Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 31, 1932 · Page 26
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 26

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1932
Page 26
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J ! ! I 26 TUESDAY" -EITENING MAY 31, 1932 HAGSTROM'S FOOD STORES MANAGERS AND SALESPEOPLE INVESTED IT FOOD STORES LOCAL STORES - ! - - w HAGSTROM'S FOOD STORES ANNOUNCEMENT, PAGE H ip- i nn. . - . ;iiinnirnn nil ! WORKERS ON HALr mllLIIIN W Equipment and Merchandise f -Largely Bought From )V Lcal Firm, f Says Owner pemonstratlng their faith in be future of ; the Greater Oakland area with hard cash, Emll A. Itng-; strom and his associate are Investing half a,, million dollars In ' equipment and merchandise atth ' start of their new enterprise? Hng-' strom'sood Stores, according . to rftU.K. Berger. ' '. As much ns possible Is being ' spent with local industries, ac- V ----cording to a statement by Hag-strom. " Among the purchases maife locally are 10 Fagcol motor .rucks, refrigerating machinery from the ' Sierra Machine company of Berkeley, .milk pasteurizers from the -Jensen Creamery Machinery company, Oakland, three thousand milk cases from the Inland Mnn-.' Ufac'turlng company ' of Oakland, and ' many " others from Greater Oakland firms. , STOCKHOLDERS WOHK.,; Hagstrom stated today tiiat every stockholder In the new company la a local resident and an active employee of' the con. ccrn. In every sense, the business Is locally, owned and local-ly operated. . - "Among my associates, continued Hagstrom, ara W. B. Rosamond, vice president and sales manager; Andrew Stockholm, maintenance manager; James Stockholm, treasurer nd buyer; M, W. McCarthy, secretary and office manager, and Walter Sandall, assistant sales manager and a, director In the company. "Others Include O. , C. Jenson, produce buyer; Lawrence Bono, ' meat buyer; P. II. Berger, advertising manager, and Krncst Sharp, Carl Joseuhsen, G. A. Messlnger, and Ernest Goodman, store supervisors. j'- EXPERIENCED STAFF. ' '"AH of these men have-been . associated with me In ilie retail food business for ninny years. Idea gained by them In their long experience In Greater Oak land are Incorporated In the new tores, declared Ilngatront. "Special types of display' stands and other fixtures have been devised, by them for the convenience of customers. The stores hava been laid out to make shopping quick and convenient. Customers will hava their choice of serving themselves or having clerks wait on them." The meat markets nave been especially designed for Hajr-strom's stores. Latest type refrigerator display cases are nsed to keep the meat fresh and In-vlting. Lawrence Bono, meat buyer for Hagstrom's stores, is considered an expert In selecting choicest meats and In training meat cutters to serve the pnbllo ' courteously, stated nagstroin. CHOICE rHODCCTS. C. C Jenson, produce buyer for the new stores, has made arrangements with leading western growers and shippers of fruits and veg-etables to secure some of the choicest products of western farms "and orchards. ' The produce departments In the stores will be roomy and arranged to display the merchandise neatly and attractively. A trained produce man will be In, charge of ewh department, with -the sole daty of -keeping the fruits and vegetables In the beat of condition. Hagstrom's stores will feartnre popular brands of groceries, Contracts have been made with some nf the best known firms for canned roods. No attempt will be made to ell unknown brands In competition with the nationally advertised ' labels. .., - SPACE FOR PATRONS. ' ' The grocery department of the tores Is laid out to carry complete stocks without appearing crowded. Ample space- Is left between .shelves and display stands for customers to walk about freely, f Emll A. Hagstrom has been in . the creamery business the greater-part of III lire. It Is his plan ;to make a special feature of, . fresh milk, cream, butler, Ice cream and other' dairy products . In the new stores. A creamery now Is under cnnstrnctlnn to supply the stores with these prod-" nets,' ' The creamery will1 be' located In jth firm's headquarters building at .One Hundred and Seventh av- , enue and East Fourteenth street. , Plans also . call for the con- -traction of a bakery In this building to "npply the stores with bread and rolls. The total 4 , expenditure for these manufac-1 ' taring plans, trucks, store equipment