Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 25, 1941 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1941
Page 5
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; ,^, ; ' ' ' ' '' TM«t(ay, November 35. Ifrtt H6H STAk, HOf>E, ARKANSAS l -Answering the s Mail Orders 'Air Jeeps' to Soon Get First o Real Tests By JACK STINNETT WASHINGTON -- Answering the mail orders: Corp. T. L.. Camp Barklcy, Texas- The 'air jeeps" will probably get their ^ first reiil lest in the Carolina maneuvers, but in preliminary tests Ihe ' "grasshopper squadrons" of flivver | planes already Imve proved themselves in the Louisiana maneuvers. The j',' plnncs cost nVjout §3,000 uneh. Finger Print and Identification Mag. r*j nzlnc, Chicago—I stand corrected. President Roosevelt was fingerprinted soon after he took office and, according to the double check which I should have made in the first place, practi- WANTED CAST IRON SCRAP 75 Cents per Hundred Pounds Paid ARKANSAS MACHINE SPECIALTY CO. Hope, Arkansas DROP US A CARD For Qur Catalogs of Quality Pianos Mi!jim'!i.v, Culile, Wiirl!t/.er makes. 18 months terms with one tenth down. Good used Pianos ' S5 monthly. * j*. O- Box M2 — 'IVxarkana, Ark. cally nil members of the First Family now Imve done their finger exercise's for the great file thnt is kept In the FBI. By the way, T assume you know the best story on fingerprinting in modern times, (9 my way of think- inft, Is the fingerprinting of aliens. It would be impossible lo round up, in a fat volume, nil the good human interest stories thnt come out of it. There was the case of the Scot, 60 years old, and a "legal voter" for 39 years who didn't know that he was not born in this country; and the Greek, who served in the World War and thought his discharge papers entitled him to citizenship. He has been voting for 20 years too. Thorp ore thousnads of such yarns that came out of the alien registration and fingerprinting law. M. N., San Antonio, Texas—The army has released no figures on it but inside guesses are that a far greater number of selectees are enlisting in Ihe regular »rmy (for Ihree years) than anyone suspects. Even before the army announced its plan to urge selectees to enlist for rofiulur army service (so they may bo subject to overseas duty) some camps were reporting that from 50 lo GO per cent of the selectees were coming in as regular army enlistees. P. R. L., San Mateo, Calif.—The narrow margin on the House vote on revision of the Neutrality bill to allow U. S. ships to go into ports of warring countries (212 to 194) isn't considered here as any indication of disunity in the country. The non-interventionists, for example, have been claiming that 80 per cent of Ihe people arc against war or any steps that might lead to war. If this is such a step, as they argued, the almost .10-50 vote in the house would be far off. An overwhelming vote, say 80-20, or 70-liO vote ugainttt the Administration foreign policy, would be a much greater indication of disunity. As I have explain ed before, there were many factors entering into the narrowness of this margin. In reality, however, it pretty much is following Ihe pattern of Congressional votes on highly controversial questions ever since the first Congress assembled—they nearly always are close. The important thing is that with few exceptions, like the Prohibition amendment, the people always have gone'pretty much nil out in backing the laws of the land, no matter if they passed only by a single vole. K. N., Alexandria, Va. There's nothing to that repirt that conscientious objectors and persons who ask deferment under the draft will not get their government jobs back when their cases are settled, or peace has returned. The Civil Service Commission has ruled that this is up lo the hiring agency and, all things