Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 19, 1935 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1935
Page 6
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HOPE) STAR) HQBft AKKANSAS , ..... ... .. .*. ... .... . . . * 1 , . . Tf . ., ., .i ie in Orient of Peiping Guard Qualifies as vi t i *li Wasson Opposes listtn 0. Blackwell. 21. son of Mr. Mrs. Sobert A. Blackwell. resld> at 621 'South Washington street, , enlisted In the Marine Coifs at Recruiting Station at Los An- filts, Cal.i on March 10, 1933. '^iWttile Bteckwell was sent to the JMfirbW Corps Base. San Diego, Cal., S* M* .preliminary training, after •^nlch h& was eligible for transfer to ^Wation, Sea, « foreign shore duty. Choosing sea duty he was transferreo iq the £e"ft School for instruction and theli to the MDtJSS Colorado. Aftei ..tour of duty aboard the USS Colo- he then desiring other foreigr arrived in Peiping, China, on „.,.,',at, 1935. En route he was tabled to'^istt the" Hawaiian Islands, Guam, M. I*, and the Philippine Islands. -Hie primary purpose of the embassy gijard is to protect the American Embassy. To accomplish-this mission ir times of emergency it is necessary to have meen with a steady eye and a COOl nerve to fire the Machine Guns: Private Blackwell has satisfactorily passed the required tests in Machine gunnery and has been named a machine gunner. • Siflce-arriving ^at Peiping, China, he Bond ted Plea Appeaf to U. S, Supreme "Oiirt 111- Advised, Is Minority View LITTLE ROCK— State Bank Commissioner Marion Wnsson. a member of the State Refunding Board, sent a letter to other members of the board yesterday Suggesting that the board abandon its plans to -appeal the decision of a three-judge federal court handed dawn Wednesday, enjoining the bwird from purchasing road dis» trict ''B" bonds to the exclusion of "A" bonds offered at a comparative •>Hce. Mr. Wasson wrote in part as follows: "It is possible that circumstances in the future might make necessary some changes in Act 11 and I doubt the wisdom ef appealing this case to the Supreme, Court of the United States for the reason that if the decree should be Upheld the -state could never amend or change Act 11 in any way. "I also wish to call your attention to the fact that the price of bonds has increased since the last tender and the long delay pending the final decision by the supreme court would work a further. Injury to the state by interfering with the tenders which are expected to be called for early next year." , has bjsen able to"v!stt the world's oldest- historical-eity. He has visited the Chinese summer and winter palaces. .the .Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Temple 'oi Heaven and many other interesting historical places. ',,'All "the, radium-that has been ex-i . - - - 'tracted from the earth would make! Gold bullion is that gold .which is orilv a/twostoch cube, but it is valued not fabricated into coin or other art- at $35,000,000.. ,- . i icles. Fluniblng is not a modern accomplishment. Thirteen hundred feet of copper pipe plumbing was installed in the pyramid .temple of Abusir, Egypt, about 3000 years ago. WE DRIVERS A Serif i »1 tithf tHicttniont on DrMng, cattd 'id ine Sd/e<y, CoWi/ort rtnrf Pltftnite of the Motoring Public. Prepared by General Motor* FOR CHRISTMAS "Give Gifts That Will Live Through the Years" Beautiful Cyclamen, Primrcsfes, Saint Paulis, Begonias, Poinsettias> etc. You. will find these lovely plants are extremely low priced. Give one for Christmas. REECE'S FLORAL FARM Phone 1604^-3 No, 6—POWER AND SPEED \ /tost of our motor cars will go so much faster than wo ever care to drfvo * *1 them, that no doubt people often wonder why so much speed is buili into them in the first place. Of course, automobiles aren't built with thj Idea < f pleasing the manufacturer or the engineer or the iMesman. They're built to suit the men and women v. ho arc going to own and drive them. And there are ••teftalh things that people do insist oil in their cars. h happens that some of those things are of such a .