The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1940
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L VOLUME XXXVII-NO. 32. - ____TnEDOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOimiMBT ARKANSAS ANU SOUTHBAffJMal^lSil "^ * * O If't _ B|y|j>evl|le Daily New* Mississippi Valley Leader r ARKANSAS, \VKDN usiuv, AI-UII, 2-1, IIMO SINGLE COPIES FIVE'CENTB 216JI90BHLIN DANCTiiALrFJRE Allied Bombers Raid German Plane Bases; Nazis Claim Success A!ril 2' 1 - 0»')| • ,i '. in their i . heir most exten-lctoy German troops ' ' ' , April 24. (UI'J- command S1 ,i<! to- KIVC rinds of .the war, hoinb- «i Gcrirmn, Dmu.sli and Norwegian coastal bases of the German air force during Die night, the .sorted lodny. mini.strv as- HriUsh planes bombed Germany's strong Westerlniicl air base on fortified Sylt Island, off (he German Noiili Sea Const.; Aalborg air base in Northern Denmark, and Oslo Knstiansiind and Stavanger air bases on the No: , .. tured the narrows off ti Norwegian port ol' .Sleinkjur .'SO miles bcloiv the Hritisl occupied porl of Numsios after a s hor t IjjiUle at' tlip American Seaman Tells Of Mis Experiences A (Narvik iiorlhciisteni end of Troncl- lieimfjortl. The high command communique said 80 prisoners were taken H did not specify whether the port I'm , " heltl by Norwegian or Allied troops. Tlic official m Further, it, was said in mi air ministry communique, an "offensive reconnaissance" was carried out over Trondheimfjoi-d. Germany's chief west Norwegian coastal base, and it was asserted that, preliminary reports indicated that "these operations were also highly successful." In the Sylt raid, the air ministry said, bombs were dropped on Ger- Namsos to Trondheim, ih c important German occupied porl. making it difficull foi- ihe British lo advance .south from Namsos. Make Contact Near Ullthammer STOCKHOLM, Sweden. April 24 (UP)—Telephonic advices from ..-. Roeros. in mtd-Norway, said today two German patrol boats were "'"t strong British detachments sunk by British airplane bombs "ad reinforced the Allied expedi- man hangnrs and caused explosion and several fires. a big navnl forces had cooperated will German troops in (he sleinkjei attack. The news agency said thc capture of this p or( Wacks (h( . rond and railroad lending from north of Syll island, the air mi,*! : Itonnry force near Lillehammer oss in connection with" Ihe race | and Dint nn Important battle was uogrimi. try said. Regarding the Trondheim opera-' m Progress. lion, the ministry said: _The advic "An offensive reconnaissance was Four-Day Racing Program Planned In Revival Of Sport Mere The 19-10 Mississippi County Fiil STOCKHOLM. Swwle,,, Ayrll 2J iu]>)— An Ajiierlran morchiinl scj- man who was nl Knr\)k when I Ciei-nmns invadc-il Norway (old tA- day wluit lie hart sera and lirartl Hi! asserted on the word ol Nof- wnylan friends that (hi' ClrrmniV had shot tin, Urltlsh consul He asserted (hut the ciennnns had "executed" a youllul British mini before the eyes of his ranj- tadc.s. . ' u asset-ted thai of will have horse racing if pre'sent L,' U1 ussc " c< Y lmt of n prniy of GOO plans mntcrlallnc. Decision lo have , l' lll! i " CTOSS '"" Swedish horse racing as one of 11 e fei u e I f ,''°" tlc1 ' " t!fQ1 ' c " c cl ' (lss « 1 """I Su,V... v . nil' AiuiUll . flmr en tun ii.n. -n _. : ns omitted from the entertainment program of (he IDM Pair iftcr having been featured for two ears. A four days program lias been 'pproved by the Bonrcl of Directors with racing lo be staged on afternoons of Tuesday. Wednesday Thursday and Saturday. A sufficient amount of advertising•i tlic Pair Catalogue and Hie sale of al least 2000 half-pi-lco tickets 'or tlic racing program was prom- sed by Inlercsted citizens who recently met with Hie Pair Assocln- 'lon Board in an clfort lo obtain • Finnish ship which put In at Narvik April i. King wns sent lo hospital nl once, .suffering - wr i|, a stomach ailment. TWO davs aftci- he wns released from hosiiltnl the Germans arrived. icing's story follows In his own words: : I was in n sea the sound of firi men's home ivlieii ng woke me (King said). I jumped into my clothes ran to a window and inter out on I the shore of the hiirbor, nnd sh\\ tlie Norwegian battleship Norge (coast defense ship) fire a winning shot across (lie hows of a German slrcvi' off nnd found the nrm miiijlng by n ihrcad. 