Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 6, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, August 6, 1952
Page 6
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' / HOM ITAH, HOM, ARKANSAS Wednesday, August 6, , August 6,1952 HOP! ITAH, HOM, AfctANSAS of the Get iris ifterdby pro. t to the t' ef Ar„ ,Ut« for »(> aJprity of th« ti, *t »uch an '•Uoh nmendrnnnt, ItLwcwn* » part of i«t ofth* Slat* of Ar- thB Nanhvllle, Tenn, »«« when « cold frcmi moved In The moUlurc wn* (jcneml over It'*- rtilddlp |w»r- linn of lh" cttitc W»'«(«'ri< TcntK'SiPe rcmnmeo rtry With no jiroujmel nf litinT'dlnte ro- llc-f, FitniiiKi Uift" »«»'! tn\n* now would »<• l(«> tnl«» to do cr"i>« much anywny. r-dsi'inrd rtilnrrt/ikfi* were , lo n y llK'lr hisnrt ftt bringing rwiMltirr to th^ drying lolmcco unrt V"KoUibIt clops «'f Connecifrut, 8t«ti<m«l In the hllU »<•»< nl tho ConniNctlnit Vsllt-y. ilt*y •*«•'«• !>«•"• to fire rnii»-|)f"''iiclnK ery»- Into the iiWy. Thr ; y wrc nwdii- fnv(»r»bli* fini(liii"n» the of rri » f « i !1 ' " boarlriK cloud*. Tltw II, ft, Department of Agriculture (J)iivnd lo t/ilt>K '("M'* 1 '''*' llt-f to liiiid pr«!»i»«iil l.irtTK'iif In HIP dry ar«?nn. It miminonod it* aici'nu |ilun Texdn nnd Oklahoma, lo meet l»t AllttlllH, fill . Wcdni ;:d«y imd Thurddfly, ing Important Facts About New Students Thin l» tho nt'cMid of n »crle» of Nt'von nrtlclrtR thnt will b<> run Markets for School?" It In our denlre that they will bet of some help to pnr-j entK who hove children thnt will enter school In September. JAMKS II. JONKS Superintendent nf School* It My Child Ready for School' When the dny for enrolling the b( iilnnlriic <:hild iirrlvon, parents xhould hnve cerlnln Informatloa Plan* wll! be work««d out for lmmodlnt(> A child tmmt be «lx' yeiirs of age on or before Dor ember 31 before lie I* entitled to filter Hopo Public ,'khoolit, A blrtli certin- catc nhi)ii|(! be produced on tho to fnrmcru to buy f«-id mid rupltinl cropn wherever popiftibl''. Other ulntos called u. the Atlnntn cotiforonce ure Alabama, Arkwn- Rat, 0«or«in, Kentucky. MUnlanlj)- pi, MlMtmrl, South Cnmllna und Tnnneciioo* Tho (j" vi) '' nmon '. a '*° haw deslKtiBtiid M«»»nchuoU8 nnd loans ( ,,„,„ nl ,, m ,,|| m ,. nl . if | mrr nmixa lion words of Illnenii or (terloun nccidpntM thnt the child h»n had itvnllublc and prcnonti'd on cents market*. Emotion and Reality Stalk Campaigns * By JAMES MAALOW WASHINGTON * — The twin lit'osts stalking behind the civil right* Issue In the presidential .,,... . , rampfllgrt nre emotion nnd reality, cor,.bell Hv«U,ck;,. :rnoUon w||) ovcr , hndow rea ,,f y MornJng Fnrrn Price*: Oralnn moved n bit higher «ft«-t an iffpsulnr c.t.ir< In early trttdins to«l(iy. Wholes^' 1 ' incsif, hos* nnd cuttle or« nti-ody t-i higher. Cotton fiiUKfS opened five to M cento n hale lower. Here Is Today's Commodity Re- nro *<*lllni? ntcady to 2V ' ;ili through the campaign. No Protest of Patrol Plane Incident By C. VATE8 MCOANIEL WASHINGTON (*) — The Navy DcQueen Student Is Contest Winner Sneod Fovored to Cop Money CHICAGO i*^Thc one for LOS ANOKt.KS <P — A 17,yoar- ^i^.™^ ...•- •— -• ( ^ n ,. Wot l old DeQueon. Ark., high school i »"r,ney in golf-the $90,000 won student is the $5,000 winner of the Championship — opens Thursfij Veterans of Foreign U:irs Award with Slammin for Boy Scouts. Joseph D. Owens, VFW director of athletics and recreation, prc-1 Snend appears ra/.or sharp SOCIETY 74481 Bttwatn I A. M, and 4 P. M. . ored to grab an unprecedente prize of $25.000. Women's Fellowship of. the First Christian Church w.ill meet at the home of Mrs. Odell Luck Wednesday night at 7^:30. . has accepted the Communist jot! scnted the award yesterday to Dar- ready to continue a fighter attack on one of its patrol i «ell Whitton for his Scouting record plnnej over the Yellow Sea as an land for rescuing a drcfwninR girt operational hazard of the Korean War which U unlikely to prompt any diplomatic protests, from the U. S. at least. Naval officials in expressing this view toduy pointed out that Ameri .. . ., . .