Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 16, 1935 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 16, 1935
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VOLUME 37—NOMBER 56 y 9H h6 ffiftjtftti inquisition btotd, h« reftteffltortiit v; * • }/ ' t\ -' ^^|WtfW|^^u ^^.^^^g^^ Hope * «JHkw*. XT£.^ •"••••" •»rwM*iiiiiMi «Tr&M J? g fi*Jr hi !' M<<nlM * 'YV'WP** ttnjgfpil*if l ^ f „ vr **i ekntdy. HQPfi, ARKANSAS, MONDAY-, DECEMBER 16, 1935 G-MEN STRIKE KIDNAP BULLETINS JGreatChristmas c« • I c.... -7~ -r rrr.;~T.;^~r~ Still- of Hope 189$; l>rfji», W5; Cuniolldaletl January J<j, '"" PRICE 56 NEW YORK—(XP)—The New York Evening Post in a copyrighted article Monday said that it had received a report that Bruno Richard Hauptmann had confessed he and the late Isadora Pisch had collected the .$50,000 ransom money in trie iiindbergh kidnaping case. A The Post said its information Howard County's Liquor Injunction Case Is Appealed! such an nuthoritnlivc source that *hc story could not be ignored. Actress Dead LOS ANGELES, Calif.— (fl>)—Thc\mu Todd. movie actress, was reported found dead in her automobile Monday near the cnfe which she owned nnd operated, on thc coast highway near Santa Monicn. " i Friends of the actress were said to 4 Coiirt Will De- I bc kcl -P'»K further dctnils secret. cide Tuesday Whether to |n —-"••-—— Advance_its_Hearin g i senate r resident DELAY BATESVIL L E Precedes Speaker Local Option Vote There Is Held Up by Petition Technicality LITTLE ROCK-fTD-Thc Arkansas Supreme Court took under submission Monday a petition by F. E. Mul- kcy, Nashville liquor store operator, that he bc permitted to continue business operations in dry Howard county pending the decision of thc tribunal on his appeal attacking thc validity of the local option election held September 5. The tribunal indicated that a decision would bc bonded down Tuesday on whether Mulkey's case would be advanced "as o matter of public interest and the circuit court ruling suspended pending ndjuticatlon." Mulkey appealed last week from the circuit court's decision .that the coun- i Follows Lieutenant Governor in Succession, Supreme Court Holds LITTLE ROCK.-(/F)-The Arkansas Supreme Court ruled Monday that the president of 'the state senate is next in line of succession to the governor and lieutenant governor. The opinion affirmed n Mississippi county circuit court judgment in declaring valid the appointment 'by Acting Governor W. F. Norell last April 18 of Miss Beatrice Lyons. Cralghcnd county, as a notary public. Tho suit was the outgrowth of a disagreement betwun the senate president pro tempore and Soaker Harvo Thorn of the House of Representatives over who should serve as governor in thc absence from thc 'Great Christmas PafadetoBeHeld 3:30 Wednesday Comic Giants From Metropolitan Centers Wiil Be Seen in Hope PARADE_O£ FLOATS Civic Organizations and Individuals to Compete for Float'Prizes Preparation of thc Young Business Men's big Christmas parade to bc staged in Hope Wednesday afternoon,! was ncaring completion Monday, giv- ) ing promise of one of thc greatest' spectacles here in years. Features of Ihc parade will bc spec- ; ial floats, entered by civic organize- lions and individuals, competing for j citi-h prizes offered by various mer- ' chants of Hope, which are pooled by I the finance committee of thc Young ' Business Men's association. j Giant funny-faced figures with i painted faces, often seen in big Eastern ! city parades, will add spectacular em- j pha.sis to the occasion. [ Santa Claus will bo hero in person ' lo add real Christmas spirit to the ! event. Schools of Hope will be dis- • missed in time to allow students lo participate in or witness the parade. The 37- piece Hope Boys band will furnish music. Much interest is being aroused and a big crowd from thc Hope trade territory is expected to line the sidewalks for Ihc procession. Social Security Tax Effective January i Financing of Old Age Pensions, Unemployed, Nea|r Aimed to Banish Speeder of Want for the Aged; and Dependent - ! TREMENDOUS TASK If Valid, Program Will Tap Payrolls of. 30 Milt-' lion Americans , 'This M the fir'at'ofa. •»"•'<?