Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 7, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1952
Page 6
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"•ifVV) pffsssoas**v ws 1 ,«r ~ 'VM'ipBSj ,T-.r*£ :« 7 *AAflte 7-.^ ;-*< ' 4 -^fl^" t-jsw'vsi&nf'q^ ** * * '. ** MOM STAR, HOP I, ARKANSAI in More Paroles Issued to Convicts . TWKKfl PnrwON FARM, Ark Wt •*• Use ftlnt« Hoitrd of purdrm* oiid. Pnralffu ycxuirdny «i»proved which ftift h*re, nl»o th<> grnniluK of one Thews pa rated* ih* wlt/ch thfjy «f «>nti*HM«; cminly in (Into nwl I'-rm hi- l/ofewrd t»«m, Otrt, 12, IIMO. Tlrynnf, throe T H r f /v R M F R'S F H I E N D ! STOCK-BARN-GARDEN Johny T. niieh»f\fln. April II, IBM, urnnd larceny, one Thursday, August 7, 1952 fhiir?ilnf, Align* 7, HOPE STAR, HOf E ( ARKANSAS INSECT KILLER — IASY tO MIX KONOMICAl WAIT MAKIS (If TO 24 OAUONS OF SPRAT ^tl A&OftWNO TO OIMCTION* fO* POUIW f(l, I.HKUIS, OAROtht AND MOM Clyde M*Hln Ouft, Union, fir-pt. Jfl. 1050, bUr«l(iry, ffvp yr-flrn. '.I/ml* OlfWflf, M, Vtnnetii, Mnrr-h SO, IBM, oornul flfomo. <mc yar. William ft, Orfeo, Mlllfr. Mmxh 17, IW2, Krnn'l larceny, one year, Willie Hipp, Arkftnna*. D»>c, 10, 1151, Ijiu«liiiy, two, yenr?, !f«iry JohriRon. • Afthlity, Mnrrtt in, 1052, r^ov/ ilcsllng, imc y>nr. Kln/.|f l,Bn«<'ly, Union. n<>r\ 31. 1051, Sfantt larceny awl posKtosslrig nn Illicit noil, l\>/t, ycitr*. , , , .To*<-ph A, Mfb.innM, f'hllllpn,' |li "' h " d fl " April 30, H«I. ljur«lii|-y nnrl Hrtin'l Inu-r-ny, thi.'<- yvnr*. J, I). Mrw.fe. MllUir, Mnrch 17, I(*fi2j xninrl lart'Tiy, one your. .1. C, Mo»|cy, Union, M/irch 2-1, IBM, Rinnrl liircijny, nnc ynr. Jttifil 1 * tt, O.fliiiinon, Mlnsliiwlppl, April II, IOS2, (jrnnrl lorrijny, rini' yftif. Hope Defeats Stout Camden Team 5 to 2 Ifopp rrmtlnti"'! its winning wnv«,' Jfmt n|(jh< rlowninif the highly- 1 t'iiilp'1 ("jirnd'Ti llfn kclcprs .1 to ;> Iri d f'-jllvnl tfiiinc. ; D'-rivil !(6<iH. winning hurlor who! Superfbrts Blast Korcon Gold Mine TOKYO W-Far F,n»t Air Fcrctn 'i.'tid KmiRht its H29 Riiperfnrts dc- Uroyd morp thuri W/ per ci-nt of the buildings cnnnecti.'d with th<> i CommunUts' uf«gc*t gold mine In I North ! night. Korea in a raid Tuesday after studying of damage to „,..,_. ... j processing building* at Hoechang~, The Air Force made ltd estimate; 34 miles past of Pyongyang, North aerial photographs the mine and ore Korean capital. The attack was the first agal the mine, which produced goid fq purchasing war material. Legal Notice IN nnd Ip'TK 2, fii A|)rll II, 1052, fiiljfl^m-twixf, um JWRC, Troy Tucker, Pulaakt, Nov. l«. IflM), niiKftult with Intent to kill, fivt) y<!i»r«. Duvltl WHICH, St. Frnncln, Miirr-h .10, 1040, iit'comJ di'Kri'c irninlcr, 10 ycnrst, Curl /Immermnn, Miller, Nov. 27, 1031, for«ory and ulUrrinic, two .yonra. Holsum Thomas Jln-tr. II' Nix If Ifl) Itoriii. D p Total C.'amden Miles cf Hush Srt .11) Mm.tijomerv II. .Her rf •Sti .Hiiiser Ib Smithy If (71 Diillon If Thompson If in m;iny v.'