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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 38

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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MONDAY EVENING Ctffitme MAY 23, 1932 38 GOV. ROOSEVELT Mi Autos Claim 4 Dead, Many Injured Over Week-End PROBLEM GIRLS REHABILITATED, WOODLAND: MUSIC fMr y- Following it a tabulation of the num. ybadk her o) per- tons killed oi JT injured in NdiPiMilfftw Oakland, Ala- QQrpr medo and -flT Berkeley auto- mobile accidents during 1932. Total revised daily lor the three OAK. ALA.

EBK. Killed 20 0 6 Injured ...647 75 ISO 4HNMMMIMMMMMM( tHMMrf SMHMNMMHI Hundreds; were drawn to Lo (jatot yesferday1ierethe-Mifetti lymphony of San Francisco concluded the Montezuma concert season with an outdoor program. The setting for the concert was the shore of the campus lake at the Montezuma Mountain School for Boys. AT OPEN 3RD IN HELD All) CONCERT III KIDNAPING YOTJNGSTOWN, May 23. boulevard, when the automobile Jn which she was riding overturned on Redwood yoad near the head of Thlrty-fith avenue.

Her son Alvln, 16, was driving the machine. Mrs. Hatfield was taken to Highland hospital-- Piedmpnt Man Is Run Down by Car man LEANDItp, May 23. Superficial injuries were suffered by W. Townsend, 60, of 1018 Oakland avenue, Piedmont, when he was struck on East Fourteenth "street, ny an automoniie operated by John H.

Moortf, 865' Ward San Leandro. Towpsend was taken to lairmont hospital. Richmond Man and Son in Hospital BERKELEY, May 23. CharJej Post, 61, of 445 Second, street, Richmond and-his son, Marcus, 11, are at Alta Bates hospital today for treatment of injuries suffefed yesterday when Post's automobile went out of control at San Pablo avenue and Page street, plunged over a curb and crashed Into a telephone pole. Both suffered -jcsnlusiflna.

and abrasions. They are expected to recover. Patrolman John P. Peper, who investigated, reported that the accident occurred when Post's machine skidded. Newark Woman, Granddaughter Hurt NEWARK, May 23.

Mrs. Raael Martinez and Mary 'Nleto, her granddaughter, were painfully cu and bruised when a car driven by Mrs; Bertha Nieto, of Centervllle, collided with an automobile driven by M. Tellcs, of Centervllle. The injured were treated by Dr. E.

A. ormsby in centervllle. Truck Driver Held After Collision EMERYVILLE, May 23. Paul Webster, 50, of El Cerrito, is held by Emeryville police following a head-on collision between the au-tomobllo truck he was driving and a street car. Webster and two passengers on the truck, Morton Wright and Roger Ryan, both of El Cerrito, escaped The street car was occupied only by C.

P. Mays, the operator. Roundtrips to all 1 0 a mile for the Treat yourself to an early vacation. Famous beaches, mountain retorts, trout streams all close by train. URGES EQUAL DemocratifCandidate Talkg At Georgia University; Sees Change in Economy ATLANTA, ba May 23.

UP) A warning -that-soeial revolt threat-J ens unless "something" Is done to equalize distribution of national Income was flung forth here last night by Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt of New York in a commencement address at Oglethorpe uiuvcrniLy. The candidate for the DemocratlS presidential nomination, social planning" to conserve pro duction and natural resources and to Influence the number of men and women entering the profes- he said, for general Insurance of the necessities of life. Ttoward redistribution of wealth, t.overnor Roosevelt advanced no definite plan, but recommended 'bold, persistent experimentation. warning that the "millions in want will not stand by silently forever while the things to satisfy their needs' are within easy reach." STRIKES AT WALL STREET.

The governor charged the CojJl- idge and Hoover administrations with part of the responsibility for the depression "Wall Street" as represented by Invest-mentTfiankerg. Hitting at speculation, he con trasted conditions In 1928 with those today, and said "many who were called and who are etlll pleased to call themselves the lead- era of finance celebrated and assured us of an eternal future for this easyv mode of living. And, to the stimulation of belief In this dazzling chimera waa lent not only the voices of Home of our men In high office, but their Influence and the material aid of the very instru ments of government which they controlled." DIFFERS ON CAPITAL. Roosevelt differed with the Hoov er program to Increase capital and stimulate business. "Our basic trouble, lie said, "was an insuf ficient distribution' of buying power coupled with an over-sufficient speculation in production.

