Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 20, 1935 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, December 20, 1935
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A ntoumrt fiU If j-o do not forgive, ncWtcr will ywu- Path* which 1* In heavoti for-fflve .tout |KMM8.~St, Mark 11:». VOLUME 37—TIMBER so Arkansas •»• cold Friday ffllf Afl HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRlDAt, DECEMBER 20. UMB Consolidated January 18, 1929, Stnr of Hope 1*89) Frew, 1921; PKrCEBci;. Here and There •Editorial By AMSC. H. THE STAR today took out of its front-page layout on the 1 Thelmn Todd death .scene in California a two-column picture graphically showing the dead body slumped down in her car. I don't know how you feel about the editor's action *- , ., , . \<r --- »7-Kv« *.uwi iVi/i/UK ni^ CUJLUL a clV^HUU m this matter. Newspaper cameras are showing 1 all sorts ol things nowadays — but we drew the line on this one. It isn't necessarily the idea of printing photos allowing dead bodies. I recollect that Tho Star published a picture showing the body of John Dillinger on an undertaker's slob, and we did the same service for Charles (Pretty • Boy) Floyd-t-b'ut these 'pictures, at least had bullet-hblos/to.sh'nv that a life of crime does n6t pay. But I do not think we will print any more corpse pictures, even when they are those of outlaws. PREPARE 100 North County Farm Families Get Christinas Music to Feature Sunday 14 Named Here as WPA Supervisors for School Work Two Stationed at Eacl White School to Guard Arriving Buses S H OPPING~FEATU R E Hempstead Mothers May Leave Youngsters Safely While Buying Fourteen Hope citizens have been furnished employment at WPA recrea. tional supervisors in Hope schools. Their duties arc many. Two or more supervisors are stationed at each of the white schools. When school buses arrive in the morning the supervisors take charge of students. It is their responsibility to care for the students until class time. At Oglesby school where a great number of elementary students are . enrolled, five supervisors are in charge. They direct recreational activities and assume responsibilty for students. At Hope High School recreational activities are carried to a higher scale. Under the direction of Mrs. Foy Ham- "...irions, physical education is taught to And Thelnia Todd's pictui-c was the tragic end of well, it fine comedienne, a lovely Indy who in the flesh v.-ns so gallant and bright that rhe made the whole world laugh. They say that the camera never lies —but I wonder. I looked nt that picture. Perhaps it was f Thebqa . Todd. The authorities say it was. .But you and I remember another lady. Always there are two of us— ourselves and the person that the world remembers. Arid I • think a camera, studying with mechanical ferocity the features cf the dead, gets a physical photograph. that- is a positive libel on foe person's memory. .. . , •If you are one of the morbid, bloodthirsty kind, you will disagree with ne. Even so, you never looked at ;uch a picture that sometime or other •ou didn't regret it. This may not be the way you lite t— but it'i- what you ought to have. ""rood evening. Electric Lights] Church Programs Arkansas Power & Light (Sacred Serves Are Out- Co. Completes New Rural ! lined for All 'Congi-ega- Line Near Blevins tions December 22 v HOLD CELEBRATION | S P E CI AL~SE R M O N S Harvey Couch Speaks at! Choir of 40~^TFirst Bap- Sweet Home Church on <i tist Church—Bageant •-Higliway.No. 24 • .. { ; ., at .the,Methodist " ; : Completion of a-.rural .electrification • Singing, of Chrbtmas.. carols project serving approximately 100 fam- sentation'.af pageants lllPK in TTemr.o«/».,/-l „„.,.,!,. 