„. . „„„ . wia 'ivhi-n Congress come» back. the bulk-,r 100 |« 200 poimU weights, The two presidential candidates, Dolling form %l\ to $23.SO or slight.; f; ,, n Eisenhower and Go' ly heller Mo»t »ow» In thh nreu ' M ,n, ari > being quiz/.ed ana wnicnea can puirui HIUIIO» «nu u aquuuimi --- --• -p- , an- brln«ln« $17.25 to $21. f ,,, thr-ii position on civil rights j of British Navy flying boats haw Oiimc and Flsh Commission says the i-nrly rounds :it iv ih«. thi-«» umnn. most cmo- flown about 12,000 sorties over thoi tn;lt Rotonone, chemical - used< in Meanwh Omnhn fount! fni '.heir position on early rounds :il |. V the three Kroups 190 to 2SO pound tii.n.'illy involved: Negroes, can patrol planes and a squadron from an Arkansas river. Commission Seeks Fish Poisoners LITTLE ROCK The State emo South Malnu ni wren)), and fll- for ituch Holp camo from nnothor quarter Monday whim, the Intcrntate Cum- meroe Comml»»lon uuihorlxod cvit- rete fall trunujwrlaili'ti r»te» on hay nhippwl Into the ttrou«ht sliites for fooqln« >lv«*to(.'k. Son;- "Dad, whnt d«e« It moan when It snyn In the nuwnpnpoi thflt fl man went UN « dolegnto at Inrgft?" Dud: butcher* about steady at $22,50 to Inn Whites, nnd the Northern White * z: '; „ . ., ! ' importers of civil rights leglsla- New York: Noon October Cotton'Hon. I Eisenhower nnd Stevenson can Miike any stand they want on civil | lights. What they gay may. win tin-in votes or lose them votes. Hut when th eshoutlni> dies, no mat- lei which of them Is elected, the dictate to must do. And no civil rights legislation Senate unless 64 of DO senators want it to. The Me/Math Continued rrom Page One (Into, this Information to build its Hnmllton Moses power! ^'* |) r !cs i dcnt , CJmn ,° l . would be to tti,- ehlld'H parent* iP'»'it rl K ht here in Forrest City.] U "; U : S " Son ."^ w ^ a . t , U nnd t.'fli.'br.r'B i.dvantnKU. Pn- *<>" <'M» '"'"n't thnnk me for that.' Alul . n .° clvil rl * hls ttchool vaccination fur *mnll-pox Hul wnp " ' try to help you far-if. a " P:' SS In required, I mi-r* Kot more and cheaper power j," ," , 81 ' ... „...„ ' throUKii the HKA the Arknnsn.v f; " :l lhat no cwil rlghts iiddrennes, nnd telephone numbers of piinnil.t imd children ichiiuld be filed with the iichnol of- flclnld, Heinilur attendance IK tut import- linl during the (ir.it year ns nny other yi'itr of the child's nthoo' life. Kvtm one dny'* nb«ene<? vau- soit it child to mis* Important ex- lirfrlenci- nnd mltfhl cmise him to lose interest or become dixcmir nged, An iibMcnt child can be tan «hl nothing while It Is very dlff* It rnelins that hi* wlfi;' cult to tench u nick or hungry t'owcr and Company didn't HO with him, Legal Notkt PROPOSED CON8TITUTIONAU AMKNOMENT NO, 41 BE IT RESOLVEO by the lloufie of ;_._ of tho Sttat* of Xr^unnuB and by tn» Spnato, « majority of All the Members Kluetpd to Each HOUSP Agreeing Thereto: That the followlnR IN horoby pro toned OA on to the Jonstttutlou of the Klattt of A-rkan- nno, and upon belna submitted to irovnl or child. To avoid the had affects of be- Inn hurried, children should be ill- lowed iiiniili! time to not up in tho murnltiK, to dn<nii, und to ent lel.'iurcly nn iid«r|iiute breukfant If tlie itlilld an ivi'.'i ut Nchoul up- Met, und in nn upluippy mood, It In difficult lo extuhlluh the proper rapport for Icornlnif. I,i«I<»d below urn HUjfijostlonj thill huvi> IMMTI iiuii.li' to xlvo the child the !iHNiiniiici> ho nt'odfi In tiiKliiH ctire uf hiniHiilf when hn In uwuy from futher nnd mother clnre.H war UKainst me. "1 will keep rl«ht <>n hclplnR both private power etirnpimiox and the HKA but t will not support on" over the other. "We're KoltiH to accelerate the Industrial development of Arkan SIIH imd to do thut wo must hnvo, n more ubundant .supply of cheap t lectrlcity." , <>t ;my conscruicnce has passed the Senate in the 20th century may Ijv a good indication of what to expect, or not to expect, in the next four yours. Fore the core of reality in the, whole civil r!f(hts dispute rests In Ihe Senate, * If a motion is made to bring approaches to Korea and the not! insecticides, caused tho death of distant shores of China since the : thousands of fi nmc fish oh Two outbreak of hostilities In Northeast! Prairie Byou south of Carlisle last Asia. | " " The patrol planes are charged, with the specific task of keeping' .... _j job ho started on the Tarn O'Sha ter course with last week-end's American triumph. The former masters of Ta Byron Nelson and Ben Hogati, to mention British Open cha Bobby Locke are absentees spite promoter George S. Ma ' wcord cash lure. 