"I believe, he added, we are on threshold of a fundamental change in our popular economic thought, that In the future we are going to think less about the producer and more about the con sumer. The. New York governor was pre etitcd an honorary degree' doctor f'laws by the school. Dr. Thorn- well Jacobs, president of Oglethorpe, introduced the governor as the "choice of millions as the thirty-second president of the United Stales." There was an out burst of applause at the lntro- uction.

Governor Roosevelt returned to his vacation cottage at Warm Springs following the speech. Mail Found Hanging In Canal Identifiea RIDLEY, May 23. The iden- dlty of the man whose body was found hanging head downward in the Sutter-Butte ofonal Company, main canal neaiviere Friday was established Saturday by two Marysvillo Trim, who were friends of the dead man. The suicide is Adolph Alckle, 70 a native of Germany. He Is said to have been despondent over (the' loss of $100, which was stolen from him In Tortola a week ago.

l.r.OAl, NOT I CM NOTICK TO lllDllKltS. Notice Is hereby "given that, the Board of Education of the Cltv of Oakland and of the Oakland School Dlstrlct-and of the-Oakland High School District of Alameda County hereby calls for sealed proposals to be delivered to the Secretary of snld Hoard, Room 101, Administration I Idihg, Oakland Calif orn iintll Thursday, the 9th dav of June, 19.12, at 4:00 P. at Which time arid place said bids will be opened, for: Schedule No. 4 Gasoline. No.

14 White Spraying Taint. Rids shnll be accompanied by a certiiieu cnecic ror at least 10 er cent of tho amount of the bid or proposal. These bids shall bo pre. sented In accordance with the Spec mentions on file in the office of the Assistant Business "Manager, Itoom 107, Administration Building, Oakland, California. J'rlce, fitness and quality being equal, preference will be given, -to I lie products ofthoStateof Call Torhliu JOHN" -W, -KDGEMOND, Secretary of the Board of Kduen-tlon of the 'City 'ut Oakland, Call- roi nia.


S. ot the Councli of- the City of Oakland directing nils notice, said hereby in vltes sealed bids for maintaining slreet lighting equipment and fur nishing electrical energy, for period of one year, commencing wljh the 1st day of July, 19.12, and ending with tho 30th dny of June, 1931, for lighting: East 12th Street between Lake Shore Avenue and 13th Avenue, in East 12th Street. Lighting District Nrt. 11, in the City of Oakland, California. Said maintenance and said furnishing of eloctrical energy is tn be done in accordance with the plans nnd specifications therefor ns contained In that certain report entitled "Report of the Lighting Assessment Board in the Matter of East 12th Street Lighting District No.

II," ninde ns directed bv Resolution of Intention No. 932 C. S. and approved nnd adopted ns a whole by said Council by Resolution No. 10S9 CT M.

which said plans and specifications are on file In the office oT the City Clerk, and to which plans -and specifications reference Is beiinby made for full details and description. Each bidder shall submit bids on two propositions, ns set forth in said specif icntlons. Said sealed bids are to be delivered to the Clerk of said Courtcil, at a meeting of said Councli to be held in the Council Chamber In the City HaH snld City of Oakland on June 16, 19.12, between Ihe hours of 8 o'clock p.m. and 9 o'clock p.m. Eveuy bid must be accompanied by a certified check, payable to the order of tho City Clerk of the City of Oakland, uri amount equal to ten a per cent' of the accrecnte amount of the greater of the two alternative bids submitted.

At the same time with the execu tion or-the contract, the Contractor shnll execute to the City of Oakland a faithful performance bond in a penal sum equal to per cent of the aggregate amount of the contract, W. W. CHAPfELL, City Clerk. 33-llay 23-(2t DISTRIBUTION ra Is a of or or S10 of 13, one 4 WILL ATTEND HOOVER RALLY Hotel Alameda Setting For Banquet Honoring President; Rowell Speaks ALAMEDA, May 23. Advance -reservation Indicate a large atten-.

dance for the Hoover dinner and rally at the Hotel Xlameda, Wed nesday ftlght, according to Mrs. T. JJ. Alexander. She Is general chalr-man'of the reservation "committee.

Speakers at the dinner, sponsored by the Alameda unit of the Republican Women's Federation, will Include Chester Rowell, publicist and lecturer, who will talk on "Hoover, th Leader." Marshall Hale, chairman of the -mte "Rotnmlttee, will peak on "The Tariff." Other speakers Include Miss Stella Unscott, president of the northern division of the federation; William Knowlnnd, chairman of the Jun lor Republican League of Alameda country, and Mrs. Rheba Crawford Spivalo, state director, of social service. ''Guests of honor will be Superior Judge and Mrs. Homer Hpence, Mrs. George A.

