Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 13, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1935
Page 4
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Etfiopean Banner i, i ^ t HOUSE mm®- araaa @H IHISM fieUtfi fflfjjld 14Wefrd. ISSw eagle. I' r ff Money drawer j) *11 ^Cbed. & <, IS&ouad. *tf Battles. .Sttlil ramn 84 Maintains. SS to rWlty 29 Decorates. 85 To ascend. 3ft Froatn desserts. 1f Stops, *XT0cH,«rouUnue. 40 it is a popular - country 46 Swift, Sit Away 51 Manner [3HSG1 Eia 51 Whale. 56 Wigwam 36 Kdgc ot a niot 5" Largest city in this country ">s This country's pretfdetit, Jlii- VKirrifAl. 1 This country i? famous: for its • S! Sntin ,<„• 3 Wheal i 4 OoU-device. 5 Ciphers U To corrode 7 Air channel in a mold S Sheltered place * Fishinp bass lt»To leak It Reparation. 1.1 Inlet 18 Born -1 Most sorrowful j:: To restrict (enure 20. Ilodent 27 Bad 2? Bird's homo ::i> Chinese staple food * ;H Thought 32 Muddle 31 Mohammedan S!> Impetuous. 41 Curse -12 Custom 13 Mature -II Fish •K> To appear •17 Ood of shy 4$ Courtesy till< •I!' Japnnv'Pe Hsh SI .Moor R2To loiter :-3 Hail' 33 fc '( 37 45 44 58 34 15 >9 3O 32 I/ paps Seize Taxes in Northern China , Kich B r i t i s h .Industrial ,1 Area Comes Under /V : Tokyo's Control ..STIENSIN, North China — Yin Ju' Keog, Japanese-supported head of the , ,JBast Htopic province autonomous dis- ( > trict Thvirsday seized control of cus- ^lioma, the salt monopoly and postal ,. revenues in the area. He announced that Nanking bank notes wiE not be permitted to circulate in these 22 richest counties of North China. ^He prohibited the' export of silver , to Nanking, as demanded by the cen- 1 tral government's nationalization dei cree, thus defeating the managed ciir- r'rency plan in this area. 'The East Hopi province autonomous. j district's annual revenue of between i $5,000,000 and $10,000,000 in taxation is derived chiefly from the British-owned Kailan coal mine and other mines of the Pieping-Mugden railway, as well as China's most extensive salt fields. Whether,the,British will agree to diversion, of taxation of their proper- s' ties by the new regime is not known. •" WANTED—HEADING BOLTS White Oak—Whisky and Oil grade. Overtop, Post Oak and Bed Oak. Round Sweet Gum Blocks. For prices and specifications, See HOPE HEADING COMPANY j*honc 24S Hope, Ark. Find It! Rent It! Buy It! in the Hope Star MARKET PLACE Remember, the more you tell, the .. quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, min. 30c For consecutive insertions, minim- mum of 3 lines in one ad 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c '6'times, 5c line, min. 90c 26 times, 3%c line, min. $2.70 (Average 5',-j words to the line; NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is- payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication, Phone 768 miiiimiiiiiiiiiiHiimiiimiiiimiiiiiiii =Does Your Roof Leak?§ :Oiie. month of rain costs Hope cit-~ •Slzeus more than one year's fircE Sdamage. We Can Fix a Good Roof. = £ We Caii Help an Old One. = § Sullivan Const. Co. § iiiiiiiiiiiiliiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiT CAR GLASS CXJT AND GKOUNI) TO FTT ANY CAR BRYAN'S Used Parts 411 South Laurel Street T O L-E--T E X OIL COMPANY Special—5 Gal. Hi-Grade <M Cft Lubo Oil * Phone 370 Day and N 'e ht For All Kinds of INSURANCE Sen Roy Anderson and Company NOTICE NOTICE—We uru now buying peas. Monts Seed Store. 5-J2tc WANTED ,^J>:—Women's coats, Dresses, „,„.„.„„ JDresses, Men's Suits, Overcoats, Joyce and Floyd McDowell Clothing Store, Third Street. 10-6tc Money to Loan — MORTGAGES Borrow ?50 to $250 from us at 6% on your furniture, automobile, or oth« personal property. Pay it back in suiyll monttily payments. For full U»- iDnnation see GREENING INSURANCE AGENCY. 