Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1935 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 23, 1935
Page 5
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December- 23, .1036 BOWS STA& HOPE, ARKANSAS Letters to Santa Claus Pntmos, Ark. Dcnr Snnln Claus: I would like to nave a 22 rifle, o pair of knee boots, and boot socks. A sot of dominoes Bo sure to bring lots of .fruits, nuts, and candy. Please remember my "K mother, diitldy and sisters. Russel McClnin. Patmos, Arkansas. Dear Sanln Glaus; I am n big school girl 7 years old. I nm in the second grade and make very good grades, Please bring me « pretty doll bed, a wnrdvobe trunk for my doll, a pretty cap and scarf. Bring lots of fruit, nuts and candy. Bring my brother fireworks. I will be looking for you Christmas even night. Ruby McLain. Patmos, Ark. Dear Santa Clans: I study real hard and make good grades so I'm expecting something for Christinas. Please bring a big Shirley Temple doll, ;i wrist match and any thing you think I will like also candy, fruit and nuts. Josephene McClain. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa: I am a little boy just MM Greetings of the Season 'e wish to tliaiik cur mtiny .. A friends and patrons for their JKfricmllintKs during this osi during this posijfa year. And we arc pleased to tekc this opportunity of wishing you a Merry Chrlstnuis! [SERVICE STATION* ^Ervin Dcilsnn Raymond Jones; six months old, ns this is my first Christina!: I want you to bring me rattler, » rubber doll and anything) else you think would bt—niee for me'. I wil Ifio to sleep early. William Kirk James. , Hope, Ark. Dcnr Simla: I am nine years old. I want you to bring me n typewriter, some typing paper, n Shirley Temple doll, nn ironing board, a fountain pen and some lead. My baby brother wants anything you will bring him. Billye James, P. S. Don't forget my mother, daddy, sister, brother and Sibyl, Hope, Arkansas. Dearest Santa Clous: I am a little girl eight years old. I live at Lockcs- burg, Ark., but. I am spending the Christinas with my grandmother Mrs. . N, Murray. Please bring me a doll, sewing and cooking set, fruits, nuts, candy, fireworks ami anything nice. Pleiise don't forget my friends mid bring my little sister, Carolyn Sue, n ntgro doll mid many other things, because this Ls her first Christmas. Mildred B. Sutton. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santn: ] am a little boy six years old. 1 am in the first grade. My teacher's name is Miss Allen. Please bring me a cowboy suit with two six- shooters, an da leather football, also a double barrel shot gun, and a marble machine, also some fruits, nuts and lots of cunciy. Some firecrackers and sparklers. F. J. Gordon, Jr. P. S. Don't forget my mother and daddy. WE DRIVERS A Series of Brief Discussions on Driving, fiedi- cated to the Safety, Comfort and Pleasure of the Motoring 'Public. Prepared by General Motors Den)' Santu Hope, Arkansas, Clans: I am a little SUGGESTIONS Billfolds, Bibles, Testaments, Toilet Scls, Electrical Gifts, Candy and Many Others JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Phono 63 Hope, Ark. Established 1885 •3" No, 9—COUNTRY DRIVING TN DISCUSSING SHAKES we spoke of our ears as transportation systems . . . •* our own private railroads, so to speak, with home for our terminal. As n rule we engineers behind the steering wheel work only on local runs . , . back and forth from the office, stores, and the rest of our regular stops. But every now and then, and especially when vacation time rolls around, we're likely to want to change our run. And one One day there we are, out on the main line, at the throttle of our "Overland Limited," if you please. Railroads put only their best engineers on important runs like that. What the railroad men mean by the best engineer, is the one who has taken his train out and brought it in, time after time, year after