'Nelson, of course, is retird Texas ranching, but it had be Calendar Wednesday, August 6 A Ladies Golf Tournament will : held at Hope Country Club on 9 a.m. This is for members only. Those wishing to play please call 7-5552. Thursday. August 7 The '47 Krlendshlp Club will meet at 1:45 at the SaeVige? Theater Thursday afternoon, 'August 7. Mrs. Lee's brother, J. C. Henry and Mrs. Henry. Miss Diane Gunn of Smackover is visiting Miss Brinda Sutton. Wednesday, August 6 ednesday, August G, beginning at Circle No. 3 of the Christian • BETTER 1st RUN MOVIES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY • suspected that Hogan and Loc might be tempted to shoot at t May mazuma, including a $12,5 Friday. - % second prize and $5,000 show me T. A. McAmls, commission execu ey The «25 000 first prize doubl with ' vile secretary said yesterday the maximum penally would be asked preaches to Korea. The most tlcuble of these lead through or over the Yellow Sea which sepn for killing the fish, but he declined to comment on what progress has maintain daily observations uvcri MIC * t itvf »r k>^u rviiiv.li auuu. • , ., . .. , . rates the Korean Peninsula from j beon ^ nfl;Klc L'" lh ° lnvestlgat ' on the mainland ot China. The Navy early recognized that, .. . . .. the business of ftrollto. the Ve.-i ^^te'ln*^™ their principal job was to spot and destroy mines with depth charges. Now their chores include weather observations and spotting of any enemy attempts to move troops the $12.500 Hogan won world victory last year. Hogan might yet show up at t first tee. At least he's still list in' the pairings. But Locke, w like Hogan vainly sought ance money, has cancelled his Betty Mutton Breaks With Paramount By BOB THOMAS HOU.YWOOn Ml — Look out. up a civil rights bill, tho Southern Democrats can filibuster it to death unless 04 of the 00 senators - a constitutional two-thirds—vole to stop the filibuster. Getting a two-thirds vole on such a controversial subject is practically' inv I possible. All Senate business is done according -to rules adopted by the .senators themselves. And they nlone made the rule lhat a filibuster against a motion or bll! can't be broken except by 04 votes Since such a mote is almost im- f.liow huslncii.s, here comes lluUoiii possible to obtain, how then coulc arid O'Currmi, unlimited. » civil rights bill ever be passed? About the only chance would be If the senators changed the rule low Sea works both ways. Ten days before Allied warships began the Inchon landing bombardment, a Russian bomber flew over a United Nations Naval formation. After the •Icd-Star marked plane refused to le warned off and actually opened ire it was shot down by U. S. Naval aircraft. One, of its occupants was picked up out of, the Yellow Sea dead and Identified by name and serial number ns a lieutenant in' the Russian Air Force. Moscow protested that the plane was unarmed, and was on a routine training mission. The Russian plane was shot down nearly two years ago within a few miles of where • the U. S. flying boat fought it out with two Chinese jet fighters last Thursday. (First 1'eports from United Nations sources in Tokyo yesterday were Hetty Mutton is free of her Paramount contract for the first time in \2 years, and she's busting out The beniniiliit! dtiUI should wear j with pinna for her future. When of the Stnto for np rejection at tho next „, election for ReprPHonto nnil Senators, If a majority of ih» elector* votlnjj tlu-ruon m.iiueh election adopt imeh amendment, ihe name Hhall become » purl ol lht> ConnWutton at tho State of ii'ktuiHiis, to wit: SECTION 1. Thnt the Constltu tlon of tho State of Arknnun* be umemU'ii modifying Section 10 of Article 7 -nrnl Ruction 3 of Amend rn«nt NQ. 84 ot »atil Constitution, no an to provide for thtj ulnutlon of IT County ClprU In all of the si^ttl intlen of tin? Sl«li», n» follow*: •The |irovi»lonn for the election of u County Clerk upon « population bnsltt aw horoby aboUnhmt wnd (hero mny bo olected n County Cleric In like manner ni n Circuit Clerk, nnd In such ensoa, Uu- County Clerk may bo ex olflclo Clerk of tho Probatn Court of such county until othtsrwU* provided by tho Clenerul Assembly," Thin Amondmsnt shall be In full torcp nnd effoct upon und after Itl tuloptlon, APPROVIGD: March ttO, 1981. Seer«t«ry of Slatw C, O. HALL May 0 thru Oct. 87 f20 tlrnei) clolhinii which t.