Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 5, 1952 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 5, 1952
Page 15
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MOM STAt, MOM* ARKANSAS Tucnf«y, ' t, Ijt CLASSIFIED /WANT. AD runs fUft Will WJ AwWWlNi !• <l»rtt Illl ,_—-Buy* Our* Month JO 1.90 4.M " *,» «,00 3.60 7.80 l,i 4,00 4.M 1.00 0,00 10.00 ».M 18,90 16.00 DISPLAY 25° P * r .. Wo p«r inch „.».«.....,.-... Mo p«r inch rwimm. 111 Wdm Adt colM fo our otl»nti«i of CM) ONLY ih« ONI IneerrMi fhont 7-3431 IOPE STAR Pr*** ti, im aftwneon by ' WIUIMINO CO.-: , ff»»W«if •I -MM AM«M •»»«» tl ClMulctlon* in ad- main in NtmpilWHi, N»va<lo, ifH*t Howofd, and Mlll«r court* 4.50 6,SO 13,00 i Monlhl , lnc,( 1«02 , T«nn,, . 80S T»KOI Dallas 2, T«xai; UO N. Av«,, Chltooo I, 111.; 60 1. N*W York 17, N. Y.J •"" ^^o&Vw « M»mb«f of Ih* AwocioUd Prtui Aw«lol»d PI*M I* »nllll»rt iw- tv«ty to lh« UM \w (•publication oil \Kt Itwal n*wi prlnlMl In thi» t» Wtlt Dl Oil AJ" IMNM Offered JFlqntU, of ' , work conUct Clur For Rtnt THRER room ap»rtm«n>. Nlc«Iy furnlnhort. Kl«ctri« box. Bill* j»nld. 2M Bonn«r. Mr». A. R, bulb, Al«o »»droom with prlv»U bath. J002 K, 3rd, Dlnl W)l»4, 20-tf UNrUR/IIBHKD 3 room apartment IVlvftfV bftlh, Prlv»l« entraficm Altlc fun. Pnc»n drove Apart m«jr»U, Dial 7-3471, M-& rN^'OfrniHIIKD 1 roam npartmenl I'llviite bfilh ond enlrnnceK, MB W, Av«. f). Phone 7-3470. l-.1l TO couple, J-'iiMilnhprt r'lttagff »• pnrtlliPtit. 'i IIWIITI* und biith, Nuwly ii-<lt'i'i)i«tfd. Klectrlc re- fil8Kiiitor lllllH ixild. 017 W. Olll. 7-4Mrt, 9-31 iiimrtnicrit. FurnUhnd, All utllltii'K paid, Ttcnt ronnori- j 7-2201 or 7-00.17, »-3l 0 DOOM hmi*t>. Cini bo lined n«i tlupU,**. i<K)2 Kimt Second. Cull Curl HniMcr, 1-MW. fl-IH •t KOOM «HI'MHC-. .School. lunmc I hlri with bnth anil k wi>«t of Illiih .V3t Notice n\i)li nnil »picad ipnd $1.25 yurd C!r«v«l ftv«llnble. Toy Ilatnmoni Phono 7-20BO. JO-1M Polity Announcements tb» Bur I* tuthorlMd to anftoune* mat tlw foliowtei *r« *«lHlMat*f for public office subject to the action of th« Demoersnie primary •leetloru: For Tax Aitttcor CftlT STUART 8, A. (Btxmdy) HUT8ON For RaprcitnUtlv* TALBOT FEILD JR. For County Judio .AUD II. BUTTON u, o. a AR R Err For fth«rlff C, COOK For Aldwm.n Ward 1 H. C. (Hob) DANIELS JOK JONES For Alderman Ward t FRED JOHNSON DWIOHT RIDODHX For Aldarman Ward I B. L. riETTlO 8t*te Senate TOM J, Sir.VEY DR. F. C. CROW Chancellor Ivlilon WESI..EY (Pint Dlvltlon. 8th District) HOWARD Horriton Suffers Third Uis fiy Tftt Ai««ei*t*d winne r Hobby SPORTS ROUNDUP ,By OAYLE TALfcOT. the- Thf »tnr ol liln i;ri|> <>f) tho bnftfbnll Inst night when M '•iKlit hits ovi»r thn MillKi*. John Paul Jono« connirctod with • •lit.' of llnrrU'iri'n pitchos Ad knock O'l It nut of ibr pink to ncore the v.'lttnfnB run, In other 8»nms Mi^lar-dwelling i- drowned tho Hot Spring^ 7-2, Greenwood t'd|(ed Pln« fliuff 3-2 and Natchez edged Kl Dorado 2-1, (iret'iivllU* took Its flrot slop up fi'in ttH',))ollom since M.iy 20 aiwl Niw Orleans the Il.uhcn Hli|ip«.-d Into l.nt pluc". Allanta In th.'lr fight to Met out of ill" n ll;ii, the (Jnck.i made it four uti .unlit win* ovor Hot Sprlrtx!*. flub Churiihill blnsted ti thrr-e- riiii lion-er for Orecnvllle in tin Inning to put his for itoud, who employ '"« «cr Travs Win Again But St.H in Cellar By Mercer Bailey Associated Press Sports Writer Vern Petty, Atlanta s third base- Is Cnscy's man ' has been playing pro base b » "» ihls efforts " h * probab y *«•"• bul never were former left handed I tll;ar - c»melse estimate of his boyi ,„ „ >,,,,..«. to ss7^Mv M^i^ws-vs; KuT-si "3£ B SL. hr ?u;\^of'Si."S-"-,-s ta c?,^n:;,;s; SOUTHERN Cl'iitinnooga Mobile Mi-iiiphis times and you get to thinking maybe he ought to be taken out for a while and then he goes up there with the bases maybe loaded and f ,..,,,, . MA one out of the park and you M' 1 . 81 ' 1 " 1 * N<;w Or ' 0i " ls a . nd , don't fed like that any more." «' »%* c ™™ °' ".T? ? ASSOCIATION W L Pel i o ne m an's opinion: it was un 03 51 .553 f(,rturuiti- that the Olympic com shipped a sharp single pust third, scoring two inen. His timely hit Cave Atlanta a 7-(i Southern As- vi c t o r y over league- unclispi.it- ace. , Little Rock, battling to bounce Nashville tf.