The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 23, 1940
Page 5
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TUESDAY, Al'HIL 23, 11)40 Kentucky Ben Declared lo Curb Freedom 01 Worship HARLAN, Ky., April '» (UPJ- Membcrs of (lie Little pine Mountain Chiiicl) of God on Laurel Branch have announced that will fight in the courts for the right to use snnkc.s in llicir religious services. The Kentucky legislature reteiit- ly passed a law making It unlawful, to "display, handle or use a sjiakc or reptile in connection with a religious service or Bather- ing." The act, which wilt become effective June 12, provides a fine ol 550 to $100 for violation.. The use of snakes at, church !>erviccx has been fairly common nnioni; certain .seek in the eastern Kentucky mountain region Their handling is regarded by members an it test of faith. New Testament Quoted The belief that snake bile cannot linnn (lie faithful Is based upon this quotation from the 18th verse of the IClli chapter of St. Mark: "They sliull take up scrpcnU;; and if they drink any deadly lliing, it shall not Hurt them. ..." The quotation was from Jesus' speech to his disciples after his resurrection. George Washington Henslcy 0 ! Hnrlan, railroad conductor and pnrt-timc preacher at the Little fine Mountain church, 18 miles north of Hnrlan, regards (he legislature's act as an expression of intolerance. Henslcy said that "the Constitution isn't like it used to be B iv- inn a man the right to worship" as lie pleases but. at the same time letting legislatures pass laws against it. it wouldn't, surprise me Jf (he courts uphold the legislature but, we are going to give them a chance just the same.'' Loophole in I.aiv Seen Church members pointed out a loophole in the anti-snake law passed by (he legislature. H does not. prevent them from using strychnine or other poisons in the ritual. "The law doesn't say anything againsi us testing our faith by poison,' which WHS successfully demonstrated oiie Sunday night at services," Henslcy said. "Brother Bradley Shell took a large dose of strychnine powders about c o'clock We stayed with him .until n-:io and mere was no bad 'effect' on him because of his faith." Shell is a Pine Mountain ttm- bcniiail. JLMHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS HOLD EVERYTHING By Clydt Lewis llielr i>a|?ei-,s \rllli \ms llic snmc ninn Ihc Tiift people left theirs with, For (i week or more lie wnlkcd nboul town with iwo scls of filing iiajicrs hi his Jenns.. In the end, of corn-so, l\e didn't llic either, nnd there's no contest . . . but Tafl Is due lo (jet the delegates, Meanwhile, In YViishliiglon the G.O.I', race is beginning to lake on o "stop-Dt'woy" asiwcl, tlie New Yorker being fur out In front. There me signs thiil Ills rivals ure beginning to gang »|> ntininsl liliu; anyhow. In all Ihe oilier camps you avc beginning lo hear: "Yon know, Dcwey would really make » swell candidate—for vice presl dent." Made R w«n( «ds B«am mi'l you ever desire for worldly llic "When Paul went to jail lie an- ICi'l Inrf tr. fl ... . J ' pealed in Caesar and we're going to appeal lo the courts to uphold the Constitution and let us worship as we please," Henslcy said Hie Little Pine Mountain church once before went into court to preserve ils rilual. The church was victorious in Harlan county court two years ago when some of Us members were charged with endangering the lives of other members by handling snakes Judge Cam. E. Ball ruled at lhat lime that [he church had a constitutional right lo handle snakes as a part of the religious ceremony. Stale Sen. D. C. Jones of Harlan sponsored Ihe anti-snake bill the legislature after snake rituals had attracted wide attention in libs BRUCE CATTON IN WASHINGTON WASHINGTON, April 22.