being OF, <*•> REGIS! on Saturday, November 29th, 1941, AT The Nevada County Free Fair Grounds, Prescott, Ark. ••**•> In this offering of Herefords, 15 Cows Three to Five years old, some of these Cows have calves at foot, some springers, but all exposed to calve by early Spring, 10 Two year old heifers, some of these heifers have been exposed but all old enough to breed, 9 Long age heifer Calves. Calves 8 to 12 months old, and are very beautiful, you should see them. 7 Bulls, ranging in age from 15 months to 5 years old, but all large enough for service. The Blood lines in this offering of Cattle come from the most noted strains of breeding such as Domino, Anxeity Mischief, and Blanchard Family. This sale is sponsored by the management of the Nevada County Free Fair Association. And they earnestly urge and invite all stock men and others in this and adjoining counties, to come and be with us on that day and help in the interest of the Fair, in raising better live stock. The Cattle in this sale is being brought here by R. L.. Mguldin, Owner, Sweetwpter, Te*qs, vhq will be in full charge of sale. J. B, Mdjjldin, in charge pf Cattle G©l. 6. H, SHOW, Memphis, Auctioneer OUT OUR WAY By J.R.Williams 7 DON'T WORRV , I'LL TAKE 6000 CARE OF 'EM/ I'LL HAVE 'EM SO FULL OF CAKE, WEENIES, CANDY, HAM,, HONEY AN 1 HAMBURGER THAT YOU WON'T HAVE TO FEED 'EM PER A WEEK AT HOME/ J—..IL 1 1 ikS £ *<?•._ I'M MOT. GOIN6/ I'D A3 SOON LEAVE MY CHILDREN WITH A WOLF AS WITH THAT] NUT/ CANDY AMD WEENIES/ THERE ISN'T A WEENIE , GAKE HAM,^ HAMBURGER OR PIECE OF CANDY IK) THE HOUSE, SO COME OKI / THEY'RE MORE GROWN UP THAN YOU TWO/ . -IR2 Jl ^WM •B I' </ K^J rt t MM m *W K^ 7 P^ —•/A-U.\ COPR. 1341 bY NEA SERVICE, INC. v T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY equrl 'that is, that investigation indicated that the selectee was sincere) it is probable that CSC would go to bat for the applicant for reinstatement. I W. L. C., Carthat'c, 111—There are' 429 members of the house, at present, with six vacancies (rm unusually low number of vacancies). There are no empty seats in the Senate—the reason being that Senators are appointed by the governors when vacancies occur through dentil or resignation. The theory behind this, I'm told, is that it is all right for a governor to appoint a Senator, since he (the governor) also is stale elected. The congressman must be elected because he represents a siate district only—one that may be opposed to the governor's views. Collections (Continued From Page One) Jim Vaughn .10 Snowie Jones 15 Bessie McFndden 25 Charley Gilkey '.05 Pricilla Thomas 05 Fannie Clark 10 Fred Scott .10 M. L. Harris 1.00 Tyler Rainey .'."....' 1.00' K. J. I. Blakoly 1.00 J. A. Harris 1.00 J. A. Harris l.flfl Naomi R. Yerger 1.00 Emrna S. Cooper 1.00 E. J. Yerger 1.00 Mary L. Jones Hegwoocl 1.00 E. M. Hollingsworlh 1.00 Grant Davenport ... Grant Davenport SPG Work (Continued From Page One) 1.00 1.00 Cora Speck 1.00 Virgil Washington 1.00 M. C. Stephens 1.00. Sam Deloney 1.00 Josephine Williams .15 Mattie Pondexter 15 Foster Williamson 1.00 Birdie Mae Lewis , 1.00 Mactio Fowlkes 10 Mary Gates u Lilian May 05 Mrs. B. Montgomery 25 Lee M. Brown .25 T. A. Hamilton 1.00 E. N. Glover 1.00 Mattie R. Stewart 1.00 Clovis Tippett 1.00 George Tyus Yerger 1.00 A. S. Walker 1.00 Myrtle Yerger 1.00 Mary S. McCollum 1.00 Union Compress & Warehouse company lfl.00 H. O. Kyler 1.00 J. L. Cranford 1.00 Fred Hunt .-. 