Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 26, 1941 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1941
Page 3
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.'V'A-ipVUl!' Iffstp^ ij ^s ' •>/>.,_', T 'i j-r "- ) * v , < ' t ,j f '-"^ J * i j , ' n c " ' ' * r J • ,' , ' ^ * > ' -.- •• ' 'I i U t^m m ttitt'i m 'it m OCIETY Dqlsy Dorothy Heard, Editor Telephone 768 '*/; Sociaf Calendar Wednesday, November 26th Members of the Hope Business and Professional Women's club ,- will moot nt the Experiment Stn- •af lion club house. Miss Beryl Henry and Mrs, Florence Hicks will be hostesses, 7 o'clock. • The Girl Scout Council will meet in the council room of the city EJ^ hall, 2:30 o'clock. The W. M. C. of the Hope Gospel Tabernacle will meet at the church for mission study led by Mrs. James E. Hamill, 2 o'clock. U Thursday, November 27th Girls' Cotillion club, home of Miss Daisy Dorothy Heard, 2 o clock. Announcements Miss Elsie Wciscnbci-gcr, Hempstead County librarian, announced Wednesday morning thnt the county library located in the city hall will be closed Thursday November 27. Mrs. B. E. McMnhcn Entertains Tuesday Club nnd Guests Mrs. R. L. Broach was the high scorer at the meeting of the Tues- jlay Contract Bridge club at the hume %Jf Mrs. B. E, McMahen. A yellow and white color scheme was carried out in the decorations of the entertaining rooms, where tables were arranged for playing. _ For making high score for the guests <j}Mrs. J. p. Byers received a dainty gift, and Mrs. Roy Allison was awarded the consolation prize. The hostess served ice cream and cake to the club members nnd following guests: Mrs. Thompson Evans, .Jr., Mrs. Jack Lowe, Mrs, Joe Black S.)VTrs. Bill Sommervillo, Mrs. Bili Brasher, and Mrs. J. P. Byers. Iris Society of Shrcveport To Present Program Hope gardeners will be interested ,fin the program to be put on by the "3ris Society of Shreveport at 3 o'clock Wednesday in the state exhibit building at the fair grounds. The exhibit will be open to the public and several garden club members of Hope are planning to attend. U The program will include talks by three well-known spekacrs. Mrs. S S Caldwell will discuss "Fall Blooming Iris'^'; Mrs. Waller Colquitt will speak on "Winter Blooming Iris"; and Mrs. Malcolm Trischcl will have for her t, "Our Own Native Iris," il- luslrnllng wilh her collection of colored slides. Personal Mention Mrs. William Orion of Little Rock visited relatives and friends in the city this week. She was cnroulo to Tcxarkann to spend the Thanksgiving holidays with her daughter, Mrs. Weidon Glass, nnd Mr. Glass. -O- Miss Kathcrinc Hcsterly will motor to Arkadelphin Thursday to attend the Ouachita-Henderson game. —O— Mr. and Mrs. Jim Henry and family will be guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Ligon in Conway this weekend. -O- Miss Enola Alexander of the University of Arkansas will arrive in Little Rock Wednesday night, where she will be met by her mother, Mrs. W. R. Alexander and uncle, Orville Taylor. They wilt return to Hope Thursday morning. Mr. and Mrs, Frank Nolcn and Mr. nnd Mrs. Jim Wilson of Columbus depart this week for Washington, D. C. to visit friends. -O— Miss Marjory Ann Gilliam and Bobby Gilliam of El Dorado are visiting their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. LwGrone, Sr., while their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Surrey Gilliam, are in St. Louis for a week. -0- Chaiics Brigncl returned Monday morning from Indianapolis, where he spent the Thanksgiving holidays. npubjcct RIALTO - NOW (AND THANKSGIVING) at the mines! Where diamonds spell D-E-A-T-H! — and — ADOLPHE MENJOU GLORIA SWANSON in the year's Miss Mary Delia White, a member of the faculty of the Holly Grove High school, will arrive in Ihc city Wednesday night lo spend the weekend wilh her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred White. -O- Miss Mario Anlionctte Williams arrived in Hope Wednesday afternoon to spend the holidays wilh her mother, Mrs. Glen Williams. She is a freshman at Monticcllo A. and M. college. O Miss Nancy Robins of Arkansas State Teachers' College, Conway is among the college girls spending the holidays in the city. A freshman