Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 13, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1935
Page 3
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ft fthtei JJymbCT Ijj. 1936 S ~~ •***=*=* Afro., Sid Henry 821 In George Elliot's poem, "Stradivar- lits," Nnldo has been telling Stradivarius thnt making violins is n pretty occupation. Th > great violin maker'* reply shows his sense of cooperation with God: "When any master holds '1'wlxt chin and linnet M violin of mine, Ho will be glad that Stradivari lived. Made violins, made them of the be«t, The masters only know whose work is good: They will choose mine, nnd while God gives them skill I give them instruments to play upon, God choosing me to help him ! . . . ". . . . My work is done, And. hercsay or nor, if my hand slacked 1 should rob God, since lie is fullest good— Leaving a blank instead of violins. 1 any not God himself cnn make man's best Without bf.'.t men '/• help him . . . .... Tis God gives skill, But,not without man's hands; he could not make Onlonio Stradivari'* violins Without Antonio." dren of the neighborhood; and there was n huge angel fond cake, embossuci and topped with two glowing candle*. Mrs. Williams wa.s assisted in CfirinR for the little gui*ii t y'i, L ., sister, Miss ' Mescems it renders God great job to .sec Hands stirring after his creatively, J/Yca, that he even left a part undone • That we might finish that by him be gun, And help him with our efforts to erect His House, as masons help an architect.—Selected. The Boys Home Economic club wa organized Thursday, December 12 nt the Homo EC. cottage, with Miss Ruth Taylor as sponsor. The club is open to the senior boys, 26 enrolling at the organization. The purpose of the club is to give instruction which will aid the boys in their every day problems. During a short business meeting the following officers were elected: President, Zeylon Holly; vice preisdcnt, Fredryc Childers; secretary, David Davis; treasurer, pershing Floyd. The regular time for meeting was set for the second and fourth Thursdays of curh month, to be held ni the Home EC cottage. The program for the morning was a demonstration and discussion on correct table etiquette by Miss Taylor. Mrs. R. A. Boyett is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. P. D. Smith and Mr. Smith in Dallas, Terns. Mrs. Glen Williams entertained on Thursday afternoon at her home on East Second street at a very delightful children's party in celebration of her little daughter, Nannette's second birthday. The guests wore . the chil- Mrs. William Altcbery of Dallas and Miss Margaret Bnltlc of Mnrshnll, Tcxns, who have born guests of their nunt, MrS. S. L. Bracy for the past few tliiys have rcturnctl lo thuir homos respectively. Mr. rtncl Mrs. E, P. Hamilton left Thvirsday for n holiday visit with their son, Brooks Hamilton and Mrs. Hamilton In Husscllville. Twelve members of the Young Mothers Circle of tho W. M. S. of the First Methodist church met Wednesday atfcrnoon nt 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Joe T. Jones, «04 East 3rd street. The afternoon was spent in arranging baskets to be delivered on Christmas eve. The last rehersal for the Chriatiiiiis Vesper services, which is to be held at 5:30 Sunday evening at the First Methodist church, is called for 7 o'clock Friday evening. All taking part in this service are urged lo be! there promptly, as the rehearsal will' only last tin hour. The Womans Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church will meet at the church Monday afternoon nt 3 o'clock. Mrs. Carl ton Samuel is confined in Josephine hospital where she is to undergo an operation. Mrs. Samuel is the former Miss Gladys Burke. Amateur Night at Saenger on Friday Hope $tores Are to Pre sent 17 Acts by Home Town TM'vnt Hnpu mcrchnnts nnd Hope tnlont will vie for firsl honors Friday nighj, at