Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 4, 1932 · Page 28
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 28

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 4, 1932
Page 28
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- p I is-. U.JJJJH usiinfrff wssirrisJiiiiuuisjij mwwis'nr--JJJJLnrr-rr if inT'i ' . j OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, WWMlMWWm-JWtW'MM'M,lt',ll'.' BUILDING NEW BOULEVARD aNJwsswii))aiitm n Umm ACTIVITY REPORTED HI changes STORES OPENED ,?"HTT :y '-'I M PBOPOSED IN 3 MONTHS FdLZ:; OT REALTY IN MDPIGB mm J U 1 1 1 1 JEW BOULEVARD i l' v" I " '''" m m . Extension of Park Boulevard To Bo 48 Ft Wide; Work Is Proceeding on Bridges ' . Rapid progress la reported lid , the construptton of the new thor oughfare between upper Park poulevard and Mountain boule tard. , j- Thla artery, formerly narrow Winding road eklrtlnf the upper reaches of . Dimond . canyon, Is ,- rapidly feeing transformed into a , gplendid boulevard measuring it feet from curb to curb. The new thoroughfare require the con-atruction of three slde-hlll bridges . of the monumental type, resting en pillars rising II feet from the ,-. walls of the canyon. These side- ' bill bridges, or trestles, are being built in places where "fill-ins" are liot feasible. 0 Besides being widened ever its entire course, the new road is also being materially straightened- In line With, this straightening pro-peas the road cuts through, part of . the large quarry which U situated Dear the Junction of Park boule- ' ?rd and Mountain boulevard. The new thoroughfare plays an Important role in the development pf the residential area comprised ' by the Piedmont hills, Oakmore highlands, the MontolaJr district, Piedmont pines, Shepherd canyon ' park, the 'Moraga valley and adjacent territory, tt is pointed out. Paul Pause, of the Montclalr . Realty eompany, comments ' as follows: "WJth the opening and wldenlof of Park boulevard and Moraga avenue, of Hampton road from Moraga avenue to La Balls avenue in upper Piedmont, and the building of a connecting artery from Mountain boulevard to the new Broadway tunnel just above Lake, TemascaL Montclalr high lands. Piedmont pines and Hampton Highlands are brought Into the center of the finest reslden- ' tlal community of the Piedmont hill district, "From the Montclalr business district will radiate a network of plendld boulevards, bringing this district within five to II minutes drive of piedmont, Oakland or Berkeley," Meyer ' Rosenberg, one of the west's leading street oonatruotlon contractors, who 1 in onarge 01 the erading ef the Park boulevard Improvement, has three othsr Pa- Thee Inolude the grading of a two-mile stretch of the Qlenbroofc national high waif In Douglas county, Nevada, for the United. States bu-reau of publlo roads at approximately 141,000; a f 02,0000 contraot for three and a half miles of grad-ing and construction on the Lake Tahoe national forest highway, also for thatr. B. bureau of publlo roads, -and a grading and pavlnf oontraot amounting to .111,000 on Sunset boulevard, San Francisco. ioarda Offer Service ' n Mortgage Loan 'Valuable mediation service in the adjustment of debt burdens en real estate, so as to avoid for all parties concerned the costly drain of values Involved In foreclosure proceedings, is now being offered by a number of real aetata boards. The unprejudiced information and advice thus opened for the aid of mortgage adjustment and refinancing, as reported to the National 'Association of Real Estate Boards, Is of two types. In some cases, following the lead of the Philadelphia real estate board, advisory bureaus or committees have been set up ' solely to deal with tha problems of the borne owner and the Institutions making mortgage loans on , homes. In at least one case, In the aetlon taken by the Chicago real . estate board, a detailed advisory service hse been put In motion for the sound, reorganisation ot large "; projects, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA According to official reports on calleglatf martloulatlon, the University ef California at Berkeley, . with Its southern branch at Los , Angeles, Is the largest university in tha United States. It has II,-I4 