Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 7, 1952 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, August 7, 1952
Page 5
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"Jrti! * HOPE STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Denies :ueWas Fake' mr»> fy) Smith, n Mednl War n, Whrtftible m ({o-bBlwewn in lh» «ulrlo> arrangement, t«rm9d her *lory "UntMUc «nd completely Wodneidoy, August «, If 52 Which h« »erv*d M w«M» (tinner, woanenony f.v<,nm s ,,t the first! Mr - "'«' Mm. A. M. Rcttlg had «" ""'"™"»«i omnrm Whim Snuffy broke Into the h«»d/<^r<«tl»n Church, Choir practice ?' < h ""' weekend KUOSU, Mrp. Joe lh V™'hll ™t«« £"' line* *«»ln If! 1047 H w«« for' w()l follow. ' i W>n«ht, Mm. (lonlon Urc.wn nnd n '' anilr »» catastrophe I'lMdtof WlUy* to t-hnrie* <rf pi-rf-i ... — irt.-witi.iM*. A, 1K ,.|« and Botly. of '"''•""f .*L per '" m . s -_, Mr, nnd Mm. A. M. Rcttlg had *" ""identified automobile coined ABC — 0:30 The Lone Ranger; $:uoo,000 yearly wholesnle natural Ki»;*m, Mrp. Jo« lhp wor * t bua "ccidcnt In history/ 7 ^ Valentino Songs; 8 Mr. t'resi-! KM ,- alt . increase which the firm „.. . that kll[w] dent. i Already had put into effect under! t'lpndmn ffullly In ehnrao* of ni-rJ-i -- i «l»»K»'ti>e-\ AIIK.-IU nnd Br-tty, of "' " Nl " 1 *° P e " () "S- ' MBS ~ ' Mu »' c ">r Half-Hour; bond. IJ » fZ wi horm-m cr«m, Th,r« will IK, pn,y ( - r meet.,,* on Hen^on, T««A / | Two bu«,, one loaded almost to 7:30 Great Day Show; 8:05 Out of "iwSoriMM!"* 1 "^ "Klrmo," to «ldrrly m-, i W,rdh,.»d«y wrung al 7:45 ,,.m. ^ n!l ^^1 n" don ncarTht lhundei ' °" (Who w»r» UMiircd II would rf«lor«M.t Urn ('..oit-l, o. (mint, j Mm. M.-ry Montgomery nm | ht-ar and burst Into flames ycster-, —— ''(Mr "Vl«or," He dr»w h ii.upmid-,' - ! Tommy Mi-Har itpcnt nerveral day. {l "> a ^nly-tiw persons were in-' Thursday: NBC - 10:30 n.m. ' <rl sentence for IhM or.*, wh.-n (he On W..'iln.-«hiy < !V .:nin« nt th< : ""»' week "> M Uorudo ua the Ju "' d Vr.T "! l , y '. i ,"" 1 bus com " ; fr«mi siam A»r o M roui-l took Cttmmftnce of hm wnr Flrnl Hftj.mi i.hurc-i, I,,-,,, will « "'•*"' <>' Mr. «nd Mm. Carlton' |la " y ° mcinll » sald two or three Orund_ Slarn...AHC - 9 a.m. My record, j bo nn officers nnd ti-<u-hi-r« meet- •*"-''•'"' '""' family. Mm, Whomble, who win rHun«(>dj ''18 nl 7 o'< lurk, prnyci Into trntibl* It «n old row- for Smith, H* w»» biuuwl from lo PrlvoU on AWOL only n f»w w«*k* after hp won the nnllotrs hlahcul inllitnry In World Wur II fnr hi* life In put out n flr« aboard n fl-1? hnmbrr »bo«rd PRESCOTT NEWS Wt««n»iiJ«y; Auguit 0 Pr«y«r fl |>.m. on Wedrtendny Iho Church of will bojfln at Mr *- J - T. W'lrthlnftUm hB« re- There will b« proyor Wednendny al lurni.'d from Hot Spring* where j she win th«- 8U»?»t of Mr. and Mr«., Henry Steiiurt. i Officials Check Cause of Bus Wreck Top Radio Programs I Gas Firms to NEW YORK (A n '* h ' Wednesday WASHINGTON - Four gas Gas Crop.; Miouth Gas Co., Little Rock; Public Utilities Co., Crossetl. Ark., and the city of Altheimer, Ark. „ Jr _, „ . ^r ~ . Jr! n * F> ' mlly:lfir '"» operating in Arkansas will 7:30 The Great Gildorsleeve; 8, receive refunds from the Missis- Groucho Marx Show M| , p| Hivcr Fucl Corp under an WACO. Texas, (UP)— tnvosllga- 7 - tori today checked a theory that ' ar - ,;;, ~,.J , " cathston * Drama:i orf | Pr handed down by the Federal On ri«. f *ii»latf »•* • 0 f«U~ ___ r-»_i , _ __ . rf Christian; 8 Johnny Dol-|p t ,wer Commission yesterday. The FPC rejected a proposed First Drunk: "We're Rotting closer to town.'' Second Drunk: "How can you 1 tell?" First Drunk: "We're hitting more people." u ordered the fuel company to 'ii-fiind all excess charges collected i under the bond since Sept. 1, 1951 with interest at six per from Inn obni'fviition w«nl of j study ut 7;4 i-n<l Hibl« to nuthorllie* *«ld ._. of tH<j 41-yosr-oia $ A if tfortst Servant on I lit cnuMnK fttlne ropnrts lo mi, Convlutlcm on ihn fchwr 'J«S» <t pannny of »30U fine or '|u Jail, on* both, toW tU Washington The t»'tHo, brnwrt-cy«il blonrtn vinlled ».ion nftcr youn«8»l child rtiwl of pneu-> In July 3<t, urul offered her £,100 to take n sulcklo iillumpt SIR- «Hld She hfidtUlilrd At first, nnd then dncldod to HO nlnntf with th^ honx, IJtit nh(> hnlkml nt Hennett'* Idpn of itBHinu ihu "ii.'(ip"' Thur»d«y, Auyuil "I Thw f'ri'Kcittt Kiwnnlii Club will IDfiOt on 'MiuiMliiy for n diruiwr meeting. NBC -. . . CBS 10:30 a.m. ^cnV Grand Slam ABC - 9 a.m. My HMWOVIT. KPC granted the firm r-mns were sllll missing. i T'^ ^»ry Drama...MBS — 7 a.m. ; , ratt , b ., st . ot $45.518,430 - $2285-1 (Jn<- Investigator said he wns "be'• L"dles ran-.. .Baseball — MISS -•" •- -- "— "-- _,.,......» Mr mid Mrs riydc MIcvlnH -md > ;l " r "" K lo lj cllcvo" that an mi- Ga ""' of U; 'y Network 12:25 p.m. «lHu,:bUT« ,,t Tcxiirkann have b'oeni k ""t n "• otorl » t - who did not stop; *™ *<»* Yankees at Washington , ix p ,, r Ihi- ftui-sU of iHnllves. !'' ""' K .'' is ^ ?« cld .cnt »ccn«,_ may j Senators. j v. slmc-nt. " Arkansas resale customers of Mississippi Fuel which will share in the refunds include: its for/nstiM :Mfi less than the company claimed —.md gi anted what it said was a rate of return on in- Mr. nnd Mr«. W. C. Woosley havc relumed from n visit in I'ort Arthur, Texan. O«ri« Halo "Entertains MYF — l.t. Jack Stivers, who tins been link-, Jr., I'lik-rttilnecl th,-, vl»!tln« his mother, Mrs. U. C. Mclhodlut Youth Fclliiwshlp at the j .Stiver*, has homo of In.i p/ii-rnlH, Mr. nnd Mini Maryland whi-rii gone lo Aberdeen, Hole. lly. (17 N. Tui-sdny I mi ordinimcu school. he will attend x «nd. L '* tompllritf'fo fjoor on n I'otomut .Illvnr l>uil«e, j «vonm«. July i!U with n walt-i uicl- i nnd thoy mottled ,on tliu YWCA !