Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 20, 1935 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 20, 1935
Page 6
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E*^"" f.^l • r . 'ttrtHVC ^S'S'SM 1 '**? ' 1, "' '^'l^.-.^'lf^X " .^ V * VV;, 1 HOPE S1PAR, HOPE; ARKANSAS Friday, ttewber 20, n Old A's Foxx Follows Lef- rove to Red Sox's Big Pocketbook ki' -« tKlfite£^4cW*il*i*(iw* A'tt&tekfc In giving $100,060 and s ftrttpte btitebodtes tor the tttustetotit Jtftiriy FioscSt and Pttehef Johfifiy Mtocufh, >Va\ykc^ «dso hn* made n good buy hV as tefwrted, he has pftld Connie i Mack «tt additional $130.000 for will* ( flsldet Sogcf Cvwher and Shortstop Eric McNatr. Yflwkey, who has Stusk more than 8,1,500,000 into the business, deserves a brenk. tt is the concensus that the Tigers sharpened their teeth when they ac- ttuirSd Aloysius H. Simmons, an old A \vhb hover could hit In Chicago, for $15,000. Simmons, wlnsc batting average dropped to .260 In 1935. his first poor se&son in an even dozen, Is expected to be his old self under Cochrane's skillful guidance and the hnppicr stir* toundings of Navin Field. It will be recalled that Goose Goslin came back like an election repeater under Cochrane when Clark Griffith considered him rather washed up. With Simmons performing between Goslhi and Pete fox. the Detroit outfield no longer will be coiled the joke of the American League. Even in his _, ... , mc«t protracted slump of last season, ,Two old As qmckty jumped to re- SiJIimons was t h e most accomplished rtown as managers-Mickey Cochrane de f etwtvc outfielder in the game, in Detroit add Jimmy Dykes with the j^j j^ ol(l A to Oo Chicagp White Sox. ,„„„„, Foxx. who will threaten Babe Ruth's -fiank G. Navm borrowed $100,00!); hon1c run record of ^ wjlh thc ad . With Which to purchase Cochnme, who; vantage of th e short left field wall at took the Tigers to twoj consecutive: Femvay Park , is the last of Ule oW A flags and their first World champion- regu j nrs to leave Philadelphia, unless ship in modern baseball and made his Pop . Eye Mahattey, the pitcher, is con- owner rich again. , s ; dered as suc Hv Cramer and McNan In hta first.full season as leader of i were second . s t r i llg men during Mack's the White Sox, Dykes revived Amer-1 ]ast pennant Binning campaigns in Scan League interest and dividends in Chicago. ' ' .Yawkey Deserves Break ,'„Young Tom Yawkey, owner of the Boston Red Sox, didn't fare so well i c]anger 3{ flashing worse than second With, his initial large investments m j in 1935 old A's which brought Robert_Mpses wl] .j e {he Red Sox were being built Just Like Old Troupers, Quins Make Movis Debut tty HARRY OttAYSON • Sports EdH«r, NtA Sen-ice ™r« v CHICAGO - Baseball's latest big ffi ' * * 1" (teats again stress the strength of the -.Philadelphia Athletics who dominated thfe American League in 1929, '30. arid ,'<«, and swept to wurld championships tie first two OttoberS. i Thfr old A'S probably will go down iM history with the Baltimore Orioles tit the Ws and the other two or three greatest clubs of all tune. The fattic b£ ^the Orioles survived because so jftany of them remained in the thick of things stt long—John McOraw, Htighey Jennings, VVUbcrt Robinson, Gleason, Ned Harilon, and Jack Quaker Town. It strikes me that the representatives of the New York Yankees quit the meetings here with their club in Grove, Rube Walbcrg. Max Bishop, into the foremost challengers of De* -,,. .i 1 i j nil'.' li IV iutvmuav v-nc»jiiciis*-A-? w«. *-"=" and Dib Williams, but scarcely made troit an{ , the 1 : igers wcre strengt h en Sa Safe by Ordering