-un 1 Ittlc Hock I,nst Night's Results 02 01 f)8 57 53 .12 51 52 52 57 59 02 01 (S3 .544' ever lei itself be talked , out of the cellar it has occupied most of the .season, won its third straight. The Travs dumped Mem! M ' I L I»'.." . > , , ».. fc . *.-!.-,> tj\. It, ml V, I .. „ rt \f .. I ..I into m.-ikirif? basketball an official I I 1 '"?- ''f; "" Kt ' n Humphreys llth •M4 i ,,nrl of th.r games. Baseball would i'""'"« bl '>°P'- > r scoring Johnny On- .•»'Jli,,., Vf . been as logical and it would ; L ' 1 ' tm "' *"l.and nipped the Chicks •46l!h:ivP provided even more dandy i ^''""'"p slnn « il1 slx •4""i \ iiciitions for the baclwe wearers. .447 Greenwood hurler Tom Dighlim'Hirminghurn 4 Mobile 3 won his own game by pitching two- Atlanta 7 New Orleans 0 hit.bull and ninKllru! In the wlnnini! I.lttUr Rock 3 Memphis 2 Ml inn- run In the bottom of the ninth initsi with one out. i uiily gnmeii scheduled) At Natctu'/, rliihtflelder Hal Wn!- 1 Tonight's Games thi't couldn't reatl the bunt .slgn.il Niishviilc at Chattanooga, and stalled swinging. Me connect-, I.title Flock at Memphis <•(! find drove in the winning run - Birmingham at Mobile with a HfiO-foot two-run homer In: Atlanta ''it New Orleans (2) the .seventh inning. ' i — Kl Di.iado had scored in the top! COTTON STATES LEAGUE Inclusion of the cage game has Ficklor. stole his 611th bnse of the season to tie the Chick record. made no frlenrfs for anybody, es-i / homc / ^ Tommy O'Brien in peclally for this country. It was' th( -' t ' i « hth « ;ive Birmingham a 4-3 it made-up American game, and edge over Mobile's Boars, struggl- II IKIIVH.t'l' .....i-.tv-.... ^ t< i > iv. , n. iv« i _ _ our superiority was so great from hn « l " lu<Ic! . lts fu ' sl division slot. Hope Has One Big Inning, Beats Prides Hope came from behind 1 night to defeat the league lend Prides of Texarkann 13 to 11 a slugfcst. Held sc'oreless for five innir the Hope tads tallied three in 1 sixth and ten in the seventh. 1 game was called in the eighth. The Lcgiunnairies' first thi runs were gifts. Beasley si; Gunter and Ross walked an three reached home on errors an overthrow. Then came seventh: Anderson walked and was do led home by Manager Filogar Singles by Gunter, Thomas. Ro Nix and Hopson produced six ru Anderson again walked and F gamrt promptly singled in t more runs and Gordon hit safely again bringing the start that it was strictly no! Mobile rallied for two runs in the i A. P. 8TKEL, For Cangrett For Sol* BEAUTIFUL quality Htg»teln Helf. <»r«, $7.1 up. Mutation Mink, $3fl up. Voluhl Fiimi/i, Loinlro, WIs —AllftiUit, Tflxaa. 0-lflt Tit ISIS ripened l-Jllwlii pcnchm. Kri'Kh from orchard puch dny, <* mile wont un 07. 211-01 lit fl, Norgi- Htudlo «lnH. xi*r<m<l luintl brickii. 7-anao. wv, s, Kirti, 3i -nt liny now I(IIW biilcH lii'lrm cut, fldp liulc (it prcRH nt Osenn, Frldiiy and Snlurdiiy. Jnhn H, Burrow. 7-M04. Si-Hi ijflSAUTinJL bioomin«' m.rpinnU. vines iitul nlr Klowt-r Shop, 1H10 Smith Mali). Phono V-KHO. P1S11INC1 worms. M (.'cnls It, W. Powell, 700 S. 2-;n For Solo or font proof hoiiKO, KHA *|.icclfj«'ii- tldliK. Hcitdtiiuiblo pi'tco. Jlnrtuflcld, 100B W. Ave. U. 3-tf annon. Phono 7-8014 or « J-20-1 in Wanted nioro exporieneert waltrogi. have five of, tho finest «lrU a »Ulo, but n«ed ono more, ay the bent «nlarte« in the and furnlah nieulB too, Mr«, Carroll, Dinmond M-tt dl»hw«nhcr)i and . Olamond c<rt», aatt iciU H«lp Wanted toed coiin>»i».v hus ox- le^rttorka open In thu flundlu«*o»witlos for full »<ci>«Ni8WtiiUvt>» a M»vo»tm*nt, Home necostnry, Owd advancement. Wrlto Star. 4-lt •<«lllm* tout to- h»» the lock forest In the the Unftttd Status, Nixon Fires Opening Gun in Vote Drive SACRAMENTO. Calif. lUl') Sen, Rlehni-d M. Nl\oh fired m opening blnut of the Ronublicni t'ompnltin by declaring thut Gov. Adlul Sli'venson, U\o Duflioeraitv nominee for prunldent, t« UK- cholco of "the bl« city bonne*," The youni! Cultfornlii senator, GUI' cnndldftlt) for vico>pro8ld«iit. «uld yvKtordity that the Illinois gov ornor "owos his alloglnncu to the men who numtimted him- Prom- dtnt Truman, U\o CIO and the bin i-ity bosson." Nixon told thi> Cnlifovnltt State | ttepubltrun Central CommiUoo con- \ vcntktn thut Dwtght D, EUenhower, Fair Enough By Weitbrook Pcgldr Copyright, 1052 By King Features Syndicate. Fights Last Night of the same Inning with two out I v.ln-n n Hlnglu followed Ed! Meridian Whitney's triple into deep center! Natchez fi< Id. ;Gieenwood Tin.