The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 23, 1940
Page 6
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.-AGE SIX BLYTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 23, 1940 SaVU prnlsed value oi> properties to be constructed under FHA Inspection costing loss than $6,000. "The results of tills liberalization of our honie-fiinmcing system were fimnzlntj," lilt Adinini.striUor snld. "Our applications for mortgage '»- Mirniice filmosi doubled, niul will) this increased volume eiimc n ili'O)) In the average amount of loan we | were nsked to insure." New Itci'oni In 1839 In 1033, the first full year (he new regulations were In ollect, the FHA set n IH-IV record by n wide margin when II v.'rolc almost u billion dollars of home-financing Insurance. Mr. McDonald described the step taken by the FHA In an effort to mnkc home ownership still easier for lower-ini'ojiie groups, luaugu- intcd last sinmiicr, the new plan nllows prospective builders of house's costing not more thnn $2,500 McDonald Says FHA Aids IWore Families Improve Living Conditions Realization of thc social implications of better housing, as well ns on Increasing appreciation of the economic advantages entailed in b'ttcr llvhw accommodations for m(jre m[m the American people, will bring to „„,=„ onlv 5 ,, N . cent of ,,, c nbout much progress in the lions-, vn ,J, t / of , K ,, Jse ' HIld , ol „,„, 15 Ing field during the current year 1 Dnrs n ,. p ,, crm i UC( | )„ wh | c |, , 0 and an even greater Improvement- re , my . lhc n , A .i nslll , e(1 i 0(U1 . In 1341 and 1342, Administrator 1Jfl ,,,, cubr emphasis was placed by Administrator McDonald on the fact Hint the PHA would not relax Its vigilance as to property standards and construction requlrc- Stewart McDonald 'of (he Federal Housing Administration recently declared. "Home oirnmlilp is the most Important requisite lo a nation of free people," he said. "I Is the crux of .our national institutions, and upon Its development ant! protection depend our living standards. It is the American home which assures the future of the United States, and It, is up to us, upon whom rests the responsibility of making available to hn ever larger number of people, lo see that we do not fall." ' FHA Removes Obstacles The Federal Housing 1 Administration, Mr, McDonald said, Is doing Its part toward aiding more niid more of the nation's families to improve their living standards :by, providing a sound financing system. By replacing the out-dated mortgage system with • Its second and third mortgages, the FHA has removed a major obstacle in the way to home ownership. : Tracing the development of the .Federal Housing Administration's program, Mr. McDonald related how it was found necessary to ask Congress for the power lo Insure , loans up to 90 per cent of the ments. 'We refuse," he said, "to build up a (jreat volume ol business nl the expense ol creating new slums and blighted ureas." To Improve Room At Presbyterian Church The first floor of the first Presbyterian Church building, used n.s n social room ami for Sunday School classes nnd which also houses the kitchen, is to be Improved by the Woman's Auxiliary. An electric stove, a gitt ol a member, Is to be installed in the kitchen which will be redecorated and new dishes will be purchased. Thc rooms will be redecorated -inn moveable partition. 1 ; repaired and redecorated. James B. Clarks Enlarging Home Mi- .and Mrs. James B. Clark nre building an addition lo their country home at Dogwood on Highway 01 South, upon which work- started today. The 20 by 28 foot room Is to have the utility of two rooms, along with a number of built-in closets, some of which will oj>en Into the new room nnd others into the original part of the small house where the Clnrks have lived since their home was destroyed by fire. ' A Inrge fireplace and a bay window will add to thc spaciousness of the new nddltloji which is being creeled on the south side of Ihe present building. For The Medium-Income Budget Neither Man Nor Monkey | FHA Effort To Bring Low i Cost Housing To Fore I T I I & ! Fold I Consistent effort on the part, of ! the Federal Housing Adniinlslra- ' lion to bring home ownership witli- ) in reach of moiU-st-income famine* I lias resulted in a definite uirn I within the housing field toward that end. "The whole emphasis' of the building industry has been changed (is n result of the PIlA's operations," Stewart, McDonald, Federal Housing Administrator, hits said. The 1538 amendments to the National Housing ACL made FHA- insured mortgage terms more favorable for homes valued under 56,003. On new homes'in thi.s category down payments of as low as 10 per cent, were permitted together with n 25-year repayment period, t "Now the FHA is turning the attention of builders lo homes in even lower price ranges by making j more flexible financing available on ' loans of $2.500 or less," according J to Mr. McDonald. One of (he most inlr.resfing projects confronting the builder and architect today is the lieflijjninjf of sound architecturally attractive homes which the family of moderate inciime can purchase willioiit too great a strain cm the budget. This home goes far toward meeting these requirements. An