-; appropriate und ! Hlmple In tityle; I'lolhing to ullow fur freedom ot lidtllly moveinents, Inrjii 1 tiiuiugh for ucllvv pluy, such no juinplnn, ruiuiliiH, ellmblnK, «r strt'trhlntt; clothlnu which Is com Jortubjj' nnd long fnough to nl- low for IndepenUi'iicc In toilet nml (IresslliH habits; loopsi ing ulci the (.'hild In un cloth- it Ilutton i.'i enthused about tlilnii, there's not much mo re you cnn do lull .sit buck und listen. Which I did. "Yep, I'm washed up with Paramount after 12 years," she began. "Man, I never felt bolter in my life. 1 could have stayed on until next January, when my contract ended up. Dut the studio hns at- up; ulolhlng npproprinlo to wen-l wt >y s ulnyed fnlr with me, und I Legal Notice llu>r conditions and temperature, s:hooM nnd rubbers amply large. so a child cnn put them un ulone; nnd mittens, cups, rubbers, und other poasessUms brought to school properly marked ao ns to prevent loss, If every child could school with the above having been glvon careful sidertitlon by tin* parents, how mu eh happier many children couW be made! como to con- PROP0860 CONftTITUTIONAt AMENDMENT NO. 43 WE IT RESOLVED by thn House of n«pr'»8eiit«Hv*» of tho State of Arkansas nnd by the Senate of the Stnto of Arkansas, n Majority of A» the Member* Klect- #A to Each House Agwlna Thereto! That the following i« hereby proposed at an amendment to the Constitution of the Stoto u( Arkansas, nnd upon beinjt »«btnlttod to the elector! of the State for approval Ot rejection at th« next general election for Re»re»*otativv» und Seufttors, if a wajorltyof the electors votln« thereon, at *uch an adopt such; amendment We same «hatl become a i>»n ot thft CotutUutlon oj the Stato »t Ar- tove kaiuns, to-wit: . „ Sate Amendment No. 18 to the Con• -" «tUt»Uou ot the State of Arfcansa*. by the «l*etora of Michigan Voters Go to the Polls DETROIT «1 — Around n mlllioi Mlchl«uu voters chose today be twuen a thovuand eundtdnios seek iuB nomlruiUunsi for nnttutial, stntt ;>na local officus In Hepublienn nnd Democratic primaries. Partly cloudy to fair, plensun sventher prevailed. Polls opened at 7 n,m. They of ftclally etoKO nl 8 p.m. iKST throuMhotit tho state, but every where authorities have promise that anyuiw In Hue nt cloving time vtll be allowed to vole ri'uurdlons f when ho reaches u booth. Secretary of StuU Kred M. Alger predicted n turnout vif 1,050,1)00 •gtcrs. Other experts prinlicted rom 850,000 to one million. Algor, himself u candidate for he OOP ftubornntorinl nomintitlon, torecast MO,lW« would vote in the Republican pj'inuuy alono. H« said it> baxixl this estimuto on "heated including his own, mid tU'l-out-lho-vote drives vunted lo piny fnir with them. 1 idn't Intend to make any more jlcturcs there, und I'd rather have ny freedom than huve them pny no ($8.1)00) a week tor doln« fitf. "Uut the one thing 1 insisted on was Hint Chnrllo (U'Currnn dnnco lirector and her husband> ttet his •uK'Use, too. We've sot uroiit plans or our own compnny; everything vc do will be done togellu-r. Gosh, ID'S terrific.! He did u great job on my palace act for New York, nnd he'll direct all my pictures. from the Chinese mainland across the narrow Yellow Sea to North Korea. Mith mllllint *h» Bike IMtolf titttdi 100 TABLETS 49{T MENACE AND IOVE MADNESS St.Joseph Cool • Air-Conditioned • Cool 5AENGER O STARTS TODAY O ERROL FLYNN RUTH ROMAN ASPIRIN that the attack was made Soviet fighter plane). AJ1 of the patrol planes by a that NEW ORLEANS and Return *14.70 KANSAS CITY/; SOUTHERN Plus 15% Federal Tax , Tbriftrip Chair Car Fare$ DIPOT TICKIT OFHCI • Telephone 7-2651 ara mraaru * W»IN(> e«os SHORT "Enchanted