Your XMAS CAKE NOW so that you can be sure of getting just the kind you -want. ' Layer Cakes* Fruit Cakes Phone 320 and place your order now. CITY BAKERY oi iiLLt: KUiBON Bread A HOPE INSTITUTION ed, the Yankee agents evidently were content to rest with Joe Di Maggio, | husky Italian lad c! San Francisco, as their only notable replacement.' Chicago, which should be bolstered, let Simmons go with nothing in thc way of a regular participant in return. Cleveland failed to come up with the catcher it So sorely needs. • League..Lacks Leadership At this writing it looks like n two- club race ebtween Detroit and Boston. Washington is no better off than it was in 1935. The same old picture is .presented' in St. Louis, and Philadelphia is ready to fall out of the loop as Mack attempts another fresh start at 73. Not since-American Leagiie owners forced Byron Bancroft Johnson out of the game has tho circuit been so badly in need of his type of leadership. Johnson wouldn't have sat idly by and watched a two-time flag winner .strengthened while obvious second division outfits sat still. The Boston National League situation is,' worse than ever. While thp Bed Sox get Foxx and Marcum, who won 17 games for the last place A's, and are reported to have closed for Cramer and McNair, all the Braves wind up with is honest old Bob Quinn. Gaaie Asylum' Considered | TALIHINA, Okla.— (.4?) —Establishment of a game asylum in the Kia- j michi mountain area is under consideration by the federal forestry de- gartmcnt, Arthur Kelsnu. HtipsvviK.o;. aiuiouncod. J5 1935. NEA Service. Inc. "Seems to be ;i lot going oti around hero today, but are we excited? Not a bit." was tho attitude of tue Diouue quintuplets as they made ttietr clebiu before the movie camera in their Callandor, Ont., home. Tbe most poised individuals in the uursery, they went rigbt ahead tylth tnelr routine. OH shown Uere, playing up to sroat style to ttie Ur. Uafoe of the Him. Jean UersUolt, wlio Is making friends with them tu tuts sceue. And Nurse Dorothy Peterson seems to be In solid already, as she carefully holds her precious burden. "Best Oaoy actresses I ever atiw," was tbe director's terdlct. Wrestling Bouts Scheduled Monday Change in Weekly Fair Park Show to Avoid Christmas Conflict The regular weekly boxing nnd wrestling show nt Fair park will be held Monday night of next week instead- of Wednesday, the dntc being moved up because Wednesday (alls on Christmas. Promoter Bert Mauldin announced that Boar Cnt Stevens, of Shrevcport, wculd meet Dusty Rhodes of Hope in n finished wrestling mntch, based ori two otil of three falls. Mickey McCoy of Shrcvoporl, will meet. Bntt Nelson of Acndia, La., hi n scheduled five-round boxing match. A number of amateur boxing and wrestling matches will conclude the program. Old Departments Will Absorb NRA President Plans to Redistribute Powers of the Recovery Unit WASHINGTON-)/?}—The adminis- Inition is working out plans for transferring the expiring NRA organira- licn to two or three established gov- . eminent, agencies—but the details are not finally determined. President Roosevelt said Friday that 1 plans are being considered to trans- j fcr the' NRA to the various deparl- i ments, dividing- its functions among I them. He explained thnt the plan is I only for the balance of NRA's life. Hubbc'r-tired steam locomotives may be seen on the highways of England. They nre used to pull freight trucks. Hopkins Strikes at Relief Critics Hoover Has No Room to Talk, on 1929-83 Record, Says Administrator WASHlNGTON-f/n-Former President Hoover's attacks on the New Deal work relief program Thursday