Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 13, 1935 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1935
Page 2
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• ** » * -,-. j^j^ : xp| /-< -I '.'>•• < ' '", '.•>* ' f '•'if MOPfi 'd*AR/oM Friday, Decento 18,1936 Star Report! wetelt-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. & Alex. H. Washburn). at The Star building, 212-214 South C. fi. PALMER, ALEX. IT, WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher as second-class matter at the postoffice at Hope, Arkansas Under the Act of March 3,1897. - TT- j... ^n. .„. - n -tn--m-__ti "Tt*i._>—1—• *• - — _-.-'------ -'.'i:.-—iV.l A-_-- Ifetlitllltffc "The jfiewspafter is fcn institution developed by modern civil- it the news of th* day, to foster commerce and industry, circulated advertisements, and to furnish that check upon IraneM «Hrieh W constitution has ever been able to provide."—Col. R. i mm: (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per ,„ „,_ .v motWi-fiocr One year $G.50. By mail, in Hempstead. Nevada. | „„„";, °™~^ and XiaFa^efte cduttlies, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. gator ,,j»nd Iteavd models that she can eaw on « tHp. One especially handsome case, With navy bltie lizard and rtHter, lipstick, rouge, eye- Smstfbw, mascnra, two efccellfcnt creams tttid three lotions, including one for the hands. A good mirror which fits across the top can be pulled forward and used In dressing room on a train of on a table at home. An extra compartment, not equipped, is large enough for a sheer nightgown and some cleansing tissues. Another lovely makeup box, shown With the model' in the photograph, is cohered Avlth rich gold satin and lined with durable silk crepe to match. This contains cleansing and nourishing creams, a .particularly fine foundation lotion that makes powder stay on for hours:, double bo* oi powder with shades for both daytime and evening. , - Slze " cosmetics nnd toning lation. Thfc lipstick has a mother-of-pearl * Mettttiei-'tflf T!Hfe Associated PiUsss: Tlie Associated Press is exclsuively J casc with neat - conservative gold top. CnfKletS to the- use for republieatioh of all news dispatches credited to it or A ' c «s expensive version of it omits the not tfiReriltee, credited in this paper and also the local news published herein.-' creams. _i -...i...,,...... ...i.—.. .1......—;—;—.—_ .— r ._—; : *— j Also in the makeup box category National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies. Inc., Memphis, arc manicure sets with implements as fehn., Stetick Bldg.; New Votk City. 369 Lexington: Chicago, III.. 75 E. Wacte- | well as nail makeup and hand lotion. ef Brfve; Detroit. Mich., 358 Woodward Ave,: St, Louis. Mo., Slar Bldg. ^ . — , .. i- ... . , ...... ....' -• ... — .--.i ~. ' -•./ .. ..• ... . 'Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be made for all tributes, dards of fhatiks. resohltion, or memorials, eoticerning the departed. Coihmercial newspapers hold to this policy in the "hews columns to protect their readers from a delate of space-takin [memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility ' fot the safe-heepfag ot return of any unsolicited manuscripts. h«vy With one of these, atiy woman 'would 1 have no difficulty keeping her hands well groomed. A de luxe variety con-: tains files, orange sticks, emery board, two kinds of polish and buffer, and one, in outfitted With By-bjft. MOBSIS FISHBE1N ' .Editor, JouniaTof the American Med- WS1 ASSi&iBbJi, and of Hygeta, * the ttttllth Magazine li ^e. ^»j* 2. JJ .. .. .L. . _ ,' Eat a well-balanced diet containing portions of all the nutritious food substances, and you needn't Worry about j ? getting the •proper variety of proteins i an your system. Furthermore, if a j child will drink a quart of milk a I - day. and an adult a pint, the proteins t ' • Of the milk will Supplement those of j ^ afl the other foods. I,- s Dietary experts classify the protiens jjs int animal and vegetable types. They •£ also separate the complete from the : itutivy c.iruuumu uux, is uuuiueo wiin (the essentials only. Either makes an saves American, aericulture millions, ideal present for college girl or trav- tmnh millions of .dollars a year. He gives a good account of the work of such great men as Thomas Hunt Morgan, Robert A. Millikan, G. E. eler. NEXT: Coltl weather and your skin. Trial of Second | ftght Embargo, Polygamist Begna on O& to li *& Barefoot 16-Year-Old Gfrl Missing From Ariz6na Courtroom