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OAKLAND TRIBUNE, FRIDAY, MARCH 16. 19.11 23 ELOPES I BEQUESTS LEfTiPfifZES GIN JT'STAGE STOCK RETURNS nil linn nmin nnrrm nuiiirn JOHNSON UTTEMPT CODE FOR RAILROADS HI Vhh YOUNG COSSIPERS 300 PRESENliiyP Jli 'GOSSIP! SEX' FIRST PHI JT 1 1.. IIU SttB PREVIEW Bffl ROOSEVELT 'r--" ml If Cily. County Officials to Gather for Opening of 'Ex-Premier' in Repertory City and cotinfy officials, radio and stage stars, and drama lovers will gather tomorrow night at the Roosevelt Theater, formerly the Premier, to witness the gala open- ing of the Roosevelt Players in their SMiiM i nn ii iitfaavaBaiawmfjiiiiaMaaiaiiaa Phil Stearns and Willa Wilson will endeavor to demonstrate which -is really "The Gossipy Sex" at the Roosevelt Theater, formerly the Premier, tomorrow evening when the Roosevelt Players make their how in dramatic, slock. The house will he opened with special ceremonies with many guests of honor.

initial dramatic stock vehicle, "The Gossipy Sex." Heading the list of guests will be Michael- Raffetl-o- former University of California drama star, who. has achieved nation-wide popularity in- the role of Paul Barbour in the radio play, "One Man's Family," and J. Anthony Smythe, former Eastbay stage favorite, who enacts Paul's father. Henry Barbour, over the air. Other outstanding stag and radio personalities will be on hand to celebrate the opening of the new deal theater.

Artrfur Navlet. president of th Downtown Merchants Association, will act as master of ceremonies in introducing (he celebrities before the first act of the play. Among the officials in attendance will be City Manager John F. Hassler, members of the city council, Mrs. Nellie G.

Donohoe, postmistress; supervisors, and other public officials. With the opening of the theater, dramatic stock will return to the Eastbay after a long absence. "The Gossipy Sex" will hold the stage at the theater for one week and will then be succeeded by other New Officials of Leading However, Hold They Are Not Under NRA Regulation WASHINGTON, March The Washington Post said today the NRA may attempt to put the na-tion'f railroads under a code. Hugh Johnson, NRA administrator, was said to have written two letters to R. V.

Fletcher, general counsel for the Association of Railway Executives, asking him to a confeffeftce on railroad matters. Joseph B. Eastman, Federal coordinator of transportation, was aid. by the paper to have just re affirmed his opinion that the rail-1 roads are not subject to nka juris-, 4icuork -It ttten Wofed the follow ing as Johnson's second letter to Tletcher: "My letter of February 21 was written to you for the purpose of bringing about a correction of certain conditions in the railroad transportation industry which have been brought 1o the attention of the President and which might, upon investigation, come within the provisions of Section 3 (D) of the act "I assumed that the proper representatives of the Association of Railway Executives would take the aubject up with me for discussion. I did not give any publicity to the letter, and I do not know what -motivated the association to send copies of it to the newspapers; although, of course, there was nothing private about it.

A mere telephone call would, however, have resulted In giving you an opportunity to be heard. I shall be glad to take this matter up with you at ny time after this week." In reply, the paper said. Judge JTletcher expressed surprise and said he had no information of conditions existing among the rail roads which would warrant hearings before the NRA, even if the roads, contrary to previous understanding, were subect to NRA. PERFECT TAX GATHERER SHEFFIELD, Mass. If you're a taic-dodger, drn't make Sheffield your home town.

Clarence H. Warner, tax collector for 26 years, has collected every penny of the $42,000 taxes due for 1933. And there's not a penny due from any of the previous 27 years that he's been on the Job. CHOH SLEY and CHOW MEIN AMERICAN DISHES frtvmHtln Fktnctrl th! Trihune and JBrnadwajr HOYRLE Mary Kornman, Wampus Baby film star, who has eloped with Leo Lovar, cameraman. A.

P. photo. Film Star Weds Cameraman HOLLYWOOD, March (U.R) Mary Kornman for several years first "leading lady" of "Our Yuma, Ari, with Leo Tovar( film cameraman. They were married by Judge Kelly of the Yuma County Superior Court. Miss Kornman, now 18, has returned to motion pictures after she left "Our Gang" at the age of 11, and is one of the Wampus "Baby Star" nominees for 1934.