and merchandise will rnn t $500,000, all of which is be-, ' Ing Invested in cash by Hag- 1 strom and Ms associates. This new enterprise means work for many Greater Oakland rest dents and income for owners of store property, as well as Increased activity for the firms which will upply Hagstrom's stores with merchandise and equipment. It will eventually mean a new million dollar Industry, owned by local men and actually contributing very day to Greater Oakland's prosperity, continued the president and general manager ofthi.new enterprise; - . " . : 1 ' S , A DINNER MENU - . ... Broiled Lamb Chops Buttered New Potatoes ' V .' Asparagus Florida '.'" Bread . Butter, .. Fruit Psilad In Gelatin C'J'-oanut Meringue Cake Coffee :' . i . if ci M k w V S I sw vl v-w I gWh - zmsnssis, 'anziismsi " .i.. 'i. "C-.f.--i., Stmmn-1 Mll , , lim , , i & Al- . A group of Hagstrom' tore employees who will lake charge of the first 10 (ore of the chain tomorrow morning. First row, left to right; Leonard Harris and Merwin Miller, of the meat department at 316 Fourteenth street; Mary Kelly, Harry Anderson a. id Walter Ryan, grocery department staff of the same store; Teas Ford, Jack Schmidt and Tillie Can-others, grocery staff at 1603 Solano avenue store; Norman Clegg, meat depart ment of Solano avenue store; Eddie Whalen, Roy Fisher and Lawson Weill, employees .of the store "at 620 Main street, Mar-inez. Second row, left to right, Jim Melton, also of the Martinez store; Mipma Waters, Mrs. Christina Nelson, Clara Patterson anif Bruno "Cap" Pedretti, of 1537 Webster street. Alameda; Harry Montague and Ed Benson, meat cutters ;?t . .1537 Webster street; Jennie Sisley, Nell McCullough, Mar vin Avela,' Marion Ross and Jorgen Norbelle, employed at 2036 San Pablo avenue, Berkeley. Third row, left to right: P. T. Perata, Bill Kreuckel, Johnnie Monroe, Karen Wollert, G. H. Peterson, Bob Waters, Byron Clark, Louis Ar-rozco, Blanche Bidwell, Angie Kreuckel, Bill Thorpe fcand Clyde Lanphier, who will be assigned to various stores for the opening sale Wednesday. . BRANCH STORES TO BE OPENED Besides the stores located In the Eastbsy cities proper, It Is the Intention of Hagstrom's Food Stores to locate in nearby smaller towns, according to Walter Sandall, who has been assisting Emll A, Hagstrom with the real estate department of the business. Sandall states that leases already have beon signed for stores In Mar-tines, Napa and Llvermore, and that negotiations are under way for several others in. Alameda and Contra Costa county. Those stores will be served dally by trucks from the Oakland plant and warehouse building. Eventually the firm plais to have a net- work of stores extending from the headquarters building . to most nearby cities and towns, Sandall said. j - ... - Headquarters Are Opened Headquarters for Hagstrom's Food stores hav been stabltshe'd In the eld Star. Motors plant at 10 7th -avenue and East Fourteenth street. This consists of a - anvil, oK flee building, and a large building at th rearconstrueted in three wings. .' The central section of the plant will be used as the grocery snd produce warehouse for the stores. In one of the wings a creamery will be constructed, while the other Is to be used for a hnkery. The apace -AiSveen these, two wings is used for loading platforms and' a maintenance yard for the company's trucks. Grounds surrounding the Hagstrom plant are landscaped and kept up like a beautiful park by a corps of gardeners. It Is the intention of the firm to '-maintain these grounds in their presejnt lovely condition ss one of the show spots of the Enstbay cities. ' .. . t 4 ; - Firm to Specialize In Dairy Department The fllstrtbutlon of milk, cream and other dairy products has been my work for many years. Jn our new sloroa we plan to concentraLe on (his department and make it one of the principal features." J hls was the statement made by Emil A. Hagstrom in announcing that a creamery will tjg part ot the headiunrtera hulldlngt" of the new Hagstrom's - Food Slores chain, opening Its first ten stores tomorrow -morning. " - . - t , 1 Veteran Will Have Charge of Shop Ray rrltchard, veteran meat cutter, will be In charge of the meat department in the Hagstrom store at 3268 Grand avenue, according to an announcement by Lawrence Bono, meat buyer for the concern. Lydla Holub will be In charge of the grocery department at this store, whire mnny other well-known salespeople will be Vemployed In both the