KltfGMAN, Ari. - (/P) - trial of Pric* Johnson, polygamy euHlst accused of taking a barefoot 15-year-old girl, for his "plural wife," moved along quickly Thursday I. C. Spencer was convicted of a simitar charge Wednesday. Johnson, like Spancer, was charged with "open and notorious cohabitation." The state is trying to stop polygamous practices of th'e Sanhedrln cult in isolated Short Creek. Ari. Howard Roarke, federal relief investigator, produced birth certificates and relief applications showing that the 40-year-old Johnson iind his 15- year-old "plural wife," Helen Hull, were the parents of two children. Roarke also testified Johnson still was legally married. to Esther -Johnson, who had borne him seven sons since their union in 1912. The relief officer testified that Johnson and the Hifll girl had lived together in the socialistic Colony -jt the'Safthedrin .cult, whose members cling to the "belie? in plural 'Wives although their forebears, the Mormans, .dropped it. Officers said the Hull girl disappear• ed while they were proceeding against A stilt tb'J6tilofln Secretary of State CorfleH Hull and other ttOVernmeirit officials from enforcing an embnVgo on oil. cop- trer. certtoti, and scraplvon to Italy has been filed by t)r. JJTUppb Giordano, left, assistant to Gencffoso Pope, rtpht. millionaire publisher of Italian papers In this country. The suit claims thivt retaliation by Italy would deprive U. S. citizens of rights and property without due process of Invv. cther j fl 3 tsunimer . Japan Consents to y is. nevprflnsless. ntlnntprf -t*. «Vii> hm. '! IV .*•.- ..*..- - ri Tl • *J , I J.; is, nevertheless, adapted 1o the hor- izdns of 'the Ordinary reader. Published -by Simon and Schuster the book sell-; for ?3.75. By Olive Roberts Barton Toklo Presses Demand for Equality With Britain and America . . u . " Jg "j' Ver incomplete- proteins. and Mr. .,,..,„, ^ without having to hear^ttve sweet sadness of another emotion. I LONDON, Eng.—(JP)—Japan granted j Soviet Russia the right to a fleet I equal its own in arguing for tonnage j equality for all nations before the 'international naval conference, authoritative quarters disclosed Friday. This widening of the scope of Ja{pan's position was regarded as one of •f-f _ , -„ t ^ j j-»««* t> jjuj* viuii *v«i3 i cg«». ucu eu» uilc ijk He turned it off impatiently, se- tne mos t significant developments of lected another cigar, and sank slowly - - into his over-upholstered chair. the five-day-old conference. , , - . , ,.„ i . . ^ - - - - - 1 'Germans Study Abroad food may have several different pro-) holdings were up in the oxygen now.! BEKLIN-(^)-Under exchange ar- , . But yoU should know that the same i Stocks had gone up slowly until hisi .*-a .4*— ' ^ « LI. ' -T* . ^* • ~ — — — j_n^.ii^_«.iii— \trr~ wuucr c^uiiuiigu «r- •tejns, some complete, others mcom- j But his gam in Coagulated Gum had rangements with other countries, 2;500 dropped ° ff in «« P^t few days Germans studied abroad in 1935, •com( holiday .profit taking," the papers, pared to 1,500 in 1934. The largest con- called -rfVand he had expected to! tirigent, 666. went to England. The take that extra last seven points to ; United States attracted 114 Eggs; cheese, nuts, and lean meats of •all sorts contain a great quantity of complete proteins. So does milk. Cereals do not pi-ovide much in the way of complete-proteins, but we eat so much of these foods that they "add up" in quantity. Peas and beans also give "Hattie,_now. in the south, a Christ- j •mas present. A' bracelet perhaps. He ; •iritended to put it in a box of red : ' veteran Indian trader, Buck Low- identified Johnson as the leader polygamy cult at Lee's Ferry, Ari., 1927 and 1928. The Hull girl, barefoot and poorly clothed, Was living in the colony at 'the time, Lowrey 'testified, and soon became Johnson's plural wife. Before his trial started Johnson said he Would rely oo the protection of his "holy priesthood." "The Lord will defend us, not Iscariot." he added. A maximum penalty of three years in prison is possible. Conv'ic'ts Balse Posies SYDNEY— (/P)—A .prison farm for \Vomen, outside the penitentiary at Long Bay. is explained 'by the Australian minister of justice as giving first offenders a 'U'hance to cultivate blowers and raise poultry. A new device known as a "s'Hnger ring" is used on airplane propellers to feed a continuous supply df anti-ice solution to the blades, preventing ice formation, one of aviation's greatest hazards. Mayor's Job Is Costly in England Incumbent Has to Spend