Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 26, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 26, 1935
Page 4
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todern Painter B.4P"" l*m»ti# ra HOTS i:i H Haras msaa Hiia ma horn, bailey 39 3.1416. 40 Note In scale. 41 Jog. 42 Iniquity. * vegetable. 43 Christmas l grow dim. Oi uBjy« ,— ; .j throw. 35 Merchandise, jipflr* > blow a carol. 44 Gaiter. 45 Lubricants. 46 To thlnfc. 47 He la an of stories. \TBBTICAL 2 Deputy, 3; Roentgen ray. 4 Suitable. 5 Within. 6 Aphid. 7 Gloomiest. 8 Tablet 9 Dye, -10 Ceremonies. 11 To press. Jt* f» wttja. 18 His pictures of —>. —^ nte famoos. It To least. 18 Ovule. 19 Mentions. 21 To liquefy. 22 Let it stand. 24 To pant 28 War flyefa. 26 Fashion. 27 Ctrl. 29 Auto. 31 Assam silkworm, 32 Shoe. .13 Musical note. 35 Implement. 36 Cold season. 38 Ringlet. 39 Instrument. 41 Balsam. •12 To expectorate 43 Nothing;. 44 Mineral spring 45 Oil (suffix.) 46 Either. S.5 TfS 38 17 35 46 •Sb «*'•>. j- &M tiow U. S. Entered •f ,M .-.^ , (Continued from page one) pertinent excerpls from which are presented herewith. ,.'They show how the attitude of strict neutrality announced at the outbreak of he- war in 1914 was abandoned by Ke Wilson administration in order to 'fost*r' manufacture and sale of war munitions to the Allies. -_They'show that Secretary Lansing iand Secretary of the Treasury William 'G. McAdoo, now senator from California, engineered the modification of t6e neutrality policy. , .fThey^ show that President Wilson gave his consent to the modification orally and advised putting it in writing, * They show that the enormous muni- tfdns business and loans to the allies by,the international bankers created an interest: that could be protected' adequately only by he victory of the Allies, 'a victory which: the entrance of the United States into the war assured. The documents bearing on this chapter of secret history will be considered by the committee in connection with the formulation of permanent neutrality legislation by February, 29, when the present temporary act expires. They will be used to support "the argument in favor of outlawing loans'and credits to belligerents, in addition to export of arms, ammu- nitipn and implements of war which the! existing act bars. Only by the embargo of loans and credits, it is contended, can any neutrality legislation be relied upon to keep us out of the war threatening Europe. Secrets of the House of Morgan were obtained by the committee over the protest of Sir Ronald Lindsay, the British ambassador, who contender that the documents are the property of the British government. Under an agreement that hey would not be made public without the consent of Secretary of State Hull the documents were brought from New York in a guarded truck and lodged in the State Department, where the committee was given access to them. ,^» MUM -^\ v j*>\ | *— ;"V * fc, i SlORiEb IN By I. S. Klein DROBABLV the most popular at•*• traction of America's natural •wonders is Old Faithful, Yellow stone Park's steaming geyser that lurls sizzling jets of hot water and vapor about, every hour or so to a height of 120 to 170 feet. The hot lava below the broad volcanic plateau of YCIowstone brings the underground streams of water to a boll and the expanding steam shoots the column of water above it. For four Win- utes, the geyser of steam and water rises out of the ground, then It fiubeldes, again l.o gather enough power during the next 35 to 80 minutes for another spurt Old Faithful is shown on the 5- :ent stamp of the National Parlca leries, issued in 1934. Sell It! Find It! Rent It! Buy It! in the Hope Star MARKET PUCE Pcrnembcr, the more you tell, tin- quicker you sell. I time, lOc line, rnin. 30o For consecutive insertions, minim- mum' of 3 lines in one ad 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. 