Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 26, 1934 · Page 20
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 20

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 26, 1934
Page 20
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' B , 20 APARTMENTS (Continued) BATVIEW, 878 East I8th Furnished, modern 3-room, near Oakland high, grade schools, $32.50-$37.60, BERKELEY, 2321 Dwight Way 2-3 room, furnished, Janitor service, San Francisco transportation, Includes all. $32.50 up. BRUSH, 1511 4 - room furnished, near everything; garage; 122.50; FR u tva e 4S5SJ. BROOKDALE. 3745 2-3-rooiu; frlgldalre; steam heat; hot water: garbage. ' garage BROOKLYN AVENUE, 614 2. 3-room, bedroom; near lake; 81!) up Corte America Four-room apartment, furnished or unfurnished; spacious living-room, dining-room largs enough to hold complete suite; every modern convenience. 2609 Ivy Drive, near Park Boulevard. CHATEAU APARTMENTS 4182 Greenwood Avenue, Trestle Glen Road. Spacious 3 rooms, unfurnished, all electric; gardens; marine view; all transportation, $45 up. Everything Included. CASADELLAGO 498 Jlerrltt Avenue, unfurnished 4-6 rooms D Luxe, frlgldalre, ateam heat, etc.; superb view; weekly maid service; rents reduced. rriTTf7 k 852- Clevelan indV off svaVd LUftUU T ft Park Boulevari 3-room apartments, furnishM or unfurnished, 857.60 to 875, Including everything: OL encourt 8693, CALDWELL COURT, HarrlHon, cor ner 21st; renovated, new mintage ment. 3-roorn furnished 817.60 135; rent house $50, JTl-$10 fweek, Including gas, electricity, packing. CAPP, 3027. Dimond dlstrlet-VF or-. nlshed. unfurnished 2-3-4 ttoi oms heat, hot 'water, frlgldalre,elee trlclty; 825 up. CLARE. MONT, 6578 Sunny, unrur nlshed 4-room; no dining room fireplace, garbage, water, garage. DE ARMOND, 1456 1st Avenue, near lake Furnished; Frlgldalre; heat 828. EL MIRADOR 41 Crescent Street Luxuriously furnished 4-room apartment to he rented by tenant; call Manager for Information.' KaKT aSTH. 1367. off Park Boule vard: furnished 2-room apart ment: nrivate entrance, 816; 4 rooms, unfurnished, frlgldalre, ga- rage, garbage: ressonshle. EAST 12TH STREET, 202 3-4- rnnm sleenlnar nnrch: new fur nlture or unfurnished; modern, ound proof; heat, frlgldalre. etc.; GLenrourt 9148. EaM 33RD stRrifc'C 1074 Attrac tlve 4-room unfurnished apart ments, everything included, $40, - Opposite Oakland High , EAST iVrH 8TREET 82H Newly renovated 2-3 room, furnished ; gas, electricity, ed: reasonable. ateam heat lnclud eiir.l.in. 416. Lake District rooms, steam heat, Frlgldalre, conveniently arranged; block San Francisco transportation, garage hi-' iaAU APARTMENTS, 148 Tenth Street, two rooma furnished, ateam heat, hot water, $20 up. ELWOOD, 485 J-room apartment, completely furnished, ateam heat, ' frla-fdslre:- reasonable, BUcLlD. 455 Furnlehed front room facing rnnrt 1672. Lake, $25; GLen- SAfcf JlST WAkET. hi- 3-room unfurnished; heat, rerrigerauoni garage; OLenconrt 1413, EXCLUSIVE LAKE DISTRICT 3-ROOJvi. furnished; unfurnished, 856- lnvelv: TF, mnlebar 3567. SiJcLirj' COURT vacancy, 436 Euclid near Grand, Key cars, room, unfurnished, modern, adults, $40. EAst .7TH STREET, 25472, 3 or 4 rooms, furnished, water, eiec trlclty, garage. EAST 31ST STREET, 1424 2 -room. furnished, gaa, iignts inciunnn, tip rnnTHir.r. r Jur.n ,he"..i; v v T O II I, , 118, UO, Key Route; GL encourt BZ37. FOKijgf "APARtMfcN'fs', Street 3 rooms, furnls 509 401 furnished,, stesi hest. frlgldalre, ressonable FAIRBANKS AVENUE, 634 B-room unfurnished, water,. garage, re- frlgerator, $35. Grandview Apartments 750 Warfield NEAR GRAND LAKR THEATER. Beautiful view of Lake Merrittanq hllla; 2 and ,3 rooms, furnished or unfurnished; also an , elegant unfurnished 4-room with 2 baths now available; a perfect home for a discriminating family; reasonable .rent Includes alK . Glencairn Apartments pied'- ' mont Avenue Attractive, aunny 3, 4-room, furnished or unfurnished; team heat; garage; $25 to $32.60. HUmholdt 4187, Piedmont 8034 GRAND, 1442 and 3 rooms, fur-nlahed apartment, Including steam , heat, hot water, gas and lights; near all transportation; walking distance to town; tit to $30; TEmplebsr 6630. ' GROVE, 3837 N e w 1 y furnished, atudlo type, accommodate one; electricity, 812.60. KiLLGiRT tihtl.H. 722 6-room, , , furnished apartment; Includes 2 . hatha, electric refrigeration-, water, garbage and garage, $70; Choice location, near Key trains; , GL encourf 7746. HILLSBOROUGH MANOR, 635 Hills-borough, off Wesley Attractive t-room unfurnished; Frlgldalre, ateam heat, garage, $30; TE mple-har 8637. HILLSBOROUGH, 853, off Wesley, near lake; three-room, newly reu-' ovated, furnished; front; water, garbage, refrigeration, garage; adults; $32 60. TE mplehar 7661. HANOVER. 211 Corner Lakeshore . Boulevard. FACING THE LAKE S and 4-room, unfurnished; near ' transportstlon. HARVARD downtown Fur-nlshed 2's, $20; 3's, $26-$40; steam hest; free psrklng: week, month. HARRISON, 1 426 2-3-4-room, new- ly furnished; steam heat, Frlgid- aire; Janitor aervlce; day, week or month; downtown. HAMILTON PLACE, 108 Sunny 2- room, private bath, hot water, reasonable. HARPER, 3358 4-rooni, well fur nished, sunny garage; $22.50; r - FR ultvale 33?4J. HOWE 4134 Quiet, clean 3-room, furnished Key station block. $16. 2-T KEMPTON AVENUE. 