai Crawl AHalr" and "Finamir." ' NORTHSIDE "Wild la TIN) Straatt" and "Pramaiara aiartai." PENDLETON PIKE - "Wild 10 Tha Straatr' and "Haantad Palaca." SHAOELAND "Jtonnin Madar Millia" and "Tha Ballad af Jatla." SHERMAN "Tha Thamai Craw AHalr" and "Pftiarillr." SOUTH Jl "Tharraahlr Madar MIIHO" and "Tha Ballad af JaUa." TWIN EAST "Wild I Tha Slraatt" and "Haata af Utter." TWIN WEST "Bridal af Blaad" and "Blaad Pland.' WESTLAKE "WIM I Tha Straatt and "Tha Pit and tha Pandalam." Rickles In Training For Copacabana New York (UPI) Don Rickles, the insult comedian who appears at Jules Podell's Copacabana night club for the first time in October, has been at the night club three times recently as a guest. Each time the star of the current show invited him on stage and Rickles did 10 to 15 minutes of his ' deprecating routine. "Just spring training for my debut here," Rickles said. Leslie's Back Hollywood (UPI) Leslie Caron makes her first American movie in more than two years when she stars in "The Beginners." G, , GL TUES. THRU fRIDAY, 5-10 P.M. Kiddieland 5:008:30 Big rides 6:30-10:00 51.75 PER PERSON - vndar 10 avar 451.00 SPECIAL WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON ALL RIDES 1:00 4:00 $1.00 PER PERSON ANY AGE SATURDAY- 7:00-11:30 PM $2.50 PER PERSON tmdarlOavar 45SI.00 SUNDAY - 1:00-10:00 PM J2.5Q PER PERSON ' tindar 10 avard $1.00 - EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $1.00 TUESDAY THRU FRIDAY 'J1LW!A1 irr PRIVATE PICNIC SATURDAY 12 4 P.M. RICHARDSON RUSSER CO. J MARY TYLER MOORE stars with Julie Andrews In "Thoroughly Modern Millie," comedy now playing at the Regency II, Lafayette Road, Shadeland, National and South 31. M MIN. N. a Stata Rd. 17 and Jet. All Calar Shaw Startt At Dart 773 2JIJ Charlton HESTON Kim HUNTER "PLANET OF THE APES" OM&eLvoCNOTT 'The Film Flam Man' Uftn "JUNGLE BOOK" nil. "FANTASTIC VOYAOE" r ij&aB ) 1( Mlnutat fram Dawntaw Rd. 47 (Kantacar Ava.) and Tlhhi Aaa. ENTIRE SHOW IN COLOR First Indianapolis Showing Shallar WINTERS-Chrlttaafiar JONES "WILD IN THE STREETS" ,V'i SKS "HAUNTED PAUCE" m Uftn "HELL CATS" nfcVii "hell sm WHrrta" ' Coming . . . "THE GRADUATE" Com S Mlln South af Maaratallla Rd. 47 ALL COLOR SHOW STARTS AT DUSK Hoary FONDA Lacilla BALL "YOURS, MINE AND OURS" Ktrwln MATHEWS-Vlriana VENTURA "BATTLE BENEATH THE EARTH" Utfl "Prlrata Nay Of Sat. O'Farrall" "aivra meat" Oat lira an Rd. 114 Watt Ph. mmui SHOW STARTS AT DUSK ALL COLOR CMrlton HESTON Kim HUNTER "PLANET OF THE APES" 0irLC;0,NOTT'nienim-nimMan Uftn "JUNOLE BOOK" irur. tnr PAMTASTie voviaax JUST N MINUTES FROM CIRCLE Saath a Madltan Aa. I larmwty and 4-Lana U.S. 31 MI-JIM HELD THRU TUES. ALL COLOR First Cif Showing Sfaai MOUEEN Fava DUNAWAY 'THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR" f; Clint Pfrt.if..i ac At eastwood ruiiiu vi voiiara ,,;N WFri Flnt DrlnHn Shawlm "SOUND OP MUSIC" A PRIORITY Oaidaar Thaatar Wd N. aa U.S. SI af W. Mth-AX Ml 74 Praa Mmr-Oo-Bound and Plararatnd Oaa Nltalr 4iM, Adaltt tl.ll 111 7:J 1st Outdoor Showing c. Jail ANDREWS Marr Trlar MOORE "THOROUGHLY MODERN MIUIE" Prat, Darn) OAY-Patar ORAVES "THE BALLAD OF JOSH" Urrfl Mr POITIER Saancar TRACY IIM.I KDuil VVka CaaiM Ta nimmt- H-Mlmta Drhra Watt af Plalnflatd an U.S. 4t ALL COLOR SHOW STARTS AT DUSK Charlton HESTON Kim HUNTER "PLANET OF THE APES" OaarM C. SCOTT m.. ni n. U..' Saa LYON in i iiiii'i ism noil Your Family Drivoln Theater On Brawn Caantr'i SeanM Mlahwar f4d Saath Marldian fRd. 1) ALL COLOR SHOW STARTS AT OUSK First Indianapolis Showing Shallar