Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 18, 1933 · Page 9
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 9

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 18, 1933
Page 9
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9 OAKLAND TRIBUNE, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 19S3 9 WIET BACK SCREEN A PRESS AGENT Wild-Eyed Chiseler Provides Entertainment in Hard To Handle' at Orpheum STAG r- Br WOOD SOANCS Ha LaM.T N a picture tht contain several surprises and considerable entertainment, Jamet Caeney returned to the screen at the Orpheum "i yesteray, Jir I sence of six months, as "Tjtv Mrrill. the wild-eyed, chiseling press agent 01 "Mara xo Cagney has lost none Of his nimmeness uui -in tsi uif-enforced re- I h,.t Warners have chosen to re-enter him in, the robs him of the indViduallsm that has marked his rise to me rop vi Heretofore the chirm or ft cag ney picture has been in xne reu-. tKA efttr1 imnArfionation and the comedy relief has been left to other actors. In "Hard to Handle that assignment is also his with a difficulty in the person of Ruth Dormelly. ' , .. . Had it not been for the fact that the authors used up all their material on Miss Donnelly's earlier scenes and then forced her to repeat for the rest of the picture, it is not unlikely that she would have robbed the star of his honors. She is the avaricious mother of Mary Brian, a marathon dancer, who becomes the sweetheart of a flip young promoter. Frankly intent on promoting her offspring Into the most advantageous marital alliance, and at the same time determined to be recognUed as her "sister", Miss Donnelly does a grand Job as long as she has an -opportunity. But as "Hard to Handle" proceeds, the Interest In the affairs of the young promoter increases to such an extent that the role of the harp-tongud mother loses point Add to this fact that Miss Brian turns in a vapid performance as thd blonde daughter, much inferior to the siren of Claire Dodd, the picture finally emerges as a Cagney victory. , "Hard to Handle" has been directed chiefly for laughs by Mervyn Le Roy and he achieved his pur- - ...;tu..t miifth difficulty bV exaggerating both characterizations and situations, u is me siuiy w. m rise and tall and subsequent rise of the shoe string promoter with unique ideas on promotion. During the course of the picture, Houston, firanch. the author, pays his respects to the Florida grapefruit boom, the eighteen-day uiet, the marathon dance racket, the society endorsement gags, and other national indoor sports. The points are not made with especial subtlety, however, a burlesque note obtaining throughout , Out of the picture one gets the feeling1 that Cagney must return to his own style of playing it he intends to regain his position; that Warners are overlooking a bet in Mi., nnrirl: and that Miss Donnelly, i.Uii4.nW handlarf. Will develop lUWUtSVl'Mj , - into a screen personage. As it stands, "Hard to Handle" makes the time pass quickly and agree- 'bOn the bill is a stage act featur-nt anflciaitv acts, nota bly David and Hilda Murray, the Vernon Castles ef today's vsude- ..m. Sillv fivmnhcmV. "Buffs in Love" and other items of Interest and entertainment rmrvF.R SENTENCED itt. rir.nnrTO. Feb. 18. R. E. n . tfittir-lifth Stt-Anf Oak land, today began serving a 15-day Sentence in him hv Pniir .iiirtee A. O. Thomo- I, hafnr whnm he anDeared on a charge ot reckless driving. Pyne was arrested on San Pablo Avenue, June 1, ism. f V ( X Cecil and Sallr f " I -i I 1 Coming to the