1 on i , . . l ja b cnl "«. Scene Where Thelma Todd Died' . ean WOMM - irl Passes, Men Look-3 Get Hurt Blevins on Highway 24. The line extends from Gurdon ,'™ B J *S. V< nallac c «• Rogers, pastor across Nevada county and into north- , ,f * Ba P tlst church, announced the em Hempstead county. It was install- followm K Program: ed by.the Arkansas Power & Lisht Co. I , £ cho ™s choir of 40 voices will sing " ...... .'"n,~ Adoration," by Nevin,' at the at The welcome address wns given by i sel(?ct ' ons available'for'the Christmas L. L, Mitchell, former Nevada county! se as°n.'and- i s being done excellently eci oy.tne Arkansas Power & LigJit Co. I ,,~T u "" tUB L ""ir 01 *u voices will sin Harvey, C. Couch, .head of the power JP 10 Adoration," by Nevin,' at th company, was present for the cclc- •, st Ba P»st' church Sunday night a bratioh and spoke briefly. |' :3B ' This is one'bf the most beaxitifii Mrs. Hammons conducts regular classes. .Starting at 9 a. in. she teaches three classes in the morning:' In tho afternoon three other classes in phy- cducatlon is taught. Cknucs ws iu tli<j hiyli wliool '2';-mncsiuiii. urimimicad tint tni Jrill would fee held Jcr tine public at Hop* High School athletic field sometime next spring. Miss Beryl Henry, superintendent of schools, announced that these WPA supervisors would cure for city and rural children at the FEIIA building, Second and Walnut streets, Saturday of this week and Monday of next week. Any Hempsteacl county mother-who has shopping to do may leave their children in care of these supervisors. Starting Monday, December 30, supervisors will he stationed at the FERA building throughout the week. , Man Is Killed on Donaldson Tracks Odis Ross' Death to Be Probed for Possible Murder Clue MALVERN. Ark.-(/p)—Th e body of Odis Itofs, 21. of Friendship. Hot Spring county, was found on the Missouri Pacific trucks two miles south of D-jimklscn Friday, and Coroner Cojper ordered un inquest to deter- mine'if ho was slum, or killed by u train. I{ioU*rs .U'ljuitteU )N, S. C.—(/p)—Sixty-two s charged wjtji rioting nt the Manufacturing company plant last September when a woman wan killed, were acquitted by a jury Friday. Stenographer Advised to Stay Out of Auto'As- sembly-Line Room LAKS1KG, iVl'ieh.—(,Vi—An ombia-- rassetl-, "but anonymous, stenograph,:*!- received instructions Thursday she -must take no more $150 strolls along the assemply line of the automobile plant where she is, employed. In an accident report filed with the Workmen's Compensation Board, company officials said the young woman, late for work, took a%iiort cut to her office through the assembly department. One workman turned his head and caught a finger in a gear; another bumped against a piece of hot metal and another fell and sprained an ankle. judge and 'state senator: He pi'aised efforts of the power company in.clec- trifying parts of .rural Arkansas. .Otner speakers include H. M, Stephens, Hempstead county judge, and Mrs. A. H. Wndo. of Blevins; Several other persons made brief addresses. An orchestra from Gurdon, Sweet Home string band, and a quartet from Hope including Sweeney Copeland Jim Bearden. Claude Taylor and Jim Bowden, furnished music. Several vocal numbers were given by Blevins High School students. S. E. Loe of Blevins was awarded a ?90 water pump; W. A. Brooks was given I a waffle iron, and floor-lamps were awarded to R. ,W. Bonds, Tom Fiarity, Fred Yates, In a drawing contest. The i gifts were made by the. power com- ''""pany.. ..