Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1935 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 23, 1935
Page 2
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'fS&L> HOPE STAR, MOPE, ARKANSAS Monday, December 23, 1086 3Li ii r i mil" - l*:J!tt±^^jttjjM«ii^™-i"-T^rT'Ma^^ Wfelrt'c! "every Week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. " Palmer & Alfis. H. Washbufn), at The Star building, 212-214 South street, Hope, Arkansas. • CE, PALMER, ALEX. tl. WASHBtJRN, Editor and Publisher as second-class matter at the postofflce at Hope. Arkansas tinder the Act of March 3. 1897. ,5 tteflnltloil: "The newspaper is an institution developed by modern eivil- iiatlon tft present the news of the day, to fostdr comnrterce and industry, .tWftfugh Widely circulated advertisements, and to furnish that check upon "gftverfifil^Kt Which no constitution has ever bien able 16 provide,"— Col. R. a McCdrmfek. ^ ..^ _ . • A Subscription Kate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per •w$£k 15c; per month 6Sc; one year $6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, JfewarU Milfcr and LaFayette counties. $3.50 per year: elsewhere $6.50. Member '6t the Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclsuively entitled to the use lor republication of all hews dispatches credited to it or! not otherwise credited itt this paper and also the local news published herein. I Notional Advertising- Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., Memphis. I Term., Siericfe Bldg.J New York City, 369 Lexington: Chicago, 111., 75 E. Wack- I er jftrive; Detroit, Mich.,-338 Woodward Ave.: St. Louis. Mo.. Star Bldg. „ , . . , ,' - J ...... - • - -••' • • _ ' _ __ | Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be made for all tributes, cards I of thank", resolution, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibiliety j for the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Any Old Trinkets? centers threatening to rob New York i of its leadership in the field. i This book sets forth all this history. • contains brief critiques of some scores ! of American painters, and presents' innumerable reproductions of repre- j sentative American canvases. All in ! all, it is a valuable and interesting ' book. "i Published by Reynal and Hitchcock i it'sells for S2.75. ' ' By DR. MORRIS FlSHBEIN Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, and of Hygela, the Health Magazine • After tho proteins and the carbohydrates in our food, in order of importance, come the lats. There is a limit-to the amount of we caneat. but whatever we do take- ,„, in provides about ,nine,timse the en- 0 «'<>«"«» time of great too-much." ergy or calory value, of stored pro- bo , h ;f christmas been described, teins, or of glycogen, which is carbo- ' And . ln;tna ny ways I agree. Thore hydrate. I are - far instance, the feet of tired By Olive Roberts Barton some house shoes and a litle negro, doll. Don't forget my little sister, Ann Howard, she is eight weeks old. Billle Houston. Furthermore, fats have their chief j ^ 1 " ks - Wearied postmen value in the human body as the car- j . ^ ery ,, ht> Pv' riers of vitamins, which are found Powder, of course, stays on longer . L., , sleepless anc , looks smoothcr if you use a cot- more abundantly in them than in any Otter foods. Vitamin D and vitamin A. especially avej found r in'fats.. They are known as tK fat-soluble vitamins. .. Actually 't don't believe there can ton pad to press it firmly against face, be too much Christmas as far -,s {orehend and throat, whisking off the merry-making goes, but the mechan- sur P lus several minutes later. It al- ical end, of .it/shopping and Christmas w , ay * u '? e ^ ac ° y y ° Ur C( ? m " . cards all'piled into the last four or t*\; *fcjAw*»»i no in, Attfc~aUtLlUlir VllclIIlllu, — •*•*» £*»»»-M. »»ii.w niu icuri, iv.ua I \ji , •« 1 " i "Pet appears in the- human body in i five days, lays a penalty on those who 1Uy ; whlte - u whether you re sun-tanned or • two forms. There is.that of the tissue, a*3rLthat stored 1 tip to provide the body - with materials in times of starvation. "* 'Carbohydrates, when taken in ex-) cess, may be deposited in the body in *ho form,of fat. But when carbo- do much to serve us. Lipstick must be put on from corner hydrates and proteins are stored in j fore the great day arrived. Recently' I wrote an article about to corner anci along the inside edges the unwisdom of