Twice as Much as His Official Salary LONDON— (JP)— Sir Percy Vincent newly-elected lord mayor of London, receives more than $50,000 a year, twice the salary of a British prime minister, but it has been calculated that he will have to spend as much mere from his own pocket. And in every city in England the mayor, when his term of office ends next November, will look ruefully nt his bank balance and discover (as previous mayors have all discovered) that the official allowance never is nearly enough to cover his expenses. In fact, many mayors complain that the gold chain of their office is the only gold with which they come into contact during twelve ruinous months as first citizen. "You have to be pretty fit to face all the tasks that fall on an English mayor," said George Henry Bull, mayor of. Islangton (one of London's •largest boroughs with a population of £21,712) as he handed over the may- Detective Parker Interviews Bruno Handwriting "Similar But Not ^identical" With Ransom Notes TRENTON, N. ,!.—(#>)—Legislative lenders Friday turned down Governor Hoffman's offer to cnll n special session to investigate his activity in the Bruno Richard Hauptmnnn ense. TRENTON, N. J.—Six midnight visits with Bruno Richard Hnuptmann in his denth cell were disclosed Ttnirs- dny by Ellis H. Parker, famous New Jersey detective. Parker revealed he hns discussed the mysteries of the Lindbergh baby kidnaping repeatedly with the man doomed to die for the child's kidnaping-murtler. Parker took evidence into the death house and went over it with Hauptmann. He laid before tHc condemned prisoner the ransom notes. He hnd him write, first with his right hiintl j and then with his left. It was'after the latest interview, only a night or two ago, that Parker went back to his desk, more convinced, he says than ever of Hauptmann's innocence. Parker disclosed one thing Hauptmann said to him. It was after Bruno hnd written under Parker's instructions several words in the ransom notes. Hauptmann looked at his writing and a photoslafic copy of one of the notes. Then, according to Parker, he shook his head and said: "It looks like mine, but it isn't." Parker is convinced a right-handed man wrote the ransom notes left handed—or vice vennv. That is why he had Hauptmann pen several lines with his left hand. Instead of being a stolid, tight-lipped German. Hauptmann is in reality a chatter box. Parker said. Plnncs Added -- (/P)—Four single-*ng1ned airplanes to supplement Emperor Hollo Selassie's communications system hftVc been ordered from a British oiifntony. The ships will not be fitted With machine guns or bomb racks. They will be used, say the manufacturers, only for carrying members of the emperor's staff to various parts of the country. Their top speed will be 172 miles nn hour and their cruising range G40 miles. 666 Llqtilrt-Tablets Snlvc-Nose Drops check* COLDS nml FEVER first ilhy Headaches In HO minutes Airplanes wore first used to flghl the leaf worm that infests cotton, when scientists of the Department of Agriculture at Tatlulnh, La., developed dtist'ng methods to kill tlhe pest. t*L* ' ' "•""• 0 GIFT SUGGESTIONS Billfolds, Bibles, Testaments, Toilet Scls, Electrical Gifts, Cnhdy and Many Others JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Phone 0,1 Hope, Ark. Established 1885 HOT SHOTS For SATURDAY and MONDAY SUGAR 20 Lb 37c 10 Lb 49c LUZIANNE COFFEE—1 Pound 23c COCO A—2 Pound Box 17d MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE—1 Pound 25c roses.- . . .are fairly good-sources of-protein. 1 The krtocfcer sounded. Yama had j ftow, you may ask, if a well-balanced I gone home, so he answered the .door dtet.is al Ithat we need, to provide' himself. There stood a shabby man— *" Us vHth protein,-why does; the Eskimo, hat off, "hesitating. . i|. lor exaniple, go to onejextreme/ and "_How;^m you»-getiin' here? .<This ,5* ^£~£& * • ?~~? -*-* SAH .-. f -.J~ .._i__ 1*1 ^«*^*»*^*^B«v ^"^sn-t ^-aQmit—" •ISc&in Today's Health 'Qtiesfidn. Qj-rWhst constitutes good'witer? * ,'A^fo be safe' for health, water 5 'must' 'bfe free from the germs df 'infectious diseases. It should not dortt^ln any 'poisonous -metallic sub- stanc^s, especially lead. If tfie water It too warm, it wfll *riot be -pleasant for drinking. It .should not be turbid or full o'f flodtirig- perticles, but should 'be "free"'frotti suspended matter. "Witter should not smell bad or taste bed. It should have enough air in it to avoid the sense of flat- ness'that conies with distilled water. Hi (M Jlu Move I .: \ ~~ *" " ' . . r<* ' " r " ."'"