Rlge, state or ganizer; Mrs. W. B. Hamilton, president of the San Francisco unit, nd Leo- 8i Hohlnion Special guests will be former Oovernor Friend W. Richardson Dr.

John F. Slavlch, chairman of the Republican Service league: Dls trlct Attorney Earl Warren, chair. xnun oi tne Aiamsaa. county Republican league; Elmer B. Nichols, chairman of the Alameda county unit of the state central committee; Dr.

William Tappan Lum, chairman of the Alameda Republican league, and Walter H. Eliassen, -chairman of the Oakland unit; Mrs. Anna Little Barry, and Mrs. 1 Boyce. The arrangements committee consists of Mesdameg H.

O. Ten-ney, Win. H. Wahmuth, Frank Crossett, R. M.

Norman, Daniel Knox, W. T. Belvel, Walter Fox and Wm. Hunter. Members of the reception committee are Mesdamea John E.

Warner, S. C. Wright, Walter R. Carter, S. Barton, Harry Davis, T.

West, Robert McLay, Frances oiurm, a. ox, h. Fisher and J. a. Fowell, Reservations are being made through Mrs.

Alexander or the noiei direct. ONE-MAN CLASS. ASHLAND, O. Complete com mencement exercises at Ashland ollege this term were held for a lone graduate. Raymond Gingrich, student In theology, received his degree at regular commencement exercises and attended the usual baccalaureate service.

LRGAIi NOTICR OHDlnAscn Nn. n. AN ORDINANCE KSTABLIHH1NO SETBACK LINKS ON BRIGHTON AXSUE BETWEEN PARK BOIIL- WHH.RJ.A8, pursuant to tin provisions of Ordinance No. 8884 N. City Council, the City Councli did on April 1M2, pass a Resolution of Intention No.

t)i C. M. 8. to establish setback lines on Brighton A venue between Park Boulevard and EastHSth and WHEREAS, the City Council did, after due notice of the time and Place of hearing protests and ob-Jeutions to the establishment of said proposed setback lines, hear and determine nil protests and objections thereto; therefore, UK IT ORDAINED by the Council Of the City of Oakland as follows: SECTION 1. That the CI Coun-ell finds and determines that the public pence, health, snfotv, comfort convenience, Interests and welfare require thnt no buildings or structures shnll be erected between the street lines and certnln lines to designated as setback lines on jMignion Avenue between Park Boulevard and East 38th titreet.

SECTION 2. 'JJhnt setback lines and the same are heroby "estab- iiBiiea on urigmon Avenue between Park Boulevard and East 38th tret, Riid are moro particularly UBomueu nv inwows, lO-Wltl First: A line parallel with and distant (measured at right angles) leet westerly from the center jinn oi jingnion Avenue and extending from the southeastern, line of Park Boulevard to the northern line of East 38th Street; Second: A line parallel with and distant (mensured at right angles) 45 feet easterly from the center line of Brighton Avenue and extending from the southeastern line of l'urk Boulevard to the nortluTii line of East 38th Street. SUCTION 3. This ordinance is made subject to nil the terms, pro-Visions penalties of the aforesaid Ordinance No. SKS4 N.

S. SECTION T. ATI "b'rdlii'finees "b'F parts of ordlnnnucH, resolutions nr parts of resolutions, In conflict herewith ate hereby repealed, revoked and made null and void. SECTION S. This ordinance shall take effect Immedliitclv.

In Council, Oakland' May 19, 1932. Passed to print for two flays by the following vote; Ayes Cminril'-men Brarh, flresham, Hoover, Miller, Smith, Yoakum and President Morcom 9. Nous None. W. W.

CHAPPELL, Pity Cleuk. 43S-May 23-(2t) KOTICE THAT TIIK 1)1 AM Ali ASEKSMKVr OP 1IUIHK.T utrekt i.K.iri ivt, inn iik NO. has iik.ioiv on IS THE OKflCK OV THM JFHIlTRiDKT OI S'HIKK'H AMI! THAT PAYMKVI' otv AM. WENNMKM' 19 III AM) QL111KI). Office of the Superintendent of Streets of the City of OaklBnd.