-atufe that when the engineers provide them, an «• bility to go fast just naturally results. For instance, nearly everybody likes to get going •>s promptly as possible. Now that's just n matter of ;ho power we have in our engine and how our car Is Beared. Then there's the business of hill-climbing. That may not mean ns much in some localities as in others, but carfc have to be built to suit us whether we live In Maine or Florida. Iowa or California—wherever tve may live and wherever we may want to go. Engineers tell Us that they could build u fairly low-powered cir thai would pull us up the steepest hill. But if trfcy did, they would have to gear it so low t.tT.l when we got over the top ajid onto a level stretcti. we could only go crawling along at a rate that wouldn't;satisfy even the most conservative drivers. ! But perhaps the most important reason fijr having our power what it is in modern cars, is almattei that many of us have never considered. We al know what Happens to us, when we, ourselves, ar< going at high pressure all the time, either physically 01 mentally. A person can work 12, 14 or 16 hours a day, but we know we get along best when we dcn't tax our last reserves of energy all the time. In the same way, anybody who has ever run machinery knows that if you keep it going it full capacity and full speed day-in-and-day-out, you're just multiplying the •.-nances of a breakdown, sooner or later. And that's how it is with a car. By building in the Ability to run at high speed, engineers make It practical to run at reasonable speed. If our car can go seventy, eighty or maybe even more miles an hour, ihen it .won't have to strain to go thirty-live, forty, or somewhat faster if circumstances demand. So we :an drive it along at sensible speeds hour after hour, day after day, without over-working it. When we stop to think about it, lots of things arc built with that added safety margin. Elevators in our office buildings could carry far heavier loads than the weight of all the people they can New Relief Paces Create a Problem Situation Aggravated by Approaching Winter, j Says Harry Hopkins I WASHINGTON-(tf>)-A new relief problem—helping the jobless who are .seeking relief this winter for the firsf I time^-Wedncsday brought forecasts of a new demand for a return of the federal dole. Harry L. Hopkins, WPA administra tor, reported that It had become "np- 1 parent that In many cities the depletion of individual resources, aggravated by the growing winter need, adversely affected the relief situation" during October and November. After noting a "sharp expansion" of the $1.000,000,000 work relief program in November, Hopkins said that the number of families and single persons on relief in large cities at the end of that month was 9.4 per cent smaller than a month before. He said that In 42 of tho 145 cities covered in the report, the decline was 5 per cent or less, while the relief load increased in 27 others. Hopkins held n luncheon conference with President Roosevelt, presumably to discuss need for relief funds beyond tho $500,000,000 to be asked of Congress for permanent public works. The president's statement Tuesday that he would ask this sum for specific ! began two years ngo dropped .•.mj —^nm f»|'jj^'^==-fa^^«™*»^^-'i»™ Blumenf eld Named as Liggett Slayer Eye-Witness Identifies Same Man Named by Liggett's Widow MINNEAPOLIS, Minn - Bolstering the widow's statement that Ismlor (Kid Cnnn) Blumenfeld Is tho roan who murdered her husband, Walter Llg- "ett, a witness to the shooting Monday identified dnnn as the gunman who poured five machine bullets into the editor's body in tho rear of his aport- munt last Monday night. I Tho witness Is Wesley Andersch, member of a well known Minneapolis family. Andorsch signed n statement late Monday accusing Cann. Previously he and Dora Isaacson, his fiancee, had been questioned by Investigators. The witness who saw the shooting while standing only a few feet from the gunmen's car In the alley where the shooting occurred, knows Cann well. Ho