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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 18, 1935
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, i n» thtyvnftf oil they shall tttfcjf tftB th* <#* ihntl SitWWt thwftSMVa ttft- W aSalm 18:44. Star , end ' VOLUME 37—NUMBER 67 '$M HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1935 SJmr of Tlopo 1899; Pr«w, 1327; January ,t», 1623. MAY Here and There PHONE RATE -Editorial By ALFX H. WASHBURN- W HEN beer was legalized in Arkansas the .Hope council established certain regulations surrounding its sale in this city. Those regulations were set up after close study and long debate. They represent a safe way of handling a traffic which, left to its own devices, invariably destroys itself politically. Yet efforts never are lacking to persuade the city council to change those restrictions. The pressure is constant. But if the city council is wise, it won't give an inch. An effort to broaden the beer reg- Italy Wms_3^^y Battle in Ethiopia Insurance lor Jobless. Social Security Item • i\ ' '••-.'' .*.,-'•',.'' ' ' • ' - •..*'. i 30i/2-Billion Mark for Federal Debt Is Hit Wednesday Mid-December Financing Raises It to an All- Time "High" F. D's GUESS CLOSE President Forecast Little More for End of Fiscal Year WASHINGTON-(/P)-Thc national debt reached $30,555,791,907 Wednesday, passing the 30-billion mark for the first time in history. The new high wns caused by mid December financing operations which added more than 300 million dollars to the debt. The debt is near the figure estimated by President Roosevelt lor the end of the fiscnl year next June 30, which figure was $30,720,000,000. Prohi Petition Is Open Hearing to Be Held on It at Washington Monday, January 6 Petitions asking a prohibition referendum in Hompstend county February 18 were filed with County Clerk Ray McDowell nt the courthouse in Washington Wednesday afternoon. The petitions will be submitted to County Judge H. M, Stephens at an open hearing Monday, January 6. The petitions are signed, according to their sponsors, by approximately 48 per cent of the qualified voters of the county—against a requirement of 35 per cent in order to denwnd a referendum. illations was made again Tuesday night—but fortunately .was defeated. We have no quarrel-with either side. This is just a home-town argument. But we want to be sure that everybody understands the principle at stake. Beer was legalized here OD this condition: That its sale, like the sale of liquor, should be conducted in isolated shops. There was to be no side- attraction, no special inducements to build up the beer parlor's trade. It seems now that the volume of the beer business, like the volume of the liquor traffic, is disappointing—and a movement is launched, therefore, to permit the playing of dominoes in beer parlors. The Star's liberal views are very well known—but this particular issue involves tho double-crossing of the arrangement under which beer was legalized, and we arc stating it just that plainly. 'If a beer parlor can't make money.on "beer alone, then it ought to go out of business. There are too many beer parlors, anyway. We said the same thing to the' whisky stores, in regard to selling liquor on credit—and we repeat >it now for the behefit of some gentlemen 'who are under the illusion that •the city, after licensing them, is obligated to make their properties profitable. 11 " .' ' X X X . It!s an old, old story—you give an inch, .and, sojnobpdy wants "to take a ^.j* : - .' si t - . V !• S ) ', .! '. irille . * ''Wort's' illustrates the point. • • tf whisky; which A Hope merchant asked this writer if it wouldn't be more practical to allow tho sale of whisky by the drink instead of the unbroken bottle. I told the merchant: "No, The sale of whisky by the drink creates an open saloon. Under the saloon regime, many a man took just one- drink, ran Into sonic friends, took another drink— and eventually got drunk without ever intending to do so. The old-time saloon employed the practice of 'setting them up' in order to stimulate trade But the pack- 500 Ethiopians and 272 Italians Dead in Northern Area Anglo-French Plan for Settling War Declared to Be "Dead" IL DUCE DEFIANT "Will Fight to the End— Europe "Crooked," "He Tells Italians ROME, Italy—(/P)—The Italian government announced Wednesday that its north Ethiopian .army had defeated the Ethiopians in a three-day battle along the Takkazc river. •' ' The announcement said that 500 Ethiopian warriors had been killed. The Italian dead was placed at 272, officers and men, : Britain's Position GENEVA, Switzerland—(Copyright Associated Press)—Anthony Eden told the League Council Wednesday that if the Franco : British plan for settling the Ethiopian war,dpcs not satisfy the essential condition'of an agreement by Italy, Ethiopia and the League, Great Britain could riot continue to recommend or support it. GENEVA, Switzerland — (Copyright Associated Press)—A : representative of one of the ;rreat European powers stated Wednesday that the Franco-British plan.foc peace betwecn',italy and Eth•' f age store is a different mailer. A man who has to buy an entire bottle may get drunk, of course, but he isn't likely to get drunk unintentionally—and the stimulation of consumption with 'come on' propositions is almost eliminated, for the liquor can not be drunk on the premises where sold." What I was telling that merchant about the whisky btorc law is a broad j principle of regulation. I Once fixed, it should never be deviated from—and the argument that somebody can't make money under the present situup is probably the best argument on earth for keeping the regulation unchanged. First 50 Bushels Potatoes Tax Free Federal Loans for Rural Electricity REA to Finance Wiring of Rural Houses and Other Buildings PHILADELPHIA, Pa.—The Rural Electrification Administration will finance the wiring of houses and other farm buildings in areas where rural lino construction is making electricity available, Administrator Morris L. Cooke announced Wednesday. The action is designed to remove one of the greal barriers lo a rapid increase in rural cleclrifaction. In the past, lack of adequate financing facilities has retarded the extension of j annual'sales of potatoes during tiiu electric service into rural ureas. ! years 1932-1935 were 50 bushels or less Now Ihe Federal Government's ru- | w in receive a tax free allotment of ral electrification program provides ] potatoes equal to his average annual financing of line construction and wir- ! sales, according to information receiving through REA and financing of the | ^ by frank R. Stanley, Hempstead purchase of major appliances and \ county agent, from J. H. Heckman, * extension economist in marketing, . i University of Arkansas College of Ag- I riculturo, who is in charge of the administration of the potato adjustment j act in Arkansas. i If u grower's past sales during the This statement was made after Anthony Eden, British minister for Lea- gtie of Nations affairs, conferred with the Turkishi Russian and Spanish members of the League council. The representative spokesman declared: "There remains only the question of how the bvirial will be carried out. Perhaps the council/will register an attempt at conciliation,. and indicate Ihe failure up to the now on this attempt." Europe "Crooked" HOME, Italy.—(Copyright Associated Press.)—Premier Mussolini, terming Europe "crooked," defiantly asserted Wednesday that Italy would "fight to the end" for her rights. Mussolini delivered this challenge to "egoism and hypocrisy" in an address at Ponlinia as he dedicated that third city to be created on land reclaimed from the Pontinc marshes. ' Great,Italian Work The reclaiming of the Pontinc marshes is one of the outstanding peace-time accomplishments of the Mussolini regime. The marshes have had an historical place since tho days of ancient Rome —a great bog running from the southern part of the Campagna district of the Eternal City clear to the sea, an area 26 miles long and 17 miles wide. Because of its unhealthfulness efforts had been made ever since the time of the Emperor Aufustus (about the lime of Christ) to drain the marshes—but States Induced to! Pass Law; Penalty^ for Their Failure Lose Federal'Aid If Thejf Fail to Write Own. Social Security Act • COURTS TO DECIDE Challenge in Supreme Court May Not Be Settled Until Year 1937 How the federal-state mammoth Social Security program, w il I operate, who will benefit, and-how- the money will be 'raised' and apportioned is told in • a series of three- stories: by Rodney Duicher, Washington correspondent for NEA Service. This article is the la-st of the series. Dy RODNEY DUTCHER NBA Washington Correspondent' ! Copyright, 1935, NBA Service, Inc. • WASHINGTON - Eight states and i the District of Columbia have adopte^ unemployment componsatipri&Jaws. - • • jThnt leaves 40 stales-: which must come in under the wire through regular or special legislative sessions. „,.. ... .. . during 1930 if they're to benefit fromi With Aid Of Old Log, Test .,,„ XT.... ™-, „,.-_- . . . , gj lou j c | g e Completed by January 1 Hope City Coi Resolution Serv.es ,J of Pending Crdinaricl to Cut Tariff,- v ' BEER ROOMS Lpj Mayor Graves Casts Deci( ing Vote Against Dottfi;|j noes in Beer "^ " "*^ these clerks, part of tile staff of 2300 'working in the U.8, Census Bureau office in Sfc Louis. | have completed their work, the names o* tho 75,0<WJJ7fi people living in thfr U, 8. 86 years agowill j bo catalogued. These mammoth, lists wUJ bo, used in establishing righto to old' ago pensions under, tho wow Social Security plan. _ : • • . • ; --" . : Drilling Begins on . ^...'. '-.. ' ! the task. Terms Of Federal Control Mussolini is actually accomplishing Act Explained by County Agent Stanley Any potato (.'rowers whose average (Continued on page two) i FLAPPER FANNY SAYS: 1 HEG. U. S. PftT. OFF. Italians Trapped ROME, Italy.