Island" "Dutch Treat In Sports" Miss Shirley Ann White Makes Known Wedding Plans Miss Shirley Ann White, bride- elect of Curtis P. Moore, today makes known her wedding plnns. Miss White is the daughter of Mrs. J. W. White nnd the Into Mr. White of this city. Mr. Moore is the son of Mr. nnd Mrs. C. C. Moore also of this city. The wedding will bo solemnized Saturday mormnM. August 0. at 10 o'clock at the First Methodist Church. Reverend Virgil D. Keeley will officiate at tho double ring ceremony. Miss White h;is chosen her sister. Miss Uurlenc White, as mnid of honor and Mrs. Douglas McDowell will serve ;is matron of honor. Miss Thiilin Chism, vocalist, will be ne- compnnied ;\t the organ by Frank McKay of Waverly, La., uncle of Mr. Moore. J. Samuel Harp of Marshall, Toxas. will servo as best man and ushers will be Jimmy Complon nnd Morris Kennedy. No cards. Lt. Col. and Mrs. Karl T. }louk of Fnyetleville hnve been visiting Mr. and Mrs. .lack Benty, Misses Callie nnd Sue Wesson, nnd other relatives. Col. Houk has been connected with the University of Arkansas for the pnst three years, BS Professor of Military Tactics. They are on their way to tho West Const where he will leave immediately for Yohohomn, Jnpnn, for reassignment to duty in the far East. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Klipsch returned Monday from nn 8000 mile business and vacation tour' which lasted nbout seven weeks. They visited in California nnd the Pn- cific Northwest. Mrs. Edwin Stewart Hostess to Circle No. 4 of WSCS One-Armed Pilot Brings Plane in With First Marine Aircraft WlnR in Korea lifl — A Marino Jet pilot with a shattered arm mnde n one- wheel landing with nn unoxplod bomb dnnelinx from his crippled plane. Capt. Kdwnrd Shnmls, 2ii. of Pensncoln, Fin., has been recom- DOROTHY DIX Widow's Dilemma Dear Miss Dlx: . How cnn .«ne.' denl with n person who believes j little While lies nre necessary? My flnnce Is n fine person, ex-j mended the Hroiwe Stiu- for Hospilal Notes Julia Chester Hospital Admitted: Mrs. T. J. Sutton, Hope. Mrs, L. L. Rowland, Hope. Mrs. Elmer Nations, Rt. 1, Hope. Mrs. Mollie Butler, Rt. 1, Hope. Discharged: Mrs, J. J. Honeycutt, Hope. Mrs. S. Womack, Hope. Mrs. Fred Glanton, Hope. Mrs. Bobble Rowc, Hope. Jud Bush, Hope. P. B. Skinner. .Rt. •!, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. 1. J. Sutton, Hopo, announce the arrival of » son, Steven Dennis, August 5, 1952. Circle No. 4 of WSCS of t'ne First Methodist Church met Monday I '-"^ evening at 4 o'clock at the homo of, U °P C Mrs. Edwin Stewart. Circle loader, Mi's. Barnum, opened the meeting with prayer. Mrs. Leland Warmack conducted the program which was the study on the Book of Acts. Punch and cookius were served by the hostesses, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. W. A. Franks and Mrs. S. R. to the twelve members Branch Hospital Discharged: Jim Wakeflcld, to permit breaking a filibuster will a simple majority of 49 votes. Tht men who framed the Democratic platform at Chicago rocognlzec he problem nnd the only pussibk solution. So i n their platform they "iii'Ked" the Senate in 1953 , to change Us rules to let a filibuster In- broken by n majority vote. But this is where the reality in all the hub-bub about civil rights becomes tiuly clear: for there is no mil- or method for breaking a filibuster against an attempt to chance the rule. Crash Victims Still Unidentified to spend two months summer in Knnl;md, Wo" re late this whovu I'll piny the Palladium. Tho wo'll return to make the life of Sophie Tucker. 