- win WHS Pete Bnndin's 17lh JiU Dorndo against .six louses. j Monroe I'me Bluff Cireenvlllc I lot Springs Last Night's Results By The Auoclated Press j Greenville 7 Hot Springs 2 Hrnoltlyn™ Joey Giardello. ISl'.J. i Nalcher. 2 Kl Dorado 1 Now York, outpointed Billy Gi a-i Greenwood 3 Pine Bluff 2 ham, 1-1(1, New York (10). j Monroe- 3 Meridian 2 Brooklyn --Phil Morlzio, 140, Tonight's Games N<>w York, outpointed llenny Win- Greenville; at Hot Springs climan, Kltt, New York (H). | Natchez at El Dorado Chlc:ii|!o —Chester Mlea/nln, 102, i Meridian at Monroe Chicago, outpointed Ted Ollii, 1115, Clrcenwood nt Pin Bluff. Milwaiiki-c (in. contest. Other nations have r c-! bottoni " f tho "'"I". ') llt ; > scnled this, especially our slack-: P lfiV »'PPcd the threat in time, ing the deck with seven-footers John Mwckinson claimed his whom they cannot match. Bob Kur-i victory against eight losses, land took an awful hiding from London crowds four years ago because of his height advantage. The other countries are getting tally. Nix was the wi double' an d iPearco the loser. Wednesday the Camden Rock Chattanooga ancl Nashville were CHICAGO, AUK. •! — Indro MOM tnni-lll. of the KvenliU! Courier Di-lln Sera i of Milan, Ituly, nlti-iulcd a tiriiiul In New Delhi, litdln for Ihc Gri'iil by the 1'aiulit Ni-hru ami wrote a uoiisltivi- iiccount wltlch 1 lim able to pri-si-nt In part, thanks to it colloitKui 1 livini! in lliily who writes In li covi'rtiH'. note. "1 cn- .'oyi'il this iirtk-li- and tin- work of ll imsliillon WIIK li Inbor of love." Mr, MontniH'lli's nrliclo snys. "Loiirntng of my piosi'iu-r In town, Pundit Nehru, Invited me to tlui.purty lit the minim uf his rosl di-ncc, In honor tif Mrs. Elt-anor Jtooiievoll, Wflcomo inicst of Indlii. The rt'.Hldi'nc-c was uncu that uf tin tliitlHh commundor-ln-chli-f. Sixty tluni.'ianil were not many U» people, Is iit-scrlbed ns 'slit'.htly how kept my oyos open to sec dm- acts when presented to TUESDAY'S RASEHALI, By The Associated Press NATIONAL LEAGUE W L CM W L Pet j better. Maybe they will all catch fi7 56 .050j up one of these Olympics and! 02 43 .590'then there should be a good fight! 55 48 .5341 or two in every grftne. Also point j 52 51 ,.505 j spreads. 51 50 .505; 51 51 .500! Bobby Shnntz' tremendous job 38 07 .302 of pitching for the Athletics has 30 00 .353 served to revive -what may well be the best of all the many Dizzy Dean stories. It was in 1934, the year he won 30 for the Cardinals. After he had racked up No. 25 the great man declared grimly "I ain't gonna win iiiuither one. If 1 do, and then don't win bettcrn 20 next year,! the club'll cul my salary." \ That afternoon he shut out Brooklyn in the first game of a doubleheader and then watched his brother Paul top it with a po-hit, ;i king and (|iu-<-n of democracy, I diNoovcivd that it is just the same as when one- is presented to a real kinit and c|iiei>n. You take Brooklyn New York .St. Louis "liiladHphia Chicago Huston 54 the preferred hand arid bend over, { . .;','.,., it, without daring to look the Au-i ^ " lc " ln " u jtust person in the eye even if! such u one has declared a wish to, live In the midst of the poor in ill village In the country, while a mas-| lor ol ceremonies reads, in a loud; voice, your identification from the liivtUHion. '"Mr. Per Nielsson, from Den- nuii-k'. Nehru shook tho bund without looking ut the owner. Mrs. Eleanor extended her hnnd with, a 30 37 44 47 50 58 01 70 Pet. CD .lint! .GUI'. C 1 '. .500 .535 14'i .505 17'a no-run effort. There's something about an old Cardinal, by. the way, which seems Beosley Is Top Hitter of League In the.bnttiny department Hopes' Gordon 'Beasley leads the league with a .438 point average. Gordon