the Sncngcr nt 8:45 in Sergeant White's first Hope Amateur Night Frolic, when 17 nets will be presented in songs, Dance and novelty stunts. The following merchants will be represented by the fallowing home folks in a variety of songs, old nnd new. In dances, modern nnd eccentric, ncvelty stunts thnt will add to the screen fare of Alexander Dumas' greatest story, put to screen for the first time in tnlk, "The Three Mtiskc- teeir": City Bakery, representecl by Ray Luck at tho piano; Checkered Cafe \>y Joy Ramsey; Lewis Beauty Shop by Jerry Smith; Ward & Son by Lois Jones; Scott Stores by Mary Fay Williams; Ha mm Motor Co. by Regina Basye; Stewart Jewelry Co. by Frances J. Williams; Mary's Beauty Shop by Frances Snyder; Diamond Cafe by the Violin Quartette; White & Green Cafe by the Harmonica Trio; Lewis-May Motor Co. by J. T. Luck; Hope Confectionery by Harriet Story's Trio; Capitol Hotel by Buster Jones; Hcmpslcad Motor Co. by Patricia Thomas; Texaco Service Station by Wallace Vim S'ickle and Hall Bros by "Toolsic" Cargile. Cash prizes are tho award for the first throe best acts, judged solely by I he applause received. HOPE, ARKANSAS Centennial Plaits School Lesson A Seflm of Brief t)t*ttuHt>n» mi '._. cttted to the Safety, Cotnforttind nf the Motoring 'Public, by General No, MlVtNC Bears Fourlh Crop .AUGUSTA, Ga.—(/I 5 )—Balmy tcm- poratupres here have played pranks on fig trees. P. K. Tant reported one of teh trees in his yard is now bearing Us fourth crop of tho year. Takes Home With Him to University Student Lives in'Auto Trailer, and Even Takes in Roomer-Boarder Small Nations To (Continued from page one) formula will be circulated among members. Eden urged that the Council be called as soon as possible to hear the peace proposal, saying Britain still iield the position that any final agree- Tient must be sponsored by Italy, Ethiopia and the League. Insistence of Poland that no new sanctions be imposed immediately was acceptable to other delegates. The British said that it was out of .he question to impose new boycotts Before replies are received from Rome and Addis Ababa as present sanctions remain rigidly in force. ENID. Okla.—(/P)—Louis Kirchner didn't stop at bringing his home with him when he came here to attend Phillips university. He took in a roomer-boarder. Kirchncr's home is mounted on an auto trailer. Leon Kidd of Red Rock, Okla., boards and rooms with Kirchner. He reports there is frequently homemade bread and pie on the table. Her river, which separates Oklahoma from Texas on the south, got its name through being fed in part by the waters of Red creek, Mud creek, Muddy Boggy creek and Deep Red run. I at Real Money-Saving Prices GIFTS—DECORATIONS XliiS THE 8 Lamp Set Complete With Cord A Real Special at Heavy Duty Sets Crystal Christmas Trees... See These Beautiful Trees Extra Bulbs, 2 for.. Ex. Reflectors, box Here's A Real Gift Buy Electric FOOD MIXER Guaranteed One Year .. AUTOMATIC Waffle IRONS 98s 98 Very Special .95 Toasters .. $1.48 Percolators. $3.98 Every Unit Guaranteed for ONE YEAR. Electric IRONS Travel Irons After East Texas farmers for years had regarded the "partridge pea" as a harmful weed. Cliff Wells, Franklin county farmer, used it for hay with success and is planning to harvest again. IT'S JUST AS TRUE as can be that wWln people-get expett at anything they're A apt to begin getting careless abolrt It, nnd that's what we have to look out for when driving our cars. For instance, we recently hfcard a grout) of engineers discussing night driving,'and one thing they kept talking about was, "over-driving our headlights." i Now that term seems to be a doninrion one with them, but It's new to most of us. ; ' What thej mean is that the distance we can see clearly by Headlights Is, of course, limited, and that we are apt folet our car,speeds get beyond the-point where we co.jild easily stop,within that