1 own the story und Columbia and Warners arc knocking themselves out to have us do it for them. We'll retain cent of the profits, 'of 50 per course. "Then there't; television. That's the bin field now. I'm Rcttinc into U ritfht away, and Charlie will direct my films. They'll bo half hour shows nnd will KO on once every four or ei^ht weeks or some thlnjt liko that. "And whenever we don't have Tex. M— The Texas Pnrtol, still trying to WACO, Highway Identify dead and find out how many wore killed In Monday morning's tragic bus collision near here, appealed for njd today. Only 14 of 28 bodies recovered from the charred, twisted wreckage of the two Greyhound buses hnd been identified. Three other persons were known dead. And a pile of blackened bones and black, shriveled flesh defied identification. Capt. Sam Gardner of the high way patrol's Waco district last night made the appeal for hlep. If anybody has called Waco, he said, to ask about a person who might havo been on one of the buses and later found they were the patro • STARTS • TODAY SPENCER TRACY ""PEOPLE AGAINST OHARA Pot Diana John not a should wreck victim, bo notified. State Bt the General BlecUon held and. conducted on tho November, 19*8, 1* to read as day of hereby I. It b*ln* most apparent that privately factories. Industries and transportation faculties are neemary foi tb» development of a comnnmlt> and for the w*4far* of tU mhabi tauu, an annual tax ttf.w»' excaed inc one p«r eeut <*t "*' valuatioiv of »u th» cori._^« - , , may be l*viiMi by i?UU»* o use ol itrovl^Unit Iwnd* ta be for the acquisition of site and wtttaiu w without such wr Uve c«jistructl«\ ol *ttcn «tte.» oi buildings und other tacUltlui, to loase or toi- th» throughout the ntute, Michigan's primary voting record wa» set. in ItWi, when 1,047,000 ballots were vast. Democratic G«v. G. Mennen Williams U unopposed fur a third- term nomination by his parly, and few political ubkovvers tuvo Louis C. Schwintter ot S4ginu.w a chance oppose Moody in November are: Hep. Charles K. Potter iH-Miohi, iuiditor-generul Juhn II. Martin Jr., Dr. Kugono Keyes. former lieuten- t-KOvornor, nnd Clifford 1'rcvosl, secretary to Detroit Mayor Albert K. Hobo. The sugar In honey Is largely levulose, also called fructose. something to do. I'll go out and play four weeks of personals. Fou weeks is enough to provide u gooc income for a year. Oh, we'll bi busy, all rijjht." to upset Son. Moody ID- :>-,-' '^>-* sale, Of than fo«r per cent p*r an* | Bum iwutd for such purpost*, SSCTION t. When p«UUatw<i by «* ta* than ten tw «*»i fit U)» tht»*w. City CowKU wr eOkW tovem- body of any cuch city shall * ttea «itt*t* dwi ttoMMrftet ftt hftv|u th« W»l«ft«M> Mich). Besides senatorial and gubernatorial candidate*, both parties chose 18 congressional nomtuev* ntul named standard bearers for us- were weeded out, so w«ra scores upon score.* seeking local offices. Ufsldos Ab^er other candidates for the GOP gub^vtvatorlal nomination include: IXmaW S, Leotard, former state police commissioner, and William C\ V»n<tenberg, lieutenant-governor. Republicans seating th« bid to A Scors SILVERTONE RADIO-PHONOGRAPH CONSOLE No Obligation Register for Drawing THUR, FRI. or SAT. AUG. 7-8-9 CARTOON "THE FRONTON GAMES" SEVEN KEYS TO FALL FASHIONS A STYLE SHOW LUTHER HOLLAMON AT THt ORGAN FRIDAY, AUGUST 15th FAIR PARK COLISEUM 8P.M. Free Admission With Key GIT YOUR KEY TODAY AT THE STORE Hamilton, present. Births Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mnrtindnle of Nashville. Ark., announce the ar rival of a daughter August 6. Mrs. Mnrtinda.lc will bo remembered as the former Miss Mary Elizabeth Bright of Hope. Josephine Admitted: Hope. Hospital Mrs. C. G. Critchlow, Births '•>rr»'nri : ion Mrs. Raymond Bright nnd chil-| dren have returned to their homo in Conway after a visil wilh Mrs. Mary Bright. Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Eastcrlinfi and family spent the weekend in Dallas with their daughter, Mrs. Howard L. Stone. Mr. Stone, and family. Master Zob Slone accompanied his grandparents home for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Corbin Foster and daughters, Linda and Gaylo, have returned from a visil with Mrs. Omie Blackwell in Oklahoma City, Mrs. Myrtle Leo and son, Luther, of Los Angeles, Calif., are visiting Births in Hcmpstead county for the month ending July 20, 1952. as listed by State Board of Health: White Kenneth and Normn Ratcliff, of Hope, boy. Alan Wayne. Bert and Alpha Leo, Lewlsvillc, girl, Janice Elaine. Milford and Vernell Warren, ol Hope, boy. Ronald Dean. Robert and Lois Helton, Fulton, girl, Carolyn Jo. Hoyt and Maxinc Stewart. Lew isville. girl, Judy Yvonne William and Betty Barrett, Hopr boy, William Michael. Emil and Adeline Kadcn, Hope girl, Marcia Jane. Jewel