( 'rt lo«»t, Thosi- prc-it.-iH W-K- tfu- IJiilUilnu which hn« H wide: li'dgo! KPOIUOI-K, l)r, HIK! Mm, N. H, Ncl- iiioiuiil Itn dlxlh floor. ! *on, Mr, nnd Mm Whiimblc mid «l\r •iprvw nftwr 0he got out nnd trl«d to driiw Mr. nnd Mrs. Jack Iloblnson duiiKtilur, Llnrbnru, luivi; re- Greyhound i h.ivi- caused the two Im.sos to crash. The Greyhound buses collided just In-fore dawn at the top of a hill seven miles south of Waco. Both drivers were killed. The northbound bus was on the wrong side of the road. | "It Is possible, but strictly con-1 jccture, that something could have ' shown up in front of the north-! bound bus," W. B. Stallings, .Grey j hound general claims agent, said. "It looked like some sudden > Hambletonian Hcs Classiest Race Field By JOHN CHANDLER Arkansas - Louisiana Gas Co., Khreveport, La.; Ft. Smith (Ark.) . Byir» i nftil nut know It. » JNt Hd of rin-Wcirnu, tbt«t> Jn tli« lnnri ihjwMtKi wWtt i «H« mTiiili'ly, 'rimi'» •wn»'iit'-w Htfint i how (ln>>-tin Ui Bit UljliiW Ihtn Ui« * «wDln'' M. Jo ntwl««lly«*pnr«»i«j I Mthl to wnt n window inotliiiiihM hfr '.n MO on, Nlii- laughed blttnrly K' »ut it frwil-pngo npw« photoHiuhii nhow- Ing Smith "renculiiK" IIPI-, "Whnf* roolly ImpponlnK l-i thnt I'm trylnu to get buck Imdde th«» bulkllny by wnlkiiiH punt him and he'* trying lo blot-k , m«," »hu to Clrlitll." iM lust on the I tt/lll M,. r,i.,l M» It ill i'' I i i — ll MM/^».I» itni; owilli: ALIUUU11 [ .*.,,. ,, , , *,,', ,,' "'" lMr "' "'" (ll "'' 1 «». '"'"'•U K. their IIOITI.- in Amerl-1 ,.,,,,.,-,.,.ncy confronted one of these i est flc:U1 '" Hambletonian history i. lo-,t h(.r choir cir.fto. ,,n«l «,,Km,i,t, Mr. ai.-i. tin., alu-r a vi»ll with Mr. , 1, I Ighway tr arks and the no i:f slatud '" line ll t j toda y ri)r th '- t on th« J«f LIvMjiiMo,,. HI.,| M,- h . l.-.-ralmu, Mr«. I, I, Mitchell ami rel- ^ , the bCies lnd"ca^ l,Mck, but | Johnson Ti-rry Kmney. I', A. !•:«,; iitiv., H in Hope. n" th\K,und bu» was ocrol. he' Park !md lh<; ""birds nro con- nil open Clirro, Dniiny Kiil«»n. Jttllu Hnillh.i -—— ........... e>> ..»•' .'...i vineocl Duke of Lullwater t-.-ui trrnli Iilllli "I WHS Smith hnd told tluil hu uluoil fur Koino time, with tho woman In n soft volcu and IcIlliiM ht)t- u would Ini nliiful, to tnke her own Ufa, Movio Figure Is Duo for Parole LOS ANCilllLKS. Ml — Wnltor Wnngwr coinoii up for pm-oU' to- dny, two moiiUm nflt'i- buglnnlng four-month HunttMU'e for sliootln« .)itniilnit« i.vtl, u«unt for tho film nctross wlfi«, Jo«n Den luM't' from iin honor fiii'Yn for tho pwroli- told ruporlorn yt'»tv>rday ho U writ. liiK n book, "How to lU-hnve In Jttll." He waHn't being funny, ht> "Pin dead sorlotm," WunKor tho honor farm U clohiH un importHut Job In "ronwum»ting" W«n«er shot Ung lunt Dec. 13. 'ho ngoiU linn - rvoov»rod. ee rondlly turned, bul lltttt tho niulu, vim kk-k out vlvktun- IJ with fliolr houvv*, AI mil LOM Fem-ll, Mnrlbii Ann! Mr. nnd Mr». Hubert \Vhltaker Mltchnll, Ninn Nn-11 Mllntn. Car- luivu had as thuir HUcsts. Mr. mid los Mlliim, Donnld Wt-lib, Orndy Mrs. Brookn Norflect and chlld- «nd Urinuld Inlow, Hhlrli-.v Ander-1 i'c<u of Forrest City. •on, Httiidrti Knuterllny, Hitii War-: ren, ICrlls Tunnell, Murjitirvl St-olt j M-S«t. and Mrs. William David Mury .luwul Horrlntj. Sue Kt-vk-y. I Hale and daughter. Janet, who Wyoiuln Unll, Billy Shelion, t>at 1-lantuy, Dickie Gordon, Put I lulu. Juno Onry mul other gucols weii- Dttvld Huiinliiit, Billy Ginhnm.! Biloxt, Hill Chirk, Jitninli! Hule, l.avonnu have been the guests of his par- Mils, Mr. and Mrs. Hornce Hole, roturnetl to thulr home in .•,tii|)i-," Stullings said. K. Palras, Greyhound maintenance manager at Fort Worth, said he found no evidence of mechanical failure in either of tho buses. He said he was "beginlng to believe another vehicle was involved: vineocl Duke of Lullwater can grab i the rich plum if he tends to buai-1 ness. • ,j ! Sixteen horses will step out bo-i hind the mobile starting gate in; the first heat, with the Georgia ' Duke from Walter T. CandlerV A 7-pc. Hand Painted Floral BEVERAGE SET To the First 50 People Who Place Orders THURSDAY, AUGUST 7 Sears Catalog Sales Office - Hope, Ark. HarrlK, and Jimmy S1»«<;1 of Hot Spi IIIHH. Thu yomift peoplt- enjoyed horm- buck ridinK nnd u Imy ride over the ruiH.'li. '37 Contract Club Entertained Oy Mn. 0. L. McRao, Jr. Club wor * of llm '117 Contract j imlerliilncil on Tui'.iday ' Mlsx Mury llc-th Boinnr of Shre- vepoi i, Lu., is the guest of hor grand parents. Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Doniiir. Mr. and Mrs.. Goor«e Christopher and George Hamilton have j icttiriitni from a visit to points in ' l-'Uirldn. afternoon by Mr». IV I,. McHiu Jr.. ut tho l.iuvmin lloti'l. Hiirold Smith has returned from Niishville, Tonn.. where he attend- cil iht< .summer A . . •• • » »..