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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 32
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 32

Indianapolis, Indiana
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(A lady Jn Independence, EXPECTS REVISION OF MARRIAGE LAW Wife owns a hen that sings little tunes when accompanied on the piano, after first displaying her talent by singing scales. Lays an egg every NUMBERS RACKET RAID NETS THREE Records, Equipment Seized In Swoop by Police Vice Squad. Your Own CALLS IT. THE "ESSENTIAL-FRESHENER day, too.) ii rpHERE was a lady had a hen of Dr. Harvey Says New Measure Would Require Medical Examination.

(We call it KIT staid and sober mien This hen pursued her quiet life un ruffled and serene. Breakfast Set About the lady's premises this Biddy roamed and strayed, And every day, right on the dot, a Pasage of a law requiring complete medical examination and a syphilis test for both bride and nice fresh egg she laid. a bargain TWO DOLLAR VALUE from these attractive new Open Stock Pieces Raiding an establishment known as the Bug Club at 2703 Northwestern avenue, Sergt. Carl Ashley's vice squad yesterday afternoon arrested three men and seized groom before a marriage license And no one who had seen this hen start out to take a stroll is issued probably will be asked of the next General Assembly, Dr. Verne K.

Harvey, state health di Had ever guessed of all the hidden music tn her soul. rector, said yesterday. He forecast the requests in a quantity of records and equipment allegedly used in the "numbers" racket. lttHlrl( I MTIO 1 i speech before the women's auxiliary of the Marion County Medical John Brooks, 32 years old, 1115 I Essential Cream $1 Freshener Lotion Choose as many or as few pieces as you wish any of the three tables shown with any of these six different styles of chairs. So many combinations are possible that you may easily fUd the grouping that best suits your taste.

All pieces have beau We more or less expect a lark or mocking bird to sing, But vocalizing hens Whoever heard of such a thing To practice her piano the lady one day went She played the scales all up and North Capitol avenue, held on Society in the William H. Block Company auditorium. Dr. Joseph Barry, president of the In charges of operating a lottery and gift enterprise and vagrancy, was named by Sergt. Ashley as one of the operators of the establishment.

dianapolis Board of Health, also spoke. aown tnat lovely instrument. The hen strolled in and parked tiful stainless finishes. Dr. Harvey said the technical committee growing out of a group herself right by that grand piano Both for 1 recently appointed to study Indi And sana the scales corrp.ctlu ana's marriage laws would make too in quite a sweet soprano.

the request to the assembly. Goal of Much "Do, re, me, fa, sol, la, ti, do!" came rippling from her beak. Declaring Indiana had been the goal of much criticism because of The lady she was so surprised that she could hardly speak. The lady played a little tune a its marriage-law laxity, Dr. Har Charles Mayer Co, 29 West Washington Street vey said premarital examinations simply little ditty should "eliminate precipitate mar- The hen took up the melody her riage." He said revision of the voice was really pretty! state's marriage laws and the anti-syphilis campaign must be considered together.

You'd think a sinaina hen her other duties would be scornina. But still this singing hen proceeds In years to Dr. Harvey Two Named "Runners." Two Negroes, Robert P. Moore, 32, of the Northwestern avenue address, and William Standruff, 28, 218'i Indiana avenue, were described as "runners" in the selling of "numbers" tickets throughout the They were held on the same charges as Brooks. Contents of a large safe in the establishment and other equipment were confiscated and sent to the police property room.

Herbert M. Spencer, Marion county prosecutor, said that his office is opening an Investigation of the "numbers" racket in Indianapolis. Al Lynch, investigator for the prosecutor's office, is in charge of the probe for Mr. Spencer. Michael F.

Morrissey, chief of police, said the establishment had been under surveillance for some time and that search warrants had been prepared. Sport Goods Firm Sells Interest State Highway Work Resumed to lay an egg each momma. predicted, laws may require an ex FIRST SPRING TERM Ah, it is rarely artists reach such amination of the mental efficiency heights of real felicity of couples wishing to be married By thus combining artistry with and a check on other physical con charming domesticity. After a temporary delay because ditions, such as tuberculosis. He pointed out, however, that move of unfavorable weather conditions, ment in the direction of marriage Choice of These TABLES Underpass Bids regulation must be studied care fully before action is taken.

Dr. Barry, praising drives against To Be Due Soon salacious literature, stressed importance of a long-term campaign of instruction of childhood against the evils of immorality. each Three attractive styles, all as illustrated. Bids for construction of the pro March 28 to April 4 This school Is In continuous aeaslon throughout the year. Therefore, students may enter during the Term Opening and proceed without Interruption until their eoursea re completed.