—Real nth about the racc-that-dirtn't- comc-off in Maryland's O.O.P. primary is (hat astute Senator Tail s just a wee mite outsmarted by supposedly uiiscmhisticatcd Tom Dcwey. Taft's explanation that he stayed out of the race because the bosses were lined up for Dewey was true enough, what he didn't add was that the bosses could have been lined no for Tafl; the Dewcy peo- le just naturally got to them first Maryland's G.O.P. has a factional fight between cx-Gov. Harry Nice and W. F. Uroening. ex-mayor of Baltimore, who are running for the Senate with control of the stale O.O.P. the real stake at issue. They didn't want a presidential primary contest muddying Ihe waters, and after the Dewcy people got Ihem lined^up they begged Taft to slay the ma„ -— primary anyhow and that there was no sense getting in a family row. But>if .staying out of a party row iost Taft a delegation in Maryland, it apparently won him occ in West Virginia. Neither Taft nor Dcwey has entered tlie primary there, but out. Hc complied, figurtn. chines would swin« the" simply give him a dime and hurry on. Anyway, Ihesc polls convinced Mic Taft people that they could win if there was a contest, but they didn't want a contest if they could help it because there was an inside-the-parly.scrap on for slale control. So, in tlie end, Ihcy made out Imin; papers and entrusted them lo a West Virginia G.O.t'. bigwig with Imtructloiu not to file them unless Dewey ijlcd. ff.-aawhile, the Dcwey group was tying the situation and likewise decided the scrap was a good one to stay out of if possible. So Ihcy, loo, "made out filing papers and left iiiem lo be entered only if Taft, tiled. IIOUUUNO IN T,U'T AND OCWKV Odd part about it all was that Ihe man the Ucwey crowd left Caruthersville And Steele Split Honors CARUTHERSVIU.K. Mo., April 33.—Curultimvllld and stccle divided top honors in (he anniral freshman nnd sophomore croii lind seed judging contest held at'Hol- land, It was announced here yesterday. Ciuiilhcrsvlllc freshmen made a clean sweep of Hint division, while Steele look Ihrcc of the first four pluces In the sophomore division to win In that event. Vocational agriculture classes, freshmen and sophomores, from Slecle, Cnriilhersvllle, Wnrdcll. Holland and Cooler participated. In Ihe fifsbrniin division, Judging four classes ol corn, tho final refills were: Carulhcrsville first, Cooler second, Holland third, War- dcll fovrth and,Stccle fiflh. Charles Schwartz, Bill Stanley and Hob Colenmn, all of Carnlhcibvllle.vcrc high point winners. In the sophomore division, tlie results were: Slecle first, Caruth- crsville second, Holland third, and Cooler fourth. High point scorers were John Matins, Charles Pritcli- aid, Billy Wright, all o.' Steele, and Eugene White, ol Carulhcrsvllle. In this event, requirements were .to judge four classes ol corn and identify M field and Harden seeds. in tlie sweepstakes, Caruthersville WHS first by having won a first and.second, and (here wns a three- way tie between Steele, Cooler and Holland for second place. Cooler vocational nericiiltiire senior team will represent Missouri at the MIdSoulh Kali- at Memphis, having amassed a tola! of 2123. points In tlie annual district judging contest. Caruthersville was second with l'j!)5 points, and Charles Ncelcy, Caruliiersville. was third in individual high points scored will) (i03. In the district contests, requirements were lo judge 10 varieties of corn, eight classes I at collon, and identify 30 field nnd garden seeds. Read Ccuricr Mews want ncls. some smart preliminary spade work Manila News Knu K«rn A son was Ixirn to Mr. and Mis Omcr Sinn-lock at their homo near lilacfcwater Sunday night. The baby who weighed eight and one half pounds has been named Omer seems to have given Tafl the delegates. 