Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 13, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 13, 1896
Page 5
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II 1 Up=to=Date Styles V - FOR Fall and Winter. DEWENTER, The HATTER And FURNISHER UP=TO=DATE TAILORING. POPULAR PRICES. That'f He—My Fall Woolens are ready for inspection. Can't I show you through. H. G, TUCKER, The Original Pearl Street Tailor. Rob Roy. Rob Roy. The very latest in SHOES for children, See our show windows Full of the handsomest new st> le shoes ever shown in the city. Stevenson & Klinsick 403 Broadway. THE FIRS I nATlONAL BANK -oy- LOGANSPORT. . INDIANA. CAPITAL. 8S5O.OOO. A. J. Murdock, Pres, W. W. Ron, Cash. J. P. Brookmeyer, Asst. Casn. DIBXCTOB3: . H. Biingtralit, • . Bar.klnjr In ai: Its Departuients promptly Safety to Customers and Stockholders ""strong Re»*rv« Fund maintained. A GKNT3 wanted to sell Mackintoshes aid Bnb- R b?r CoaingrTlrs.jand a full Une of Bubbet «ood»; Part or.allol, *«ea»inp>s»nd Protec^ edrrouEd. to workers. ractorrP. 0 1871, New •Jork. DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13,1890. Second-hand school books ' bought and sold at C. W. Graves' Glffe's ,old stand. Wanted—Good men to work insurance. Call in the»forenoon and evenings—Prudential Insurance Company, 32<% Market street. The twelve-year-old SOD of Hev. J. Botoout of Jefferson township, had a leg broken by being caught under a clod-pulverizer last Friday. The excursion season will soon be over. If you have not yet taken a day's outing go -to St. Joseph or Lake Max- .ickuckee next Sunday. Train leaves ::t 7:00 n. m. The 'barn on a farm belonging to Isaoc Myers' of Jefferson township, burned last Thursday, destroying about ten tons of hay, agricultural Implements, etc. Loss not known, with but $730 Insurance. The emtertalnmont Friday evening at the Wheatlaud street M. E. church was well attended. The music was of a very high class, nnd met tlie approval of the audience and was roundly applauded. The entertainment was glv- -en for /the benefit of the. church. George Curtis, the Panhandle conductor, was. stricken wltfc. paralysis while making-his usuftl.run between this city and Brndfofdtfuaction Thursday afternoon. vHe was brought,.here Jordan wnrcajted. The; sick-jnan- was, removed^*? St."3fosjph'sjiho'^)ltal"yes- terday evening., TieJls married, and'ims no Immediate'relatives Jiving, liere. When you take,Slmm,Qn.g:I,lyer Regulator this .Spring .for your blood, .and for Malaria be"su're^to/TJHJte-. hcrw "well It works, anyhow,, quickly. Jyoij. flni1 yourselves Improved In 1 "b"ea spirit. "I jri* •'*'-"'•"" *-' r -"' jjlver Kegula.tvt.v.-*^ 1 *^* <»^o.'«»wi.*wia-,,^., quick. an0 v 'thproug^." ^It Imparted- a brisk and vigorous feeling. It Is an excellent remedy."—J. R. Hlland, Mon, roe,: Iowa, . . . iif and McKIXLEY CI.VB MAKCHINC SOXG. ForMcKlnley wo lire miircliIiiK 'till Billy s elected And seated In the White House and workingmen protected, For the Demopops are failures and they will oe rejected All over this great Iun<J. Unrd times, wl:l lnwo to give uwny, McKlnley's come, good times will come to stay, Bryan your little silver lay, Won't work with MoKlnlej's bunk.. That Thorny (salary) Crown that Bryan thinks Is sprouting, Upon his marble brow, while be Is engaged In spouting; And Cross ol Gold are "nit." For McKlnley hear them shouting, All over this Brent land, Hard times will noon begone away, Prosperity Is coming here to stay: We'll hear no more of Bryan'!) windy bray, All over this fair land. With McKlnlej In the White House, and mills are all a running, With the workingmen protected, and business just ii bumming; Then again we'll