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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 8

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE, THURSDAY, JUNE 30, 1932 PAGE LODGE BUILDING OAKLAND 1 IRVING Jonas Courage and Tolerance Urged for Policemen as IS BE DECORATED JONAS BUILDING 'REBORN'' ASSOCIATION 5 RICHMOND. June JO. Mrs. SIB NIBS Hazel Collins, new chancellor of 11 a pie. camp, Royal Neighbors of America, has been Installed, it was announced today by Mrs.

Hazel v. BERKELEY, June 30 Courage, tolerance, humility, sacrifice these are requisites of the modern policeman who would serve humanity with a zeal that can never know adequate flnanclajeward. est in the other fellow' point of view, tt "The apirlt of aervice la also the spirit of optimism. No group of men have a finer opportunity, especially in times like these, to spread the gospel of good cheer I ma, who was In charge. uowniown ui strict to uiaze at Night and Sparkle by Day in Honor of Delegates i tin A Made to Measure Fit in Ready to Win Shoes This was Chief of Police August Vollmer's farewell message today as he left the post which has been his for 27 years to become "emerl tus' head of a police department he has made famous throughout Congratulations have been extended to the members of thu Downtown Property Owners' association, to the' building modernization committee, and to Irving Jonas, owner of the first completed project, by Irving Kahn, recently elected president of the association.

Kahn expressed himself as most enthusiastic as to the progress made by his predecessors and pledged himself to keep up thei good work. 4h world. "With only handshakes of his col leagues, August Vollmer, pensioned About our fitting service policeman, left his office for the last time this afternoon. then policemen. "The lowly drunken bum covered With vermin is entitled to as much sympathy and respect as you would Klve the president of the United States.

He Is more deserving of your sympathetic consideration because he is the victim of his environment and Inheritance. "It is not sufficient to allow things to remain as they are but It Is you task to help make this world a little better place in which to live. "Inseparable from the of service Is the spirit of sacrifice, something which must 'always remain' a spiritual offering. "Men who enter the police profession must know there Is no material wealth connected with it, No good policeman can be concerned wJtl material possessions if he has Not the least important among those who said good-bye to the golden rule1' chief, who '27 years We believe that the principal function of a shoe business such Downtown Oakland will blaze at night with brilliant Shrine lighting effects and sparkle by dajf with fiesta decorations In honor of the visit next month of 60,000 delegates to the national Shrine convention In San Francisco. Special trains from 30 eastern cities will arrive at Oakland during convention week, which opens July 24.

A committee of 20 Shrlners directed by Chairman Arthur Slaght Is In charge of street decorations, and actual ork on this part of the welcoming program -will start July 17, it was announced today. Under the direction of William P. St. Sure, chairman of Aahmes Shrine convention committee, arrangements are being made to entertain thousands of visitors ago, laid aside a mall carrier's bag for a star as town marshal), were members of the Vollmer "gang" of I IMllillli) I il as we conduct is to fit feet properly. With us the salt of a pair of shoes is a secondary matter.

Our first consideration is to fit your feet as they should MMl i fas "i i tt'T" rjn.r.-- AJ-Jw neighborhood children, Dignified visitors from many climes who have called on numerous occasions to seek the advice of the man known around the world for his wisdom In fields of criminology have entered his office to find the be fitted. Unless we do that. we reel that we are not entitled to your patronage. expert they sought literally subr For Available Space IN THIS NEWLY MODERNIZED BUILDING SEE IRVING JONAS Bank of America Bldg. merged by childhood.

TRIIIUTE OP FliOWEHS. JO Slyhi at the true spirit of sacrifice. He cannot pursue his calling in-this branch of service. He Is entitled, however, to a decent living wage commensurate with the training and education he must bring to his calling. "A policeman must be wllllng(to forego the pleasure of social Inter "My gang," the chief would 7 AO ngy Introduce the children 1 during When carpenters and other workmen finished their jobs with the Jonas building at Broadway and Eleventh street, that structure emerged as a fine' modern business property.

It was the first building And then small boys and girls, wh i knew policemen a- their friends, would depart clutching "under the wire" in the Downtown Property Owners' improvement program, which includes complete rejuvenation for many old buildings, and a general modernization of many others in the downtown section. Kile here during the convention. Motor trips for the guests are being arranged by a committee headed by Louis AlborelH, and open house will be maintained at Aahmes temple throughout the week. Committee heads working under St. Sure are: Vernon Peck, golf; John L.

