Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 17, 1935
Page 4
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MOPB STAB, HOPE, ARKANSAS "';•*•* ' "<k? • ' \ .<•'',*-' \ < \ Fdtfiinine Musician B6ARDING HOUSE By AHERN OUT OUR WAY WILLIAMS im. k- v jf*l&ic*ft dollar SHBEI sis law 0 R1HH stiaraa KIN6 IEIBS "a." VL\\ IPlElKiAlul iHL ,31 dtfunbted. 35 Nobleman. 61 Verbal. 3 Mafl!. 63 To comtnenc*. 4 Worth. 64 A. United 5 Angry. 40jf0td of thread «* G « m 42 Haw. 6S Region. 43 You and me. 48 fo tog. 4? To sin. 4*WHUclsm. 50 Pedal digits. 51 Scheme. 54 Harasses. BTTVagon. waa a ^ concert ——^ 70 FVance was her native VERTICAL 2 Laughter sound. 7 Dower prop, erly. 8 God of love. ioAbore. 11 Ocean. 12 Cow-headed goddess. 13 She was a -—- ot songs. leUght IS S«cond-f«t« ' actor 80 Withered. 82 Secular. 26 Chaos. 87 Dinner. 29 Sailors. 32 To let fall. $4 Auction. 36 Bumpkin. S3 Magician. 39 Irregular piece! 41 Conspiracy. 44 Song tor oue voice. 46 Dregs. 49 Playing card. 51 Devil. 53 To doze. 55 Turkestan trader. 56 To remain. 57 Mug. 58 Cuckoo. 59 Inlet. 60 Light brown. 62 Varnish in. gvedient. 65 Note In scale. 67 Behold! Tokio . Otis Chapdler of Nashville was a .business visitor here Saturday. ' Mrs. Henry Edmiaston of Nashville .visited rektivcs here Wednesday. ',' -Henry Baker* of Bingen was a Tokio visitor Thursday. ' • ';•:•••••"' v' J.\JrDari5eI was a business visitor to th% Mt. Pleasant conimunity Thursday. J_ L.'S." Sanford was a business visitor ; t?!Nashville Wednesday. :/r 'ii'Mri- and Mrs! Lee Roy, Byers lost theVinfant baby Wednesday. 4 HC. M. Cooley; was a business visitor Sell It! Find III'.'. Rent It! Buy It! in the Hope Star MARKET PLACE Remember,. the more you tell, the • quicker you sell. 1 time.'lOc line, min. 30c S]or consecutive insertions, minim* mum of 3 lines in one ad ' ;3 times, 6c line, min. 50c . 6 times, 5c line, min. OOc 26 times, 3Vic .line, min. ?2.70 ' CAverage 5V: words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted ufith the understanding that the bill' is payable on presentation of statement, before the. first publication. 1 ' Phone 768 to Nashville Tuesday. G. C. McLarty was a business visitor to Bingen Tuesday. A. C. Holt was a business visitor to Nashville Tuesday. C. M. -Davis • of Roy was a visitor here Tuesday. • Talley.Harris and T. Rankin of Roy were, here .Tuesday on business. Mrs. 'Ora Cooley and daughter, Miss Dna I^ee, was shopping in Nashville Monday. : , Rev. E. B. Adcock filled his regular appointment at Sweet Home Sunday. i'ilden; Sanford was a -business visitor to. Nashville ••Monday..;' , - ^'Legal.Notice WARNDiG ORDER IN- THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT ' J. H. WHITE ET AL Plaintiffs, v. JESSE C. COLLINS ET AL Defendants. The defendants Mrs. Cora Collins, Martha Ann Collins, Mrs. Johnie Collins Mitchell, and Willie Mae Collins, are hereby warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiffs, J. H White et al., partners doing business under the firm name of White & Company. ' Witness my hand and seal as clerk of this court on this 3rd day of December, 1935. DALE JONES (SEAL) Clerk. Dec. 3, 10, 17, 24. NOTICE NOTICE—We are now buying peas. Mpnta Seed Store. 5-18tc """ FA R M E R S We will rade McCormick-Deering implements for corn. South Arkansas Implement Co., Hope. Ark. 17-3tc NOTICE—We have a complete set of new automobile tools. Owner may claim them by identifying same and paying for this notice. City Police Department. 17-ltc TAKEN UP — Bay horse mule. Smooth mouth. Weighs about 700 Ibs. Owner may claim same by paying for this notice and feed bill. Tom Carrel. 17-3tp "" WANTED WARNING ORDER IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT MRS 1 . JETT B. GRAVES Plaintiff, MRS. NANCY A. HULSEY et al Defendants The defendant Mrs. Eliza Jane dark is warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint o£ the plaintiff, Mrs. Jctt B. Graves. Witness my hand and the seal o: Eaid court this 12th day of November 1935 DALE JONES, Clerk, (SEAL) By J. P. BYERS, D. C. Dec. 3, 10, 17, 24, WANTED;-'Women's coats, Dresses, Evening Dresses, Men's Suits, Overcoats, Joyce and Floyd McDowell Clothing Store, Third Street. 