Fulton 1 y - . P O-rZ'r teiv (tf5. . I fi-m" m u 43X-a " "Jl,i I 1 l-i,-:- I X . iew. . -VK mX$tj t NSC . yrr iWsw 1 B4P . Um rwin. Alison Skiuworth. It ' 1 W ! K ; , " 5. V Til? 1 feX'i Susan Fleming in w s . L F:ay "HE LEARNED lr 4r V IAX'Jfl ABOUT WOMEN ' m TA: M-V iuf state :tr ..w s a. v WVH J5 rjr. rlf p . rJ jrB,uL'i M!Y?U"!, Marlene Dietrich in Ruth Chatterton in Edward G. Robinson in Lih Pamita in cuAiurMM pyPRFSS" "FRISCO JENNY" "TIGER SHARK" "THIS IS THE NIGHT" Century AUmada T & D American CONGREGATION H 10 NEW CHURCH II Unity League to Hold Conference The sixth conference ot the Chris tian Unity League will be Held at the First Congregational Churcn n,l,ln,. VrMav aAd Ratur day. A mass meeting at the Oakland Civic Auditorium tne xouowing ou in rnnrlnrfp the sessions An .H.rtov KMiilon will ne neia Friday with addresses by Dr. Peter Ainslie, Baltimore, presiaent oi me ii.,.. ciamn! Shoemaker. AOgUU. J . V. . Jr.. New York: Ut. H. . uujr, mtttnar TO BE TOPIC Remodeled Residence to R n1irited hv United v ) . r njpw y otk: ur. n. wwj. Brethren Congregation chairman, Fact Fining Commission t m t . tniH4a vmrii'ninD i 11 ior japan, oaiuiuaj - Charles C. Morrison, Chicago, will Ka tha nvlnlrnl cnflVr. Dr. w. J. anerman, uasnno, rrllA nt the mnss meetini In Oak land. John L. MtNabb, San Francisco, will Introduce the speakers: Dr. Peter Ainsne ana ur. -. c- rlson. The remodeled residence at Hud son Street and Manila Avenue, which is to serve as a church home for the United Brethren congre- flation until the new f church is-! bunt, win ! be d e d i- f cated tomorrow at . 11 o'clock, with the . Rev. T. W. Ring land. conference j super in ttn- t J i. 4t I; ciating. The Con-g r e g ation will meet at its former 1 6 c a-tion. Thirty- fourth SU nfirt Arfpllnp mmtr w n NVI.SON. Avenue, tomorrow", at 8:45 for Sun-rlgv arhool. At 10:SO they Will go n ihm, bow phiiTph for the 11 o'clock torvfnA Th Rev. Rinaiand wiu speak at the U ana r.ju serv er. ; - . - The United Brethren cnurcn was " -- nrennized in Oakland 32 years ago, Last year the church bought the nrnnortv at the new location, ine , , nrnt naator. the K6V. w. 3. nei nn rnme to Oakland in October, 1931. He came from Montana, where he was superintendent of the state conference ior six years. 1 -,S 4J 1 hV" v l,,,l,,.n.M,T,W.MhOTdi 'King's Highway'Jo Be Pastors 1 heme "vi rminn Rual" or "The King's Highway" is the subject of the gospel message to be given by Bald-u.u Qhorman tnmorrow eveninc at Havenscourt Tabernacle, Church of the Crimson Cross. TO reacn me nnlnrp nf the rreat kina. we must (,-o,..l thn Vltil'l HiohwaV." he SBYS. In the morning at 11 irving iota will speak on "Daniel "me tieve- iofi,n rf inp (in lesmmciiv. Thore will he a duet by Dorothy Knox and Palmer reacney. rnvvrBTS TO SPEAK An oil rlav apimlon of the Pacific Hebrew Christian Society will be held at Temple cnurcn, rnirieenm and Market streets, nexi rriaay. Speakers will be Revs. L. M. Rit-tenberg, Myer Fried an'd M. Sutrou, "America: Dictatorship or Dr -mocraoy?" will be the theme of the address by Paul Blanchard of New . York, at the First Unitarian" Church, Berkeley, tomorrow morn- ing.1 Blbnchard was a director of the - Nef York City Affairs Committee whlbh led the fight against Tarn-mMiy and Walker. He has been leading meetings of U. C. student In the study of economic problems. , CHRISTIAN AMAAa'saMNsataatAaihssaiMetfWaAWjMieV' First Christian Twsnty-ntnth Strttt, On Block Eaut of Broadway W. PAUL REAOOB, D.D., Minister A. M. P. M. Public Forum Singing;, Orchestra and Fellowship tt'hlch will lnavlir you all the week. MFTHOniST A V m w aaw . 