Tovar is cameraman for Mae West. Miss a n's father Gene Kornman, is a photographer with the Harold Lloyd Company. 1 II IS ARRANGED City Manager John F. Hassler and Tmpressario Ralph Pincus reached an amicable settlement on the asbestos curtain Wasco at the Auditorium Theater by. telephone today.

According to Hassler, Pincus agreed to accept a return of his rent money and the city agreed to reimburse him for the actual expenses incurred. The expenses were limited salaries of musicians and stage hands and other incidentals. Molnar's Wife Asks Contract Annulled LOS ANGELES, March 16. P) Sari Fedak, screen actress, and former wife of Fercnc Molnar, playwright, petitioned the Superior Court today for rescinding of a contract she entered into with an agent, John Vajda, under which she gave 10 per cent of earnings to him. Miss Fedak said that when she signed the contract she had been in the United States only six months and was not able to fully understand the language.

Seventy entries have already been received for the present show which will he held at Jenny Lind Hall, 2229 Telegraph Avenue, on Saturday evening, March 17. Mr. W. H. Ramsey tnkes an active part in the show by seeing that pups from six weeks to one year get their share of Purina Dog Chow.

Ogburn Terrier Kennels 2545 Bartlett Street OAKLAND Quality Scottish Terriers I Mud MALCOLM OF OfiBI'RN'S VINDICATED Puppies and Young Docs for Sale Stripping and Boarding FRuitvale 3580 FUEL COMPANY ARE ANNOUNCED Estate Exceeding Distributed Among Bay Region Friends, Relatives Nearly a score of Bay region friends and relatives are to receive bequests, under the will of Mrs. Mary A. Swan, filed for probate today. William H. Schooler, San Francisco attorney and friend of Mrs.

Swan, who filed the will as attorney for the estate and executor of the will, said the estate is worth more than $50,000. Mrs. Swan died at her home, 2308 Coolidge Avenue, on March 10. The will was dated January 29 last. Schooler is to receive $8500, plus his fees as attorney and executor, under bequests are: Inez van Gundy, 179 Vernon Street, the home and furnishings; Nellie Seger, 1149 Bay Street, Alameda, all her Jewelry, automobile, furs and fur coat; Odd Fellows' Orphans Home, Gilroy $500; Mr.

and Ms. S. H. Miller, 2304 Coolidpe Avenue. $500: Mr.

and Mrs. T. Blumentei'l, 2312 Coolidge, n.nln w.iii. ciVi, i in Frederick Street, San Francisco, $250 each. Jfirs.

Helen McMahan and Mrs. Florence JOverberry, of Bartlett Springs. $500 each; Mrs. Sara Barrett, 1507 Madison Street, $100: Mrs. Virginia Diehl, 3701 Lakcshore Avenue.

$100; Mrs. Dora Green, 424 Sunnyslope Drive, $250: Mrs. Annie Mulqueen, 1149 Bay Street, Alameda, $250; Mrs. Tillie Kimball, 1425 Second Avenue, $250; Mrs, Hazel Perkins. 405 Fifteenth Street.

$250; Mrs. E. W. Ericson, 2332 Coolidge, $500. To F.dward and Waller A.

Twiggs, third cousin, of 947 Green Street, San Francisco, Mrs. Swan left $1250 each. She bequeathed $2500 to Mrs. Lena Tapscolt, 204 Hillside Avenue, Piedmont. TO "my most dearly beloved friend," Mrs.

Eli.a Agnes Quill, 1149 Bay Street, Ala meda, she left $5000 and named her residuary legatee. Council Meets on Tuesday Hereafter Meetings of the Oakland City Council will be held at 1 p.m. on Tuesdays hereafter instead of 1 p.m. on Mondays, as final passage was given last night to the ordinance making this change. The Thursday evening meetings of the Council will begin at 8 o'clock, as before.