20-26tc FOR RENT RENT — Bedroom adjoining both. Phone 906. Mrs. W. R. Chandler 7-6tc FOR SALE FOR SALE— Horses and mules. See P. H. Sutton at Sutton and Hale Service Station, Hoj^e, Ark. 12-26tp FOR SALE-Girls bicycle, in excellent condition. Can be seen at 1106 South Main Street. ll-3tp LOST LOST—Nine months old pointer pup. White with light brown ears, for i yeward phone 833, Fred Childers, 901 j 5l h St. ll-3tp ! i Want It Printed RIGHT? We'll have a printing expert call on you, and you'll have a.u eco- \ Itomiciil, high <iu:ility job. Wliat- { ever your need-i, HC tail sen'C them. Star Publishing COMPANY "Printing That MaJtus an Impression" By AHERN •PA1VOON We -— BUT DONT TO PW TWfe LKSt ON YOUR \NcotAfc IN A GQUPLE tDfltfS J-M. xXU T=\<3LmE:ti T WILL TAKE A Bit fe.UP TO "TVC PINtJ, OF TrAAst MONEY YOU dOT I WON'T PAY UNT1U TWE ? :•' ^3- , -_^ -pAP\ERA>y - '-".•-'• CUSHiON I9.1S BY NE« S£«VICE. INC. T. M. BEC. U. S PAT. Off. OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Lackaday! THROW TW CALF OUT/ TW6DW IT OUt, QUICK/ SHE'S THAW TU' AUTOMOBILE* •2-WE'L.L RDLL6R US RIGHT TO OUR DOOR/ WE CA.MT RUSTLE CALVES THB WAV, 'TILL TUBV 6-1T MORE SPE6O ••*',, ,</-"' BORM TMIRTV V5 TOO 5OOM By MARTIN ' *7T& T**ta( // HEY ! GO ( VOA,X '.'. D'^;- 1 ALLEY OOP .- ©193SBY NE.A bEHVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT.'OFF. Our Hero Becomes Air-Minded (WELL, VER HIGHWESS-WHAT j DYA WAWTA DO, > I WAWTA "~\, WOW 7 BUILD A PIPE c^-. -SAY.GUZ-'/'KMOvV - 1 I BEEWTHINKIN'- ) I jr***" '~*S. _ ' fwoBOoy D \ V ' A GUESSED VT/ ,„. ... .^.siit? UktA -•'•v- By HAMLIN YE2ZIR.GUZ -/OH, WELL -AFTER WHAT IVETHUMK (UVE BEEN THROUGH. I UP A SWELL )N GUESS I CAM TAKE IT- V IDEA- _/. V. v SHOOT 7H WOGKS (T^ V^LES HAVE IT-' -....^ WASH TUBES I'M OOMMA FLY, SAVVY ? I'M GONNA FLY LIKE A BIRD/ HUM? WHUT5 THAT-? An Unlucky Day for Slippery WEW-BOKU/aRANi FPON Ti-l _. -f >.jg v y VO«K Pt'LlCE. IT. YOG(?CO'JSlU,60LPi£ £ ? S6t; '- <SH£ 'I 01 -*? ' i-teee ID MURPSR / AMP HOW 6M6' WAS TO COLLECT THE LlPE IMSUKAMCE AMP SPLIT so-so WITH you. (OH, \^ H 6COD HSAVEWSf H V STARS ASPV e»i^ IVuLL, SUPPERV, ARE V VES-I-l'LL SIGW. I kILL VOUCrgADyTO S!«5M /HIM —THEEE^ MO USE , ~TOO?A FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Getting Acquainted Bar's, WHY s WE FIGURED DIP YOU j KAVBE YOU WERE GIVE ALL j POOR...AMD WE TWeSE 4 ORGANIZED A GROCERIES JCLUB ID HELP "TO ME ? /ALL THE Poop By BLOSSER > PEOPLE IN YOU'RE GIVIMG SURE, IT HAKES THINGS AWAY, J US HAPPY WITHOUT -jo MAKE ASKIWG R3R ) 01HER SOME1»IMG \ PEOPLE RETURKI "?) HAPPY .' THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) MUST HAVE KMOWW 1 WE DIDN'T WASKIT REALLY POOR...YOU SAW WHOSE WERE... ALL THOSE GOLD ) BESIDES, COINS I HAD r X WE KMEV/ BURIED ' }.( ^U DIDH'T HAVE MUCH EAT' "YOU'RE THE FIR5T ONES TO EVER GIVE ME ANYTHING, BOYS... ALL MY LIFE PEOPLE HAVE HOUWDED ME...ASKING FOR THINGS,.. SOME B/EKJ DEMANDING GIFTS // I GOT A WARRANT PER THE OWNER OF THATS YOU, THIS HOUSE,PER DEFACING \ GET ON YE.R PROPERTY. TRESPASSIN MAT AN GO OM, NO .' THIS WARRANT CW_L5\ MY HUSBAND THAT'S THE. IS THE. HEM) FIRST OF THIS / IN M UFE /_ _ WOUSE .'/ /I EVER HEARP YOU NDN\IT Meet the Proprietor \AONDER I HATED HAVING PEOPLE AROUND ME ? COME IN AND ILL SHOW YOU A SAMPLE OF THE LETTERS I'VE BEEN GETTING / DON'T BE AFRAID .'.' By COWAN WELL-YOU CAN "\ TAKE IT PROfA fAEj \ EKMAY AINT ONE OP THEWV THINGS/ SHE'S RIGHT; OFFICER-WlLUAfA \ RIGHT '• AND WHAT& \COVER5 ALL PERSONS KUMNJ, THAT'S ME- MORE,I DONT ICONNECTEX) PROPRIETOR I INTEND TtAOVE AND IW^NA.f-.E D ' /OUT OF TUIS I-JOUSE., /AND THAT INCLUDES PER VOO OR ANV- /SlLENT PARTNERS .' ONE EU.SE ! w*»sw««»^s«fei;,j;4,:,., Waue ^KT^I-iZI-.^,^. -Ao—SS^ 1 ^!;';•*.': K™ ' " "•*-5 1 -4 > •--..-',._.

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