The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 23, 1940
Page 3
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TUESDAY, APRIL 23, 1940 COURIER NEWS Euoipinnr HP 5JJLE 1-iltje Sister's Active Sports Togs Are Smartly Designed By MAK1AX YOUNC NnA Service Sujf CorresjJOuJtut NEW YORK.-Ncw sports and Play togs for little girls closely resemble the smaitly-dcslgiied iicllvc .•ijXH-ls clothes for clil: grown-ups •yions :iii<) halters of c-xcitinK not .strictly jiive.vilc, prinLs art teamed up with midiiiij; i]n T( .- qunrt(-rs jHtkcus-cusuHl as a college girl's and just as practical Unplcaled. simply tailored shorts oi • plum, sturdy materials come with flamboyantly gay halters and equally gay t ,cii s . Sports shoes to wear with these are heellea imci tw-Jcss. Some hat-e wedge lirels 01 platform soles, or both. A weekend wardrobe for Miss B-to-M-vear-Okl Include* well- tut slacks, a llariay iiiji a, !f i a short, boxy jacket ol mLstv blue washable flannel, a plain pi'nk cotton shirtwaist blouse and a pink nnd white and blue washable silk ('•in dress. The blouse is equally nice with slacks or skirt, and so js Die jacket. ~. ' ..mi; GRANDMA I1SK1) TO WEAR For slightly less active piny- say hoop-rolling between afternoon bath time -and the dinner hour- there are charming pinafores lo slip on over a cotton print'dress These are exactly like the pinafores grandmother wore when she was a little girl and they are made of the same sheer, white, starched materials. Gloria , Jean, attractive little Hollywood star, has been wearing a dress of red cotton, barred will) beige and blue with lighter blue flowers between the bars, and a starched wiiite pinafore with deep ruffled shoulders, finished w ilh eyelet embroidery. Oloria also likes a navy cape with the attached lioad lined with scailat. she wears this with ||i>ht print dresses and black patent, Mary Jane shoes. Stles For "Liilie Girl" tins aKracluf new outfit for blcycliiiR, roller skat tffuiis- or the beach consists of blue denim shorts in the jiew longer «n«th, a niulti - color striped overall lop ami belt. It is mud. by screen star (!lo ria Jean Fnnfcrcs clnldnns are tish.on i^x-, i ileiurlnunls GlorU | capacity at Ihe Scout Circus (o be ilii'ld at Forest, city In June. Aflcml All Day Mrrdnr ;»l Illydicvilli. Mis, linlph i,. l) 0 iii!li\s, Mrs Ohnrllc Krims, Mrs. Josephine In- lii'.ss. Mrs. Cliurll,, (; w ktM\. Mrs. •I, w. Kinllh, Mis. |j. o. Wllklns. mid MLS. (;. |j. Wl)0 ,,, um , ,„ lllythcvlllc radiH' iiliendln K |i]f tpuulerly meellnn ol the Womair.s Missionary Koclellrs of Mississippi Mis. Wllklns WHS elected secrc- iiy-lreuMirer, and Mis. Wood, pianist, of nils oriianlmtion. * * i '»™<T V. IV. A, Glrk Mu-l In (.pedal conipllim-iu lo Mia. II. A. Klmlmmiili, who while In MIX- oni WHS Hie Counselor for lh<> I !i't! WOHirii 1 ..; Auxiliary of (he 'list church, now of Jiicxnin,; ""sec, Mrs. If. i,. j J01K , k ,„.'! vltfd the members of Mils Kmi( > to f I"'!' hdllH- IMdliy ' •Mrs. Kiinbiuui'h. ft ft If Moon New* W. M. S. Moots The Woman's Missionary .society met, with Mrs, lllrseliel Alexandra Monday nl|;ht. f'oltowlni; tho Ijusl- iicsJi H'Mlon. n,,, K ucsls honored Mrs. Coy T«wd!