Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 19, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1935
Page 3
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,Mpm» t Decetnbeg 19, l9l& j£»* r^ ''' if .'*i<\ '-''I" 1 >' ><r ^VXT'4'f' ; -?•' ' s V'. v ?i - '»'" I-"' '^ > sort sTAft Horn CTCL Telephone 821 TUte 1 .' .'. •.. j i > ; „ lime iat 6vir houAc; every after tea ', pe'sfaH guessing what old Santa's gd- . Itig to leave- us on our tree. of us holds setrets thai the ,6fhers try to steal, nd ithat eyes and -lips arc plainly •' hfcviriK trouble to conceal. Juefcs what you. will get for Christ' S' njas " is the cry that starts the, fun Htl ,\vc answer, "Give the letter with " ch the name's begun.' Ill, |hc, eyes;, that dance around • us ^and the joyous faces there peeping us nightly jruesslng wildly: i "Is it something I can wear?' Jills guessing time at our house, and i' .the fun is running fast, [ And I wish'.'somehow this contest of delight-could always last. \ ' But, soon ' as this is over, when' the tree Is. bare'and', plain, We shall start in looking forward to the time to guess again.—E. A. ,G. .Mrs. Wilbur Jones, and Mrs; Charles ' Lccko of Ozan were Wednesday shop' p.ers in tlic city. The Friday Music club will entertain at its annual. Christmas party on Friday ivonihg '(4 7:30 at the home of Mis.' C;. C. McNeill North Hervey strwt:. '..'••'•" Chrcj' Cnrlton will arrive. Saturday from Xjhlca'go,' 111., to spend the Christmas- holidays with his parents, Mr. , and Mrs-.- Jv C, Carlton. Litjtld Miss Betty Jone.s arrived froiri •Geo'.! rtnfl and Joan Bennett comc-s ,' fauhd.iy in '^She Couldn't Take It" '-she insisted on the strangest marriage bargain ever mode! Kathleen Morris's foierd on h»r novil "Btauly't Daughter" .it). CLAIRE TREVOR RALPH BELLAMY FRI-NITE —Is— : Shirley TEMPLE Doll-Nite Shroveport, La.. Wednesday evening tp make her home, and occupy the hearts of Mr, and Mrs. Hugh Jones, North Pino street, by adoption. In celebration of.this perennially beautiful season, so near the time when the' Star of Bethlehem guided iho shepherds to the Babe that was born in.the manger, this Babe, whose advent into the world brought, love, faith, joy and goodwill, can never,b? more beautifully or clearly demonstrated than is shown in the foregoing announcement. Caroling, holly, misteltoe, .crimson wreaths and lighted candles in the windows are but outward symbols proclaiming thai greater Inward glory that Is finding its truest expression as shown by Mr. and Mrs. Jones, who arc taking Into their home and their.hearts, this llltlc babe—on act so typical of that love and fnith brought to us by tho Babe of Bethlehem, some 1915 years ago. The writer takes the privilege of extending her love to this precious little mile of humanity, who rests in God's -care, clearly shown in her .finding a place in the hearts and home of this Christian couple; and we bespeak for - her a splendid future, and that she will live to reflect hondr and satisfaction to her parents, who "Have cnst their bread upon the waters. 1 ' "A Merry Christmas to you, Betty, a peaceful Christmas and a Comforting Christmas and a Christmas to look back upon with pleasure." Mr. »ntl Mrs. W. E. Porterfieltl of Little Rock .Spent Thursday visiting With Mrs. E. G. Porterficld and other relatives. Friends will regret to learn that Mrs. Porlerficld has been ill for the past two weeks ut her home on South Main street. ,The Hope Choral club will sing at the high' school on Friday morning during 1 the assembly hour. Mrs. R. M. LaGronc, Miss Maggie Bell and'Mrs. Sid Henry were Thursday visitors in Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Fowler'announce tho marriage of their daughter, Vera, to Dayton Thomason, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Thomason, on Saturday, December 14. The ceremony was preformed by the Rev. Wallace R. Rogers in the presence of a few friends. Mr. and Mrs. Thomason arc at. home (o their friends at 500 West Division street in this city. Hope chapter No. 78 O. E. S. will hold its regular meeting Thursday night at Masonic hall at 7:30. An election of officers will be held. All members are urged to attend and don't forget your donation for the Christmas box. . FIKST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 511 Soudi Elm Street W.