In compliance with law, notice la hereby given that on the 2(ith dav of May, 1932, 1 received from the Cily Clerk and Clerk of the Council it the City of Oakland, the digram and assessment of MAltKKT STREET LIGHTING DISTRICT No. (, which diagram and aesKinint were made as directed, bv Hosnlu-tlon of Intention No. M. S. of the Cornell of the City of Oakland, and which mild assessment wan duly levied by the Councli of the Oitv of Oakland on the ll'th day of Mav, 1932, by Resolution Nih- 1087 XV-M, S.

upon respective 'subdivisions of land In snld assessment district. Notice Is hereby further given that said diagram and assessment' was duly recorded in mv office on the 23rd day of May, 1932, antLthat all slims assessed are due and payable Immediately and that each of said assessments Is a lien upon the properly against which it Is made and jthat payment of each of said sums must he made to me within thirty 3l days after the 23rd day of May, 19J2. All nesesmnents not paid before the expiration of the said thirty (3f) days shall be de-Jimiuent nd thereupon ten per cent OCJ,) of the amount of each siich delinquent assessment shall be added thereto, The date of lbs first publication this nolle Is May 23rd, 1932. WALTER N. FRICKKTAD, Superintendent of Streets of.

the City of Osklsnd. 442-ilay, ll-lU by 4, of of the nil and of in of ihe and II, t.f and of In was the all said and of said of CONGRESS TD ACT I TAXES Group of Nationally Known Men Point Out Need of Prompt Budget Balancing NEW YORK, May 23. (UP). A croup of nationally known men has appealed to put aside partisanship and adopt a balanced federal budget and an economically sound plan of taxa tion. Prominent among those signing tne appeal yvere Alfred E.

Smith, 7T icooias Murray autier, uev. filbert L. Ritchie of Maryland, Frank O. Lowden. former Governor of Illinois, and William H.

Crocker, or California. Copies of the letter were mailed Saturday'to Senator James E. Wat majority-leader; "Senator Jo seph T. Robinson, minority leader; Rsp. Charles R.

Crisp, acting chair man of the ways and means committee, and Rep. Bertrand H. Snell, house minority leader, The appeal followed by Dr. Butler's call for formation of a new liberal party and his suggestion that the Republican and Demo eratic national conventions appoint committees to confer on a joint declaration ofTrinciples. Tire text of the tetter: "Gentleman: The undersigned view, with So much concern the nnnsihla tf eet iipon our soelal-and political institutions ot the grave economic and financial problems which confront the American peo pie that, on behalf of vast numbers of our fellow citizens, we appeal through you to the members of the senate and of the house of representatives to lay aside every form of partisanship and of possible partisan advantage and quickly to unite to adopt a balanced federal budget for the coming fiscal year, ns well as to enact a plan of taxation which shall be economically sound, fair to every group and calling, and without discrimination or privilege to class or sectional advantage of any kind.

"It is our Judgment that conditions are grave that this action taken at the earliest possible moment." Other signers were John' Grler Hibben, president of Princeton University; Alanson B. Houghton, former ambassador to Germany; Charles Nagel, secretary of commerce and labor under president Taft; Gov. Wilbur L. Cross, of Con necticut; Gov. Joseph B.

Ely, of Massachusetts; Roland S. Morris, ambassador to. Japan during the Wilson administration. Colorado to Ented New Course Oct, 12 LAS VEGAS, May 23. UP) With the aid modern- engineering, the mighty Colorado river will find a new and temporary course on October, 12.

rians announced today by Frank T. Crowe, general superintendent of construction on Hoover dam, revealed that on that date the great river la due to be 'diverted from its course through tunnels which have been bored at, and parallel to, the river's "level in the rocky sides of Black canyon. The four tunnels are now near-Ing completion. When the water diverted through these, the contractors can then go ahead with construction of the dam, the central unit in the world's largest reclamation pro rvbj-ct. Dry Violators Total Thirjd of Convicts WASHINGTON, May 23 (Uf) More than one-third ot the 15,.

BOO prisoners In federal Institu tions are serving sentences for vlo Ifition of the prohibition jaws, no cording 1o available day by the justice department. -The-Atlanta and Leavenworth penitentiaries flfo aboiltl(fr "-per cent, overcrowded, the department said. There are 3500 prisoners In Atlanta and 4000 in' Leavenworth. The department ha, under way prison construction program to relieve tills condition MIRAGES OnVaCIFIO. Ore Mirages have occurred on the Pacific ocean here recently.

Cape Blanco, 20 miles south of Bnndon, was projected ji nne iisntnonso buildings were pin lniy mirrorPUY Felt Terribly Nervous Figged out always melancholy and Jhlue. She should take Lydia E. Pink-ham's. Vegetable Compound. Its tonic builds up the system.