beginning the holi- which show when you laugh and talk. day season,a month before Christmas E >' c mnkcup. if used at all, should be Marcus, it was, who had his fill of usecl s' Santa and toy departments long be- i ._... If you are one who touches your upper lids with a bit of white vaseline, remember that this, too, depends on subtlety for flattering effect. Vaseline that runs down at the corners and makes lids look greasy instead of shiny is an ugly sight indeed. Buckley Infant. Glacline Buckley, infant daughter ,of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Buckley, died Monday at her home at McCaskill. Letters to Santa Claws Hope, Ark., 123 N. Walnut St. Dear Santa: I am a little boy almost two years old and I want you to bring me a big rubbar ball, blocks, v the body, they retain at least three pprts of water. Fats may be deposited in the body .without water.' "< When fats are digested, most; of the process takes places in the duodenum, "" or upper part of. the small intestine. ,t 'The ferments which.take care of this t} digestion are^»ihe '-. jfcice' that comes from the pancreas and the 'bile which ,'4 cones from the liver. ~- -Fats are not as -well used by the •""'body as carbohydrates or proteins. 1 Physiologists have had a hard time 'D 'a JO •-TOJUT 'Xijsnpuj ' 'neajnq sty oj Xq pamoojd aq UEO UOT}EUt jo nBajnH pu& ssau a.re A'q aqv tv aq pmoqs i,Baui jo >3ATSS33X3 XqM. SUOBB3J AtBlU OJ8 inaiaqn^ jb 'jaoueo 3ur op o\ aw\$&\ie seq jaip B isq; uofjou ain jaj n«}UEisqns ou s; aiaqj,— - iuoi;3adsm ieaui jo eq; si JEIJM ;snf pus jaauea SB qans 'sasaa ,-sip .t«Eui jo Dsrico juajod B SB loip B jo imtip tioX op ?eqAV— 'b uojjsinb A merchant read that story and al- | • though he agreed with me, explained! that business people had been driven j to early decorations and advertising, not to sell lirORE (because the family { purse is pretty well budgeted ) but to | SPRB^U) the buying. "Some people j never- thirilc' of" the circus until they ! hear, the calic-pe," he said. j Late Shopping Causes Delay | "It* is'.'the same way with holiday i trade. Not only that, but we cannot! tell just what type of article will prove i popular and run out. Re-orders take I tune and often the identical piece of i merchandise cannot be procured, with- i •out a search.T We have to allow for j -that. One' of-'our chief difficulties at' Christmas is to accomadate the late ! shcpper-and procure for her a special book she ..wants, for her son or a particular .doll for her daughter in time to put under the tree. If these do not materialize before Christmas, it is just too bad. No one wants to disappoint^ children; neither does a storekeeper, j We used to-urge early shopping. Now we have learned the psychology of the ! late buyer and hang up the holly the I first of December or earlier." \ A photographer said practical the | I same thing., "There used to be more j disappointments about family pictures / than anything else," he admitted, j "Most photographers now are pre- | j pared to take care of the late-comers Cjtl Mary Raymond ight NEA i<jai BEGIN ur.HK TODAY Porccn lire nt work that Ilirciit- cn flie finpfilncAM of lovcJy jho resigned himself to a 'five-mln- She . . . . ,,,,-.,. i l 'te interlude with Paula. linpiilnc.SH of lovely MA.!VA , • ., , 13V and her iittriic-iivc int.*- j looked queer, excited. "What's on your mind?" Scott blind, Oil. SCOTT STAN 1.13 Y. n striiHRl'i'S fuuns pliyHielnn, Diinn'B £?riin<lmotiicr. vplio had Imped Nhe \voillil mnrry riell KOX- Al,!> MOORE, in casor for the mnrringc to KO on the rock*. 1'AUI.A I,O\r:, who lifts been luipi'leialy in lore »vith Scott (or yearn, also lioiios the mnrrins-t- will tnll. Dunn's linlt-xlstor, iVANCTf, IB rteepl-y in love with Uonnld. Knowing lie lot-en Diina. slie ni.iKkH her reeling liohiiul nil :in- tnR'onlstic nHituile. I'atiln KOCH to Scon's olllce nnil iisk.s him to preserihe for :i »«•- Per answer, Paula caught and drew him inside his the room. Since lie had left the apartment, • five minutes earlier, all the lights i except a few shaded wall lamps grinned at Her. His face was slightly flushed, Dana noted, and there was a smell of liojjor, too. She said, "1 know! It ninsi have been real entertainment to keep you out nCter 3." "I was at Paula's," ho said. "At Paula's!" Dana's heart, which had been heating quite normally n moment nntore. missed a hpnt. Sho repeated. "At Paula's." "Thai's what 1 said." had been turned off. The room was ^bathed