This was the only ordinance discussed by the Council last night. At the request of residents, the Council ordered the City Engineer to place stop signs at all the corners at the intersection of Coolidge Avenue and School Street. The Council accepted an invitation to attend the Municipal Day program at the Hotel Oakland. March 18, and received and referred to the City Manager nn invitation to wattend the sessions of the Western Conference on Government at the University of California March 28, 29 and 30. Forest Funds to Aid Highway Work WASHINGTON, March MacDonald.

chief of the Federal Bureau of Public Roads, in a letter to Senator Johnson today said the transfer of $108,000 of forest public works funds for the construction of the Almanor Forest Highway project No. 20 in California was expected within a few days. MacDonald said a survey of a section of the proposed toad, which would connect thelFetner River Highway with the Lassen Volcanic Highway, running from Red Bluff to Susanville and Reno, had been-completed and a design for the highway was being prepared. "We hope to start work on the road' soon enough to permit a full season's construction," MacDonald wrote. Relict Periodic Pain in My Sides" "I wit all run down and suffered dreadful pains in my says Mrs.

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Take them regularly. If yours is not a surgical case, you can probably MB i -1 I hocolite coated convenient dependable. 0-M WOT LYDIA PliNKHAMS TABLETS Sew Small Size 50 Cents in ai "Dreadful Pains 3 ft I cw Fox Picture Fmm inr in Many He-pert-Helen Twelvetrees Is Star By WOOD SOANT IF FILM criticism were based on mercy rather than justiec, this review should begin and end with Ihe simple announcement that Helen. Twclvetrges'. first plrture under a new Fox conti act was shown in special preview at the Grand-Lake last evening under the 4i1le "Alt Men' Unforlunately for Mirs Twelve trees who is regarded as a ranking star in the emotional bracket and George Fitzmaurice who is said by many to be one of Hollywood most artistic dinrtors.

the opening parffsRph must-lie only Hie beginning of an unpleaVanl rtdry. "All Men Are Enemies" one of the urihappiest films in point of story, production, acting and editing to emerge even in the preview state from the house" of Fox in many a year. II is a pointless tale, directed in archaic fashion and acted in the niwid high school manner. 6 By dint of cudgeling its brains the audience was final I able to piece nut the tale, it concerned a weak-kneed young ail it who fell in love with an Auslilan singer while trying to get away from it all just before the wnr. vlio lost her when he was called lo the colors, and who had end of trouble finding her in time for Ihe final fadeout.

Miss Tweh'etrees. of course, is the charming Viennese and is drtiri-guished chiefly for the succession of eloseups in which she is shown with glycerine twinkling on her eye-lids and her prellv mouth twisted in anguish, distraught artist Oxford accent and slraint In moments lional unhoaval. Williams is the ith the clipped the air of re-of great emo- Then IIhtc is Mona Lai ie. the girl who loved Ihe arlisl and pursued him relenl giving an excellent impersonal ion of an inet actress caught in the loils of a bad role and not knowing what to do about it; and Herbert Mimdin struggling vigorously to extract even an ounce or coinodv from a eocknev who is finally (Ic ted bv the author midway in the film. 0 rt AirToTd Wen Are F.ner,, and whjit the il has to do i Ih Ihe story is somctlrng el to wo; about is a bolcli.

if I ies films of this' caliber ecu lie by -placing Ihe ori' pieview material with the dicaul'd eoHoloid from the cutting room floor. II dollbll'nl if even that would be effective in this case. Consider these samples of dialogue, delivered within a flicker or two on the screen: "Shall I tell you I love' you or is il too soon after luncheon?" "Will you marry me. or is it too soon after No wonder the first nichlers released lusty guffaws and apdilily mil hid jests at the expense of the This one sle uld be laid aw.iv in lavender and old lace. It 1 lo Ihe plavu i ii'litiiv1 era of 'I'lic Drunkard or the 1 1 i Saved:" Weight Reduction Warning Sounded SAN FRANCISCO, March Hi.

Weight reduction may be fashionable but it's dangerous and often So says Dr. .1. C. deiger, San Francisco health director. So.

girls, heed the warning of 'the medico who says: "This constant endeavor of the younger group of women may lie a mi: lake since they sue at per cent below the a necessarv to. "maintain a mssimuni of health. a -ull. omen in this group have a im he, derlh than the ei hen it should be otherwise." As a final admonishment. Dr.

Clci-ger adds: "Below it should lie a privilege, as it is a iiccesMtv to igh at least 10 to 20 per cent above the average." n-ir Itro-dnav A MW II A I DRAMATIC HOOSI VKIT I'l MKltS Tin: oi 1st imiim; vmiis si i Starting Sat. Eve, Mar. 17 Thr Comrilr it thr Srnsnn 'The Gossipy Sex' iMUKi(i I III nm I I rmiKlin BOX Of -TICK OPEN NOW AM. STATS KtSir.Vtl) NEW POPl'LAK PRICES NIGHTS 40c-20c iWat Wei, Silt. Sun.