Greshnm, temple contact; Harry MacGregor, train reception; Walter Gibson, general reception: Jack souvenirs; Blyde Hill, commissary; Ray Glass- il course because of the very nature of his duties. pennies and nicklea in tiny fingers. These boys and girls came today This policy means much to any HUMILITY ADVISED. "Another integral part of the for thelrMnst call carrying flowers In their hands as their tribute, spirit of service is the attribute of To his own men, a number of humility. Modernized Building Is woman.

It means a great deal more to those who are "hard-to-fit" or those with tender, sensitive feet. "Of dignity a policeman must be ever mlndfui. "Merely" serving the people, and First Item in Big Program cashing pay check at the end of the completion of the First Downtown Project tho month Is not. enough: We must give constant thought to phaws of work which touches the souls of All women can come to us with the fullest confidence, and the assurance that if we cannot fit them, wt will not misfit them. people." way for the Improvement of various stores and office buildings, etc.

"Humility means being humble In spirit and freedom from arro Summer Greyg in all shades nnd patterns. Twists, Tweeds, Serges, etc. Hundreds to select from. with the finest $40 value you ever saw. SUIT or Topcoat gance and egotism.

A policeman's work should always be done with With such a wide variety of Wilbur Coon Special Measurement Shoes, there are very few feet that we cannot fit: ec entle modesty and self-effacement mm. and for genuine joy In service." whom have served almost as long a period ns has he. and to policemen nklarge. Chief Vollmer stressed an "Ideal of service" ns hlsf farewell to his profession. "To stand for right even unto death If thnt.

Is necessary," whs the "spirit of courage" tho retiring chief urged for bis colleagues In the pollen field. "The spirit of courage Is the moral courage that makes It possible for us to depart from nil police tradltljons and feel free to experiment with new Ideas for the good of mankind," declared Chief Vollmer. Among the other things he urged for his own men and for the police profession were these: SYMPATHY URGED. "Be tolerant for tolerance la nn Integral part of the Ideal of service. No Institution, country or person has a monopoly on truth.

The man who is right all of the time is the mnn who Is usually wrong by actual observation. "Have sympathy for and Inter- Captain John A. Greening, po onomically, smartly, and comfortably. liceman of 20 years service, will take over the chief's duties tomorrow morning with practically no changes In personnel. Acting ley, community relations; Arthur Anderson, Hesters; Athens Athletic reception, John Bonner; Elks reception, Kenneth Wills; Rclols reception, Will Hutler; Veterans' patrol, Ji, A.

Forstcrer, past potentate of Anhmcs. Anhines temple delegates to the convention lire: George Meredith, Clnrc Horner and I.tomnlne Myers, past potentates; 'Roy Milllgnn, Illustrious potentate, and Robert Abernethy, recorder who Is also chairman of entertainment committee for the recorders group attending the convention, 1 Farm Members to Hear of HayJPest HAYWARD, June 29. Existing quarantine regulations throughout the state on the alfalfa weevil will be the subject of, an address to members of the Mt. House, center of the Alameda county farm bureau by William Kirk, horticultural Inspector for southern Alameda county, at the school' house there tonight, It was announced at local headquarters today. William Sax-ouer, director, will officiate.

Refreshments and entertainment will follow. Hergeanta B. W. BIckler and Albert Tailored To Your Measure MENDELSON The TAILOR 1113 Broadway With completion of the modernization of the Jonas birihling at Eleventh, street and Broadway, the first of the projects In the building modernization scheme of the Downtown Property Owners' association program Is a realty. While started sometime after the Abrahamson building, the Jonas building modernization was finished first because of the comparatively simple Job.

The results are most attractive, converting this building into a fine, modern business property. A concentrated effort on the pnrt of the Downtown Property Owners' association, through Its director of downtown development, J. 11. King, and the modernization committee, which Is composed of Norman Ogllvle, chairman, E. T.

Foulkes, Irving Jonas and Martin E. Marks, the owners of business property In downtown Oakland have been encouraged To Improve their properties. Plans are under Frock will be made full sergeants, In eeping with Our Policy of- Serving Only the Best. FRENCH BAKERIES CO. Genuine French Bread ii sewed at Three Star Cafe 1107 BROADWAY the former being In charge of" the Identification bureau to fill 1 the MESMER-SMITH SHOE CO.