efficient use lias iieea made of all nrailublc space, and a. noteworthy living room-dinette arrangement has been evolved to solve the dining-room problem. A mortgage of $4,400 .inch as the one insured on Ihis property hy the Federal Housing Adminis-' tration, may b« paid off over • period of 25 years Ijy monthly payments of approximately $26, exclusive of taxea and hazard insurance. FLOOR. PLAN Bulletin Guides Home Owner In Choosing New.'Equipment Discriminate selection of mechanical equipment for thc lionie is far more necessary now thnn ever before. The increasing number of mechanical now on the market makes careful consideration ot such Items essential | to the prospective householder's .well-being. In the Federal Housing Administration's Technical Bulletin No. 0, "Mechanical Equipment for the limde between the different types of equipment nnd that all the costs Bo figured in, and thc clement of utility to be gained should be weighed ngninst these costs. H it Is necessary to forego some items of equipment., it will be advisable to give up first those Hems which provide merely ease of service or control or refinement In appearance without, compensating savings In operation. Mhen we re-roof your house with Ccrlainlccil Universal Shingles we not only give von thc manufacturers giwrjinlcc on Die quality' of material bul if wc select thc workmen we guarantee you against tiercels in workmanship. These April SHOWERS surely iind the Icuks. Call us when you have roof trouble. I'hone 100 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Home," the prospective household- Finally, the selection of niate- er Is cautioned not to succumb to rilils shoill d be governed by con^ the temptation of overstocking with sistf »c.v of quality, mechanisms at the possible sacrifice of essential comfort. Factors lo Consider Tlie basic factors of general locii- i tion of property, neighborhood, the relation of the house to its site, the j provisions for natural light nnd ventilation, the comfort and con| venlencc of Ihe plan, and thc ; soundness of the construction dei Eerve prior consideration. FHA officials say: "No amount of equipment can make a satisfactory house | where these basic factors arc not , i properly achieved." j '"8 vllles grow-In A number of principles should be \ 1KC< '' followed In making selections of equipment, according to the bulletin. Thc initial cost of thc equipment must be carefully balanced against Lay Oak Floors In Dick Roberts Home mprovements being made to Mr.. nnd Mrs. Dick Roberts' residence " ble 408 ' Subdivisions Of Small Homes Held Real Need A definite need at the present time for new subdivisions established expressly for small homes was cited by Federal Housing Administrator Stewart McDonald, who declared that studies made in a number of large cities reveal there is :in insufficient number r>f subdivisions which provide sites for housing of this character. Mr. McDonald expressed the belief that the problem may be solved in two days. Two Methods The first solution, lie pointed out, would involve the utilization of un- subdtvided areas and the establishment of these as sites for small- home development,';. The second ! would '"be to utilize undeveloped existing subdivisions which have failed lo succeed as locations for p higher-priced properties and pro- I vide them with protection in the I form of deed restrictions nnd suit- Part In Building In selecting material for Ijuildiiifi ft home, the Federal Housing Administration points out that there arc two types of costs to be considered: the orlglnul cast and the selatlvc cost of upkeep. In the medium- and low-priced fields, particularly, great care inusi be used in selecting material which has both the lowest original cost and the lowest, upkeep cost, P11A t flicials -suy. Di lie rentes in local conditions make it impossible to issue- recommendations which arc applicable in every section of the country, according to the PHA. In some parts of the country the cost of wood construction is so low that, regardless of the cost- of iip- i".-p ol wooden houses, it is more sensible to use frame construction. l)i certain other parts of the ccuntry the architect and builder | may recommend the use of some type of material for which upkeep costs aie lower than those for wod construction. You may know some one whose family tree yon ' suspected contained a branch like this. Neither man nor monkey, this is actually a branch of a real nine tree. It was found, in one piece, near Big Boar Lake, Calif. SPECIAL! 