and Betty Moore, Hope girl, Deborah. Talmadgc and Iris Powell, Pat mas, boy, Danny DeWitt Claude and Wanda Byrd. Hope boy, Richard Douglas. James and Helen Kennedy, Hopo boy, Glen David. Thomas and Doris Millican, of Hope, girl, .Mary Beth. Don and Ruth Turner, Hope, boy, Don Conway. Henry and Annie Weeks, ISmmot boy. Dean Day. James and Katherinc Ward, of Hope, boy, Kerry William. Vernon and Gladys Osburne, of his heroic action, the Marine Corps! snid today. ! Shamis was wounded by nnti-i aircraft fire soon after ho com-! pleted his first dive bombing run j URiiinsl an enemy supply nreii ] northeast of Chorwon. . | He suffered a t-umpound fracture | and lacerations of his left arm. j "1 heard tliis thing go 'lining'' thnuiKh the side of the cockpit, j then my arm started bleeding." tho pilot said. "I turned nnd headed for our own lines." Kolio\u-d by his \viugman, 2nd' LI. Hiehanl T. Spencer, '26, 22!) | Hanson Ave., Lima, Ohio, the < wounded officer made his way UM n distant field, As he started his; Inmliug approach he found that only one wheel would come down. "Evidently the shell that got me had also torn up my landing gear system." Shamls said. "I still had one bomb loft, and believe me J; prayed the wheel that wns down was on the side the bomb hung on. "I put her down on the dock nnd for awhile that one wheel hold p. Hut when my air speed got .iw. the plane fell on the wings vilh no wheel. Then she started skidding. The Piuitherjet cnme to a stop lose to a standby crash crow who •ushed him to a nearby hospital. dishonesties. His lying Is usually done to put himself In the right ••-; where he Insists on being nt nil j times. He nlso thinks Us very smart to get nway with n few pennies on n purchase, or othev financial ,denl. The funny part of it is, he regnrds himself ns scrupulously honest. A "shady" financial transaction Is, to him "clever." He hns been honest enough with me, He brnggs n lot. but since I reali/.o It, he Isn't exnctly puttliiK Just try stenllng n dollar from thenv however, nnd wntch the thunder roll. The ulmlnte ef- feels of cheating nnd lying, nre of course, judged In rntlo lo the amount of hnrm done, but even if no discernible 111 results form n dishonest •net, Us very nccom- pllshment hns weakened the mornl fibre of the perpetrator. As it is. the complexities of modern llv ing orentc enough ntlncks on our morals; those "\ve cnn nvolil should he sedulously by-passed. U your efforts, Lorn, fnll to reform your flnnce, he would not rank very high ns n mntrlmonlnl risk. You'll probably find yourself living in n continual da/.o. ot do- n view of his extravagant cure for him? table fll, Si uii you know of a ,,r Answer: Where Is your sense proportion, Lorn, thnt you cnn describe mi .essenllnlly dishonest person as "fine?" He mny be handsome, good compnny, n splendid dancer, etc. but If ho lies and chonts he most certainly is a man of low character, You Condoned Actions Chances are, when you first be- awnre of these trails In your finance, l.ienr Miss Dlx; For the pnsl three yeara. I hnvo boon n widow. My four children nre nil grown. During tho Inst yenr 1 hnvo been going with n widower 211 years my senior. I nm -IB. lie never lin« said anything nbout getting married, so I finally (old him he was l»Klng up my time us I need u homo nnd someone to look nftcr me —nut n friend. \Vns 1 rlghtV A. It Answer: Since you are definite- miner base' '- v '"oklng for n husband nnd homo you thouu'htj - vini wt '»'e Quito right to send your Hope, nii-1. Patricia Louise. Bernard and Helen Tnllurl, ot Hope, girl, Linda BurnadeUe Gaines and Una Jeter, DcKillb, Texas, boy, Juo Dnvid. Jewell and Murgnrel- Still, Hope, boy, Handy Lynn, Otis and Dona Burns, Hopo, girl Janice Lynn. William and Virgie McNow. of Washington, girl, Inn Karon. Tilliam and Fay Stout. McC'as kill, boy. Gary Tilliam. Hoy and Helen Toner. Hope, a girl, Brenda Sue. Arvel nnd Lula Applogale, Hope girl. Virginia Mae. Non-White Jettie and Sarah Dennis, Emmet girl; Thomas and Annie Ross, of Hopo, boy; John and Irma Gamble, Hopo, girl; Jundry and Laura LiniU'.ey. Hopo, girl; Roy and Glcnnie Loudormilk, Hope, girl; Frank and Carrie