nil be bnpj y, Free Trade forever shunning, All overtbls great land. Hard times and Bryan gone away, Good times have come, and como to stay; Good work and good money for our pay, Tlien vote with McKlnlej'8 band. INCONSISTENT. Business Letter Not In Line Vt'ith Policy of Distinguished Hen. The Government Building and Loan association Is an tastkutlon doing bust- ness at Indianapolis. In its list of Directors appear the names ot Claude Matthews, once Governor of Indiana, Mayor Thomas Taggart, Thomas L. Sullivan, irvin Bobbins, Adjutant General of tlie State, and otlier prominent Democrats. Most of these gentlemen are for sound money, and most are good business men, A letter was received from the'iassociation yesterday which puts the Governor In tlie hole, if there is any room for him to get iii further, on his free silver. The letter was in reply to one requesting a loan, and under tlie letterhead giving the names of "the officers reads as follows: "Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 10, '90. {'Dear Sir':' 'Answering yours of the Otii, will sny that It is impossible for us to furnish smy money to Mr. ——- at'tlio present. .You ask what is the trouble. The trouble is that there is not a bit of money in, circulation, and 'we ihave proonJsed 'loans expecting money to be received In payment of paid-up and prepaid stock, but this has been absolutely .shut off by the continual cry of-free silver, and people seem to -think that they are going to be paid In free sliver. There is no money In circulation,In onr part of the State. We do not know how it .is with you. • • ;«Yonrs truly; MAS IT FLOPPED? The Pharos Again Declare* lor Sound Honey. ' i Pharos: ^o mdn should ever allow himself to be so carried away by his prejudice's, or'his enthusiasm, ns to reject or fall to recognize the truth. It .should always be remembered that truth is mighty ai<l ultimately it will prevail, no matter'how persistently it is denied. Tibere Is a force behind the truth that It is folly to combat, and those who do it show an increasing blindness and will always recognize the fact. Error may live and apparently flourish for brief Interval*, ..but it cannot last. When, the light.of truth is thrown on it, It vanishes like, frost before a noon-day sun. : Get your .school .books at Banna's, Fifth street, near/iBroadway. NARROW ESCAPE Col. $nd Mrs. Denby Have a Clo?e Call. THE BOAT UPTURNED Mr. Denby Reaches Shore-Mrs Denby Rescued. San FrnncLsco, Cal., Sept, 12.—The Oriental Mall brinp;.-; news that. Charles .Denby, tlie United States minister to China, and his wife, hod a narrow escape from death late last .mouth while journeying from Tlen-Tslu to Pekln in a house-boat. According to a letter received in Yokohama OH August 2(1,. Colonel and Mrs. Denby were bolus towed up the river by a stenm launch, whom a collision occurred and the honso-bojit was capsized. Colonel Denby was on deck at Wic time, find with, considerable difficulty lie succeeded' in frettin™ to Hie bank of the river. But Mrs. Denby was less fortunate. She was in the cabin when the boat capsized, and being unable to get out before the'boat turned bottom up, was imprisoned in the cabin. She 'was 1 rescued when almost unconscious by cutting a hole through the bottom of. Hie boat. Had she remained a prisoner much longer she would have died, ns she was nearly suffocated. [Mrs. Denby is a daughter of Dr. Grn-hnim N. Fitch, deceased! Col. Den-' by lived at Evausville when appointed. FORHALLY OPENED. Handsome House and Comical Comedians the First Night. The third successive season of Murray & Mack, the funny Irish eariea- turisits, with their oddities, their bulls and provoking wit and