-' ••' . -Li,:._, , . _______ . : . Completion of the electric line, -rep- l-esentlns an investment of approximately ' ?25,000, caused ;a- sliglit' boom in tlia sale of radios. farm IIOMIM havi in tho Blavius Approximately rr.di»s Negro Racketeer Seized at Osceola Fleeced Field Hands of Money on Promise to Obtain Land '. LITTLE ROCK-W-T. Roy Reid, regional director of the Resettlement Administration, charged Friday that by the group who have been working for weeks to perfect their rendition of if - r • The processional, will be preceded by a group of Christmas carols sung by the combined choirs, and will begin promptly at 7:30. Ihe sen-ice will last, tor approximately one hour 'and willj be open to all who care to ottend. The choir is directed by Mrs. Frank Padgitt, who will be at the piano. on Sunday. Methodist Program The Rev. Fred R. Harrison, pastor of First Methodist church, announced the following program: The annual white Christmas service at First Methodist church will be presented at 7:30 o'clock Sunday night, ••whM»_a:paHe_ant,."Th<5 Bethlehem Inp," will - be -^y^hfiK^SJi^^s-^siMiteantJ'og Hie nativity- and is 'quite •"impressive^' Mrs. Minor Gordon and Mrs.' Lawrence Martin are directing the pageant, with Mro. Edwin Ward and Mia: Eriont directors ci' the ccst. Jau.c-s IlarAsin u director of tliu o-tasius and propcvtios. At lh& conclusion of tha pageant tiie savej-al 'departmeiifc! of the church school will present their white gifts to be, used among needy families in the community. . The cast of characters in order of appearance is as follows: Spirit of Christmas, Phik Tharp. Hanna, a blind begger-maid, Mary Louise Keith. Sulla, a Roman inn-keeper, Steven Bader. Jephthah, a Hebrew stable-boy, " Making Ma for Alliane Beat Off II London Wants Agreement in Duce Strikes Sudll LAVAL WILL French. Premier' , Not to Resign—E) * Sustains Baldv£ we LONDON, _ ^_ elated Press)—A~high ffriti|h r disclosed Friday-that the Bfj ernment, 'recognizing the<f danger of war following the fAflfi the Franco-British peace launched a bold drive to mo er members of the League of, Mai to meet a possible Italian attai ""*' This source stated -that at already under way with a f iii piincipal powers in an attemjtt t8l iron-clad assurances, that theJse 1 . tions are ready |o-beat, their the burden hi .case of a'sud expected attack. , ,, ) La-rat to Stick ; PARIS, France—teopyright* . ciated Press)—Premier Laval de Friday that'he would riot res " It was officially announced „«,. had reached thfe decision aftervte, ferring with "President EeBnmfa Rightist members of the cabinet! The French press pictured Fn ihe last power of the League" tions to hold out against the ] general European war.' Grituiuuu Italians Win. ROME, Italy— (#>)—Italy's' nor army defeated an Ethiopian' ' of Abbi Addi,,25 "a i _*•"•««"•#«*''"» 1U5 "5 : ™«» et»ur«miea«ipouij«»HeelUu!£ to nolve>/4. > ~L ' ,»e mystery of «,„ death of IHielma Todd, blond screen coinediemie, as 1 FLg? J. " " *" fl " r "V J*« was found deadlier body slumped over in her touring car. Autop? ( Jll ISmlHQ \llA0pll £rST±* r A!