at Teachers, she is the daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Leo Robins. -O— Mrs. William Glover and son, Dor- scy Davy, of Malvern will be Mr and Mrs. Dorsey McRae's guests the remainder of the week. -O— LI. and Mrs. Harold Stanley (Lena Mae Robertson) of Detroit, Mich., arc visiting Mrs. Stanley's sister, Mrs Oscar Greenbcrg, and Mr. Greenberg. —O— Paul Waddle will accompany some University of Oklahoma friends to the. city for the Thanksgiving week. The group will motor from Norman. —O— Mr. and Mrs. Parker Rodgers of AkKANSAi LADY BY REQUEST By HELEN R. WOODWARD SAENGER Wednesday All Day lie 2 BIG HITS "The Biscuit Eater" _ — and — Lum and Abner "Dreaming Out Loud" Thursday • Thanksgiving YOUR TURKEY DAY TREAT! 2ND FEATURE with KEN MURRAY FRANCES LANGFORO DON WIISON IRfNDA&COBINA SKINNAY ENNIS and his band 9 DOUBLE FEATURE • llc-25c-30c eoNTiNuogs AII PAY FROM _,»TOttTi PreHj-. fiery Tucker'* farmer fnihtf ha* Klven hl« cannon! in lift marry. !««; fM«nh«n cjnrj, famon* Writer Jnrt oninmriKntor, even UintiRk he know, tfcnt It In n ttmnotnry mnrrlaKo that wttl pay Klnnii »lo,«OO—her rrnitinrrallnit for xnvln K for .S(p|,hcn n 92,000,000 InficrH- nncc he will | OMC if | lc ,i,, CH not marry before he IK !!!?. tllanii «c- «e»l»i »ir offer for <wo «-cti«oii«i 8<ej>hcn IIIIH told her Ihc woman •c loved I* married lo nnodier •»ani MIC rtnox not wnn( to ^o Jack to the farm and nuirry child-, food mveelheart Hill Jnckmm, and Ban lout her Job In n Inir oMIce In the clly liecniiKc nlio reNlMfed the nitvnnccM of Hlchard Thorpe, her employer. Too. Khc like* Stephen'* Mlepmother, Kllen Curl. A tem- V"*"*'* " la: month*' mnrrliiKe—how will II work out for the lirnutl- ful, excitement-necking glrlt » * » DIANA MEETS PHIL CHAPTER VIII days later Diana and Stephen were married. They had planned it all on the trip back up to the city. He insisted on taking her to the Clarendon, rather than back to her rooming house. "You'll be more comfortable," he said. He gave her a generous check "for expenses" and said, "We'll call it an advance if you like," when Diana protested. She had never had so much money of her own in her life. Five hundred dollars! She would have laughed if she'd known that Stephen feared it might not be enough, but was diffident about offering her more. The hotel room with its shining bath was the last word in luxury. She put herself in the hands of the hotel beauty experts and emerged with her red-gold hair done in a new, slightly more, sophisticated manner as would be becoming to the wife of Stephen Curt. A pompadour in front with soft curls behind in the Gibson girl manner. Then she went shopping for a wedding outfit. She finally decided on a Como blue coat in needJe-point fabric, very slim and elegant, with a lull- length banding of tipped skunk. A simple blue shirt-waist frock, beautiful accessories in a deeper blue. The kind of things she had always longed to buy. She also found a black dress in sheer woolen with a softly-draped, crisscrossing bodice. Filmy underwear, hose and cosmetics. On their wedding morning a bleak wind blew steadily and sudden flurries of wet snow fell at intervals. Dressing, Diana reflected that if the old saying "happy is the bride the sun shines on" were true, there were indeed stormy days ahead for her and Stephen Curt. She knew she looked dashingly beautiful in her «ew outfit and that helped. She wished suddenly for her mother and father, but it had been agreed to keep the wedding quiet, Stephen was not even bringing his sister, Adela, and old Ellen Curt was not coming. Stephen had asked a friend—one whom he could trust. They were waiting for her in the lobby when she went down— Stephen and his friend, Philip Bruce. They'd been boyhood chums, college mates and Were closer than brothers. * * * T)IANA wondered what she was going to think of Phil Bruce, for he was looking into her eyes with a strange intensity. He wasn't quite as tall as Stephen, but so straight that he gave the appearance of height. Broad shoulders, slim waist, unruly brown hair, laughing brown eyes. They whisked her out to a taxi and soon reached the city hall. Stephen had made all arrangements and Judge Cavendish was waiting for