10-6tc WANTED—Bring in your mules. I will trade mares and pay cash to boot. Tom Carrel. 17-3tp FOR RENT FOR BENT—Two apartment. All billa paid room furnished Phone 39. 16-3tc Money to MORTGAGES Borrow $50 to ?250 from us at 6% on your furniture, automobile, or other personal property. Pay it back «j small monthly paymtnta. for full w- fonaation see GREENING INSUa- ANCB AGENCY. 20-26tc FOR SALE FOB SALE—Horses and inuletf. See C. H. S'utton at Button and Hale Service Station, Hope, Ark. 12-26tp FOR SALE—One girl's bicycle. It good condition. Mary Wilson 40. South Elm street. Phone 663. 17-3U FOR SALE OR TRADE—Buick six Automobile. Will trade for horses, cattle or what have you. W. H. Atkinson Hope, Route 2. "-%P Want It Printed RIGHT? W Yd>u KNOW HM KTVAACVS WHAT HE TOLt) N\fc~3AV& NOD WAS AN OU PAL OP VAte-<TVAfcrt YOU AN* VA\M UStiitD TO WOE. TANBEM IN TYA" OU BlCVCLt AM* CV4OW1D&3 CLUB j -«- HE &A\t> NOU VSOULD GV\\LL W .TlCKETT TO^ SPEHD1N\ WHICVA i WASN'T !^-AAV CRASH COULPNT TDO THIRTY "DOWN A SKI i yiBiryn i i »i"v^ ^H^I i i^ww* » • WHfeWE HE CAN LOCKt£ /VSY OLt» Trfcte tMt>NOUS&/ HfeRfc UNTIL HE OOMSS, AN-D 3ON THE •REUNION f rr> ^ % % v«!.*<1 ?<*-( We'll havu a printing expert call on you, urn! you'll liuve ail economical, high quality job. Whatever juur needs, «u cuu serve them. Star Publishing COMPANY '•Printing That Alakcs an ^^)) m *%?&%; \<^ HAS ..... _.... If) 1938 BY NEA SERVICE, i'ji fl tVP T M dC. U. S. PAT. Of f. tt l .wm '/WA THEY'LL EAT WON £ HEP MOWS A UTTUB »C& (=•£?=? \C& CREAM, HAINT ENTITLE T' 6.AT NONE) \T, MV DEAD BOOV- THE COLD BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Ouch! . . E ^O CsO <DOVOK> ONtfc '. YF TrVt CMtfV COtAt To , MOV\ WMEO VvfXO't TO 60 TO By MARTIN 60>.VOO ALLEY OOP He Knowa All the Answers S©1»358Y NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. BEG. U ~~ By HAMLIN ^-^^WiSgtffife l ff^^ /jas^^ U5IW-TH'WIJ^S AKli ALL OUT.' YOU f REMEMB£R, VER (ONE OF 'EM FLY B§wSFA f^M^TJK W TGIMMEj 8ODY-5_A^I HEAVIER) ALL oyER TH" LfZARpTFtV WITHN HAS rrspoi BUTI DOMT THIWK IT'LL WORK. AREASOknr j ^^/>_/i^ * «»*' <—* •*—«•»' « i •«— r » * * —" -• j. ' «—•— —' — HTHAN APTERODACTyCS.'^PLACE WITH ME TH 1 WINGS WOULDN'T / IW HIS CLAWS! - >HOLDJA UP/-' ^V HOW60UT THAT? KlOW.YERTALklM', YEH VER V GUZ -I'LL TELL RIGHT-SAY A TH' BUG-EYED L THINK Y'GOTJ POPULACE I SUMPIW y GOT SUMPIN/ THERE, OOP/ RIGHT-BUT ( THAT MAYBE- HERE'S ONE THIMG) TOUGH, BUT I Y'AINT THOUGHT ( GOTTA PLAN/ _ _ •_ s jf-n * i^\» t I r*i^ OF - HOW WE GOMNAGITOME OF THESE CRITTERS?' CMOU -LE'S GO SEE WHAT WE CAM DO' WASH TUBES Company By CRANE ^-U-,. -,.:"..,;. .....zrJXmffi- r^^f^^^^^^i'' '"'• ^^£«3Pc-:^-^gv tv: • ;.,;; TRIAL?x-.-^..:•"..;-v.^CTl^.vit-'^:v^MAyeEro iMBUklTiJ/ ^WE PUKJUO, • iisas IVMERE A OH, L 6UBSS I'LL •/OH dOlM'/lSOCK. A COP IM THE LULU /WOSE AKJ 1 66T M£- !ELL6?/SELF A WICE,WAKM <:ELL PER THE wi^rei? IT BEATS W/0RTOW. t ANU The Shock By BLOSSER CAM YOU DO AKfYTHIWG TD A GUY WHO GIVES YOU A BUM CHECK "1. YES. F IT WAS FORGED, Of? GIVEW WITH IN7EMT TD DEFRAUD .' Promt T«ur H»mt It9m 'fubcrculvilf BUY CHBI1TMA4 SCALI IT'S DRAWN THIS BANK,AND THO WE KNOW STILL THINK A PHONEY IF HE DOESN'T COME WILL YOU SETTLE FDR HALF ? THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) CHANCE SQUEEZIN 1 V A. COLLEGE. CHEEP I LUNCU Right B^ck at Him By COWAN MO.' NO.' \ SIT RIGHT L DOWN .' / LOOK/ TUERE'S HEBE COCPUS,EOTN- ALONE MOW I OET SO^E / YEP--IV&. A,LW.VYS / IKJSTA.NCE WWW ^ PEF2SON OOGUTA f DO, IN CA5E HE WAS HWL.ED INTO I COURT ON ^ CHNRCkE OF.S^Y-" POSTIN 1 \ UP SIGNS AND DEPWC.^' PROPERTY .' H5RE A GOOD LAWYER.' , INC, T, M. RE.O, .^^«A,'-- ..- -.

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