A few months saved now will mean preparation for employment junt that much sooner. Thla Is the Indiana Business College of Indianapolis. The others are at Marlon, Muncie, Logans-port, Anderson, Kokomo, Lafayette, Columbus, Richmond and Vlncennes Ora E. Blitz, President. Call personally, If convenient.

Otherwise, for Bulletin, describing courses nd quoting tuition fees, telephone or write the I. B. C. nearest you, or Fred W. Case, Principal Central Business College Architects and Builders Bldg.

Pennsylvania and Vermont Sts. Indianapolis. Adequate instruction cannot be given in one or two large doses." construction activity has been resumed on the state highway system. The commission's bulletin, released yesterday, lists 12 sections of state highways where construction detours are in effect, six bridge run-arounds, eight sections where shoulder construction is in progress under traffic, and one detour marked over city streets. A detour was eliminafed during the week from Ind.

121 over city streets of Richmond, and a new detour was established on Ind. 145, from one mile north of New Boston to Fulda. Detour in Warsaw. A detour is marked over city posed new West Washington street underpass at the Big Four railroad probably will received by the State Highway Commission within All are extension type, equipped with equalizing slides open easily and stand firmly. Solid maple (shown at top) or solid oak' in brown oak or oyster oak finishes.

six weeks, Earl Crawford, commission chairman, said yesterday. Federal funds will be used to he said. "It must be taken through the entire childhood." Factors Leading to Immorality. He cited the "playground and swimming pool as better than scores of hygiene lectures" and named environmental, physical and psychological factors leading to Immorality. "Syhpilis bids fair to become the great American disease," he declared.

"It does 100 times as much damage as the dreaded infantile paralysis, shatters homes, fills in finance the project and the money will come from the state's normal Federal aid allotment which was approximately $3,000,000. Mr. streets on Ind. 25 in Warsaw. Bridge run-arounds, traffic maintained, are listed on U.

S. 40, one mile west of Cumberland; Ind. 55, Crawford said the estimated cost of the project is $200,000. The work involves elimination of a hairpin curve and construction of a new underpass on a broader and straightened roadwiiy. five miles north of Fowler; Ind.

69, stitutions with insane, blind, feeble eight miles southwest of Mt. Ver non; Ind. one and one-half minded or unemployable victims." Mrs. W. Tinney was in charge Mr.

Crawford said city officials miles south of Morgantown; Ind. 221, one-half mile south of Van- A PERSONAL SERVICE Three Styles of CHAIRS at of the program. Mrs. Walter P. Buren, and Ind.

352, two miles east had been advised to exercise op-tions the city holds on ground necessary to change U. S. 40 at Morton, president of the auxiliary, presided. Mrs. Fred VVishard of Pendleton, president of the wom of Boswell.

Shoulder construction under con that point. Plans for construction of a new Illustrated above and below 4 .95 each an's auxiliary to the Indiana State Medical Society, poured at the tea following the lectures. bridge on the High School road tract, traffic maintained, is as follows: Ind. 3, south of Muncie; Ind. 9, from U.

S. 50 to Ind. 7, southeast of Columbus; U. S. 30, leading to the Municipal Airport fOHt HAL I HECTORS are ncaring completion, Mr.

Craw Purchase by the recently-formed Broad Ripple Park Corporation of a quarter-interest in the Smith-Hassler-Sturm Company, sporting goods firm, was announced by Floyd W. Hassler, president, last night at a dinner in the Columbia Club. W. A. McCurry, president and general manager of the park corporation, will take an executive position in the sporting goods company.

Mr. Hassler said there will be no change in the name of the 25-year-old company and that he and Robert H. Sturm, vice-president and treasurer, and Ross A. Smith, secretary, will remain with the company. The Broad Ripple Park Corporation recently acquired Broad Ripple Amusement Park and will carry on an extensive reconstruction program at an estimated cost of $100,000.

E. M. Costin is chairman of the board. Mr. McCurry said the firm will build nine tennis courts and a soft-ball park in the grounds of the amusement park, with equipment for night playing, and will sponsor a Softball tournament among firms of the city.

Mr. Hassler will have general charge of the work. Officers of the park corporation are Mr. Costin, Ewing Cox, secretary; Fred Ellison, treasurer, and Mr. McCurry.

Executives of Indianapolis firms and those of companies in surrounding cities attended the dinner. The Smith-Hassler-Sturm Company was founded 25 years ago and has been operated by the three men since. one-half mile and eight miles west of Columbia City; U. S. 31, north One in solid maple, two in solid oak.