137 C. M. S. BE IT ORDAINED by the Council the City of Oakland as follows: Section 1. Section 7.2t of Ordi nance No.

137 C. M. S. Is hereby amennea io reaa ns follows: Section 7.26. TAXTCABS, ETC: Every person conducting, managing carrying on any business regulated by Ordinance No.

175 C. M. any ordinance amendatory there'-of or supplementary thereto, and hereinafter enumerated, shall pay an annual license fee as follows: Taxicab business, $10.00 per public motor vehicle. Motor Bus business, $20.00 per pub-lid motor vehicle. Automobile for Hire business, $10.00 per public, motor vehicle.

SECTION 2. This ordinance shall take effect Immediately. Snld Section 7.26 now reads as follows: "Section 7.2fi. JITNEY PCS; Every person conducting, managing or carrying on tho buslnessof operating any motor vehicle pursuant to a penult granted under Ordinance No. N.

S. shall pay an annual license $60.00 per vehicle." In Council. Oakland. Mav 1932. rnssed to print ns amended for day by the following vote: Aves Conncilmen Beach, Fitzgerald.

Oresham, Hoover, Miller, Slavich, Smith, Yoakum and President Morcom 9. Noes None. Absent None. W. W.

CHAPPEI.L City Clerk, 440-May mmmm Try Lydie E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound HUTS 80 Per Cent Re-establisHed In Society, Protective Society Here Announces Complete rehabilitation of to per cent of all girls aided each month by the Pacific Protective, society, which during the past year established an economical record operation costs for like institutions of its kind in California, was detailed today in a report to -th Community Chest. Miss'Beatrice G. Prosser, superintendent of the home at 1218 East Twenty-first street, announced that Ihe' institution's program with, problem girls in the community had been of such an efficient nature that .80 per. of all released were definitely rehabili- tatol ttnA viara ohla tn rft-patahllsK themselves as an economic asset to themselves and the -community.

She revealed in the Community Chest report that during the past vear 48 e-irls bad been for constantly at $1.09 day Cost tor' each girl. ALL EXPEXSES. This pointed out, included medical, fees, living costs, educational activities, recreational programs and all other feature incident to the Institution's regular schedule. It waa. shown in.

the report that 80 per cent of all delinquent girls come from broken homes, 16 per cent from unfit homes and only 4 per cent from hpmes classified as "good homes." During the year 47,208 treatments and examinations were extended, 445 morning and evening school classes held, 148 business and art classes and 1 9 7 fdomestic science," personal hygiene lectures yerearCaoftedy-JVIiss Prosser. "MlsS Prossc.n:said"ln her report: "We feature' very strongly thefCul. tivatlon of an opportunity for tha higher and noblnr things in life" fhat characterize true womanhood. EVERYTHING ESSENTIAL. 1 "Everything essential to proper living p'iays an important part Jn our daily program.

"If successful character work is to be accomplished and proper social adjustments made wo ara convinced after a quarter of a century of activity in the social service field the spiritual element is vitavy essential in the rehabill. tation "df.jtevery human life." One of the outstanding features of the society's program is the fact that when tho jjirls are released they are equipped to make their own livings immediately. Several have been as" nurses, others as stenographers, secretaries and clerks. FISH STORY. KELSO, Wash.

Pearl Ander son and Phil Heaward were fishing for salmon near each other in the Cowlitz river. Their lines tie-came entangled. Then a big Chinook ran into the tangled lines and became so enmeshed he waa hauled ashore nnd divided between the two anglers. I stations are slashed to about Decoration'sDay Holidays EXAMPLESt SEATTLE $20.05 Ogden 16.75 RenoV. 5.20 Sacramento 1.85 Santa Barbara 7,85 Santa Cruz.

1.70 Stockton. 1.75 Vancouver, B. 23.35 CITY ROUNDTRIP by June 19. A tbrillmftuio week's fares to Guadalajara, Mazatlan, etc. 15 Automobile accidents in northern.

California claimed four lives over the week-end and sent many persons to hospitals for treatment of severe injuries. The d.ead: MRS. MINNIE ALVERTO, 38, Route 2, Boi SrHaywardi MICHAEL P. KEARNEY, 72, retired Oakdale rancher. JAMES C.

WILSON, 40, Sonoma county rancher. LEWIS HOFFMAN, Santa J-JCfinctla. Mrs. Alverto died, at O'Connor's sanitarium, San Jose, from injuries suffered when the parked automo bile against which 6he was leaning was struck, in Santa Clara, She was knocked to the curb, striking her head'on the pavement. Her skull was fractured and she died without regaining conscious ness.