« of three articles ex-\ nitty what the (/overn-\ u-t-state Social Seciir-) it a Phm. means to ijou.r The prof/ram, most'am-:* bit ions of its hind in\ American.- histon/, be-\ comes effective Jan. 1. ! By RODNEY DUTCHER NEA Washington Correspondent i WASHlNGTON-The most tremendous social-economic experiment in our history, the so-called social security program, will become effective on the first day of 1936. From January 1, industrial payrolls of Ihc nation will bc taxed to support- The Social Security Board. Left to Right, Arthur J. Altmcycr, John G. Wlnant, and Vincent Miles How Money Is Apportioned of both Thc liqilor store owner contended that the petitions asking for the election were circulated in an illegal manner. . ~ BATESyiLLE), 'Ark.-(/P)-A legal technicality, previously overlooked, will prevent Batcsvillc from holding its scheduled local option liquor election Tuesday, County Judge Oscar T. Jones announced Monday. Thc announcement from Judge Jones 'said that the law provided that "thc county court shall outhorize an election at the next regular term of court aftcr the petition has been received." Thc local pcilion was filed with Judge Jones October 7 in thc term of court which opened October 1, (md the judge said this precluded him from legally making out the election order "until the next regular term of thc county court." This would bc January 6. Chancery Injunction Void LITTLE ROCK —Special Chancellor E. R. Parham over the week-end di.smiwicd injunction proceedings bu- Ijun by F. E. Mulkey, liquor dealer at Nashville, who sought to restrain Revenue Commission Earl R. Wiseman from closing Mulkey's liquor store al 12 Saturday night, BO days aftcr certification of results of a special election which outlawed sale of liquor in Howard county. Special Chancellor Parham sustained a demurrer filed by Thomas Fit/- hugh, assistant attorney general, and Millard Alford, attorney for the stale Revenue Department, contending that Pnlaski Chancery Court lacked juris- iction. , The acting chancellor ruled that the .jctition wns predicated on thc legality <-,f Ihc Howard county referendum and that thc Puliiski court could not grant nn injunction without passing on validity of tho election, a question subject lo decision only by courts of that county or the State Supreme Court. An appeal attacking the petition tlvjt resulled in County Judge A. T. Henry calling the special election is pending in thc Arkansas Supreme Court and (Continued on page three) gpvernor. Charging Prairie county election officials with fraud "which destroys the integrity of the ballot" the Arkansas Supreme Court Monday ordered County Judge J. J. Holmes removed from office. ai.d/;clcclared , that a vacancy existed. Thc decision reversed a Prairie circuit judgment of- October 24 which held that Holmes was thc winner in the 1934 primary over J. F. Sims by a 12-votc margin. Reviewing thc testimony of the lower court, the hi^h tribunal said: "Tho irregularities enumerated arc sufficient to show a new nnd unique method of holding a primary." JGoodfellowsFund Lacking But $21 j Reaches $179 Over Week- End, Against an Expected Goal of $200 The Goodfellows Christmas Cheer Fund was within $21 of an announced goal of $200 Monday when a fifth report of nn American Legion committee soliciting funds was tabulated. Thc latest report by Chairman J. K. Sale contained $!).25. Previously acknowledged Dorsey McRac, Jr. ^T^^I^SM&^ra en s club of Hope will act as judges. > -r™ . „ , All parade contestants arc asked lo ! , J-P 1 ^ , tax won l bc collected until register with thc parade committee, i , ',' , bul . most cm P'°yers have budg- composccl of Terrell Cornelius, A. E. I tted lor 1U Stonequest, Fred Gray and J. K.' Sale. Soon afterward, probably also in January, Congress will appropriate Christmas Charity Ball Here Friday Cash Cash W. P. Agee Cash Robert Wilson Alfred Brannon Walter Carter Mrs. Aline Johnson C. Presley J. M. Houston Mrs. Hattic A. West Total to date $195.75 1.00 .50 .50 1.00 .50 1.00 1.00 1.00 .50 .25 . 