Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 21, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 21, 1935
Page 4
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" \ r Little Dandy l.SOlfitllfled r*4 of Mion, . 18 Antelope. ISMftple Shrub. it ContrnbaBso. 13 Helper. •19 Laminated - tack. 21 Those tor . whom things are done. B3T<j dress. 23 Sot. 24 To renovate. 26 P»t>le living in a region. 31 Testifies. 38 After soag. 37 To call out. S3 Domesticates. 39 To become exhausted. 40 To give medical care. 41 Ringlet, to ProvUraij Putttp raanmui gran GanaaG! aruiziGi disaraa aasa ira rasas raHiisj @a a HEra m raraara u 03*3(30! HHWH am 0B uiaa HCITllRTl [VlAlLi fAlElRlQIBIEIS 42 Horse. 4$ Caste. Til Young salmon. 62 Muscular strength. 56 Instrument. born 6$ He became heir to an > English ——. VEimCAI. 2 English coins 3 Flower 4 Portion ot medicine 0 Glass marbles 1 Coalition 5 Pushed gently 9 To endure 10 Repetition of sound 11 To harvest 12 Fillet 14 Dower properly. It Frances Hodgson -— created this boy 20 Rubber pencil enda. 24 Musical note. 25 You and I. 27 Armadillo. 28 Heavy volume. 29 thought. 30 Robed. 32 Digestive. 33 Above. 34 Short letter 35 Pieces out. •12 Mineral spring 43 Beret 44 Before. 45 To sin 47 Quantity 48 Striped fabric. 40 Drunkard. 50 To observe. 52 Before Christ, 53 Sun god 54 Form of "a." 55 Northeast. Washington C. N. Trimble and sons, Chas. Jr., and David, Miss Virginia Trimble and Fred Brooks of EIDorado were Sunday guests ot Mrs. C, M. Williams and "-ihe,Etter family. Miss Virginia Trim*i?S«s ^remained over to spend a week , with" her sister. .Miss Lois Wimberley of New Orleans is spending the holidays with her mother, Mrs. Susie Barrow and other 'relative. 'Mr; and Mrs. L. F. Monroe went to Fordyce Wednesday to attend the funeral of Mr. A. G. Matlock. Miss Ella Monroe spent Tuesday in Hope on business. Mrs; Susie Barrow, Mrs. W. I. Stroud and Mrs. Lucile Carrigtn were Hop« visitors Sunday. • Mrs. W. R. Pruitt spent Monday and Tuesday in Nashville with relatives. . Mr. and Mr. Jimmy May were shopping .in Texarkana Tuesday. . Mrs. W. R. Orton and son Billy of Hope were Sunday visitors of Mrs. C. M. Williams and Mrs. W. H. Etter. Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Bearden. who have .been occupying rooms in Mrs. C. M. Williams' home, moved to Hope the first of the week. Sell It! Find It! Rent It! Buy It! in the Hope 5';ir MARKET PLACE Remember, the nioru you tell, the quickcv you sell. 1 time. lOc line, inin. 30c For conitcutive inKei-tioiis, minim- mum of 3 lines in one ad 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c f> times, 5c line, min. 90o n tirnts, 3Vic line, min. $2.10 (Average 5'i words to the line) J70TE—V/nnt ads will be accepted '.i-ith iht unrlerstanding that the fc!!l is jT.yablc on presentation ot statement, before the first publication. Phone 768 'By I. S. Klein •wpmwwpwaww PAPAllCQAT'/ARMS LOST LOST—Somewhere on Third street on in front of Josephine hospital, ladies black purse containing currency, Drivers license and other valuable papers. Reward for return to Joe Rogers, Pranks. Fruit Store. 