473 Thirteenth St. 'An Washlnffton Broadway Km Foot Et urn In Ml on lly Dr. Mttlfjolio Chlropodlii place of UeHit. W. A.

Gabrlelson, now reorganizing the Honolulu po USE OUR BUDGET PLAN lice departmenf. 1 VETEBANS MVRnMORW, July 2. Election of officers for Llvermore post, American legion, Is expected to 4 AT THE THREE STAR CAFE i 1107 Broadway Only the finest and freshest foods obtainable are cooked and served Jonas Building At no time in recent years have building costs offered such bargains for property owners. We congratulate the owners of the JONAS BUILDING, on their skill and courage in creating, at the corner of 11th and Broadway, an exceedingly attractive and modern building. DOWNTOWN PROPERTY OWNERS1 ASSOCIATION Modernization OF THE JONAS BUILDING Done Under the Supervision of Henry Brown GENERAL CONTRACTOR Phone MErritt 0777 JUST GOOD SHOES OUR REGULAR STOCK and ALL OF IT! Nothing Added Nothing Reserved! We cannot emphasize too strongly that this history-making sale features only standard, first-quality shoes, the superb brands on which we have built our business, and which at our regular low prices is consistently priced to give you the utmost in value always.

But NOW at the astoundingly low prices in this sale the values are nothing short of amazing! PRICES WILL DO IT! HOME COOKING CHARCOAL BROILED arouse a contest between nominee chosen at this week's meeting, and opposition candidates who may be nominated at the election meeting, July Hi It was learned today, Nominees announced todny Include Itohert Irvine, commander; Leo Fehrenbaph, first vice-commander; A. F. Iaensee, second vice-commander; II. Rees, adjutant; F. L.

Klmler, chaplain; Joseph Munos, sergeant-at-arms; Charles Hill, historian; E. W. Tallman and W. M. Woodward, county council members; and Herman Wente, Woodward and Henry Windheusen, executive committee members.

Woodward Is the present commander. Plans for an Intensive membership campaign to secure the last eight members needed to bring post membership to Its 125-mem-ber quota are under Woodward announced. The quota is to be reached, If possible, before the convention at Oakland in August. Visitors at this week's meeting included Commander Donald M. Leldlg and Legionnaire Roy Hutto, vlce-dlatrlct commander of Hay-ward post, and Commander Charles Florlo and Oliver Page of Pleasan-ton post.

Q. O. Smallcomb and George Tubbs, legion members recently elected to the city council, were feted at this week's meeting. Chickens Steaks Squabs Chops Oysters Lobsters Crabs and all kinds of Fish fresh daily. Private decorated rooms for Banquets or Parties.

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Alameda 4133 Broadway EXTRAORDINARY SPECIALS IN CHILDREN'S SHOES EVERYTHING CHARCOAL BROIL ED BOYS' SHOES $1.80 to $2.80 Values to SS.OA! Misses' and Children's $1.00 $1.80 $2.40 Values SJJIO to 4.50l Men's S5.0Q .80 3 I Warth II to IM0I to S7.50 Shoes NORM A1HHARM ACY Mrs. Bessie Slnal will have to get along on her $25,000 plus $50 a month for support of her 14-year-old son It was decided today by Ruperlor Judge T. W. Harris Rfter listening to Mrs. Sinai's plen for more alimony from Joseph Slnal, San Francisco orchestra leader.

Maintaining that $50 Is not sufficient to feed and clothe a hungry and active hoy, Mrs. Slnal asked to have the $50 a month allowance Increased. In support of her plea, Mrs. -Slnal told the court her former husband Is well able to pay. Slnal, however, convinced the court he was not able to pay more when he told Judge Harris that hts sal-a.

had been cut from $210 a week to $110 a week. Trustee Appointed For School Board MODESTO, June 30. Appointment of ,1. n. Beam, to succeed Stanley Helsley ns a member of the board of trustees of Ceres grammar school was announced to-day by A.

G. Elmore, county superintendent of schools. Helsley resigned June 8, last, giving no specific reason for his act. It was Indicated, however, that friction which arose between him and other board members over the re-hiring of a grammar school teacher may have led to the decision. Beam will serve with F.

R. Lander and Walter Reinhart for the length of Helsley's unexpired term. The resigned official was the newest member of the grammar school boardf-and served for. only a few months. a in ooo A pretty and vivacious girl and her fight to keep up appearances her pitiful dreams, shams and pretenses her hopelessly middle-class family and snobbish friends i ooo Written With All the Great Master's Skill OOO for exclusive publication Daily and Sunday, I LAST DAY llUi croaaway oc 10m oc i eiegrapu Women' .80 .40 We Nperlnllne In Gxpert Kndnk KlnlnhinK.

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Repairing on Leather Coats and Cloves Beginning Next Monday, July jhe Half Hour of Music Artists Announced BERKELEY, June 30. Raymond Marlowe, lyric tenor, and Robert Turner, pianist, will con duct the half hour of music next Sunday at the Greek theater on the University of California campus. Marlowe la known both-on the Pacific coast and in New York and London. Turner is a leader among young pianists on the Pacific eout. SHOE CO.

473 THIRTEENTH STREET Between Broadway and Washington 6tiret.

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