meat and grocery departmental . . . . - Produce Display Man .Will. Have Charge Clarence Pardee, produce display man, will, be supervisor of produce departments In the Hagstrom stores, according to C. C. Jensen, produce buxer. I'erdee has Spent his entire buslofi lifetime in displaying and selling fresh fruits and vegetables, according to Jensen, and will be responsible for the condition of the produce departments in all of the stores in the chain. EXECUTIVES VETERANS Every, executive connected with Hagstrom's-food stores has been an associate of Emll A. Hagstrom for many years. The length of service runs, from six to 12 years for these men, - Billing System Modern Feature Among the very modern features Incorporated In the Hagstrom Food Stores office is a Powers warehouse billing system, according to Edward Frlberg, In charge of th!sropartment. By this method, Frlberg states, It Is possible to take an Inventory of the warehouse stock at any time, as all merchandise Is' represented by cards kept in bins In the office. According to Frlberg, when a store order comes in, the proper cards are taken fro mthe bins and run through a mechanical billing device.' This prints the address "of the store on a form, lists all of the merchandise ordered and totals the columns In less time than lt'-would be possible to do that task by hand. STORE OPENING AIDS EASTBAY "The opening of our new chain of stores has meant a considerable amount of added business for East-bay printers, stationers, office equipment people, and similar firms," is the statement of M. W. McCarthy, office manager, of the Hagstrom stores. According to McCarthy, pur-, chases already .made for his office amount to several thousand dollars, and there will bo a steady stream ot orders for forms and additional equipment as the company Increases in size. Among the Items already bought ror tne oiiice are two jar,ge dook-keeping machines, four typewriters,- two motor-driven calculating machines and files, desks, chairs, tables and other equipment. HOME ECONOMICS r Cheese Timbales BREAKFAST Grapefruit "Jl ea'd y ; JGo ok e d,. ,. Co r n a Ce r ea I , Buttered Toast ... ' i. s ' Orange Marmalade . Coffee LUNCHEON Minced Ham Sandwiches Celery Hot Chocolate Sugar Cookies Apples DINNER Cheese, Timbales Buttered Teas Bread Currant Jam Head Lettuce French pressing Cocoanut Cream Tie , Coffee 2 1 1 ',' U. MINCED HAM FILLING (Kor i sandwiches) cup chopped cooked ham hard cooked egg tnhle.spoons pickle rell.h tablespoon finely chopped onions teaspnon'salt tablespoons salad dressing Mix ingredients. Spread on buttered slices of white bread. . Add bits of lettuce and cofcr ' with other buttered bread slices. SUGAR COOKIES (3 DOZEN) 1 cup butter 2 cups sugar ' eggs tablespoons cream teaspooi nutmeg teaspoon vanilla teaspoon lemon extract":.;, teaspoon salt . 1 3 14 cups flour 1 teaspoon cream of tartar Cream the butter and sugar. Add eggs and cream. Beat well. Add rest of Ingredients, Chill dough. Break oft bits and flatten dosvn .. 8 ....-Inches apart ntv greased linking sheets. Bake 13 minutes in moderate oven. CHEESE TIMBALES, SERVING- X cfup grated cheese 1 cup soft bread crumbs eggs; beaten cup milk teaspoon salt tablespoons catsup teaspoon paprika 2 tablespoons butter, melted 1 tablespoon chopped parsley Mix ingredients. Fill buttered Individual molds. Se, in pan ot water. Bake 26 minutes in moderate oven. - Unmold carefully and surround with creamed peas or mushrpoms. Servo at once. MERINGUE 3 egg white . ' - 1-3 cup sugar , H cup cocoanut " " 1-3 cup shredded almonds 1 teaspoon cinnamon; 2. tablespoons sugar', (confectioner's) J Beat whites and add H cup of sugar. Beat until creamy. Add cocoanut. Spread over cake mixture. Mix almonds, cinnamon and two tablespoons of confectioner's sugar. Sprinkle over egg whites. Bake forty-five minutes in slow oven. When cool, use sharp knife which has been dipped in warm water and cut into squares. Remove with spatula ""An, remove waxed paper'. Serve plaiwor topped with whipped cream orvfresh fruit, 2 X 2 Meals for a Day ' BREAKFAST Rhubarb Sauce -Ready Cooked Corn Cereal Bran Mucins Coffe ' LUNCHEON Egg Salad Bread Butter t ' " Fruit Cookies Tei DINNER Tomato Supreme Baked Sweet Potatoes . Bread Butter Fruit Salnd French Dressing Strawberry Shortcake Coffee BRAN MUFFINS (9) 1 cup bran 1 14 cups flour 4 tablespoons sugar teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon soda 14 teaspoon baking powder 3 