21-ltc yellow gold wrist watch.. "Betty Aull" engraved on back. Reward for return to Hope Star office. 3t-dh TRADE FOR TRADE— 93 acre funn land, trade for business property and grocery. Write W. I. Haley, Dermott, Ark. 19-6t|> Money to Loan — MORTGAGES Borrow ?50 to $250 from us at 6% on your furniture, automobile, or other personal property. Pay it back in small monthly payments. For full information see GREENING INSURANCE AGENCY. 20-26tc TfOR more • tnan half a century x fhe Vatican refused to recog nize the rule of Italy over a largt territory which it bad taken from the Pope In 1871. But in 192£k Signer Mussolini and Pope Piu? XI came to an understanding and signed a concordat by which th« Vatican became a sovereign state, One ot the first acts of this new State of Vatican City was to Issue its own postage stamps, and the very first of these appropriately portrayed the papal coat of arms. This shows the papal tiara, or tri- regnum; over the crossed keys of St. Peter. The tiara has no liturgical significance, but is worn only on ceremonial occasions and at solemn acts of jurisdiction. It was really built up by slow stages from a simple helmet-like headpiece, before the ninth century, to the triple-layered crown of today. The keys of St. Peter, emblem of the groat disciple, are there "to bind and to unloose," one being made of gold, symbolizing power, and. tin other of silver represent. | -~~. ing knowledge, j (Copyright, 1933, NBA Service-, lae.k. Want It Printed RIGHT? FOR SALE — Horses and mules, See '. C. H. Sutton ;.t Sutton and Halo S«,T- : vice Station, Hope, Ark. 12-2C(p SALE—Sc-t of World Buok.s, | slightly ui*d, practically new with j rack. Cheap, Phone 321. J0-3lp : Bargaiiw — Chevy '3;i ! je und Dodge Coupe. Special I price this week only. Tom Kinder, : Auto Loans. 12-20-3tc. i We'll have a printing expert call i on you, and you U have an cco- noiukal, high qii.iiay job. What-; ever your needs, we can serve; them. i Star Publishing COMPANY "PrJnling That Makes 11/1 Impression" MOPESTAH, HOPEjABKANSAS Saiurdai OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN A DRINKING <sLkS — .UM- WHAT AxN IDEA / — ,WHV I TI-\1NK OF IT 9 — fU. SELL THE ItJEA "FOR A BILLION tLL THEM MYSkLf— BY I t MINK OF AA.U THPUJ A, HAVE YOU GOT ANOTHER IN YOUR CROCK UVSTEXI , "DO YOU THINK OF NOT TELL, HER/ ELL, ITS SHAPED LIKE A OUT OUR WAY BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WG V^WT WHO ARE SUftE TM6VLL UKG NV&WIWBT WOfcK ( AMO IMT6NO TO STAY WITH IT/ I'LL BE ED, SIR/ IT/ I'M WANDV WITH VOU KNOW, TW WAGES ARC QU<te SM&LL FOR APPREMT1 BUT,you KWOW, we 9\V MUCM PER TGACMIM 1 / A<5 PER VOU A TRADE, AMD ,VOU KWOW, IT'S TMP VEARe. SOUNDS UKJ6 A GUV MAWM' LOVE TO A G-IRL- VOU KNOW, ABOUT \ PROWSINi' HER <=>, kMoow AM; tT'S TW' .A tJOB AWV M& TO 6^TIN A VEAR, IF M6 UT He Speaks From juxper»ence NOTWIWGr -I LIKE rr so/ ABOUT LOW PAV, I'LL 5AV ME MCR-TW JO8, ^ I MEAKJ ~ 3-IOURS vL-'' TV4E. LOVER fe 1»]« BY NCA BtRVICE. INC. T. M. MC. U. 6. PAT. OFT. by MARTIN OtOD't OM — /x^' \ tS2t'6 'AB 6Vi66f=>\\0^-=) 6VfT ALLEY OOP '.I 1 . 