full time s.udents enrolled. Adv ertising Firm in L. A. For 10 Years " H. Charles Sleek, president of H. Charles Sleek, Ino., Ltd., Los An geles advertising agency, this year celebrates the tenth anniversary of ptabllshment of his agency in ingeles. Sleek, who is originally from 'Chicago, and who located after the war in, the paclfle Northwest Los vice-president of an agency with ' offices in Portland, Seattle and San --Francisco, determined In 1922 to open up an asency orchis pwn -In . Lip Angeles. , He States: "We are pleased to Announce that during the past year anda half we have established af filiate agency connections with es : tsbllshed organisations in Roches-UD New York, Philadelphia, At. V la-nta ana Bt. Paul, These agencies. inciuaing ourselves, constitute a group which will be Added to from . time to time, now known as the Associated Merchandises Agencies. 'J look with eenfidsnce and en ; thuslasm toward the future of ad vertlslng end particularly the part newspaper sd vertlslng will play in , seeking out,-the whlte spots' as tbey develop here end there over : the 'country. Newspaper sdver-fining in that connection affords a mean of Immediate contact with those markets without loss result- lng from a general coverage ef the I nsK-sV- --' .I'M enduring.'' A IS " M ' ' ' t "y v5 f'"' ' ' ""V '1 13r giiilir ;, . , !: ,r;;., c cgtvffijg Tha stretch of winding road from Park boulevard to Mountain boulevard u being rapidly transformed into a magnificent, wide thoroughfare serving some of the finest residential areas of the East-bay. Above road equipment at work near the old quarry on Park boulevard. Center, machinery engaged in excavating for pillars for aide-hill bridge construction at the lower end of boulevard. The NEW BURNER FOR -OIL HEAT J. C. Johnson, president of the S. T. Johnson company, manufacif turera of oil burneri and oil burn ing aqulpment, recently announced the Intro- . v- ductlon off Vi'tSSl oil burner, $ called the! Type B-J Burner. " T h I s burner," states Jolin-s o n, "has been perfected after many months o f by our techni cal depart- h ment, and offera the homeowner C. JOHNSON, economical heating efficiency at a remarkably low price. This burner is the smallest type oil burner manufactured by us, and Is entirely free of those expensive fittings which heretofore were considered necessary. The 0. T. Johnson eompany has bsen successfully engaged for more than 15 years In the exclusive manufacture of oil burning equipment, which includes rotary hum eri with either manual, semi-auto-matlo, or full automatic control; natural draft, whirlwind, low pres sure air and steam atomising oil burners! also eleotrlo and steam- lt is unusually qulej economical 5 x d 1 4-, - ... 'H"'AiX,likk li II 1 Plans Made For Dairy Show For Oakland National milking, cow-calling and butter-churning contests will feature the twelfth annual Pacific Slope Dairy Show, to be held In Oakland, - November 11-11. The registration plan, which proved so succesnful at the 1931 show, will be used again this year. During ths day, admission to the building In which the convention and machinery display are housed, will be granted on registration only. Lists will be kept of delegates registered and will be furnished to each ex hibitor at regular Intervals durln the. day. Following Is a schedule listing the convention! to be held a the show: November 14, Callforla Ice Cream Institute, Caltforn ery Operators' Assdciatldn, Jersey Breeders' Association; November IB, State of California Milk Distributors. California Cheese Association, Guild of Gopatla (luncheon), Pacific Conclave of Yellow Dogs (evening), Guernsey Breeders' Association; November J6, Western Regional Dairy Conference, Dairy Dinner (evening) Pacific 8tate Butter, Egg, Cheese and Poultry Association, California Holsteln-Frlealan Association. November IT, Pacific States Butter, Egg, Cheese and Poultry Association, California Dairy Council, Supplymen ot ths Pacific Ice Crsam Industry, International Association of Milk Dealers, Ayrshire Breeders' association; November It, International Association of lWJIli- nio I,..,,, t,, ' l0.?..?01"0 ei0, IalrJr concrete forms are being placed in position. Below, showing steam shovels at