(> with a lulsccl- InjH'oiis .shower. The hostess' serv- i'd n salnd plait w n), | U , (1 (( ,, lt * * • i (.'OllllltCls SellOOl I 'I'lie HOT. Mr. Hlfwnrl Is conduct ,1111 n liainini; sciiml M Hull' Moon Mi'mlxis of (ho Home Economics J l!lss "'"' "'<"'• Instructor, Miss Uulsllll<: ' >%'<'. niH with Mrs On ' J!l(l Mitchell rhtiridHy nltjlil, Mr, nml M rs . jess ijinki' ol PAOK TTTRKE cioislng spent Sunday w |th Mi. and Atrs Oscar Ingram nf m "!"' M " L| W (1 Lcathcr of Blyuicwilfl. spent Sunday MIsAOcnldlnc Koonce. . , Mr. nnd Mrs, ' Willie Ferguson" of '»HU n Ocll, visited Mr. and M™ I^sllc J'eenles (ho past week Miss Monde Connrd, who 'has I, returned The (IfiilBhlcr of Mr , ant! . Mrs J »*B«cktaHlof abronc fcctirm this week. -^ — PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Voilr Prescription Drugjjljt Fowler Drug Co. Main & nm ,, boDe 14 , Gloria Jean, pretty Hollywood star, wears a smart pl»y suit for Lite sjirine and summer. Of navy blue piijue with an unusual striptil pattern, it incluiles overall top. flaring shorts and box coat. Missionary Society, presiding. Mrs Lewis Dial, of McGee. Arkansas ant! Mrs. Paul Galloway, Osceola were out-of-town guests. Invocation was said by Ihe Rev R E L Bearclen, Jr., pastor. " Be the Tic." * * • Tarty For Brlde-Ktcct The spacious country home or Mr. an* Mrs. William Howard was the scene of a lovely parly Sntur- Luxora Society—Personal I-unchcon and Program ,i\Iee{mj Honor Mrs. K. W. Potter The auditorium and the recreation room of the Uixorn Melliodlst tliurch decorated with baskets ot spring llowers made an attractive .setting for u luncheon, inaugurating Ladies' Day, to which every member of the local church was invitc-d. An attendance of 40 was present, with Mrs. E. W. Potter of Jcncsboro. as guest of honor, with Mrs. E. R. Bogan, president of (lie Pull the Trigger on Lazy Bowels, and Also Pepsin-fee Stomach! -.. t ^vL.jt vi rt luvciy parly !3jitur- Pollowlng the luncheon hour, a day afternoon when their daugh- progrnin by the young ladies of the ! lcr ' Miss Dixic Howard, of Mem- church, under the leadership ol j pl '. is ' cntcrtiilncd with a stiovver- , .„.„,„.,„,„ „, Mra. Charlie Tliomas, was held in .honor of Miss Mabel the itL-dltorlum. The arranged pro-! Oeo ''8e. «'liosa wedding will occur gram was opened by » piano pre- """ '" - lude; solo, "Take Time to Be Holy". sinij; by Mrs, Caroline Sharp; prayer, Mrs. Bogan; hymn, "Tile Church's One Foundation", congregation; devotional, "Kindred Minds". Romans 12:1-11, by Mrs. May 12. Bridal wrcnlh, purple iris and pink snapdragons were used' us floral decorations In tlic rooms where the guests were to play wSf'nlawd 8 with 01 "x,r 0g rf i0 " S "' 1J:lMC1 Sna>lcs wns °» Cilcl > Pl«lc. Meadow ^i, " ,,i T-™'™* T1 ' e ,'! 1 " te .° f . 'he Lonorcc carried a. lamps. Miss George was presented six rock crystal goblets. Tlie refreshment plate was lovely in a bridal motif of Ice crenm frozen in wedding slippers nnd wedding , bells. Individual cakes iced in green and while, with dcc- ornlions of lillles-of-thc-vnlley, nml In one)) cuke wns hidden a fortune token, will) Die fortunes being rend by Miss Evn George. Miss Edna George's cake carried Ihe doll which was lo determine the consolation prize, an enameled, hand dccoruled nspirin case for the purse. A corsage of assorted mints hi pastel shades was on each plate. " niliilnliirc bride, with n filmy veil. The shower gifts were presented r> lii L.