drollery, opened, the Dolan opera house and amused the people. In the first plnce, the crowd was not so large as a cool'first night would have called out. The people were pleased with the changes Mr. Dolau has been making in the' play house. In every way is the house improved. The lights, incandescent 'throughout, are very, satisfactory. The heat of pas lights on the first night was agreeably absent. The chnlrs arc arranged differently and numbered strangely, while the adslcs may be traveled without last season's hop, step nnd jump that theater-goers remember. The set-offs hove been removed from the .aisles, a,nd new. chairs; warranted comfortable, are found 1 waiting those who prize comfort: • The colors in which the Interior is done are harmonious, nnd the general' effect rests and gratifies the eye. The now drop curtain is a handsome piece, of .work. The boxes, are, newly and handsomely dra.]>ed, and with the new scenery at, command, the establishment is a model house for cities of this size, Murray & Mack, in "Finnegan'S Courtship," were funny as ever. The- mirth was not confined to Hie gallery. While their fun Is broad, it is accept; able, and not to be resisted. They have, many clever people this year. ..Grade Oummings, Is still shining in, their;«nl- axy, and there are bright girls, catchy songs, .new and old dances, well done, and the gentlemen walking characters? keep from becoming insignificant by dolrag specialties with dash and finish. The company is high in its class. RAILROAD MEN'S RALLY. Big Demonstration September 16 ' at Opera House. a •..*"•' The Railway Men's Sound Money- club will hold Its next public meeting at' Dolan's opera -bouse Wednesday; Sept. 16th, at 8 p. m., on which occasion Mr. J. T, Brooks, second vice president of the Pennsylvania lines west of Fittsburg, -will address the people on the Issue ot the campaign: By order of the President. A. F. HOCKENBEAMER;- Secretary. IN ADAMS TOWNSHIP. ... ; Mayor McKee and Georgi; Gamble wove dated for a meeting at .Wintergreen school house in Adams township last night,'and a good crowd turned out to .hear sonjid money doctrine. The 'meeting was a y«ry successful one, and the .Republicans in. that .section were, found to be very greatly encouraged at.'the outlook. THE PHAROS WRONG AGAIN, To'the Editor of The Journal: .,.. , The article in tost evening's Pharos, does me a great Injustice, as r author-,, lzea.no one to expose my political pre-- ferences, and did npt mmJte the remark ; attributed to me in reference to Hon.. Wm. McKInJey.. Iain no politician. Respectfully,. .;..•.-•.-, E'LI Strong, Heavy Pants V - = ^xtra Well Made Pants - = = - ;< Made From Remnants < 25 cents for Boys' Knee Pants —Heavy and tough. Real value, £0 and 75 cents- Only 250 pair Just the thing for school. } • •- • - • ••3*".' OTTO KRAUS "Of Course" I THE'ADMINISTRATION. Indorses Indianapolis Convention i -."Letter From Cleveland. I.pMl.sviiit-,'''Ky.,' Sept.' 12.-Incoming trii.uii .'this.' uiqrninj,' brought .large crpwtU.l'roui ail directions to attend the ;no;tWcrt'tiou't.onif,'lit at the auditorium of] 6'uneriU Palmer, of Illinois, and Buciiiicr, o'i' Kontnclcy, of their uomina- tl/in ,.tj.v,,.the .Naitonal Democracy for .president and ..Vice-President, rcspec- tivk'jy-. Col.. John R, Fellows, of New Yor£.'who will notify General Buck- neir, Jias'been in the city for two clays, aud .Senator,. Donoisoii Cnffrey, oC •Louisiana, who will notify General Palmer,,, arrived this morning with a. .delegadou. from .his State. Ex-Cou- !grJ3Ssanaii. Bynum arrived at 1 o'clock fi'onv'Judiannpp'lis, whoffce a special trril'JJL.briugs a,delegation this afternoon .ntS.j'.o; clock, .. At f he Gait House the