3287 Unrur- niahed 8-room apartment, newly decorated throughout, steam heat, - hot water, electrlo refrigerator, ,'.' electric range, llghta and garage j ' ' Included; TE mplehar 4715. "' ' LAKE 402 Grand, 4-room, sunny, s ateam heat, Frlgldalre, gas, Janl-'...' ; ' . tor aervlce, San Francisco trans-'...' portatlon, schools. LVIS. 1506 4th Avenue Modern 2-3 ... rooma, newly decorated; two wall- ; beds; all transportation, schools; 25 up. " LAKESHORE, 3008, near ExcelHlor, t-room, furnished' or unfurnished, . garage, reasonable. tAKE, 200 Wayne 2 furnished, heat, frlgldalre, gas, electricity, ' " phone, garage, shopping, $30. T.A k"KSHOH 1'. nn t il, .nur ' Grand, 4-rooms, garage, $56; ijencourr !i:'n LENOX, ,332 Newly furnished rooms; heat, frlgldalre; near transportation. MENTONE ARMS Downtown fireproof building; attractive arcade, 2-3-rooms, strictly modern; all included in rent, $36 up. 1782 Webster. MARKET WRfeBT.. loib Modern furnished, tunny 3-roome, Chester. field; wall beds; $22; cart. Key ' Boute. MIRALTA- 7f BELMONT STREET, 'between Perklnt, gtaten 4, 6-room unfurnished, up-to-minute; 8an Francisco transportation; TE mplebar 1027, APARTMENTS (Continued) ff TTVT TV 114 6- Of f Park rd 2 rnnmi. iUv-XYlnli Bourevard- furnished or unfurnished; everything included; 1 block to Oakland High School. Mandana Boulevard, 501 6-room, unfurnished, 2 bedrooms, sun room, canvas walls, Imported fixtures, marble fireplace. $75. MOSS, 95 3 furnished, $23-27.;.0. room furnished. unfunny, large bedroom, MAN HAN. 1712 Brush Street-4-room furnished apartments. 1, NINTH Avenue. 2.115 Two,ahree modern furnished rooms; school; $15, 818. UAKMM) AVENUE Sunny, very attractive, unfurnished, 4-room, 825; separate entrance, adults. references; HIT mhrtldt 1 ?i S. PORTLAND AVENUE, 336 2-room furnished apartment; steam heal, electric refrigeration; garbage; rarage; $25 to $30; GL encourt 390. p. L- 437 Attractive 4-rooms, I crKillg furnished or unfurnished. steam heat, frlgldalre, elevator. Janitor, S40-J4S. PENNIMAN AVENUE. ,)8H9 2, T- room, newly decorated, furnished and unfurnished, $17.60 to $25; ssk for Mrs. Le Mav, mannger. PERKINS, 474, opposite Park Z- room. unfurnished, fireplace, $35; 2-room, new furnishings, 125; heat, garage. PIEDMONT AVENUE. 3873. nlshed, unfurnished. 8's, 4's; ateam heat; garages. $20 up. PER ALT A APARTMENTS Large 4-6 rooms; OLeneourt 9266; HO I-llday 7840. PARK Boulevard, 2004 Thre room, m .3d - furnished two wall beds; ern: $20 RON A DA 'J Exclusive J. 4-room. unfurnished, garages, $27.60; PI ed-monl 094 2.1. SAINT CLAIR 1 vacancy. Chesterfield, rugs, Inner-sprin.,mattress. all new, $.'to, ery thing-,lnrlnlten.",r?wi-h-Ave.uiie. STRATFORD 2 4 4 5 Telegri, ph. walking distance. Furnished 2-3 rooms, redecorated, light, airy, steam beat, $l!0-$23.50, St. Marlowe 2440 8th Avenue, near Park Roule- vard, 3-room furnished; rent ln-cliides all; sa low aw $37.60. STOW, 462 8-ioom, burnished, ateam heat, hot water, Frlgldalre, Lake view, $30. SANTA ROSA AVENUE, 184. near Moss Avenue; 2-room modern, i urmsnen, unriirnisnen. SAN LKANDKO, 363 onks Boulevard Artistic 6-room, sei'luded deck for sun baths. THE PARK VIEW 315 Park View Terrace, half block to Grand Avenue and Lakeside Park. Beautiful apartments with cedar lined closets. Moderate ratea. Villa JNova Apartments 2635 Ivy Drive; 3-room, furnished; garage; all conveniences; Janitor service. VERMONT, 970 Modern 4-room, aunny, furnished, unfurnished, frlgldalre, garbage, water, garage, $25 tip; TE mplehar 7469. V A LLK VISTA APARTMENTS, 640 York Attractive modern furnished or unfurnished 2 or 3 rooms, everything Included. 136 nn. VERNON TERRACE, 1S!I 4-room. furnished, unfurnished, clnso-ln, ateam heat, view: OLenconrt. 1600. VVAHF1ELD, 627 Five large, sunny rooms, unfurnished; fireplace; excellent view. TKlTDeMnTblTm7ur nlshed 3-room, sun-flooded studio apartment, extra large living room, beamed; celling, parquet floor; every modern convenience Included. ; WA LK ICR, 1001 Lake district; Kl- tractlve 4-room, unfurnished, steam heat; Frlgldalre, garage; rensonsble. U'KLliON, 476 4-room mojlern tin - furnished, Including water, gnr- hnge, garsge, $27.60. VoRlv S57. lien r Alanrlana Biid Lakeshore Large, sunny 4- rooms, unfurnished, garage, con venlent to trains, stores. 6TII AVENUE, 1765 Suiishlneapart- menis, J3.60, 14; everything in cluded, parkin 6TH AVENUEiyl63il furnished tfiree-r sdults; garsge; lo 6311 Oulet. nicely room, bedroom low rent. 8TH AVENUE, 1835 Modern, fur nlshed 2, 3-ROOM ; CIRCULATINO HEAT: HKASONABLK. ItTII AVENUE, 25194-100111, -innd- ern, sunny, wall bed, kitchen fur nished, hot water, air neater, private, laundry, garage. $23. 9TH AVENUE, 18.16 Clean, smT ny 2-room, furnished, chesterfield garsge, $18. J 1 Q'PII A XlcTVTfTL1 3600. hixclus. Ished, unfurnished; beautiful aunny corner building; all electric equipment, $45 -up. 13TH AVENUE, 21 311 Sunny 2-room furnished apartment, garage; private entrance. 16TH STREET, 1077 3-room, com pletely furnished; chesterfield; ciean, sunny; !. 27TH STREET, 4!I0, near Telegraph. furnished, unfurnished 2-rooms, bath, reasonable. 31ST STREET, 608 Sunny 4 rooms, 2 beds, furnished, unfurnished; newly decorated; steam heat. SIST STREET, 652 Sunny 3-room, unfurnished; rent reasonable; near Telegraph, 33RI) STREET, 814 Sunny, turn garage, $16. OL ym- Ished 3-rooins, plo 2805. 36TII STREET, 848 Upper, sunny 4 room, all Included, parking, nicely furnished: adults. $21. 41ST, 486. Sunny, modern, unfurn ished; large living room, bedroom, $22,60. 4,1 NT STREET, 483 4-room. nicely furnished; frlgldalre, all transpor-tatlon. garage. 41HT STRE10T, 9543 room, unfur- nlshed: wall bed; stove: garage: water, $15. FR ultvale 1631 V. 41ST STREET, 7!i, Plednmnt 1 -2-3 rooms, furnished, sunny, modern, $10-$17; art lessons free. 49 STREET. 894 4-room frfmt. un furnished; near schools, transpor- ration, yzti. ATTRACTIVE large 3-room furn ished, 4217 Terrace; sunny, nice view, garage, near Technical High. 40th Street Kev, $30. ATTRACTIVE for business woman or teacher; furnished, near transportstlon and Technical High; PI edmont 6070. BEAUTIFUL park view apartment: walking distance; $30. 290 Grand Ave. BEAUTIFUL 6-6 room, near Onk- land High, steam heat, Frlgldalre, M E rrltt 1709. EAST BAY DISTRICT All slsea; furnished, unfurnished; $22.50-$100. Let me call for you. Mr. Pmlth, TEmplebsr 1677. GRAND-LAKE DISTRICT Sun- flooded, 3-room, dinette, sun porch, Frlgldalre, unfurnished; GL encourt 1171. T AlfF District, 4-room, sleeping porch, heat, eervlce, Frlgldalre; reasonable; 275 PARKVIEW TERRACE; HO lllday 2713; GL encourt 0933. LAKE district 5-room, nicely furnished, steam heat, frlgldalre, $60; Key at Gregory's. 644 Grand, PARK BOULEVARD, sunnv 4-room unfurnished, near schools, $30; til, encourt 6515. SUNNV, furnished 4-room: best climate; everything Including Frlgldalre; reasonable; 3106 Champion, corner School, Fruit-vale District. 