1'AfT "SAMl'I.ERS" IN WEST VIIIGINIA Scveral week.? ago the Tall crowd decided to find out exactly what their prospects were in Wc'si Virginia. They sent a big crew of car.- vasscrs on a week's auto lour of the state lo make extensive "sampling" straw vote tcsls. Tlie canvassers, incidentally, decided (hey had to have some sort of name to operate under, so they called themselves "The institute of Political Research." They had some fumy experiences. In a number of cases, citizens they flagged for a vote would say, "Oh, yes, I've heard of you people. You do a pretty, scientific job of analyzing opinion, don't, you?" | Two or three times ;\ canvasser would stop a by-passer with, "May 1 have a moment of your timc?"-ar,d Ihc by-passer would Cash .Scarce in I(iS8 A1ALDEN, Mass. (UP)—Few contractors would lake Ihc job assigned to Job Lane in 1C58 Jle agreed to build a meeting house! • or the First Congregational church and received in payment "the sum ft 150 pounds in corn, cord wood, ."•mid anrf mcrclianlnblc at pric- cs-current and r a t cattle." The \»iv. Historical records survey discovered Ihe contract. ERATOR '' • The world's animal is worth $500,000,000. gold output •VORTKX PETROLEUM CO. BT.YTHEVIM.B CITV I.ISHTS HIRHWAV 61 ..N'OHTH Any ZOc Cigarettes' for 1S« With Purchase of 5 ('rill, or More of AKK. GAS AT MO. T-KICI:H RKl'IM-ItV T() YOUR CAU Bros., Healer FOR SALE U'c liavr carload Pedigreed 1>. I'l. and Sfnncullc Seed. Alsu large amouiif of same kitiil that has been pl.-uilcd here one year See or Call Us For Price! Very liberal price alloiiam-c for jour old seed. L. R. Matthews Gin Co. Chow. IKi-W-2 Varlno, Ark. Picture this handsome WcsUngtiouse ARISTO- CRAT-SfX in your kit- chcnl fmaginc winning it FREEt Think of the enjoyment it would give you. Bui, whether you win it or buy it, you'll get n real thriil from [his refrigerator. You'll enjoy greater convenience . . . steadier food protection . . . lower operating costs . . . than you ever thought possihlc. Ida only refrigerator with JM-ZOWE COID.' TRU-ZONE COLD, an „,,„. swc feature, gives you five distinct zones of cold in on= refrigerator-all controlled by one s,mplc dial . . . together the RIGHT relative temperatures nrul hnraidily fcr all five types of perishable foot]. Von II want to sec this new feature. Sec how it gives you surer, steadier food protection t Westinghoujo . I CU. (T. 'MODELS ° STONEVILLE 2B Eipeilmtnl stallon Tcsls Pro.e tt to Be MonoT V,l»e C<,tt<, n For M U , I , , , p p , B ' W« ha»c a limited supply of llicsc seed which «rc tlnl feed Stoncvlllc -j D bougbt direct [roi,, tbe t,c«d. • H IOMI r»tm» mi. Its purity It Insured hy sptctil .mirvl.i topawtlon (a pl.nttar, picking »nd glrralns. >upc " ls1 Del fresher and purer wed now— KI vin b« g | 4d ^ , or you may obtain these dcltolcd Mcl ) for »4.«0 irt hnl , < n j , iT } f ? . "" »i<l »trlrt«H . " Phone 273 RED TOP GIN hr Ccnfetl Hew, m j f.ii, Wi nl ,, r ,_| ar i -KK Nv. Nel.ork Arkansas-Missouri Power Corp, 9*. ecord Disc its [.ocal Juniors In Meet Hobble Walrtpn broke me junior lull school district record In discus throwing at | !!c lom-inimeiH In Joiuwboro yesterday when h c henv. '<! Hie discus m feel (o mnke Ihe >e« record nmdr- by Ihc light «'iuu which parttdiHili'd In nil ol llic events. I'olly ulnck of Joncsboi-o, holder w Ilif prnvlotii record, said h« uirew i]] C discus fit 'feet to mnke H new record scvwnl yr-ars ngo nncl which Is snld lo hnvc never uoeii broken. Other members of the team were nut so foidmiile In their under- InWnes w .