£ »* •*-«< *«* ««««•«? that sa uu ttuiidb apeecn * ife >fos revealed that she had not died of heart disea^ and hai alcohol f.nv"' 5 ao ,P? /" Usv do: * t ' ant? I* 3 * esprteoi doubt cf th" S, "'<iv,, co-diet tlut u:< no-vide pobouin-f tad jroved tatal Mhv thi -xo'it to the- .mow-marked gara<je, in the lear «t Hie ho-iie : jt .!. l . c ,':l i : 2l3 . ic "^«? iei< '.^" 1 ^' 1 *«*, «*«« i**^ ^u iL ir 0 St cafe, ov« l f t "^ S ' d Grauman, theater magnate, who made ahone cull for the actress just before she went to her death; Pasquale Di Clcco ter divorce, h«.band; Mrs. Wallace Ford, actor's wife, X Insists /he take,l by phone Miss Todd hours after police bcUeve death occurred; Robert "Jewell. beyond Jordan, ' To Finance Bonus With Bond Issue ert'i Arkansas .negro farmers through rromises of laud, the money for which i they represent will be paid by the tho government." <•• I Reid told the State Planning Board the Department of Justice had been. asked to make nn investigation. Compromise Bill Would Avert Payment in Patman "Rubber Money" Salesman Is Held OSCEOLA, Ark. - (/(-•) — Following charges that hundreds of negro farmers in eastern Arkansas are being duped and robbed by racketeers," offi- WAWmr-rrvw /;L.\ A -i ^ei's arrested a nego at Osceola and fix •WASHINGTON -(A')- Amid pre- j nef!I . oes llt Murioll Tluirsduy . Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Welvy Young said all the arrests involved i Jr. membership in n negro organization and promises of fuVm lands to oh- rclleef. •. i ' 'T.'Rdy'Heid ofr LittUiRock, reaiou- al director of the Resettlement Administration,, reported itjjqt organizers Traveler, from David Waddle. Miriam, Lamech, Zada and Rorcas, | children of Bethlehem, Sophia Pm-kinsj Dnlp .Tnnr>«' Williams. Matilda McFnddin, Dorothy! ^UUL-b O'Neal and Carolyn Hamilton. i Gift Bearer. Maiy Catherine Bette. \ Huldnh, Deborah, Hagar and Rachel, ! women of Bethlehem, Marjorie Lee Tlu-elkeld, Beatrice Gordon, Evelyn Simpson, and Madge Lee Bankston. Trumpeter, Charles Segnar. Herald, Joe Wimberly. Second traveler, Seville Burke. Issachar, Zebulon, and Schoolboy Hit by Car; Leg Is Broken Ward, Jr.; I s Declared Unavoidable - F. B. Ward, Jr., schoolboy son of Night Policeman Ward, sustained a broken leg when struck by a car driven by Circuit Clerk Dale Jones at Third and Pine streets about 8 a. m. dictions of early passage, the soldiers bonus was almost the sole topic of conversation Thursday among Congressional leaders .returning to . the capital. , , . Senator Byrns, Democrat, • Smith Carolina, left President Ropseyeltli; office assorting*-that'-thi) compromisa bcpus measure that,he and „ , „. . , • _. . S ' nieon .! Friday. Investigation, according to Hebrew Shepherds, Charles Briant,! police, showed the Albert Jewell, and Paul Waddle. avoidable. Joseph, G. B. Martin. Mary, Geraldine Van Sickle. mishap was un- Mary, Geraldine Van Sickle. ca^-K^bv "n *"£ B i" ghled fT' " ' A Child cf Bethlehem, E. P. Youn, ^^'^st^t J^iXX ! Stores Will Remain Open at Night Here To accomodatc late holiday shoppers, various merchants of Hope will keep their stores open until a late hour on Saturday, Mondav and Tuesday nights. Persons -wishing to avoid Saturday-like rushes will have an opportunity to do their buying at night. City Schools Close for Xmas Holidays Is Given Rotary lier. Wallace R. ftogera. Aubrey Albritton on Program Here Friday A caution against the ever-inci easing commercialization of the Christmas season, and. an appeal to devote this years sacred holiday to its orig- | mal • purpose—the Christ-day—was given Hope Rotanuns at tlieir Friday noon luncheon in Hotel Barlow by the Rev, Wallace- R. Rogers, pastor