—A decimated column of Italian troops was trapped Tuesday night in Dcmbagulna pass, Northwestern Ethiopia, between the jaws of two attacking enemy forces ,the War Office here revealed as it admitted Italy's first defeat on the Northern front. Four Italian officers, nine Italian soldiers and scores of Askara (natives in the Italian army) have been slain in the war's most important battle in tho New Deal scheme to foster slate! unemployment insurance laws by making it a losing proposition not to have them. A federal tax of 1 per cent on payrolls becomes effective for the year 1036 and will be collected in 1937 unless the supreme court balks. This tax will increase by a half per cent every three years until it reaches 3 per cent in 1949 and stays there. It.s proceeds will go into nn "unemployment trust fund" in the U. S. Treasury. It applies to employers of eight or more persons, with stated exemptions, such as for agricultural workers. When a state has an unemployment Jimipensation law which meets certain standards set up by the Social Security Act, and has been approved by the Social Security Board here, its employers will receive a credit on the fededal unemployment tax for 90 per cent of tho tax sum they have paid into the slate fund. Inducement Given States I The idea is that no state will want | to see that money taken by the Treasury when it might be spent nt home and that employers would rather pay for compensation systems for their em- ployes than give their money to Washington. At the Social Security Board they're figuring that any of those 40 states which don't act in 1936 will bo just throwing away that 1 per cent tax on payrolls which will be collected in 1937. The annual federal tax is expected to run up to 5900,000,000 by 1950. Another inducement offered the .states is the provision that the government will pay all costs of stale unemployment compensation systems and is appropriating $4,000,000 for .such use in the fiscal year 1936 and 549,000,000 a year thereafter. j The federal tax will be collected by the Bureau of Internal Revenue just Drilling began Wednesday . on the Fitx-wolcr oil test on the A. J. Laffcrty land, nine miles south of -Hope, near the Lewisville highway, • The Star learned at noon. The test is on practically the same location as the Martin test, which was drilled last year. • . The Fitzwater test Is scheduled to : be completed by January 1, as the )og of the previous test well making coring unnecessary until tho drill has penetrated below the 2,000-foot mark, making for a rapid job. Bond Dealers Win in State Lawsuit Their Action Is Not Against State Government, Says Federal Court LITTLE ROCK.— The special three- judge federal court, which on November 6 heard the suit of Pelason, Ten- unbaum & Harris, St. Louis bond dealers, against tho State Refunding Board lo restrain the board from purchasing Series A road district refunding bonds to the exclusion of Series B bonds, handed clown an opinion Tuesday in which it hold: J. That the suit was not one against 1hc state, but an action to require officers of the state to perform a ministerial duty. 2. That a suit filed in Pulaski Circuit Court to stay proceedings relating v LOS ANGELES, Calif.-(#>) — George.Rochester, foreman of: the county grand, jury, demanded Wednesday that an analysis' be ' made of: Thelma Todd's stomach to determine if poison were present. CinCAGO.-(#>)—Senator Joe T. Robinson, Arkansas Democrat and senate majority leader, asserted ' Wednesday 'that in his opinion Herbert Hoover's- speech in St. Monday night indicated clearly that Mr. Hoover is a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. • . ', LONDON, Enff.—(yp)-Great Britain's; plan for a new naval agreement, it was understood. Wednesday,, will be rejected Thursday by the'Japanese delegation to the international navni conference. JTxercisiug forebearuucc at tlie, tawle la even harder tUau just . . ns if it were an income tax. The state the Tigre sector. Enemy losses were tax in most cases where laws arc described us "heavy." . passed will be collectable in 1937 for .. „ „,„„„. „ ,„..., .-..., 6 .... ,*"« V ngugcmc , nt w f s still raging a,s|tlie taxable year 1936. base period, 1932-1935, were 50 bushelsl'" c * talla "s »™ d « a brave attempt in! Others Credits Allowed , -, of poatoes annually, he will receive j the darkness to prevent the Ethiopians 1 After 1937 employers will to the controversy until tho state courts passed upon the powers of the Refunding Board was a "sham pro- eecding" which could not operate to stay proceedings in the case in federal co i u ™, , 3. That the Refunding Board should ! be enjoined from purchasing A bonds NEW YORK-W-Ceorge Olvany, Jr., 22, found shot in the head ou the grounds of a Saranac lake hotel tho morning of December 10 after leaving a friend a note indicating he planned suicide, dic<l Wednesday, He was the son of a former Tammany Hall political chieftain. Polls Legislators on the Centennial