1/3 More for the same money Johnson's Wax and (ilo-Coal SHOUSE-HBNRY HARDWARE CO. Phone 35 s '<"' tile spcclflc " !lr Chickasawba avenue j, lcllule '|f^ a f "sing them as locations for oa ™** ° r low c ° st new oak floors in several rooms. . ; The low-priced home represents thc most desirable mortgage security when it is part of a rather extensive development oC similar- priced homes, he said. Need Cited The requirements of the Federal "There Is a great need for suit- ousing Administration are c- nble low -cost housing," Mr. Mc- FHA Protects Both Lender And Borrower Housing Administration are designed to protect both the lender and the borrower—to insure n basically sound Investment for both. Donald continued. "The first step j in supplying such housing is to dls: cover suitable locations and lo es- ; tabiish such localions on a resldcn- i Hal basis u'hich will enjo}- thc , reputation for paylne'hls'blMs "The P"™ ne »« ! a '«i st ". bl "ly c "»™. Privacy for 1'orchcs requirement of a steady mcoVne e »f. c ° f good rcsidcnUal areas At this time of year much' serves to protect he boTower Ior h * hE1 "P rlc « 1 llous »* thought is given to methods of against contracting n debt beyond ; and terraces from his menus which might result in I the eventual lass I must have a steady income and a The planting of a row of Inl] annual-blooming plants is one way of accomplishing this. If the screen effect is to be permanent, thc plant ing may a hedge. For I Improvements In Holly Street Home Mrs. Emma Lou Rogers, who lives I'owderiiost licetles - When wooden columns on porches of shrubbery forming : are infested by powderaost beetles nl 1023 West Koll S" street, is hnvln_ , i lh °5' sh °uW b= replaced, either oak flooring laiti in her house and friii r'J°i r f C i tlocora , llvc mclho 'l- a j completely or in part, depending on several other improvements made, trellis of lattice work with bloom- the extent of the damage Other over It may be (woodwork in tile neighborhood It is not a very wise policy to use ~ :C *" in oiled mop on \va.\cd floors, us ' nec the cosl.'of Us operation and the probable returns In comfort and future rcntabillty. II must be remembered, loo. that the first cost is rarely thc Inst cost, particularly of equipment which contains moving parts. Repairs Considered items of repair, operating costs and probable length of service before replacement, must be considered when choosing equipment. Where economy is n factor, it Is essential that a comparison be the oil softens wax. Wnxed doors I > vl£! > funds obtained from qualified should be swept, with a mop or soft J lending Institutions midcr thc Mod- brush entirely free from oil. ;! emization Credit Plan O f the Fcd- •— . i crol Housing Administration. Small Rpnf I.c;iks I A drop of solder on Ihe surface j will sometimes 'mend small leaks first be cleaned ol rust so that the solder will hold. The repair ol n slate or tile root Is a Job to skilled rcofcr. ] Low Rates Long Terms JPrompt Inspections Prepayment Privileges FAEM LOANS Wilson and Worthington First National linnk Hldg, BlytKcvilte, Ark Waxed Floors should be examined. If only a few holes are found, kerosene" should be dropped into them with a med- dropper. If new columns are :e£snrj-, they may be Installed Erect Servant House And Garage On Lot Mr. and Mrs. ran! Greenwell nre erecting servant quarters and a garage on the rear of Iheir lot at 1037 Chickasawba avenue, they reside. where >r a Question Box Authorized Mort«««« 7-o»n So«cl!OT» for the Prudential Insurance Company of America Q. What Is meant by a metallic, paint? I A. Metallic paints are composed! of aluminum, bronze, or other me- j tallc (lakes in a vehicle of varnish or varnish and oil. These paints arc often used as a prime coat • on wood lo seal the pores against i moisture penetration, or ns pro-' tcctivc coatings on metals or concrete. These points should not be used on a concrete wall until ihr wall Is thoroughly dry. since any moisture that might remain in the wall will cause the patut lo peel. Crow Is llM.1 'lln A farm publication made a survey on Ihe disputed question of whether or not Hie crow Is beneficial to the farmer. About 81 per cent ol thc votes were cast, to convict thc bird. Damage done by the crow was listed as "destroying or grain and Iron crops, killing or smaller birds, nnd pecking the eyes of small farm animals," NOW IS THE TIME TO Buy or Build We now have several nice building lots in various parts of Blytheville. Take advantage of this opportunity to build « new home, financed with a convenient, PITA loan. CLARENCE H. WILSON RAY WORTHINGTON NEW HOME FOR SALE At 1528 Chickasawba \ve have under construction an attractive 5 room colonial bungalow which will be for sale. If you are in it hurry for a good home sec this one «m) ask for our terms. The nmotmt of water that nlr can hold Is dependent upon its pressure and temperature. THE ARRMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 BUILDING OR REMODELING See HUFFMAN First I. ct Huffman's practitriil building- i'dviee solve your home proljlrms-. Building, 111 (• v a t inn, remodeling, njodcrliwns and repairs to improve your home. We .stock only the finest building m;tteri;ils and FHA LOANS HUFFMAN BROS. LUMBER CO. Only Ilomc-OivniMl Yard Serving the Blylhrvillc Territory a (Soob Wherever rabbit hunting is popular, there you find the Beagle. Besides being an affectionate, merry little animal . . . Your Beagle is an earnest worker,.with a most remarkable scent... Is always a good sport. In roaming the countryside, this tireless trailer drinks all sorts of water . . . And doglike, he can take it. But the human system isn't so adaptable ... That's why we're so careful in furnishing such a sparking pure supply always! BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Bernard Alien, Mgr, "Water It Your Cheapest Commodity"

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