UNAVOIDABLE, SAYS DRIVER William Goorge 735 Monroe Santa' Clara, "driver of the automobile wftich truck- the parked car, said that the accident was unavoidable. Kearney, with his wife, Mrs. Lorraine Kearley, was hurled from an automobile which blew a tire on the Jack Toie-Linden road nar Stockton. He died shortly afterward. Mrs.

'Kearney is inla, critical condition. The machine In which they were riding was driven by Mrs. Margaret Journay Oakdale, and besides Mr. and Mrs. Kearney, contained Mrs.

Aardn Williams. Mrs. Journay n'MrsrWilliam were cut and bruised. For 20 years Kearney served as secretary-assessor of the Oakdale Irrigation district. BODY FOUND IN WRECKAGE The body of Wilson was found lying In the wreckage ofhis automobile at the foot of a cliff at Wright's Beach, near Bodega Head, yesterday.

Wilson, who was the manager of the Owens ranch at Bodega, had been missing since Friday. Hoffman died at Cottage hospi tal, San Rafael, from Injuries suf fered May 20, when he was struck by an automobile driven by the Rev. F. L. Raney of Petaluma.

Three Men' Held In Hit-run Crash Three men are held for In vestigation today following a hit- run automobile crash at Broadway and Thirty-eighth street in which Mrs. Mary Peoples, 2746 Rrlnce street, Berkeley, was injured. Two of the three are said by pollco to have escaped after a chnse in which Tatrolman J. B. Prentiss In a commandeered ma chine pursued their car for more than 12 blocks.

They are Robert Kelloy, 22, a Cerk, of 612 Thirty-sixth street; Arthur Wiodoek, 2 2, 200G Mytrle street, and Mortimer Ternpy, 22, truck driver, of 108 Athol avenue. After overhauling Kcllcy's car, rrentlss began questioning Kelley. Wiedock and Terney vanished, ac cording to tho patrolman. APPEAR AT HOSPITAL; Shortly afterwords the two ap peared Oakland Emergency hospital' where they asked first aid for Terney 'a Severely lacerated scalp, Questioned there by police, they are said to have admitted their port in the collision. Mrs.

Teoplcs, who wn riding in a car owned by her niece, Mirs Nora fill- Twenty-second street, Richmond, escaped with bruises. F. P. Peterson, 78, of 782 Eleventh street, is in a sprious condition today JErom injuries suffered when he was" slructo by an automobiiev driven by George Spencdo, 1817 Jefferson street, HELD UNACCOUNTABLE The accident, which occurred to Spencdo's statement to police. Contusions on the head and possible fractured ribs were injuries suffered Ify Mrs.

Blanche Hatfield, 37, of 3507 Highland eetai over MPccoratiori Day EXCURSIONS MAY 24 i 26 6-28 LD5 ANGELES including MEALS DANCING BERTH TICKET To SAN DIECO'I A 50 ROUND TRIP I on the super-express liner S.S.YALE 8 DAY RETURN LIMIT SPECIAL DECORATION DAY RETURN SAILING From San Diego at 7:30 a.m. Instead of 9 a.m. From L. A. Harbor at 2 p.m.

instead of 4 p. arriving at San Francisco about 8 a.m. Tuesday May 3 1 st. in order to enable returning passengers to reach their offioes at tha start of the business day. 1 he Regular fares and sailings EVERY TUES-THURS-SAT from fitr 7 (S.

it 4 p. m. LOW ONt WAY AND ROUND TRIP FARES which ALWAYS include meals, berth, dancing ticket the most pleasant, most economical travel route between California's chief ports LASSCO LOS ANGELES STEAMSHIP CO 4 13th "Street Tel, HljhfiU 17J8 BERKELEY ii4i enter Btre.t.,..T.i, in ormn i55o I I mm LOS GATOS, May 23 Before an audience drawn from all parts of Northern and Central California, the Mlnettl symphony orchestra of Sen Francisco gave an open ale concert here yesterday. Bright skins and light winds favored the musicians. The concert wbts held on the shore of the campus lake at the Montezuma Mountain -School for Boys.

Gullo Mlnettl, director nf the concert, was guest conductor for the San Francisco Summer Symphony In i()20, Included among tjbe artists was Florence Rlngo, dramatic soprano. She sang L'Amour Toujours L'-Amour by Frlml. The concert consisted of selections by Mozart, Dvorak, Masoagnl, Tschalkowsky, Taques and Merold. It was the last of the Montezuma concert series. i Autogiro Lands in Yosemite Valley May 23.

