The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1940
Page 3
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APRIL 2.1, .1040 Germans Would Leave Chicken Neck For Allies In Norwj ay Waterworks And Sewer System Sought For Town A water works and sewer system I 1 (or Joiner will he a reality some- I time this summer if nio».- r,r .1.^ I a H>' THOMAS M. .rOH.VSO.V USA Kervke Mllilary Wtlier Unless Hie ullli's ran break very soo:> the lightening German gri;j in .southern Norway, they may lose the wnr in .Sciimllnavin and Eurono and the world may lose whin lltilp ,, K ' C """ S WOUl<l leavc time this summer it plans of the Joiner Young Men's Club materialize. Application for a WPA giant for lids project will be .submitted this week, it was announced following u meeting at which plans were alsp made for a Eastern Arkansas political rally to be stayed (it Joiner sometime In Mid-summer. Oilier projects In the six-point program of the recently organized club are also developing, which include the electric lighting system for the Shawnee school athletic P Held, Improvement of streets' of Joiner and securing • a telephone exchange. Candidates for slate, district and county offices will be Invited to attend the all day rally at which special entertainment will to provided with these plans to be worked out, by special committee. M, H. Lucid of Jonesboro, district supervisor of the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company which serves Joiner with telephone com- „ ,,,, lho cllletal s "' Norway , uy consoIWalini} themselves the -iO-inilo railroad from Tioml- lielm east tc the Swedish bonier. Hurriedly, Hie Gemmns are fortifying this natural line, protected partly by .streams nml lakes, Tlinl aci'onipllslitxl, lliey hope 10 !<>:•!; llie British in the north wljjie they continue tlii'ir apL-ralions in llie soutli, which is ilu: .springboard to Britain by uir m«l NAZIS WOUU) I.KAVK UKI'l'lSil CMCKKN NK.CK Ar, an flx beheads a chicken, the Nazis would leave the British the country's scrawny neck and save for themselves the southern body, pliunj) economically and strategically. Here are concentrated Norway's Industries, munitions, her year's reserve stocks or precious oil, and the ports and airfields from winch the Niv/ls can attack Scotland and British shipping, especially allied tra:is|x>rts moving troops lo Norway. numlcntion, has announced that an ^ nc ' '^ Germany hangs on to the exchange will be established in 1 smi11 '. leaving the allies stalemated, this town at an early date. i what then? The allies ivill have The 15,000 watt lighting system | misscti ">? boat, and probably for for the athletic field will be erected j the last.time, tills week which will give Joiner , Alr P°wer will have beaten sea *" &***' WliiEl facilities for night softball game.s this summer and night football games next fall. The club fa assisting the Shawnee Parent Teacher Association in securing uniforms for the band of 'a members which have already been ordered. Raising of money to pay for these is being shared by tlie I'Uvo sponsoring groups. A group of the 32 members will go to Memphis May 25 for a broadcast over WMC, it was announced. Anti-T. B. Group Sponsors Radio Talks In cooperation with the early diagnosis campaign of the Mississippi County Tuberculosis Association, radio station KLON will present programs by transcription this afternoon, Thursday and Friday. "Prom Spring to Spring", subject of the program, will be heart this afternoon and Friday afternoon nt 2:30 o'clock and on Thursday at 4:15 o'clock. Gosnell News To Present Play Members of the Gosnell Home Demonstration club will present power, anil Italy may take her cue. She may strike in the Mediterranean, perhaps at Alrica through Spain, perhaps at the Suez canal or the Balkans. RUSSIAN'S EXPECTED TO STRIKE AGAIN Next, Russia, as partner or rival, may attack Rumania, and the allied Near Eastern army will swing into action, along with Turkey. Russia may even strike at Finland and Sweden, splitting up Scandinavia with .Germany or contesting, it with her, If the former, Germany may launch her Blitzkrieg on Prance by way of Belgium nnd Holland and ^Narvik' .V-: &$& 1? Germany eels ihe gravy, Britain the chicken's iictk. Philippines will become still more vulnerable, and this world will become llie worst of all possible worlds. Horrible, but who shall cull it impossible? All loo possible is that one more reverse for the allies- after which the dictator powers Japan may seize the Dutch East will begin a ruthless scramble the indies. Whereupon our vulnerable | end of which no m,m can foresee. Demonstration Club News Notes Discuss Tour Tile _^Ii.