1.00 1.00 $179.00 _ , ,_.- _^, M .,»*» "t't'* U )J4 *ntU Starting time of the parade has been almost 5100,000,000 for use of the states' set for :3:30- p. m. Formation will i' n innncdiote federally approved-pro- probably bc on South Main street, al- j srams for: ' .-'«. ; though no definite announcement of •*• Pensions for needy aged, depcn- this has been made yet | clcn( mothers, nnd needy blind. j 2. Extension of state welfare activ- j itics, for maternity and infant care, crippled and neglected children, pub! lie health and vocational rehabilita- i tion. • 3. An additional ?4,000,000 grant for ; expenses- of state unemployment com- j pensation systems. 1 11 h CJrmncni-oli *" ' ! ' 37 thc fcdcral government will 1 U U OpOnbOl >S , begin colelcting compulsory contribu- t at CoUlltry Clllb. i lions from bolh employers and em-i Rrif]pwpll'<5 T'nl-0 I ploycs for a huge national old ago •uiiuev* t.Jl £5 UdKe , benefit system designed eventually to A PI •' n ~ • ' prnv ' r ' c definite incomes for millions 1 <1il F-'' I mi ' S . "-"'"'''y " a 'l will bc of workers after they reach the age Hope Country club, near Bridewell's lake. Sponsored by the Cotillion club of Hope, all proceeds after expenses are deducted will be donated to charity. T. H. Crone's 12-piccc negro orchestra of Shroveport will play. Old Age Assistance ^50000,000 Aid to Dependent Children '* 24,750,000 Public Health 8,000,000 Grants to States to Administer Unemployment Compensation Laws 4,000,000 Maternal and Child Health 3,800,000 Otto Foster Shot on Hunting Trip Wounded Accidentally - While Shooting Quail Near Spring Hill Otto Foster, 27, of Spung Hill, was accidentally shot Saturday about noon while hunting quail neai Spring HOI Pellets from a shotgun in the hands oi Roy Butler, companion, spnnklec Fostei from head to toe, but his wounds are not considered serious Foster was brought to Josephine hospital here His wounds were treat- edjand he was , rv _ home One of the pellets struck his right eye. Physicians said he would not lose the sight of the eye. Other shots' prayed Foster on the right side of his body from the forehead to the ankle. The Country club building has been -' ^™*™* s wllle » &**>* H. * •cptircd with a new ,-onf nnri m.i cclli ! m fo«mosl authorities Arc Affected There you have the three big phases of the New Deal's most ambitious piece of legislation—a program affecting at least 30,000,000 Americans, understood by few members of thc Congress which passed it, damned by rcptircd with n new roof, and repainted, and carpenters were busy Monday putting down a new floor. Interior of tho building will be dec-! . - - . .---„— „...„orated appropriately for a Christmas ' llmt ' s nilllv hooed "s something like thc celebration. Invitations have been ! l ' awn of tllc millennium. — on economic security, defended often as "at least a beginning," viewed apprehensively by many employers, and somc- "Among our objectives," said prcsi- •nt Roosevelt, "I place first the se- Ad- i curity of the men, women, and children of thc nation." And the Social Security Act is the answer, for better or for worse, to a system which in its creakier moments finds many millions of citizens on public charity and even in better Bidding for times finds millions only a jump from mailed to surrounding towns and a biy ! "Among our i crowd of merry makers is expected. '; <lcnt Roosevelt, Tho dance starts at 10 p. m. mission will be $1.10. G. O. P. Convention Is Up to Three Cities WASHINGTON —(/!