3LO rr^——' Who Said Guz Had Reformed? SWt'VV @ 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF.j WELL, GUZ -THERE'S CUR FLVINT OUTFIT, ALL READY TOO/ MOW, ALL I GOTTA DO IS TGET IKJ, LACE IT UP AW FLAPPIKT TH' WIWGS - YEP -BALL REACV TGO, AWGIGHT-BUT,OOP, V'MADE JUST ONE LITTLE MISTAKE By HAMLIN WASH TUBBS WHADVA MEAKJ, > YOU SAID ALL YOU I MADE A / HAD TOO WAS TGIT MISTAkE ? / IW AM 1 FLAP TK WIKJGS WHATD T DO \. WHEN, BY THIS TIME, THAT WAS J\ you SHOULD KWOW WRONG? / V_ THAT — U.S. PAT. OFF. MTH'Guy WHO'S ) GONJWADOTH' FLVIN'// I Easy Is Suspicious 'JJHM-W 'H W*V''V' V <' \ 1 V( AM??" WHERE'S MR. jjE AIM'T HERE.J APACME JOE, THE FOREMAW/W/MAT DO VOU WANT? EITHER, MO- BODV'S HERE. Ji. fWE'KE FRIENJDS O' MR. RIVERS. we WER BV AMP— By CRANE WELL, IT'S TOO BAD VOU MI5SF MIM. Ml?. RVBZ 3UST LEFT, PE 1H 1 HOLIDAY. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS AREM'T THESE VER HE WAMTED'EM CLEAMED UP WHILE HIS ORIEMTALyHE^ A\VAV. WE'RE FROM WE DR/OgAMER-? RU6S? yoVERIM EL PORAPO. WELL, C'MOW,JOE, BETTER BE GlTTlM' SACk. /— FELLAS WITH THAT f 5OO WE BOUGHT A HUNDRED BASKETS OF GROCERIES.... ON TOP OF THAT, WE HAVE CLOTHES R3R ABOUT THREE HUNDRED POOR PEOPLE: // ITHIMK WE DID PRETTY WELL 1 7 SURE, BLTT TWAT (CHECK FbR f 500 'WAS WHAT HELPED US SO MUCH... AM' WE GOT IT ONLY BECAUSE OF THE kIMDKJESS WE SHOWED THAT ^ OLD MAW .' J/ •*-* _ ./ •* : •t- >— <f Wfe<4i/ J ^ A Favor 'WELL, MY *y \ MOM ALWAYS | WE GET 1 THE IDEA A LOAF OF UAWVWAY BREAD INTO THE OCEAW^M'-AN' WELL, J FORGET *TWE REST OF IT.' r~ f FELtAS, LOOK < AT THAT SNCW /er. ,, A FALLING..DOES /j ^ THAT SUGGEST, ^y A ANYTHING To ? STEP YOU? I HAVE \ BEHIND A SWELL IDEA.' ( YOU {.' By BLOSSER THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) BU^ BOYS, THAT'S RATHER AW ODD FAVOR YOU'RE ASKING ...I'LL HAVE ID CONSULT SOMEONE HIGHER UP .'/ YOU'LL MAKE AKJ AWFUL LOT OF K/DS HAPPY, IF YOU CAW SWING rr// zoSf -°^^x ifffe ^ T ' : >? r ^vS^ ^5 V •.'/•••;•Ay>v> K:' f,-:"- 'V*»^-^, I' O^U '>'\-X' t« oV> fc^« // 1 fc IMS BY HEA SEHyiCLMNC T M REC. U. s!'p»T. 'T'S TAKEN fAE CAONTUS T'SAVE UP, BUT IT'LL EUV A PPETTY NICE °RE5ENT FOR UEP — DEA.R OLD AUNT SOPHIE .' Pearls for Emmy, Pains for Windy NOW, i WANT YOU TOE.T SOMETHING TUAT A WO^A^^4 ABOUT YEP AGE WOULD PICK OUT By COWAN [ WINDY, YOU'RE A DEAR / ALL N\Y LIFE t\F. UAD MY UEART SET ON A .PEARL, NECKLACE BUT TUAT MONEY S PER AUtsJT SOPUIE'S PRESENT-! JUST BROUGMT YOU ALONG TO PICK IT OUT .' WELL.YOUD AUNT SOPHIE. is OUT OF LUCK.' TUIS is ONE CHRISTMAS YOU'RE GIVING ME A PRESENT / % *, "" ^>Cw^ f- *

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