20 APARTMENTS WANTED APARTMENT wanted by e l'd e rl y couple; 3-room, modern; good location; first class references. Box M 71568, Tribune. 2i,PARTMEHT FLATS. DUPLEXES BROOK, $02, off Oth-BroadwV Furnished J-room, water, garage, 20 21 APARTMENT FLATS. DUPLEXES (Continued) BIRDS ALL, 2869 Unfurnished sunny, duplex 4 -'room; wall bed, Move, garage; adults. CKRKITO. 31122; near Broad w a y-40th; attractive 2-3-room furnished; 2 weeks free. EAST 22nd Street, 1823 Sunny mol-ern four-room unfurnished duplex ; garage; transportation; $23; worth seeing. EAST ill ST RE El 1 328 3-room, right party; modern, $10 to Fit ultvale 8304R. EAST 2 STREET, 1352 Furnished front 3-room; clesn, attractive; steam heat, garage; adults. EAST 24TH, 314- Furnished 3-room, bus, $16.60. cm cv gsrsge, water. GROVE, 4(22 4-rooni upper, lower flats; nenr Key; wallhed, water, garage; $17; HUmholdt. 7575. LAKESHOKE AVENUE. 4n20 4 room duplex bungalow, instantaneous hot water; separate shower; furnace, garage; wall bed; large closets: lovely district; $35 including water. MANILA, 4124, near 41st Broadway Modern upper 4-rnom unfurnished; fireplace, furnace, frtgid-alre; reasonable; HU mboldt 4131. PENNIMAN, 3606, near 35th Avenue 3-room modern, furnished; garage, water, garbage free; AN-flovpr 4549. RAWSON Street, 246?; six-room bun-galow flat; well furnished; player piano, refriffrrator; hardwood fioors; garage; near schools and churches, transportation; $40. 'J ERR. ACE, 42S2, one block Technical High 4-room, unfurnished, water, 20. WE RS TER, 3400 Upper, sunnv cor-ner 4-room, nook, garage; FR ultvale 6237.1. WKSLKY. AVENUE, 546 Beautiful ,ri-rooin, hardwood floors, garage; floor furnace; sdults. YORK STREET, Sli54-room. front. sunny; hot. water; garage; yard TJ". 4TH AVENUE, 74u .1-rofiin, mod ern; private entrance; furnlah unfurnished; corner building I it nil - J I 7.T.O. 62Ii STREET, 476 4-ronin unfili nlshed, $27.60; furnished. $3 steam heat, wster, refrigeration garage; near telegraph 62ND STREET, 3S1; Claremont (lis met; modern. 4-roorn, hot water, garage, Frlgldalre; near all trans, pnrlHtlnn: adults; Of, ympic 456. 65TH AVENUE7T661. Havenscourt lively 4-room corner duplex, fur nlshed, nice yard, garage? near all transportation; open afternoons 67TII AVENUE, 2735 Havenscourt, Southern Pacific. 4-room unfur nisbed; clean; TR Inldad 4795 ISA R( , A 1 N Unrurnishcd three-room duplex: excellent appointments yarn, garage. HUmholdt 042. HV lake, sunny uiiiier 4-room. vvati Included, $32.50; modern furniture no 1 1 1 n a v 5 3 SB. ivAivi'i DiHirici, 4KZ Uheney, near ilrand Lake Theater Modern 7 rnom flat, newly renova ted ; owner on-premiHCM, i-i,- reasonable. LAKE DISTRICT 1501 1ST AVE MIL; modern 3-room, sleeping porcn, rurnisiieri, unfurnished, 20, UJ' r riKii.viu.M Modern 4 rooms, hut. water, Frlgldalre; TEmpIt bar 0706. 3-ROOM upper, partly furnished sunny; transportation, stores. L'nl versity High: garnge; references very rensonahle. 6802 Dover. 1308 3 1ST AVENUE 3-room duplex furnished; garage; FR ultvale ,i02lM. $22.60 A NO $25 Modern 4-room on furnished view, transportation 2 OS Lester Avenue; HO lllday 1402 $15 Clean, neatly furnished 3- room 14th duplex, on car line. 2633 Avenue. . 22 BUNGALOW COURTS ALLENDALE -AVENUE, 9721 Modern, furnished 2-room, water, gar- age, garnage, til 58TII STREET. fi.'Kl, near Shattuck 2-room, ' chesterfield, water, ga rage, $17.60. 23 HOTELS Al SERVICE Begins at the door In this friendly Hotel-Home. Princely living costs less than keeping house. Batea from i 33.50 month. "COFKEK SHOP DE LUXE" Breakfast from 25c. Lunch 60c, Dinner 60c, HOTEL OAKLAND OL ftnrourt 7000 Kntertalnment fnr RiientH anfl friends: A DOWNTOWN HOME Unexcelled aervlce, catering to but- Iness people. All absolute outside rooms l yi lET; $5 week. Transient $1.25. HOTEL HARRISON 14th and Harrison. A PLEASANT PLACE TO LIVE HOTEL WOODROW All outside rooms ns low as $4 week, $6 week private bsth. Complete Hotel Service. American Plan Buffet. Dancing Social afralrs. 11th Street, corner Grove. per ADAMS th Street; neat. $2.60 eek up Be Tloiid to Live Herel Downtown In Spacious Rooms. Every Imaginable Convenience. Comfortable, Modern Way to Live. HOTEL CARILLON Rooms $25, with bath. Dally rates, $1.50, $2, $2.50, 20i and Broadway. HOTEL ST. MARK NRA Opposite Tribune Tower. $6 week, near bath; $7 week private bath (by month); Exceptionally clean; Cooking accomodations; Bridge Billiards liingo; Entertnlnment; New Coffee Shop; Dancing nightly In Tavern; Inspection will convince you. HOTEL LEAMINGTON'S WELCOME TO FEDERAL LAND BANK EMPLOYEES. Attractive rooms and suites. "An Address of Distinction." Unusually low rates. Coffee shop. Garage. In building. 19th and Franklin Hotel Touraine SAME BLOCK AS FEDERAL LAND BANK Outside Rooms. Modern, Cen- All tral. Qulet, Refined. . . Newly deco- rated rooms with beautiful private $25 monthly: detached, $18. bath, I6TH AND CLAY HILL CASTLE APARTMENT HOTEL Attractively furnished 2 and 3 room apartments, as well as HOTEL ROOMS, each with private bath. Roof Garden and Sun Deck. Rales ns low aa: Month Week Pav Apartments $45.00 $16.60 $3.50 Bachelor Apart- ments 87.60 1 5.00 S.00 Hotel Rooms 25.00 12,60 2.00 1431 .lackson Street; GL encourt 5400 HOTEL OAKS .,.. f'& Federal Land Bank; rooms $16 month; with bath $5 up week; new-ly decorated: L'A keside 0792. rki . 146 East 12th Rooms bath, ahower. 