work on upper end of new road, removing rock to be used as "fill" at the Moraga road-Park boulevard junction. Meyer Rosenberg, well known bay region contractor, it carrying out the grading contract. A. Cederborg hat the contract for the constrution of the side-hill bridges. , NO JOIN S EN GEL FIRM Announcement is made that George V. Nolan will be associated In the firm of Albeit Kngel & Co. with George A Barber and Albert Engel. The new under taking co' cern h set day, t e mJ r 17 ana eun- a y a,, for which a genera I n v 1 t m-m tlon to new build-1 ' Ing at Tel graph avi ji u e a n d T w en t y -seventh street OEOBOE V. NOLAN. Is extended. According to Engel, a complete dedication program will be given on those dates. Artists engaged . for the musical program Saturday evening at 8 o'clock, Include Arthur Luis, well known church organist, of San Francisco; Clarence Oliver, baritone and Miss Bernlce Glando, soprano. For in-day a second program will be announced In which other artists will participate. Guests will be welcome from I to 10 p. m. Engel states: "Every facility for modern and efficient service has been Incorporated In the new building. Nolan, the new member of our firm, has been active in fraternal and charitable work In the Estbay for manv years, and mm miikidx ior many years, ana has been established in business in if n , a ! ...... v , IMnTas Jn-T)5rl!CSy spection! ff "L. -I V- " S I Latest Unit jf Chain Is Located on Piedmont Ave. ; Others to Br Started With the first three months' operations drawing to a close. Hagstrom's Food Stores now have 21 markets open, and have created Jobs for more than 210 men and women, according to a statement by Emil A. Hagstrom, president of the concern, an announcement reads. "On June 1 the company started business with ten stores. Fifteen additional stores have been opened at the rate of more than one a week, the latest one being at 4000 Piedmont avenue. It is Interesting to note that in 1917 Hagstrom opened his first East-hay store on Piedmont avenue. This was a small creamery store, but it grew into a chain of more than 100 units in a few years, when Hagstrom disposed of his lntarfeste to a larger- chain stors organization. "Headquarters of the new Hags-strom concern are in the former Star Motor plant at One Hundred Seventh avenue and East Fourteenth street. Here the company la operating a creamery, and Is Installing a bakery, to be in operation soon. Warehouses and officers also are in the same building." "Our first three months' results are more than satisfactory," Hagstrom eald. "We are especially pleased that we have been able to find work for more than 250 men and women. We feel, too, that we are just getting started, and expect to open other atpr.es and employ more people Just es rapidly as we can. , "Much of our business has been. secured through regular advertl lng in the dally newspapers. 1ie- Ltcally all of our advertising ap propriation goes Into this medium. We believe it to be the most effective and least expensive method of advertlelng, and plan to continue using it heavily as the number of our stores Increases. "Being entirely a home-owned concern, we are trying to buy all of our supplies locally. So' far we have been able to get almost everything we need from local firms, nd hope to continue this policy In the futuie." Rest Home h Opened Here Establishment of a new institution In Oakland was announced to-Hay with the opening of the Patterson Convalescent Home at 1440 168th avenue, by Mrs. Lyda Patterson, superintendent. Mrs. Tatterson, who several years ago operated the Lyda Patterson Convalescing Home on Chabot road, has completely remodeled the three-story English manor house situated on the acre of property, to meet the requirements of the modern rest home. Newly furnished throughout, the home has been adapted to Its Eng- llsh manor setting. Individual color schemes have been carried" out In the patient rooms, both In the home and adjoining cottages. Accommodations have been arranged for twenty patients. A complete hydro-therapy Unit Is one of the features of the modern equipment of the home, while special attention was paid to the equipping of the solarium and adjoining sun porch. On duty at all times