Stainless finishes in maple, brown oak, oyster oak. Fund Lack Delays ford said. County officials are cooperating in this project and the next step will be for the county of Peru and east of Seymour; U. S. 40, from Indianapolis to Cumber to obtain the necessary right of land, and Ind.

67, from -Muncie Prison Changes way tor the new structure, the southwest about four miles. commission chairman said. County Detours for closed roads are commissioners said recently, however, that they lack funds for marked as follows: Structural defects at the Indiana ground purchases. State Prison which were blamed A SAFE DEPOSIT Bn IS LOW COST A INSURANCE 9 Different Sizes $3 to $100 A YEAR Security Trust Co. 130 E.

Washington for the prison break Feb. 12 cannot be remedied until the Legislature Choice Any of These CHAIRS each The two styles shown above In brown oak or oyster oak. Chair at lower right in solid maple. appropriates funds, Edward P. Utility to Abandon Plan To Alter Keystone Lines A petition by Indianapolis Railways for right to use Schofield Brennan, state budget director, said yesterday.

Prison officials conferred with the budget director on needed avenue in a proposed rerouting of bus service will be withdrawn be oiiampay inc. Ind 13 From Wabash northeast, 20 miles over Ind. 15 and 114. Ind. 21 About three miles south of Richmond, one mile over county gravel road; from Mnncl northwest, eight miles over Ind.

.1 and 28. U. 8. 27 From one mile northweet of College Corner to Liberty, eight and one-half miles over county oil ma', and Ind. 44.

I'. 8. 35 Stretch Closed. tJ. 8.

35 From Muncie northwest, eight miles over Ind. 3 and 28. U. 8. 41 From one mile north of Vin-cennes.

north three and one-half milea over Ind. 67 and county gravel. Ind. 44 From Shelbyvllle west nine miles over county gravel and pavement; from Shelhyvllle to Rushvllle. 26 miles over Ind.

29, 244 and 3. (Traffic may travel new rond at own risk as long aa barricades are not erected.) Ind. 62 From Leavenworth to Corydon, 37 miles over Ind. 66. 64 and 1.15.

Ind. 6 From Rockport to Tell City, truck traffic 72 milea over Ind. 45, 62 and 37; pasaenger cars, 42 miles over Ind. 45, 70. 245 and county road.

Ind. 145 From one mile north of New Boaton to Fulda. six and one-half miles over county gravel. Ind. 221 From Ind.

18 to Just south of VanBuren, three miles over county gravel. Ind. 327 Just south of Orland, two miles over county gravel road. i Scientific Rug Cleaners 1912 N. Meridian fore March 30, the date set by the Board of Works and Sanitation for a further hearing, James P.

Tret-ton, vice-president of the company, said yesterday. The company also will withdraw its proposed plan to abandon the Central (Keystone) bus line, a move opposed by members of the Bel-Rose Civic League. The league previously had opposed an offer of the company to provide service by extension of the Millersville road line. improvements and decision was reached to recommend to the budget committee expenditure of $8,000 for construction of a refrigeration unit. This will be used in connection with canning activities, which will be expanded.

Products from the prison farm will be used at the institution and any surplus will be sent to other institutions. The budget committee also will be asked to authorize expenditure of $2,000 for new electrical equipment for the electric chair. Changes Recommended. Elimination of the structural defects was recommonded by Thur-man A. Gottschalk, director of the Public Welfare Department, after an investigation of the break.

His recommendations included moving a guard tower, erecting a barbed FINDS PANTS, $700 GONE. Edward Geis, 320 North Alabama street, apt. No. 3, a tavern operator, left his trousers on a chair in his bedroom Thursday night but found them in the hallway yesterday morning with $700 in currency and change missing from the pockets, he reported to police. REPAIRS and PARTS for Any Kind of FOUNTAIN PEN AT HAAG'S CLAYPOOL DRUG STORE Convenient Terms to Suit Your Income STATE-WIDE DELIVERY at no additional charge 31-35 S.

Meridian THE STAR'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE By EUGENE SHEFFER Mexico Bills Oil Firms for Taxes "Talk of tht Tow" wire fence and eliminating a "blind SS Thing: In law. 57 Places of bllii. VERTICAL. 1 Head covering. 2 Candlenut tret.

3 Full auil ot armor. 49 Cut oft tha final syllable. 32 Equip. Air hero. 54 Front pleca of a helmet.

55 City of tha Netherlands. spot" caused by a building roof. Five prisoners escaped in the STEAK DINNER CT Sizzling CfK OXFORD GLASSES I City of Mexico, March 25. (F" break, and two of them still are at large. HORIZONTAL.