year, without a thing to regret. Now there's one thing about this engineer that explains his good record better than anything else. He believes in signs. All along the way there are signals that tell him what to do, and -he does exactly what they say. When a semaphore says slow down, he slows down. Whenever he gels the sign of a curve or grade, he adjusts his speed accordingly. Every red and green and amber light that comes winking through the darkness means a definite order that he'd never dream of ignoring. And when a flare warns him of danger, he just slops until he gets the go-ahead. Now, when we pull out of our shilion and on to the rtain track, if we live good engineers we'll take goon heed of our signals as they come flashing by—"Curve," "Steep Hill," red light— "Stop." But along comes one that says "Intersection," and there doesn't happen to be any car passing on that other road. Or one that says "School, go slow" and there nreivt any children about. Or "Slippery when wet," but today the road is dry. And what's the result? Why, a good many of us gel to taking those signals with a grain of salt, and, after a while with so much salt lhal if we aren't careful those warnings may lose their meaning.. II isn't hard lo imagine what would happen if the railroad engineer got into *"" that habit. He wouldn't be an engineer very long. No mailer how many times his warnings prove unnecessary, he slill goes on accepting them as gospel truth. And people who drive thousands of miles every year tell uo they have trained themselves to the very same habits as the engineers. We can .lust as easily, form one habit as Ihe other, and it pays to form the habit of automatically acting on the advice of our roadside signs. So it isn't enough just to have our engine in good shape, and to watch our fuel and oil, or even to follow the rule of not driving too many hours at a slrek-h. Those things are highly important, but it is just as important to watch for our signals and follow them religiously. Then we can look forward to sending back thai ever-welcome message—"Arrived safe aflcr pleasant trip.";!,. big ball, toy train and horns. -Don't forget to bring us all some nuts, fruit, candy and firnv/orks. • Rosemary, Raymond and Themes Clark. 626 W. 2nd St., Prescott, Ark« Dear Santa Clous: I am a little girl two years old. I have been a good little girl, and I want you to bring me n tricycle, a doll and a doll buggy, also lots of fruits, nuts, and candy. j Flense don't forget my mother, daddy ' and my grandmother, Ruth Evelyn Clark. Ozan, Ark. Dear Santa: I am a girl ten years old. 1 can think of a lot of things'for Christmas, but 1 want,write for much. I would like a Miekey MoUse watch, a pair .of boots, that's all Santa. Don't forget Martha Ann, my baby sister, brother, daddy and mother, Frances Jane Osborno P. S. I would like some candy, nuts and fireworks. miitmiimmiiimmiiiiifiiimmfiifiii fDoes Your Roof Leak?j= SOne month of rain costs Hope clt-~ •jlzens more than one year's flrcS r damage. ' £ 5 We Can Fix a Good Roof, = ~ We Can Help an Old One^ S . 2 Sullivan Const, Co. i iiimiimitiiiiiiiiiimiimmiimiimim On This Our R fi' 't:L A '•-••••. vv/ rtieth Anniversary We Extend Our Greetings To Every One Fifty Years- Arkansas 'Little Better Hotels' J. D. BARLOW boy four years old. I have been a very, very good boy. I have helped my mother and she is very proud of me. Santn. please bring me a little bicycle and a wagon, a little motor c;ii. Iruck, a game, some marbles and fruits, nuts and candy. Don't forget my mother and father, bring thorn something nice. Ray Allen, Jr. Hope. Arkansas- Dear Santa Clau.s: I am a little girl six years old. I have been a very gcod girl. Please bring me a tricycle and a rubber doll and clothes for it, and fruits, nuts, candy. Don't forget my mother and father. Hope, Arkansas. Dcai- Santa Claus: I am a little boy three years old. I have been a good little boy. I want you to bring me a football and a tricycle. Bring me some apples, oranges, nuts, and candy. Don't fcirget my mother and daddy and grandmother, bring thcmsomo nice. Gorden Irvin, Jr. Hope. Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus: I am a little boy eight months old. I want you to work. fine. For Christmas I want,: *little doll that will shut and^open'itli eyes, and has long curly hair, ;,als<J bring me a toy wrist watch, also brin^": me fruits, nuts and candies. I guesiL thai will be all for this time. <f Lela Abercrombie. P. S. Do not forget my little friend. Suzanne Sage. Bring her a little Mickey Mouse tea set and a little Shirley Temple doll, also a littl«5 Mickey Mouse .wrist watch. . .... , ... ,£ Rosston, Ark., H. 2 ; Dear Santa Claus: I am a little boy one year old. For Christmas I want you to bring me a wagon, a car and a ball. Jessie Breston. Deai- Boston, Ark., Route 2. Santa claus: It is nearly Christmas time. I am four years old, I am a good little girl. I want you to bring me a doll and a bed and some apples and candy and some nuts. I will go to bed early. Joyce Millican. Phone 348 WE DELIVER 112 East Third Street Hope, Ark. Pound 17ic Pound 19s PINT & Whole or Half Pound Whole or Half ';•:'. A| J_ Pound &1 2 I AnotheHfear- Another Day- and Another Great Big— MERRY CHRISTMAS to You All. 00. As You Gather for CHRISTMAS FESTIVALS Remember That We Are-Wishing You Complete Joy and 'Happiness The Leading Druggist PHONE 62 "WE'VE GO>T ir* "N-Molorcycle'-DeliveEy -'._. i. i * Prescott, Ark. Dear Santa Claus: I am a little girl i 7 years old. Have been a good girl. ! bring me a rubber clog, a pair of little I Please bring me n big Shirley Temple 'stiff solo shoos und a little bank, please i doll, doll buggy, bathrobe and house ' ' shoes. Santa, I have two little brothers agt J and 5 years. Please bring them bring me .same fruit. WiHiam Green Dudncv. 1885- -1935 Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus: I have been a good boy. And I am nine years old. l And I want you to bring me a Mickey | Mouse book, firecrackers, ronian ] candles, and a folding cup. And a j little truck, gloves, apples, oranges and I candy. And don't forget mother, fa'th- ! er, brother and sister. I Houston Schooley. big wagon, cowboy suit, wheelbarrow Dear Sanlu Claus: I am a little boy three year.? old and I want you to briiif.' me a tricycle, sack of marbles, orange!:, apples, nuts and candy. I will be a f'ood little boy. James Herman Schoolev. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus: Will you bring me a spwiometer for my bicycle, fire- chief car, nuts, fruits and candy H. O. Kyler, Jr. PREPARE YOUR CLOTHES FOK THE GAY Christmas Parties Have Them Re-newed BY OUR SPECIAL Odorless Process Dresses, Suits, Coats, Tics Scarfs and Hats Hall Brothers Phone 385 Hope, Arkansas. Dear £.anta Claus: I am a little giil j 7 years old and in the second grade at l Brookwuod. Please come to see me ! Christinas and bring me a pair of rid- 'ing pant-s, a pair O f mittens, some dishes and games. Also fireworks, nuts, fruits and candies. Do not forget my brother, mother and teacher. Mis. Henry Taylor. Linda Alice Jones. Bodcaw, Ark. ' 1 am a little girl five years old and 1 go to school at Bodcaw. I like school GENERAL ISIJSCXRIC APPLIANCES HOW Less 10% Harry W, Shiver Plumbing-Electrical Phone 259 FOR HIM .Military Sets in Leather Zipper Cases Exc-rcady Shaving Brushes with Badger Bristles Williams Shaving Sets, $l.:i5 value for only Shcaflcr Lifeline Fountain Pins $2.41) to §8.75 $1.00 $8.75 FOR HER AirmaJd Hosiery— ringless chiffons in Individual Xmas Box . $1.00 Comb, Brush and Mirror Scls GOc to $0.75 King's Candy in Christmas Packages 50c to $5.00 Hull Bros. "IndividuaWaicd" Christmas Cards. John P, Cox Drug Co, Phone 84 _ We GivelSagle Stamps nms EMPLOYES Of HOPE STAR •~™*jj; p t r

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