25c-15c The Alabam I i I i Fixe Rrrrive Grand Awards. For Contributions to tbe Otber Fellow Column With 300 ports from many Central and Northern California cities present, the eighth annual California Poets' Dinner was held last night at the Hotel Leamington. Contributors to The Other Fellow column of Ad Schuster in The Tribune, and to The Tribune's Pool's Corner, were present with their friends. Schuster and John Barry, writer and lecturer, were the speakers. Grand prizes in the poetry contest conducted by Schuster as a preliminary to the dinner were awarded to Nell Griffiths Wilson.

F.lma Marlatt Dean. Gertrude Fletcher, Eve Brazier, and Jessica Pryse Arthur. 'SPECIAL PRIZES Prizes in special were given to Helen Miller Lehman, Enola Boyd Duncan, Ruth Thorne Parlatt, William Nauns Rieks. Bertha De Valle Ross, Anna Kalfus Spero, Stella Flowers Hastings, tlWfy Tyrrell, Lizette Horrling August Delding Heming, Bertha M. Lester.

Idelle Kiesling. William Dawson, Alice Krnhn. Rosalie Moore, F.lizabeth Lee Olds, and Mildred Anderson. Suzanne Sullivan, general committee chairman, introduced the speakers. Minnie Facgre Knox directed a "coronation" ceremony at which Schuster was hailed as leader of the group of "poets by avocation." The prize poems were read by Kent Cioodenough Hyde, editor of "Westward," and Dr.

Wesley Dexter Gordon. MUjSIC ON PROGRAM Entertainment was given by Helen Weginan Painielee of KI.X and Rosalie Moore, pianists, and Joseph E. O'Brien, vocalist, accompanied by Marjorie Summers. The general committee for the dinner include, besides Mrs. Su I li van and Mrs.

Knox. William Nuun Ricks, Archibald Overton Ruth Schuster. Eve Brazier, James T. Narbett and Raoul Dorsay. On the reception committee weie: Mrs.

Raoul Dorsey, Stella Flower Hastings. Charles Keeler, Bessie I. Sloan. Jessica Pryse Arthur, and Lo Verne Wilson. Usherettes were: Wilson, Elizabeth Kinney, Margaret Kinney, Carlolla Tyrrell, and Rosalie Moure.

New Manager 0 Hotel Named Appointment of Harold Muuii-. drell as the new manager of the California Hotel at Ijjth Street and San Pablo Avenue, was announced today. The ee I a I I taken charge, was for five years manager of the Sonoma Mission Inn a three years i assistant manager the (Mitt Hotel in a Francisco, lie is a native of I he latter HAROLD H. M.M'NnRRU.rl iftT after being graduated from Stanford University, practiced law in the Bay Area for 10 years, serving San Francisco as assistant district attorney for six years. For the past few months he has been assistant manager at the St.

Francis Hotel. The staff at the hotel has been changed slightly and augmented by the addition of A. H. Meyers and David H. Miller.

Maundiell has started a program of extensive improvement in the kitchens of Ihe dining room, lobby, and rooms. BROTHERS RKI NITF.D GRAND RAPIDS. Mich. -George and Louis O'Dell, brothers, who were separated 48 years ago when their mother died, were reunited here by a mutual friend who -heard stories and decoffi nrzed a slfnilority of physical features. Once in the intervening time thry had lived only half a block apart.

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At all dmg-jrlat. I o. Si VV LA A LJ you BracalH M.tra UlaraoadJ Pllla in Bed and UeldV Jf seilriwllh BUeW Take no other. Ba TERRIER SHOW SATURDAY Scottish Terrier Puppies to Be on Parade at Jenny Lind Hall LLI APRIL Calli -CiP-ci. wo' Id renowned col- iorsiiea sen.

mo. is coming to Oak-i land and v. ill appear in concert the evening of April in the Munici pal AuditoMimi Theater under the sponsorship of the Oakland Forum. Word that the singer was available for a local appearance was fhehed to Forum officials yesterday pi I as they were tabulating result; of a lecent. voting contest in connection with the choice of next musicians and dancers for the artel scries.