15. viyrapic Wnh $6, $7 week, $11 month up; garage; reatsurant. billiards. R00MSSH25 CeeifortiMe ritm-lnried le MONTH Htt Mart sew Pltdswnl e le ea e le ea - jtV ct.bridfe. BtmSM j Plerfieeai I I 313 nonm. RMlo,sepiKf. bride Nneii some ceehlsf t. Dlnso SOc. 1411 I Aoinm (ntaf Iroidmv). HQIfkBEJmONI ItfB irryf , ...mi rrw VERNON 11TH -FRANKLIN, 60c tl week up. OAKLAND TRIBUNE, 23 HOTELS (Continued) STTTTTTR 14 th and Jefferson; 3U1 UjIX LA keside 1620; one block from Federal Land Bank; modern, fireproof; $16 month up. 24 FURNISHED ROOMS AJA.ttS, 276, flentloman, private hath, .('pinp porch, garage; BROADWAY and 4lsi district, lovely room, convenient to cars, trains, school: P! edllionl 4109W. CHICAGO, 308 Private home, all conveniences, all transpnrsaflnn: ideal for business woman; $10. boa rd optional; OLeneourt 2 r. 4 n. CHETWooD, 665 Sunny room, conveniences, parking; near transpor-ta Hon ; )L vmpje 063S. FA IRMOUNT, 465 Very desirable room with connecting sleeping porch adjoining, bath, heat; fine home. 1 or 2 women.' $16-$20; HO llidav 2934. FOOTHILL BOULEVARD, 4264 Quiet, room, separate entrance, all transportation, garage. GRAND, 28h Beautiful room, modern conveniences; trsnsportstion : business person; Apartment 2; HO llidav 3406. GRAND, AVENUE. 3760 Cheerful room, private home; reasonable (it, encourt 0476. IfL'ii.sON STREET, 4ofi Private lionie; all transportation; reason-al.le; I'l edmont 1466 W. HARRISON, 231S Pea ill if nil y fur-nislieil front room, six windows; frarafce; business man. LAKESHORE, 3241 Sunny room, shower, 'Beauty-rest, parking, gentleman; TEmplebsr 2054. MIRA VISTA, 626, near Lake Fine, large, sunny room; prlvat lava-tory; garage, parking. MOSS, 420 Sunny room, privale bnlh, close Mosswood Park; hoard opl lonal ; OL ympic 0332. MONTECITO, lia I ll ; (fillet ; 137 Lovely room with select; ideallv located. PIEDMONT Private home; cheerful roc-iii with bath and sitting room; garage; C. S. gentleman preferred. HUmbold! 6181. PIEDMONT, Lovely room; convenient to cars, trains, schools; HU m-boldt 6768. PIEDMONT Large front room, private bath, garage, reasonable; G I, encourt 7692 PARK BOULEVARD, 3849 Nicely furnished rooms; heat; hot water; telephone; garage; hoard optional. SIXTH Avenue, 1641 Large, sunny room suitable for two; garage op- t Ions I reasonable. SANTA CLARA, room, running 217 At.tractivi water, parking tit gate ii;iiih. STATION, 430 district, large sunny, walking court 3264. distance; GLen- WALNUT, il3 view; ladv, S ii n n y Christian marine Science; AS hberry 2:104 WEBSTER, 1629 Rooms for 1-2; IjiiIIi anytime, near Y. VV. C. A., $I0-$1S. WEBSTER, 409-boi water all -C'lean, sunny rooms, rooms, $1.75 up WAFFIELD, , 827 Room with bath, steam heat, garage, $20; service. 4 1' 1 1 AVENUE, 828 Sunny room for gentleman, free parking, $2 week. 16TH STREET, 762 Sunny suite, parking, telephone, $3 per week. 23RD AVENUE, 2225 Lovely front room; chesterfield; hot water; telephone; parking; $10 month. 24TH AVENUE, 2032 Modern, private home hot water, telephone, all transportation; gentlemen; $9 month; FR ultvale 1673M. 25TH STREET. 618 Front rooms, HI gste 4191. $8-$10 month; 26ih STREET, 261 Large, sunny STREET, rnom; hot water; near cas, trains, West lake Junior High School. HO lllday 0789. 26TII AVENUE, 2628; new home, 2 bath rooms; excellent trnnspnrta- tlon, garage, U'; AN dover 3172 2STH STREET. 626. near Tele graph Nice room, adjoining bath, $2.60. 28TH STREET, 410 Sunny, com fortable, heated; between Broadway and Telegraph. JlST STREET, 680--Attractlve sun ny room, gentleman; all conve-nlences; PI edmont 2093. 37TH STREET, 496 Comfortable room for gentleman, private home, $2.50. - BUS! N ESS women, teachers or couiile; all transportation; home privileges If desired; PI edmont 2082.1, mornings. EAST OAKLAND Pleasant sunnv home; privileges; $9 month, boarcf .Aoptllhal; Trenor Slreet. near 69th Avenue; SWeetvvoorl :!931. IDEAL home for single man in bachelor s 5 - room, completely furnished, modern place; AS hberry 7120. LAKE DISTRICT Home for busi ness people, phone, heat, board optional, transportation; HI gate 1119. ,.KESHORE DISTRICT Room suitable for 2; privilege of using kilihen optional, references; CI, encourt 5871. LOVELY room; private Jewish cou- ple; transportation; dinner optional. M K rrlt t 2162. LARGE furnished room, private family, hot water, reasonable; HI gale 1630. 'RIV'ATE home, sunny, view, tleman; $8; board optional; dover 0471. gen-AN- ROCK RIDGE district, sunny room, garage, near all transportation; OL ympic 2241. 24 FURNISHED ROOMS WANTED ENTLUMAN, 48, refined, congenial desires furnished rnom, small private family; Box M58644, Tribune. 25 HOUSEKEEPING ADELINE STREET, 1517 Lovely clean 2-room, $12 month, Including all. ' BROADWAY, 513 water, II o o m, kltch-$10 month; all enette. hot Included. BRUSH, 2116 Large rooms, kitch enettes, car space, $1.50-$2.50, includes everything. BROADWAY. 2083 Clean 2-3 rooms, hot water; $2-$5; WEEK FR E 1I BERKELEY, 2110V4 Ashby 2 rooms; fir, month, including gas, iignrs. CASTRO, 191! 1-2 rooms; all included; clean, $6 suitable mouth up; for one. CASTRO, 142; hot W e I 1 furnished; water, steam hear. close in: EAST 12TH STREET, 547 House keeping, $2.50 week up; all . ln-cluded; parking. EAST 19th Street, 2247; 2room, kitchenette, gas, electric, phone; garage. $12. EAST 24TH STREET, 1812 2-3-4's, private hath, $12.60-$16; FR ultvale 4476M. EAST 3 1ST STREET, 1424 Cozy front 2-room sunny, wall bed, gas, lights, water Included, $16. EAST 15TH STREET, 746 Sunny 2-room, quiet; all included; park ing: $3.50. FRUIT VALE AVENUE. 3148 clean sunny rooms, transportation schools, garage. GROVE, 1815 Sunny, quiet, central, 2 blocks Snn Francisco trslns. HAWTHORNE AVENUE, 383, near Merrltt Hospital, 2 roonis, kitchen, 1 a rge yard: near sc bonis: $15. HOB A RT, 633 Attractive room, kit chenette; gas, electricity, phoie; $3.25: single $2. HARRISON, 2319 Two rooms, pri vate bath, entrance; suitable busi- ness couple: ;i5. HUMBOLDT AVENUE, 2737 Se cluded large, furnished room, all Inclusive, $10. JEFFERSON, 1221 Sunny phone, 1-2's, $2-$3. gas, electric, linen. MYRTLE, 1529 Free telephone, gas, electricity; clean parking, room. J3. MYRTLE' STREET, 1625 Rooms, $1,60 up. Everything Included TR mplebar .3677. MADISON. 