Stuart, Tcxar kana, girl; Jossio and Ruby Cook. Hopo, boy; Hollis and Helen Johnson, Hopo, girl; Jimmy and Hattie Smith, Hopo, boy; John and. Thelma Williamson, Washington, boy. they were cute; otherwise 1 scarce ly can see how be ncqulred the. stnlus of flnnce In your life. Surely j you nMist hnvc condoned thorn. Now they nre beginning to become annoying and open to question, dm you Imagine whnt the next stop will bo'.' As these potty dishonesties grow nnd grow — as they inevilnbly must — your reaction will bo more and more marked, to the point where you will utterly despise n mnn who can be so lucking in honesty and fairness *'" White lies, minor frauds, dis- honosios, nil have their origin In a desire to show off, to be clever, to put one over on tho other fallow. Can you see anything ndmir- nble iu any one of those qualities',' Yet you think your flnnce a "fine" person! If you can regard his fallings with n little more objectivity, there's n chanee you could effect « reform. As mntlers stand now. 1 think you go along with his id-' en lhat there is nothini; loo wrong | In his notions. If you will lake a firm stand of disapproval, loll him in no uncertain terms that be. cither gives up his smart nlecky ] tricks, or you'll give him up, you may got n liUle sense into his ills- \ honest brnln. A good book on mor nl values would nlso have a cor- rectlvu effccl. Gel your minister lo recommend one, I It is Iruly amuzlng how many people gleefully cheat a bus company out of a dime, or a chain store out of a dollar. Tt nlmost seems to bo a challenge, wilh friend on Ills way. He undoublod ly hns no interest whatsoever In marrying nnd you'd be foolish to continue wnstlng your lime with him. ers- -flbojr <Bamiile8 and , llenr Miss Dix: Two weeks ngo 1 wrote lo rny boy friend who is In the Nnvy ,und snid 1 thought we should discontinue writing for n while. I had n few reasons for my decision — religious difference, imd the, fuel thnt I'm only II! nnd my parents thought I wns netting too serious over the boy, Now I feel I made n mlstnke nnd | though wrote nnd npologlxcd. 1 hnven't heard furlhor from him, JULIET, Answer: Under tho clrcunislnn-i ccs, you probably ure bolter off leaving the mailer whore it Is, A renewed correspondence now will only increase the difficulties, U will make your friendship more, serious Hum It was before., while .still oompllcnti'cl with the religious famous 1 for dual suction efficiency' and 'modeitft design—available 'at 20% belo^v re.gula$;, price. Good as Liberal trade-in arice. Easy real value; 'sb' c'onlCd early— rget; yours they last! . CO. •A Tr«,lo Mnik » Sears Catalog Sales Office - Hope, Ark. L.ITTL.C L.I1 ELECT WESLEY HOWARD CHANCELLOR TUNE IN KXAR 12:15 la 12:30 THURSDAY, AUG. 7 You'll vvcmt to hear Wesley Howard discuss his candidacy for Chancellor. Remember to tune irdihursday, Aug. 7th. 1** AUGUST » Clearance Sale ALL SUMMER MERCHANDISE Piece Goods, Childrens Wear, Underwear, Men's Wear, Boys Sportswear, Hosiery All Spring and Summer DRESSES Shop All Departments for Extra Good Buys. Merchandise you can use now and for weeks to come. Sale Starts Thursday 8:30 A.M. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main & Country Club rd. LAST DAY "CHALLENGE TO LASSIE" Color by Technicolor , with Edmund Gwcmi — Donnld Crisp Gernldlne Brooks SEWING 108 S, Elm St." Hopo, Ark. No phone order*/p • AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR SHOPPING COMFORT t "Hope's Finest Deportment Store" < • AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR SHOPPING COMFORT t What You Can Buy FOR LESS tM>M. Shrubbtry. . FASHIONS FOR AUU TH* ' FAMIUY. , „ „«. S.wlnfl M»Phln«. 9 Appll» ncM i|..n«ri BtPV«» WaAtmm lilB*l'« ( •» r*I.U • AUTOMOTIVE NBBP* FAST SERVICE on every item thro Cato»Q9 Buy on Sears Easy Payment Plan You can now open an Account right here in Take advantage versary Sale now —today! It s co Mrs. Mary Jo B Manager — she plete information. Save more duri our First Anniversary «^»- v — COME IN to 9tar» mall ord«r Our cewrtooua P i. will el«dly btlp jw» open § 8»ar» i»«y Pilf» mtnt Aeeo«ot, SEARS, ROEBUCK A

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