Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 20, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 20, 1935
Page 4
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>«Jf5™^"v. '«?> f\«tV \ * .i'!» ?&/>« ' / yi'V- jg*^™?*' ' . '**. ••; " "•"' 'S^laiLite to S4 hours. otiraa M.3 nn t ^ fir a raaaiaa HH Hrana arac-j .Ham ar.inra fUR a raa rasnaaa ara H 3® raiuraHSOHSig wra nwa ran ra wra HRIH :iHHHi3 i:i am naraaa satEiH raaciHa aw ran lOlslatti. 11 Gaseous elementt. 12 Medlcafnent, * 16 She hw does —-- woflf. 1? Hybflff aflimai.i IS to strike. 21 to mftke dejected. , 22 Courtesy till*! 25 Detests. .. 30 Northern. 41 Senior. , 34 TO solldt 43. Born. ClWfeath. SfiAairaL -asr-- ,««•»»•, sssa 47 Antagonist. 1 Electrical unit. 46 Bull J?5? . s6ait6 aw ay- 2 Like a line. 3 Unit. slSlcnv • 4 Musical note. organisms. 5 Lasso knot $6 She specialized 6 Slashes. _, «n —•'—•• " 7 Anesthetic. jCSfdliastj 60 She was a 8 Form of "be." 88 Toward, l&lif pa ,em., _ university 9 Twice. i of desserts. 49 To undermine, 50 Money. 53 Lixivium. 55 To exist. 57 Preposition. 5-7, 54 S3 29 SS 4T SO ^' 3 si 42 4-7 1 5S 7 17 34 48 >51 ^ > 3ft 3O ^ >5fe 18 14 ^ 37 S3 28 Blevins v. M. D. Williams of Gurdoixfilled regular appointment at Blevins j,*H*sbyterian chuich Sunday. ,*JI[?.T. Wade of Dallas is visiting his j;parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wade this fcwe'ek. Ruth Cox and' daiighter, Miss sjilafiita Mullen, spentJFriday &' Hope.' ?,Thos". J. Stewart" was shopping in fope Monday. ; • V. ^Announcements have been;'received: "'~r. and 1 Mrs. Herman FfeyBergef rapn, <Mich., announcing the ar- of j a< son. December 2, named _IcHael v Conrade. ^ ;;._; : .,. .. Mr. an'dMrs. Aubrey'BOpds, Mr. and iffe? Dallas HuggT'ai'e leaving Friday }fpr Tucson, 'Art, to spend the Christ- g-JBorn to Mr.,and Mrs. Mont Harris on Legal Notice NOTICE -is .^hereby given that the Ifcooks showing the assessments of f Street Improvement District Number *' p »ee"(3}" Hope, Arkansas, as fixed by 1C assessors' of said District, are now in liny hands," subject to inspection by ", person 'ownmg property within I District: This the 18th day of De- ffcemW 1935. - T. R. Billingsley , ' City Clerk. ,20,21 VSell It! Find It! Rent It! Buy It! •• in the Hope Star PLACE Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, min. 30c For consecutive insertions, minim- mum of 3 lines in one ad - 3 timesi 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. 90c 26 times, 3%c line, min. 52.70 (Average S'/fe words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted With the understanding that the -WJl is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publi- s cation. Phone 768 It has been estimated that the Sahara Desert is expanding at the rate of one mile annually. Only one-third of its income is spent for food by the average American city family. Some of the safe-deposit-vault doors in the United States banks have four locks with 16,351,000 different combinations. LOST T—filju^re, yellow gold wrist "Betty ,Aull" engraved on Reward for return to Hope Star 3t-dh "? TRADE TRADE—93 acre farm good e for business property and Write W. I. Haley, Dermott, 19-6tp to koan— MORTGAGES j ISO to 1950 from us at 6% on furniture, automobile, or other >joal property' Pay it back in L monthly paytnents. For full ia- see GREENING INSUB- 20-26tc FOR SALE and mules, See at Sutton and Hale Ser- Pope, Arfc. 13-26tp n$4lje--Set of World Books, i-HS&k PJWJtfeally new with " Pfapneffl. 10-3tp 'Biir^ains - Chevy '33 " <ft Coupe, only, foro December 14 a daughter, named Esther. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Morris announce the arrival of a daughter on December 13. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Brooks ; and Mrs. Floyd Brooks were shopping in. Hope Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Osborn are visit- ine relatives in Hope this week. • Mr.- and Mrs..-Comer-Boyett,- Mr. and Mrs. Franklin M.' Hortori, all of Hopi* and Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Bonds of Blevins were dinner guests of Mr. •and'Mrs. Johnnie Wade Tuesday night ,The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Stewart was buried in the' Marlbrook cemetery Tuesday morning. " James M. Hendfix a' pipneelFsettUr of "Wallaceburg township,' died iff the Josephine hospital Saturday, December 14. Funeral services were held at Elevins Methodist church Tuesday afternoon with Rev. Henry Stingley of ' Washington officiating. Burial was in Marlbrook cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. Russell M. Hendrix of Lulling, Texas, arrived Monday to. attend the funeral of this father James M. Hendrix. Mr. and Mrsi H. H.'Huskey and Mrs. A. H. Wade are motoring to Ashdown Friday to attend the Christmas exercises of the school. Miss Ruth Huskey, a teacher there, will accompany them home. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Shackelford and sons, Robert and Homer Olynn, were shopping in Hope Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Bonds were business visitors in Prescott Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. George W. Hunt, Mrs. H. H. Huskey, Miss Gladys Hunt and'George Hunt, Jr., were Thursday guests of Mrs. Johnnie Made and Mr. Wade. W. M. SJayton of Gurdon was attending to business near Blevins Tuesday. H. H. Huskey is spending this week in Memphis, serving on a committee of the Cotton Allotment board. Want It Printed We'll Iiave 9 printing expert call on you, s"4 you'll h$ve an e«ftt nomical, high quality job. What. ever your needs, we can serve them. Star Publishing COMPANY "Printing ntf Mofaw m Impression" HOUSE Bf AHEftN OUT OUft WAY £iRAt THAT BOV/ ALWAVS I TMINJK THE WlNiDOW IS BETTER GO SEE THERE'S AMV CHICKENS, , RABBITS OOWM TME&E OUT- YOU UPSTAIRS AMD SMUT TWfe BED- WIWDOW£>, BEFORE WE WAVE BE CHASING- LIVELY TrlC^T \ CORNET t W<3K1 T IN TH£ THE THOU6HT MUCH UNAVT O BORM TWIRTV VEARS TOO SOOM T.M.REO.U.S.PAT.OFF.«- AND HR BUDDIES All for Love By MARTIN .. . © 1935 BYNEASERVICE, INC. T.M. REou ALLEY OOP While Guz Lends Moral Support By HAMLIN ALLEY-THAT OUGHTA MAKE A SWELL FLYIKJ' OUTFIT/ MOW COMES ,TH' REAL TOUGH PACT OF THIS JOB-PERFORMIN' THAT'L AM OPERATIONS, WITHOUT IW JURIM' : TH' HIDE - ^TH'ORIGINAL PTERODACTVL y- YEH, AM' NOW •C-ATCHERSV '/-CAN DRA&TH UP. AW CH.UNK OUT OF WASH TUBBS By CRANE /PON'T GET VOU JEST KfEEP IM THE BACK6ROUND> A 6UM, AM' LEAVE ^ ME HAMDLE 1 EM, AM' WE'RE UUSr IW THE . BUMK HOUSE ^ TIME FOR LUWCM. J \S EMPTV. THAT .' ME'AMS THERE'LL PLEWT/ Tc? EAT. RAW CM IS FAMOUS FOOD ^FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A Humorous Family By BLOSSER I THINK 'THE BEST '\ WAY FOR US ID SPEWP ) THAT #500 IS TO / BUY GROCERIES AND ) FOOD FOR PEOPLE/ J THAT MUCH HOMEY COULD BE SPREAD TAKE ISI A LOT OF POOR YEAH, AM' POP SAYS TO MOM : "LISTEN, EMELIME, IF \ THAT'S BETTER THAN A LOT OF \ THATS A GOOD IDEA, A L01TA PEOPLE FOLKS / FRECK.' WHEW POP QIVIMG IWEM MONEY..:. LIKE THAT, SQUANDER GOT BACK ID WORK, GROCERIES IS WHAT •YOU qAHT LEARN ID RASS A HAT, I'LL THEY MEED/ BUT SOME MONEY FDR THE FIRST THING FAMILIES; AMD, GEE, WE CLOTHES, ] MOM DID WAS TO OF THEM WOULDNT ALL KMOW THAT PEOPLE HAVE 70 EAT// y, SOON HAVE TO/ BUY GROCERIES / BUY A FAWCY.'/ By COWAN THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Safety First THE BOYS DOWN TO THE GARA.GE GAVE IT TO CY\E FEP CHC?l5TrAAS .' OUGUTA V HERE'S A. MY OLt» TIM .LISTEN - I GOTTA, T>A> AGAIN, A IDEE- C.OWE, MERE, I WINDY- WE'LL A. HEADACHE © tW»Y NSASeWIOE.INC, T. M. REQ, U. 8. PAT.OFF.. ..S

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