candidates for Pi'esldjjut • .and .. Vice-president have t-h£i^',ji.cadquarters and this morn-ing i he-two old men. smiling and in vlgor- ( ptts',health,. mingled with the crowd ' Inltiie lobby and were most cnthusistic- ally received. In the crowd was United! States Senator Lindsay, of . Ken- -tntljjv.who has just recovered from a prf>str.i"tion'by' tlio heat. He announces t'hht lie will tako the shmip for the •National.peniociatjc ticket. ... From.'lio'clock to 1 o'clock the wives •ofjthe two candidates, assisted by lo- ; cai .ladles, held an informal reception Hhe parlors of tlie Gait House. The «u<lito,rium . has been appropriately decorated for tlie occasion tonight. Ait. the evening meeting, at which the .notification formally took place, inimense crowds gathered. Letters "were icad from -President- Cleveland aiil.Spcrotary Carlisle, regretting tlieir inability-to be present, and indorsing the Indt.'uia.'polls nominees. AT ^CONTRADICTIONS. Pharos 'Against Itself—Its State- i men* 3 . Refuted by Its Non:• I Partisan Telegraph. Thef;Plinros--'telesi-nph columns are •prjitty.: rt'liable.-The matter Is prepared in! Chicago,'by-a non-partisan house wl'Ufch.-ierideavors to furnisli the facts, 'Tlie telesrapb-.contradlcts tJie local col- 'unins-'every-day, but-'-that is uuavold- : . : il)iemmlOT the home management. The telegra'.plv-columns last evening 'cbntradfated its railroad bulldozing ar- r tic •(to les.,Jiipt:>as-.ii.ts :market reports con- about Mexican lars.* Oil- the first page, under the it h ; eidt "O.ebs-iAgnin Contradicted," sa; p s:,Ti }r;_"-- .''-•' .'•••'' ploye.*! : of :the Chicago, Milwaukee »nd'.-St,:Paul railroad were official- ply jnptifled-yesterday that they, are at 'ilbertxjito.'.ns&.tbelr own ,1udgment in deckling-. political questions, and. that noJthrentS' lor, intimidation will be used 'tp: Influence -them- in favor 'of either presidential candidate. The assurance • eoijnjmifrom: the, president of the road, •Rajswell Mllleiv-and-.-is contained in a letter -.addressed to- General Superin- itendeubCoUln.1.- It is an answer to the .,chargetf!.jienerally made that the men •hail .,bo<inrthrcat<aied with the loss of •thilrawstoloHs; if tlrey did not ,1o!n po- Htical<clubs''amVget Into-line with the 'po|icy:iof,;the.road?s officials, ••;' X'be Ie'ttcr,'rent1«>- 'Numerous charges ire being made to the effect that the o'fficers'jof .thfe -company are bringing .intlmidfltion'-and- threats to bear to in- fln;aceitbe. employes In matters at 1s- ..sn* .in"itlv«.!pre'seirt political campaign, ''Tlib officers:'of^ tlie-company ha.ve al- reajdyy:beeiv\verba1ly, instructed 1 In this TOnjtter;!l>ut;'tn'n't there may -be no mis- -iinaersfcandlng and that they may have written ,• :conflrniatlon, I now' wish to :K.I}! <there'iiwist~be nothing done to Interfere with the rights of all men to use tii(«Irj'bwnv.1udgmerit in the present 1s- .siieX'awMiey'Jh.ust.ieel absolutely se- cureithnt; .the; use- of their. Judgment w ; lft .rieltherVcltrectly; nor Indirectly <af- fccil;, their position with the company. 1 ." ,,,, esffcct -and/ perfect ,saflet5s, 7 jyHh;-:,;wbicb.. ladles may use ' :'wi<3er . nil. •'. conditions. .remedy. To get .-. article, look for ; Bamg>of-.Uie;GaUiforn!a .Flff Syrup Co n£an^prinl;<ed._near -the- bottom, of -th< ,p.a,ejf«ffej. JSpij.snlo-.