has 35 hits of 80 trips to tho plate and scored 17 runs. Nashville's Langlcy also has a .438 average, but has only batted 10 times, getting 7 hits. Bob White is the second Hope man with a .308 average, 28 hits ol 7G trips to the plate and has scored 25 runs. Horace Thompson and Marty Filogamo are slugging at .333 and .314 respectively. Thonx pson has four hits in 12 trips and cers will be here for festival game. Denvil do the hurling for Hope. Edsel Nix has a couple of ga scheduled for his youngsters night if weather pc'rmits. T! ittle League will play Nashvi, at 7 o'clock with Ernest Whit starting on the mound. At 8 the Juniors play Arkadelphia Lee Lane is scheduled for duty. Wednesday afternoon Juniors play Texarkana at the f tival and Thursday night Presc will bring a couple of teams Legion field. Hope Hopson scored runs. Filogamo has 27 hits in Bli trips to the plate and i u •• ..... n., , ,,,i ]<; cnnor exionueo, per mum wuu « '^"V" 1Ul :,r"r „± lil«le. p..Hte 'Oh.' between surprise Kntilish hero know «Ke. For llii'in, tho how to man empire must kt-rvp to miikc munoy, not to spend It. Not for iHithinn wus this empire HiinutUiiuul by » vi'tictlan Jew, Ul.s- nioll, who, uliis, is uiio uf Uiosr Ki'fiii men n[ whom Ei>nlaiul today in u little utthamei.1, for which reason thorw 1st no U>nj;«M - un empire, j "Tho prlmo inlntHltT, with his. tind pleusuri 1 but rescrveii; very wife unri ut tho door next to thy Grout Window i«l\tor und sister, wusj "This time, to receive the guests, i,,), ][ "'Mr. Olnf Sparre. from Norway.' Nehru shook tho hand without' looking ut him. Mrs. Eleanor did not say. 'Oh' but 'Ooh' Nor way Is a poorer country than Den i mirk and needs sympathy. '"Mr. Jacob Dorevyunskl, froim the Soviet Union!' 4:> 5U .420 2(i 42 61 .4011 27'/a I'ittsbuiKh ISO 7(i .283 41 TUKSDAY'S SCHEDULE Brooklyn at New York (night) Lues lU-. r >> vs llearn U2-3) 1'hiUulelphia ut Dnstun |2) twi- n:j',ht Hoborts UG-Gi and Meyer (7-12) vs Bickford (7-1U) and Sur- kont (11-10) St. Louis at Pittsburgh (night) tylr/.L'll (0-51 vs HoRiio ll-2) Chicago at Cincinnati (night) flacker ifl-3) vs Raffcnsburger (11-U) MONDAY'S RESULTS (No names scheduled) AMKR1CAN LEAGUE who has not yet resigned horself Nehru was on the tho hand of the New York . i Cleveland Boston Washington Philadelphia Chicago imposing Russian with right St. Louis Detroit W (12 58 55 54 50 53 43 L 43 4G 45 48 48 51 03 07 Pet. GB .590 .558 .550 .520 .510 .510 4'2 to set him apart. They never lose l has scored four runs. Filogamo that spark. Johnny Hopp is 3G, on | has 27 hits in 80 trips to the plate and has scored 15 runs. Stevens leads the Hope hurlers with a 3 wins against 1 loss. Removal of both adrenal gland from animals results in death ir about 41; hours. the way out, and yet the other day he raced home from third after Phil Riz/.uto had pulled down a simple pop-up to deep short and then flipped the ball carelessly to his second-baseman. Helped Do- triot beat the Yanks, too. rt Anderson White 2b Filogamo, of Bensley, Ib Gunter; 3b Thomas, c, Ross. If Nix, p Total Red Rivor Quinn, rf Fan-is 3b Byrd cf Goodell 2b Stringer ss Cambra c McElduff Ib Freezel If David Pcarco p Dick Pearce p (7) Ed McLish ph Total SPANISH RANGE C'opyi iirht, 1!)1 u :—> h : stM -^ CHAPTER FOURTEEN IT WAS lato when Blaise and -lal arrived in Los Angeles and all .he public offices were closed. So they stayed overnight In a cheap He was but a few yards from the door when it opened and Faro Raikes stepped out. Blaise halted and Faro stood immobile with surprise. Then, without warning, He saw Rennie rein agalns Rallies and grab his wrist as h raised the gun again. Blals pulled his horse to a sliding hal beside them. Rennlev swung her to nK'roly thnt. COStUUU', (I lie wore ihi dress cout htind. He oven placed his loft over It and pumped it up and down with foivor, Mrs. Hoosevelt opened | her interesting mouth more than | UMial mid lot out n terrific 'O— 011 ; ooo— hi 1 which seemud desirous of heart thut typo of ice cream | slllu|nl|l( , up so long ,, mt C111 . ess . beret culled a Ciundhl cap. 1 1|1K i( wnSi all t |, c politics of her 'Tho Grout