83rd AVE. METHODIST Klfhty-thlrd Ave. and Plymouth W, P, UHAIN'l, u.u., rior Reeldence, 2900 Madeline Street Phone AN dover 0874 Services, 11:00 a. in. nd 8:00 p. m. , ammmmmmmm Mmm TO OUNTV L EGI HOLD mui nr . 1 1 r1 Oakland Pastor to I tuo-uaiiori naum Be G . foY club Dr. E. J. Colberg, pastor of St Paul Swedish Lutheran Church, Grove and Tenth Streets. Oakland, 4 Sv vsea A a Hard-Riding 'Tex' in Wrong '3 Beware the Cough or Cold that Hangs Un Persistent coughs and colds lead te serious treohle. ieu eaa stop then now with Creomultlo, n emuleiiied creosote that it pleasant to take. Creomuliioaita new tnedioal diseTnr rith twofold a tlon; it sootheffand heals the initiated saembrtne till inhibits germ growth. Of all known drugs, creosote iireetf-tolwi by high medical authorities eaa ih mrntf haallMar aeaHelMfarMr- istvnt cough! end toils and other forms of throat treublas, Creomulsion contains, in sdditia to ereoeota, etker healing elo-raents whica soothe and heal the la acted sjtemhtanes and atop the Irritation and in-fUnunstioly while the ereMota goes en to the stomaen, is ebserbed Into the Mood, attacks the seat et the troooie ana oneou the grewth of the germs. CreoeiuWrtt is utjrsntera satlstactorr In the treatment of persistent coughs and eolds, breachial asthma, bronchitis and ether forms p( respiratory diseases, end is Excellent for building up the system after eolds or flu. Money refohded if any cenghoreold, no matter of how long stand-ing, it not teHeVed after ttking according to directions. Askyour druggist. American1 Legion members of llamoHa rnuntv will be in full force for the membership rally to be staged Monday nignt in tne oan Francisco War Memorial Buuaing, according to Mrs. Luciie v. uon-Ough, president of the area. Talk will ha civen bv DODfirt- rMnt Vips.PriHpnt. T?nth Mathebst of Alameda,; Past Department Preislrlpnt RernirP Keves OI Oan Diego, and other -state leaders. . Salvation Army to Meet on Monday All Qalimtlnn Armv nffirers OI h r.nlden finle and Northern Cal ifornia Division will meet at the flolrlan,) PitaHal nrtrna hpnrlnuar ters, 533 Ninth Street, Monday, ac cording to Major rrea w. apiner. Colonel Qeorge Davis will be the principal speaker at tne council meeting which will close with a special band concert in the evening. Dr. Guy to Give Second Address "Is the Missionary Needed in the Modern World?" will be the theme cf Dr. H. H. Guy in the second of his series ot talks at Fruitvale Christian Church tomorrow eve ning, discussing the recently pun- lished Laymans Missionary inquiry. VESPER HOUR SERvici: The choir of the Epworlh Uni- vsreitv MethnHtst Church. BerkeleV H.in nrnvlri musir! for the Sunday vesper service at the Chapel of the Chimes from 5 to 6 o'clock tomorrow. Clifford Pettygrove is the director. The service will be broad- east over KAB and KRE. CHICAGO, Feb. 18.-rUP)-The de- jection of a cowboy, without a horse pulled at the heart strings of policemen Harry Larson and Arnold Piede. They found him lamenting tne fates, as he sat on a snowbank, fit-tired as he was in a two gallon hat, a pair of chaps, a flannel shirt and high heeled boots and spurs. "A terrible town, this," he said. "Mere I come in with three carloads Of gteers and seU 'em. I get $4000 and start out from the stockyards on my hoss and what happens? Somebody takes me for my money in a card game and then somebody else steals the hot while I'm gam bling. If the man was in Texas we'd shore string