with Mrs. Patterson are Da, Pauline Dren-nan, medical director, and a ataff of graduate nurses. A domestic science graduate Is in charge of the kitchen. The first floor of the home is devoted to the offices, reception room, dining room, kitchen, a large Ice-making plant, tha quarters for the nurses and attendants, as well as a sun porch and several patients' rooms. The second floor is devoted entirely to patients' rooms, the hydro-therapy unit and the solarium, while the third floor is occupied by the suites for Mrs. Patterson and Dr. Drennan. HARRIS GAS FURNACES Sands Water Heaters ELECTROLUX GAS REFRIGERATORS 14 ilil The amount nt your fnel Mil depends on the efficiency of yonir furnace. Exhaustive tests apo iiundrrds of users have unquestionably proven the high efficiency of HARRIS GAS FL UN ACES. Safe, clean, con-, veuient and economical. Install Wow Small Down 'L it I MUSSES. A large demand for gas heating appliances is reported by the Pacific Gas Appliance company, offices and plant of which are located at 1 9th and Market streets, Oakland. BIG DEMAND Fllfi HEATERS A distinct upward trend in the demand for gas heating appliances la noted by the Pacific Gas Appliance Co. durln the last two months. Mrs. L. Harris, p r e s ldent of the firm, states: "This fact shows that, the home owner is not going to wait until cold wea- er is upon ns. The bay region is fortunate in hav- n or f h a ad- vantage of &R1ffirte natural ran mme- for heating MBS. L. HAREis. purposes on account of its cleanliness, convenience and low cost. With good gas-heating equipment, correctly installed, the home owner's heating problem is satisfactorily settled. The Pacific Gas Appliance Co. manufactures the Harris gas furnaces. With these modern appliances, heating Is so easily controlled that, no matter how changeable the weather,' the slight effort of pushing a button or turning; a kev lnstantlv releases a flow of heat In any quantity desired. Automatic control can also be provided whereby a small lever, set at the temperature desired, will operate the natural gas heating system without any attention. All heating installations are made under personal supervision of G. S. Robinson, superintendent of the Paciflo Gas Appliance company." The company is also distributor for Sands water heaters, Electro-lux gas refrigerators and Electro-lux ice-cream cabinets. The largest apartment house In the world, fhe London Terrace Apartments In New York, costing $25. 000,000. with 1669 apartments, is using 1669 Electrolux refrigerators. The PacKIc Gas Appliance Co. has been In business in this terri tory over 21 years. The firm is located at Nineteenth and Market streets, Oakland. U. S. Employment Service Reopens After being closed for a short time, ths U. 8. Employmsnt Service, 1111 Washington street, has reopened and has on file applications for all classes of work. Wal ter G. Mathewson, former state labor commissioner, Is the state director of Ah-free Service. w THE ORANGE DOLLAR In spite of the long haul to market, California oranKO growers receive 87.9 per cent of the con sumers' dollar spent for their pro duct. This figure Is an average for the past ten years, as compiled by the California Fruit Growers Exchange. Selling their crop col lectively, orange growers In California have been able to effect manv economies which have re sulted In a higher return for their fruit on the trees. "EtiECTROIiTJX." the? Gas Re- frigerator, haa no moving parts to wear- out the cold is produced silently. A tinylgas flame and a tiny trickle of Water do all the work. Investigate "ELECTROIjUX" before yon ouy your refrigerator. Payment Convenient Terms m mSkSSm my "A I 1 NEW STORE FOR . "Leaders," a new store catering to feminine footwear needs, has been opened at 469 Fourteenth street, near Broadway, It Is an no u n c ed E d ward I ? riedland, pro prletort of the store, has been identified with varl-o u s shoe stores in the bay region for the past eighteen years. ' Fried land will feature p o p u 1 a r priced lines e xcluatvely. Special express ship ments, it IS I. raiSDLAKDEB.. stated, of the newest vogues will be received weekly, affording clients an opportunity of having the latest styles the moment they are presented