1 BI w<! him "rsl aid. applying „ tourniquet, nnd look him to a (ienmin olflcor Hiwi I was wulkfiii! out of thc null tvhcti I liumprd Into another |,( s ,,y es i, mn . and co | '••I r'Bhl out of his curry him to (he first aid ward. We wtrf then told we rnuM imni'd into n hospital, (iciiniui M'lHhu'ls told us to ii'ure nil oiii- Bfiu- upsliihs nml It would bi> given us thc following dny. 1 look a \vnlk nrounil Ihe loivn "ml met » group uf Norwegian •mis. They hnd tnivelcd with me "nnd we litid hair Brent' many ucns Man'iic. Radio Opcratoi Says Many Communists On Ainoncan Ships WASHINGTON. Apr. M. <UPI- Kii'd Al. Ihnvc. n murlne mdlo operator, i old Die Dies cominluce today lliiil CommunM unrly hud mombns ubDaril Aiuorlran merclmnl ships so llial "In ilnit> of war" they could help rxlnbllsh imi's in many ports together. They ll Soviet system hero. - ...nj, t IVJ guiuill ,., 0 ,. c |.(,, r ,,i ,_, •mvol of this sport. This would I VM'*'' ' ,„ f S''™1" W " reh1 '?. •* . nsurc Ihe association ngalnst any 'Ices came to the United - -- - „ ...... Pr <«»s by telephone from the editor carried out over Trondheimfjoid °' llie Hoeros newspaper Arboj- Detailed accounts have not been 1 (iels Ret received but preliminary reports! u was reported that a daring indicate that these operations also i Gtjrmim motorized unit had made were highly successful." a dusl1 northward along the Elverum-Trondheim road and had reached the town of Loesset, south lilch is 30 miles was held, how- strategic positions in . It was evident that the British pltmes iiad us»d n carefully select- ec( route on their raids They had of Ko PI'i"'S. whlc gone oyer to the German northwest '""'"' of Rcna - Jt •coast to bomb Syll, up over northern Sweden to bombard Anlborg ; (he-chief German jumping off base In Denmark, and over to the f ever, that It is planned to sell tickets, good for the four race program at SI each with these tickets good for (he entrance gate and grand stand admissions for tlic horse races only. The entertainment program for the Fair, to be held Sept, 2-1-29 Is now complete,' according to j. Mell Brooks, secrelnrv of Ihc association. The program provides for large-scale fireworks display on the opening night of the Fair, Tuesday and- ngam- on - Friday'' night. • ••••'i Noracwiau coast to bomb Olso air base. They had bombed Kristin nsaiui, on the point of the south coast opposite the Skagerrak, and ha<l rounded the southwest coast ID oomb Stavanger airport. It was estimated that ,VBS report- musical '"'He lias been booked for s village of Sr;:;,')S"^ Wednesday. Th.nsday, a _. "" m ~ Present troop movements on both The raids were the - .-— second on Oslo, Kilsliansand and Troiulheiin ihe fourth or Anlborg and the 12th on SluvuiiKcr. In addition (o n naval bombardment of Slavanger's British planes raided SyK for six hours on March 19. In lust night's raids thev bombed along a front of nearly 600 miles The previous biggest ' night for British planes in thc Norwegian operations had been on |h c nHit. of April 20 and the inorni»»°or April 21. when Anlborg, KrisUan- sand and Stavanger airports were bombed. News of the Royal Air Force vans came ns the country nwalted news of [he operations of its land forces in Norway, and discussed tlie possibility that Germany mi°ht move against Sweden. The country had taken calmly thc announcement of a SIOODD- 000,000 budget, biggest in history in the most heavily taxed country In the world, and interest again centered on operations in Norway. Almost no details ol landing operations, the strategy and tactics of tlie allied forces, or the progress made on Ihe Narvik, Trond- lielm and Ha in a r-El vc ruin fronts had been matte known officially. But reports indicated that Germany was not only flying hundreds .the area were still held by Norwegians...• /.;. •-•' : . A German vanguard iiinvln, south from Trondheim wn. ed to have reached the %„.