-Paul Hodge, Pastor Rev. A. J, Gunler the president of j the Arkansas District Nnzarene Young j Peoples Society spent a few hours with the Rev. W. Paul .Hpdfic last Friday evening. The nature of the visit was not made public. Mr. Hodge reports that he is well pleased with the outlook for the church of the Nazarcne in Hope. Also that Mrs. Hodge and their two sons will be here Monday December 23rd. Mr. Hodge states that they will make their home at 419 South Elm street. ' You are eiivited to attend the regular services of the church. Mrs. M. B. Smithy Buried Here Sunday For me i- Hope Woman, Who Died in Texarkana, Is Brought Home Funeral services for Mrs. Mattie Belle Smithy, 75, of Texarkana,- but formerly of Hope, were held from First Presbyterian church here Sunday afternoon. The funeral was conducted by the Rev. Thomas Brewster,' pastor, and the Rev, S. Z. Brown, pastor of First Presbyterian church of Texnrkann. Burial was in Rose Hill j cemetery. Mrs. Smithy is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Mabel Blnkeney of Texarkana, Mrs. Smithy and Mrs. Blakoney were residents of Hope from 1906 to 1927. Mrs. Blakcncy was manager of the telephone company here at that time. Serving as pallbearers were: Henry Taylor, Sid Blmdy, Charles Taylor, Dorscy McRnc, Tom Ruggles and Jake Bcckworth. Thelma Todd Rose far in Decade This is the gift that ladies love PHOENIX CHIFFONS Vou c<ui'( go wroug if you give her Phoenix "Hcversucdc" Hose, is llie new fabric every woman adores . . . dull, sheer, rxlrcmcly Hal • twiug. itlixik» like klieshcercijl of 2 threads but wears like u 'l-lhtcad hose. Snag rcsiBtiug loo —Itianks lo a uc» process. The Lea-ding Depart went Stor , W, Robison 6- Co, Prescott Nashville Barbara Button (Continued from page one) strange and black—for water ways. She met Prince Alexis Mdivani one day. He was tall, handsome, charm- in!., with a love of gold and polo ponies. His father, tho late Prince Zaehary, had been a member of the Ru.'siaif Imperial Court and aide-decamp to the Czar. Prince Alexis had recently been married to, and divorced from, Louise Astor Van Alcn| a direct descendant, o£ John Jacob Astor and daughter of the wealthy Mr. and Mrs. James Lauren Van Alen. Barbara Hutton continued her care- fico way around the world. Prince Alexis followed her. He proposed and proposed. Finally, in Siam, she accepted him. She came back to Paris to meet her family and prepare for llie wedding. She bought 100 costumes, UlQ pairs of gloves, 50 bags, one coat that cost $4575 and an ermine wrap valued" at ?5099. Cosmetics for her trousseau took another 5200, and lingerie cos. $500. Four street pocketbooks at !>80 each were another necessity. Her trousseau cost $50,000. j She married her debonair prince at j the Russian Church in Paris, June 15,' 1933. The vicil ceremony, necessary under Ihe French law, was observed first. Pays Off Prince Under a contract with Prince Mdivani, Miss Hutton retained com- j plete control of her fortune but a large settlement was made on him. Now, the heircFs's spending reached the peak of depression extravagance. She and the prince continued their gilded travels. They bought the San Grcgoria Palace on the Grand Canal ill Venice f.