Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1935 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 23, 1935
Page 6
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' ' y!* y t¥. HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Is Texan tik Says Liberty iers Are Using t as a Lure fOtON -(F>- With four ot its backers In races for con- ieats, the Townsend old- plan was denounced Sun- flight by Representative Maverick, **at, Texas, as "fantastic," "un- aftd capable of bankrupting the tn two weeks. „. Texan, in a statement sent to capital from his San Antonio home, n .~Js&T the plan a "brazen, uncon- |!>S^«(nable and hopeless demand on the Sp%t» people" which he said prevents \ the'' country from attacking funda- •/ mental problems. ft iMaSerick said if the Townsend ,'J' M Schemt" meant payment of $200 Monthly to all over 60 from a transaction on sales tax, it was the most ' fantastic proposal ever placed before * tttfe country. •,-,.. '""The big shot bankers and the Lib| erty Leaguers who arc against the - president and against any kind of <-(£!b}al security," he said, "are anxious ., t$t the Townsend plan to gain popular vfaVoT) because they are smart enough "' to -know it is utterly impossible and S 'wifl muddle the issue, thus destroying I atFcnances of any help at all for older Story of Thelma Todd BEHIND the Screen Saturday. 7:55 p. m.— J«oft home att'-r "warning" by Roland Wostv business partner, to be burk by 2 jt. tn. Sundiiy. 3:15 n. in.—Ix-ft Bay party m flub Ti'wmlero for her lioiw 1 tn rnr of <'linuffeur Krm-st Peters. Sundiiy, :VJ5 a. m.— *:if;litr<l front cur nt her sldewnlk eufi- and unvtxl nwii.Y her nsunt escort to door. Suntlny, -1:10 p. in.—Mrs. \Vnllnrp Fowl, parly hostess, Insists Miss Todtl phoned slip wns.on tvny over. Siindaj. I1;!JO |>. in.— >lc\vct rnviiHMi, West's \rtfe, snjs she saw nrtrcs.i I" own rnr wllli "dark, lutmlsomr mnn." Loses Soviet Pcnsloii ; , KHARKOV, U. S. S. ft- (&>) -Aft investigation herd dlscloiMhj lh«t iho Soviet union waji {»AyIhd ft pfettldft to Pater Kurbflch. onco Wftfdtft tt & ciftflst prison where commuAtat nffi- tntors were confined. The pension has been canceled, , '•,.•• or ndvmiolng supplies to cotton prttf duccrs, or in processing, handling or selling cotton for cotton producers, ns n competitive commercial enterprise-, or 10. Is openly nnd aggressively opposed to tho essential provisions or tlic Agricultural Adjustment Act,' tho mcntlmenU thereto, and/oh the Administrative Rulings issued thereun- der ns they apply to cotton, or 11. Actively solicits support for election ns commllteCman. j\ Thorc nhnll bo no Voting by prtxy, (Signed) 3. W. Bryson, Chairman, • County Coirintitteft 10:,•>(» a ni. lloilj of M'l-roii Mlnr found In her colored nwlcl in I«T town car In West's "•.'" '"* Bible "Best Seller" ' jik)NDON.—(yP)—The Bible still tops < & list of "best selers" in the world. Nearly 11,000,000 copies, in whole or 'flart, and printed in 692 languages or tttalects, were distributed in 1934 by the British and'Foreign Bible society. The nation's movie fans arc familiar with the Hollywood success story of Thelma Todd, a, story ended by her mysterious death. But they do not know the Thelma Todd on the set, the Thelma Todd behind the screen. Jeanette Meehan, of the Hollywood staff of NEA Service, has written this absorbing story in two parts, the first of ^vhich appears here. By JEANETTE MEEHAN NEA Service Special Correspondent HOLLYWOOD.—Beauty, brains, money, friends—Thelma Todd had them all. ® ' The loved Hollywood glamour, its] glory, its fame. She loved its For AU Kinds of INSURANCE See Roy Anderson and Company * JWANTED-HEADING BOLTS White Oak—WWiky and Oil grade Overcup, Post Oak and Red Oak. ' l : Round Sweel Gum Blocks. For 'prices and specifications, See V" HOre HEADING COMPANY •Phone 245 Hope. Ark. mance, its excitement—all the gay j Hollywood life. ! A metamorphosis possible only in Hollywood was that cf the demur.? little school teacher who came out cf Lawrence, Mass., to win national fame in a brilliant career that endured, undimmed, year after year. The story of her life all has been told. The story that has not been told is that of the real Thelma Todd— her private life en the set and behind the screen. Although all Hollywood mourns the blond beauty, there is one group of people who, if possible, are a little sadder than all the rest. They are the workers at the Hal Roach studio in Culver City. Not just the big shots, but all the "little shots," too. Thelma had worked at