805 Clean 2-room, park ing space, opposite park, $3 week. MYRTLE, 1225 Lre 2 beds, gat, electricity; low rent; parking. SUNDAY, AUGUST 26, 25 HOUSEKEEPING (Continued) IIAUO Ififi t -rnm htttth 'rViOne lights, wall bed, parking, $18, two- room, $15. MOSS, 471 Newly decorated front thr'-e rooms; private bath, Chesterfield. PI edmont "886J. MALISON, 1..51 (Lake District! One, two rooms. $2.50-$3.5O; everything: furnished; parking. OAK LAN I) , AVENUE. 670 Two-room. ?3-$4: other rooms $2. hot wster, exerythlng Included; PI edmont Sr,K6V. UAKLANIi AVENUE, 421 Cozy, clean, front 2-room. sun all day, ? I 1 ; .-ill incluflerl. adults. Rl'liV, 3!il7, near 40th, Telegraph N Single room, kitchen, parking, $1'. SUMMIT. near 2!ith, between Telegraph and Broadway; clean. sunnv, quiet, front, all Included, $1 0-$l 8 Sl'CAMORE 662 Sunnit front 2-rooms; sll included, reasonable; HI gate 376!. SHATTL'CK, 6625 Light housekeeping room, telephone free for lady employed. $!o month. SHATTUI'Iv, gas, light. 2708 Room, 83, garage. kitchen, TELEGRAPH, 47!i7 Large, clean .front room; fireplace, all Included, TELEORAPII, 435, j wo rooms, all c-lose in included, Sunny $3.50 THIRD room: Avenue, 1435 all Included; Sunny, clean H month. TENTH Avenue, 1136 Sunny rooms. kitchen, bath, hot water, garage 1ST AVENUE, kitchenette, furnished. 1112 Large room, wall bed, everything 1ST AVENUE, 145G. Lake District 1-2 rooms, $2.75-$3.7o; private en-t ranee. 5TH A V E N U E. suites, $3.50, $4; chilled ; parking. 1 756 Sunshine everything in- 10TH AVENUE, 2127 Beautiful fur. nlshed 2, 4-room. Jtefined, sunny. Karilge. Di'lHl STREET, 796- Cle: slrmles: walking dilanc sunnv J2 up. 11TH STREET, S30 I from sunm room, $1.50, $2; all included; basement rooms for men $2 11TH STREET, 702 Right in town, sunny room, parking, $2 5" 12 Til STREET, 726 Clean rooms, lights, gas, phone, laundry, $2.60-$3 week. 12TH AVENUE, 1432-llght, phone Included, -1-2-3-room, $12. $14. $16. 13TH AVENUE, 2421 Fine front 2 rooms; telephone; $15; all included. 13TH STREET. 101 Pleasant front. ill included, $3. 14TH STREET. 7 sunny room, $10; eluded. 35 Nice clean, everything In- 14TH STREET, 747 Attractive 2-3 rooms for quiet business people. 1 6 TH STREET. 832 oak floors, newly chides electricity, side .H)40. 2-rooin stucco, decora ted, in-$3.60; LA kt- 17TH STREirr, private hfilh; 6822 also .' -room -room Ktlile, suite liTJI ,'ros, STREET, 642 In, phone, y Front, week. large, 18TH STREET, 684 2-room. bsth, furnished; all included except gas. a 1ST STREET, utjS 1 Mild 2-room, kitchenette, all Included; $2.50-$3.50. 21st STREET, 619 Attractive ones, twos; everything Included; park-Ing; $2.60 up. 22ND STREET, 5 room, kitchen: 79 Clean, $12; garage, sunny $-'. 24TH, 367, near Broadway Cleanest and best housekeeping suites In Oakland; sunny, quiet; everything included; $3.50. 24TH STREET, 631 Sunny front 1-2 rooms, $2.60-$4; electric washer. 26TH STREET. 734 Now and modern suites; everything Included: $12 up: GL encourt 0092. 7TII STREET. 55;: Sunny, well furnished, hot water, heated, $2.50- $3.75. 29TH STREET, enette, sunny rs ge. 595 1 -rnom, kltch-clean; $2.50 up; ga- 33 RD STREET. 670 2-room. nlcelv furnished, chesterfield, bath, ga-rnge, lights; $ IS. 3.TH STREET, 557, near Telegraph. modern rurnlshed 3-4 rooms, ga rage, all included; reasonable OL ympic 2883 40 STREET, 4453 fine large front rooms, nicely furnished, chesterfield, hot water, electric lights, phone. $20; also 2 rooms, $ 1 5. 64TI1 STREET, 652 Private home excellent table; ladles or gentle, men; near I'n I versit v High School OL ympic 1 207, UNUSUALLY nice room, private home, kitchen privileges, lady; TE mplebar L'fi 19. WILL share home with niuthei-a ud young son; Southern Pacific transportation: PErKeley 1 882.1 502 VERNON, corner Santa Clara Running hot water, sunny 2-room all Included. Close transportation $?.00-$3 On. 3 KOI IMS. sleeping porch. $1.50 week; 449 30th LA keside 6996.' garage, Street; 26 BOARDING EVERETT AVENUE, 4023, near Hopkins, East 38th Street Sunny room and sleeping porch, board 2, $30; Dimond pool, schools, transportation; bachelors room, evening mesls, $15. FR ultvale 5264 W. EAST 17TH STREET, 4233 Private home, near Fremont High, transportation; hoard, light housekeep-Inc;. optional. AN dover 3157. EAST 17TH STREET, 2274 Real home, laundry, $7; FR ultvale 0466. FILBERT STREET, 141.7 A cozy room for one or two; fireplace, bath; walking distance. LA keside 5500. FRU1TVALE, 1814 Clean. sunny rooms, excellent board; home privileges; reasonable. GRAND AVENUE, 1 327 Private home, conveniently located; board optional; reasonable; HU mboldt 6979. JACKSON, 1562 Attractive, sunny room, bath, fireplace, steam heat, in lovely guest home; downtown; near lake; excellent meals and service; reasonable; HO lllday M93. JACKSON, 1679 Lovely large room, private balh, suitable two; also single rooms, lake view; excellent board: TE nipleba r l961 3. K I NO SI'ON AVENUE. 7Sj 2 at-tractive rooms, private bath, single or double; meals optional; PI edmont 5666 W. LENOX. 341 Nicely furnished, comfortable rooms for 1, 2; opposite Lake Park; near cniilne and Key Route; excellent meals. hme priv-ileges; reasonable; HI gate 2675. LENOX, 297 Lovely room with porch; excellent table: home atmosphere; near all transportation; TE mplehar 321 7. LAG UNA, 3900 Private family, prefer employed couple, children; FR ultvale 3201 W. MONTGOMERY, 4110 Attractive rooms, excellent board, home privileges, all transportation, $30. 'LOOK AVENUE, 8221 Large, sunny room, board optional; near Castlemont, Parker. Daniel Webi ster schools- TR Inidad 59S5. Fl EDMONT Priviile home; lovely room; view; all conveniences; HU mboldt 7317. PI El I.MONT Beautifully furnished home; excellent food; $30, $35, OL ympic 7824. ROCKR1DGE BOULEVARD, 6110 Board, room, garage; for 1-2 men; res sona hie. RANDWICK, 39 Beautiful home, furnace; attractive garden; free garage; LA keside 3933. WILDWOOD, 16, corner Grand Front room, running water; EXCELLENT MEALS; single $30; double, $55; PI edmdnt 701 1. 