>) the 1M Republican national convcu- 'destitution or already there. Aid to Blind Crippled Children Child Welfare Grants to States for Vocational Rehabilitation TOTAL 3,000,000 2,850,000 1,500,000 841,000 FLAPPER FANNY SAYS: «i*rt II K ttAT.nff. HtO.U. !>, RAT. OFF. Another Is Bound Over for Robbery jlsaac^ Holmes, Negro, Waives Hearing in DeVaughn Store Raid i Isaac Holmes, one of several negroes arrested in the robbor.v of the Lee DeViuighn secondhand store .sr-vt-ral weeks ayo. waived preliminary hearing in municipal coifrt Monday on es of burglary and grand 1; lion was definitely narrowed Monday to Cleveland, Chicago and Kansas City. Italy Big Gainer by Peace Plan Where tUere's a will to exercise . there's flo' fear *t. a weigh. and was held for action of tlu , stead county grand jury. Bond Holmes was fixed at $100. Other eases: G. B. Foster, drunkenness, pleaded , guilty and was fined SIO. Craig Siimns and H. Blair entcrei pleas of guilty to charges of possession of illegal liquor. They were fined $-"> and costs each. Marion Wasson. state bak commissioner in charge of Arkansas Bunk & Trust Co.. insolvent, obtained juUg- ' inont of $1SG.J6 against J. W. Patterson i'i a civil suit for action on a note. Another civil ease brought by Tc-x- arkana Casket Co., against'Iru" Halliburton doing business us Halliburton Sheet & Metal Works was dismissed °n payment of costs. The ancient Parthians, according to Flu lurch, beat kettledrums to frighten their enemies. . State Aid Is Vital Right now it is extremely important to remember thtit except for the long range program of old age annuities or benefits—a phase which you mustn't confuse with federal grants to states for immediate old age pensions, which can be effective as soon as congress appropriates—the carrying out of the, program depends on state IcgiilaUvc V 98,741,000 Almost Jiuu.ooo.ooo will bo appropriated by Congress in January u• launch the great Social Security program, in which the federal Btwornment and the states will co-operate. The chart above bhowsllio clauses which will benefit and how thc money will bc aiiporiloneil among the needy in Iho greatest social-economic experiment in U. S. history British Officials {Robbers Fail in Defend Peace Plan 2 Raid Attempts apprcvcd here and state funds provided to "atcli" tho federal grants for pcnskm.s to needy aged, mothers, and lilind persons as well H.S the federal Mib.-idic.s for other welfare work. Kiich state must legislate a satisfactory unemployment insurance program I itajo-Elhio- within certain broad federal standards, I if it is 10 retain at homo a stipulated learned Momiav. M e a n while, Entrenchc d | Drake and Green Business Italians Await Expected ' Houses Tampered With Ethiopian Attack Over Week-End Lindbergh Not to Visit Bruno's Cell Father of Slain Baby Grimly Certain He Has the Right Man TRENTON, N J-Col Charles A I Lindbergh has vetoed a carefully I guarded plan to have him confront Bruno Richard Hauptmann in the electric chair. This dramatic scheme to obtain a confession from the phlegmatic German, a high state official revealed Sunday, was conceived after Hauptmann|s conviction lasl February. Lindbergh was reported to have received the suggestion at first with interest. The aviator's entrance into thc execution chamber was to climax an ordeal calculated to break the strongest nerves.. Hauptmann's head and legs were lo be shaved. Thc electrodes Philadelphia Scioi Missing; Fediri Join in Man-Hi f '' » Search Spreads. Out?f£ Caleb J. Milne, Actor,** of Old Family j GET RANSOM NOT] Kidnapers Looking'^*)! Milne's Grandfather for **< the "Payoff" NEW YORK-|yp)-jrederal u-m*™ joined New York police' Monday m f li search for Caleb J. Milne, Ith, * some actor scion of an old-Phiwma-- phia family, after a letter to his broth-* er indicated that he had been kidnap- ed for ransom "We have your brother in, the co'un-, try" was the purport of a ifetter marked Poughkeepsie, N. Y. «; m touch with your' grahcifathery 5 ! Philadelphia and have a latf&e suni c. cash available. We will coinrrtunicat with you again " *,,.'