„„,. „, „ . - -.. - ,, Melhus. slightly north of Land- batl "' d! >}' «"d Sunday nlgliU. with amo, which is 3o miles south of ° I2 'S 1 ' 1 chorus, orchestra. live or i. ,,,.,-. mol . c specialty acls and ot])cr features of this type show. Friday afternoon will be 4-H Club Day for tlie almost 200 members In all of Mississippi County who will present special entertainment. An Old Car Derby, similar to Trondheim. The situation remained confus- bocause of the liquidity of Trondheim, and Dombaas, a junction point between Molde and Lll-ltlo those which are sweeping "' popularity at this It was reiwrtcd that German troops from the Trondheim area were- advancing along tlie Cinadn- Icn valley trying to reach Roeros, GO miles southeast of Trondheim find 20 miles fro ml he Swedish frontier. Reports generallv insisted that Norwegian resistance on the front between Elvcrmn and Rcnrial had {(lengthened and that the mam German body from tlie south was making little if any real progress for thc present. Norwegians continued lo blow up bridges in an attempt lo slow Ihe German mechanized units while they build a strong defense line, it was reported. Usually well Informed quarters here reported that Major Splndler, (oriiier German air atlachc at Oslo, had been killed somewhere in cen- iral Norway while trying to reach King Hnakon or thc Norwegian that it will be even larger thai, last year when 50 learns were entered. Tlie dah, for tills contest has not been definitely set. but it, is tentatively planned lo have ll either on Friday or Saturday. j Approval of the revue contract and horse racing plans completed the entertainment, which is believed to be tlie most diversified program arranged dint will g | vc every man, woman and child something they will want to see, the fair officials believe. "We can not- conceive of any better cntertnlnmcnl program than one which will give folks an opportunity to see horse races musical revues, fireworks. 4-H club programs, pulling contests, auto races, bands, rides, side shows, exhibits of all kinds and specialties that will bo added from time to time". Mr, Brooks said. tallntecl with four torpedoes, three of which struck tlic Norge amidships. She capsized. Several hundred men of the Norge were soon swimming In tin; ice cold harbor, howling for help Thc Germans opened machine gun' flic on them. Several were rescued by the Dutch ship uerntee which wns also under fire. Another Norwegian warship, the Eidsvold (sister ship of tlie Norge) was sunk in the same way,-German officers went in „ | nunc i, flm) boin-dc-d the Eidsvold nml asked th captain td- surrender, when he refused, Ihe Germans returned to their launch and fired a signal pistol,'and right nway : h lorpcab 6V torpedoes lilt the Eidsvold and she went right down without, a peep In two minutes. Several Norwegian sailors swaai to German und British merchantmen, and were rescued, IinuM aboard nnd brought ashore and sent to Ihe seamen's home. When J returned lo the seamen's home several wounded Germans were there already. I helped them gel llieir clothes off. Several were crying for their mother. 1 ;. All were young boys between the ages of l(i arid 18 al most. One fellow I helped said .something in German which I did not understand,, but as he pointed to his right arm I cut llir- |>W me Hint German pulrols shortly Tier the landing had been effected proceeded for thc Grand. Hold wore they captured the lirlllsh •otisiil, took him out in (he back '«!•(! and shot him like a dog. Prom hese very good reliable sources ot lien whose names I would nol like o mention (he t!rl(Ish>cmisul wns but for refusing I 0 divulge Infor- iinllon concvrnlitfj his country. Ni'.xt monilnx 1 went back to the scnmeii's home io (jet my belonging.,wit the German guurds would not -etnrn a single Hem. You .see. I'm searing everything 1 own. Among ithcr belongings f nlso lost 83 nicks. I told the- German comivmmler sboul my i os |,, g lny clolhcs , lml dough and he -gave me one of those Jap apologies—'We arc very sorry.' I retorted: 'If you didn't have that gun I'd smack you right In tlie puss out there In the courl- ynrd.' When Ihe German officer discovered I was an American hu said in good English that he was very sorry mid brought out u bottle of schnapps. I refused