(UP) The sheer wails of Yosemite can. yon today knew the-isoar of an air piane motor, me rirstlto snatter their silence. Captain Lewis ran cey, flying an autogiro, settled down between the walls, took off, circled around, and made a sec ond perfect larffllng. LEG A NOTIOR NOTICE THAT TIIM Of A Git A 1H A IV II ASSIO(SMKNT OV TKI.E-(1IIAPH AVENUE IHNTIIICT NO. 4 HA IIK-I'OIIIIIOI) IV TIIR OK TIIM NUI'li'-IIINTRNIIMNT OF STHKETN AMI THAT PAYMENT Ole ASKESSMUNT JS 1)110 AMI IlEatllll'JIU Office of the Superintendent of Streets of the City of Oakland.

In copipllnnce with law, notice Is here-" jflven that on the 20th day of May, 1932, 1 received from the CltV Clerk and Clerk of the Council of the City, of the diasrram and Assessment of TNt.EliltAPIl AVENUI'l LIOHTTNU DISTRICT No. which dlHKTiim nnd assessment were made as directed by Resolution of Intention No, 9111 C. M. the Council of the City of nnd which said assessment was duly levleiKby the Council of the City of Oakland on the lh dav of May, 1932, liy Resolution No. 1084 M.

S. upon respective subdivisions land In said assessment district. Notice is hereby further Riven that snld diagram and assessment was dul recorded in mv office on 23rd day of May, 1932, and thnt sums assessed are dun and puy-nlile immediately and that each of H(lleHsmMil--lH -uHlcn- Piori the' property iiwalnst which It in made that pnyment of each of said sums must he made, to me within thirty 3U days litter the 23rd day May, 1932. All assessments not paid before the expiration of the snld thirty (311) days shall be'de-I iicnt and thereupon ten percent (l) of the amount of each wrh delinquent assessment shall be added thereto. The date of the first publication this notice In Mav 23rrl, 1932.

AV.l,Ti;i! N. FRICKSTAD, -Superintendent of Streets of -the Cily of Oakland, 441-May 23-5t. THAT TIIK IHAtiHAM AMI ASxr.SSMEM' OF- KAST luih wiiukt i.iiaiTivn nis- THICT NO. 11 HAS 'IIKKV 11 K- i tiii; op Till'. SIPHIIINTRMIKNT of stheets ami -I'll at payment OF ASSI'SSVENT IS DIE AND it I I it i ii.

Offlec of the Superintendent of Plreets ot the City of Oakland. In compliance ith, law, notice Is hereby tiiven that on the 20th day of May, l32, received from- the City Cleik nnd Clerl of the Council of City of Oakland, the diagram assessment of EAST 12TH STliEKT LKiilTINU DISTRICT No. which dlairram and assessment were made as directed bv itenoliitinn Inlcntlon No. 93J AI. S.

of the Council tim fiiy Oakland, which said nsessnient was duly levied by the Council of tho'Clty Oakland, on the 9th day of Mav, ly ItesojiiJIon No. 1090 M. S. upon iBSpecllvs.ubdlvlsions of land said assessment district. Notice is herebv l'tirt her s-lvnrt thjit said- diagram nnd assessment duly recorded 'In mv office on of 1932, and that sums assessed are due find payable Immediately and that each of assessments Is lien upon the properly nualnst which It Is made that payment of ehch of said sums.

must. 'be made to me within thirty CIO) days after the 23rd dav May, 1932. All assessments not paid before the. ex-plrallon of the thirty (30) days shnll be delinquent and thereupon ten per cent (10) of the nmnun of dellmiirent assessment shall be added 'therein, Th dale of ths first publication this notiefhis Mav 23rd, 1932. WALTER FRICKSTAD, Superintendent of Streets of the City Of Oakland.

441-May Gf) Tony Laree, 87, Is In Jail here today charged with being the "third man" long sought in the kidnaping of Jimmlo De Jute of Nlles, March 2, a crime for which two other men already are serving penitentiary terms. Jju-ee, said by police to have been Identified as the man who tlrove the car in which the 11-year-old boy wn kidnaped, was caught in Wcirton, W. 'early today, by Detcctlvo IT. H. Hampton of Trumbull county, after a chase from Ciirard, Ohio.