them, but Phil dashed away and they had to wait for him. He came presently carrying a small florist's box. "I had to see the bride before I knew what flowers to buy," he said. "Damn!" said Stephen crossly. "I never even thought of it. Forgive me, Diana." "Oh, well, you've never been married before," said Phil airily, throwing tissue paper right and left. "Now at my last wedding—" he broke off, having brought into view a tiny, adorable, old-fashioned bouquet, lace trimmed. Roses and valley lilies and mignonette. Sentimental and silly and very lovely. Like a dear, remembered valentine from childhood. "Nothing garish or flamboyant for you, darling," he said, "something sweet and dainty and lovable!" His brown eyes met hers as he placed the flowers in her lands. She thanked him, a lump in her throat which she strove valiantly to swallow. "Well, let's get going," said Stephen a little brusquely. The ceremony was simple and soon over. Diana, listening to .hose matchlessly beautiful words, rembled a little. People should be punished for making a mockery of them. Would she be pun- shed? * * * [-JE was in love with another woman. He wouldn't mind laving Diana about, they'd be 'riends, but he wouldn't feel badly Copyright, 1941, NBA Service Ih(«. at parting. She saw herself through the years, going to Stephen for advice, still being friends. When she went into her little business, he'd help her get started. It wouldn't be like that with Phil Bruce. It wouldn't be safe to marry him for convenience. You could tell that by looking into his deep, ardent eyes. Phil took them to the Savola for a wedding luncheon. Diana laughed a lot and talked a little feverishly. Stephen remembered once thinking she'd be like a child when she was happy. She was nappy now and very much excited. Her face was exquisitely flushed and Phil Bruce could not take his eyes off her. Stephen saw that, too. What a couple they'd make, he was thinking- young, gay and warmly ardent But Diana was his, Stephen's wife for a time at least. She'd have to remember that. Even Phil Bruce mustn't interfere. He rose when they had finished luncheon and took Diana firmly by the arm, bundled her into her coat, led her gently from the room, Phil trailing behind. "Now you run along," Stephen said to Phil. "Your part of the ceremony is over. We'll be seeing you." Diana barely had time to call, Thanks for everything!" before Stephen whisked her away. "Where do we go from here?" she demanded, a little giddily. "I'm taking you home," he said. "I want you to get settled and meet my sister, Adela." Inside the cab he turned to her. "I could see that you and Phil were attracted to each other. That will be all right—after the divorce, I'll give you both my blessing. But I must remind you that while we are married you must to all appearances be truly my wife." Diana sat back with a sudden swift jolt. Anger flashed into her eyes. "Don't be absurd! You know I only met the man this morning!" "I know Phil," Stephen said dryly. "He's always going off the deep end about some woman. Just keep him in his place!" "Thanks—for the warning," she said stiffly, humiliated. Was he protecting his friend, or her? "You needn't worry about me," she said fiercely. "I'll remember that I'm being paid for this!" There it was—that flashing fire that had so appealed to him. Amusement tugged at the corners of his lips. Poor kid—he mustn't make it hard for her. And rue- :ully he admitted to himself that :e had been sounding exactly like a jealous husband. (To Be Continued) Shovcr Springs announce the arrival of a daughter on November 23 at the Josephine hospital. She has been named Lynda Gail Rodgers. —O— Mr. and. Mrs. G, G. Fulmor of Little Rock are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Card for the Thanksgiving holidays. -O— Harry Phillips of Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., spent the past Thanksgiving holidays with his parents, Mi-. and Mrs. O. J. Phillips in the city. —O— Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Gilbert of Columbus are the parents of twin daughters, born on November 25 at the Julia Chester. —O- Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Shea of Kiigore, Texas, spent Tuesday