- m.i-ii, uy mis. •"-•!• iiinjcu wun wrs. cjininii K. W. Nichols; responsive reading; j Meadows holding high scoie She h.vnm. "Open Mine Eyes"; address I w «« Eiven u. minor plncqiic with iEEj!rr^^^ You Pay A Reasonable Wage For Money Hired From Us , tasle. and bad Lrca'tli yoSr slomach 13 probably loaded up with ccS lain undiKwlttl foodaiul yoarlwwe h& Kt^T.i 1 *." 1 -'? 0 " 1 Pc ' 13in tn hcl l' brejk up fnst that rich undigested food in yoiirst 0 ,n a ch,a,un J «Mivc 8 &(inatm, the trigger on tliosc lazy bowels So he sure your iMativc nlso antaim Pmsin Sv™n D p GMW Laxativ<; ' bccaSs sirup Pepsin heljis you g.iin (lint non- dcrfulstonKiclicc.iuroit.vviriletliel ,x«° e Senna moves yourbowcls. Tests prove Ilic iwmrof Pepsin todisailvc tlioselumiKuf luidigcslcd jirolcin food which nijiy I il «J inypurstoinacli.tocauscbclcliiiig. gastric ncKhtyand nausea. This'-is hftw'&Sin- rang your -stoniach helps relicveillfsurli stress. At the same time Ihis medicine \Acsuplazyncrvcsannmusclesinymir w«-cls to relieve yourconstipation.Sosee how much heller you fcel by laking the bxnlive that also puts Pepsin to «,lk rin : that stomach discomfort, too. Even fin- icfcy cliildreii Ion to t;i 5le this pleasant famil}' laxative. Buy Dr. Caldwcirs \M- BUY ?ire$tone STANDARD TIRES •OTHEt SIZES SIZES I • - ftOPORTIONATBLT LOW // ] At Today's LOW PRICES.'! Aa 5fl c l '« r «'eek! Low As wU On Our i BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. ! Bih Wtlnut Phone Slt „,„. 0 ,, ( , r ., , ,, wool chalJis print. H'ifti i( worn "|lln K cirr s |, 0 " s "" " Hbel rge". , ' C , rre!| " C " t " f lovely ,,lt|,s. ninht to mm who will] Dr. ; the weekend nf Mr. nnd'Mrs. H J Smith. , ,' '''lie lilrls and Mrs. Kdnbiimith I '.'"joyed n fellowship. , |U1 .|,, B W |, u .,, time Ihey ivcouiui'd their expcii- PIU.TS lOKi.'Dicr. '(.'it' Joined hy i)r, |<( m - k'l>. mill thn parriil.1 of Mm. IK. Or. nml MI.S •(• j.. nud,,-,,,, j. lloucX wus iisslsled |n (,on>- hol cliuuolinn mill wafers by IHllo dnuiihter. Wmi,. ,\| C . Ilitirv. New Curulhcrsvillc Field Mouse Ready jj 'j.|| C lln j. 'iiiui,"'.", "\'°" A|>1 " field home will Le placed Into' use nils week. It mis uimomwl here ycslwilny by Coach Jnck Hopke ' ihe new slrnetiiio is twenty-six by lhlil.y-»lx Icel, mid hiis forty-live built-in lockcis, three hot and cold showers, a five-piece toilet nnd limuory, and concrcic fool bnths j wh en win Ul! mini wllh athlete's i foot miliseplic into which the nlh- ! K'tes will step before nnd ailcr ailing filtering the shower coiiiprtrliiients Miss '''he field house will lii! u SI .,i I.oc;il Hoy Niimcil To Swiul Ciiup stair D . O. Wilklns, Jr., son of Mr nnd Mrs. liyron O. Wllklns ) 1)ls been named on tlic stair for Camp Frlcrson at Joncshoro, nppolnled by Robert c. •Mncnnlj, scnul execu- (U'c of the Jonesboro area nntl announced at. the local Seoul