WINTERS Chrlttaahar JONES "WILD IN THE STREETS" SSS "HOUSE OF USHER" WED. "VILLA RIDES" "NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY' aat aa U.S. SI and Raad AT POUNTAINTOWN-4l-44t SHOW STARTS AT DUSK ALL COLOR martin "Mt;nrrB'f Dnur' AmvMARORET Oaa MARTI riwrurtntn nia ix" martin ivt tnnirrrjf Slallt STEVENS am aiuntuy A PRIORITY Ovldaar Thaatar I. an U.S. 4 at Camtarland TW 4-74M 1st Outdoor Showing c5lo. Jtiia Andrews Maor Trtar Moore "TKC50UCUIY MODERN MILIE" Plat, Darh OAY-Patar ORAVES "THE BALLAD OF JOSE" urrl SMnar POITIER Saancar TRACY nur. "Omm Wha'a CamM Ta Dtnaaf' TltM Aaa. Jatt t. af Watt Watk. St. Indlana'i Nawatt and Flnaat Drloa-ld OPEN l:N PHONE 141-1717 HELD THRU TUES. ALL COLOR First Cily Showings Itrva MtOUESN Para OUNAWAY "TKEKICMAS CROWN AFFAIR" .A,CTrooo"EWful 01 Dollars",'- Uftn Flrtt Drla-ln Shawlna I HIV. "SOUND OF MUtIC" FRANK SINATRA stars as a proud cop whose adventurous life is filled with romance and intrigue In "The Dedective," playing at the Georgetown, Carlyle and Regency l. CHILDREN UNDER 11 FREE' Ewaat Whan Llitad Otharwlia ONE MILE NORTH OP NORA On Wattflald Blvd. Old Road 431 ' ENTIRE SHOW IN COLOR Fin! Indianapolis Showing Shallar WINTERS ChrHtoahar JONES "WILD IN THE STREETS" Rar "nnruiTiinc ennui" Af milland rninnigrifc uuawl n.M Uftn "VILLA RIDES" - HUi "no way To rariT a. inv Coming . . . "THE GRADUATE" Raad 47 and Past Read 1 Jatt Off Br-Fasa 44 PIKE PARTY 1968 : With umr Mtllaa; Tha "III Follow First Indlanaaallt Shawlnt All Calor Shallry WINTERS Chrlttanhar JONES "WILD IN THE STREETS" Vlncanf "UlllUTCn Bllirt't PRICE WED. "VILLA RIDES" "NO WAY TO TREAT A HOY" A PRIORITY Oatdaar Thaatar 1H0 N. Shadaland PL 4-1 MO " Praa Marrr-Ca-Raaad and Plararaand Oaoa Nltalr 4:X, Adaltt 1.U 'til 7;M 1st Outdoor Showing c5lor Julia ANDREWS Marr Trior MOORE "THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE" ' Plat, Dortl DAY-Patar ORAVES - "THE BALLAD OF JOSIE" ; Uftn Sldnar POlTliR-Jaoncor TRACY ItlV. Wll., comlnt Ta Dlanar" t wmm ) 14M N. Shannan Drlaa IN THE HEART OF INDIANAPOLIS OFCN 4!M-PHONE MS-I4I4 HELD THRU TUES. ALL COLOR First City Showing Start McQUEEN Para DUNAWAY 'THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR" eastwood nmui vi uouars 7M WED r"u Dr"-1 Shwla "SOUND OP MUSIC" c j A PRIORITY Oatdaar Thaatar 704 $. u.S. II at Sholar ST I WI FREE PARADISE PLAYGROUND Oaaa Nltalr :M, Adaltt 1.U til 7: 1st Outdoor Showing C5LL0L, Jalla ANDRRWS Mm Manaa "THOROUGHLY MODERN MILUE" Prat, Darlt DAY Patar ORAVES . "THE BALLAD OF JOSIE" Uftfk Sldnar POITIERSaocf TRACY nLV. "Qm.ii MAW. bali T. ni World's largest Drhre ln Theater Inside hdpls., 5 Min. From Homo SN SaaftMattaraWkart tl Mooti 411 ONLY equ.fVio WITH 70MM 4 Big Features 2 Big Screens EAST SCREE N - ENTIRE SHOW IN COLOR First Indinapolis Showing : Shallar WINTERS-Chrlttaahar JONES "WILD IN THE STREETS" ,V; Vlncant rfUAIKC At IKUtD" At PR ICI IIWIM. VI VJIIM :U WED "HELL CATS" "HELL ON WHEELS WEST SCREE N - ENTIRE SHOW IN COLOR First Indianapolis Showings John ASHLEY Kant TAYLOR "BRIDES OF BLOOD" . , ITT "BLOOD FOD" " UTD "VILLA RIDES" nil. Ma w.v ta raiir . huh Coming . . . "THE GRADUATE" Indiana's Finest and Friendliest ate War Ortra-dlat W. loth St. m tana IwWiu m a i 1 1 . ... SHOW STARTS AT DUSK ALL COLOR First Indianapolis Showing Shallot WINTERS Chrtttaahar JONES "WHO IN THE STREETS' W "pit and mmw Uf)t R "VILLA RIDES" .. ATTEND ' YOUR FAVORITE DRIVE-IN MOVIE " TONIGHT Las! Tim Tonight Dolafonte at 7t30 1

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