So toil, iv 'l bands are turned toward plans for the concert of one of Ihe world's great singers. With her will aopear her hu band-accompanist. Homer Samuels. Having just e'difipli ted one of Ihe most succc: srul tours of her career, Oslh-Oui a i is giving a few additional cone its on the I'aeifie Coast ft fore sailing egain for Europe. Dol ing tin.

et few months she has open red in crowded houses in New York, London Paris and in various cities in Australia and New Zca- "And ail held li voice 11 bv. reports from source: in Forum she is in belter yi us." savs Dr. president, who is the choice of next by a committee' Mrs. Francis M.

being, led il season's artists which includes Shook Mrs. I Mrs. Charles II. Rowe and I). Hadenfeldt.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Bates Jr. are in charge of arrangements for the concert and Mr.

and Mrs. Dwayne (I. Ywimg will be Jiostesses of Ihe evening. Uoservat ions for r.irui.1 members wi'l be available toio. i i on for the concert, it is an eelllic d.

Doi: and Son OH to Algiers March -on-The The famous Fairbankses father and son quietly departed from London today for at least fortnight's trip to Home and Algiers. Tom representative of Douglas Fairbanks Karl Kitchen, former N'isv York World col-unuiiit Allen Vincent. Ameri- can oil! actor, were only persons as they to bid farewell them lefl en the I'm is c-s. D-aie to rc-p Mil i ode I av a eiice. the picilv act i ess with whom his name being so el'en l.nkeil.

who is now loning at Palnja, Ms'llorca. about Apia 1. The senior Fairbanks may remain away longer. He expects to shoot scenes for a new picture In North Afi Tea. lOPENS TONIGHT At 6:30 p.

m. 1 ti i and Sat. him; CROSBY .1 VI OAK IK "TOO MUCH HARMONY" and II I BAXTIR I A I "PENTHOUSE" In jj mzi II FEATURES IRISH The Irish will celebrate tomorrow night at the St. Patrick's dinner dance at the Palais Royale. Oakland's largest and most, attractive modern cafe, located at Grand Avenue and Webster Street.

Special Irish tunes will be played by Lee Searighfs college orchestra to please' the dancing descendants of old Erin, the management announces. In addition there will be a floor show with talented entertainers and piano tnd singing numbers by Freddy Skinner, Negro crooner of KLX and stage fame. Tonight another of the dance contests will be held. Winners of the contest for the best collegiate style of dancing, will be awarded with prizes offered by the Pah-m Royale management. Each week has brought a greater number of contestants upon the dance floor to enter in the friendly struggle for terpsichorean honors.

It is said. Dancing is held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights atthe 1 Palais Royale. Other evenings of the week, private dances ate given i by fraternal organizations and clubs of the Easlbay. ay ward Lions to Honor St. Patrick HAYWARD.

March 16 Hayward Lions' Club members will hold a St. Patrick's luncheon as the feature of their weekly meeting -next Wednesday noon in the Green Shutter Hotel, President M. I. Dohner announced today. Secretary John Siem, in charge of arrangements for the party, announced the appointment of Don Manley.

Les Foley and Tony Kelly as co-chairmen. ROCK IN MI LE'S JAW. OKEMAH. D. Lowe, of! Van Oss.

operated on one of his mules and removed a 12-ounce rock from the animal's jaw. Vet erinarians said the rock grew there because of excessive lime in the mule's body. Premier Showing PRIMO CARNERA TOMMY lOUGHRAN Official Exclusive FIGHT PICTURES 15 Rounds of Fighting See the Sensational 5th "Round a A UrvKiaim 5 II lis iiniiimi A i Jl CMMPIMIIIP i I i 1 Tine puppies usually grow Into tine dogs is one of the reasons why each year the Scottish Terrier Club of Northern California hold several piuppv shows, according to Mrs. Carl Ogburn, president. Judge this year will be Mr.

Robert Nolan of San Francisco, who for years has been active in various shows helping to establish a better breed of terriers. Pedigreed Scottish Terrier Pup. Foar months old. rr Ihea at ripr fthnw, Marrh E. JORDAN 2715 Logan Street Prdlarrrrt, Rralntrrrd SCOTTISH TERRIER PUPS Mra.

Alfred Hopper 1769 Pleasant Valley Ave. rdntont 1708J I'niiaiifiMr Klnr SCOTT1E PUPS 8ir by ion of International Cham-Ua-Albournr Vlndiratrd, eat ttaVm by International Champion DHianrt Dictator. MRS. ROSE BROWER, 6M1 Harwood Ave. OL-6021 York stage successes.