Widow, Kruwn u bit i late husband In relation to Russia, with tho closed collar of a schoolboy, vory closo fitting ut shoulders und hips, over imjumus, und his tut, wort 1 n violet costume towered u whole houd itbove ond th Pundit. Tho son of a Muhurujah, no' friend, told me of the skirmish "Hut this exceptional welcomo did not produce any effect upon the imposing Kussimi who. uupns- his fucc closed like a fist. jbitwoon Nvhru and tho widow who, was tho only one of all who dhl hud ut first refused his palutial i not IHI.V and looked both Hie Or^ut She wnn't'd to K>* und \Vidow und Iho prime minister fix In tho midst of tho 'pour poo-jedly and darkly In the eye. :...-v®v»'n' (*/'-ii«''* > 'if ^W^j** -' . f,'it , »K, - alntlno, a «»rotr«t thp ad 1 enndldute for president, "is u inun of the people." "The lU'iiublicuiu by-piused the (inoki''flllijd ruon\.s und noininaiud the peoples choice," Nixon tuitl. Tho young Callfornl« senator *nld that "reuurdUiss of Sloven- sun's good intui\tlon», liu owes his plU'Riunce to tht» men who noml- «ttt«d him," ' Nixon named Chlc««o Democratic l«omlor Jncob Arvoy. CIO l.uud- ev Jack Kroll. und President Truman as the men who did must to pick Stovei\»on, Nixon urn) California Gov. £ ur ) Vorr«n, «n un»ucc.c*tful OOP tn-es- i«nti«l nspirunt. both (ttHtiulsed u nilcd Hopubllcan Party und u new look" campaign, Hut Wtirr^n warned the (Into arty leaders there would b« a u«h fight ahead. "Wo mu»t not foal our»elvej us did Wicu before," the governor cun»- pie' In u village 'soniewhero in the ctnintry,' unumu the tintouchubteti. It would cost u load of money to "The great saint, Vinobu Babhe, who has taken Gandhi's place as the apostle of poverty, entered. construct »«ch a village even with wrupped in his white beurd and only mud hut* to utvo a realistic) his fluppinii patched robe, flanked touch, then to puy u hundred etc- j by the Maharajah of Kurputala cent families to play the part ufiuiut hud cost by the millionaire, Bivla. In wu}*r (S City Ulmiu, n loud to keep Gundhi In poverty, j by the Maharajah, one-third by a',.;. B'.i .401! !9Va .350 25 TUKSDAY'S SC1JEDULE New York at Washington might) Reynolds (!2-7> vs Shell l ( J-3> Boston at Philadelphia (.night) I Gray i9-ll) vs Cain (0-G) Cleveland nt Chicago (2) twi- Lemon t 12-8) and Garcia (14-7) vs Kretlow (2-1) and Grls- soin (7-U) MONDAY'S RESULTS New York 1 Washington 0 (night) (Only game scheduled) Top Radio Programs NKW YORK (At — Tuesday night: NBC -- 7 Scarlet Pimpernel; 7:30 Bin-He Craig; 8 Meet your Mulch, Quiz; 8:30 Truth or Con- .senuenees. CBS -— 6 Robert Q's Waxworks; 7 People Are Funny; 7:30 Mr. and Mrs. North; 8 The Line-up. ABC — 6:15 Klmer Davis; 7 Mayor of Times Square; 8 Ameri- were waiting on the lawn notol not far from the Plaza, sleeping fitfully, disturbed by the constant nolso from tho street below. Tho next morning Blaise finally located the recorder's map for the Calabasas section, found his rancho on It. But tho whole cast portion had been broken off and Blaise's lips tightened as he traced tho records. Finally ho looked up, turned to stare at Hal, who shook his head, his lips curled in a snarl and his hand streaked for his gun. Blaise acted instinctively. He threw himself to one side, his hand plunging down to his holster. Raikes's bullet sang close and then Blaise's Colt dropped and lined. Raikes looked into the black muzzle and froze, his own lifted for the second puzzled, again. "The to be presented. In the rear, .mllions and one-third by cn'jTown Meeting of the Air H I misery. With them, the party is mtlUnry bund, in the picturesque: "» w complete. The Groat Widow uniform* of the British colonial battalions, was playing « Scottish '»«•' Gll>al Minister may at '•« % '« x - sit lUnv " >" Uv ° two hccls lf lowois ' out march on the fifes. It wns » very!"