||[, uiylhcvltlo muklDB <"'!}• IBli points while ['nrHgunld resumed the Irnck lltlo with ea". IMlnls lo 38 for Jonesboro. I'urii- sould look first in m-eii events, Jonesboi-o won hvo nnd Ulytlie- villo, one, white JonesUoro mid I'nrngoukl lied In imolher. K'dRiir Cain won second In the lr mull; J. T. Victory won third I" Hie 50-ynrd tlnsli; Bobble Wul- deu won third ami Eduiir Ciilii fourili in the hlgli jump; uobblc Wnlden was second In the shot put; Iru Lambert was tourlh In (lie 120-yard hurdles; nobble Wnl- dcn was fourth In the broad Jump, ami llnrry llalnes Jr.. Ud«nr Cnin, Harold Simpson and Jlmintc Alien •wi third In the BSO-ynrd relay. Oilier boys who participated wen; Vcriion Houchlns, iiueh nozlrr. IVyrmi DO.SS, Philip Bisk. Nornmn Stone made the Irlp but wns not cnlcrcd by Coach John Ed James who accompanied Ihc lenm. Tlie annual meet wns postponed from last Friday liecmisc of rain. Unless wcHtticr preveni.s. the senior Itff-li (rum will go over IMil:ty f"i the iiostpoiied event from last Saturday. Prettiest Office Girl in Chicago Tile iiKiiicle originated In i'orlu- R»l. nlllioURli n'msl. people Ijcllcvu It i-ninc from Hawaii or America. PAGE FIVE At The Hospitaj,. Blyllievllle HotplUl Mrs. Ooroiitvy PoeU, Number ! i Now li's "Pify (ho workini; MAN." Imagine luiving lo eon- rantnite with pretty l\l|y Kuo- cdlcr (above) mound, She re- a'nlly won lido of rilcUlesl ollico ftiiolovcu in "" ' I'aililli'il Hall Mr Dulicrs The l»>sl kind of golf ball for use of Iho duller Is one of very light weight, of slumltml dlincn- »|ons, and covered with a crocheted Jacket, Tills retards Its speed nnd rendera It less OMS its it missile nl ll.s iiiiirk. when it Ilics wide Drowsy Insiclcs Gel .Pleasant Awakening 'I'liis plciisnnt way lo relieve con- fitlimlton and Its biliousness, licnd- nelirs, bnci brenth coinljlncs Lwn lin- Dorlaiit r«ntiire«. (I) Tiiu (ime- leslcd reliability of Hie fninoiis li'.x- ullvi^ powtler nnd li) new fluvor, lialiilnblllly especially nDpcallnij to children. Keep Syrup of nlnck- nrnught limidy, U 50 ». yourself or Blvc lo Ilio children as needed. My.cs: Economy Me—Trial Me. J. L. Spear, city, dismissed. Snmmle Moody, Bragg oily, dls- Walls Hc*plliU Mrs. Cicorgo Mush, city, nitmlttcd MIUI6 Mao George, Holland, tils- ml.ssed. K<l Williams, Armorcl, dismissed. Mrmiihtit HaplUt llospllul J. I'. Miller, city, admitted. Mr*. K. E. Atkinson, city, iiiimlt- tcc). » Miss Tlielma Horn, filecle, admitted. . p Mrs. J. i). HIII, Joiner, ndmlticd Hilly I'lpkln, Wilson, admitted Mcmiilils McI.fmiMf Clliilp J. M. Wnrrou. Unroll, admitted Memiilils Methodist llosiillitl Mrs. I'rrry Snillh, Osceoln, nd- mlllrd. Mrs. i.ra Terror, Ciirtilliwsvlllc adinlllwl. Memiihls .St. Joseph's lli»|i»:i| Mvs. Myrtle McCnlllim, Jlaytl utlmllldl. -, Tobacco MMplen are teetotalers and sre careful of their • diets to safeguard their settee of last*' They use only -clay., pijws Tor sampling the tobacco ' '•'• ' BARGAINS IN USED; Ice Boxes Rebuilt and Guaranteed Electric Refrigerators HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. Service on All Mukcs Rtfrtjseratoni—Hadlos— Wuhcn 2<W >V, Muln SI, Phone 233 2 Great New Gasolines! €sso > — * €sso - J™J. AR 1 JJJi. COM PANYJPF LOUISIANA Totv/v/ YOUR DODGE DEALERS GALA For Our gain „ A Money-Saving Opportunity Buyers of New and Used Cars! ila Spring Open House is tinder way! You are invited to cornel t in nncj enjoy this exciting eventl See our sparkling array of tho Inleal Dodge models! See the E ; ly new bprmg colors! See Uie latest Spring accessories! Our Spring Open Housu laourbigevent of (he year. 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