Futrell Asks If They Can Agree on One Plan— Puts Four Questions LITTLE ROCK—(/P)—Governor Futrell started a poll of the legislators Wednesday to determine if there was a possibility of them agreeing at the proposed special session on any specific proposal for financing the stale's 19315 Centennial celebration. He submitted four questions to the lawmakers, with the request that the answer be coningent on the session being called within the next 35 days. (ing fCaught Got One Box'of Christmas Candy—But the'Second One Got Him Clifton. Hale, negro, 20 was held in jail here Wednesday .after .'crashing in a front window of .Clements store, East Second street, Tuesday night to steal a box of Christmas candy. Hale fled with the candy, but later came back for a second box. He jvas nabbed by Policeman Ward and lodged in jail. The. negro gave his home .as Lake Village, Ark. Council Highlights Resolution by City Attorney,Atkins calling upon South' Bell Telephone company'to why local 'phone rates "should 1 be reduced, adopted unanimos:. Proposal to repeal ( ordinance prol King the playing ot dominoes'; other garnet in beer parlors'res ed in tie vote, to 4', May*or.All Graves breaking tie "by '.voltli against repeal. ' ' * -J!S_ New flareup over city street tfb^ Ocj curred when Alderman Roy'' derson served notice that introduce ordinance repealing on grounds that a law ought 'either to be enforced or repealed Anderson's figures on lax colle' tion challenged by Chief of Polli John Ridgdill, who said it requl: ed some time to offset effects city's waiving of tax in emergi' years. ( ' Possible use of materials of 'old ,<3ar-; land school building in WPA c iA struction of local armory and*/: department building discussed'-,, aldermen with-Captain Mack Dttt; ' fie,-of local National Guard 1 com- : pany, and- Charles Thomas,, trict engineer of WPAL'iAc delayed because city unable 1 to; tain clear title 1 to Garland vt'ifpc at Jeast> next 90 daVs^'i f^ The Hope city council Tuesda'y nigh' took the first step toward forcing! reduction in local telephone rates.I City Attorney W. S. Atkins" intr£ duced a resolution, passed unanimous- ' ly by the aldermen, calling on.* the Southwestern Bell Telephone company to show why rates should not* be cut. The city attorney explained the rate-' making procedure as follows: 1. The resolution giving due notice >o. to the company ofithe city's intension, V 2. Passage by the city of a lower- 1J3 rate ordinance, probably early in Jan- w uary. . x Vs .3. Appeal to the State Utilities.,'; Commission, which is tho rate-mak- >>'- ing authority for the entire state, and which would then investigate the Hope , telephone tariff. i 4. Effective with the passage of the, city's lower-rate ordinance, however, "• the telephone company would be, required to post bond, sp that if the slate commission found the lower rate to be justified the local consumers would be rebate dfor the amount of the overcharge dating from the passage of the ordinance. Questioned by the aldermen as to expanding the investigation to.include rates of the Arkansas Natural Gas corporation, Mr. Atkins said that the State Utilities Commission already has these rates under consideratiort for the entire state—and this investigation will automatically include Hope. Townsender Wins Seat in Congress Republican Nominee Defeats Democrat 2 to 1 in Michigan Contest BATTLE CREEK, Mich.-(/P)-Verner W. Main, endorsed by the Townsend old age pension organization and the Republican organizations, was elected representative of the Third Michigan Congressinoal District Tucs- [ day by a two to one majority over his i Authority over gas rates is lodged opponents. j with the state government, the city at- Tlie vote was Main 24,686; Howard torney said. W. Cavanaugh 11,342; E. G. Kiefer, i Farmer-Labofite 397. Climaxing a campaign in which the Townsend plan, made a platform plank by Main, became the chief issue, the result was regarded with interest by leaders of both major political parties. "The Townsend Clubs endorsed my Beer Parlors Lose A proposal to permit beer parlors to install domino tables—repealing the present prohibitory ordinance — was defeated Tuesday night when the al dermen deadlocked, four to four, and Mayor Albert Graves broke the tie by voting against the measure, City Attorney Atkins and other op- candidacy after it was under way. but j poncnts of the repeal measure recall- I entered the race at the urging of j ed in brief speeches that the distinleresled friends as the candidate of no group or faction," said Main. "In the critical session of Congress 1(1 IV/\,£I. A I t I1O U V V--1 M£W Ofl H,O \* V: I >_ \fV . . , , ••-«, .,^..- i, ,,....«... v. ..-,_".• 11 v^* tl £,VU\_* 171 1 IfJllS,)' 1 I J *. 