1 Frolic. 6 Body ot water. Prominent ridge In cloth. 12 Family of violin makers. 13 Legums.

14 F.verythlnR. 13 Widespread fright. Settlement Next Week In Hohlt Bond Suit Settlement of a suit asking that Leonard A. Hohlt, Perry township trustee, be required to provide a new bond or additional surety to the present property bond under which he is holding office, will be made next week following submission of briefs and arguments. Harvey A.

Grabill, Indianapolis attorney, who is presiding as special judge in the trial in Circuit Court, ordered attorneys yesterday to prepare briefs for submission early next week, after which he would make his ruling. Evidence was concluded yesterday. An appraiser, a witness for Hohlt, testified as to his valuations of property owned by 36 persons who signed Hohlt's bond. The Mexican government tonight I 'Done VVW Vt pound Beef Tenderloin I HIM Mlgnnn) The Improvement program was Herewith is the solution to Fri PALM GARDEN discussed with Mr. Brennan by day's puzzle.

Warden Louis Kunkel, L. C. Ber US N. ILLINOIS IT. nard.

Michigan City architect: Walter Clark, superintendent of IS 8IUKgiihness. 1R Plfferent. 20 River nymph. 21 Rtrucsle. 23 KnerRy.

2.W Knot. 2R Carpenter's tool. 4 Eaglestone. 5 Wealthy. Breath of lift.

Indefinite period of time. Arabian aenport. Fixed relation of number. 10 Homeric epic. 11 Leaf of a plant.

IT Wander at will. 19 Earapea. 21 Vehicle. 22 Be Indebted to. 24 Covering for the hand.

27 Ooal. 2X Brownie. 30 Fertile spots. 32 Apprehend clearly. 33 Tin receptacle.

34 t'nlt of work. 3 Different appearances. SS Profit. 3 Insect. 40 Slouan Indian.

42 Pound. 44 Former Russian, ruler. 45 Field of granular snow. 4S Froien water. 30 Put on.

51 Bitter vetch. prison construction; Edward lay-lor, prison clerk, and R. A. Wall, production superintendent for the institution's department of the wel ZOO OWN 5 OH EMUCRtEP A I RYVERGE Labor War Clew Sought In Chicagoan's Slaying Chicago, March 25. Detectives turned to labor strife tonight fare division.

27 Pining. 29 Farther way. 31 Position In fenc Meanwhile, Hohlt found himself in an effort to solve the "ride" Grand Jury Indicts 20; slaying of Edward Shuler, 35 years ron1 old, college-educated member of Arraignment Monday Twenty persons, named In 15 indictments returned yesterday by the Marion countv grand jury, will the International Union of Onerat- given added opposition for renomi-nation when Lewis R. Doll, 1555 Dudley avenue, filed his petition for nomination for Perry township trustee on the Democratic ticket. His petition was filed with the county election board yesterday.

ing. Kxperta. 37 Sense organ. 3S Region ot Indochina. 41 Personal pronoun.

42 Guy ror. 4.1 Overturn. 43 Record ot in event. 47 Under part of an automobile. ing Engineers.

5 lJ Vk- a i z. 1. a a. a VAT tl" A I a a His body was found earlv todnv. OR cue.

a be arraigned Monday before Judge Investigators concluded he had been driven to a deserted thorough William B. Richardson has filed for presented bills for $2,000,000 back taxes to two of the 17 foreign petroleum companies expropriated by President Lazaro Cardenas. The amount was alleged due from Aguila (Royal Dutch Shell) and Huasteca, Standard Oil of New Jersey subsidiary, the two largest of the concerns taken over by the government. Aguila was charged with failing to pay $1,400,000 "absentee" tax on funds sent out of the country in 1934-35. Huasteca was billed for $600,000 alleged due in absentee and income taxes.

Spokesmen for the companies charged the effort to collect the tax was a move to reduce indemnification of their properties. "We don't owe the money," said B. T. W. VanHasselt, codirector of Aguila.

JAPS EYE MEXICAN OIL. City of Mexico, March 25. (U.P.) Private Japanese companies are ready to buy Mexican oil, if prices and delivery arrangements are suitable, Japanese Minister Saichiro Koshida said today. Prices would have to be low, the minister intimated, and the Mexican government would need to arrange some method of placing the oil at a Mexican loading port on the Pacific. tCopyright.1938.KlngFeaturesSyndlcate.lne.) fare and shot four times as he the same office as did Hohlt.