limited distance. It'd true that -We 'hatufally tend to go a little slower at night. But if we aren't careful'we gradually get gbing faster than we realize, and that may get us into trouble. jYou. see, momentum, the same force that tries to keep us from making tutus safely; that cuts all kindi of capers on slippery roa'ds . .. never sleeps! He works on the same old principles night and day. Darkness doesn't hinder him, but it hinders us. Most modern headlights .are pretty woriderful — ', •, r~n , Iigllts ' but ailer a11 the y don>t Sive us the distance or clarity of vision that daylight does. So, on considerably shorter notice than in the daytime a vehicle or pedestrian can come out of the darkness Almost before we know it we may have to slow down or stop for someone or something on the road . . . perhaps one of thoSe big lumberirie truck- that you barely see till you're right up on them; or a car whose tail-light has gone out . . . an unejgjectea curve, or what not. And that's where we meet up with momentum again. You see, stopping isn't the one simple action we always thought it was. The truth is, we are told, that there arc really three things we have to do to stop. First we have to think of stopping. Next we have to move one foot over on to the brake pedal. And then we have to push down on the brake pedal. Now we might not believe it, but they tell us those first two steps take time. Less than a second, perhaps, but even in that instant momentum is carrying us on. In fact, at only 20 miles an hour the average driver goes 22 feet before he can even start to use the brakes. DISTANCE REQUIRED FOR STOPPING FEET TRAVELED WHILE THINKING FEET TRAVELED WHILE USING 'BRAKES study of drivers and driving conditions, and which has prepared the data for the .above chart. The important thing to realize is that distance needed-to stop .increases a great deal as we increase our speed. We just have to remdmber that when we're moving along in a car, we think by the foot, act-by the foot and stop by the foot, and if we aren't careful, it's easy to get going fasterthan is really *ife. Now, just as engineers have told us how to operate in safety with; qur own .lights, .many./experienced drivers havq,pointed qu^how- to avoid trouble from- pl%r.pe.9ple's ; a&hts.^ey say,that;all,we.have:todcf" -,:..,.,: - : wf ? en Massing 'ipher cars, at night, is to .stop looking at their lights and watch the right-hang side of the road. «"»«ng The truth of the matter is that night driving can be just as pleasant and just as sale as day driving. But we have to be'more alert and more careful. TONITE Hope's First Cash Prizes $104 —On the Stage 8:15 These local amateurs: Particia Thomas, Ray Luck, Joy Ramsey, Mary Fay Williams, RidgdjII String Band, Lois Jones, Frances Snyder, Frances J, Williams, "Toofsie" Cargile, J. T. Luck, Buster Jones, Jerry Smith, Rc- glnn Bssye, Wallace Van Sickle, a Harmonica Trio and Marrie Story's Trio, arc each representing one of.the following local Merchants: Checkered Cafe, Hempstciul Motcv Co., City Bakery, Hamm Motor Co., White & Green Cafe, Mary's Beauty Shop, Ward & Son, Stewart Jewelry; j f>(ore. Burr Stores, Diamond ' Cafei''Hall Bros.. Hope Confectionery, Lewis Beauty Salon, Capital Hotel, Texnco Service Station, Tlic Lewis-May Motor Co., and Scott Stores. —On (he Screen— .THREE MUSKETEERS' 6 Ib Iron 4 Lb. Iron with $A,98 Automatic Heat Control j£ 6 Lb. Iron with $f,25 Automatic Huat Control SATURDAY • DOUBLE SHOW ~ CHURCHES GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST Hollls Purtell, Pastor Sunday school will start Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. Bro. John J Du Laney will make a talk especially to the young people on "The Cal of the Church," Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. Group No. 1 will have charge of the B. Y. P. T. C. program, Sunday at G:30. The Ladies Auxiliary will meet at 2:30 Monday afternoon. Prayer meeting begins at 7:30 Wednesday. We invite you to attend these services. 