* {ivi> Bi'eut chairs thut havo been beautiful inarch, pastoral and w»r.j'l»>» ei>d uiule \' a , msl »K«; ovo l »' ec ^' like that seemed to come from the distant pu*t. "Kipling might have set the vvwti* uf one of his ballads to U. "In frtxit of us two others were MBS — U:3U Gabriel Heatter; 7 Jimmy Carroll Show; 7:30 Dr. Kildare; 8:05 Offieal Detective. Blaise read the record taxes went delinquent, and It was bid for purchase. It shows I waa served with notice of intent to buy." He looked hard at Hal, "But nothing ever came to the jail . . . nothing." "Might be easy to get around that," Hal said. "It waa sold for back taxes, and then resold within a month to Thatcher," Blaise continued. His finger stabbed down to a name, pressed hard. "But it wasn't Lconls, Hal. It wasn't him nt all." Hal shook his head. "Why Wednesday: NBC — 10:30 a.m. Bob A.uul Ray...CBS — 8 a.m. Godfrey Time 11:15 a.m. Aunt Jenny blue, one yellow. A little group of j,. ABC - 8 a.m. Breakfast Club; ministers and representatives stand 11 a.m. Jack Berch Show...MBS — in a semi-circle around the two seated I aiound personages, a throne, li ns courtiers 10 a.m. Ladies Fair.Baseball — MBS Game Of Day Network 1:25 £*"* groups ofjpm, Cleveland Indians at Chicago Whtt llsh, of course, the only lautuane common to nil Indians, the others »ald Elswihowcr can hold being diiUeet*, In Enslish, Indian \& own with Stcvensim an au ora | independence is proelaimed: The . "Eisenhower understand* the Amvrican people *nd the country," said. "You won't hear any that will send coUuiuiists nto ecstasy, but you will bear down to earth American Unguage. In a candidal*. give me the attsv." Pundit were so Intimidated thut i they never apt-nod their mouths.' He didn't look ut them. "Those next to Mrs. Eleanor were gratified by a flow of words | s«t. League Leaders constitution is published English is spoken in parliament. In English. newspapers a»~o published, continually speaking ill of England. "'He *«*»«« In bad humor,' said! moivecT Jo'iier "sid'e a female jour one. The other replied, 'Seems so nalist w j,o wrote rapidly in her MONDAY'S MINOR LEAGUE By The AoocUttd Presi AMERICAN ASSOCIATION 1 ;"*' U ( , t in .| Minneapolis 3 Columbus 2. no w ANNOUNCEMENT Dr. KmmtU TtMmpan tnd Or. U«r»W M me, too.' "Nehru indeed was gloomier than usual, nervously smoking m\e cigarette afttsr another in his fil- holder, his shoulders stooped, under Up p»x>trudinj| beyond the upper. He was an&w«ring in i'nono- kyllables. loakln« up and giving brief, frigid *mile« at Mrs. Roose- wit, wlw«e mouth seemed always Df . Oovid Uloyd Gu«rln •JAM 't. v laughing- what* Woo ever knows at nclebook as the Widow spoke. "Only one word reaches n\«," our reporter says, •"Democracy!' t mitted like a violent hiccough !bt- tvveen teeth engaged In tearinf a Kans;u City 23 Indianapolis 9 Louisville 5 Milwaukee 4 PACIFIC LEAGUE Los Angeles I Hollywood 0 (Only game scheduled) TEXAS LEAGUE Dallas 4 Oklahoma City l Fort wurth 2 TuKa 1 Beaumont 2 Houston 0 would Mark Davis buy up tax land so close to Scorpion?" "I don't know, unless It's buy and sell on a quick deal. Thatcher's the one that'd have to fight Leonis. But Mark Davis!" "And be filed notice to purchase the rest a few days before you came back." Hal studied the book, then looked up at Blalse. "No wonder that jasper didn't want you to go back to ranch- Ing. You sure jiggered up his plans." Blalse signaled a clerk and questioned him about the entries. Within half an hour he had paid all back taxes on the portion left to his title and had filed a notice of intent to redeem on that portion sold to Thatcher. "You got to pay for all 1m- "The two iu front of us tried to , ... fethiad th» ?«ui>le ahead to «sc«p* the «n«ry glance of Neluu iMiia U » Democracy in repv*«»lauves do oot ' J • ot UunxoT ilned of ham tram a «roll. 'Poor Shi-eveport 8 San Antonio 6 pt-ople.' 