5TH AVENUE, .1 90.5 B,urofim...!)v-, Ing room for 2, $25 each; single, S22.50: excellent bonrd: homelike. 21ST STREET near Broadway, love-lv room, excellent food; UA keside 924 3. 26TH AVENUE, wishing nice home, over 6116. 2760 Anyone $30 up; AN d- 1934 26 BOARDING (Continued) 26TH AVKNLTE. 2628 New ham p. 2 bath rot-Una; extelknt t ransport a-tion, pftraR. AX rtnvr 3l"-2. 2sTH ST:i:i-:T, nf-ar TeleKraph Attrac lively furnished, sleam-hafpri rooms; waikinf? flistanre of business cfntrr; Rardf-n and i n i- c h c s; unuMin! environment; in ft !s njit Kin a J ; ta ra ees. I4ih STKEET. 610 Large room bo.irri; priate home; twin oeus $ 1 5 e ach 5TH STliEET, SIS. near Printe home, front room, dev. ev'rthitig included. laun- TI1 STitEET, J nisherl room, niai Nicijly schools fur-and 1 rn nsnrta t ion. 74TH AVEN'UE, 2B0H Modern room hut ivater, single or double home conking, shower; H block east of ( 'lievrolet plant; reasonable. A REAL home .1 hot meals; nnii:!. for elderly people; $25 up; LA keside ATTRACTIVE surroundings, board for I or 2 elderly people; private family; oiv encourt o.i3.-. BOARD with aiiartment in private home, sun porch, tray service if rteired. close In, elderly lady, (J. c. Box M712.M, Tribune. BEAUTIFUL room; all private home; lovely transportation; board optional; 7710. gentleman; OL ympic BEAUTIFUL nuest home, lake district; suitable two; reasonable; HI sate 4 577. BEAUTIFUL large view room; private home; southern cooking; two, J65; .ME rritt .1516. DESIRABLE roont; close to schools; private family, board optional; T E m pleba r 84 EAST OAKLAND Pleasant, sunny, excellent board; home privileges; 3 meals $29; 2 meals $25; Trenor, near 69th Avenue; SW eetWood 2931. GUEST HO.ME, lake district, larice sunny rooms, connecting bath, twin beds; excellent table; $6.o0 week. T E mplehar 5J7. GO iD fIDME for employed parent and child, desirable, FR ultvale H572.T. , PRIVATE home, modern, excellent mea Is. shower, porches, reasonable. M E rriit n::66. REASONABLE board, room for one f,r two; private family; ANdov.r 1 482. REFINED home, Lake District, large sunny room, well balanced meals, moderate price, unusual op-port u n tyM;lillbj8y2886. ROCK RIDGE Private home, large sunny room, single or double; OL ympic 6116. 26 BOARD WANTED CULTURED home, Berkeley: em-ploved mother, voung daughter; Box .M7I.'I, Tribune. G ENTLEM A desires board and room, privale famllv; prefer cen-Irnl location; Box .VI52203, Tribune. RICHMOND For gcntleirun; convenient lo Standard Oil Coinpr.ny. Box M71257, Tribune. UNFURNISHED bedroom ;-n.l board; private family; near transporta tion. Box M7122B, Tribune. LIVE IN COMFORT NEW HOTEL CLARIDGE Catering to buslncst people. Offers outside sunny rooms. Room, without aieals $17,60; with meals, $32.50. A trial of our excellent table will convince you. D'NING ROOM OPEN TO PUBLIC. llith and Grove Streets Hot leltti las betel. ie 11 UKjIlf fsmUrae feom n low m $15 aieelk lBtl. t $1 A lot I Bines). With 1 anli ally $47. JO ilailt, $17.10 rack rfosbls. 156 laches St BsEAKFAST29c, DINNER SOc HOTEL LAKHURST CHILDREN BOARDED Hli.M M for children, one parent, man preferred; 1 229 Cornell, Berkeley. IDEAL lien t- home for girl, mother's care, school; Fit ultvale 6860.J LARGE .new home fun, rice, heal near schools; parent, child. AN.f over 3723. REAL home for 1-2 children, mother and ( hild. best care, near schools; references; AN dover 6746. RE FINED home; besl 1, 2 children; ire; diet, TR Inidad I rn luing 653 2. REFINED home 3469 Coolldge. lor 1-2 school, AN dover 2770. 29 SANITARIUMS. REST HOMES ALL comforts beautiful home, garden, block Lake, reasonable ;L encourt 4959 AGED, , convalescent, day, night nurse. Special paralytic rates. Tray. TE mplehar 6123. HO.M E, elderly people, convalescents, special caret 1111 Regent; A L a -nicda 2459.1. HOME for elderly ladies, excellent tare, electric heat; OL ympic 8134 HA Y WARD Sanitarium - Con vales, cents, Invalids and elderly; graduate nurse, diets; physician; references; 1127 Castro' Street, Hay-ward mo;. HIVATED room, board and care for elderly woman ; TE mplehar 6111. LOVELY Lake new honr for convalescents; Invalids and aged, wonderfully located; GL eeico-irt 6 6 9 :i LOVELY home, special rates for paralytics, $50 mOnth; TE mplebar 9125. NURSING HOME, 4915 Manila; aced; post-operative; expert care; graduate nurse. RANCH n urse. ward. house, for elderlv men; 820 Hampton Road, Hay- REST home, aged, convalescent) graduate nurse, near park- ALa-ineda 3754W. SUNNY ROOM Invalid, aged ;'t ;-sy ; excellent c a r e ; $35. FR ultvale 691 SM. SUMMIT liESTE, 31123 Summit Street Paralytics, aged, incurables; GL encnurt 391 1. 30 FLATS. UNFURNISHED 'aAaaasilttaataaa)iaJ, AILEEN. 60S. Oakland, near University High. AttractiA-e 6-room upper, garage, water, $30; OL ym- plc 8727. BERKELEY. 2813 Stuart Street, nbove Piedmont Avenue 6 rooms, hardwood, gas, furnace, garage. BERKELEY, 3041 Grove Street 5-room sunny upper, $20; BE rkeley 5621J. COLBY, 6452. between Telegraph. College Beautiful sunny 5-room, Classed in sleeping porch; a real bargain, $25; OL ympic 0841. EAST 20TH. 2201 Upper 4-room. gara, water, circulating gas heater, hardwood floors, linoleum: excellent condition; J20. AN dover 6058, GL encourt 7912. EAST 21ST. 1 420 2 bedrooms, large living room, dinette, stove, circulating heater; modern, $25; HO 1-llday 1617. EAST 14TH STREET. 1130 Four large, sunny rooms, hardwood floors; witter; garbage: $18. jfXCELSlOK, 1776 5-room, garage, sleeping porcn, launory, new linoleum, heaters, 822.50. FA1RMOUNT AVENUE, 636 Upper 4 rooms, sun flooded, newly decorated, modern, kitchen furnished; porch and garden; reasonable; HU mboldt 1084. GROVE, 5818 Sunny upper 5-room, newly renovated, ' block high school, garage, $16; key corner store. GREENWOOD AVENUE, 3863 Ex- Wa fine 5-room, upper; wedge-wood range; near Oakland High. GROVE, 2S29 2 flats rooms; $15. schools.. GL encourt 1314 HANOVER AVE'NUE, 467 Lower 6- room modern? lake district; GL encourt 91(5. 