the Culver City plant for seven years. In truth, I she seemed as much a part of the studio as the stages themselves. To everyone, from the messenger boys to Roach, she was "Thelma" or "Toddy.'" «•*- trt to. -\ GREETINGS We won't deck it out with fancy phrases, or try to make it sound smart, or turn out a '36 model for it... it isn't that sort of a greeting. It's just a pleasant word from an old friend to the people we want to remember ... a hope for a MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone we know! MARY'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 287 Cherished Her Friendships With Studio Workers She loved that—the friendliness she rovcked in all those with whom she vorked. She valued the common round on which she stood with each nd every person at the studio. Each time Thelma Todd appeared on he Roach lot after every two-week ayrff between comedies, it was like Old Home Week. As she drove in the ' <?ate, she would stop to chat with the an on duty there. That jolly ellow unburdened all his joys and ribulations to her. Thelma was always the first to know vhen there was a new baby. She was he first to know when the first tooth appeared—and was joyously informed •vhen diapers had become a thing of U P past. Each little incident interested the rlress every bit as much as if it had •-curred in her own life. As she alighted from her car and ••alked across the paved avenue to her iressing room, it was the same story. Trom bus boys, carpenters, and studio bosses came the greeting, "Hi, Toddy." On one occasion, only a few weeks -i°o, a young man in the casting office perceived her entrance, leaned out of his window and bellowed, "Thanks be, you're back. This burg was getting dull.", Antics Kept Her Co-Workers in Uproar You see, Thelma was the studio "cut up." Her favorite pastime was ribbing Stax Graves, a serious-minded still man who photographed Thelma for seven years. She would pose beautifully for him until he leaned down to peer in the camera, whereupon she would let him have a series of horrible faces. It was amazing to see the fantastic images into which Thelma could distort her pretty countenance, and yet, for all her antics, aU the boys at the studios where she has worked agreed that she was the most willing camera subject in Hollywood. She loved those comedies because she had such a heck of a good time making them. AU concerned enjoyed their production. Out of fairness to Thelma, the fun was mostly of her own making. She clowned all over the place. No fall or comedy stunt was too strenuous for her to perform. She came out of them with many bruises, but although the studio urged it, she would not hear of a stand-in or a double. Had she been of a less gracious disposition, she might easily have made the shooting schedules a rial to everyone. Prank Jars Nerves of Publicity Director One day, when Sam Cohen had been on the lot as publicity director only Cotton Election in Nevada County Local Committeemen to Be Chosen, Thursday Through Monday In compliance with the regulations nonccrninp tiic opcrntion of tho Cotton Adjustment Assocation of Nevada -'>uiUv. the county committee has set the following dates for the election of community comniittcmen to serve their respective communities ns cotton committcemen for the year 193G. All signers of n 1935 contract should note carefully the hours awl the place of balloting in their respecvive commun- I ities. Thursday, December 2fi Rosston—9 to 11 a. m. Carolina Church—12 to 2 p. m. Caney Church—3 to 5 p. m. Friday, December 27 Willisvillc—9 to 11 a, m. Glenville—12 to 2 p. m. Laneburg—3 to 5 p. m. Saturday, December 28 Bluff City—9 to 11 n. m. Liberty Ch. (Rcclland)—12 to 2 p. m. Boughton—3 to 5 p. m. Prcscolt—9 a. in. to 3 p. m. Monday, December 30 Emmet—8 to 10 a. m. Falcon—12 to 2 p. in. Bodcaw—3 to 5 p. in. Attention is called to the fact that voting •will be limited to producers whoso contracts are in full force and to the following eligibility rules. These follow: No member of the Association is eligible to serve as County or Community Corrimittecman if such member— 1. Dot-s not derive the principal part of his income from farming on the farm (s) covered by contracts to which he is a party, or, 2. Is holding au elective or appointive comity, state or federal office, or 3. Has been, %vithiu the past year, or becomes a candidate for an elective or appointive office, or 4. Has been previously requested by the Secretary to resign from the position of County or Community Cotumitteeman, or 