-jr a .summer home. They returned to Paris in the autumn of 1934 and in November when the Princess Mdivani was 22 years old, the gave a' $10,000 party at the Ritz. An orchestra was brought from Lon- I din by plane. The program included dinner, champagne and dancing. ' Among the 120 guests were some princes, a duchess, three barons, 13 1 counts, n lord, an'd two baronets. The | titled assemblage broke up at four o'clock in the morning. The next startling information came from London. Rumors suggested that there was a rift between the prince with a title and the girl with a checkbook. She began to write poetry. He doubled his polo interests. Barbara j Hutton obtained a divorce at Reno on May 13th, 1935. Then sha bought another title. She drew a count this time. New Husband is IWch Count Kurt von Haugwitz-Revenl- low, fairly wealthy in his own right, i didn't need to go heiress hunting. He j married Miss Hutton immediately up- ' on her divorce and took her to Europe I where his family castle stands in the center of meadows of. contented cows. His estate is a rich dairy farm. When she married her first prince. Miss Hutton's annual income for main tcnanre was $300,000, which her father had raised to $100,000.. Interest on her invested $40,000,000 yielded another ?2,000,000 yearly. Now her financial .status is .so changed she has to sell her houses and lands. Meantime, Prince Alexis, who Was killed in a motor car accident iu Spain lad Mimmor, left her a castle and OIK-fifth of his ?5,000,000 estate. The money may prove as welcome as the Mdivani title oucc was, it appears. The Woolworth heiress, it seems has huuii loo careless vith the coins that her grandfather's sales force collected. Maybe, though. John D. Rockefeller is the only millionaire who can hand out dimes and stay rich. Crowd of 100 Out i or MatProgram Rhodes afid McCoy t)r> iiate SerVides for an Exhibition Bout Approximately 100 fans, witnessed 'he amateur, boxing and Wrestling show Wednesday night, at Fair Park, plus and exhibition of wrestling by Dusty Rhodes of Hope and Mickey McCoy of Shreveport, Both are 1 former professional grap* piers. It was announced from the ring that each Was donating his serv* ices fijr the exhibition bout. 1 Rhodes took two out of three falls to win the match. He pinned .McCoy in the first six minutes, and took the third and deciding fall in four minutes. Rhodes Used science and speed to offset rough tactics employed by the Shreveport matinan. The crowd 'was pleased with the match. In the amateur division, Newton Se-crest, Hope Star newsie,. showed greater strength in bowling over Fred Briant. Secrcst took tWo out of three falls in less than twenty minutes, In two previous matches the two amateurs fought to a .draw. ; Doc Zimmerly and Glenn Parker, both weighing, around 150 pounds, Wrestled to a draw in a 30-minute match, Both gained a fall. : " . •When Blondy Jones, Shreveport amateur boxing .champion • failed to show up'* Bert Mauldih was substituted and fought, a threei-round draw with George Womack of Hope. ;. A. battle, royal ; between iive Hope negroes opened the show, providing much entertainment for fight fans. ; • Due to next- Wednesday faUing-.bri Christmas Day, • Promoter /Mauldin said that the weekly show would -be held Monday nigljt, December 23.. • . The card will'be announced Friday. Christmas najr Is Planned Friday ; • • ..- ,. ..i#h. ' • •Prpjgi-aw to ISe" feiveft at 7;30|).,m»atH6pe Gospel Tataemade I the .annual ChristtoAs program of the Hope Gospel Tabernacle will be presented Friday night, December 50. At the Taber'riaele, North Main, begin- Wng at 1-M. A Children's program will be combined with a play called "The feirth of'Christ," written., and directed by Mrs. Bert. W bb, Wife of the pastdr. Elder' David Burruss of Husseuville, Ark., District Superintendent of the Arkansas-Louisiana District of the Assemblies of God will be present for the program and will remain over for Sunday-and speak at both the 11 0'clock moaning services and •again in the evening at the 7:30, evangelistic Service. The public is invited to heaf Superintendent < Burruss while he is ih the city for these,two services. ' Each succeeding Sunday for the past month the I'abernacte Sunday school hlas established a new record, attendance reaching to 227 last Sunday, Tt'hese represent new, people and children and not visitors and all but a very, few have become regularly enrolled . scholars planning to attend permanently in the future. of national scope ed Siat« devoted !