* The investigation is being conducted' with the utmost secrecy, . v ask- ' Textile Scion Mlsshig ed Sunday night to seek Caleb ,„. . Milne, 24, actor and grandson of, Caleb S i Jones Milne, wealthy Philadelphia^ textile manufacturer., / r £4 The Daily News said his disappear-*" J ance Saturday morning, ostensibly; t&°^ visit his grandfather m Philadelphia,'*^ was followed by a iotc from purport-^! ed kidnapers demanding ransom. " ""«-—-*• *•• ••»M»»**.HIJ, ApuiDUHi. Milne's brother and roommate, ^red- eric, asked police to begin the search He said the youth leit a note "ass ing he was going to r Philadelphia' Would return the same night. W-=x jg™- he did not appear, his disappearancejlS was reported ' i"e&w» roman whi At Woodstock, N.'Y, a refjused^p^p^hj^RnjAS was dnSSSKrSSshr^. „ „„ the young actor ha.d been kidnaped and that a ransom note had-.been rq- v ceived She said federal agents were working on the case in New York f ft Detective McAuhffe at police head-,' " quarters said a letter had been received from Poughkeepsie, N Y,, assert- '•' ing that young Milne was in that city-« and "nothing was wrong " The Ipttej- < howevei, was not made public. , ? The News said a strange telephone call Saturday morrung at his home heie led young Caleb to leave suddenly. ' This is Dr Green in Gracje Square," voice supposedly informed Caleb Your grandfather Js seriously >11 and wishes you to come with me at once o Philadelphia." Young Milne jotted down an address at wruch he was to meet ,<'0r. jieen," and before departing asked Mrs Louise Tarbel, in charge of his apartment house, the direction to Gracie Square near Eighty-suUh street nnd the East river By the Associated Press . _ . A counter-attack on critics of the, Attempted robberies of rake Anglo-French plan for endin« the cpmr .store a Li terms ut tun Fran.-o- liiiii^h prnposal lo end the Itiilo-K()iio]iian war provide for a "I'l'ii'inlly snlutiuii by ex- I'linn^o of ii'i'ritorics, 1 ' as imli- • aii-il mi ilii> niiip. Two areas wimlil b.' i-.'di'd to Italy, aii.l I.Ill 1 iiriM H-ollIll Bl! O]ll'llOcl to Italian r(iliilii/.iMlu»i, with o.\- eliiMVi- I'l-uiioinlc j-ightB. Kthi- upi.i would rei-i'lvt> a stri|) of. Kriiiviin ti'iTiloi-y, jjivhiK access to tin! purl ,t Assab, which also wimlj I)i. 1 ceded to jt. ill) I.H-I- cent of thc iimounl of unemployment t;ixi;s its employers will b:; paying tj the federal treasury. Only eight itut.es have set up un- '.;inpli yment insurance laws. Some fast work i; expected in 1936 on the part CVosNil Task Faced Tin administrative job created here by the program will be tremendous and ihe bulk of it will arise when the Social Seeburity Board begins to es- i tablish individual files for more than < 25,000.001) Americans who will be paying into Ihe Federal Old Ajx Re.-ci've | Fund 1-iuard their annuities in later 1 1 life. | h ultimately, mcst of the men in : Jiargi of ihe jub are of high caliber. I Members of the Social Security Bo;u-.l i ire: CHAIRMAN JOHN G. WINANT. the all, dark, impress-JVC former governor . I New Hampshire, a war aviator. . . . i •• -- a nd J- L. Green J-IIT*>IMK war is in preparation j shop over the week-end were frus- ih government, it was (rated by Policemen Baker and Ward. An unidentified robber broke into gain O'n the southern front, meanwhile. the faeist army a.s.