of First Baptist church, ' "I saw the city's 'Christmas parade " -said the speaker,,"and-1 was struck by the thought that there wasn't a single reference to'the Savpir in thi procession presumably honoring Hi birthday. I don't say it by waV of censuring my own city—it is a lamentable truth all over America typifying its way of thinking today. "Hie thing that has pleased us particularly in our own congregation this year—and I know it is true also of the other churches— is that a group of our young people have given up having Christinas tree,s of their own flav, 1 One" ficer and one, As%fi were-k " ~"*~' *" '/vj I t-uvs Houss- cf Coftuwccs ' order to provide them for the people ^1 II 1lianvl^\* f>ni\^ivi«•»•• J*,, cf a nearby community. "Let all of us put unselfish service \Z=?XSSf£°fflZZi ! Cfe- Suspended f^^St ^^±™S! • wUe men. Dale Caspar, . direction. Mr. Jones stopped his cur Horace j am l cmT j ec i the youth to Josephine Howard hospital. He will be removed to his homi; lute Friday. KteiwtrJ Republican; Oregon, haVe in- 1 trpdujced would override u veto. That bill, providing for financing through a federal,bonus issue;aWQuld,give vet-r r erajis a? per. cent of-the face value oil l \iinrn K*AXT\T\r O A -\m '' * hfiii ' *)i}'j««tecl service certificates ancl LAPJ'hR rANK'Y bAYS: 'the full valut'if they held'them two HEG. U. S. PAT. OFF. ycurs., Back from tUe Pli'ilipp T ines, Byrns j suitl.fhe'ch'unclfe.of enacting the ', t'ver, h .Veto would be increased Balthasar, Melchior, and Wise Men from the 'East, Jewell, Harry • Segnar, and Barnum. -. • • .-.':. SeiTant of the Banitun. ., \• ! Alltel,; Kuthryji. Franks'. At tilts niot-iiiiig £«rvice of worship the. pastoo;., will pren'p\» on tlie sub, . . Ject, "Christmas Hospitality." A Ptfi.stjissippi county liegro preacher j. -..The general, piublis, ip cordially jh- Dave Reed, 43,' wjEJ^helff in ja'il'here.! vited to these services:'-6f worship. Deputy Prosecutdr Yo\mg suid'lip will , ' , Presbyteiflatt jidn-ice ! , .,, ., -^ & file charges of obtaining money undeV | At First Prbabyteriah chlirch %e UOttull Papei'S Must Be : ] ^''V-"' 1 * e schooLs ' At the high iple for our conduct throughout ' the year to come. spoke on the value , were persuading, ; negvaos' to u*y hig fees for membership, jy organizations ou , the promise of faniis and other benefits. Certificates for Two Weeks—to Re-" convene January 6 ' , A f brL T . . i .__„._ i o1 ' DO J' S dubs, discussing an article Misi Baryl Hem-y, superuitcndont of ! frL* e S^ES*" niat f zi »f- He quoted Will Will turnqon for the Christmas holidays. | Students will ba given a two-week's In vacaUon from classes, all schools re- L/P I convening Monday, January 6. au'istmas programs were being held falso pretense against him. Rev, Thomas ,_Br£wsier. pas'tcir, said +Ii J-, * i. l.M,,ni:.1 /*i,t».'*iIr.lA -' *L ••::_!; _'t ' • • . _. _'i -.1 Friday; •'! Choral ' club pre- trouble it would save the taxpayers JS.flOO over and above the cost of operating the club. • . He concluded his remarks with* an appeal for all un.d.erpfivilege'd children this Christmas ing VQtfe' «>f (ionlWehee f toi«sti Baldwin's government Thiiriday i ._ in the face of the prime mlnirter's mitted "mistake" on African ipeaceffl In a midnight ballotrthe house rejected, 397 to 165, a Labor -motion. i ' censure for the government's .partw,, the discredited Anglo-French plan'tof end the war in Africa by tenii concessipns to Italy. ' t , Thus Baldwin's Tory