«issippi ; County Better Home.'T'tbur to be lieltl .soon was discussed by Mrs. B. A. Bugg in. the meeting of the Dogwood Ridge Home Demonstration club Wednes- Demonstration club will present a tlome Demonstration play at the school Thursday, ac- ' daj ' at the ciubno "<«I cording to announcement, made today.. Those In charge have invited the public to attend. + • , * Mrs. C. J. Little, of Biytheville, and 'Mrs. A. c. Duclos sjient Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. A J Donner of Ufanlla. I O. VV.. Burin has entered Veterans' hospital in Memphis for treatment In keeping the "Belter Homes" theme, members answered for the club to sec on Hie tour. cml . The meeting, presided over by j nif ' Mrs. J. A. Payne, was opened with group singing. Mrs. Walter Wood was pianist. Mrs. G. P. Scrape gave the devotional after which llie Woman's creed was repeated in unison. Reports from the bingo parly and pic supjier sponsored by Ihis group were made by the treasurer. Mrs. W. U. Dyess, chairman of the yard committee, reported that more shrubs and plants were needed for the yard of the clubhouse. She le- Qiiested that anyone who had extra plants contribute tliem. Urges Housewives To Make Down Comforts 'Hie slight lull between Harden planting and canning time gives farm housewives an opportunity to convert the down or feathers thut have been curing during (ho winlor months, into wiirm Ihjht bod coverings, .MUJBC.'.IS Miss Com l,re CoJrimm, county dome demonstration agent. niseii'lvps who are trying Ihelr hand at down comfoits for the first (line. Miss .Sybil 1). Hales Intension specialist in home industries, Unlvcnilty ol Ai'V.aasiis t;ol- lege ot Asrlculture, ouOlnos t)n> necessary steps. ' For mnkliiy a comlort, :i to ;in pounds of down or 5 lo 7 pounds of , feathers and It) yards of snti'cn will • be required. If an Inner Hnlntj [s | desired, an additional ID yards ol t closely woven muslin will be needed. If Iciilhers are used, the comfort will be much softer il Ihc feathers are .stemmed, ijtom the feathers by holding them by the tip and stripping Ilrsl on Ihf one side and then on the other. To make the comfort, cut (liy iu yards of sati'fn ajxi Die 10 yards of muslin into lour pieces of equal length. Make a lop and boitom for the comiorl ol boili Mu ci! n n n d muslin by sewing each two pieces of the sateen and each two pieces or the muslin together. Press the scams open and clip the selvage edge. Spread one of the muslin covers tight side up on the floor. Plnco one of the outer covers of Die sateen right .side up over the muslin and pin lo hold in pli ic c Draw the design lo be (iiillted oii j the cover. Tailor's chalk may be used for drawing the design. Sew a covered corn around (he outside Pin the other pieces ol muslin and sateen together In the same manner, then place the lop and bottom covers together with the muslin between, starting from tint-enter of the comfort, begin stitch- Ing Ihc design, leaving a space open for stuffing, stuff with down or feathers, close the opening. Stllcli the next row in (he design being sure to leave a space opeii for stuffing. Repeat the .stitching and stuffing process until the de° sign is completed. Then stitch the bottom lo the top on the outside edge with the corn between, leaving an opening for stuffing the space between the design tm°d the wife of Ihc comfort. Finish the comfort by stitching up this open- ! Bicycle Patrol Is i Organized At Wilson County jiKigp B- K oiadlsh »d- mlnlsli'ivd u u . oath lo HO sludenis 01 llie Wilson .school who bminio ini'inlim at u ,,, W ||son Junior Highway iMirol lllcyde Rafoly Club .lii^ spi'dal (Tioinonlo.s ycsiminy. : The m-wiy ui Wilson, similar'to l),.