<'i'kH, nlUiwcd tlir- visitors only Hirer; hilt, wfilkr'l tv/n imrl struck nut r-lHhl. His I'fllcf, .Jnr Oarrcn- t\i\f, nlsu n:ivr up thicc hil.'i, nl- InwerJ two nuMt nrifl Mruck nut Ihrrp. | McCullrniith wns thf loier wttfi ri-lli.'vrd hy Avtmt who r ,..,, wny to Thompson. Hope -not n liil 1 : off Hit; three hiirlrrs. Ilitt by McifiMm ;mrl Filn«,inui I'lochuerl Hopo'is flu.t tnlly in the opening frnitie. An error, hit bain- man, two wiilks nnrl n timely sin- Kin hy Bill Hunter prwlticccl two more in the third while Hensley, Thornnn nnrl Nix hit snflely for one run In the scvonln. Anderson's rlouhle was flood for another in the eighth. NOTICE THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMP8TCAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THR MAT'IKR OF TDK KSTATK OF' CORA MUCHANAW, deoensed I.:ist ktur.i-ii arli.lre.'iM rif decedent: Dale of deiith: April :0, ins I An ifiKtrurni'iil rl,pli/d AURIIS! 17, 104(1. wj»s on the .'ill day ol .hily] IM2, d'lrnltled to probate us the !;r-t will of the above named d'e- ccdint, nrnl the undersigned h.-is lifcri appointed oxeoutrix there- imrler. A tonlest /if the probate of lh>> will ciin be effected only by filiiiK ii petition within the time provided by law. All persons have claims against the "-state must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within siv months from the date of the fir-4 publication of this notice, or they shall lie forever barred nntl I-Viday night Hopn entertains i precluded from imy benefit in the Nashville with Don/, Stevens on the ! estate. mound. Hope Hopson rf Anderson ss While 2b cf II) This notiee first published of Auc.ust. 111.12. 7 day Aug. 7, 14 BKHTHA S. JOHNSON < I'Jxecutrbi) 1314 Kast -13rd PI., Los Angeles, Calif, Legal Notice - Q l\ A I » T Y I HOMEIMKERS' JAMBOREE! YOUR DOLLARS FARTHER AT PENNEY'S! EXTRA VALUES IN EVERY DEPARTMENT! ENTIRE STOCK SUMER * * M- I 0 S Plaues! Novelties! Ridiculous Price! 33c Yd. LEGAL NOTICE PROOATE COURT NOTICES Notice is hereby given that the following Guardians and Executor have filed their Annual Settlements find Final Settlement with the Pro- hate Court of Hempslead County, Arkansas, for approval and con- 0 ' firmation, to-wil: 1 | Final Settlement of Lester Warlp, 0 ! Executor of the Estate of Martha A. Austin, deeeasecl, filed July 11), I) [ Annual Account of The State ,1 i National Dank of Toxarkana, H I Guardian of the Kstate of Lucille , | White and Hue! L. White, Minors, „ I filed July 1H, l!J. r ,:>. 0 | Annual Account of Syd McMalh, Guardian of the Ivstate of Thomas FerreM Stephens, James Luther Stephens and Marjorie Jean Stephens. Minors, filer! July 22, l!l. r )2. Annual Settlement of Citi/ens National Rank of Hope, Guardian of tin; Kstate of Shirley Ann Bcas- li'y, Minor, filed July 2H, 1952. And all persons interested in the above named estates are ordered to come fqrward and file exceptions if any thev have, within Sixty days from the date said settlements were filed, or they will be forevei-'barrcd from excepting such accounts on any item -thereof. Harry Hawthorne Probate Clerk of Hcmpstead Cjiunty, Arkansas Ry Arthur C. Anderson D. C. "•K ON? BIG TABLE CHILDREN'S Not All Sizes! 1.00 LONG-WEARING MUSLIN! ftlSCONTINUEO PATTERNS DGOODS .ROEBUCK AND CO. 100 PAtRS T SHOES Penney's Own NATION-WIDE'! SHEETS ,..,8.83 Extra longs wciriug because Penney*« pack* pleWty of quality into these iheeu! They're tightly woven of long staple cotton yarns with even, hem*, firm celvagei* Penney*a |»rice« are outstandingly low! .