in a soft glow. Paula was islanding close to Scott. Suddenly she put her arms around his neoU, vere lieniiiielie'. Ki-nti i» ini/./.leil pulled his bead down toward her i-irt like a lilllo "lirfw by Pnuln'K liystericsil ili-seripilmi L ulvp '' " lll< - "»"-W- of her siifTcrins. Pauln tells Dnun nhotit Inneheon wllh Seott, mid :i n a Seott. nlniiist iinnrrvl llnna when xlic ciiiextlniiN lilin Inter. Scott nt tends n Ponveiilion, Re- tiiriiiii^ unexpectedly, lie Iliuls Dunn hns jrnno to :i tllnner puny, lie noeenls l'a«l»'s invltiitlon C«t COTT round himself hficnming angry. It wasn't like Onnn to ard her fnct face, his lips toward hers. I ••] ramp home." Scott explained, Scott loosened her arms quickly, [in clipnod. cnrc.ful tones, "and ';PauIa. you've beon dvinklng too i found you gone. Then Paula Hope, Ark. Dear Santa Claus: I am a little boy almost seven years old. 1 go to school like it fine. I, want you to bring me boots, boot pants, spurs, a cowboy ranch set cut out book, fireworks, fruits and candy. Douglas Mulllns. Ozan, Arkansas. Dear Santa: 1 am a little boy six years old. For Christmas I would like a pair of gloves, a doublcbarrel shotgun, and a cnr, That's all for this | time Santa. Don't forget my baby sis- j tor Martha Ann, daddy ,sister, and i mother. I would like firewrks. Ifj you add anything to this I would like j a tractor. j James Monroe Osborne. j nice, 1 want a very lorpe doll, apples, oranges and nuts. My teacher Is Mrs. Johnson. I like her just fine. forget my little girt friend, don't for* get my little sisters and brothers. Symlnla Woodberry. , Season's Greetings "Say It With Flowers" FLORAL HILL GARDENS Phone 369 Hart Brannon Prcscotl, Ark., H. F. D. 5 Dear Santn Clnus: 1 am a little girl 11 years old an din the fifth grade, (,'oing to Nolen school, teacher, Mrs. L. V. Johnson. I like her just fine. I want yo uto bring ine n set of dishes, a doll, piano, apples, candy, nuts and all things nice for a little girl like me, and don't forget my mother and father, sister and brother and my teacher. Susie Mfte Snowden. Prescott, Ark. Dear Santa Claus: Please bring me hook.s for Christmas. I am in the 48. \ am trying hard to make another grade by the time the term ends. I am 12 years old, my teacher, Mrs. L. V. Johnson is a good teachr. I love her very much. Ruth Lee Jnckson. Frcscott, Ark., R 5, Box 5. Dear Santa Claus: I have been very : of ; HAPPINESS , From us (o you and all the best wishes for this hafipy season ?Wt- thank you for the patronage vof tho past year and our hope 'for the New Ycur is for our ? mutual friendship to deepen. \ LEWIS BEAUTY SALON tS4. Another Yule Log is rolling in ... and once again cheerful greetings ring 'round the world. We like the season . . . and most of all we like to say "Merry Christinas to You All!" HOBBS GROCERY Our Sincere Wish To Our Friends and Patrons Is These Simple Words MERRY CHRISTMAS , The Cleaner much, arid don't know what you're railed nsldiiR us to cnmo over for doing," he said. "I do know! 1 she cried wildly. SOW fiO ON WITH TUP, STORY CHAPTER XXIX AULA'S bridge party had In- crenscrt to throe tables by the i "Oh. Snott. don't leave me now. jStay, stay!" \ Scott's voice was cold and stern. "Go to bed. Paula, and sleep It off." He opened the door and stepped Into the hall. Her deep P tlme's'poa an'ived^ The hip liv- \ sobs wore following him. Not fixing the safe low limit governing and do mirpcles with retouching and in o- ron m looked cheerful nnd invit.. .waiting for tho elevator, he ran the amount of fat that we ought to finishing. They work all night for! . " . comnar j son to the lonely .'down tlio stups. He couldn't get —i. j weeks and hire extra people for the ' •-••• : "'" •'•- -' ' : -~ ~'eat. emergency. Few pictures are actually i promised that cannot be delivered, even at the last moment. Getting Best for Money When people are trying to reduce and are talcing small amounts of food daily, for example as little as 600 to 900 calories, the amount of fat to which they take should be restricted is from , 20 to 25 grams each day. This is about i a11 in that family group for Daddy has ; gauze 'the floor for days, then flayed | were donpor purple velvet nans- ho had just left. Paula's apartment was attractive; In a say and colorful way. It was Mite Paula herself, vivid and insls- ;out into the clean, bracing air soon ennnglu But many a mother who has put her 1 tent. Strips of lavender and green a" in that famil