party, victor*jp, general elections last month, ended)l?j hours of fighting an opposition' tempt to brand the cabinet as " gracing the nation." Earlier hi night, the House of Lords had u the government. . Baldwin, sombre and wan, ,thre himself on the mercy of the house, "It was an error of judgment,"' admitted. "Such a position shall be possible again." . Sought to Avoid War ^ • Sir Samuel Hoare, resigning foreig secretary who helped Premier of France write the plan, said: It was in an atmosphere of that our discussions took place. Ever, since I have been in the Foreign Office;' I have been obsessed with the urgent' duty of doing everything to prevent »'-1 Eui-opeun conflagration," , M Premier Baldwin was cheered when I he made what was interpreted' as a» warniixg to France. . "H by adherence to .the League ofll Natipns," he said, "we find ourselves' 7 "' standing alone'-to"'do Vhat ought to have been done, by everybody, coun-tii-iwill^y this is the last t we will allow the gpyernni$rit to com. ^1 nit itseh 5 regarding collective seciu^i ' bonus .... . , .., if the iiiHirfidn elenien't were removed. The Patinan.,bill, ready for a test in the House January 13, would puy the bonus in. $2,000,000,000 of new money. , tVcul ^ 1M . euchel , Only by a. narrow margin m thu sen- : R,,,.,IV- .;„.„-** ii i ,, ate was President Roosevelt's veto of ; ,- ,f d ' "3°"* follo « e d the reported thu plan uphold at the last session. Inflation opponents would head all > r ij,..,(,,,i i, i, i . , another house vote ou it by offerin." ' f(ICt ' tt(i hc hj& btiti " promising the u non-influlionury nieasur the leaders in tills ma 1 sentitivv Vinson, Democrat, Kentucky, ituau lucieiiM: ugtunsi mm. • ; riev, Ttiomas HrewSfer. imstoi-, said ( pi,,, i rn ^, (-«."„,, n. c L . lKmy .t-norai 'cli SU 'other negroes were jailed at' that a Special Chnstmas Servicfe' would l-'learea r 1'0 1T1 L-OUllty j se "t«l a'program at 10 a. m. Marion. Yo.ung said, the -tegraes. held | be held at. 10:55 Sunclay inbrniiig. . AM'Sllt's Office Dec ^4* ! Proerams were held at ll:i 1111 Rpf-Tl lit Kl'PllftVllil'it**,. 'D.,...... .,,,.T I A^^ .. .-.,-.-...\^,'..l J. 4 .V ' .'»«JJr'l.\ !---. L:::il !•- i. ,T,.l J.- • ^"^ *-'V*»«n«T ili-i ul iii-n.,ii J-,, ~V. .•...!_. i r . • , i urrunged a conference with Chuinnuii Doughton. Democrat, Nortli Carolina, of the houa.' ways and means committee. •. , Naval Conference in Recess for Holidays up Reed at Frenchman's ,Bayoii and,'Au appropriate'ine'sSagu-Will bi> deliv- attempted to recover membership feus,' ei-etl by 'the paiitp^-. Sunday i'cliool they hacj paid. hinj. Sheriff .Howard i will be'held o's usual, 'J:4.i. Curlin said the negroes took S33.joi At a p. m. Sunday.,a special mvisic^il program will be given at the church. __,.__. A sjiocial offering will bw taken, tho Young said that mvt-stiga-1 money to be sent to Louisville, Ky., thu preacher's activities "in-, where it will be distributed to aged Presbyterian ministers, widows u£ de- ceused liiinisters, and their orphans. There will be no mid-week service _ - . next Wednesday. Uhu prosucutur said the negro repre- i At Hote Gospel Tabernacle a Christ- easui-, ' Of ! neBroes ar ° lUld l >^ '**«« -»> Pitl."' atxZ;,l R,,r ! PllilHpS ° r Miffltasippi county if thev Mvunent, Rupic- j wollld johl hjs organi:tution f. ... . , -- —.30 a. m. i in elementary schools, with the holcl- . a few Tax-Exemi-l-'p?