'Somewhere in the coun-i SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION try.' Then the Scottish march | Birmingham •» Mobile 3 . comes again from the military; Atlanta 7 New Orleans 6 band in tho picturesque costume of i Little Rock 3 Memphis 3 the old British colonial battalions,! "~ "A melaJicholy voice murmured behind me as the echoing stralm of the pastoral and military march were vanishin< in t)i« distanc*. ""Thus empires pass away—.' ••I turned- U w»s au £»fU«k who. M « rule, trie* to b* always games scheduled) WESTERN LEAGUE Denver 7-1 Lincoln 0-4 I'ueWw SiittUit Omaha U Springs 3 Wichita 2 Uy 2 lies Moiiws 0 provements since the sale," the clerk warned, -and you got just a month to redeem. Your time's up then." "Any way Thatcher can refuse?" BUl«e asked. "Nona, unless you don't serve htm with |hta notice at Intent H« mutt have bought U from Da,Yl8, knowing It was tax land." BlaiM and Hal started back to the Valley within half aa BOUT. Tbeytook Oahuenc* Pass through Uw tuount*i«» and rode down into Ul* Vaiky. They approached the stag* stop where Vasquea bad »t- loipMftd U> Holdup aad, once again, tb*rt w*s a line of saddled bortft batort U»« oitchnck. Blai«« «nd H»l rod. up and dis- Giraffes c^n reach gra« and water by awkwardly- spreading Ir gun half shot. Hal ducked under tho rail, gun in his hand, staring in surprise at Raikes and Blaise. Thatcher and Rennie appeared behind Raikeg. Rennie's eyes widened when she saw Blaise, then narrowed in blazing anger. She pushed aside the foreman and came striding angrily to Blaise. completely ignoring tho gun. She stopped within a foot of him, regarding him with a contempt as stinging as a whip. "1 wish I were a man," she said In a quivering voice. "I wish could meet you on equal terms." "What did 1 do?" Blaise finally caught his voice. "What did you do!" she said In acid scorn. She pointed toward the distant smoke. "I suppose you know nothing about that!" "Sure, but—" "Oh, you admit it! Murder Isn't enough for you. Now you try to burn us alive because we bought land you let slip out of your flngers!" "I burn you out!" Blaise was thunderstruck. Thatcher finally shoved Raikes aside and came storming out to Blalse. His shaggy brows knotted down and his lips quivered, shook his fist In Blaise's face. "You won't get away with this, believe me! As soon as I reach a sheriff In Los Angeles, you'll be back behind bars. Arson will put you away where you won't endanger anyone else." "But I didn't set the fire!" Blalse declared, "I had nothing to do with It." Rennie tossed her head, voice sharp and cutting. "Lies! See what good U does you before a Judge . . . U you haven't run out ol the country before the sheriff comes for you. Come on. Dad." They turned and strode to the hitchrack, and to their saddles. Blaise ran for bis horse, snatched tree the rein* and vaulted into the saddle. The horse bolted in a swift race after the others. Hal yelled something that Btalse did not Hear. Raikes Jerked around In star- mounted. SUM* idly noting Uwr« wen mwur bnmds on toe borttt. He loop** thai i*MU around tbu tbe Ued anger. He pulled his gun and in « swift chopping motion, brought tt down and fired. Blai*» hetrd thi wnliw of the bullet but ha kept on, making «o attempt to draw bi» own weapon. •y Chick Young OZAKK IKI THAT WAS A LITTLE BETTER WAS 8=EN COMPLAINING ABOUT THE WAV- I KISS MER WHEN 1 COME HOME EVENINGS THIS EVENING I'LL STUN HE(?- J I'LL GIVS HER A KISS SHE WON'T FOPSET FOP THE REST OP HER DAYS AROUND FI6L060. 1 SACKS CRASHED INTOTN WAIL CHASIN3 OZARH'S DRIVE f OUT OUR WAY •y MkhMl O'Mtftot By J. R. Williomi ? An»wer to Povions Puizl* On the Silver Screen 'M ALL S6T FOK A \THB COUN1KV CIU9, HACK. ALISON PICKS UP MATCH&OXB9 AT , LrTTUB CLU§ CORONACO. INTB«5STIN6i J I W99. WWBRB OH- -BUILT UP VVITHTOOTII-^ / PRAcS ME\ INTO ^OLJK FUNMY \ S-niFr ; ,'l.'M SITTIN' VtAH, »UT TW* r*f B> wi*nn> iKirri • • fit COST* M3U -'••-• -- \ FICK'3/ WELL, THEY CAM / KID WE ABOUT THE SMALLK1ESSOFTHE A^ TRAYS, BUT WHEM THEY <SO RUBBIM<3 IT IM, \HOR1ZONTAL 53 Make > melodious IN TH' PITCHES! r-_\ TILL. YOU LAU3H JTP- THIS OFF ALOME.' 9NAfCH«CAN IN 54 Trap 55 Ciphers VERTICAL 1 Felines f Z Demigod • 3 Angers 4 The linden' 5 One of his i character actor 11 Ahtenna'^ 13 Continued i story 1430 (Fr.) ISOleic acid t ester 16 Distress signal 17 Make into law 19 Crimson / Hindu / 18 is J 21 Moslem. 