-• .1 • 11 i i i i i L i iiii.i;)Mi| colorful tu-ruy of Kiimmi-r flc | Collrge. Mr. Smith is sesMlon ut Peabody (lin'nrfttoti the room iirrtmiji-tl for thy pluyfii'M. Th« liluh st-ore nvviiiil was won by Mrs. Archie JohiiNiin. A dfltRhlful naliid coiirso wns ftervcd to club Mrs. I,. M. U'mluy of Ft, Sill, Oklsi., Mrs C, U. McSwuin, Mis. Chnrli'.i Down, Mm, B. A. DeLnnmr and to members Mrs. .lulmion, Mrs. Frank Gilbert. Mrs. Hitlph C.or- don, Mrs. frank Miiltum. Jr. Mrs A. V, Hognlur. Mrs. Murk JusliRB. Mi'H. Je;«H Hiiy.s, Jr.. nnd to Mrs. Tom Hi'ini.s niui Mrs. 0. Ci. Hirst. an Instruct- a vehicle which was not hit and di<l not stop." VVIillo officers attempted to learn the cause of the accident, the task of identifying the dead began. The Air Force flew in a teamj of identification experts from j Wriiiht-Pattcrson Field, Dayton, O. I to aid Texas Department of Public Siifoty 1 d c n t i f 1 c a tion experts. Many servicemen were believed unuinti the dead. The experts were faced with a difficult problem. They were able to take fingerprints from only six of thu victims. The other bodies we IT too badly burned to obtain prints. Bracelets, doy lays, .remains ot pur.sos— these were the slim clues Lullwater Farm at Decatur the early 3 to 1 favorite. or in 1'roscolt Junior High School. ; the Identification men had to work j on. Some victims may not be Kay and Clim: Henry have been identified until a check of their K; guewts of relatives in Curnden. NICKEL BEER MANDAN, N. ».. <"">_The nick<>! boor ID here to stay. Tiivernkfi-per Jo,. Ul . v /slein fea tui'i-d « five-cent beer during a rt'tH-nt thn-e-clii" local celebration. boomed, 41X1 Wet/.Htt!in saiu today the special price will be continued dally between a nnd (i p.m. He's afraid It <(• wt-ro wok-omcd us new mom- would hurt business to up the price I*"'*. lutaln. dental work can be made, officers said. • If ft 9 * Bargains you've been saving for, then this is it! EiUCKANDCOi, te * ! V HiUUM.FIU,!D BALLOONS FOR THE 1 r , KIDDIES/ .J^v VI Sllvsrtone UMID OAK CONSOLE RADIO- PHONOGRAPH No obligation—just come in and register ThurtdUy through Saturday, WO SATURDAY EVENING AT 6:30 P.M. | SMASHING VALUES BUY NOW ?'s yovir big chanc* to make a real ri W» l**y» timely Anniversary items Irttts tfee latest catalogs just shouting Top tluit by using the you know yo» ctn't miss our Anniversary Party, PICKED WRONG HOUSE NEW YORK, (UP)— Gustavo Is car, GO, nursed n dozen bruises in Ills jail cull today and said he simply picked the wrong apart- liiont to burglarize. He didn't know that the occupant was Thomas J. Travcrs. 53, a well- known figure In Queens Democratic politics who stands 6 feet, 1 inch and weighs U2S pounds. Trnvers entered his apartment Sunday night and heard a voice from the bedroom say "get in here —It's a stick-up." The burly Travers went into the bedroom—headfirst in a flying tackle. He brought down Isear and sat on him until the police came. But none .of tn/». Grand Circuit veterans jamming steaming, humid Goshen will climb onto a limb for anything in the star-studded lineup in this 27th Harnble- lonian? Eight or nine of the three- year-olds entered are quite capable of barging home with the $47,236 first money. Duke of Lullwater, the 1951 juvenile trotting champion, must overcome a so-called Goshen jinx, | for he has lost only four races in ! his career—and all of them in this j home of the Hambletonian. In' fact, i he's never won a race in Goshen. J | The odds-makers posted Hit Song as the 4 to 1 second choice. Hit Song, owned by E. .Roland. Harri-j man and E. T. Gerry of New! York, and L. B. Shoppard of Hanover, Pa., is the baby who knocked ofl the Duke four times, twice last] year and twice this summer. The | Duke showed temperament hero. | in July, but since has returned', to top form. I A lot of the stable talk has j swung to Hit Song since he frazzled j | Good Time's mile triangular track! last Thursday with a sensational 2:01 2-5 workout. Only two Haniblc- tonians havc been raced faster. Then there's the real durkhorse of the race, Sharp Note, owned 11 by C. W. Clark, Dearborn, Mich. | Sharp Note's 2:02 2-5 in winning the Western Trot at Santa Anita last May never has been duplicated so -early in the year. Sharp Note hasn't raced since. He worked hero last Thursday in H nifly 2:02. while Duke of Lull- water did 2:02 2-5. POLIO and CANCER INSURANCE Includes Diseases as follows: Pays expense incurred up to these limits POLIO .... $5000 Diptheria ..... 2500 Leukemia .... 2500 Scarlet Fever . . 2500 Small Pox .... $2500 Meningitis .... 2500 Tetanus .... 2500 CANCER .... 1000 Applications taken in our office in a strong stock insurance company. ••• ••• Individual Policy $5.00 ONE YEAR Family Policy $10.00 ONE YEAR Visit our office. 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Waihburn For Every 'Man Friday' There'll Be a Blue Tuesday oday's Quotation rimes may be safe (from dis ivcry), but can not be secure rom anxiety). •*• —Seneca Hope Star Ark»n»»«-. JPnrtly ctotidy afternoon, tonight, Friday, scRltcrcd thunderahowen, In south. Not much chango pcrnturo. Widely scuttcreiii dcrahowcrs Saturday. . Tempemture UlRh 9JS Low fll Rlalfflll 1.00 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 253 Star of Hep* lit*, Pr*M 1t27 Cen»IMa»«! J«tt. II, 1*1* HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, 1952 Th« Aiiotlat.d pr*i< N*t P«M Clrtl. } Moi, II, t»51 -. PRICE Sc Welfare Dept. Accused by Mr. Cherry By LEON HATCH LITTLE ROCK UP) — Chancellor Francis Cherry last night accused the Welfare Department of telling our by another candidate, • not, recipients of assistance that 'Ithcir lhancellor Francis Cherry; and it'L hc(C ^ W ! U be , C " 1 ° f lf Sld Mc ' •as raised in the preferential pri- Math isn * rc - cl ^^d- In the Tuck Bishop case I give overnor Sid McMath n clean bill f health until n grand jury inves- gatlon and court trial rule other- •isc. But the Tuck Bishop furlough ( not a prime issue in the euber-J atorial campaign which ends next sday, August 12. 