Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on June 19, 1932 · Page 38
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 38

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 19, 1932
Page 38
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" i . . . . , x . l m tFXWi- ft H W-IPf flM-H- REAL ESTATE MODERNIZATION OF DOWNTOWN BUILDINGS PROGRESSES IN EASTBAY MORE ACTIVE AHEAD HERE I.10DEIIZI PLANS MOVE : p i i ; - Two Projects Under Way In Downtown "Area as , Architects Prepare Third , With two projects actually under way, ;.at)4 architects" working drawings being prepared for the third, the building modernization program of the Downtown Prop erty Owners' association Is In full swing. It was announced yesterday by J. H. King, president of the association. ' Details of the modernization pro gram are being worked out by King and the Association's Mod ernizatlon committee, which Is composed ' of Norman Ogllvle, chairman; E. T. Foulkes, Irving Jonas and Martin E. Marks. The committee has been working with the' owners of downtown retail buildings, preparing plans for the improvement of various store and office buildings, etc., bringing them up-to-date In appearance and putting them In condition to compare favorably with the newer retail tructurea of Oakland. In discussing the association's program and its progress to date. King said. "We believe that the work now under way as a part of the Downtown Property Owners' association program for downtown Oakland,' Is unique, In these days of ecqnomic stress. "In spite of present depressed business ' conditions, owners of downtown Oakland business property have enough confidence In the stability of downtown Oakland and ,n future business opportunities to spend their 'money now. for the good of .the district as well as their own. property." j , . ' CONTINENCE SHOWN. ." He said furthers "The very existence of this organization of property owners In the downtown district as Well as the gratifying re sult the modernization committee ha met with so far, Is clearly Indicative of this confidence of busi ness fnen and owners In the promising, futu.e of this district. II takes courage," he stated, "to dis regard present conditions and go ahead with this constructive program of Improvement and remodeling, but It shows the wisdom of foresight. By making these Im provements now, these .buslneie men. and . property owners ' are utilising the present dull period to prepare for renewed burliness ac tivlty." "Those property owners who are now taking advantage of the low costs of materials and tabor to make needed or beneficial changes are not only profiting by the real economy now possible, but are stimulating that very Improvement In conditions that they are preparing for, by putting men to work, creating a demand for materials and putting cash into circulation," King said. The two projects now under way are the Jonas building . at the northwest corner of Eleventh and Broadway and the Abrahamson building at the southeast corner o mineentn-ana vvasningion sireeia. The Jonas building modernization la practically completed; while the Abrahamson building la scheduled for completion before July 1. . Working plans are being prepared for the M. K. Blake building, at the southwest corner ef Twelfth and Washington streets, which will be the third project. Actual work on this building will be. started after these drawings have received the approval of the property owners. - COMBINE BEST FEATCRES. ; According to E. T. Foulkes, a Member , of the committee, and architect under whose supervision the plana for the present projects were prepared, the buildings are treated as follows: "In designing the plans for the remodeling of these buildings we have tried to combine the best features of the newer style In business buildings with the basic design of the original structure In auch a way as to achieve an attractive modern appearance with all the advantages of the sturdy, well-made foundation structure which these buildings present." IVe have also given particular attention to selecting a style of finish that will harmonize with the surrounding existing store buildings. Our aim Is to Improve not only the appearance of the building being remodeled, but to bring a newer, more up-to-date atmosphere Into the entire downtown ..business district," he explained. "The same general plan will be followed In the Blake building, on which wa ara working. It will probably Include a new exterior finish of colored tile applied to the brick wans, tne removal or an bay windows, cornices and project Ing moulding and ornamentation. Wood work Is to be re-painted and various other changes made to bring the building up to the1 stand ards of the newest type of retail .structures." ...... TILE ItE FACING. - Glazed tile to re-face and mod ernlze old buildings is the newest development in architecture and building and is being utilized in many cities throughout the country to improve the value of property in old established business districts where completa new buildings are not necessary. Thia was pointed out by Norman Ogllvle, chairman of the modern ization committee. , Encaustic tile with a mirror-like glazed surface has been used on tha outside walls of the five-story Abrahamson building, Decorative 'it'.' u 22 m j -a -hb?nm:iviT ? f.tiiVaM ir ittu n yj. r vjm mm finite ii trmrm ? s i ; ' - . i.z-tsr ,v&2 v. (, is i I I sir, . ' " 'J WIS --a NP--rrr...... ' , . '.. II X-. ' " - " " iWJTlJCM II -Sr- .... - - , ', L ZZ-"'" n wmmmmmmmm r ni -Tjhim D(n txMtmrAW (MWiAV t&JJ&M W" " ' I ' '' ,' -'- . ' ' ' ' I . i I .1 ii n ,i i i i.i ii . m ii ii iiiiiV'' His" "i'' m ' "" . '""'"'J ii i rTn i -'7, hi, mi ii i( I,. 