> education and welfare of feKceJrttoh&l oMldfin,, " In erdssed the numbed that they Sank sels fey settling en theifl wings. 1c SALE ,^4^ Ifk tJ> Iff O G * 1 OH U JV Ei O tJ m THE GIFT SHfdfl (Mrs. <?. ft ttdllilril^Of' CAR GLAS CVH AND CittOiJNO mtAtnt CAB ' BRYAN'S Used 1 411 South Laurel.Street The death of Thelma Todd at tjie pinnacle of'her : screen career wrote a tragic climax to the typical Hollywood''success story—the bathing beauty winner's rise to stardom and the Hollywood metamorphosii, revealed in these four pictures. In 1925 Miss Todd won a lodge beauty prize in Lowell, Mass., attracted the notice of a film scout, was given rhinor part?, then featured roles and by 1928 was rated high as.a comedienne. .She was ,a recognized star by 1931. When stricken by death, she had just signbd a contract calling' for more than ?100,000 a year. .' ' Wedding Rings Are Given Up for War Melted Down for Gold to Finance Italy's Ethip- 1 ... ; pian Campaign i,...;.', ROME, Italy— (ff>)—Millions of women, massed under drizzling skies throughout Italy, were led to Queen Elona Wednesday in giving .up'their wedding rings to .the .Fascist, regime. The gold bands were replaced by the. government with steel .rings, Mussolini's wife/ Donna Rachcle Mussolini, marched al the head of her women neighbors and followed the queen in casting the rings of her husband and herself into an urn.- Long after dark, thousands of women stood in line here and ih other"large cities, waiting to offer their wedding bands. Some 8,000,000 women and 2,000,000 men who also ^Vear wedding' ring? were estimated roughly to have given up 1,000,000,00.0 .lire, or • 5800,000,000 in go(d. to' the cause, , The tall, black-garbed Mcntencgrun queen, speaking .in a high, vibrant voice, near the breaking point, cast the royal marriage bands into the middle of three ,urns on which rose incense before the altar to the Unknown Soldier in Rome. The queen called the rings "symbols of our first joys and extreme renunciation in these purest offerings to the country." • her resignation, after which Mrs. O. C. Robins, was unanimously elected. .. Following the .short business meeting, MIES Griffin's assitant, Miss Velma plforcl discussed some change. ..in -the work- for next year. A year book .Was mentioned and monthly' . meeting jlaces Were chosen as follows: • •' January, Mrs. C. H. Locke; February Mrs. ! J.', W. Gist; March,- JVIrs.- •' Jv • T. -Smead; April,, Mrs. Floyd Ms.tth.ews; All th<" oceans in the world combined contain 327,672,000 cubic miles of water; one cubic mile contains more than 1,100,000,000 gallons. Tin: Tower of London cost approximately 5100,000 to maintain during 1915-1, while receipts from admission! fees and guide-book sales totaled , $90,000. 5 Does Your Roof Leak?§ ! HOno inontli of ruin costs Hope cit-~ | jj-jizcns more than unc yt-ar's fireZ daniuge. i \Vc Can fix u Good Huof. E We Can Help an Old One. = Sullivan Const. Co, E GIFT SUGGESTIONS UilHohls, Kibitz, TcslunicuLs, Toilet Si-is, Kltctrical Gifts, Candy and iMiiiiy Others JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Phono 63 HUJJC, Ark. Estabiiidied 1885 Washington Hie Washington Homo Demonstration club met December 12 in the home of Mrs. Claud Agee with 10 members present. The meeting was opened with a vocal duct by Mrs. J. A. Wilson and Mrs. Evelyn Hubbard, "Silent Night," accompanied by Mrs. Agee at the pi»no. The-president, Mrs. Lee Holt ga\'9 a very beautiful devotional on the Christ Child, taken from Luke's gospel, followed