7:30 Rev. Webb will speak on "What Are You DDoing," this is an evangelistic meeting. Young peoples meeting at 6:30. Children's church at 0:30. Thme Christmas progrom of the Gospel Tabernacle will be held on Friday, December 20, beginning at 7:30. HOPE GOSPEL TABERNA'CLE Bert Wobb,' Pastor* ,<" •'". Sundays .school meets at;9:45 wjjth competent touchers -in charge, yoxi are invited: tp^a.^cnd/f I^ssfrN'Swnjdiiy over two hundred were present in Sunday school, more expected next Sunday. ' Immediately following the Sunday .school hour the morning worship hour wil begin. The pastor will speak un "Christ the Rock" and in the sermon will relate his visit to Andersonville, Ga., recently where there is a memorial built over a spring which i.s the result of lightning striking a rock in answer to prayer and water guthing forth during the civil war and is still flowing. In the flight service beginning at CHURCH OF CHRIST Gilbert Copelaml, Minister Bible study work, with the individual classes taking part, begins promptly at 10 .o'clock. Every one present has a pai't. Can you come?. Preaching at 11 o'clock, subject, "The Army of the Lord," At G p. m. young peoples service. At 7 p. m. preaching, subject, "The Christians Love." Prayer meeting Wednesday 7:30 p. m, We are interested in you—come. .,.. w. ; itiE.h'ti^gj.ij)o%u:itO'es, ~ f , n^ansj o,f ".Jeans',^fee^dijStilbi'itgd fppifi'ipla^nes} h i ^ye''tigpii'cpndtfcted' by tfi'e Department of Agriculture , a h'd the Public ,Health Service. An altitude of 18,3 miles has been attained by a Soviet pilot balloon bearing automatic recording instruments. This is a new Russian record in this field. 1c SALE 1c on DRESSES THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. C,P. Holland Different Gift Suggestions FLASH LIGHTS S9c to $1.95 Seat Cushions Vanity Mirrors 59c up .... 39c SEAT COVERS 85c to $4.95 Car Heaters $5.95 up Camp Stoves $3.95 ROLLER SKATES , 93o AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY COMPANY South Main St. Phone 144 ; No. 11 "TARZAN" mm THiBlACK SUN&MON PAGE'S MARKET T KL Phone 348 WE DELIVER Hope, Ark. II A A A II Sliced Rindless DftvUil Best Grade Pound 30c %s ROAST SelecM Pound 12ie MIXED SAUSAGE Pound lOc ROAST POT OR KETTLE Pound 7c FRESH PORK SIDE MEAT Pound HEADCHEESE fJB-'j FANCY I MUD Pound 130 I SPRING LAMB FRESH FISH HENS "MRYERS Text: Earn 7:10; 8:1-3, 5, 6, 8-12. THc IiHofiinlloiial Uniform Sunday Schbo! LeSsoH for December 15 By WM. E. GILfcOY, D. D. of Advance in our iessun, mis rejoicing is expressed in a great social celebration, decided whether to call a session, btft - added that there are a 1<5t 'of people who are opposed 'to it. _ - . ____ _______ . t ; __ _ r ^._ ,_t _____ _________ ,i __ .linn ill must be Nehetniah's passion to (Build When Neherhifth had accomplished his task of rebuilding the wtflls of Jerusalem arid .establishing safety in the hew community, there was, naturally, rejoicing among the people, In our lesson, this rejoicing is ex- The-people are gathered in the broad place before the water gate, and Ezra, sincere and earnest priest, has brought forth the book of the Law of Moses. There he read from early morning until mid-day, and the people worshiped Jehovah with their faces to the ground, giving thanks for all that had been accomplished. A great day might have been marred by making it one of sorrow and humiliation. Nehemiah was determined that it should be a day of holiness, not of weeping and mourning. The people, in deed, did weep as they heard the words of the Lord, and their emotion may well have been one of joy as well as of repentance. But Nehemiah was building a joyful and happy community. He wanted to establish prosperity upon a true basis of righteousness and mutual responsibility. So he said to the