HOURS 7 A. M. TO 6 P. M. LI.

7600 alighted from a machine. Shuler widow. Madlvn. and his brother, Russell, said they believed Repeated Suicide Efforts End in Woman's Death Frank P. Baker in criminal uoun.

Everett Mahaney, 34 years old. 652 Oliver avenue, held in the death of Luther Mooneyhan, 33. 551 Holly avenue, was among those Indicted. He was charged with first degree murder. Mahaney is alleged to have slashed Mooneyhan during an argument over politics near a poolroom on Oliver avenue.

Ravmond Bales. 17. 361 Bicklns nis death stemmed from intra-union controversy. Repeated attempts at suicide were ended early yesterday with the death of Mrs. Katie Scudder, Man Held Without Bail On Charge of Murder 4 years old, 427 West McCarty street, in a cell in city prison.

Jersey City, N. March 25. Police were called to the elderly street, was Indicted on a charge of method of benefit payment without undue hardshiD on either ihe em. failing to stop after an accident which Virginia Clark was injured when struck by an automobile on McCarty street recently. Jobless Benefit Law Is Explained ployer or the division.

He stressed co-ordination with the stnio cm. (U.P.) Joseph Scutellaro, 36-year-old relief client who killed an overseer of the poor In a quarrel over the size of his allowance, pleaded not guilty to a murder charge today and was held for trial without bail. ployment service in replacing un Nine persons were ordered dis woman home Thursday afternoon and were told by her that she had attempted suicide by drinking poison in water, slashing at her throat with a butcher knife, and beating herself on the temple with a hammer. An ambulance doctor found her condition not serious, and left her In the home after treatment. Several hours later, however, police received another call and found Albon Scudder, husband of Mrs.

employed individuals in suitable employment. I 2 3 1 8 IO II 21 22 23 2H 25 2J 30 3J 32 33 34 ,42 3 3T HO 77Zm A 2 47 HQ, Tffi SO Zt 1 tin 1 wr I 1 1 charged, although five of the number already had had hearings on euteiiaro, a once prosperous Mr. Quinn and Mr. Smith explained the general background of the law and the correct method of filing of senaration rennrts Rom. fits become payable after April 1 to 20 YEARS HOLDir rENALTY.

Mobile, March 25. (U.P.) Alva Dewey Hunt was sentenced today to 20 years in the Atlanta contractor, stabbed Harry L. Barck, 74-year-old Hoboken poor overseer, in the back with a paper spike last Feb. 24. CUTS HAIR 193 TIMES.

Scudder, attempting to keep a knife from her. Police then or inaiviauais wno earn $10 after March 31 and then Inst thplr dered her held for safekeeping. Federal prison for, a bank robbery Approximately 2,000 employers from Indianapolis and vicinity received Information relating to employer responsibilities and benefit payment procedure under the unemployment compensation law at a meeting held in Caleb Mills hall last night. Clarence A. Jackson, director of the unemployment compensation division; Tom Quinn, attorney, and Ray C.

Smith, supervising deputy, explained the law and answered questions relating to its operation. Mr, Jackson spoke on the manner in which the division has attempted to work out an efficient Mrs. Scudder was found dead in Gunmen Rob Michigan Bank of $1,500, Escape Farmington, March 23. Two gunmen held up the Farmington State Bank in this suburb of Detroit this afternoon and fled with a sum bank officials estimated at $1,500. Employes of the bank and three customers who entered during th holdup were directed to lie on the floor as the men gathered the money from drawers in tellerj cages.

at Folv. after he entered a The meeting was arranged by the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, Associated Retailers of Indiana. Indiana Tnniifflrtnrfr Ac. her cell by Metta Davis, police woman. Knoxville, March 25.

UP) Barber D. I. Scarlett should know every hair on the head of L. sociation, Indiana State Chamber Dr. Frank B.

Ramsey, deputy-coroner, said death apparently was oi commerce and the Interorganl- surprise plea of guilty before United States Judge John McDuf-fie. Hugh Gant, Hunt's alleged companion in the holdup, pleaded not guilty and will face trial Monday. Both are under 25-year sentences for a robbery at Cross City. Fla. W.

bwats, Southern Railway con ductor. Swats got a haircut yes due to micide by poisoning. zauon council oi Indiana. C. Alexander, president of the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, terday and said it was the 793d time that Scarlett had performed Fiirtmtre.

ten. tptmUmt rmtt rrpalree by Joeepi uaramr, -j- me las in me past 33 years. 5.

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