|, H; m^nnl/cd ,,n ovn . l]lt> jcoiimry by .state l(f«luvuy ' OR. I pnilmi'jiis in promote 1 siifu ' rlillnB j(in Ini'.vi'lt'.s, Is sponsored by tin- Lee \\ilson coiMjjmiy imd |ln> Sliitc IHiulnvny ]>„„,,, ,,f' Art.,,,,,,, „,,„, John .\V. IMulkner acting j,s sup. 3,700 Persons Aided By Commodities Office Apj>ro.\lm»i<'|y :I,TOO persons art- bclnu „.,.,.,,,, , jy (,„. ijlytlirvlll,' CoinnilsMiry of Die Suriihis- C'om- ntoilltlfs Corporation which MK- I Irlbutcs uii'si- ..inulo lowls lo needy persons. Tlijs is un uvmlKo ol JI5U ininillfs, many of whlcli are also receiving relief ohi'cks. In the iirst linee months of this year, then, wore m.lin pounds of Hour, Bills, „„,„!_ oatmeal, butter nppus. oianues, pcnches. primes! j'litslns, HIIKI beans, onions and lard ttlstribiiUxl with ||,is Cood «i /I tuill!l " fm "' Jone.sboio U> Blylhi'vil),. |, y ,j le f; 0 i, llty whi ,.|, uses n.s mu-ks for nils work. AjCtordliii! I" s-di'iillsfi. you can i!miltm C ' l '' r ' f - V °" " 1( " T ""k' { ' i™ir PA rrR Farm House Neat- Manila Burns Monday The fin-in riwldcni'i' or Mr. mul Mrs. J. l), i>i(M-.son. .soiuh or Manila, IVIl.s tU'MrnyccI Ijy firo Mundny uinrniDx. The inmily lavl nil || s Ijeloiiglntc: wlili-h worn only paniiiliy covered by In.sui-anoc. it WHS suld (•ili'/rnriilli Mf,i-,> pii/oi) l'HII,ADRI,PltlA. (Ul'J-Natliml. J/iillon record!! licru show n 25 per cent In the number of persons naliirnll/od ihi s yra ,. j,, district. Imi m - ofnciuls said that li 000 aliens u c!<: Ka (i, la i| /cd - )!Wl ^ 'Hit this ycar« number was ex- poctcd lo icach 13,750. lluw No Blackouts in U. S., New Citizens Advised !'1III,A1>KI,I'JHA <UI'I— Juiljli.' 1 lurry !•;. Kulcxlucr ivcl- iioiitoi m'sv oltlxi'ii.s In Nii UOH C'oun as "United .slin'kholders." To a cluw of i^ , lt , w tin: lainost In scivciiil months Judge' Knliiilin'i- Mild: "Don't forgot y lm ,„.,, stockholders In this B ronl nity of ours. Time , U o no OIH.s In (his coinury." FOR SALE r.o TONS OK I'KA-GRKHN AU>'AM''A HAY SK, I'KK TON CHARLES ROSE KOSKI.ANt) MOTOR SALES, Inc GASOLINE •DIESEL . tou 1 Delivers | Your roll call by telling what they had water. Apples contain 82 per cent enough with a PERFECTION OIL RANGE to buy a pair of SILK HOSE Every Montti • Thai'i tpproximitely how much »oa cmo ure with «"Hi<h. Power" Perfection l> comptred with piped or wired fuel*. Coa« in «nd ie« t!i« betutiful new model», in <lc«min| whil. poreeltin enimel. Ltirn how ct, r it i, lo OWD „„, HUBBARD HARDWARECO. .Phone Why sign up for high-cost cooking fuels-when you can save with a modern PERFECTION OIL RANGE BEAUTYREST MA'ITRKSS HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. ^•^^MMMM. Kirby Drug Stores .') STORKS II i. iMiiin »V; 2nd—Main & Division BORIC ACID fowd. »r Cryi. CUANSINO TISSUES IftONIZED , YEAST TABLETS | MAR-0-QIL SHAMPOO SCZ£ Zoom Vitamin Bl for Plants $1.00 4Sc WOODBURY 10- FACIAL SOAP ASPIRIN TABLETS BOTTLE OF 100 U. S. P. QUALITY TOILET TISSUE FLOSS-TEX .... 27 e PKC 3 POWDER PUFFS >-n>. M.M. EPSOM •ALTS •ARBAML •RAVE CREAM COD uvn ou. OLYCEJUNK U KOSKWATKK i * Sc t J>< | MM . . J.O "BAUME" iBENGUE 59c SAVE MANY DOUARS A YEAR or, your fuel costs. Perfection burns kerosene, the modern economy fuel, that makes big savings for you over other modern fuels. FAST, CmN, ODORIESS. Perfection's High-Power Burners give you instant, easily regulated heat that sla)sxt~ no fading or flaring. And the "Live Heat" oven insures the very best in baking. MODERN CONVENIENCE...MANY MODEIS -"Table-Tops" with handy reservoirs and removable oven- burner sets; "Elbow-High" oven ranges with attached reservoir or connections for outside storage tank for continuous fuel supply. Also smaller cabinet style and open front models. And all have High-Power Burners. SEHORYOURSHFallthetimc-and. work-saving features of the new Perfections. Yourdcalcrwillgladly demonstrate them. And there's a wide range of sizes, to suit your needs—at prices tosuitjwrpurse. Revlon Lip Stick $1.00 Hand Kit $1.45 AROMATIC CASCARA *-OZ, IT A StZE . .1 Tek Tooth Brushes 23c 2 for 44c BOX 100 POKER CHIPS IALKA-SELTZER 160' SIZE TABLETS . . . ITALIAN BALM |60' SIZE (DISC, STYLE PKC.l Hudnut's Marvelous BACK AGAIN Matched Make Up 55c TATTOO LIPSTICK 49 £ - VALUX «* 43 MEADS O*xtrl-»UIt«M All Pnrpon TALCUM :?'.. 391 . 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