him. up." Touched, the officers led him to the address where he said he had been staying, and a young woman appeared. "This fellow," the officers quoted her as saying, "is James Morgan of Amarillo, Tex., he's my husband. But he didn't have a lot ot money when he went out to play western in Chicago and he never had a hnrRp" Having spoken this, the policemen said, she pulled off one of her husband's boots and struck him con- rlni.infflv aprnffN the hark. The policemen departed for dther duties. will be host to the members of the Phllncnnlicro Plnh at luncheon to morrow at the church, A committee of the Ladies' Aid Society in charge or preparing tne repast memoes Mrs. R. H. Bankson, A. L. Ander son. Hnna Ahl. B. Jard and Otto Olson. PRESBYTERIAN 'World Day of Prayer Planned The World Dav of Prayer will be held at the Tenth Avenua Baptist Church. March 8. Dr. George W. Phillips will speak at the morning session. Various leaders irom evangelical denomination will have charge of sections of the afternoon session following lunch. Miss Naomi Fleteher or tne tirsi Baptist Church will direct the pro-ararn In the vpnlnff at the voung people's meeting at the First Metho dist Church. SWEDISH BAPTIST THEMES At the Swedish Rabtist Church. tomorrow morning the pastor, N. C. Parsons, win preacn on me inerne "Fleeing From uoa. Nari Lauknaes to Conclude Addresses Narl Lauknaes will conclude his series of addresses at the Metaphysical Studio this month, leaving Vnrt Mnreh i. Tomor row night his subject will be "The Mvsterv of Getting What You want: Here Is the Secret." Wednes day hight he gives an open address on occult principles, rir Kvivia Bovce will lead the class Friday evening In discussion of the truth as presented ty i atner Divine. will include a story sermon for the juniors. Tomorrow evening the irrmnn toole will be "The Chal- The message lenge of the Difficult. WHY WEAR 'GLASSES? Are You a Slave to Custom? . if te we can thow you and your ehUdfen now to disctra your glaseefand told a nuisance and anneceasiy 4xpne. Did you ever "See tan Indian' wearing glawute in. medicines. Fall printed Mtttenltrs mailed opfcn receipt of $S.j0, . which will be fcfnnded atthe end ot sixty dtyt ti ne! ksfUd.Hr,f I : , Natiif d BloKCompany sjii'.'V'.-j-.Vi fa 27$ m;:4 ; RNO, NEVADA BUY AMERICAN with lots of ' (T0ITI At your nearest individual grocer.., or phono American creameryco. ' HOIIldayOUl Z ; , Uth and Poplar Streets. ' Oakland Ki -K DUY AMEUIC AN Loan Association Sometimes extra money stands between you and disaster. The 11:00 a. m. "LEVELING UP THE LINCOLN HIGHWAY" ..... 'i f 1 . v& Tin,. nlo" "My Faith Looks up to xnee Quartet- 5:00 p. m. "DAYTON AND MINNEAPOLIS-FEED THEMSELVES" What if in this emergency America should write a new chapter like the one in the Book of Acts. "Oh Come to My Heart," "But "uje'Lord Is MlnStul of Hit Own." DR. WALTER JOHN SHERMAN, Preaching FIRST METHODIST CHURCH 24th and Broadway A Vital Religious Message ! always at ' ".r Fruitvale Christiaa Church Wuitvale Ave. at E. lfth lit. QALEN LEB R03B, Minister, A Friendly Family Chureh First Presby Dr. Jesse H. Baird, Pastor Oakland Remedial II finin . If A Broadway ii i ii r ii ! si i"v KTfcaaajsnMSaBIWffTiiiie & mJi. i r -r , rrr- , UNITED BRETHREN njjn.Juuetj I V0QD are invited to share with us in the hope and inspiration of the first day in our new location .... Of UNITED BRETHREN HUDSON. Corner of MANILA Nunibef SI Cr REV. T. W. RINGLAND. Cohferehce Superintendent, Will Breaeh SERVlCftfl 11 :00 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. WAX 54 ST. PAUL'S : CHURCH ?ty Place at Monttclto AV. REV. A. BOKAI.0 MERRDC Reotor. 