to drink with him so he asked me to forget Ihc whole business. He wns afraid of American, ninilrallly nnd f told him that Americans were not nfrald of. anybody in.,llio .worjd.,,,---, yl'he Germtins tlipn gnyo" oKli>~i£ to nil British senmen lo gel inshore and among them were the cnpialn and crew of one Urltlsh ship whose name t cannot recollect bul which cnmc out of Grimsby, A finer bunch of boys I've never met In my whole life, They cnmc to thc men's home In the morning under escort and 1 being thc only American, they asked me if I had nny tobacco, I step outside thc seamen's ionic and n German sentinel polnls Howe snld Ihe big passenger liners Washlntitun and MnnhnUnn wero "inoiiB on which Communist pnrly members wero employed. He said Ihe rndlo operator on Joseph E. Navies' luxurious ynchl Sen Cloud wns n communist, iimvo Identified him only « s Mr, stnno. D«vlos, MOW a special us.slstanl in the sdile edii.ulmenl, formerly wus Hiiibnssnclor to Russia and Belgium. Howe .snld Unit Communist members of the American Coimmuilcn- tlons /l.^oclnllon (C. I. o.» were in xovcrnincnl radio service, "They lire «enl there with purpose— lo gel In key he said, Howe described himself gally" the sccrelnry-lrcasni-er Local Number Two ot ihe A. c. A. "Practically I am not because 1 was thrown out physically by \vhnl is known In waterfront, psi-lnnce ns 'good squad' on Kcl>, (i, loan." ii owc charged that (he Communist Parly controls Ihc A. 0. A. "about 83 per cent" Ihrough control of union Lone Exit Blocked By Panic Stricken Crowd At Natchez SH 1 he whilu people of NnlcliCK protested to «< ay „,,„„,«,, U ,o lone oxil toward which TOO 'mm Druggist Chosen President'; Havman Taylor, R. A. Nelson Vice Presidents Edgar Doruin was etcclcd president of Hit i,lons club nt the weekly luncheon meeting of the group ! It before In all my life. I was stand- "It was, a vcrllaule lire trap," Serb suld. "There was no ewapc to (hose poor negroes ,,nd like rats they were trapped to hrno death o. to »e (rnmplccl under each other's feet like cattle, it w» the «or sleht I have seen in W y m rs of lire (lijhlluu " names and five of his orcliestra - including a B hl singer-were .own dead On, WBS s im m | M , IIB by nl!d ^ onllBng . ^ *™ ' """ Hl "'" CS ' """^ -''' A ' lc "' " l ° ntl8Cr of thc "'' tarn cscaed Murray Hinarl, secrctnry-trrnfiiiix-r' crowns In (lie town's Team Runs Away; Boy Is Killed JONBSBORO, Ark., Apr. 2-!. overnment, presumably in an'at- Au chilllle » °! school nge, both tempt to negotiate. A German lwiulcs nild negroes, will be ad- Eource said Spiudler hnd been kill- milte(1 to tlle ra!r grounds for ihe cd but that he died at the head cn t' r e time free of any charge, as of his "troops" while righting the Norwegians. allied attacks was still taking troops in substantial numbers lo Norway by sea. Reliable quarters reported that the inter-allied war council had (skcn posifive decisions, not merely defense measures, regarding Norwegian operations, and it was believed likely thai counter-moves to any Gentian march agninsl Sweden were- considered. Burdette Infant Dies Early Today Peggie Marie Quarles died this morning 16 hours after birth at Hie home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Quarles of near Burdelte. Funeral services will bs held this afternoon at Sandy Ridje Cemetery where burial will be made. Besides her parents, the baby Is survived by two brothers. Lafayette and Archie Quarles, and three sisters. Virginia, Mary and Christine Qiinrlcs. Hiuina Funeral Home is In charge. In tlic past, nnd admittance to 'th^ grand stand will be lo cents for childrcu. as hi the past. Sale of the catalogue advertising was started yesterday nnd will be pushed intensively in order lo reach the quota set by the association ns necessary to guarantee (UP)—Thomas Murray Cooper, 14, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Pnul Cooper, of near Brooklyn, was killed nt his tnrm home toda]' when n runaway team caused him lo fall under a stalk culler. A farm hand In another fipld saw the team running down a creek and found ihc boy's mangled body still entangled in Ihe cutler blades. Services will be condiiclcd Thursday. 