visiting Mr. and Mrs. Minor Gordon of Hope. Mrs. Shea will spend the week here. Legal Notice Notice of Sale—Notice is hereby given that the undersigned mortgagee in a mortgage executed by J. L. Cornelison to the United States on the 29 day of April, 1941 and duly filed in the office of the Recorder in and for Hempstead County, Arkansas; the said J. L. Cornelison having waived all rights of appraisement, sal eand redemption under the laws of the State of Arkansas; pursuant to the powers granted under the terms of the aforementioned mortgage, and by the laws of the State of Arkansas, will on the 2 day of December, 1941, between the hours of 9 o'clock in the forenoon and 5 o'clock in the afternoon of said date, at Sutton Barn, in the County of Hempstead, State of Arkansas, offer for sjiie to Uiehighest and best bidder for cash, the following described property, to-wil: 1 red Jersey cow, Bess, 750 Ibs., 5; 1 calf; 2 heifers; 1 black mare, Nell, 750 Ibs., 15; 1 blue horse mule, Slim, 1240 Ibs., 13; 1 black horse mule, Tom, 1240 Ibs., 11, 1 turning plow, 1 gee whiz, 1 planter, 1 cultivator, 2 sets of harness, 1 pressure cooker, 1 plow stock. Witness my hand this the 25 day of November, 1941; United States of America, By W. M. Sparks, County Supervisor. Rev. Overton to Preach Here Will Address Congregation of Baptist Church The First Baptist Church announces as a special feature of its service next Sunday morning a sermon by the Rev. James A. Overton of Arkadelphia, Baptist District Missionary for Southwest Arkansas. The Rev. Mr. Overton supplied the pulpit of the local church for one Sunday several years ago, and within the last few months he preached at one of the evening services. His messages were well received. He is considered to be an unusually entertaining and effective speaker, and his avveptance of the invitation to preach here next Sunday affords the members and friends of First Baptist Church an unusual opportunity. The service will open at 10:50. You can always trade the present for a brighter future, if you are willing to pay the difference. Notice of Sale—Notice is hereby given that the undersigned mortgagee in a mortgage executed by Lemon WHher- spoon to the United States on the 17 day of April, 1941 and duly filed in the office of the Recorder in and for Hempstead County, Arkansas; the said Lemon Witherspoon having waived all rights of appraisement, sale and Redemption under the laws of the state of Arkansas; pursuant to the lowers granted under the terms of the aforementioned mortgage, and by the aws of the State of Arkansas, will on Too Lofre to Classify For Rent 4 ROOM HOUSE. JUST OUTSIDE city limits. Couple. $30.00 per month. Jtast off old Fufton 67 highway. Mrs. Susie Price. 26-3tp For Sole EXCELLENT TREE HOUND, 5 YRS. old. Come and see him work. Phone 31JX-1. 26-3tp the 2 day of December, 1941, between the hours of 9 o'clock in the forenoon and 5 o'clock in the afternoon of said date, at Sutton Barn, in the County of Hempstead, State of Arkansas, offer for sale to the highest and best bidder for cash, the following described property, to-wit: 1 dark Jersey cow, Maud, 700 Ibs., 4; 1 heifer calf, White Face, 1 year old, 1 brood sow, 1 John Deer Break Plow, 1 cultivator, 1 Middle Burster, Oliver, 1 set of harness, 1 collar, I 1 pressure cooker, 1 Section harrow, corn. Witness my hand this the 25 day of November, 1941, United States of America, By W. M. Sparks, County Supervisor. Homecoming at Arkadelphia Ouachita, Henderson to Play Annual Game Thursday ARKADELPHIA— Ouachita College will observe its annual Falhers and Mothers Day Thursday, in connection with the celebration of Thanksgiving Day, and will be host to several hundred parents of Ouachita studenls at a luncheon in the college dining hal at noon, and at the big event of the day—the Ouachita-Henderson State Soil Building AAA Program Final Date for Practices Is November 30 The final date for completing soil building practices under the 1941 AAA Program is November 30, according to B. E. McMahen, County Administrative Officer. A large number of farmers in Hempstead County have not completely earned their soil building allowance. We have on hand approximately 450 sacks of triple superphosphate, which farmers can use toward earning their soil building allowance for 1941. This material may be paplied to winter legumes and pastures. Producers needing phosphate should call for this material immediately, in order that they may get it put out by Saturday of this week. • ^ » ^ . Mind Your Manners Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. If you make several local telephone calls on the room telephone of a friend at a hotel, should you pay him for the calls? 