1.00 H. C. Hicks 1.00 E. S. Franklin 1.00 S. Calicott 1.00 Dale Hunt 1.00 Piney G'ove School Rooms, Also Individuals Lilo Easterling's room 1.00 Lola Blackwood's room 1.00 John E. Rogers 1,00 Marjorie Malone's room 1.00 Mrs. C. Rogers 1.00 Mrs. Joe Willetl 1.00 severe accidents, excessive rain and other factors often tending' to. slow down construction work. "However," he continued, "what, we have accomplished on this job is not all a matter of hick. We have had on this project some of the finest construction men in the nation. The men in the W. E. Callahan Construction Company directing this work rank among the host. The same is true of the Architect Engineers, Howard, Needles, Tam- mcn and Bergendoff. These firm's were outstanding organizations when they came on this job and their work hero will certainly acid to their, professional standing." Principal change in the job from now on will be in the type of labor used. Equipment operators, dirt movers, pipe layers and such will give way lo bricklayers, carpenters, steel men and other building specialists in an increasing degree, officials predict, while accomplishments will be more evident. In the past, construction men spoke -of having started work on another new facility; from now on Uiey will be saying, "We^ finished .up an- "tither permanent structure today." Major Strccker, in a summary of the job at this time, said, "We have as much work to do us we have done, bul we think it can be done faster." Says Telephone Rates Too High in State LITTLE ROCK—(/I 1 )—The Utilities Commission charged Tuesday that the~ Southwestern Bell Telephone com-' pany long-distance rates in Arkansas were discriminatory and ordered the company to show cause within 20 days as to why the rates should not be reduced. One on the House INDIANAPOLIS -(/P)- Drunks feel right at home at police headquarters now. The new information desk Chief Michael .F. Morrissey has installed in the record room is part of a bar seized in a raid on n club that sold liquor after hours, Legal Notice IN THE HEMP3TEAD CHANCERY COURT MARGARET QUAYLE Plaintiff VS. NO'. 5650 DR. WILLIAM A. SNODGRASS, ET AL Defendants WARNING ORDER The defendants, Mrs. Myra Walker, Mrs. Paralee Koonce Jennings, Mrs. Kate G. Gullick, Willie Green, Mrs. Willie Green, Mrs. Mary Mozelle Barton, Mr. John D. Barton, Mrs. John D. Barton, Mr. Frank P. Barton, Mrs. Flaueie Barton Pago, Mrs. Maggie Lewis Barton O'Neill, Mrs. George L. Barton, Mr. Frank L, Barton. Mrs. Frank L. Barton, Willie Kenneth Barton, Mrs. Georgic Phillips, Mr. Ambrose Phillips, Mrs. Ambrose P.hjlljps, Mrs. Hazel Phillips Johnson, Mrs;' Bessie Phillips Smith, Mr. William H. Gray, Sr., Mrs. Hazel Elizabeth Butts, Mr. William H. Gray, Jr., Mrs. William H. Gray, Jr., Mr. John Thomas Wyse III, Mrs. John Thomas Wyse IV, Mrs. J. W. (Sadie) Phillips, and Mrs. Maxine Phillips Manuel, and each o'f them, are warned to appear in the Hempstead Chancery Court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Margaret Quayle. Witness my hand as Clerk of said Court and the seal thereof, on this 14th day of November, 1941. J. P. BYERS Clerk of Hornpstead , Chancery Court Nov. 25, Dec..2, 9, 10 On Hungry Preachers DUNCAN, Okla. -(/P)- A Duncan ^ minister never eats a meal before de- j livering a sermon. "A hungry preach- I er always delivers a better sermon than a filled one," he says. We find what we look for—so look] for good. I Tula! $2,21.KB New FSA (Continued From Page One) versity of Arkansas. Mr. Dameron, who succeeds Mr. Highl'ill as assistant regional chief ol the Tenant Purchase section, has served as Arkansas Tenant Purchase specialist since January, 1939. Before that time, he was community manager for the Central Arkansas Valley Association and the Western Arkan- I sas Valley Association, FSA projects. Following his graduation from the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture in 1931, he worked with the Fruit and Truck Experiment Station as technical assistant. He is a native of West Fork, Washington county. Mr. Wren will be in charge of resettlement work in Region IV, which includes Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky. While