4 fM'?iP?Sffi :. - . . ; - 1 GDIUIMITTEE ON LAND CLAIMS Sk ' J . ZONING PICKED Residents of northern California have been wnrned of land claims f a type which were halted laet year by action of the federm mi-thiirltlcs In southern California but wlitch have appeared again In Monterey county, where thousands of dollnrs have been mulcted from persons desiring to homestead lands, according to Jack Beaumont, Monterey I'enlnsula director of the California Real Estate Association, Broken up last year by a senate committee Investigation, a socalled homesteaders association apparently hAs blossomed out again tn the Sacramento land office district, John C. Ing, register of tlio federal land office has announced. The claim of fraudulent grants made by the Spanish and Mexican governments before the United States occupied California furn ishes the bait. It Is. stated these lands thtis are subject to home- stead entry, and many have been Induced ; to. f ile. The association charged a filing fee plus a legal retainer fee varying from 100 to $1000, Ing said. The more than DCS, 000 Ameri can Telephone f Telegraph Co. stockholders represent a cross section of the American people, Including laborers - of every sort, farmers, housewives, stenograph ers, clerks, teachers, physicians and others," as welj as bankers and capitalists. tile has also been used In modern Iztng the Jonas building. William W. Kellogg, official of the American Encaustic Tiling company of New York and Los Angeles has been in Oakland re cently working with Foulkes on the general plans for applying tiling to the modernizing problems of the downtown district. Kellogg's company recently es tablished a million dollar plant at Hermosa Beach In southern California where a certain type of clay Is to be had 'that la -used in the manufacture of ancaustlo tiling that can be guaranteed Rgalnst cracking. The clay st he site of the plant at llermosa Beach Is the only clay In this country that will make non-cracking tile, It was pointed out by Kellogg. OAKLAND TILE. . This use of California-made tile In the downtown Oakland program benefits California labor, according to Harold D. Weber, secretary-manager of the Troperty Owners' association. : "It Is gratifying to know that this program not only, puts local money Into circulation, through the use of local labor ahd materials," he said, "but It contributes also to the welfare of a, .California Industry." ... ; Acqordlng toWeher, much Interest 'Is being showtt In "the modernization program, and inquiries are being received dally at the association offices as to the progress of the wprk, together with expressions of commendation for those property owners who are showing their confidence In a prosperous future by going tor-ward, with extensive capital Improvements at the present time. The entire modernization program eventually contemplates the remodeling of a large number of downtown buildings, of which those pictured her today ara the first. I I S f Av SmmmsAiiMVR! Two of the re-building projects of the building modernization program of the Downtown Property Owners' association are nearing completion and a. third, for which architects' sketches have been completed, soon will be under way. The M. K. Blake building at the southwest corner of Twelfth and Washington street, (upper right), will be rebuilt to look like the architect's sketch (upper left). Mod TS COLLECT PERSONAL TAX That several hundred thousand dollars In . revenue to Alameda county," which now escapes taxation, may be collected by a method now being used In Los Angeles, Is reported to Jhe Oakland Real Estate board by Richard Fenelon, a member of the board's tax committee. Use ofthe small claims court Is resorted to, under thisvplan, with notable success in the collection of claims for taxes levied on unsecured personal property, according to Fenelon. .In his report at the realty board- he says: "Los Angeles county suffers a tax loss over $1,000,000 a year by 'escapes' on unsecured personal property. . Most of this is for automobiles, but boats, furniture, and stocks In trade make up other large Items. Collection of this tax on personal property relieves real property proportionately., "In the past the tax collectors of the state have limited their ac tivity In this direction to seizing the property. This Is' an expensive process and can only be profitably undertaken wlre the property In volved Is of considerable value. "The tax collector of Los An geles county ha$ adopted the plan of filing suit for these small Items In small claims court. He I.ta ob tained 2000 separate Judgements and Is filing new cases at the rate of 250 a week. "Not only Is he claiming up 'this year's unpaid balance but he Is going as far back as 1928. Under the simplified small claims procedure the alleged 'tax dodger' is hailed Into court, within IS days 'row filing suit. .