in eastern style centers. In addition to the novelties, a complete line of arch support shoes will also be shown. An expert fitter will be In charge of the corrective footwear department. The staff of "Leaders" consists of Sol Smith, C. O. Foster, R. S. Blerce and C E. Tease. Paper Box Company Selects Local Site The newest Industry to locate in Oakland la the Bay Cities Paper-box company, manufacturer of paper boxes, folding boxes and cartons, which has obtained a lease on the building at Twenty-sixth and Adeline streets, and Is already in production. This structure, formerly occupied by the Weir Electric Appliance company, gives the newly-arrived concern a floor space o'f 10,500 feet and a central business location. The Bay Cities Paperbox company came to Oakland from Long Beach, where It haa been in operation for nlpe years. When fully manned here, the eompany will employ a maximum of SO men. A. E. Eteln Is president; A. Czer-wonky, first vice-president; J. F. Conley, secretary, and L. A. Schlosser, treasurer and manager of the Oakland plant. Joe Conley Is sales manager. The company will serve all of the northern California territory. The lease, which has an additional five-year ontlon. was arranged through the E. B. Field company. OFFICES TRIBUNE t M.' f ' i ',;3Minst0t$ K f t V A -Oakland's tallest office Building, the outstanding structure of the great Easl-bay offers you hiqh class office space with an abundance of light ond fresh air For inspection it ths Bui idirtf HE TRIBUNE TOWER Plan Matle to Exempt Auto Of Salesman From Attach, ment Because of Debt Removal of deficiency Judgment liability under certain circumstances, by revision of the laws to be proposed at the next session of the state Jeglalature, is to be discussed by members of the associate ed Eastbay realty boards Tuesdsy evening, September 6, at a district conference to be held at 8400 Lake-sfiore avenue, the office of L'Hom-medteu, Inc. The meeting la being called by; A. Ormsby Donogh Jr., of Berkeley, district vice-president of California Real Estate association, for the purpose of formulating recommendations to be presented to thai October convention ot the stata organization at Del Monte- This la the second of a series of such East-bay conferences. Other subjects to be discussed are: Creation of a real estate commission of several dealers to direct the state real estate department Instead of the one appointed commissioner as at present, exempted from attachment for debt of automobile used by realty salesmen an necessary equipment for business) and the school costs transfer constitutional amendment. At a largely attended conference, the first of the series, held August 8 at the offices of the Berkeley realty board, resolution were adopted pledging the realtorf to strenuous opposition to the proposal to transform all trust deeds) Into mortgages, and recommending? the abolition of the realty broker bond required as a feature of tha state real estate license act. Loans on State Property Made NEW YORK, Sept. S. Loane totaling $136,680, on housing in San Francisco, Oakland, Palo Alto, San Diego, San Leandro and Loa Angeles and Its suburb were authorized at the last meeting of the Metropolitan Life Insurance company real estate committee. The loans were placed through the Mortgage Guarantee company of Los Angeles. Loans on mortgages In the country at large, authorized at the same meeting, amounted to $503, 39S. Of this amount 1382,908 were city loans and 120,490 were farm loans. CcmtaOaMandb for new ajmd used building Material CmiI 11 i link, hem Good uad door, from . . , Good aid window, from Toilet Comb, from ...... Bciini, compUu R,nf boiler, . . ; ComifBted sheet iron ... Good ueed PM New toilet Mi Good 2i4 end 2x6 M ... 1x4 and IxS flooring M... Window freme Rwtk, per M New Kroan door, Roofing pepef. roH FedetUl besina, comp. ... Beth tobe Croat Copper coil 'beater, Good paint, allo .' 1.4T4C redwood Storage heatera ., I .n .7( so S.50 ..V. 4.75 2.60 V) PTK 'iPrte. 12.se 15.00 16.00 t oo so 00 IU , 1.09' use 4.6S I SO 1.00 - 1100 18.00 a FRIEDMAN ft FOR RENT! TOWER Manager, A. J. Slaght Show; Association, this community for g, Jon perioA r--

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