< 1 OMUI TIR r;^Rr^^«^^^W* ^P^ FINAL CLOSEOUT MEN'S WORK STRAW HATS •fr-rfed-, rt'tet* HERE'S BLACK ON WHITE PROOF Kroger Low Prices HELP YOU LIVE BETTER FOR LESS SOCIETY Pnen* 74431 tctwetn I A. M. ind 4 P. M, Calendar Thursday, August 7 The '47 Friendship club will meet at 1:45 at the Saon.qcr Theater j Thursday afternoon. August 7. and Miss .Tuck Porter served punch and cookies to the members present. PINK SALMON Bay Beauty Brand. Pineapple Juice, Kroger Brand. TOMATO JUICE Libby Brand Monday, August 11 Circles No. 1 and 2 of the Christ- i kian Women's Fellowship will have! a joint business meeting and social; hour in the church pnrlor Monday August 11 at b o'clock. Mrs. J. B. Easter and Mrs. Carl Smith will be co-hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rothman Entertain With Party Mrs. Odell Luck Hostess to Circle 3 Wednesday Circle ,'i of the First Christian Church met Wednesday night, Ann. 6. at the home of Mrs. Odell Lurk. The meeting was opened with prayer after which a short business session was led by the leader Mrs. Litck. The last chapter of the study course was led bv Mrs. Win. P. Hardegree. Punch and cookies were served to those present. The meeting was closed with the benediction. 46 Oz. 'Can 32c Coming and Going CopyrlflhM949. Th» Kroger Co, Lge. Pkg. Giant Pkg. 3 Lb. Tin TIDE Gets clothes cleaner than any soap. KROGO Pure, All Vegetable Shortening. CABBAGE Firm, new Wisconsin heads. POTATOES 10 Smooth, round, U. S. No. 1 reds. BACON SJiced Cudahy, Wicklow, Tray Pack. PORK ROASTV49C PORK SAUSAGE£,39c Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rothman en-, tertained with a watermelon sup-! per Saturday night for the cm- i ^ployees of the Saongcr and Rialto. i After the serving of the water-! Miss Imo K ehe Arnold will leave melon, dancing was enjoyed by I Friday night for Portland. Oregon, the twenty-five guests present. j whe'-" ch " ' Mr. and Mrs. Rothman wore'fall, presented an electric coffee maker! and Michael WHS presented a paint set. They are planning to leave within the next few days for their new home in canu-.en where Mr. she 'will enter college this Rothman has been transferred. WMS Has Meeting At Church The WMS of the First Baptist Church met August 4 for its regular monthly business meeting and Royal Service Program. Circle 4 was in charge of the program with Mrs. A. B. Tollett as leader. The subject of the program for the afternoon was "Europe." Mrs. P. J. Holt Circle 4 leader, gave the Bible meditation. Mrs. Gus Hayncs led a special prayer for the people in Europe. The group as their closing prayer sang "Blest Be the Tie that Binds." Mrs. Sam Baun and Mrs. Edwin Cupp of El Dorado were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Haley and were accompanied to Hope- by Miss Henrietta Baun of Little Rock who will be the guest of Miss Paula Raley this week. Mrs. Catherine Richards Howard and Miss Roberta Howard have returned after spending several days in Little Rock where Miss Howard was a model in the style The;Rabbit' May Come Into Its Own By ED CREAGH I WASHINGTON iJP — Planning to Ln'\ your \vii\- a;» nrctic seal coat? ; Or n M.'ndnrn beaver? Or a Gal-, i land ssinrri-r. 1 | Better »>iMij yr>ur t'.icckliook and i sl.'i't running, then. For after mid- ir.ulit tomorrow these fancy names ; will p:iss into history and nil three , furs ir.v.st Ix- sold under their rii;ht . tir.nie: rabbit. Many another ad writer's pipe- (.'reaiii "river sabie" Tor muskral for example, and 'gentlo' for pl.iin i'l'.'