>unie<l a defensive .. position. From Doi ame reports that j Dial Italy's weary .southern forces were bralcd for an attack expected momentarily from a ma.ss of 40.000 Ethiopian warriors under Ra;, Dcsla Demtu. Objects | lv—Premier Benin.) Mus- j ijeel to the Franco-British j 1 on five fundamental | us indicated here Sunday .' launched an open attack on the proposed ba.-is for ending Italy's war against Ethiopia. Mjissolini's reply tu the intfrccdiny powers, reliable ,-oiiree.s revealed, will contain Ihe fojlowing main criticisms: 1.^ The proposed colonization zone in Southern Ethiopia is inferior tu the sphere jf influence already accorded (Continued on page three) (Continued on page two) Drake's building, attempted to ,.,„... entrance to tho liquor stocks, but apparently was frightened away by (he- approach of Policeman Baker. A checkup showed nothing missing. An unidentified robber pri/cd off a bolt on the rear door of Green's Pressing shop, but apparently was scared away before gaining entrance. Catholic Bishop of Tennessee Dies at 52 NASHVILLE, Tenn.--f/p'-The Must Reverend AlphoJie John Smith, bishop of Tenneesscc. with Catholic jurisdiction over Tennessee, died sudden!*Monday in a hospital here. He was 52. Masonic Notice Call meeting Tuesday night, December 17. to confer Entered Apprentice degree.. All Master Miisons invited. were to be fastened and his doom wns to bc made to appear but a matter of seconds. And at this zero hour, the father of the slain first little Lindbergh bab> was to confront Bruno, face to face.' But activities of the last few weeks climaxed with thc revelation of Gov. Harold G. Hoffman's midnight death house rendezvous with Hauptmann, caused Lindbergh and his advisers to abandon the idea. Lindbergh now 'eels that his appearance might be construed into an admission of doubt is to Bruno's guilt. And Lindbergh, his same official declared cmphati- ally, still is certain of Hauptmann's -lilt. Lindbergh's conviction that Haupt- nann is thc kidnaper and the 'man csponsiblc for his first horn's death i has never wavered since he identified [Bruno's guttural tones as the voice | he heard calling "Doktor" Condon in i tt Raymond's cemetery. Bronx, during the ransom negotiations. I could pick thai \OICL out from a million," Lindbergh told thc .mthoi- itjes immediately afterwards Husband Is Slain by Negro Woman Killing Witnessed by Another Man, Say Investigating Officers Dromon Muldrow. 50, negro, hying on thc north side of the wtj, was shot and killed at his home late Saturday night by his wife, Ardean, who officers said emptied a 38 calibre pistol at Two bulleti took effect, one enter, mg just above thc lefT eye and lodg* ing in the head The other entered tho left shouldei and ranged down- waul into the phest. He died irtstantlv The wpman s w tendered to officeis and \\ds lodged m jaiL She wa»ved preliminary hearing m mtnuciual court Monday and was held for action of tha grand jiuy Officers quoted the negro woman is Sd> mg that hei hiiib,ind came home drunk, a quarrel started, and he struck icr over thc head with a stick of wood inflicting a wound on her fou- Tht shooting occuircd .ibout 11 p m Cidig Sunms negro who claimed _ I to be a roomer at the Muldrow home. I «as a witness of thc shooting, officer ' aid Coroner Weaver investigated and -aid that Muldiow came to his death [ bj gun wounds No inquest was held Muldiovs was cmplo\ed by the Hope Hi ailing companj Key Witness Found in Liggett Killing MINNEAPOLIS. Minn.—(7}>)-<:hicf i of Police Flank Foiustal annoimi.cc Monday that a key witness in the Walter Liggett assassination had been apprehended. He declined to divulge tho identity of thc prisoner immediately. The 90-mile long Kink's highway of Cape Cod extends from Plymouth to Provincelown. Mass.

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