-by aU.respbn- DRIVING PARK SEPFEMBER 15, 16, 17, '8. $3,000.00 in Premiums. ARE YOU READY? School will soon open. Start the children out in good shape. Let us attend 'to their footwear. We can do it-do it right too. We have a big line of school shoes that for style, fit, durability and price cannot be equalled. Kangaroo calf, oil grain, bright grain, Dongola' and Calf skin school shoes, 75e, SSc, and $1.2,'. We warrant our goods. Get a ruler and writing pad free with each. pair. E. M. Walden & Company, 315 Fourth Street. AROUrtENT By Which the Pharos Attempts to Mislead Its Readers. The Pharos takes advantage of a. typographical error in tbc report of John L. Griffith's speech. Mr. Griffith said that the exportation of flour brought about by the reciprocity law amounted to six millions anually. The exact figures in 1894 were: Costa Rico ? 1SO.'« Guatemala 301,027 Honduras / 48,520 NJca.ra.ugua 113,084 Salvador 241,102 Brazil : 3,538,871, Chili •' S7 ° Colombia -106,030 Ecuador • • • • 88,799 British -Guiana 784,399 Dutch Guiana 54,028 French Guiana 13,203 Peru ,; 3,G62 Venezuela 800,328 Th-cse figures make over $6,000,000, so that Mr. Griffith's figures are low, and die Pharos knew it. Taking the Pharos figures in answer to this typographical error and a far more ridiculous error is discovered. The Pharos says: '.'Now what are the facts. The world's, crop of wheat is a.Bout two million bushels annually. It would re-; quire fifteen years for the world to .raise enough wheat to make six billion barrels of flour." ] The product of wheat In .Oass county alone In 1S94 was 000,000 bushels. The- product of the United States was 460,207,410 in 1894. And yet the Pharos says the world's product is 2,000,000 busliels! This Is laughable, ridiculous. It takes five bushels of wheat to make a barrel of flour, and the destruction,, of Blaine's reciprocity deprived the farmer of a ma'rkot for 30,000,000 bushels of wheat. Mr. Griffith was rlglvt. Is it any wonder that wheat is low? ROYAL CENTER PICNIC. Big Republican Event Saturday September Next Saturday the tide will turn toward Royal Center, and the Sound Money picnic to be held near that place:- Hon. W. D. Owen will speak on the Issues, nnd Mr. Kcnworthy, an orator of note will talk to the people. Major .Georfie W. Steele, candidate, for Coiisress, will nlso be present. Everybody Is urged to be present for, the: feast of logic nnd reason, and to join -and contribute to the enjoyment of the day in the woods. There will be. many present from the city, and good music 'will be* furnished. THE Munson Typewriter Is a Good Machine. i high standard ol excelldoee. Km} via* or the "Munson" conilder It .V THEIBEST. You will nnd It» valuable asslsmut In lour of- Doe. i.ddres> for putlculm THE MUN50N TYPEWRITER CO MANUFACTURERS. (840-244 We<t Lake St., Chicago, til. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGANSPOKT, IND. «2OO.OOO J. F. Johnson, President. . B."w. DH«ry. Vic* President H. J. Heltbdnk. Cutter. DIRECTORS. r r. Johnson. B. W. UllMT. J. T. Elliott W. M. Elliott. W. H..Bnl<l«ir. Buy and i^'J Government bonds. Ixwa- ooney »n personal security ana c°"*t«.f- ils. Issue special certificates of deposits bearlnr t per cent, interest when left on* rear; 2 pep cent, per annum when aepo*- ox Deposit Vaults of thta »ank for the deposit ot fleeds, tnsurmiK* policies, mortcaBes nca .ther Talluabl«§. ,-»nted at from »6 to flfi r*" 1 y«» r The Logansport Humane Society . (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals E. S. Klc«-Prcfi. Oeo. W. Wttltem—.Sec. ,1 J. HlIdc-brBmlt-TrcBK. W. M. Bl"ho|>— Humane Officor. E S. Blo»: •!• C.fl;w*Jftr. V. r.. Coolbough 7'GeoWWalter^ .l.J- Hlldebnindt, PeekixlJueticf. • ..„ • , ^™*$ Adam*. Mrs. W. D. Fratt Mrs. I. N. Neff. Telephone No. 30, Beport caws of cruelty (o gecrcturr. • ^j. • . ~ CHAS. L. WOLL, :-. UNDERTAKFR " M*. «T Market aT /eft . Calls attended to prol iftlj, oay *« ntr Cnlon and Mutual t«J»phoii«a, OfBce, NO. 16; Residence, No. UL WANTED A NOVELTY

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