28 so FLATS, UNFURNISHED (Continued) "- HA IJAA" E N I E, 34 22 ppera tid lower 5 and 4-room, new'ly renovated, large basement, garages; near schools. HAKIUSON, 3107, corner 4-room, hardwood fioors, garage, lake, schools. ?20. HAMILTON PLACE, 101 6-room, sleeping porch, gas furnace, transportation, schools; GL encourt 6s.'9. KEITH AVENUE, 6969, near Col-" lege, clean 5-room upper, automatic water heater, water, range, circulating gas heater, hardwood floors, linoleum, garage; $25; GL encourt 7912. AN driver C05S. KEITH. 5970 Beautiful sunny modern 5-room, electrlc,'gas furnace; 'PI edmonf 2833J. :, KINGSLEY", 3728 4-room, modern, sunny, garage, near Oakland High, $26. MATHER. 273 Overlooking Technl-cal High; unusual 5-room, den, unfurnished, sunny, renovated, water, hot water, garhage included, $32.50, garage; OL ympic 404 8. ' MOSS AVENUE. 191 Lovely sunny upper 5-room, garage; transportation: $22.50. RICH STREET, 438 6-room, new hardwood floors, linoleum, paint; TR inld.ld 5142. TELEGRAPH. 6548 Sunny corner. f,-rooni, sleeping porch, hardwood floors; linoleum. .In kitchen; bath; garage: $20. WEST STREET, 1714 to 1718$ flats, $10.00 to $22.60; LeNoir 1436 Harrison. 5TH AVENUE, 2021 Modern, sunny 5-rooms; garage; all transportation; $30 7TH AVENUE, 806 Nice, sunny up-- per, 5-room, near transportation. 9TH' AVENUE, ) 94 G 6-rVom ; rugs, curtains, drapery, yard, garage: reasonable. 12TH - MYRTLE, flat with ranse, first, class condition; GL encourt n:: 1 4 14TJI STREET, near school 161 5-room, sunnv. snd transportation, 2 1ST AVENUE, $17.60; block 2RR1. 1523-East -5-6-rooin, $15-14th; ME rrltt 25TJI AVENUE, 2500 Upper 4-room, good condition, water, $1 2 60. AN"dover 6058. GLenrourt 7912. 29TH STREET,. 565 6-room; newly decorated; water; garage; all transportation. 31ST STREET. 6964 rooms, glass porch, laundry, basement, nice yard, newly renovated; reason able ' 34TH STREET, 545 Attractively decorated. . modern 5-rooms, $25 PI edmont 4322 W. 36TI1 STREET. 478 Sunnv 4-room u IMMACULATE; near schjSol park, I $18. 37TH STREET, 431 4-room, sleep ing porch; hardwood floors, gar age; sdulls. 41ST STREET, 329-room, 3 bedrooms, tion. $?.V Sunny upper 6-all transporta- 47TH AVENUE. 2118 5-room upper sleeping porch, all transportation, schools. 60TH STREET. 657, near ShaltucV Lower 6-room and garage, $16; OLympIo Iwhp 62ND STREET, 347 4-'roum, lower garage; transportation; reason able; HIT mboldt 8286. 705 46TH STREET', near Grove 4 large sunny rooms, modern, com pletely refinlshed; garsge; $20 .call between 1 and 3 Sundav. CLOSE In 6-rooms, garage, $18, near school: GL enco-irt 67..5. LAKE DISTRICT, Haddon Road, . 531 Reautifftc), sunny 6-room and breakfast rooni; near schools parage, water. Frlgldalre; $10; HI Ultvale 1 Klill.i. LOWER, arranged for 2 families, 4 rooms: modern. $27:50; call 1006 fith Avenue; OL encourt 90S!! PARK BOULEVARD. 3620 Sunny modern 6-room, newly decorated; near transportation, schools, stores, $25, steam heat; Piedmont 3974W. 3i FLATS. FURNISHED BERKELEY. 1816 Delaware Beau tiful 3-room, modern: garage; re duced. PI edmont 3897 R. BERKELEY, 2126 Prince Modern 4-room, sunny, upper, garage, $28, watf r. EAST 12TH, 1550 (Key Gas Sta tinn) 6-rooms, $16, including wat it. EAST 14th, 748 Three-room upper; water, garbage; $16. FR Ultvale 4073. EAST 28TH, 848 4-rnoin. sun porch, e;n raise, nenr schools, reasonable FILBERT STREET, -2830 -l-rooni upper, parage. 2 beds, water. $1 GLEN A VENUE, 44 Near Piedmont, Key; 4-room; desirable; Piedmont 2136W. grove. furnished, race. Upper 4-ro,.ni, nicely pjano; sun porch; ga- HOWE STREET, 41 1 0 3-room upper, newly decorated; hardwood floors: $20, JAYNE. 364. flat, $32.50; off Perkins ,,-room walking distance. MAGNOLIA. 842 4-room. chesterfield, sewing, washing machine; yard. HO llidny 4975. MEAD AVENUE, 8564. chesterfield: transportation V$ 18 Ol. ympic 5746. VERNO.V. .477 Beautiful neighborhood, close In, a I tractive . 5-room, irarage, l ra nspnrtal ton. $40. 4TII AVENUE, sunny 7-room, 2-room. 1623 Renovated, yard, garage; also 9TH AVENUE, 2236-gnrage, basement: Avenue. 5-room lower, call 1942 Stb 11TI1 AVENUE, 2519 4-room, neatly furnished with piano; garage; wa tor. 12TII AND MYRTLE. 4-room fill, first class condition; GL encourt 8311. 10T11 STREET, 1.63 Nicely turn, ished 3 rooms; hardwood floors; hot wster: adults. $15? 1STH STREET. 1040 Sunny 6-r n, - piano, water, g.iraRe, yard; reasons hlo. 24 I'll STREET. 326 Sunny upper 6-room, piano, near schools; GLen. court 0852. 29TH STREET, 708 Clean, nicely furnished 4-room lower; rent reasonable. 3JND STREET. 677. near Grove; modern, sunny 4-room upper; adults. $16. " OAKLAND Hiuh district; wonderful view: beautiful 5-room, fireplace; 575 Monclair. 32 OUT-OF-TOWN LAKE TAHOE, comfortably furnished log cabin, fire place, electricity accommodate six; near Bijou Bench: riding stables and golf links; HU mboldt 6749. ALL rentals: list vnnr vacancies. CALVIN PHILIPS CO. GL encouijr 4002; 407 15th Street. MAUDE BROOKE 644 Grand Avenue. GL encourt 31 69 RENT A HOME j or List Your Vacancies. BREUNER5 21st and Broadway. SOULE-BLOHM ljergest listing houses, apartments, Oakland, Piedmont district; 1924 Broadway; GL encourt 0400; na1 H. C. CAPWELL'S Call OL ympic 7144 evenings. W. A. RADFORD CO. 625 Trestle Glen Road, specializing choke Piedmont, ' Lake District homei, apartments; GL encourt I75J; evenings GL encourt 7777. - 33 HOUSES. . UNFURNISHED ALAMEDA, modern 8-room home, 2 baths, double garage; fine district, $55; C. C. Adams, Real Estate, Hotel Alameda, ALameda, 282. APRICOT STREET, 108UO, off lS7tS Avenue 4-room; hardwood floors; farage; near school; transporta- ion; reasonable: owner. ALAMEDA, modern 4-room bunga-low, garage, $22.50; BRYAN-MO rd AD, ALameda 2927. AUSTIN, 2020 Modern 4-room, garage; near transportation, shop- ping district; $15. BERKELEY, 1228 Santa Fe, 6-room, floor furnace, $27.60. 