drew retorts tram tho administration and nn announcement by Harry L. Hopkins that ho had attained his goal of putting 3,500,000 to work during thc week beginning December 9. The WPA administrator said that, during his recent Midwestern speaking tour he had found local authorities pleased with the program bccMtsc "they nre good, substantial projects." | Hopkins said jobs totaled 2,678,629 during the week beginning November 9, while other federal agencies accounted for an additional 825,000, Confronted with Hoover's charge that 140,000 persotvs are on the pay roll of New Deal alphabetical agencies Hopkins grew angry. "There is no such number; working fcr us as that," he wild, adding:. "What Hoover said about us and our nlhnin- islratlon of relief Is important only if it is considered in the light of what he dirl for the unemployed between 1929 nnd 1933.' 1 Though Major Berry ]* by an Ethiopian chleftnlti ma hy who toml«.t his conference afS certain the, hoard repented frequently tho terif "Rns Berry." The AAA benefit payment eVA m CM In a new version; the p6n mightier than the plowshare. With the territory Chinese one dftj and Japanese the Jlcxt. It seems rather hard place id 6rleiH one's sol WnWshington Is so crowded It jjiavcs to spill over Into adjacent) '•owns, nnd Americans who have al' ways wanted to see the capital maj some day have tho edge on Mahomet 9 GIFT SUGGESTIONS Billfolds, HlblPs, TestHrtionts, Toilet I Sets, Kleclrlcnl Gifts, Cjindy innl Many Others , JOHNS, GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Phone 03 Hope, Ark. . Established 1835 *** «w -NY?' By Rodney Dutcher WASHINGTON.—If it hadn't been for George Whnrton Pepper, Justice Owen Joscphus Roberts probably wouldn't be en' thc S. S. Supreme Court. L '• \*l Roberta is tho "old man" nn the court and if he votes consistently with ils fcvir recognized conservatives, the New Dual will be licked 011 much of ils most important legislation. Pepper represented the Hoosac Mills trustees and made an impassioned appeal against processing taxes in the oig AAA test case before the supreme .•ouri. Tn 192'J. r,s a senator from Pennsylvania, he urged upon President Coolidge the appointment of Roberts, a fellow Philadelphia Republican, as special counsel with Allee Pomerene in the Teapot Dome nnd Elk Hills oil cases. After the Senate hud refused to stomach Coolidge-'s first choice—Silas Strawn of Chicago—Cooliclga named During the first six month of 1935, Baltimore, Md.. was second only to I New York City in American shipping. i The now reservoir created by Boul- j dor Dam will hold 1,453.915,000,000 gnl- | Ions of water, according to the com( missioner of reclamation. To keep the surplus low, Brazil has destroyed 35,121.000 bags of coffee since 1931. imiimniiuii _ HDoes Your Roof Leak?= 5One month of nilu costs Hopu cl(~ ijflzeiis more than one year's fires S \Vc Can Fix a Good Roof. 5 5 We.'dm Help an Old One. = HllllllllllllllllllllllMIIIIIIMIIIIIIIMMIli Do Your Christmas Food Shopping j with us, where you will find a complete line of fine quality staple and fancy groceries. Fruits, Nuts and Candies. And all so reasonably priced, f Phone 607 SERVICE GROCERY Delivery Thin is your newspaper. Write (o it. Letters criticising .the editorial policii or coum'oiUinf) upon )(U'ts in the news columns, ar<? equally welcome. Choose o topic even/one milt be interested in. Be 'irief, At'oic! persona! abuse. The world's greatest critics were jjain- polite. Ei'er-ti writer must his name and address. Roberts at Pepper's behest. ^ Ei AGILE 1 STAMP GET YOUR EXTRA SAVING EAGLE STAMPS WHILE DOING YOUR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING — SPECIALS GOOD UNTIL CHRISTMAS FRUITS And VEGETABLES ~" In EACLE DISCOUNT STOMP C'J. . SOCE Chinese booi^i still \.