said he and Cnnn were fellow workhouse inmates about a year ago. | Thursday, December 19, Treasury's paper loss for the day on the 761,774,000 ounces that It hns bought at pegged prim sificc Deccnv bef M, 1938, wns $31.765,878. Based on New York's quotations, the Treasury's paper losu in the last nine days has been roughly $76,000,000. For the first ilme since lh<5 purchasing program began, Ih6jj"ftl| od States Treasury tJeparfrnenf teii to support the London market wlfl ht least some plausible excuse. Treasury Buying (Continued from page one) projects wns followed by hints that the $900,000,000 the administration ex 765,975. Despite this tremendous paper loss HHT iptlVWjVWtVVV HIW Clt.111 lli»*Ji' t.v»w»» v... — . VIL't pects to have left over from the pres- on metal the price of which it hns cnt fund Wight be enough to provide been try.ng to force upward, d.s- ior the needy from July 1 until the patches from London. New York ijncl following January. It was intimated other silver markets indicated that that the administration thus might ask , Sectttnry of the Treasury Henry Mora comparatively small additional re- genthau was accept.nj? defeat as m- lief fund, with the exception of $210,- j-cvitablc nnd gmng no .support to the 000,000 or $300,000,000 for Civilian Con strvation Corps. BARTON'S CASH STORE SPECIALS FOR FRI., SAT. AND MON. SUGAR 20 u. 97t MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE Pound 25c LUZIANNE COFFEE Pound 23c LAR n SWIFT'S JEWEL 8 Pound Carton POTTED MEAT Libby's—1/4 ib can 4c CANDY Pound Box Flint Sticks 23c hold. So could modern bridges. The steel glrderj of our buildings, the rails under our trains—in fact, any number of things we depend on day-by-day— are much stronger than they really have to be. They all have that extra margin of protection. So with our cars, what we have to remember if that speed is simply a by-product of power. We can use that power unwisely, or we can use it sensibly «nd get better performance and dependability ns the result. Manufacturer! can't decide that. It's all up to us. Disloyal Generals Ousted in Mexico Foreshadows Struggle Between Government and Plutarco Calles 75 Pairs of Men's MEXICO CITY; Mexico—(#»)—President Lazaro Cardenas struck swiftly Sunday to gain the upper hand over the newly-returned Plutarco Elias .. ,„.,.,•. o J n I Calles in what appeared to be a rap- Mrs. Watkins sister near Sprudell |. dlv approachin g showdown over Miss June Watkins spent Tuesday wh eth C r the president or the erstwhile with Mrs. J. R. Percell. ,. lron lnan ,, will ru)c Mcxico . J. B. V/right called at the home of Cardenas announced the* dismissals J. W. Galloway Tuesday morning. of Gen. Medina Veytia as chief of the Most every one is busy preparing i military zone of the Valley of Mexico 1 for the Christmas holidays. I and Gen. Joaquin Amaro as director Several from this place attended the ! of the National Military School. Thus. Christmas parade in Hone Wednesday. I observers said, tho president balkec 1 Miss Delilah Galloway spent, Fri- ? ny Possibility of an immediate mil=^ r,i<,li) ,i,i(V, H.T.- n ^ri AT^ ai.,i« I itary coup against the government. The two genernls, like five .senators expelled Saturday on charges of "seditious and rebellious" activtic.s, were Ex-Convict Slain in Orleans Cafe St. Louis Gambler Held as Suspect in Early Mora- ing Shooting NEW ORLEANS, La.—(#>)—Eugene Gallioio. 32, ex-convict, was shot and killed here Tuesday morning as he sat in a downtown restaurant about to drink a glass of milk. Police announced they had taken ! Sunday w'ith Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wright ,„ Lon( , on fnmti . cnlly sought to keep nt least some semblance of order in the dcmorali/.