22 Flower 39 Cubic meter . '40 Volcano in X Sicily container \ \ 41 Dress edges i) garments \ 6 Raised stripes 23 High cards 42 Wolf hound M«...I_.I * •"• 1 Anger 8 Prevaricator 9 Tardy 24 Chair 43 Food flsh •'' 26 Gull-like bird 45 Smear 46 c jn 28 Complication Nevada 29 Plant , ''47 Fruit drinks"; 31 Irritates 49 Drone bee '38 Substitution 51 Follower 21 Nautical term 25 Egyptian sun > god 26 Light browns 30 Contest of speed 31 Companion • 32 Cry of Bacchanals 33 Bewildered 34 Abstract being 35 Be borne 36 He is at his in western roleS 37 Solicitor general (ab.) 38 Concluded 39 Western cattle 41 Covering for the head 44 The silver , ' screen 'his versatility 45 Feminine > undergarment 1 purloined in colleges 48 Evader SO Fastened with brads 62 Ancestral halls WASH TUBBS name 13 Church gatherings. HOW OUD IS 7 TWEWE OK FOURTEEN) ,,.1'UE MARDLV ME -5 PROBA8UV 7 VOU <&£& WHV I H(XO TO PO I'D STILL BB IM THE GUTrEK Hl\0 NO REAL / IT. JAN...TO SORTA REPW THE BOV VOU v <^, SEEM HIM, JAW. HE'S f*ELPO/v\ HOME ...WITH rxDBBTIOWETOSOCIBTY! THE MOTHER DE/VO. AMP THE\ MUCH FOR ME* WHBRB IM MO V WOULP I BE TOD/W? AGREED TO KEEP I AT HOME WHEN IW5IT HIS WHILE MR.KESG& AWAY IW THE H05PITAU,' •z OUR BOARDING MOUSE Mo'ior Hoopla VOL) ARE A MAM OF iMRMlTe RESOURCEFUL- DID PROMOTE THIS SPLEMDIV3 TRUCK AT TH£ \JeP3«/ MOMENT VJE FORCED TOTRAJ^S- PORT BATTUE- BACK TO trie/ HEH-HEH i. OsiE 08 TH X TVJlLIGHT GAM.ES AM 1 PASTIMES AROOND THE BARr-16, MISTAH MA30R, |6 ROLUN DEM SOOTH CAROLINA .SUGAR ey Edgar Ma BOOTS AND HER BUDDIE) OOOOrt -OO '. ONS. OS 1K % BOYS SOT HEXED 3I6T WHert I COME: OPVOIF A ROv) 08 HAV-165HO5S CARNIVAL "^e|J 1 jf!WI UGSBUNNY SONl, BATTLE- ...AN'STAY > NOW THERE'S OUT. MOOCHER.VA FAMILIAR I NtVIR PROPSRUt ATTI WITHOUT WHAT A SLUTTON PER PUNISHMENT/ FUNNY BUSINESS By Herahberger lf In between Raikea and Blai "You can't, stop us," she sal "I'm not t r y i n g," Blais< "To a murderer!" Thatcher de manded. "An arsonist!" Blaise twisted around. "Don* Thatcher settled to the saddle "All right j. have your say." Blalse, faces cold, eyes suspicious He could feel their hatred. H ALLEY OOP took a deep breath, and told hi he and Hal had first seen t! f'MON.OOP, WE GOT TH' CUSS MO GEWIG CAN OUTSMART US/ WE'LL HAUL 'IM DOWN AN ( THEN; }{ , BY HECK, WE'U. STOMP OUR -ii i ; v NAMee RIGHT ON HIS •• *T ( r** 1 —T __ rrr—i fire on the far side of the Valle and of the destruction the time they reached the ranch "It was ahead of us then, ove: a couple of ridges and racing lik a stampede. We could never havi around ahead of was burning straight south am looked like It would miss yo place by miles," Another thing! There's a school just a stone's throw • ----- ' from here!" "Your place set afire?" Rennl asked in disbelief. "Who'd do it?" Thatcher ask "We thought maybe you'd don- It," Blaise said. You don't wan' to lose that land of mine you'< i ,- v - j f.., •'. ' *".v • -- ~* t**». 19*1 b) NCA ftif >(«(. In*, T bought. 1 sure couldn't bothe you if I was burned out and ha< "How about some modern fairy tales—like you tell mom?" •y RUM Wl CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer ridiculous thing FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Rennie exclaimed. UMMlWOHpett "Is it?" Blaise demande "Raikes or some 6f your m< ROAD BUDCK! HA- MAMA— AIMT MISSED YET, OUTSMART1N' TMOSE COPS / EXCEPT ONE WMEM THE was Me STEALIN' A CHURCH OOLUECTIOM AMD 6AWE I TfeN YEARS/ MISTER CAM i < VDUfc FISSIONATOR APPP-OACHIH& TUB might've done it on orders. no crazier than you getting smiled tightly. "At least I wait until 1 could get a chance to fine That's more'n you've- done.' She met his gaze squarely. dull red crept up her neck and int< "You've got proof?" "Ride to my spread and see,' Blaise offered. Thatcher slap] Ail right, we will. Maybe we' : been nasty." He drew himself u "I'm not a man to be walked sir. but I do think I'm just fair. If you're right, you'll my apologies. 15 THAT AHAMU- NITIOM •Thanks." Blaise nooded, cynically, ''not that it rebuild* Un BACIC.YA UTTLE . MOMK6YS? ranch or proves that you didn' order the fire set and it got o "You nave our word for that! Rennie's bead jerked up, her e; "As you bad mine back at the station." He shruggeA , , I keep forgetting I'm a criminal. He re«*d around. 8h* m«de feature ot protest Ui»t not «ee. She f huced who only sbru«e<l and 7'lt'« be»n mowing lawns or hoeing gardens all summer-* to back to cross snapped. listen. you

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