-, 1 ' 1 ' C :!. u * rtn ' a * freei «-'hedirttd for lion Certificates still in the cmmly, * agenf.s office that must be delivered : or they will be returned to the State Allotment Beard, states Frank J. Hill, assistant in cotton adjustment for Hcmpsu'tid county. All persun.s who hud their 1931 un- ii.-'cd balaijco i f lax-exemptiun cw- tit'icutcs ict.urned to bo re-issued su Goodf ellows Fund Reaches $217,50 AAA Checks to^Be Distributed Soon Cotton Ginnings Up to De* 13 Total 9,- Bscause for all 'we W\v. the ne*tv. day the fje.ld may .be nearer hpme than J the Mediterranean ,» ;• •' ; ^J ^ 757,680 Bale tha| '" B.aldwin s^id' - tlierta \vag oettv6en the London feyes^ gir Samuel when Jfoere (was fcj Sunday a week agiQ drawing uj plih witli .-LaVid and, "I hope other governments w ill profit this' teijioii of lack of liaison." , .\Vh.eiv Ue said the cabinei felt it necessary to stand by Hoare. i tiou members angrily shouted: "Stand by yuirr country " Baldwin admitted his contact with (Continued 011 page'five) WASHINGTON-^-The AA.\ said! triday the first cheeks paying feiitud a legitimate' corporation or- i mi's prcgi-Bin is planned for 7:30 Fri- ^anized in Tupelo. Miss,, in 1933, mid duy night. The program will be cwn- comiiifc' intj Arkansas thia year. The ...:._ ,; _. ir . . ~ ! with a pluv written and directacl by Mrs. Bert Webb, wife of the pastor. organization, Young said, Ls to hell- negro farmers. He said it did not | Elder David Burruss of Russellville, own lands. ; ,. v ill be present and will remain iu ; Hope for Sunday services. He will i s'^ebk at he'tli the 11 o'clock hour and ' i again ai 7:30 Suuuay niulit. TRENTON. Okla.- (,q->, _ T\vo hun- ' At Garrett Menurial Baptist church, h-ed iroyts have cleared 1UU uc.'es of I the Rev. T. L, Epton will deliver Gouts Clear Ha*lure- LONDON, Eu-,'.-^')—Thu interna- } tionul naval conference' final pre- ,• luliday session ended Friday witlmnt > n i ^ • ",~ — " i — —i-— -- acUoii oil British proposals fl A new ^™ 0dl " n "^ StUl ' e m *ree years for speech on prohibition Friday Frank Tax Policy Is • Advocated by Smith Glove gtyles always tire, sure to get the palm, I treaty, Tiie delegates said they expected th proposals -would be cxumiued attain January (i. when the conference rtcon Vents. Mrs. J. B. Berryman near here. The undergrowth was so heavy when the goats were placed on the land that it " was impossible to see across the pas- I ture. Now it is clear with a thriving' wop of native grass. at 7:30. The services at the church Sunday J| UTTLK HOCK-(,Pi-State Comp, | trailer Chift'in Smith told the State Plaiininj; Board Friday that county .will be held as usual, with the pastor, Die Rev. Hojlis Purtell, delivering ser- mc-iis in Ihe moruina ;oxl a«aiu at night. Additional donations Gtjodt'ellows Christmas to $217.50 Friday. Solicitation tf fluids by the American. Legion committee was concluded iu a final report Thursday by Chairman J. K. Sale who reported that the goal of ¥200 was reached. Donations since his report brought governmental costs could be reduced I the fund to its new total of S217 50 . 'Mllil L-J-l rt. , ll.i j-1 1-.,-.««,... -.1 f . . . t i T1 . . . . V*"* • tWt so-culled better oa imprc.s class of people.) , Previously acknowledged— ?200 - Late No. 7) of 9,757,«!>0 Bales GiiUH-U WASHWGTON-(.p)-Cotton of this year's crop ginned prim- to December U was reported Friday by the Bureau of the Census to have totaled 9,757,680 i mining bales, compared with 9,173,276 bales a year ago. Gimiinj-s for Arkansas «re 782,457 bales. **»•

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