1 j I. IlltlUCU* l,Ull bushels, he will receive tax cxemplion i CIOiI||1 S in on Ihe Italian column, which record or adequate reserves, subject j lowest comr stamps equal lo 30 bushels. Mr. Stan- j »' t -'"' t »'"-'d after a futile struggle to j io certain federal restriclions. ' fcred. (Continued, on page three) parative prices of bonds of- ley explained. I norder to obtain tay fix'e allotments, each grower will file un application under which he will establish his past .sales. County offices will an- uounco the lime for filing applications. Farms which produce five bushcl.s of pplutocs or less annually were specifically exempted under the pro- Hoffman Denies He Exonerated Bruno specifically cxcmplcil under the pro-. « IT qf,, nf ],s Piiilf,, " D 4- visions of the Potato Acl from any tax nC OUUlflis UlUJty, Kill Mystery Unsolved, Declares Governor Tile Triple A followed the unanimous recommendations of the National Potato Advisory Cummilt.ee in increasing the exemption from the limit of 5 bushels to 50 bushels. --"-«!»•••«»- ---- — On this side of the Atlantic ocean,' England owns the mainland colonies' of British Honduras, in Central America. and British Gr.'.ana ij) Sou('\ America, as well as scvt'rul islands. These possessions cover 110.000 square miles. ' States are given almost complete discretion in betting up (heir own systems. They may charge the entire cost to employers or divide it with em- ployes or the state itself. They may set up separate individual employer uccounl.s or pool all contributions. The Security Act only demands that when the stale's employers are to be Th"; federal court hearing was held soon afler Ihe Arkasas Supreme Court hold that a suit against the State Highway Commission was a suit against the state, which i.s prohibited by Ihe, style constitution. Attorneys for the state contended that the Refunding Board is an agen of ,he stale and that suit against (lie board is a (fronted that 90 per cent credit, laws suit against the .state. musl provide: Administrative methods approved by the SSB. payment of : for the .state, said that an compensation through public employ- be taken directly to 111 THEN70N. N. J.-Up|-Governor Hoffman said Wednesday he is satisfied that the Lindbergh baby kid- nup-murder case has not been fully solved, but he never expressed "any element of dc-ubt as to Bruno Richard Hauptmann's gujlt." "Huupunann stands guilty as convicted by thg courts," he said. men!, offices- ur other approved agencies, fair hearing!) before impartial tribunals when appeals fur compensation are denied, and full SSB access lo Ihe books of slate systems, SUkvs May Be Punished The SSB may cut stales off its approved list if it finds its regulations •ire not being complied with or if cliy- (Contuiued gn pujje two) Waller L. Pope, one uf the attorneys ppeal will Supreme Court of the United States on tin Mime questions involved in the Male's. defense of the ease. B-'Uveeii 1819 and 1824, Furaday made many combinations of iron with other, metals and examined them scientifically. Not until modern metallurgical equipment was devised, however, did alloy irons and steels become commercially possible. Hoyt Andres Given Position at Baylor Named Technical Assist-. * ant in Charge of Weekly ' Radio Broadcasts Hoyt Andres, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Andres of Hope, has been ap- ; pointed technical assistant, in the, speech department at Baylor University, Waco, Texas. Mr. Andres has charge of announcing "Echoes of Life," Sunday afternoon radio program sponsored by Baylor University .students. Mr. Andres is a .sophomore .student at Baylor. Cake Walk A Christmas Cake Walk will be staHcd Saturday night. December 21. at Midway community in LaFuyette county. 'j.ne public i.s invited to attend. The Cake Walk will be held in the Midway eommunil." house. considered there were good and ficicnt reasons for segregatipg bgeV'> parlors from entertainment 'places. just ahead, I shall give my best efforts i when men gather in considerable lo representing all the people of the j numbers, and declared that the pro- district on Ihe various issues of do- hibitory regulation should be left un- meslic and foreign policy lhat may | disturbed. arise." ; Advocates of tho liberalization move Cavanaugh. conceding nis defeat, i said, however, that Iho present ordin- said only. "I congratulate my oppo- ' ance practically establishes a "domino nent. My personal views on the issue i monopoly" in Hope, of this campaign, namely the Town- j To permit dominoes in the beer par- send plan, remain unchanged." i lors: Dr. P. B. Carrigan. Charles E. i Taylor. Roy Johnson, L. A. Keath. (Continued on page three) Fund to Be Asked Roosevelt Make s First Announcement of Next Year's Plans WASHINGTON — (/Pi - President Roosevelt disclosed Tuesday that he will propose a public works program costing around $500,000,000. It wa.s tho first intimation of what the New Deal ' proposes for the unemployed after next July. He withheld any hint of the total lo be asked for relief of all kinds. The president did not disclose whether the total would include a. (Continued 911 page two) I

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