'The issue was rais.eil at the IHh lary, not the runoff. Tim true is Swimming Contest Winners Are Announced Winners in the swimming contest, a part of the festival activities yesterday, were announced ns follows: Weather-Hampered Festival Attracts Big Crowd, Emmet Girl Crowned Queen of Event Herndon An estimated 3,000 to 5,000 persons nttonded llempstead County's i annual watermelon festival here j oc MyttJ yesterday despite rain and thrent I cning weather that almost delayed Cherry, who opposes Gov. Me- ,i 'ol ues in this campaign are the gen- Malh for tn c Democratic nomina : ral conduct of the state govern- tion for governor at the runoff primary next Tuesday, made the charge in answering a question nt a radio talkathon here. The questioner wanted to know "why it is that we (welfare clients) lent and Governor McMath's open lliance with the fcctral presiden- ial machine of Harry S. Truman. McMath has been neither the st nor the worst governor inj Hunning-in-watcr race — Charlotte McQueen. Balloon bursting contest — Dor- year-old daughter of Mr. ry Spraggins. ' Jack R - 1'imkcy of Kir 15 yard fr<5e style race — John nic Turner. 15 yard side stroke for style ..kansas' recent history. 1 myself I havc becn told now lhat WC ' U have oted for him, against Ben Laney, | to , sh ° w U P wo years ago. But there not only nothing in McMath's two-term idministration to warrant giving when it used to be that case workers visited us." "That's easy," the Jonesboro ilm an unprecedented third term! J ucl «c .replied "there aren't enough -there is concrete evidence warn-i case workers to get the word ng the voters that their best bet the event. Miss liarbarn Marie Pankcy, 10- and Mrs. mmel, was selected Queen of tin- Festival, winning over all other contestants. Some 2,500 lo 3,000 persons witnessed the contest in which the tfo sweep out the state-house |md' try a new man. W|C havc heard great promises |md\ becn rewarded by big pr6- that either stalled or collap- |;ed completely. The state outlined around before the election; they're telling you to report to the office so you can be told your checks will be stopped if Sidney doesn't get his third term. "It isn't so; it's just another desperate effort by 'the McMath vast expansion of the public choore' budget, tried and failed ,o increase the sales tax to 3 tier :cnt, thW had to turn a bankrupt system back to the local districts Lo find money to keep the class room open. fourl 8t !X eri i. or Paul Cobb. Straight forward dive — Paul Cobb. Ages 12 and over. 30 yard free style swiiri — John Keck. 30 yard siilii strke for style — Charles Halbcrt. 30 yard backstroke — Donald McQueen. Straight forward dive — tie, Nolan Stanford and Joel Osburn. ° c Emmet, Anna Lou Barnes of Comic dive — Bill Thomason. i Ho P c - Alicc Gilbert of Emmet, Fancy dive — Nolan Stanford, | *'rances Frazier of Washington Big Splash dive — Richard | and Helen Atkins of Hope 5' G", 1211 pound brown eyed beauty, a Junior in Emmet High School. won out on the final ballot. Other contestants were: Twelve Entered Sue Gilbert of Columbus, Patsy Samuel of DcAnn, Betty Saundere of Washington, Kay Kent of Patmos, Lynn Russell of Hope, Neva McCli-llan of Pntmos, Jean Ross crowd to get votes." Cherry, who predicts he'll beat McMath by 75,000 to 100,000 votes next Tuesday, had said previously that he would discharge Mrs Henry Bethcll of Little Rock as state Welfare Commissioner if he becomes Barbara Marie Pankey Cook. Large enthusiastic crowd attended. ••" thing, in fe^^ s 'i,srr SSB tsss at— norization for 28 million dollars in new highway bonds — the first time since Governor Martineau's day 25 years ago that r, governor bad been entrusted with new highway mortgage funds, four years in office. Yet after our U. S. Highway 67, Arkansas' great transcontinental road and the'No. 1 collector of gasoline taxes, is in worso Shape than when McMath was in- laugurated governor. M You will recall that this . ( newS' [paper f ought'ttfat 28-milliori-dbllaf bond issue at every step, But the people trusted to McMath's judgment to spend it wisely and they approved the issue. It's different now. Now the people have reckoned up the score — and they want a new man. Those arc the state-wide issues. Rather than meet them fairly | and squarely Governor McMath lias bolstered his ailing administra- with political help from Wash- He has promised generally to get rid of "all of (former Gov.) Homer Adkins' crowd of henchmen," but has assured "the honest, hard-working career employes of the state" that they have nothing to fear from his selection as governor. Adkins is a McMath associate, who resigned recently as state • Employment Security director. At the 9-hpur talkathon, Cherry denied there >had been any deals— .Jjnancial or otherwise— for the backing three already-eliminated candidates for governor have given him. A listener asked about a report that $30,000 had been paid for the open support of Rep. Boyd Tackett and Jack Holt, who with Atty. Gen. Ike Murry, were eliminated in the preferential primary, July 29. Cherry replied that "not $30,000 nor 30 cents, nor any other amount" had been paid for anybody's support. And he added that Judges, Clerks for August 12 Election •Absentee Box Judges: Cecil O'Slecn, Raymond Jones, Arthur Anderson. Clerks: Mrs. Ed McCorkle, Mrs. Sue Huck- aboe. Ward 1 Hope Judges: Frank King, Donald Moore, Ray Turner. Clerks: Mrs. M. B. Hatch, Mrs. Owen Atkins. Alternate Judges: E. M. McWilliams, Cecil Weaver, Paul Simms, Jr. Alternate Clerks: Mrs. John Wilson, Mrs. L. D. Springer. Guard Will Porter. Ward 1-A Hope Judges: . K. .G. Hamilton, Mrs. Brents McPherson, Mrs. Horace