-sy (Ml UrtoW.se Will b'j out Ki\\«l «hen tile new fur-labelin.i •'let. si;;iu'il by President Truman a year ai;o. linally sues into effect. j Tl'.i-: law says all fur eoats and ; other fur garments must bo ad! \vrtiseo an- so,,', under "the true [ Knglish name of the animal from I which the fur was taken." : And llu,' Federal Trade Commission, which will do most of the enforcing of the law. has prepared ; a list of 100 or so "true English Ijiames — from aplaca to zebra •— which will let the customer know just what furs ho or she is buying. AnuniK tin: thnughl-up nam>;s thus ruled out: "black marten" I'oi skunk, "blue Japanese wolf" for dyed goat, "Manchurian wolf" for Chine.-;!.' dog. Through this law. says Harvey H. Hannah, chief of FTC's wool and fur labeling division. "Congress has sot o,ut t') remove the \cil of confusion; uncertainty and obscurity which has for the past Top Radio Programs t.cvulosp ntsjnrs. . is the svvcotost of the NEW YORK Thursday nit;ht.' NBc' -- t; i> 7:30 The Ouis Cmmti'r.v-Sn.x . ! t'ns ii:30 rogr.y l..oc 7 Tracor nf Lost lYrsiins FBI 'In I'fiu-o ;ind War, fi-iu'o": !', Mr. Chaniolron. AI1C — 7::«) Mcfensi- Attorney; !) Air.iilcur Show: IV IU) Dance Mil hi Men ins : Mini's Pam!ly:'i 8 Dragnet; 8:30 Show 7:3(1 "the MI1S -The Hardy Gun Club. The rail Salt Lake: 7 Jar/- Nocturne: 7:30 Kinnilv; :i:H5 Rod n.nd -oail trestle across Groat is ;tO miles long. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main A C.euntrv Club rd. DOUBLE FEATURE THURS. • FRI, "The Cimarron Kid" With Audic Murphy PLUS "As You Were" With Joe Sawyer & William Tracy show_ yWinning Campus Platform | decade clouded the minds of many VFW Auxiliary Meets August 5 The VFW Auxiliary met Tuesday night, August 5, at 7:30 at the Hut. The meeting was called to order by the president and opening prayer was given by Mrs. Jeff Millican. During the business meeting a membership campaign was discussed and it was decided to have ono social and one business a month. The meeting closed with prayer after which Mrs. George Hosmcr for '52" presented Tuesday at the Robison Memorial Auditorium. Miss Mary Ethel Perkins left via plane yesterday to return to Washington, D. C. after n 2 weeks vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Perkins. Hospital Notes Hope Branch Admitted: Hoscy Franks, Mrs. H. R. May. Hope. Mr. and Mrs. H. R. May announce the arrival of a baby boy on August (i, 1932. potential fur buyers." Congress made it tough on any dialer who refuses to call a skunk a skunk, too. The penalties foi violators run up to a $5,000 fine 01 a year in jail or both. Besides doing away with sucl elegant subterfuges as "Baltic lion" for rabbit and "mand-o-coon 1 for dyed lamb, the law requires sellers to state (D whether the I'm is used, bleached or dyed, and (2i wheic the fur came from, if it's imported. Josephine Admitted: Mrs. Hazel Arnett of meeting i H °I JO - , Discharged: A glass factory was set up near Jamestown. Vr., in Kill!!. 12 years before the landing of the Pilgrams. 11 was destroyed in n massacre by li.dians in UJ22. Fresh Boston Butts. Arkansas Maid If it's Bargains you've been saving for, then this is it! HELIUM-FILLED BALLOONS FOR THE 1 KIDDIES; DRAWING SATURDAY Silvertone LIMED OAK CONSOLE RADIO- PHONOGRAPH No obligation—just come in and register Thursday through Saturday. IVENING AT'6:30 P.M. SMASHING VALUES BUY NOW Here s your big chance to make a real Bargain killing! We have timely Anniversary items marked down LOW plus the latest catalogs just shouting with slashed prices. 