In the cast to be seen in the first vehicle will be Ben Erway, Wills Wilson. Howard MacNear, Carroll Borland, Byron Alden, Shirley Collier, Berkeley Buckingham, Edn Ellsmere, Philip Stearns. Gay Raymond, Rupert Drumm, Charles Calkins, Robert Lawler, and Virginia Stevens. The company is headed by Ernest II. Howell, Charles G.

Michaels and Richard Wilbur. Tickets are now "on sale at. the theater. DEAN OF STAFF DIES DETROIT. Marrh 16 George B.

Catlin. 76. historian and dean of the Detroit, News staff, is dead. a Last Timn Toraorraw ail nrii iaaoai Wm. Powrll and Margaret l.indnar In "PRIVATE DKTF.l TIYF.

112" I Mrrkrl Ernest Tmn Nat Prndlrlaa In DaTld Mannar In DEATH KISS" Alia "Chic'' Salaa Dickie Moor "WHISTLIVO IN TUB DASK 1 4 Eggs Jl Maying IL THE SCREEN'S AND LADY OF I DIVINE ALLURE'. NLA Mill iomtui or ttuuw oouutyn. mujpQ CJawMe mm IN Ifnpnenecf WALTER CONNOLLY i ROSCOE I I KARNS 8 A i COLUMBIA PICTUIL6 FILANIC CAPRA 1 1 i SELECTED SHORT SUBJECTS Lweek-day MitiMesAiJSeH lind Bileiny WHttJIfJJ 1 EvMiRgs Jfl Jl Lower Flttr -j)! A "STAB I jm. WITNESS" A PETWIRE KENNELS WIRE-HAIRED FOX TERRIERS FnjclUh Blooii I. Inra OnU Mr.

E. 4150 Sequoyah Road SW-1848 PURINA DOG CHOW CentUU el lean ferel. apcdal CfrcaN and huh In ralrlum Dhnlnrnn rontcnl -aa aoand ranalf three nnnnd of frMh nr rannrrt The nnlv thine KHUrj to feed wllh It li water. Enarriallr II In riUmln A. B.

and I. Taar tot will like it. Sold nl All Prt Sinrr 'LONGFELLOW FEED MM E. 14th St- Oak, Dlalrlhutora Oakland' Mo.t Inliiliatr Thr-ilT I -I ANY SEAT I AnVCRTIHRMK.NT PAW III RHEUMATIC JOINTS GONE BACK TO WORK IN 2 DAYS 1'H Inlrtad OK4K1 I 11 I I (I. I 111 neunti.

K.iatlia and Itieihago-. Atari to la ih'. Imdv In 21 hnnr In 2 riayn In -th g-rny--thn wHllt'ir In ovr--th wnnlr faintly la amnz'il atnl liapny. No optiatpn fir mirrnttrj! It's Just a powerful, wi prescription thai ilora thr work tt promlars to do and do If th'ir-nuhly the flrat holu rr. ti cents at Owl Drur and mrd-era druaulata vryhr and mu( flva ttia rautta you nr neaar baek.

A All I 1 11VIU IWiwlmrs on St. fjf UADCV mDAYi nlrm Broadwar and Franklin 1 1 rlKVtX vvislii fejif My'lips SSHt'l BETRAY srrv' Sk JOHN BOLES jMtlso I Dinner 'Cii8 tZnnt Fnnrteenlh Slrrrt0 One mi lr Orvonrt San l.ranrtro TiOOK FOR THE NITON SHIN GKORGX: IIIMKFTI1. MASTER OF CFRFMON1IS OD A MOON 'The Hnpy From Tras" Fl In nnd I. a Rosiia F.strllr a Mirkfy nin BLUE WATERS ii OTu niss rn And Olhpr Fflltirp Full Cnurxr lllnnrr, (I.IO, so nivKH ciiAnfit-: Sprrlal family Dlnnrr irrxri RundaTi Fat Rrarrvmlona TR laldart ILVIN Opca Salnrdaja nnd aondara Onlj Avallabla Othar NiahU lor rtlrala Paxtlaa at ar Mara of Rheumatic Agony, 4 Neuritis and Sciatica Astonished The ne cafe, swift acting and most effective prescription for rheu-Biatie agony and painful joints is Allenru leading pharmacists awert 1b44 Allanrtt Is amailnrly iratfv that whan takan as aria -acid which NASALDQR 'A.

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