-:ast \vhicb j were made with leavea oi jade. The j inscriptions are run in with gold. CLEMENTS BARGAIN GROC Formerly the Landes Supply Co. HOT SHOTS FOR THE CHRISTMAS TRADE SUGAR 20 L,, 95c HERSHEY COCOA The Largest Size—1 Lb 10c BROOMS All Broom Corn Each 19c MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE A Real Bargain At—Pound 25c EGGS Fresh Selects Dozen 28c CANDY Fancy Grocers Mix Pound 103 COCONUTS Each 5e APPLES WINESAP Red and Juicy—Dozen Ifle LARD JEWEL or ADVANCE 8 Pound Carton ,ur The Star: I s^u a jrui-.t ilat.! it, benva said about whiuky, in ciie paper I think it is just a question of whether we will have ths revenue or not. I have been in Heinpstead county over 60 years, tmd ther whisky here since I have. They say they are going to put it cut of Hope. If they can, it would be all right—but I have seen Hope grow from a mudhole on the prairie, with two or three stores, to the beautiful I.-', r'rm'urci. 1 tlx' y"\ <-•. -aiiifj 1 '.- 1 "i' •••Vll.". ••nc! in'hitv i~'J tucii t';-..i'.'' ; s <:> ma):;, ui nit. lo^'ii:;;! clioico by Koovur in 1930 tor the highkcst bench (after the Senate hud refused to stand for Judge John J. Parker). The Roberts-Pepper connection has rdiiuuuii- 1 , ,_. ,. . has been "° significance, of course, except as it CELERY Well Bleached Stalk may indicate another example of the reasons guiding large corporations in their selection of counsel to appear in the courts. Pepper had previously been retained by eastern packers in hog procsss- He is suo- S ^ ,rS,Kar I 1 neve!? ££ i g^" ha^r^inp Ko | the time when whisky was not sold i Ho-c ^^^rou.h .nfluenc., of CANDY CHRISTMAS MIX Ounce Package tOc POTATOES U. S. NO. 1 REDS in Hope. I have seen it with blinds tu push back, in the saloon. I have seen local option. And I have seen it when it was supposed to be bone-dry. And I have seen the package liquor store— and I think the liquor store system is best. It has clone away with moonshinin-* and bootlegging. When the Eighteenth Amendment was passed there was not one man out of fifty that knew how to inaku whisky, or had seen any made. Today 9.1 out of 100 know how it is made, or have seen it made. That's how things were in this part of the county. Now to turn it loose, without money to pay the .expenses of holding court, looks to me like bad business. I' looks like we need all the revenue possible If and when a man says he can break up niuonshining and bootlegging in a dry county, I know what he i.s ' nougl Armour & Co. and co-trustee in Hcnsac with ex-Senator William M. Butler of Massachusetts. Laiulon's Stock nn Rise Governor Alf Landoa's stock in the! Republican nomination contest has been booming here lately. One reason is that iht- country and j the politicians seem to be showing con.-iiderably more enthusiasm for Landon, the buflgct-hiilancer. than for Col. Frank Knux. tin- 1 Chicugo publisher. Another i.> a gru\viii(; bcliel that Senator Arthur Vandenberg, regarded as a third strong possibility, doe.sn't wiint. the 1936 G. O. P. noinination unless ho is .sure it's worth having. From .suurc'ti .snot very farm the j | .senator tinni' reports that he i.-; in-1 | clined to Iwlievo Ron.sfvi'.'lt'.s chiinces | ! of rc-fli-;-tii)ii iinr ruthJ.T fto^id. Vtm- tlenber'v is ixceptionail.v ciiniiy I'lid i ni'obubly i-viiii/i'-i lha.t it dix'sn't ilo a Try YUKONS Best Flour None Better—Few as Good Fresh Carload in Stock SHOTGUN SHELLS, Smokeless Powder Bargain Price, BOX These are fresh shells straight from the factory. 