state FSA director for Arkansas, Mr. Wren lias done out- itanding work in organizing land leasing coopt-ralives. During this time, approximately 1,200 low-income farm families of the state have been assisted in obtaining long-term leaser on 50,00.0 acres of l^n.d in 12 proj lifts throughout the slate. "Missouri Man, Married Seven Times, .Goes Insane"—Headline. Goes? DRS. CHAS. A. & ETTA E. CHAMPLIN Osteonathic Physicigsis HOPE, ARKANSAS 404 South Elm St. Telephone 459 Stylish stouts British character in shoes calls for distinctive, sturdy grain leathers ancl thick bottoms the year round. You'll like this Freeman Favorite. Mello Groin Calfskin Full Double S..! es We Give Eagle Stamps The Leading Department Store Geo. W. Robison & Co. HOP! NASJWJU-E Mind Your Manners • Test, i/our knowledge o/ correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against, the authoritative answers below: 1. If a college student goes home with a friend for Christmas vacation, should he buy gifts for members of the friend's family? 2. Should the family see that there are presents under the tree for the guest? 3. Is it all right to refuse an invitation to a Christmas Day party with the explanation that Christmas at your house is traditionally a day to be spent at home? , 4. If you have been in the habit of giving a small Christmas gift to a friend and feel that you cannot afford anything this year, j should you write the friend saying "Let's not exchange gifts this year"? 5. Should one apologize for the smallness of his gift? Whnt would you do if— You would like to send a Christmas gift to a friend who has done you a favor, bul do not want him to feel he must send you a gift— (a) Send the gift so it doesn't roach him before Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? (b) Send the gift well in advance of Christmas and write and ask him not to feel he must send you something? Answers 1. Yes, or, else buy one gift, such as candy, which the whole family can enjoy. 2. Yes. 3. Yes. 4. No. Don't use the husiness- like tprm "exchange gifts" under any circumstances. Just write the friend a Christmas letter, and. don't make any mention of a gift. 5. No. Better "What Would You Do" solution—(a). DISCOMFORTS t You can easily change ths gaSh misery or a head cola into rela J comfott if you use Menthollt Simp y inaert Mentholatuta la i nostrils end mas/sage yottf forlfte and temples with it.Thu will Wei relieve the sniffling, stuffiness; We '"B,running Menfholatunlwiul' soothe the Irritated nostrils, allay! ... . "***°t t * 1 * l *J' M1O< A1 e J»5B'. toning, redntesg tlnuousblowlng:jariTor tubes. Wear a New Hat Thanksgiving Day Wright "Air-Flow' The new 1942 models are here ! !• Acclaimed the greatest advancement in hat styling this year. The unique patented design of the Wright Air-Flow" results in head comfort impossible to achieve by any other known process. The new colors ... Tan Dusk, Service Blue Grey Whipcord, Service Tan, and Squirrel. Colors you can wear all spring. $5.98 Wright "MIRAKAL 1 »M- ,« 194 , 2 o^ ri9ht MIRAKAL" is sensational. The Wright Mirakal hat is 100% wqterproofed by a patented process that not only makes it shed water like q duck's back, but improves the body of the hat so that it holds its shape longer. It also tightens the long silky fibers of the felt so that you're qssured of long wear and service Rothschild "Water-Proof" Every inch a winner in the 1942 style line-up. New styling combined with interesting new colors. Not only are these Rothschilds tops in styling, but they're "waterproofed" as well. Stitched edges raw edges, bound edges, and welts. Service Tan, Bluebird, Service Blue arvd Kali are the new colors. .' $3.98 The Leading Department Store We Give Eagle Stamps Seo, son Co. •Afe

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