2. If you want friends who live in a city where you are stopping overnight to feel they need not ask you to stay with them, should you telephone before or after registering at a hotel 3. Should a maid be taught to say, "Dinner is ready" or "Dinner is served?" 4. When writing a thank-you note for a gift is it best to mention the gift by name? 5. If you receive a gift, mailed directly from the store at which it was purchased, and it is broken or damaged in any way, is it all right to notify the store? What would you do if— You stop at a hospital to see a grid battle, on Williams Field, beginning at 2 p. m. Personal letters from President J. R. Grant, mailed to parents of all present Ouachita students, have met with large response, and with the weather prospect good, the attendance is expected to be record-breaking. While the football game will have no bearing on the state championship, the Ouachita Tigers having won a clear title to the state laurels by defeating the Arkansas Tech Wonder Boys here last week, the intense rivalry between the Tigers and the Roddies can be counted on to provide the fans with a thrilling game. The Tigers have not seen their goal line crossed this season by an Arkansas team, and will be fighting to live up to their prestige as newly- crowned champions. On the other hand, the Reddies will be pointing for a victory to lift themselves out of the cellar in the state this season. From 10 a. m. till noon, the visitors will be conducted on tours of the campus. Reigning over the day's activities will be Miss Mldred Sknner, of Lock- sburg, Ouachta Queen, and Mrs. Dan Nail, wfe of Henderson State's left halfback, Henderson Queen. Seven Tigers will be playing their last official game for tne Purple and Golds. They are: Joe D. Gault, Dardanelle, end; Charles Taylor, Newport, guard; J. Ramsey, Bauxite, tackle; Ralph Turner, Newport; Morris Moore Danville, back; Bernard Anderson, North Little Rock, back; and Jack McHaney, Smackover, back. Sen, Pilkinton Speaks Here Tells Kiwanis Importance of Xmas Seal Sales Senator Jsimes H. Pilkinton, chairman of the speakers comthittee for the Hope Christmas Seal campaign told the Hope Kiwanis Club Tuesday that, one out of every four young women who die between the ages of 21 and 25 die of tuberculosis. He said that if more could be given to the Christmas Seal fund in preventing tuberculosis and 1 education in health, the state' could ;be saved many thousands of dollars expended in maintaining sanitoriums, etc. Appealing to Kiwanians and all citizens of Hope and Hempstead county to support the present Christmas Seal campaign headed by Talbot Feild, Jr., county chairman, and the Rev. J. E, Hamill, city chairman, the senator said, "If takes money to sponsor any worthwhile project. And any money spent on Christmas seals is one of the finest investments possible." City Chairman J. E. Hamill announced at the Tuesday Kiwanis luncheon that the personel solicitation undertaken this year by the Kiwanis Club, will get underway next week with Royce Weisenberger as chairman. Fite Chief Jim Embree was introduced by President Ched Hall as a new member in the club. An heirloom is said to be anr article handed down from father to son, but it looks like a mighty poor, name for trousers. . The diplomat who has been: warning his people of "grave events" spoke more truthfully than he realized. friend and are not sure if he is well -enough for visitors— (a) Ask the nurse at the desk if he can see visitors and if so how long you can stay? (b) Find out his room number and go right in without asking any inquiries? Answers 1. By al Imeans. 2. After registering. 3. The latter. 