- etl market by setting n price of 23 pence (51.06 cents in American money) there were no Inkers. Even this ineffective and arbitrary price represented n decline of about 4.17 cents an ounce from Tuesday's price. In New York, Handy & Harmon, the bullion firm which daily fixes a price- on silver regarded as "official" by brokers and the metal trades, quoted her silver at 55 3-4 cents. This was a drop of three cents for the day in New York ;md was nearly 10 cents lower than the 65 5-8 cents at which silver was pegged with Treasury support from August 26 to December 9. Based on the 4.17 cents drop Wednesday in the London market, the PRICES FOR FRIDAY, SATURDAY, MONDAY AND TUESDAY COCOANUTS ICELERY Each JUMBO STALK Each _5c 10c TOL-E--TEX OIL COMPANY S|M!clnI—5 Gal. Hi-Grade <M.5Q Day and Night Lube Oil Phone 370 day night with Mr. and Mrs. <Uvin Galloway and d.iughter Helen Marie of Hope and she attended the ball ga me. Mrs. J. B. Wright who has been staying with Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wright spent Saturday night and into custody a man listed as Clarence Williams, 39, St. Louis, a gambler, in connection with the shooting. Regular $2.98 Values All Sizes—All Colors Hurry-—Get yours before 1 they are all sold. GIFTS THAT MEN WANT Ties—Shirts—Gloves Hose-Belts-Suspenders Wrapped in Attractive Gift Boxes BOSWELL & HIGGASON THE MAN'S STORE Center Point mid children near Rocky Mound. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wright and children spent 'Sunday afternoon' with Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Mullens. Mr. and Mrs. John Ridgdill of Hope spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Meadows. — ; "*•• ™d Mrs. J. W. Galloway and W. W. Wright and son, Delma, were j daughters had as Sunday afternoon in the Melrose community on busi- j guests, Mr. and Mrs. McMunn, Mr. i ness Saturday morping. ! Glascow and daughters, Rermie and Mrs. J. W. Galloway and daughturs, j Delma, Elry and Dee Wripht and Mi- among the strongest supporters of President Calles. Accusations against the epclled senators said the government had learned "a conspiracy is being carried on against the government by those whose political interests were injured by the breaking off of relationships between Calles and the government." CRANBERRIES Pound CALIFORNIA ORANGES Large Size Dozen 39c DELICIOUS APPLES Nice Size Dozen 25c No. 1 Red Triumphs 10 LBs20l PPLES Fancy Winessip Dozen I USTARD QUART JAR lOc Chocolate Covered Cherries Pound Box 25c f ^ttf^^mf J FINAL You who have not paid your Personal Tax, MUST make arrangements at once with my office or I shall be forced to seize and sell your property, I MUST COLLECT J. E. BEARDEN Sheriff and Collector Hemps tea d County Gladys and Delilah, spent Sunday and Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. Gar- Isnd Hatten and family. Mr. and Mrs. Jim A. Wright and | Minor May spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wright and children. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Chambless and children spent Sunday afternoon with j Mr and Mrs, W. W. Wright and chil- | dren. I We regret having Mr. and Mrs. Al- ] bert Chambless and children move from our community. Hollis Mullins was the Monday dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wright. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Meadows were shopping in Hope Monday morning. W. W. Wright spent Monday night with Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Wise and family of Melrose. We welcome Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Mullins into our community. They I have moved in the house with Mr. ( find Mrs. A. V/. Meadows. ! Elredge Boston who has spent the ' past year with Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Meadows will make his home for tho coming year With Mr. and Mrs. Joe . Porlerfield tif Spring Hill. i Mr. and Mrs. Lee Watkins und J. B. I Wright visited awhile Tuesday with nor May and Miss Jossie Mao Wright. Miss Delilah Galloway was the Sunday evening super guest of Miss Jos- sic Mae Wright. Minor May spent Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wright and children. We regret having Mr. and Mrs. Lee Watkins move from our community. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Madows were shonping in Hope Tuesday. We welcome Mr. and Mrs. Bonnie Jones and Mr. Tom Wise in our community, 'rhoy are moving into the house recently occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Lee Watkins. Mr. W. W. Wright called on Mr. J. R. Percell Tuesday morning. Misses Lorene and Irene Wriaht caled on Mrs. Hollis Mullins Tuesday morning. FOR HIM Military Sets in Leather Zipper Cases £U9 to SG.75 Eveready Shaving Brushes with Badger Bristles $1.50 Williams Shaving Sets, $1.35 value for only Sl.OO Sheaffcr Lifetime Fountain Peas $8.75 FOR HER /\i-m..|H Hosiery—riiiKlcss chiffons in Individual Xmas Box $1.00 Comb, Brush und Mirror Sets _ 60c to $6-75 IYI..K* «-.«.uy in cmtsimas J-ackagcs 50c to $5.00 Hull Bros. "ImlividuaMzed" Christmas Cards. . John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps I'KEPARE YOUR CLOTHES FOR THE GAY Christmas Parties Have Them Uc-ncwed BY OUR SPECIAL Odorless Process Dresses, Suits, Coats, Tics Scurfs and Hats Hall Brothers Phone 385 GENERAL EI/ECTRIC APPLIANCES NOW Less 10% Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical 259 Bells Chapel Lester White and Mr. and Mrs. georgc Sampson were Monday night guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fbyd Brooks. Miss Opyl Yate.s spent Sunday with her sister. Mrs. V. A. Campbell at Providence. Mrf. Garland White, Mrs. Euel White and Mrs. Ira Brooks wore shop- pins in Prescott Wednesday. Mrs. Sandford Bonds was the Wednesday guest of Mrs. Elmer Bell. Leslie Mouser of Rio Grande valley has returned home to spend Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sid MOU.SJM-. Mr. and Mrs. Lon Wood and daughters, Misses Irma and Joyce, were shopping in Prescott Wednesday. Mr. and Mi's. Lloyd ShackeLforcl were business visitors in Prescott Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Calloway attended to business in Hope Tuesday. Mrs. J. P. Parson of Jaka Jones was ! Thursday guests of Mrs. Edgar Lev- erctt in Blevins. Mr. and Mrs. Aubry Bonds were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Osborn. Miss Wilma Gene Tale was the Sunday guest of Miss Evelyn Chamlee. Everyone is invited to attend the j Cluistmas program here Sunday night December 22, Olsj u Christmas tree at Marlbrook Monday night Decc'm- ber 23. In Colonial Ihne.s, a carved wooden pineapple a.s a decoration over the front door symboli/ed hospitality. Block eut,s for printing simple designs can be made by cutting a potato in half, carving the design, and printing by hand, i SNOWDRIFT 3 LARD Lbs CHOCOLATE DROPS Pound 99c lOc CATSUP Large 14 oz Bottle 1Qc OLIVES QUART JAR 33c BROKEN SLICE PINEAPPLE No. 2 Can 15c COUNTRY CLUB PUMPKIN Large No. 2'/ 2 Can SHREDDED COCOANUT Fancy Xmas Mix CLUSTER RAISINS W HEN Old Man Winter climbs on his elevator anil says going Joint, it's time io get up to your neck in HANKS! There's a wraith of warmth in the Heavyweight Chiimpion. You'll know that — the minute you button up, and those downy, close-knit ribs softly hug jour skin. Why, man — you'll be steamlinud in HANES! No. 1 Skinned 10 to 12 Ib. ave. Half or Whole Pound OYSTERS "FRES-SHOKE" Medium Select Hut here's a Winter union-suit Ijiul docs more than rhase your chills. You get full, honal measure in HAMS ... no rbraling at the chest or trimming at the trunk. You run benil aqd reach as much as you waul, and you'll never be pinchnj or held in check. Here are buttonholes that won't go wide-eyed with wear . . . buttons that know their place, and kcrp it ... ami scams that never need another stitch of work! Sec your H.VNKb Dealer today. P. II. HANES KNITTING COMPANY, WIMSTO.VS.VLEM, N. C, A ncarbt JeaUr ha, IIANF.S Union- Suits, il and «p ... Sblrta and Driven betfa at 7*6 . . . Uoy»' Uni«i,.Suii,, 75« . . . McrrkUM . . . . Winter-Weight Shirtt and Knit Short* lutu,iraii;l «i r/«/ii),Me anil 69t tack- THE FOR MEN AND UNDERWEAR BOYS GORHAM&GQSNELL Are Sold in Hope by STEAK BABY BEEF NO. SEVEN Choice LAMB Dressed HENS Lb Dressed TURKEYS CENTER CUT HAM MINCE MEAT Brandy Added Pound Fancy Baby Beef CHUCK or No. 7 Fresh River WHOLE FISH Pound ROAST

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