with prayer. During the business session the 'following officers were elected for 1936, President, Mrs. W. E. Elmore; vice president, Mrs. R. L. Patterson; secretary, Mrs. Melson Fnc/icr; reporter, Mrs. J. A. Wilson. Miss Griffin gave an account of the council meeting in Hope, December 6. Mrs. Agee's home was very pretty in the Christmas colors and decorations including a Christmas tree in the dining room. Each one present drew ., name for one of the packages on tho tree. There was much joy and fun when each opened their package. Our club is to meet in January, in Mrs. M. Frazier's home; in February in Mrs. Elmore's home; March, Mp. Liinnic Beck's; April, Mrs. J. A. Wilson; May, Mrs. Agee; June, Mrs. Paul Diulney. Mixs Griffin demonstrated pin wheel cookies, then, served them with delicious hot chocolate assisted by the hostess. The second Friday in each month wa.s decided upon for our regular meeting. E. 'GpodlettV July, Mrs.' F.-'P: Citty; Vugus(v Mrs,. J::,K. Gre*en;- 'September, Mrs,:P, E. Citty;. .October, Mrs; G. S. Smith; November, Miss Alma; Hanna; December, Mrs.- W. D'. Jones. • . An ; interesting demonstration.;;, on making 1 cookies was given. Afterwards, fill the members gathered around a beautifully decorated Christmas free, arid many useful gifts were 2xchangcd. • , _ . '•..'"!.! ^Jclrosc. . ' ".' "••' • • The' Melrose home demonstration club inet at a called meeting on Tiies- •day.s' Pecpmber:17.; at the home of- -Mrs. S. -B. ;McAdams. Our.rcgular 'meeting nad been postponed owing , to' the .SQrioiJs'.iUrtcs? of 'one. 'of our members, Mrs. • Alb'prt. Newpcrry,' who we -are fftd to say is -improving iit this writing; '..:. / : '-"•..- .' '•• '"• '• ; :'.,-' .•'Tile meeting was called to order by iho .president,' Mrs. J; ,Mv Ferryman. Tiie devotioniil ; reading -and 'prayer wa^s 'giyen i'By Mrs. C. P," Zunmerly. The now- olf leers were elected foY the coming- year as follow. 1 *: President, Mi-s. Fred Yocom; Vice- President, Mrs. A. H. Zitrvmerly; Secretary, Mrs. J. M. Ferryman; Ti'eas- . urer, Mrs. Fred Petrie; Reporter,. Mrs. 1 Otho Roberts; Devotional Leader, Mrs. ! C. P. Zimmerly. Tlie meeting time at Ihe different members homes for the coming year were assigned and suggestions as to demonstrations we would like during the coming year were made. A special program for May liavirip Decoration Day as its sponsor was also planned. Tho club adopted for their motto, "To Make the-Begt Better," The club also held their all-day quilting with a "Ppt Luck" dinner. A very pleasant .day was enjoyed by Shover Springs i Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rogers of. El Dorado spent the week-end with their mother Mrs. Charles Rogers.' : Mrs: Pete Laseter of Hope called on Mrs. Hugh Laseter Monday afternobn. Bryan and Lejman Ruggles made a; visit to Texarkana to see Mrs. Smythy' who passed away there Saturday. ! .Albert Jones 'called on J. W. McWilliams 'Sunday afternoon. Harry ^Philips spent Saturday night with Parker Rogers. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Collier called on Mr, and Mrs.. Merrell Huckabce Sunday afternoon. . O. J. Phillips and little daughter Mary Sue spent Sunday with Mrs. Charles Rogers.. .''.'• Mrs. Charles Rogers called on Mrs. Hugh "Laseter Wednesday afternoon. Glcndon and. Kenneth Me Williams spent Sunday afternoon with Howard and Chancy Sanford'of Harmony. Sorry to report. J. B, Beckworth on the sick list; hope to'hear-; of •'his im- provcme'nt.'sp.on, '. ..•''....' v Mr; and! Mrs. Jack Rogers of El Dorado called : on Mr. and Mrs. Bryim Ruggles 'Sunday a'fternqon. ... ] Mr. a.nd. Mrs.^Charley Roberts spent Saturday;night and Sunday with.their daughter, 1 Mr.Wd Mrs, Grady Brdwn- ing/ '•-?"