- "This drive is resulting In direct collections upon the Judgement and t 'Is furniHhing a threat that is speeding other payments. Rose Show to Be Held at Niles Saturday, and Sunday By GEORGE C. Starting next Saturday and Sunday, June 25-26, and continuing over the week-end following, more than B0, 000 rose plants In bloom will be seen by visitors to the grounds of the California Nursery company at Niles." Each year at this-time it has been the custom. to invite extensive the public to view rose fields dujing the the blooming season, the colorful sight In addition tu thus provided this year's rose show will feature a wealth of rose varieties in vases, at 'Old Adobe," historic guest louge located on tne company s glowing grounds. Many ot the varieties to be seen are late Introductions. New roses being shown fills yeaiji Include "Caledonia," v "Night," "Mrs. Sam McOredy," "Olympiad," "Mc-Gicdy's Scarlet," "Mrs, Pierre S Dupont, "Rosella Sweet," "Lucie Marie," and "Director Rubio, Visitors wljl be taken on an in formal tour over the more than 300 acres comprising the nursery's growing grounds, where, In addition to the rose fields, they will see 'all types of garden material under cultivation. At this time of the year, the show gardens adjoining "Old Adobe" and the general offices are a blaze of color, with flowers of many kinds.. "Old Adobe," with its show of cut roRfls, will be a .center of attraction. This venerable old structure .was constructed during the days of Spanish occupancy In California, by Don Jose de Jesus Val-lejo, first administrator of southern Alameda county. "Old Adobe" once acted as family home for the Vallejo family, as well as the seat of government for a large area. It has been landscaped and furnished, entirely, in 'harmony with its ro ernization of the Jonas building at the northwest corner of Eleventh -street and Broadway (center right) to conform with the plan (center left) is nearly completed. Rebuilding of the Abrahamson building t. the southeast corner of Thirteenth and Washington street (lower right) according to the plan (lower July I." . ROEDING, Jr., mantic history. Many students of early California lore state that this building, in its present re markable state of preservation, represents one of northern Cali fornla's .most prized relics. Garden lovers of the Eastbay will find that the rose show is educating as well as a source of enjoyment., In no other way can all (he many ' available - varieties which thrive Under the climate; and soil condilions found in Eastbay cities be seen growing and In bloom, side by side. Many people take notes, which they find help ful when planning ' color schemes for their gardens. For this purpose, the" California Nursery company is supplying every visitor with small, compact note-books. Although It Is expected that evenJA'nwn for his style in residential more people than the vast number wMiich, visited Niles last year during the rose show, and again this spring for the tulip show, will attend the forthcoming event, the extensive grounds of ! the nursery, as well as carefully planned preliminary arrangements, assure visitors that there will be no annoying crowded conditions. Everyone will be, able to see the entire' Show In comfort, -and to wander about at will. All paths, and byways within the grounds have been signed With directional markers. Going hand In hand with fruit to swell California's agricultural Income Is a wide variety of vegetable and melon crops, Including lettuce, celery, spinach, onions, cauliflower, tomatees, "asparagus, carrots, watermelons and cantaloupes, all grown on a huge com mercial scale; these crops In 1930 being valued at $82,467,000; lettuce topping the list at $28,000,000. left) is scheduled for completion J LOWED COSTS WILL BE TOPIC Frank Lloyd Wright, Spring Green, Wisconsin, architect, and deviser of some nine different construction methods designed to simplify the building process, will be a principal speaker before the National Association of Real Estate Boards In a general session of its coming annual convention to be given over to present housing questions. He will talk particularly on what the architect, the realtor and the builder can do to reduce the actual cost of residential, building and at the same time give the family whose Income "is perhaps $2000 a year a modern, comfortable Hfhd decent home. Architect of the Imperial hotel, Tokyo (1916), built so that it could "float" and so successfully with stand an earthquake, but best structures, he has recently applied the cantilever principle and other devices to the projected 18-story "St. Mark's Tower," New York, apartment building of , steel and glass hung wholly on a core of concrete retaining walls, so designed that complete shop fabrication is possible. Edward A, MacDougall, New York, chairman ot the association's housing committee, will outline plans for local housing , conferences, under the leadership of local real - estate boards, to ascertain actual present housing needs. 