Laree, who has a wife In Youngs- town, has been the object of a wide search since the kidnaping. Jimmie I)e Jute, son of a Nlles contractor, was found 70 hours after he had been kidnaped, in a former gamh- ng house where he had been hid den behind a wall panel. Stockton Man, Child Hurt in, Auto Crash LIVERMORE, May 23. William H. Lelght, of Stockton, suffered a broken arm and his daughter, Dorothy, 7, was cut about the 'face and chest when Leigh's car was forced off the road by a cut-in drdyer between Livermore and Picasanton yesterday afternoon.

They were -treated at the lletch Iletchy hospital here. ICG A NOTICK NOTICR TO Notice is hereby given that the Board of lOducation of the City of Oakland and of the Oakland School District and of the Oakland High School District of Alameda County hereby calls for sealed proposals lo be delivered to the Secretary of said Ronrd, Room 104, Administration Hulldlng, Oak and. Cnlirninio "Tuesday, the 7th day of June, at p. at which time, and iui.u emu oiuh win no opened for: Schedule No.

Lamps. 6 Incandescen Schedule No, T.nmher Schedule No. 15 Auto l. Ledger rostlnif Machine. ncncnuio No.

Laundry Schedule No. 17 Sclencn Bimii lie nccomnnnlert a ciieca: mr at loiiHt 10 per cent of 'the amount of Ihe bid or I'loposai. M-neso bids shall be pre sented in accordance, with tho Spec mentions on rile In the office of the Assistant K1 Room 107, Administration Building'. Oakland, California. Price, fitness nnd nnnlltv heine- iiuiit.

iiri'icrenoe. vr vnn j-iiu. romic isit. a r-1 1 1 fornla. JOHN KnriEjmMTi Secretary of the Hoard of lOd'ncn- tlon of Die City of Oakland, Cull- torn la.

45UMay 23,, 30, June '6-3t. norn-w isviTiMi inns von nuivi llMMi KTIIKICT I I Mil KUIHI'MKNT AMI IIIIMSIIIMi Ki.nt riiK Ai, iv till A I'll AIKME I.Hill II (i J)S-I'lllt'T NO. 4. ruisuant to statute nnd In TtoKl. tlon No.

iftnj c. M. 8. of (he Council or the City of Oakland directing mis nonce. Rain uouncil hereliy in vites sen led bids for malntalnlncr street-, lighting 'equipment and furnishing electrical energy, for a period of one year, commencing wltft the 1st dav of Julv.

nod end in a- with the Sflth day of June, 1 for lighting Telegraph Avenue between 20h Street, nnd 40th in Tele graph Avenue Lighting District No. in tne city or Oakland, California. ald maintenance nnd said fur nishing of energy in to be done in accordance with the plans and specifications therofor ns contained In that certain report entitled "Report of the Lighting Assessment Hoard in the of Telegraph A senile Lighting District No. 4," nimlfl tm directed by Resolution of rntclih No. 910 C.

M. S. nnd approved- nnd adopted as a whole by snld Council by Resolution No. 10S3 c. M.

which said plans nnd specifications are on filo In the office of the Cily Clerk, nnd to which plans nnd specifications reference is hereby made for full details nnd de scription, -Ka'c4i bidder, shall submit bids ou; two propositions, as set forth In snld, specifications. Said sealed bids are to be delivered to tho Clerk of snld Council, at a merging of snld Council to be held In thei Council Chamber In the Citv llnll of snld City of Oakland on Juno IK, 19.12, between the hours of 8 o'clock p.m. nnd 9 o'clock p.m. i Every bid 'must lie accompanied bv a certified check, pnvnble to the order of the City-Clerk of 4hn City of Oakland, for an amount equal to ten per cent- of the nggrejrate amount of the greater of the two alternative bids submitted. At the snme time-villi (he execu tlon of the contract, the Contrnelor shnll execute to the Pity of Oakland a fslthful performance bond.

In penal sum equal tn tnenty-flv per cent of 'the. aggregate amount of the contract. W. CHArPTCr.L, City Cleric 438-May 23-(2t) OTP Kjh GOOD ON ALL TRAINS LEAVING MM 27-28-29-30 BE BACK BY MIDNIGHT JUNE 6 DTRI LOS ANGELES $10.15 Portland 16.10 Del Monte. 2.55 Fresno 4.10 Klaniath Falls 9.40 Merced 2.90 Modesto 2.10 Monterey 2.55 Similar low fares between 'all stations $55.80 MEXICO Leave dollar Day" Be back ourfie to a foreign land.

Similar For further particulars ohone I i5ureau- Jn 5,3,1 Ffanasco, call DAvenport 4000, "Service Bureau.".

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