rou for Dadd has gauze hung at the windows. lieie D ANA had come home from tho dinner at 12. And now it was 3. a tentative the other pillow sev- an ounce. When a person is eating a well-balanced diet containing 2500. calories a day, he can take twice as much fat each day, or about two ounces. H he is a hard worker and takes ^ma^antebsii^^e^ckeTshci ^ pillows'of green and lavender | ornl times during the night. She is looking for. It arrived on Christmas ! »nd gold. Bowls of dogwond bios-i''"'I ''» >ne d on the light as often. Eve, but in the meantime she has lost i soms mr.de one forget that it was | r \ nt &oolt wns simply not here he- sleep. Yes, surely we welcome the late comers. Were in busiess, aren't wo? We want and need the trade. I am from 3000 to 3500 calories a day, at I trying to show merely that if people- least 100 grams may be in fat. A hun- , could manage to attend to things dred grams is a little less than a quarter pound. A Book a Day By Bruce Catton earlier they would save themselves worry ar\<i get the best for their • money." | But as foi- me, I see the tired ones' whose idea of Christmas is to stay • in bed all day with a box of aspirin : near. ! a rainy, dreary April nlRht out- sirle, Thore was n Kruat deal of cheerful chatter. And Scott, who hart forgotten lus resentful, deserted husband fouling of a short while before, created a mild uproar when side her. Ho hadn't come in quietly and crawled into bed without disturbing her. Could there nave been an acrldentV No! she couldn't hear such a dreadful thought. Scott drove rapidly lots of times. bridge." "So yon wont to Paula's instead of comiriR to the UtchardKons as Bill asked you to do." "1 didn't know how formal Bill's party was, nud I didn't feel like dross ing." "You stayed away until past 3," JJnnn snlil. She was ashamed of herself, but the long wait, th« odor of liquor and something in Scott's ryes combined to make her foel terribly shaken. "If you don't nolievo me, call Irene Winchester nnd ask her what lime we left," ficntt suggested coldly. "I suppose tlity were l;<st to leave," Dan n said. "We ioft logoHicr—" Scntt he?!- taied. chocking hlmsolt. "Well?" "Look here, Dana, I'm sick of this Infernal questioning." Dana's face was so st-'lckeri that lie added. "If you mum know, 1 was leaving with them, when ho related his Rtory—with humor -about his own ! ous emliellli-liments- state of mind v/'a Dana wns not .sitting disconsolately j be there hod been a blowout. Or ' perhaps the medical meeting had MT« . , ,, , — May , ranln called me back for some Id I- had (decide-.? to stay overnight. home, but having a swell time surcl y- In that case, he otic reason." "What did she want?" "Not a diu-ii thing!" By time Scott was raging. It Ihia was served. Scott | would have telephoned. Dana .couldn't discard the thought of an accident. By this time she was* too much. Perhaps that was the j reason her bridge game was going j By Alicia Hart The key grated In the door. Scott entered, tip-toeing in the KO badly. Sho appeared to be play-j (Inrkness ,„ dun man-Cushion. ing mechanically, lost in a vague | w , th the „ Oana reaHzcili of Scott tried to warn ; of us take it for granted that! Ma ". v ™™ ot - hel P th .e last-minute '.America has always been a land j n , foray into the shops. This is ligitimate i vnmoiii nun. wWch the fine arts drooped and wiit- i and excusable. But it is well to: Drinks were U ^., UC11L llllB vlmo BllB wj , ed. So many precious painters have ' understand that good-nature go along. : thought that Paula was drinking W] . {]e avvake ,j e n n j te iy alarmed made so much noise getting up the { and patience. --- ----- -'- "— ' ---- "-- ...... * v — ' gangplanks of Paris boats that we as- j — - — - iume that art is an unknown puantity ' an the history of the republic. ; There is a good corrective to this point of view in "Art in America," a fine book edited by Holger Cahill and Alfred H. Barr, Jr. These men have marshaled a number of experts to trace -the history of painting, architecture, and sclupturc- in America, and the result is both interesting and tn- Jjghtening. '• Portrait painters were making a liv- ! ing in. New England as early as 1640. sort of haze. her tactfully. "You'll he calling me i ; no( . wn jf j ng |, el . ' « Sc , tt ,» sue i tomorrow to prescribe for a real {he „ |u hy „„ bed >" yw itching on awa] . e> lloney? .. lenisiche. l>aula." , .. Oh< "What do you mean tomorrow?" | "i ,..;aa so worried I couldn't i»W Winchestnr said, smiling. 