'Hie family is prominent in Craighead county. Button Drive To Be Launched At Breakfast ' Breakfast to launch the cinn- paign to sell Ihe National Cotton Ot thc ! p! <*">S (. f C Cf tlckets wln bc servcd at sponsoring tallons association announced. '- acln *' Rotarians Will Have Wives As Gucsls Thursday "Turn the calendar back for one night' is ihe slogan being used In corneclion with the planning of Ihe Ladles' Night party to be given by the Rotary club Thursday night at the country club ^Zr h P^r?- TV>" •' - ™-^^^^^ h*, "ot d vulwrt .. B T P ' howcvci-. verslty Ha,p,tal In uttte Rock hold the next district meeting at nas not divulged the type program j late yesterday after having been - - - McCall Marsh Dies At Little Rock Tuesday'^.VS! American Hut Monday morning, it was decided last night nl n meeting of thc Dud Cason post. Members of the committee aud j learns organized tor this campaign 'will be served breakfast. commander ot the which will be presented. The Rotary Anses, wives of thc Rotary the ... . ... , o ~~.. in ke|>anto Sunday, May 19. ill health for several years. He was j The local .squadron of thc Sons 3 of the American Legion now has .„,, rl! i r ™ nm( ,,..« ,, , A resident of Blytltevlllc he had ] * e members according to the re- Ins beeii «i«i i *' Ly " ' spmt m ° st of lhe Past three vears '< ' )orl madc bj ' Joc Whitlcy. who Is fr^t £ „ ° chairman of lhe in thc liosBHa). 5 cars . chairman of the AniM-ir.n i.«ion foods committee. The decorations committee Is headed by Mrs Morse The party, which is an annual affair of the club, is to be quite informal RccordltB to Harry W Haines, general chairman. British Columbia, Manltpbln nnd Saskatchewan produce Canada's 7.U1C. \vllh British Columbia being the largest contributor In thc hospital. ' •""" J """ichairman of thc American Legion Tlie remains will be (niton ir. conlmlltcc !l) charge of orgnnlza- Ashdown, Ark., where funeral wri tio " °' thc sf ' Ui " )ro >>' "e also slat- Ices will be held Thursd™ oft./ ed thal tllc Jllnlor Lcgio " 1>a11 noon i««>aa> alter- tcam llow has 13 linlfo ,. ms 0!ld , )ial He i* «iirvi».,i u.. h[ l(lrst notice will be Wednesday, ™, his bvolh-! Doti Edwards, commander ol thc BIythevillo who post, appointed O. R. Caiicr, Nelll two Reed and Bryant Stewart as mem- | Oonnn Bee, •, bers of the committee to arrange I "•• for the ' Home Is In charge, picture I ««o»M.iled • New York Cotton May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. prev. open high low close close IUB2 1083 1008 1008 IOB3 1051) 1057 1040 1047 I02B 1020 1017 101!) 1012 1012 1005 1005 1008 1008 1004 1001 flf)8 098 000 OK! 1047 1U1LJ 1005 SOU 900 /Ve«) Orleans Cotton May July Oct. Dec. Jan, Mnr. prcv. open hiuh low close close 109H 1093 1082 1083 lOfn IOCS 101J5 1058 1020 1030 1021 1010 -01B 1011 1010 1015 1009 1000 1002 nS7 1058 1004 1023 1020 1012 1011 101)9 1011 907 1001 Stock Prices A T & T | 7 2 1-4 Am Tobacco go Anaconda Copper 30 5-8 Beth Steel 33 Chrysler .. Cities Service ..' Coca Cola General Electric Oenercl Motors Int Harvester '.'. Montgomery Wnr<! N Y Central North Am Aviation .. Packard Phillips .. . 87 3-8 4 3-4 37 1-2 53 1-2 53 3-8 51 1-2 IS 23 3-1 3 3-8 - . .. 38 1-8 Radio e 3 . 4 Republic Steel 21 1-2 "locony Vacuum n Studebaker 10 7-8 Star.dard Oi! 42 M Teaxs Corp 46 1-4 U S Steel 66 7.; Chicano Wheat open high low dose R. E. Schhiner, Uon tamer. Charles Rose and 11. J. Alien directors. Prank Whltworth became n new member of Ihc club nl yesterday's meeting which was attended uy -II members. Congressman Kitchens Seeks Re-Election U'lT'bK HOG'KTApr. 2-1. (UP) — Congressman Wade Kitchens of Mnijnoilii today filed as a candidate for re-elccllon as representative from Ihc seventh Arkansas dls- Irlcl. Kitchens will be opposed by Oren Harris, of El Dorado, who is now .iCiving ns prosi!i!iitl.-.|j utlorncy lor the mil jiidlclcil district. negro community. Tlit' lire Insled only IS minutes in which time tlie flimsy, shack-like bulKI ng wns roiliiwil lo n.shes. Most of tlic victims, apparently, were Killed not by the fire but In n mad stampede for the one e.