59c We Have a Full Supply of Christmas Nuts and Candies and Would Appreciate Your Trade. Home Owned—Home Operated . cause. people know it is not right for one man to pay revenue aiid the other not; and they will tell on him. | On the other hand, in a dry county. if a sheriff, constable or deputy is i seen in a community every moon- shiner and bootlegger 1 knows he i.s there. , . Now under th.tie circumstances whal can a prohibition officer do'.' The people never expect to net rid of all the moonshiners and bootlfuuei-s in a dry. and it will take probably :; yt-wr 01- so— but thuy will never pr{ shut, of them under prohibition. As long ah oeople drink whisky soine- bccly will make it, and why not it-l them pay the revnuu tax'.' Ju.st think of the first day of pruhi- bition and the last day of it. and see how many more moonshiners ."-iid booiKigk'ws there were, and how,' many men and boys had bten sent to the j,c-n — which it is not pleasure to me to tte them go. Be fair, and then make the decision whether you want what we had under prohibition, or waul the tax revenue which is justly due. L. C. BEITS D.-teii'bcr »>. JM5 faimos. Ark. Tht Royal College of SurHC-jn-s in i London contains whai is said to be i the oldest. Egyptian iiiuiiuny known. ! ; It is that of Ba-Nofer of the Uiird Ulyiutsij-. ;ib«ut 29«0 B (.'.. —,,7 ', ,, - , , • • i •„ f ,.. \ 19-10 ;:ciiu!id-.it-; any gciod to IK: bailly telling, for I have- had six years, ut e,.- | ^ ( ^ .^ ^ Perienee. . . ; On the other hand, a Republican But it can be broken up m ,. cou«- ; candidiltu who ^.^ llem . baulh ty where whisky is sold .legally, be- Roosevolt noxt y(inr wo ,, k , be a strong contender for renominatum four years later. Vandtiiherf's attitude toward ' the l!)3(i nomination i.s likely to be cle- j termined by ihe degree to which i Roosevelt seems to grow weaker or I .stronger in Ihe next four or five i months. ! Frank to Quit finiiii Trust Jerome B'ranl;. ont'e one of the most '. conspicuous of the br.'iintruslers ami I still an active figure In-hind the .scenes, will quit the New Deal staff in Jan! uary. Nationally kno'.vn ;i.; u hiillijiH lawyer. Prank lafi :i S:;i.'.i)HO or S 10.000 a yc.nr pructice in Ne-.v Vorl; 'u become i'fner.MJ counsel .foi- AAA in iu earlv davi'. I He quickly bee;.:r,c one of the oul- .•o vigorously did he champion the ir>ti.T'-:.<:ts of fiiuncrs and consumers that lie was tvenluully forced out by Adminiflralor Chester Davis. He was then appointed to RFC, where he worked <.n iinp^nant railroad cases. he!p..-<i wri'e the work- relieJ act, aided in ]]iunnin:{ AAA's I sujireme court defense. ;:.;<! helped prepare defense of canes brought by power conmanies. He resigns cliiul'ly for fin:i)icu>l : reasi.n.s. Rc-ykjavik. capital of leeUmd. was named after the hot springs which are' so prevalent in the' country. The luiiiii.' ireans "SJiiukina hai'hrir." SUGAR DOMINO PURE CANE Pound Cloth Bag WALNUTS, Ib 17c BRAZIL NUTS, Ib 17c c I ALMONDS Lb 23c RRIES Quart C ONIONS Lbs. Dozen Dozen Pound COCOANUT Long Thread Pound IQclSUGAR Brown and Confectioners P.kgs. 25c 21clSMACKS 8 oz. Package FRESH And CURED MEATS DECKER'S TALL KORN SLICED AGON p 6U na32c PHILADELPHIA CREAM CHEESE 25c PKGS. FOR MINCEMEAT "THE VERY BEST" Brandy Added Pound 19c DECKER'S IOWANA Fancy Sugar Cured Half or Whole HAMS EXTRA FANCY SWEET LARGE CAN lOc WE HAVE ACOMPLETE LINE OF FINE FED POULTRY ERS BALTIMORE Extra Stds. | Extra Selects 35c FANCY HAND PACKED No. 2 Cans 25c PINT L 111 I PINT FREE DELIVERY HOBBS Gro. & Market 266

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