Fuller. Clerks: Mrs. Milton Eason, Mrs. Lawrence Martin. Alternate Judges: Mrs. Sam Andrews, Mrs. Harry Hawthorne, Mrs. Kelly Bryant. Alternate Clerks: Mrs. K. G. Hamilton, Joe Amour. Guard: Horace Fuller. Alternate Guard: John Andres. Ward 2, Hope Judges: W. H. Munn, Clydo ington. He got President Trumait ;n o other deals had been involved; | to come down here all the way from Washington, ostensibly to dedicate Bull Shoals dam, but really to pat Sid on the back as "my man for governor." But all of Truman's Fridays turn up blue on Tuesday. Last Tuesday the President's home state of Missouri slapped I down his choice for the Democra- ^ic nominee for United States Senator, J. B. (Buck) Taylor.' Taylor, Missouri attorney general, had Truman's personal endorsement, just as McMath does — but the Democrats of Missouri nominated W. Stuart Symington by two to one. There'll be a Tuesday in Arkansas this coming week. everybody who supports him does o voluntarily, he said. Like many others which he denied, Cherry branded the report 'a malicious fabrication by the WcMath-Adkins machine." Cherry predicted'" that McMath, a favorite of President Truman, would suffer a similar fate to that of J. E. (Buck) Taylor in Missouri Tuesday. Taylor, whom Truman jacked, was defeated for the Missouri Democratic senatorial nomination by Stuart Symgington. McMath was openly endorsed for a third term by the President last month. Cherry, who ran less than 9,000 votes behind McMath in the preferential, was asked if McMath had offered hbn anything — and if so what or how much — to get out of the race. "No," said Cherry, "even he wouldn't be that silly." Today Cherry holds a talkathon at Helena, makes a speech at Arkansas City and goes to Memphis for a television appearance. Smith, Arl Ward. Clerks: C. C Bryant, W. E. Jones. Alternate Judges: Jim Dodson, Grady Bearc Alternate Clerks: B. W. Edwards Swept Back in Power in Korea By STAN CARTED PUSAN, Korea W—-Aging Presi dent Syngman Rhee was swep Jpack into office by an overwhelm flng majority in nearly complete unofficial returns from the Repub lie of Korea's first direct election of chief executives. Rhee's choice for vice president CHICAGO UrV- A young man —Ham Tai Yung, a little known, crying. "I love Sally," darted sud- Bush Killer Slays Girl, Himself Presbytcrian minister—piled up a commanding lead over eight opponents in late returns from Tuesday's election. denly from the bushes in Grant Park yesterday and sprayed bul- Clifford Byers. Guard: Paul Cobb. Ward 2-A Hope Judges: S. H. Warmack, R. L. Clingan, Luther Rogers. Clerk>: Mrs. Elmer Brown, Miss June Wilson. Alternate Judges: Frank Ramsey, Carl Jon.es, Corbin Foster. Alternate Clerks: Mrs. Dewey Baber. Guard: A. E. Mack. Ward 3 Hope Judges: Franklin Horton, F. E. Howsen, Rufus Martindale. Clerks: Mrs. Dale Wilson, Mrs. W. B. Mason. Alternate Judges: George Stroud, Franklin Horton, Hart Cox. Alternate Clerks: Mrs. Olin Whitney, Mrs. Harvey Barr. Guard: Chas. Huffman. Ward 4 Hope Judges: W. W. Compton, Lonnie Hendrix, Mike Schcnikcr. Clerks: Miss Ruth Atkins, Mrs. W. Y. Foster. Guard: Elbert Jones. Country Box 5 Judges: Roy Stevenson, Neil Osborn, Jack Atkins. Clerks: William Schooley, Jimmy Miller. Alternate Judges: Clyde Monts, Zan Bate man, O. B. Hodnutt. Alternate Clerks: S. D. Cook, Burger Plum ley. Guard: Sam Revis. V Country Box 6 Judges: Vance Smiley, T. L Brint, Hugh Bearden. Clerks: Mrs Aubrey Albritton, -Mrs. Mack Stu art. Alternate Judges: Hervey Hoi Foy Hammonds, Fred Hunt. Al terhate Clerks: Mrs. Fred Hunt Guard: J. F. Newberry. Columbus Box Judges: Lee Hicks, Tommie McCorkle, Jim Stuart. Clerks: Mrs. David Mitchell, Mrs. Lee Hicks. Judges of the affair were Congressman Oren Harris, Tom Sll- vey and L. L. Mitchell of Prescott. All events held their share ot visitors throughout the afternoon and night. They included u band concert, model plain.- show, swimming contest, community singing and square dancing, Political Speaking Naturally a political speaking held a temporary spotlight with Governor Sid McMath making his bid for a third term. All candi-j dates were introduced by Master of Ceremonies John L. Wilson, Hope Mayor. Mr. McMath opened his address by p-'omising the state would bear half thu cost of completely enclosing the Third District Coliseum in which he was speaking. The governor announced to the audience that the road from Spring Hill east to Highway 2!) had been inade a part of the state highway system. He promised blacktopping of Highway 1 2!) to' Blevins, High way 24 from Nashville to Prescott and Highway 55 from Fulton ,to Mineral Springs "during my next term." Meets Mrs. Cherry Most of the question directed to the Governor concerned roads. Ai he left the platform the Governor came face-to-facc with Mrs. Fran cis Cherry, his opponent's wife. They both smiled, shook hands and quickly parted. Mrs. Cherry, accompanied by a girl's trio, received a big hand and asked the audience to vote for her husband. Tho Trio sang. "It's Cherry Picking Time In Ar- in eating iced cold watermelon which was served true to everyone. Some 1,200 melons, ruprc Editing 40,800 pounds were on hancl. Texas Is Tabbed as Doubtful kansas" and a couple of sacred numbers. Other speakers included county candidates, district candidates Tom Silvcy of Bodcaw and Dr. F. C, Crow of Hope, in the race for, state senate, Tom Gentry and Glib Barton candidates for attorney general. The principal address was made by Congressman Oreri Harris, and Chancellor Candidates A. P. Steel and Wesley Howard. Hundreds of persons