4 Telephone service has been Inaugurated between the cities of Encarnaclon In Paraguay, and Posadas in Argentina, and In the near future full connection between tha telephone systems of .the two countries Is expected to be completed. Telephone service has also been established between the central and northern cjtles of Chile and Vsldlvia In southern ChiU. , , ' .,, The following have "been apointed by lJeter Hanson, president of the California Real Estate aesociation to serve on the planning and sioninR committee: XV. I.. Pollard, Los Anjreles, chairman: Jack lioau-mont, Del Monte, vice-chairman and secretary; W. It. Alexander, Santa Monica. F. It. HabcocK, Los Angeles: Huriisnn K. Haker, Pasa dena; Wlllard Bull, Ontario; Her bert Ealtz, Salinas; J. C. Carly, Sacramento; A. J. Delano, Sacramento: Jack Garland, Los Angeles; Miles O. Humphreys, Fresno; Frank Nye, Riverside; May M. Pettengill Eureka; Fred E. Reed, Oakland; Frank Slmmonds, San Diego; Ed ward H. Tickle, Carmel; E. A. Walsh, Oceanside, and Henry WItte, Redwood City. Hearings Are Held On Richmond Routes Proposing to su!stitut tivo mo tor coach lineS for two present street railway lines. East P.ay Aln-tor Coach Lines,, Ltd., has requested the Railroad Commission, at' a hearing held by Commlsisoner Clyde L. Seavey .In the Richmond City Hall, for perniisslon to establish the two motor coach routes recently recommended by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce. Coincident with the motor coach request,' East Bay Street Railways, Ltd., sought authority from the Railroad Commission to discontinue the, service of the No. 28 Sixth street line and of the No. 28 Sixth treefllne and rdonald avenue line. OFFICES THE TRIBUNE. TOWER ' - Oakland's tallest office Building, the outstanding . structure of the great Eastbay offers you niqn giass ornce space witn an abundance of light ond fresh air Por inspection it tha Building Manager, A. J. Slaght THE TRIBUNE TOWER . Oakland Board's Figures Show Gain of 10 Per Cent Over Period One Year Ago Eastbay real estate is more than ten per cent more active than ii was a year ago, as shown by the official record of deeds recorded, an analysis of the figures by tha Oakland Real Estate Board snows. In the Eastbay urban area dur ing the first five months of thia year, 6058 pieces of real esiaie have changed ownership. During the first five months of 1931, the total was 6276. Each month of the present year has reflected a greater acuvny than the comparable period of last year, as shown by the record of realty title transfers. The following table gives the monthly Com parative figures: 1 D.TJ 1317. 1271 1581 1 5.13 1278 .January February March April .. May fJ. . 1 T.V.I . 1 130 . iauo .1317 .1260 Total (5 months). .6270 6958 For the purpose of showing the relative activity of various district and the Increase and decrease in each, the realty board maintains a monthly record of real estate transfers in each of 13 major areas of the Eastbay. RECORD BY AREAS For the first five months of thia year, this record shows the following trar.sfers for each such area: Downtown .commercial area of Oakland Estuary to Twenty-ninth street, Fallon to Market "streets 27Ii transfers. ' North of the Lake district Rropdway to l'ark lioulevard, Lake Merri'tt to the -l'iedmont line, 50J transfers. East Oakland Estuary tn Hopkins street, l'ark boulevard to Seminary avenue, 1130 transfers. E 1 m h u r s t area Estuary to Foothill boulevard, Seminary avenue to the San Lcandro line, 10SS tra nsfers. Hillside,dlstrict Grizzly peak t Lake Chabot, north of Piedmont! Hopkins street and Foothill boulevard, 826 transfers. Estuary to Alcatraz avenue, Bay-shore to Market and West streets, 386 transfers. North Oakland Twenty - ninth-street to the Berkeley line, Market and AVest streets tn the PieHmnn line, 500 transfers. OUTSIDE OAKLAND San Leandro, 219 transfers. Piedmont, 149 transfers. Alameda, 408 transfers. Southern Berkeley Bancroft way to the Oakland line, 452 transfers. Central Berkeley B a n c r o ft way to Eunice street and the Albany line, 475 transfers. North Berkeley ana Albany, 631 transfei s. Repoits from member realtors to the realty hoard indicate that the ya?t majority of current transactions involve homes fur which there is a consistent and increasing demand. The majority of home-seekers prefer newly built homea although the low ebb of building activity during the past few years hna reduced the number of surh properties to a' point far belotr market demand. Washington, D. C, Is connected by direct telephone circuits to some 70 points in all parts of the country, including St. LoUiSi Chicago, Atlanta, Cleveland, Boston. FOR RENT! 8

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