1115 Ordvvay, 5 rooms, floor furnace, $27.50. 'CLANCY, 1723 Telegraph. LA keside 8752. BERKELEY, 1492 Solano Modern i6-room bungalow; b r e ak f a t-room; hardw-ood floors; instantaneous heater; garage; Southern t'actnc; schools. BERKELEY, 1208 Cedar, 4-room, modern cottage, newly decorated, sleeping porch, garage, above San Pablo, 120. B E RKELEY, 3017 Grove 6-room, modern; garage; transportation; $23; HU mboldt 1831. BAY VIEW, 956 Attractive 6-room, 2-story stucco, beautiful grounds, near Oakland High. UKouK, 3014, off Broadway, modern 4-room, sleeping porch, garage: adults. BKYANT, 5358 5 rooms, garage, gas furnace adults: Rock Ridge District, ressonable. BATES ROAD, 1290, Trestle Glen 5-room; near schools; transportation; perfect: GL encourt 8516. CORNELL AVENUE, 1255, near Gil-man, Berkeley; 6-room stucco bunaglow, garage, $25. COOLIDGE AVENUE, 2307 5-room cottage, garage, hardwood floors, linoleum. DOVER. ; cot taj;e; adults. 25 New, small, gas ' furnace; modern garage; El iGE Woe id, 4 606 Attractive 6-room bungalow, garage; newly deeniated. modern ; M rs. Meinprice, hostess. M E rritt 41011. EAST 26TH. 2039 4-room, kitchenette, excellent condition, reason able, near transportation. EAST 23RD, 1130 6-room, sunny cottage, modern, $17.60; garage: ya rd. EAST 15th, 2117 Four rooms, dou ble garage If required; water; $18. FA I R.MONT AVENUE, 676 i-room! sleeping porch, garage; near trains, view: newlv decorated: open 2-6 Sunday; PI edmont 2951.7. FRUIT -.E, 3&58 New, modern 5- room stucco, lease $36: open: TR inidad 1268 FO( ITHILL, bungalow, 122.50. 6367-neAv 6-fooni modern paper and paint, GRANDE VISTA AVE'NUE, 2683 Unfurnished, $30; partly furnished, $35; near schools; garage; yard with fruit trees. HILL roo ION DRIVE, 5200-Modern 6- om home. newlv decoratpd: very artistic; basement garage, .tin HAWTHORNE. 375 (.list) Modern 4-rooin bungalow, wall bed, garage, slow rent. LVDDO.V ROAD, 538 6-room, furnace; near Cleveland School; AL a- inena "Ul.vi. LAGUNA, 3531 Modern 3-room bungalow, nook; including; water; f i n ; r iv u ll v a le niil.l. LAUREL tive 4 AVENUE, 3664 Attrac- room; partry furnished: bedroom wall bed; $20. .MATHER STREET 5-rooms, rustic, 2 bedrooms; $27.50. Cox, HUmholdt 0866; 4109 Piedmont A V en lie B'NTI-J VISTA AVENUE, 206 Near 40ib and Piedmont ; 6-room, good condition; furnaces; base- mem, garage; schools; J27.60. MILES AVENUE. 5366, ClHremont-lludson: Key Route; attractive 5-rnoin bungalow; breakfast nook, stov.e, linoleum, garage. M 1 RA VISTA. 583 7-room, redecor-ated: furnace; walking distance schools; $35; Piedmont 3800W. MAPLE STREET, 3456 3-room, modern, garage, close to schools. i t a iispo! in iion. MAXWELL AVENUE. 31486 large rooms, perfect condition; AN dover 0192. MiiRAGA AVENUE, 4445 6-room modern stucco cottage; near transportation. MYRTLE, 2120, corner 22nd, 6-room, garajge. basement, newly deco-ratel. $15: LA keside 8760. MONTANA, 2836 6-rooni stucco, innder.n, clean, good neighborhood, $25: Clark, TE mplebar 6249. , MADELINE, 2614 4-room, modern. Dimond district, near schools; A N dover OOMl. NKVIL STREET, 3630, off 38th Ave-nue 6 rooms, $40, steam heat, garage, yard, near car line; owner on premises Sunday. OAK KNOLL BOULEVARD, 3509-i Lovely 6-rnom, English stucco, modern home, in beautiful Osk Knoll. 3 blocks from Golf Club; newly painteJ. papered; large bedrooms. losers.Marge kitchen, conveniently arranged; two floor furnaces, combination gas grate; double garage; partlv furnished, $12.50; TR inidad 2377. OAKLAND HIGU-Olenview School-Attractive 6-ronm bungalow; furnace; transportation, $40; eleven ger-Griffin, 4U7 Park Boulevard. PIEDMONT; 7-room, 3 bedrooms, breakfast' room; gas furnace; good condition: drapes; $50; near schools, transportation. MITCH-K1.L ft AUSTIN. GL encourt 4874,, PIEDMONT. 41 Greenbank Avenue 6-room corner bungalow, near schools, rent reduced, owner there tod ny. PIEDMONT, 46 York Drive 7-room bungalow, renovated throughout; Frbjcidalre, stove, garage; $65, GL encourt 7383. PIEDMONT, 6-room, coal furnace, newly decorated, $50; 124 El Cer-rito Avenue; FR lilt vale 4834W. PI Ei iMOXT 6-rnnm modern home, furnace, garage; lease $35; OL ympic- 2967. ROSS STREET, 5806 English stucco, .1 bedrooms, breakfast room, 2 car garage, hear transportation, all schools; range, drapes; OL ympic 6316. SUNNYHILLS ROAD, 12583 bed. rooms, 2 baths, maid's room, bath, detached double garage; large grounds and gardens; owner on premises all day. SHAFTER, 3787 5-room sunny cot tage, partly f urnlshed ; near transport.-! t joti : reason a hie. SHAFTER AVENUE, 4316 5-room. newly decorated; Norge; near all transportation. WADEAN PLACE, 6424 6-room, porches, near modern, sleeping transportation. WHITTLE AVENUE. 3863 6-room, modern, garage, near Dimond Park, central. WISCONSIN, 3606 Choice 4-room stucco, hardwood, built-in"' bed, tile bath, drain; parage; $25. , YGNACIO AVENUE, 5120 -room; garage; near trains; cars; school; AN dover 4001. 10TH AVENUE, 2211 Modern 6- room bungalow, garage, basement. ME rrltt 2444. 18TH STREET, 738 5-room, sunny cottage. garage, down town; $22.50. 19 TH STREET, 724 4-rooni, sunny, newly renovated, water, ngnt; garage; adults; quiet; central; $ 1 6". 23RD A VENUE, 1907 Clean, sunny t-room cottage, garage, schools, transportation, ?ls. 29TH STREET, 5494 rooms, clean. sunny; io, including water, GL encourt 8607. 3STH AVENUE, 1807 6-room, ga- rnge, basement suitable worst Dop; AX dover 3077. ..AVENUE, 3990 5-roo-m, large lot, garage, basement, chlckent: 1S.OO. V 50TH AVENUE, 2157 5. roonis; near all transportation: schools. 53RD .AVENUE. 1544 Modern I- room, $35 month, also 54th Avenue 1699 5-room, $17.50; SW eetwood 1223. ., : ' (Continued)

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