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(OX DRUG DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS Cox' 5 , rja$ Filled ; Over One Third Million Prescriptions Bring Us Your Next One WRIALTD SHOWING • TRACY THIPEOPU AGAINST O'HARA Also: Sports Novelty • Starts Friday • ^fci^:. - y?* PLUS 2nd FIATUif Moist-T«x WAXED PAPER 23 Bright Colon ' CARNIVAL BALLOONS <! Cc c!6 . . . 10 For Kiddies. Chlorodent Chlorophyll Tooth Paste 69' Smart Design!.' 55 C Centaur Card Deck Bridgt— PinoMt Ciisp, durable. GILLETTE BLUE BLADES e Dispenser 20 blades. SAL HEPATICA Silini Laiiiivi "Flw-5-tnt" GOLF TEES Ptck 0/35. Very strong. Sttwt't Mta BRIAR PIPES M,ny 419 • » • I ^Terrific BUY! Sificone Cover PEPPY PO-DO GOLF BALLS M e 3 for 1.69 i j DOZEN 6.00 WN'T "Walgreen's" own CHLOROPHLL TOOTH PASTE 49 C Dtintily Ruffled 32' Plastic TEA APRON Colorful OQc printi , , . £.\f Just wipe clean. "Tidy T»intr" PLASTIC BAGS Wafer. nq c proof .,.£,& Many uses.' Economy liie tube COLOGNES Sturdy All Mtul Nursery Wastebasket K7c U I utt ' designs. 99t Non-Rutting Four-In-One Screwdriver ?&. 49 C Four size bits. Arden Blue Grass with Atomizer $1.65 Evtning in P»rit SPLASH & CARRY Set $1 cofogne, $4 S0< itlA . . I Cool fragrance. Rubinstein's Heavensent and Deodorant Cream Both $1.25 Warning Slgntl 2.09 Safety Flashlight Uitlitt 189 Folddwoy stand. | AntlMplfc BURN Ointment 55' tub* •nilllllllllin H.29 Dolph DDT Bomb Handy push button can sprays 3'/i DDT mist. 819 12-oz. 4 09 diiptn-.tr . , , . . X IPANA CHLOROPHYLL | Tpolb Piili GIANT CQC MM 99 LIGHTER FLUID "latQ," 8-oz. can , Black, £(rowi< SHOt LACEis Kur/y Hutu POT CLEANERS 2 15 C I Liver, Iron, Vittmln* OU-BERON-12 SugofpoKoi vilomln capsule" Ujhl Itutyof. ioipiovf COUPON O49 C98 A« 5-- W" *w WtVW W DRENE SHAMPOO 'iroWTANEFR.NT 00 8K NO T ^5» MODESS I JEUV * ""' • •*«*- M« 1.35 4 Reasons Why So Many Smart Shoppers A & P s Moots \j WMN vMMtyN^ Quality lvwyd*y L«w Prim SUPER MIGHT HEAVY .CAUU < SIRLOIN Ib WISCONSIN CHEESE Ib: SUPER RIGHT FRYERS 4 •**>(,{*•• • *»•>«! SUPER RIGHT ~ HEAVY CALF CHUCK ROAST Ib SUPER RIGHT FRANKFURTERS BULK Lbi k FROZEN • WHITING LI), T5c ANN PAGE GRAPE JELLY ",°' I9c MORTON'S C A I T Plain or jAL I Iodized Box Ik ASSORTED FLAVORS KOOL AID SEEDLESS GRAPES !b. 10c FRESH LIMES Ib. 17c CALIFORNIA LEMONS Lb. 19c HONEY DEW MELONS Lb. 21 c KENTUCKY WONDER BEANS Lb. 19c GREEN ONIONS 2 Bunches 15C FROZEN OCEAN'PERCH,U ANN PAGE PRESERVES STRAWBERRY '?<,<?* 2' SULTANA STUFFED OLIVES 31 Oz, Jar PACIFIC ENGLISH PEAS Nco3 n 03 1 1 Whatantaiiei 22 FEATURES ' ; •N.THI 136 PAOI, .. 1 AUOUITIISUI SUNNYFIELD FLOUR 10 Lb, -Ti Sack / I * w "-f & ARMOURS STAR ** PURE LARD 3 on 4! SULTANA PORK & BEANS 'cS; i •.' AUNT ELLEN'S W .ltft 9-oz. "liy. PIH CRUST MIX Pkg. SUNKIST PURE CALIFORNIA LEMON JUICE 1 DUZ Lofflt 27* OXYDOL *...... 27* targ« 29* DRIFT CAMAY SOAP Reg. Ban... CAMAY SOAP Balh Bar».J....,, LAVA SOAP Large Bar»,.,., IVORY Perional Ban ........ IVORY SHOW * .%',;:;, -<f Lofflf Plffl 4fc UPSJr P IVORY SOIt m

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