8:80 . re. Holy Communion t-.tti a. hi. Church 8cheol 11:00 a, m. Morning FTarer and Bermnn ' -I'reaoheri The Riote? T:I9 . m. Kvenlag Btrvltt CRANK ST. JAMES ' . CHURCH 12th Ave. and f anitim ftlvM. Rev. W;U.d. BAtTERSHILL necior :45 a. Tn.T-Churli Bqtiool , :0t a, m. Morning Prsjner :00 a. m, (let Sunday ), Holy Coramunlou ; St. Philips Chapel Cioa bL and Nlool Aa. :00 a. m. Holy cemmuiiion , 8:80 , m. Church llehool : e, m. Vina eun.j vnu- oren jcuenaripv. - ' ST. JOHN'S .' THE MOTHER CHURCH OF OAKLAND RBV. CHAKLEB W. NIfcWOH, REV. WtLuAM1 iftfWt. Holy Cornmunlon ..:,, lUonansT. :iu a. m Chllilrkn'ii niinhattit. : ChoVil Bueharltt...ll) Phflimnt(nH. Tit (tad V. Bishop Thorn O et. Me lit 4 U 1 , T:4S p. m. jena Ins. D.D. borrow thX emedTalj 1 will lend it" to you and at the lowest interest rate on the Pacific Coast. Loans made on diamonds , jewelry, watches, etc. and on household furnishings 1 a month Oakland Remedial Loan Association - 516 Sixteenth St : TEmplebar 4477 j-i U 11:00 a. m. "Pulpit Exchange" 7:00 p. m. The Cecilian Trio M. D. Wells, Director ' , T:S0 p. m. "The Least of These' A Pfl 'ageant depleting the nervlce of the Community Chent uireciea Dy vt, naira HAROLD CAMP Preaches Twice 1 1 :00 A. M.'The Habit of Tithing." 7 :30 P. M. "The Family Altar in the Altered Family."' JAMES TACT, Boy Soprano, Sololet. C DclmS at th. organ. FIRST BAPTIST Telegraph Ave. at 2 1st Street St. Petei's,. Rock Rld k...a.. .k., 4. 1.1 A.tl- j. . Btrvlca and fitrmon rl! ,MV TRINITY CHURCH Teiegrapn Avenue at.ystn ni. ihur?h flohool, :S0 a. m. . Churoli Service, U a. rrt. RE ST. MARK'S Bancrof t Anil Bllswartll IV. W. R. M. HOliaKlN. D.O. Bcrvlcts Tito, 11 a-m, 1M p.m. The Brooklyn Presbyterian Church 12th Ave. and Bast lEth St. 11:00 a. m. 'TUB REASONABLENESS OF RELIGION" 6:00 p. m. VESPER SERVICE Qreat Johns of Hlfitory 1 "JOHN KNOX" R. A. Van der Las. D.D., Minister. BAPTIST jur a -ir J"r"rji"'irii'j"i,fc - ---- - - "Religion in Two Nutshells" Andreea at 11:00 a. m. by DR. W. W. BUSTARD 7: p. m. "Whistler's Mother f and Yours and Mine" . DR. OEOROB W. PHILUl'8, i.. A Preacher ,.. .-...: ., ;j Tenth Avenue Baptist Church Tenth Ava. an. EaatHth Bt. "WHAT DOESTT MEAN TO BECOME A CHRISTIAN?" ADDRESS BY PASTOR KIRK at 1:i0 p. m. )100 ft. m. , H . , . . . "The Holy Spirit" His Presence and Work in the World Melrose Baptist Church rortv-eeventh Avenue and nd Strtet t t - . CARLTON LEWIS KIRK. Put TATHnilC ALL SOULS Cedar and 8prue Strtv Berkeley ' THE BV. THOBDOR 11:60 a. ' rn. "Jeremlali aad; the Reonaaue Other service!, tiSO A. . . and 7:S0 p. m. ciirasTcniificii Rev.!lergShihes CATHOLIC OLD ST: MARY'S; Jefferson at 7th Street - t SUNDAY MASSES: . , 6:30. 8:00, 9:00. 10:00 : : , 11:00 and 12:15 , , i Dally Masses:' 1:00 and :00. Every Frldayi ' ' Espotltlon 6f the Bleeeed Baerament all day Holy Hour, 7:45 t. m. REV. ARTHUR O'CONNKLU- Ftor ST. FRANCIS DE SALES in the Heart Of the City Corner Grove, Hobar and san Pabia Av. -,. - Fhone LAkeeldt 60ST. ' tit RV. MOKftlONOR 1 JOSEPH. M. OLEASON.,V.O Rto Sunday Masses: 6:30, 7:30. 9KX). 10KX), 1 1 :W, U:U i iSERMON AND MUSIC AT ? ; ; HIGH MASS 'Sunday vntn setvlea. T:4I 1th the , sermon f tha day. tlptola! ihd sesionM devotions at . , nnounoed oo Sunday -, Dally Maaaea, T:0 nd :0 St. Patrick's Chur:' . Tenth Street at feraita SUNDAY MA- :00, 10:0 The l.!.i 7:30. I'M --1 In 1J i- '- is. - ' ",

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