look part AUSTIN, Tex.. (UP)—Texas ha scon tabbed a doubtful state in th Movember elections by Gov. Alia Shivers vMio said Democratic I'rcs idcntial Candidate Acllai Stcvei son's tide-land stand would hav 'wide influence" on Texas voter Shivers, speaking at a news con ference yesterday, said appearan es in Texas by Stevenson and R publican Candidate Dwight D. El enhower might also also affec Texas voting. "Certainly Ttixas can'r be wrlU ten off for either party," said Shivers. The Texas governor said he hoped to go to Springfield, 111., for u meeting with Stevenson next week. He said he would let Stevenson decide tho exact date. Shivers had said earlier, if Stevenson's views were not satisfactory he might "go fishing" at the general election. Eisenhower 'has scheduled a personal tour of the state. Stevenson has not indicated whether he will campaign in Texas. When Shivers was asked iC ho was going to ask Stevenson to cortu; to Texas, he said, "I'm not handling his itinc- McMath Labels Race Dirtiest of His Career By CARL BELL JONESDOnO, Ark (/ft — Gov. Me- Math todny labeled his nice for a third term nomination "the dirt lest of nil my political buttles." Ho used that description In in interview following up his ciun pulgn speech delivered In ihb hometown of his opponent Ins night, a talk In which he charged that Francis Cherry is the first of his political foes to "refer by inuen- do or otherwise to my personal life." Previously In this campaign, hich he says was begun 1Q months jo by "certain special ititcrests", cMath hns charged Cherry. U.S. en. John L. McClollnn nnd the rkansas Power nnd Light Com>any had used "filth and,,lies" in in effort to smear him. McMalh, himself, has charged Cherry with operating n "divorce illl" In his chancery court; cast (.•marks about the chancellor luw- ig been born In Oklahoma and nipped that "Arkansas sunshine night min Blossom's complexion." As might have been expected in his stronghold, McMnth wns heckled frequently during his speech ast night. He also wns cheered >.v one of the largest crowds he ns attracted in this campaign. During n question and answer eriod, an unidentified man asked .he governor: "What is so horrible in your personal life that your opponent, Francis Cherry, wouldn't discuss?" In a faltering ( but determined voice, the governor replied: "In many families, whether they are in public life or not, there are great sorrows. The only way they can overcome these sorrows Is by coming closer together. And that's what my wife, my mother and I have done, nnd I think we 40,800 Pounds of Watermelon Almost All £ atep Chamber ot Commerce Manager Kny Lawrence snld today that 5,71)0 pounds of watermelon of the orlglnnl 40,800 were left nnd will bo disposed ot through locnl melon .stands. That Indicates the crowd was fairly close to 8.000 or visitors were bigger melon enters Hum hist year. Howov«r, some 30 ot the melons wtrc sent to the Bund Festival at Mimtlccllo nnd both Hope nnd Cmiideu bnscbnll teams were glv- end all they could ent following last night's game. AIIArkansason Disaster List- Rain Too Late 'W -»is have rendered a service to Ihe people of Arkansas." It wkiB nn apparent rcferonce' to tbtt^fitafe Bhqotjnjg ot lyfeMath'B father by the'dovbrnor's'-wife In J947. McMnth was prosecuting at tornoy nt Hot Springs then and disqualified himsclC In the cuse. Mrs. McMath wns exonerated on the ground of self defense. "I've been in some rough campaigns," the governor told his iencc. "But In all the campaigns and political fights I've been In, he's the first man to refer by Inu- ehdo or otherwise to my poraonal life.' Greeks Shell Isle Held by Hungarian Reds ATIIKNS, Greece (UP) — The Greek army shelled disputed over Giunma In the Evros river Loclay In nn attempt to drive oft Bulgarian Reds who seized it July 23. , Press reports said Greek mortars started fires which shrouded tho island in smoke. A Greek general staff communi- que Issued at 11 n. m. (5 n. m. EOT) said the bombardment bo- r.nn an hour and a half earlier after a radio warning and In the presence ot United Nations observers. ' "So far, there has been no reaction," the comtnunqluo said. (In Naples, Italy, an offlclii! spokesman said the southern Euro pcim Atlantic pact headquarters ol U. S. Admiral Robert B. Carney was "closely following" develop iients In tho dispute over Gamma Greece Is u member of the /At antic pact and comes within Car ley's command.) t Athens newspapers said Greek" observers uuw one Bulgarian on the clght-ncro Island nt -V.30 a, m,, but waited' until dawn to,, top ..-euro, The pfffcdtmets of Bultf«W*nU on tho island wfcs established after daybreak and reported to tho general stuff. 8 OV&MHI w wm .\K -.wl By The Aiioclnted ?(•«••••-',: Broughl'QfacJUng rains . down Wednesday on Now Knglai and parts of the South—too Into;; snvo nouHy n billion dollars wot; of burned out crops and pnsturcsM But the moisture was u timers Ufc-tmvcr for corn, tobncco, coil nnd vegetable crops still survivli in those drought-Hlnizod arena h RIWO promise of reviving spmo p' lures by tall. * Tho drought, one ot tho yours to hit the nation's food production, already those effects: j,- , Somo sharp Increases in proautc prices, scattered setbacks to. ( trade, outs In milk suppll Southern Missouri, a ttocUftw,, f«rm labor employment v Jft tf( hti-lckon area and some "sod: buying in canned fruits and v«?i tables. v * r\ A Department of Commerce B< oy showed no serious businaj slump yut In any uruu bacaus«i ! i ho drought but that there h boon some sharp increases In PV ucc prices. As the rains came, the to governrriont raised to 10 thfc ber ot entire states listed as.:.