\lt All the " 5 ^ "'"* ' '" 1 " 1C<! ' Approximately 150 escaped nnd of these authorities estimated thai 50 lo ICO were injured In varying dcsrecs. Natchez' one negro hospi- Inl was filled lo overflowing, TUe tragedy occurred in the Rhythm club on St. Cntherlne street" in the IICBIO section fringing the business district of this historic city on tlie bluffs overlooking Hie Mississippi ilver. The wooden oblon? box-like slruclure wns creeled 15 years 11^0 as a church. Later It was miiilc-liilo a EPmisc. Two years n s o tl wns converted Into the night club of Nntchc-/.' negro "society." a counlcrpart of Ihc Birmingham ne- gro society burlesqued and saliriiced by Delaying Roy Cohen. I.usl ulglii bcBnn the enij(it;eiiipnf of thc 12 mnn Waller Barnes oiclu-stra, celebrated ns one of the hottest of negro swing orchestras, It wns n stellar occasion and at 10 p. tn. thc sophisticated nnd moneyed of the negro population, decked o\H in evening clothes in Imitation of ts white counterpart, crowded into (lie one room building. | '(he blare of (ln> trumpets nnd thc shouts and stomping of (he rev- jclers could he heard for blocks nnd ncsrocs too poor to go Inside, were jln St. Catherine street to hear what ihcy could of thc music: The club had been decorated wllli Spanish mess, which hung in festoons from Ihe rafters und along (he walls. At 11:35 p. in. (here was n scrcnm of fire. Apparently someone- hart Inadvertently touched n cigartt to thc dried moss and flames were shnoliiiR along Ihc festoons. There were shouts, screams, and cursss, nnd, In n flash, the hundreds were running In n clawing, fighting mass for the one door. Approximately 150 managed to get out before the nghling, terrified victims were jammed In the thrcshhold, unable to brcnk loose from HID jam nnd blocking escape for those behind them. in vlii 1,1. m.r, t , ~,T"~;V "",'"( ' U ' IMO Pil "' lllc »re department arrived. Frightful screams came Shrlners Clu* t °' U> ,L™ '«" "* ?™«>V fl.»«whW,™_ engulfed, the bunding from wall Sliriners Plan Dinner Meeting Mere On Friday Shrlncrs and prospective Shrincrs, who arc lo bc Initiated at the Arkansas Ceremonial in Osccola May Shrlncrs Club for a Fellowship Dinner In Illythcvillc Friday night. More than 50 arc expected lo al- tcnd the supper gathering nl the Rustic Inn over which Fred Sluckcy, honorary prcsidc.-.t, will preside. Plans will be announced for lln lo wall. A few seconds later Ihc tin roof fell In and there shower of sparks nnd names. Ten minutes later thc fire was out except for smouldering ashes beneath the red hot tin. ; Whites came running in from tlie adjoining business district 'and aided negroes and police in taking the injured to the hospital. Men . and women were found wandering in the streets practically naked, In Livestock which will bc connected „ Sahara Temple at Pine Bluff for i thc Imperial Council section .of the | National Shrine Convention in Memphis June 11-12-13 ~ L. W. Williams will' distribute! EAST ST. LOUIS. 111.. Apr. 24. the Shrlncrs shirts which arrived ' (UP)—Hogs: 7,000 this week, it has been announced. 1 TOD fi 70 tn a public Invitation, the host! ..--.-. May ,,°r „ nilTenTs ^'"vlKi.nSIrlPrT'i.^r! ^° ^ ° M ™ .... ... iiuo 0 iJU ( o f . . tt.*-.-, „.!.„ „.,,, . . ,_,.,. . rtnll- CAM-B 1ir.-K.iz July 111 109 109 3-8 108 1-2 108 7-8 U °" a " d " VOS ? wll(> wl " bc nl lll c Osceola conclave to attend i Friday night's meeting. Other officers of the orMtilv- tlon arc: J. B. Bunn, president; Chicago Corn both of Holt open high low close Bulk sows, 5.25-5.75 Cattle: 3,000 Steers, 8.25-10,25 Slaughter stcer.s, 7.5D-11.75 Charles E. Sullengcr, 'vice prcsl- Mlxed y earlll 'Ss, heifers, 9.09-10,50 dent; Moses Sllman, vice president; Slaughter lielfcrs, 7.25-10.50 ' Cutters low. cutters, 9.00-9.85 Growing rains New York City's population has multiplied 150 times since 1790. The population of the United States, as a whole, has multiplied only 32 times In thc same period. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Thursday, warmer In west and central portions Thursday. .Mfmphls And vicinity.—Partly cloudy tonight and Thursday, slightly, cooler tonight,'Ion est temperature about 44, slowly rising temperatures Thursday, '

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