tablespoons molasses ' 1 cup sour mllj J; 1 egg - 2 tablespoons fat, melted Mix Ingredients and heat'itwo minutes,. Half fill greased muffin pans and bake 15 minutes In moderate oven. Serve hot or cold with butter. r EGG -SALAD FOR 4 4 hard cooked eggs, diced 14 cup diced celery 2 tablespoons chopped pimentos 1 tablespoon chopped onions 14 teaspoon salt 14 teaspoon paprika 1-3 cup salad dressing' Mix and chill ingredients. Serve on lettuce leaves. TOMATO SUPREME (A meat, substitute,) 4 tablespoons fnt 4 tablespoons chopped onions 4 tablespoons chopped celery 2 cups boiled rice 2 tablespoons chopped parsley 1 teaspoon salt H teaspoon paprika 2 cups tomatoes 14 cup diced or grated cheese Heat fat in frying pan. Add onions, celery and rice, Cook slowly snd stir frequently until all ingredients have browned Add rest of ingredients. Boll vigorously B minutes. Cover and cook slowly 10 minutes. Stir frequently. ASPARAGUS FLORIDA (Serving Six) 34 spears asparagus 4 cups water 1 teaspoon salt" 3 tablespoons butter H. 4 tablespoons flour 2 cups milk teaspoon celery salt ; 14 teaspoon paprika. 2 tablespoons chopped parsley 1 tablespoon chopped jflmentos Mix salt and water. When boiling, add asparagus and boll gently twenty minutes. Drain carefully, so that asparagus will not break. Arrange on buttered toast on serving, platter. Top with sauce. Melt butter, add flour and when blended add milk. Add seasonings and cook until thick creamy sauce forms. Stir constantly; The sauce can be ma while asparagus is eooking, so that they will be done at stmt time, INVESTMENT LARGE I Is the equivalent of a million dol- 1 cities In payroll, taxes paid and The new Hagstrom organization I lar industry added to the Easthay I other Items. Alterations to. Take? -Care of Fixtures Provides Job For Painters, Plumberi Hagstrom's Food Stores Is furnishing employment to a large crew of electricians, plumbers, painters and other workmen preparing stores for opening, according to Andrew Stockholm, the firm's .maintenance manager. Every stcro occupied by th company requires a certain amount of alteration to accumulate th particular type of fixtures used by Hagstrom's stores, according to Stockholm. This mcana anywher from a day or two to several weeks ot work for a large crew of men. Stockholm pointed out that th dominant color In every Hagstrom. store will be whiter This mean more than the' ordinary amount of work for painters, and will be the source of further employment In keeping up the stores. . "The: general publio conies In contact only with the salespeople In the stores. "Stockholm said, "but we also ar- furnishing employment to lany workmen who are never seen by most people. We believe that our new enterprise la doing , a great dear to relieve ihe unemployment problem in Oakland." MERCHANDISE PROVEN Hagstrom's stores will handl popular, advertised brands Of merchandise, according to James Stockholm, head buyer. No attempt will be made to substitute unknown labels. H An Institution jASTBAY j Eastbay Industries 0t yjy pllllIlM FOOD STORES . .v.:..:.:.;.-:.:---:---.:-.-:-;-.:: at II "" f i . . I I : ' One of ten neto Fagcol trucks purchased for Hagstrom s Food Stores" HagstroiiiV Food Stores are stimulating business activity in the East Bay Cities by leasing many stores; employing a large number of men and women, and by buying supplies and equipment, wherever possible, from local concerns. Thousands of dollars already have been ispent by Hagstrom's Stores with local manufacturers. Following is a partial list of these purchases; . , MOTOR TRUCKS 1 -' Fageol Motors Company, Oakland GROCERY TRUCK BODIES' Cochran & Celli, Oakland .REFRIGERATOR TRUCK BODIES - ' Wpod Brothers, Oakland , MILK TRUCK BODIES , ' Ti: Jensen & Nelson, Oakland BAKERY TRUCK BODIES , Jensen & Nelson, Oakland REFRIGERATOR MACHINERY Sierra Machine Company, Berkeley MILK PASTEURIZERS ; Jensen Creamery Machinery Company. Oakland MILK CASES Inland Manufacturing Company, Oakland LUMBER AND SUPPLIES " , . Loop Lumber Company, Alameda Boorman Lumber Company, Oakland ' Eureka 'Lumber Company, Oakland -PAINTS AND VARNISHES Triangle Paint Company, Oakland National Lead Company. Oakland PLATE GLASS WINDOWS Rose Glass Company, Oakland Lopal food manufacturers likewise have'ljeen favored wherever possible in the purchase of merchan- dise for ale in the etores. SlIcm'OTii&TOodl Storey jc3BC9MHIHL. JIG H ,1 ? i

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