5. Is not a resident of the county for which the committee nets, or 0. Has a father, son, brother, mother, daughter, sister, wife or husband serving as a member of the State Cotton Board, or 7. Has one of these serving as county committcemen, or 8. Has one of these serving on the same committee, or • 9. Is engaged in financing or selling T O L-E-T E X OIL COMPANY Speclftl-5 GiU. Ili-Grndc $1,50 Ltibo Oil Phone 370 Day and Night Merry Christmas TO ONE And ALL i mmmm eo. R. V. Herndon T. S. Cornelius TlH'ltiiii Todd CAROL old things, for an old holiday, old celebrations, | old traditions, old friends .. . and an old greeting to sum them up for us ... MERRY CHRISTMAS NHDDLEBROOKS' SERVICE GROCERY II LI IV t*J* t»^ £*%••*»••—--•» week, he walked onto the set when. JOYOUS CHRISTMAS WISH For Everyone Hope Confectionery LOUIE F teaf m m ANDY Thelma was working. the was sitting on a parallel abou •x feet above the ground. A stack 01 -lishes were beside her. She was no in the scene. She waited until the director called "Camera," then she called out, "Catch >. m Sam" and one by one she threw the plates to the nervous man who id to catch them—or else. Who cared if the "take' was ruined .,-. long as the beauteous blond comedienne kept them in good humor.'_ Every afternoon, when the day s work was finished, Thelma and Patsy Kelly raced to the projection room to see yesterday's rushes. There they laughed their heads on at each other. Pat-sy thought her star- .-ina partner was the most marvelous comedienne in the world, and vice versa. Noted for Generosity ami Kindness Thelma Todd was generous to a fault If a person so much as expressed admiration of something m her possession, perhaps a bottle of i perfume or a piece of jewelry or a new gown, the article was usually presented ta her on the spot. H anyone on the lot of little means was injured or needed medical attention, Thelma always arranged it, and arranged it so that the person never knew whence came his help. One day she received a note from a boy on the lot who had a pair o badly infected tonsil* removed. Tn. til Ihacl been paid for him. •I he note read, "All three of mv yufy.sc-v art Thelma Todd. Bless you, A—i the boy was right. To measure thu esteem in which Tlit-lma 'i».kl was held by her co- w-rkers. you need to know only this. • he was liuriwl Thursday, December JO. drc^-ed in a pair of blue chiffon and satin pajamas made oy hand loi her as a Christmas present by ;, worn.,„ in the studio wardrobe department. NEXT: The rwcut personal lift- of Thelma T«dd, fa« s«rc«u work, h*r cafe vcnUuc. licr friendships. Drug Fortune Heir Reported Missing Allen Upjohn, 19, Vanishes—But No Fear of Kidnap Gang NEW YORK—Allen Upjohn, 19, heir to the Upjohn drug millions, has been missing since last December 4, it was revealed Sunday in a confidential memorandum sent police departments throughout the nation by private detectives conducting a search for the boy. The confidential memorandum gave the known facts of the youth's mys- terious disappearance, but his wealthy family did not ask official police intervention. They did not believe he had been kidnaped. The private detectives faicl that young Upjohn visited his family at Kalamazoo, Mich., on Thanksgiving day. He appeared downcast, they said, because he had flunked several subjects at Pittsburgh University. CAR GLASS CUT AN"O GROUND TO Pit ANY CAU BRYAN'S Used Parts •111 South Laurel Street We're Thankin; You . . . for making this one of our happiest Christmases and hope that your Christmas is equally JOYOUS! Gus Bernier Cheerful Greetings to Old Acquaintances Wreaths and trees and tinseled gifts alone cannot make a Christmas. It takes bright friendships and solid old acquaintances . . . and cheerful greetings to your neighbors. That's what we like about the holiday . . , and that's Why we enjoy saying "Merry Christmas" to you now. DIRECTORS R. M. LaGrone R. M. Briant C. C. Spragins A. L. Black L. D. Reed Wm. Temple 0. A. Graves J. A. Haynes To Our Friends and Customers With sincere tcndcrnt.-s und feeling, may wv \\iMi f<>r >m a CiuM- mactidc of peace Mild pkrty ami guod h'.alth, made gl.id Ijj the gift il luvc and friendship, anil deepened by the -sweet mininry of {Jed's great Gift to us. May jo,\ und every other lljiiig worth while iit- tuiid your foubtcps tliroughuut the New Vear, with imtliing to mar (he happiness el the wis.v. I Sibyl's Beauty Shop ^ Sibyl, Myrtice, Edpa and Mrs. Smith Citizens National Bank -^ „«

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