^ aster ureas. It added North Cac linn and the remainder of Avka '._ to tho list. Other states aro 8oU| Carolina, Tonndssoo, Atabaflftf. Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Maine and 44 M' sourl counties, Oklahoma and T< as have been curried ovor^IrO; the 1081 drought. Farmers in these areas ajo ,i iglblo for government loons".! i t Tho Southern states wero« fti Btired by a government un emergency session in Atlanta yesterday no hard-proSscd fat'mer will' ut of business or bo fore ocrltlco livestock. f ,- Dlllard Lasaotcr, head O|;A —» - •« ^ A ..i .. - i.^ I_A^-L.O Farmers rary." Shivers said he believed Stevenson was sincerely interested in thej tidelands problem. He said the Illinois governor's invitation for a conference pointed out that he "would like to have more information and be happy to discuss it." Today's Children Have Many Things Never Envisioned But Threat of War Still Hangs By RELMAN MORIN (For Hal Boyle) NEW YORK UPI — It was a steamy summer day, hot and sticky, and not thu best time in the world lo take a little girl to Washington, sight-seeing. But, 1 thought, Mary Isn't exactly a. little girl any more She's nearly 13 .Pretty soon she will bo studying American history in school government and then Practically nothing except Bunker Hill and that picture,of Washington crossing thu lets at a .young couple listening to Alternate Judges: John Griffin. Joe l-rtllOln Ulc- KllllAt-rt tvlllnrl 4-U n rl I *• 1 w .• . . . ~- music His bullets killed the girl Delaware That's about all any kid knows at that age. | quiz program whon he knew that. Dut he didn't know how many Republican governors there have been in Illinois since LI—IFG It's four, I think. Or three. No I think they said four when they told the man." I started pointing out the landmarks, the Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Senate Office Building. "And there's the Jeffersoon Me morial," said Mary, just in time lo stop me from calling it the Lincoln Memorial. "There was a whole page of colored pictures about Washington in the Sunday The 77-year-old Rhee puttered in am j critically wounded her escort the garden of his palatial presi-i Then the man embraced the residence in^Seoid as the! g i r i _ apparently a stranger to " J "" '" "'him — as she lay dying on the ground, and shot himself to death, j The lightning action took place in the midst of hundreds of down-! town office workers spending their ote count, gathered over police communications channels, assured his return to office for four years. He declined to make a statement or pose for photographs. His secretary beamed, "Mr. Rhee is very happy over the outcome." The inauguration is set for Aug. 15—fourth anniversary of the republic—and probably will be held In Seoul's war-damaged capitol. Returns from 161 of 103 counting 'laces gave Rhee 4,969,398 votes 762,772 for Cho Bong Am, vice chairman of the National Assembly and former Communist leader; 748,945 for Lee Sbi Vung, former Vice president, and 241,489 for Hugh Cynn. former ambassador So show Mary the Declaration paper." of Independence and the White i We went up to the Library of House and a few things she can j Congress and looked at the Decla- Vnderstand . . . Maybe it will I ration of Independence. It is faded „,. „ _ -i,..-, -.- , .- help when they start cramming I budly now, but Mary blood, en- n=. Vr'i, M ' ddle br° oks - AUer -i history down her throat . . . But! tranced, painfully spelling out the Mrs. Joe Hicks. Guard: J. C. Hipp. Jaka Jones Precinct Judges: D. M. Worthey, Sam F. Smith. Clerks: C. E. nate Judges: A. T. Jones, T. A. Alternate Clerks: John make U 8 imple. ! words and the signatures beneath. In the plane, Mary suddenly! "Is this the only one," she asked. Later, McMath told newsmen tho man ho had referred to in that statement Us "ho" was Judge Cherry, The governor tore into Chenry again with the charge that a "divorce racket' had been going on in the chancellor's court. "Francis Cherry denied that ho handled these cases, hut I have here in my hand about 750 divorce decrees rendered in Criltenden County by Francis Churry." V During his question and answer period, McMath was asked to explain the $0,000 the Internal Revenue Bureau said he owed in buck Income taxes. He replied: "I was investigated by the Internal Revenue Department from the time I got out of law school until the present. They didn't find a dollar I didn't report. "The argument came up on the Hale of some property in Hot Springs after I became governor. I took a loss on the sajo. Because I had rented the property, I decided the loss was deductible. "The other argument was over money I spent traveling around the United States telling the people about Arkansas. I paid that expense .myself and I thought I was entitled to deduct it." Yesterday afternon, the goveri nor spoke at the Hope Watermelon Festival. He declared that, before he took office, Southwest Arkansas was "discriminated against in th^ matter of roads." He said he had built more roads in the area tbari had been constructed in "the previous 20 years." McMath accused Cherry of not having a program. "I think the people of Arkansas are entitled to know what a can* Polio Attacks Girl for a Second Time DREXEL HILL, Pa., (UP)— An IB-year-old Chester, Pu,, girl re cently discarded the crutches she had worn In a long fight for health since, her left side was affected by pcllo us a child. Today, she was a patient at Delaware