meeting. April 17. n. O.'s duties nrc those of <nmr- tenirastcr over n period of three weeks, lie will also serve In tills Jnit Conch Hopke will nlso'use tt , during Ilic »priiiB mid summer high 1 sdionl spoils projjnim.' He Juis nn :<>ffcc In (he biiiUlli.jj, ),,,i W |j| maintain nnd conllnue Ills duw- Or.e of the mast up-lo-diilu pieces of equipment Is (he mannellc dint-rum chnrt which can be suspciKle-l from Ihe celling or ulum! against Die wall, nnd m , which | 1( , ,. m , diagrnm offensive nml defensive tactics lor both baskelbnll nnd fooU bnll with the use of mownblr um . li: pliiyer-pleces. €*O*tE* CUBIC FOOT SHELVADOR 5 39 •• with (he most talked about door in the World-The SHELVADOR * Five handy extra shelv'es-in-tne-door * Porcelain enameled food comparfment * Hermetically sealed Electrosaver unit FOK THIS WKEK ONLY WASHING MACHINE $27.50 GAY& BILLINGS, Inc. I'honc 70 0()|msi(c Frisco Depot Monc.v obtained (hrotigh a I'roduciion Loan a I this l:nnk i.s like a new and valuable workman on your farm. It docs its work by providing (ho supplies that yon need for making a crop. Anil- bank money works for a reasonable wage. \ Many responsible farmers are finding that this "extra workman" increases the effectiveness of their own labor and thai of (heir helpers. The loans are made on a seasonal basis, to be repaid in the Kail. We will be glad to consider your application. COMPLETE HANKING SKKVICK 1. Crop Production Loans 2. Checking Accounts ,'). Savings Accounts •1. Personal Loans 5. New Car Financing 6. F.II.A. Title 2 Ixwns 7. Commercial Loans 8. Small Real Kst.ife Loans THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN BLYTHEVILLE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Jfei!,?*®Pj?l!?® ad! in giving the public finer duality anrf irmai™-«.].,„ „!.„...,.•',,.., . ! " eow 'P ncefie "T\0 TT BETTEII —DO IT KIItST"...tllcre ill U six words is tlic basis of I'lyinoiitli'-s fasl-growing popularity year after year. More and more people nrc coming to realize how true il is thai every Imc-pricctl cor built OJCM something to Plymoitlhl - Wiat Plymouth gives the public one yearis almost invariably adopted later by other low-priced cars. A pioneer of hydraulic brakes, Plym- n' y-uasetholow-pncefidd the publ,c finer , )Ua .i» y and greater va.«c_changing (ho buying habi.s of (houlds! outh soon had the public demanding hydraulic brakes on all low-priced cars It WHS thesamcslory with the nll-.stcel body. The list is long-the oil filter, aluminum «lloy pistons, Hypoid rcnr axlc-foalurc aftcr feature that give more economy, finer performance, greater enjoyment. The 1040 Plymouth gives you the longest whcelbase of "All 3" low-priced cars the widest seats. Its big floating I'owcr engine is Siipcrfinisltcd In its vital parts. And you'll find there's something about I'lymouth's performance—about that wonderful Luxury Hide—that makes it hard to believe it's a low-priced car. Discover how much more quality tow. price now buys! See the Quality Chart at your Dodge, De Solo or Chrysler dealer's. Take Plymouth's LuxuryRide. PM-MOUTH DIVISION- ov CimvsLEii CORPORATION.

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