4. Yes. 5. Certainly. Better "What .Would You Do" solution—(a). Legal Notice NOTICE OF REVISION OF ASSESSMENT Notice is hereby given that the Board of Assessors of Street Improvement District No. 3, of Hope, Arkansas will meet at the office of L. Carter Johnson, second floor of the Arkansas Bank & Trust Company building in the City of Hope, Arkansos, at 10 o'clock A. M. Tuesday, December 9th, 1941, for the purpose of revising and readjusting the assessments of benefits against the real property in said district. Any person desiring any revision or readjustment of his assessments, or any change in values, for improvements erected or removed, or any change whatsoever, may appear before the Board and make Application therefor and same will be considered. This 25th day of November, 1941. Polk Singleton, Eugene White, Carter Johnson, Board of Assessors. Nov. 26, 29, Dec. 2 Scramble for Button* GENERAL ij. *a n. LJ w w /v IVJI FIELD FORCE FOUR-0'HMbst erly sought collector's items aj United States soldiers ahd muM^T here in Iceland are buttons and mental insignia of various E units stationed in Iceland. Each has definite value. A cap uau| of the Durham Light Infantry is Worm y- two picket buttons of an Amerifeaii''™ infantry regiment while the rcgiftiferf»> tal insignia has similar value to SAlV^ British navy.and army. -V£*,' One marine private said he'd already,/: collected 32 different type bUttorifiV badges and other insignia from dif-S* ferent British units. '/ -^ It is not unusual to see three or fdilf ( British and Americans seated aroUrid-. a cafe table appraising each 6ther*j( buttons as seriously as diamond mer^ chants examining a rare stone'. WA Regrets Bombing of" U. S. Consulate SAIGON, French Indo-Chlna-(ff)l|if4 The French Indo-China governor gen-T? < V oral Tuesday asked that U. S. donsufyj^ Sydney Browne to convey his rej"<i grets to Washington over the bombing'"j of the U. S. consulate Sunday nighdj and said his government Was taking^ ;•>, all possible steps to find the guilty,|'|; persons. CHEST COLD MISERY riRST-rub throat,chest,andback¥ S with Vicks VapoRub at bedtime^ THEN—spread a thick layer, of* VapoRub on the chest and covert with a wanned cloth. • "*J-i>s®& T AWAY, VapoRub goesVto-f' —loosens phlegm—easesv ular soreness 6r tightness—f fi helps clear upper air passages—,^ relieves coughing. Brings wondet-^' A J ful comfort - - and invites restful sleep. RIGHT work muscular DROP US A CARD For Our Catalogs * of Quality Pianos Stcinwny, Cable, Wurlitzcr makes. 18 months terms with one tenth down. Good used Pianos, <$5 monthly. v Beasle P. O. Box 142 — Tcxarkana, Ark... Bring us your Sick WATCH Speedy recovery guaranteed.,'? Repair servic* very reasonable, . PERKISON'S JEWELRY STORE /» 218 South Walnut : v Plumbing Repairs. Harry W. Shiver Phone 259 AUTOMATIC Water Heaters ,i >."« Aftj Notice of Sale—Notice is hereby given that the undersigned mortgagee in a mortgage executed by James Schooley to the United States on the 25 day of March, 1940 and duly filed in the office of the Recorder in and for Nevada County, Arkansas; the said James 'Schooley having waived all rights of appraisement, sale and redemption under the laws of the State of Arkansas; pursuant to the powers granted under the terms of the aforementioned mortgage, and by the laws of the state of Arkansas, will on the 2 day of December, 1941, between the hours of 9 o'clock in the forenoon and 5 o'clock in the afternoon of said date, at Sutton Barn, in the County of Hempstead, State of Arkansas, offer for sale to the highest and best bidder for cash, the following described property, to-wit: 1 sorrell mare, Beauty, 1000 Ibs., 9, 1 sorrell mare, Dolly, 1000 Ibs., 10, 1 used cultivator, 2 collars, 2 pr, traces, 2 bridles, 2 par, hajnes, 1 pressure cooker, 1 John Deere middle burster. Witness my hand this the 25 day of November, 1941', United States of America, By W. M. Sparks County Supervisor. Each time ypu taste ice-cold £pea<p|a, ypy 9r & reminded that here is the quality pf genuine goodness. Experience,,, many a refreshing experience... has taught people everywhere to trust the quality pf Coca-Cola. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY Of THE COCA-COl* COMPANY EJQTTUNS COMPANY

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