County Hospital hero with a new attack of the disease which affected her right side. The victim, Marie H. Savin!, a finance office clerk, was taken 111 Saturday as her parents were about to leave with her for a sou- shore vacation. Her Illness later was diagnosed as Infantile paraly- 8t Agricultural spolwsmon^ drought was broken In Sou Now England nnd In piu'tu-q South, Arkonuus had «unornl „ but tho Weather Bureau Bald wns not onough to drought there. Birmingham, Ala., reported ,| inches of rain, heaviest since'* 1 " 1, us the climax to a looked up from the airlines map and said: "This is the original. It's the only one." 8lS. Doctors ynid the caga was very unusual, but pointed out there aro ut least three types of the deadly virus and said in ull probability the present infection IB different from the first ono Marie hud practically beaten, The «irl was an inspiration to all polio victims in this area.during her 17-year tight to regain the complete use of b?r body and take hor normal place ;<i tho community Her father, Samuel'said sorrow fully: '•She didn't have to work, but tarie wanted to. Jt ' represented er complete recovery, and low eople will understand the tortures he accepted to regain the use ot or body and d o without her rutcheB. •' s I hope Marie .will have the trength to fight this attack also." avlni said. The girl had tinea told she would ever be able, to walk, swim or 9 other physical (eats like normal people. < ",'I showed them up," she said whert she learned to swim and fin- lly was able to get algng aer crutches. ' drought-easing showers, bUtJj rains wore tpo late to rcdugoj estimated IRQ million dollars/| loss in that state i A total ot 186 inches of r«ln';f at Knoxvllle, Tenn, and the Vf< cr Bureau said tho drought; broken there A hall Inch of\;i fell in the Tennessee-ya^ At least 17(5 inches of rain', . tho entire state of Connecticut.] Dr Paul J Anderson, dlroeM! the Connecticut Agricultural ^ perlmental Station in Windsor,; s the rain was worth "millions^ the tobacco crop alone \^ ^ Massachusetts deputy $< sioner of agriculture, James; Collins, said 29 to 75 Ine£f rain in that state "ought to- overythlng" lunch-hour in the park, some Us- ' ernae ers-on tcning to the rehearsal of the 1 g h *%? r ' t J™ em * a Cnder ' Guard: n^^Mrl DO..L. CirmnUnn.. r\ U n ^4» , **" "Urlliey. to Japan. Returns from UQ place* His Grand Park Symphony Orchestra in the big park band shell The victims were Patricia Kahler, 17, killed by two bullets fired into her head, and Herbert A Hoffman, 17, wounded critically in the neck, chest and back Both were employed in the nearby offices ol the Standard Oil Co The deal was in a hotel receipt in his pocket which bore the name ol A Walker, who recently stayed at tne Gruwold Hotel, in Detroit police «aid FBI linger *** ^ r " notice ^^ sill " Worthey. Washington Precinct Judges: Mac Parson, J. O. Gold, S. Dudney. Clerks: John Velvin, A. D. Barrow. Guard: Henry Saunders. Alternate Guard: F. V. Porterfield. Belton Precinct Judges: J. W. Siddons, J. A. Peters, J. L. Eley. Clerks: H. P., Daniel. W. D. Eley. Alternate Judges: W. W. Roberts, Creth Eley James Flaherty. Alternate Clerfcs: Mrs. Obera Eskew. Mi*s Ruby Leslie. Guard: W- M- T, Chr *p, B5* "Dad, did you like Mr. Steven-i For a long moment, she stared sor.'s speech better than Gen. j up at the bronze - yellow paper, Eisenhower's?" j sheethed in glass, with the warm "What speeches do you mean?" i light glowing around the edges. "At the conventions," she said,' "Gee," she said at last, "there patiently. "I don't know which one'must be some way of fixing it." ciidate for governor intends to do, 1 he said, I liked best." j In the Capitol, beneath the great I asked her how she knew about central dome, crowds of languid them. : tourists were moving about, peer- On the TV, of course," she 1 ing at the portraits of generals said. "I saw them .on TV. And I saw Mrs. Roosevelt and President Truman and just about the whole convention. It was pretty good, too." Well, of course, there is tele- and statesmen. said, "It would have been pretty awful if both sides bad the a-bpmb in the Civil War." Ford's Theater, where Lincoln was -assassinated, is 9 Lincoln vision nowadays. But you think of! museum now. Mary asked if there kids looking at nothing but west- were any tajiks at the battle ol iwn*. CJ*«y«byfg. and wh*n werf tanks "J fa*t you dop't k»ow what Mr. middle name ic M V ""•Wf' l ~ l Jf^f^^m flfrw Entire State to Get Drought Aid WASHINGTON (ffi — The entire state of Arkansas yesterday was designated by the Agriculture 0e partment as a drought disaster area, Arkansas became the ninth state to gain the designation, which en ables farmers to obtain loans from the Farmers Home Administration in or,4*r to main production. Twenty-seven Arkansas countie previously had designated disaster areas, Tfce Qther 4$ wer add«4 ' Jjbe list yesterday, Ji South Feels BetterAboi . :,' I * * >-* ff ' tf*'- * " ***'•*.-<* * * Stevenson Adlai E. Stevenson tbe growing support dentiai candidacy' j kept u]? hit round ;j with party leader? W, Averell JK Springfield or a the Democratic * nor White Truman, Harriman, mu ministrator, W«« candidate dayui Ben. «ia spent tbrea governor yj -* [South Roundup Club Won't Meet Tonight lar The Hope Roundup Hg scheduled lor tonight- in the Coliseum will, ftot b« toeM. ' q>kl " group will meet Thursday August 13. M4 i "His epp#U is not Arkansas F»MQ forecast: •Worth Arkanjp* {tartly cloudy Wttb little Changs 1ft * '— LJTT!

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