'sleep." Dana said. "Where on Its 2 a, in. now." earth have you been?" "IVs not possible!" Scott ex- "Where have you been, you claimed. "Sorry (o break up the j mean?" Scott countered genially. The woman who has U-oublc putting game, but my wife's at home "I came home—all the way home puritan tradition did not discour- ' her makeup on smoothly and evenly alone." -and found that you had been pretty hard when a man had definitely, unequivociibly put temptation behind him to he met with suspicion and tlisirust. True, the temptation. In thn guise of a woman with all her defenses down, weakly throwing herself at his head, had hecn no temptation at all. Scott had been revolted by Paula's oxhibiiion. Yet here wns Dana, surveying him with unhappy, accusing eyes. "Dana," he suid, reaching out toward her. "Don't kiss me, Scott!" "If that's the way you feel about it, I won't," ha retorted angrily. Dana heard him go to the linen closet in Hie hall. Ho came back into the room with a blanket on 9go painting; on the contrary, it seems so she will look the same day aiur, -"If she was at the Richavdsons, j running around to parlies, young hl , „,..,. ,..,,,.,, ,.„ .^ ' , n ' c , .?" «„!,.,„„ r . n ,,*;chr,tl It I dav (not the- iiexl't s-hnulrl pvnprim-.rit i-nii ran rnimt on hcnlinsr IIPP linnin ! u. nl ,in« " I:.. "'"'• * " c " '"- Lin lieu Olll ina __ to have nourished it. j day (not the next) should experiment you can count on beating her home, ! woman. ^ong before the .Revolution, a sturdy .' with different kinds cf rouge and at that." Sam said. "Lots of times j Dana laughed. "You didn't stay and competent group of American I ipcnd a good deal of time learning ( their guests stay for breakfast." I for the meeting?" light. In the cold, gray morning, Dana painters h'ad taken shape; down to the hov/to put them on correctly. "Please don't so until we finish i "No. £ phoned Bill from the of- awoke arter a " tful sleep. Scott time of the Civil War the artist was _ Rouge never should be blended be- this rubber," Paula put in. I flee. I was trying to get up a ' waa lyl " B> tlouul ' ; d up on one ot THE Williams Lumber Co,, its directors and its employes extend to their friends in Hope and Southwest Arkansas their wholehearted best wishes for a joyous Christmas and for a most promising New Year. It is our sincerest hope that the eyes of good health and good fortune will look kindly on each of you during the holiday season and for the coming New Year. With Deepest Gratitude, We Each Say— MERRY CHRISTMAS an honored citizen, doing much good low the imaginary line from the end work. of the nose to the tip of the car. Keep ; Then came a lag. Post-Civil War it well up on your cheek bones where ; 1 but it ended fl na !]y. Then the ! "Didn't lie ask you to Join us? I bridge game, and he told me you I , L1)e '» ade( luatB sofas, with a blan- TT was a long drawn-out rubber. ; were there." "'""'"' Uil " n " ,-—T.. —— — w - - -- § WUL JL VUUC'U UJJ«JJJf. A L1CU VUC : JVJUU L »J C UOJ& J 1 U U LU JIJ1 America was one great boom town,' pink would show ,f you had a natur- i ,, vl roon) was aulck , y deserted. "Yes, but 1 decided to and the arts fell on evil days—al- I ally high color. Don t put it on your , „, ., „„,, tl _ wi.^v,^^,^ „,„.« u^ m « •» , though such gifted men as Homer, i ears, hollow m your throat, eyelids RyoW. and Inness found it possible or under your chin. Pick a shade that; y^f, Scott and to flourish, regardless. Ol late a reaction has come end to^l ' makes you look naturally healthy. Wiuchestors As they were ', Paula called, Cream or Uciuid rouge ought to be a moment. Scott!" wceitent; diSinc- applied after foundation and before i H f w «" ba f '° fber ««"• w1 ,^ Wtetag Awe, PWdw. Dry varieties (best for oily 1 *»> topatient look toward the eie- re^onai skins) should fc£ put on after pow.U-r. i vator as It snot downward. And home." "You didu't stay long come did you?" "No. It was lonely as the devil without you." "So you went out to find amuBe- ".What do you think?" Sco« ket halt across him. One arm sprawled grotesquely off the sofa, his hand touch«ig the floor. "Poor darling." Dana thought In swift remorse. She lifted Scott's arm, pulled the cover up, tucking it about him closely. Then she laid a repentant kiss on his forehead. (To De Continued) J. L. Williams & Sons, Inc. Lumbering Along Since 1890

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