•*• • ., | ' Mrs. yennie Watson and '• children,: John ?md' Marline and Gra'ttdma Gains spent last Friday afternoon with 'Mrs. Marie Campbell. Miss Opal Yat'es and Bet-nice Wood of Blevins visited Mis Agnes Gaines C'uriday afternoon. ' • • Mr. and Mrs. Richard" of Hope 'spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gaines. ; ' ' AMAZING N EW CAR $ 640 The Ozan-St. Paul Home Demon- .strutioa club held its meeting Thurs- i day ufti-moon, December 12 al the ! hoine of Mrs. H. O. Stuart witli 26 reg- j ular membei-s, one now member and two visitors present. The new member : being Mrs. A. L. Tolled, and the .vis- | Hois, Mrs. B. F, Goodlett and Mrs. D. i M. Goodlett. j Scripture was read by Mrs. J. F. i Stuart follgwcd by a prayer by Mrs. j D. E. Goodlett. Mrs. C. H. Locke, having been previously elected as prcsi- j dent for the ensuing year, handed iu Providence Mr. and Mrs. Ross Roberts, of Holly Grove were visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Roberts Friday. Mr, and Mrs. Jess Wood and children Miss Bernice and" Wilford and Miss Opal Yates of Blevins were visiting Mr; and Mrs. Victor Campbell Sunday at this place. Mrs. Dale Hbnimaker and daugH- ter 'Virginia, spent last- week with her parcnts,;Mr..and<Mrs. 'P. A. Campbell. So ecbn6mical : thafc already-owners fiom -coast:to coast are. reporting record-smashing economy—18 -to, 24 miles-to. the gallon' of-gasoline—this big, new, money-saving • Dodge . Is now .'priced even .lower, than last year . .., as low as $640, list price-at factory, Detroit. More luxuriously appointed / thari ever bef6r6 .;. -. ; bigger, mote '.spacious 1 .,. ..'the 'cai that noted auto editors and-fashion authorities • -have.,. acclaimed . the "Beauty Winner" of 1936, tnis magnificent, new Dodge .is. now priced only- a; few dollars' more than the lowest-priced cars."'Stefe and drive this new-Dodge today. -See the free economy test. Find out for-your r self why 'owners' are saying this big car actually costs less to.own.than small, lowest-pricec} competitive cars. For Giving : or Keeping^! Vc have a grand selection, o terns that ate sure to please, W& believe they are so nice you .tWill want to give one cf them to yb|us| Self. > .Ft] ' 4 i Boots for Men &.Boy8 Boots for Childtl^ Boots for Misses / f^ House Slippers ... HOSIERV t,-^ Dunkirk' Menf , SOC&SI r^i ,'. HANDr- BAGS? t TREEg ,«'*»» Brownbilt Shoesf for Men, Boys, Women Children? 'It's Easy and Fun to * J Earn Brownbilt PRIZES Mrs 'I BROWNbilt SHOE ? STORE i j*&i all who attended. The January meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. J..I, Rogers with the suggested sub-, ject of rcbbttoming a chair With binder twine. . . For All Kinds of INSURANCE See Roy Anderson and Company WANTED—HEADING BOLTS White Oak-Whisky and Oil grade, OVLTCUP, Post Oak and Red. Oak. Bound Sw.eet Gum Blocks. For prices and specifications, See HOPE HEADING COMPANY, Phone 245 Hope, Ark, Special Christmas Sale Lorraine Knit Undies I Panties Bloomers • Pajamas Gowns P W Price Formerly Priced 69c to $2.50 Here's a quick solution to jour gift problem. This beautiful Lorraine Knit tlndenvi'ar is nu.w marked just ',; price. Knitted from ftne. quality raj on thread,'they Mill make a lovely Christmas :nt . . . and savu you so much. "ja* We are including u special group of Children's Pajamas W* in sinus 4 to 12. J^ LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP , JACKETS Men's Suede Leather $A.98 $5.00 Value W Boys' Flannel $1.48 Value. Men's Flannel $4.49 $1.98 Value., ... I DRESSES Crepe Rayon and Wool Values to $8.95 Xmas Special Men's Dark Colored DRESS PANTS Taken from Suits S1.98andSZ.9o Beautiful Assortment NEW PRINTS Special Per Yard i0c Star Brand Shoes for the Entire Family Superior Quality Budget Priced. A Complete Line of GROCERIES, TOYS FRUITS and NUTS Fill Your XMAS NEEDS HEBE, MEN'S DRESS SHIRTS 49c 69c 98c Give Him Several for Christmas Ladies Jackets * Corduroy, Pigskin and Swavels Values to $2.49 29 I 48 98c I Compton Bros. Next to Post Office

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