people, in words that are famous, "Go your way, eat the fat and drink the sweet, and send portions unto Him for whom nothing is prepared." A people may be judged by the spirit of its holidays. Are these days of real rejoicing, or are they days of sordid and vulgar pleasure? Too often our great national festivals have been days of indulgence and degradation, rather than days filled With joy. The great contribution that the Jewish Scriptures have made to life, if we would but realize it, is the conception of a prosperity, individual and social, built upon integrity and social righteousness. More and more we have occasion, nationally and in the modern world, to realize the truth of this conception and the need of building it into life. Our problems are no longer the problems of lack and want; they are the problems of abundance, the problems of utilizing for the good of all • the things that nature and man's ingenuity have, in these days of organization .transportation, and machines, provided with such abundance that men are talking constantly of limiting the supply. But these problems will -never be solved except as .men meet them in the spirit of Ezra and Nehemiah. There must bo Ezra's sense of regard for law and holiness,,and there Futrell Thittks ttetis However LITTLE •&OC&— (/f 3 )— Getferiiof 'Fir* trell said Friday that ihi dfsttadslon 6f a proposed special session to appropriate Centcrtnlal celebtatioft 'iunds "hap ab-otttteached the tfetfisive -fitage." governor said He had not yet aright and to establish the safety and welfare of every Individual hi .the community .against Ihe selfish schemes and plans of those who would 'exhibit others ' " ' a ma pians or tnose wno would .exhibit jthers for their own enrichment-and, aggrandizement. ' < r .gifts of his -numerous wives. 11 fnotttf tttj */j MENTHOLATU COMFORT f>f>ifv throat ,. NEW MEMTHOUTUM handy bolll to Ll erish EVENING IN 3»Alv,^ Toilet Sets In -the beautiful bltio diver Gift Boxes $1.50 to $8.7S ; EXQUISITE PERFUSlES Cor-daya/ Coty's fetflnjitts,' TKutagflnt," 1 Rogers, <Jallett aiid others J$l;00 to $9:CiQ CUTEX MANICURE '"SETS In .attractive gift boxes and leather yjpper cases 50c to ^S.SO —_ DUSTING POWD^R-Cofy's, Bourjols, Hutlnuts and^thers. ?L06 Why riot give «er a complete set of: BARBARA G"OUL,t>"Cosmetics, favorite beauty treatment for thousands of women. ' ¥ou can-get a gift 'package for as low as ?1.00 ' Pfr®neJ84, P. Cox Drug Co* , . We Give Eagle StainpSJ WANTED Sweet and Red Gain Logs ; *-J ,. .v-'-'-S AND Rwind Gum Blocks y We expect to take in a good round lot of the above ^^^ during the next 30 days. For Prices and Specifications Apply to ' ..* HOPE HEADING COMPANY Hope, Arkansas PINTO and NAVY 3 Pounds 19C mm 8 O'CLOCK - .......... 47c RED CIRCLE, Ib. ....... 18c BOKAR, Ib ........ ...... 22c PINEAPPLE *ir 10c AH ^-A-PENN A Gal. Can $| .07 MIL L Plus 8c Tax I ~l7c SALAD DRESSING IONA—Quart Jar 3 1 Pound -iC^ 2 Box IOC KETCHUP Ann Page Large Bottle "f A* lUC Early June ••','- No.2Cin "f A^ JUG' •j. Crackers, N. B. C.; Premium, lb—.18c SPAGHETTI, Encore, 2 cans ISc In Rich Tomato Sauce SPAGHETTI, Encore, 16 oz glass lOc , In Rich Tomato Sauce —Selected U. S Inspected Meat— S SLICED BACON , 29c FANCY STEAKS Cut From BABY BEEF FOREQUARTEB—Lb 12c SHORTENING FLAKE WHITE-For Baking or Trying 2 27c t5T CORED MB** - BULK Peanut Butter SALT-f A MEAT | H FOR BOOING C Ib PQTAT O E S—10 Pounds.... ..,„, r .. 23c APPLES CARROTS Large Bunche ' GRAPE FRUIT 2 Each 25c 4C O N J ON S—YeUow— Pound ORANGES GRANDMOTHER'S BREAD Sliced 16 oz, LOAF- 8e PAN ROLLS, Doz.... 5c Raisin Bread, loaf LAYER CAKES Each ±: -..:...a.u- LARD LOG CABIN Made by Mrs. Tucker Pound Carton Pound Carton H* <*• ».-* <%v 4 8 51c 99c CRACKERS N. B. C. 2 Pound 1O* Box 1 06 CANDY Fresh Stock Chocolate Cream Props, Jelly Beans, Gum and Spice Drops 0&

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