9Uc ?6 times, Si'ic line, min. $2.70 (Average 5's words to the line) NOTE— Want ads wUl be accepted •With ' the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publi- Phone 768 V. .?. — /03.) National Park* Rerie* Olrl Faithful !ic — blue "f|^^fffe'' vr ' JQ.PE ft OUR BOARDING MOUSE By AMERN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS (Copyright. 1435, NBA Service Inc.t! WANTED , yellow gold wrist watch. "Betty Auil" engraved on back. Reward for return to Hope Star office. ' 3tjdh^ TRADE___ """FOR TRADE—33 acre form good land, trade for business property and grocery. Write W. I. Haley, Di-nnott, A?J£- " FOR^ALE FOR SAL£—Horsti and mules, See C. H. Sulton at Sutton and Hale Sw- Vicfc Sl-ilkm H'lfJf, Ark 12-26tp Want It Printed RIGHT? We'll have a printing expert call un you. and you'll have an eco- iiumicul, lii;;li r|iiul.'t.\ job. Whatever juur needs, uc ran bcrvc Iheui. Star Publishing COMPANY '•Printing Tl'al Miiki", an PATIENT WHEN GONMNCb OUT OP TVC UNA—WHERE DID t WELL.LET rr ——SO 1 WAS WE T-OLLOW YOU / OH,TMISrp WHV I'M dBW 6IRL lt» I'M "TOO TOO ABOJT THAT TWlWd LIABLE TO A SUIT CM OUR HAIUDS. you AGG. llM' TO NOTICE IT. T, M. Rta u. s. PAT. orr. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES The Old, Old Story By MARTIN ALLEY OOP The Take-Urt >*am^mmmmmm^immiiiim i i. m. -.«•»•», 1.1 ®J??. S . BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. 8. PAT OKAY, OOP-TMAS SWELL-NOW, GOOD JUMPIM GOOBEGS! LOOKIT OL KING/GUZ! WMV WES GOT WIWG5 LIKE A FLYING LIZARD NOT? BIRDS WELL, Y'LUGHEAD -DON'T STAK1D THERE ALL DAW G'WAN AN 1 JUMP.' ^ OONT RUSH A LONG- WAYS DOWN HE'S GOSJWA BUST HISSELF WIDE OPEN -LOOK OUT — f?l 1935 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T.'M. REG. U. 6. PAT. Off. WASH TUBES Time for Action By CRANE SHE(?IPP X 5 OFP/CE-THERE'S OIL'ON HIS PLACE LAS' OCJOHTTO SPR/M6, HE AIKJT BSeMBeA • HIS OFFICE.^/PBPUTS/ SHERIFF., PEY STRUCK RUT THERE FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Stumped SAM. PEV SHO OU6MT. BUT PAT" \TMEM 6GT US^ :UM-MOTHI»4 ( D&PUTV, I EKFECk HEjSOMe 6UWS. iu PE o &H ci iii E r^^48a L ^i£ J ^ OUR5ELVE5. By BLOSSER I'LL SAV WE DIP/ AKJP IVE 1 MEVER WAP SO MUCTM IM MV LIFE. FRECKLES,'"ibU'RE A FINE BOY/ *it>U KMOW, A LOT OF US OLD FOLXS WON- TIMES,WHAT THE W3RLD IS OOMIMO TD.V/rTH THIS ^c GENERATION GROWING UP/ THK NFWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) ~ ^fcU AWP R FRIEWDS ARE AMY EXAMPLE, I THIWK IT'S Kl PRETTY GOOP HAWDS/ STOP HERE, "~ /„. HERE'S A HOUSE THAT I WE "X "N. DIDN'T I ICOULDWT! t YOU ] WAS cowppot-fTED LEAVE / BY A PROBLEM THE \ IN THERE ".HAT BASKET J I DIDNT QUrTE "2 rf KNOW HOW TO HANPLB/ ^ *~z •••• •F,r^ m ~\\ ^/ ^ ; A SUSPICIOUS HAP- WHAT ) FOUR-YEAR OLD BOY IN THERE WHO __ . WAS CONVINCED P _ /THAT THE WHISKERS /WERE REAL,BUT HE WANTS ME DOWN THE CHIMNEY AND THE REINDEER ON THE ROOF // is^ •> ^ ^M** " • l^V ;^i .• I. M. REO. U. 6. P*r. OFF. A..*, '.,- 1935 BY liiEU SERVICE. INC. V__ Tough on the Turkey ~Bv COWAN «W>JD I EXPECT VOO TO (V\^KE TUW TURKEY STPETCU OVER UNTIL. NEW YEARS / 'iF'N HE'S C>OIN' T'STRETCW OVAJ4 UNTIL NEW YEARS., ^ w Wtfj, J c< = cec.M 1 IP UE. WAS rA(^oE oe> ' TSH T •.o m_J=» WELL, IT HAS QUBBER ENOUGH T'BOUNCE OFF „; VOUR

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