•' "" —~ lv Miry Raymond Copyright NEA 19" this substance by confining himself to a meat diet, and on the other hand what happens to people who go on starvation diets? ? .Well, the Eskimo eats so much meat •because he does not get bread, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, salt, and sugars •in other forms. The meat—estimated to'amourit to 4000 pounds,a year for a family of four—takes the place of a'll the dther foods. In: the case of Ihe person -on a starvation diet, the nitrogenous or protein .material stored in his body begins to be used up. The protein is deprived of ^ts nitrogen and converted'into sugar, to- Iceep up the sugar supply in the Mr. Milrch. "I came up the service stairs,";said" the man gently. Mr. Murch did', hot slam, the-door.« J - •'• : A Desperate Father "Well, What.is.it?" he,asked. "My girl. • My little girl. She's been sick a long time, sort of wasting away. Some'spine trouble, we think." "The hospital will look after her." i "Yes, sir. So they said. But they j couldn't take her then, and it's a • month now. They're too full. I guess they haven't* enough to run on, anyway. I thought you might get some good 1 doct«jr.-to Come—who would be ! interested. Ours isn't, not very. He's! busy and he says it's beyond him, any-1 was. 1 used to be a clerk in one of ' your stores,-sir." i "Have you work?" I "No, sir, that is—I have a little. But I'm not asking for help except fol- Molly. I just need—I think I need advice more than anything. Someone to be interested. Interested. Interested." He tried desperately to keep his yoicedown. Mr, Murch stood a minute. The door was still open. Down the hall he heard "... Holy Night, All Is Calm—ALL IS BRIGHT." He reached for his hat and coat on impulse. BEGtH HERE TODAY .> A-Uer , «Ue, «lentu lovely DANA \VESTBROOK~«oml-» from olirond to raa'Jce her bo me yclth her sraudmotlier.-.v'MfKS. WlbLIAHD .CAMERON. . ' Dnna'n hnff-iilntor; 1* A N C * WAliliA'CE. resent* Daaa'n com- Mrs. Cnmeron In elated ivlien rich RONALD HOOItE • tall* in love tvHh Uer srand'aBOBlJter. Dann, mennwline. hn». licrcome rtt- t met id to DR. SCOTT STAN- 1,15,11. a «trui;elinc yonnc ohymi- clnn. Nancy, who mask* her love for Konnld behind nn ntetKfiotolM'e attitude, anlmppily wntchc» hi" Irtve for Dnnn deepen. JM*t nt nnxlon»ly. PAULA UOXG watclie* Scott Stanley'* interest In Dana Increase. Dana and Scott, «nrci»t nlons hy their love for ench other, decide to marry. Mrs. Cameron gloomily liredlctn thai the rourrlnee "III not last. I'nnln Is torn by an riuotlonnl storm over the new» tluit Scan ha« married Dann. With recovered poise, I'nnln he- eomcn q friend of nnim's. nnd ;U n constant visitor al Dana • npnrwncnt. NOW CO ON WITH THE STOH'V CHAPTER XXI pRANDMOTHER CAMERON snr- ^ prised Dana by calling at <!tie new apartmenu She marched all them," Dana- Bald flrmly. "After "I'm going home with you';' said. i Working a Miracle .- . . . ... j From Jim's house he went lo the •blood and" thus .p'ermit the body to i Children's Hospital, then 10 the Hos- 'have sufficient fuel. I pital for Crippled 'Children. "Some- 'Uftdev conditions of starvation, 58 one lo take an interest," Jim's frantic per cent of the weight of the protein cry still crashing through his head, in the body may turn to glucose and Interest. Interest Not the kind he be burned, along with thefat, to supply j usually figured on. the body with fuel. And when the fat j Hattie Murch opened her box of ttU. ttiey were 'wbll thepnt. ! ^nd they do sloofr rlcii, ''iw icrmeiD'itfg." "Or something is right!" -Sfcdtt' grinned. "If they suit yon. Mrs. Stanley, I guess they'll suit me, too. We can buy one big comfortable chair, which Is all we need between us." And so ended the first quarrel. Dana smiled at tue thought. It hadn't been a real quarrel. ?6u couldn't quarrel with anybody like Scott, who 'refused to be unreason able and cross. Who was simply a darling about everything. Dana assured herself sbe didn't mind pinching pennies. How could she. living in such a state of dreamy abstraction, so utterly and completely happy? 'Scott was so devoted, so adoring Ot course the world would recog- Dlae him some day tor what UP was — a brilliant, skillful young physician end surgeon. What Dana did not know then was that a new and young physl- _-...-. , cian was admitted Into the Inner over tbe place, examining it with a | clrcle ot the ol(J6r more experl- critical eye. Almost the first thing j en ced members df the profession only through rare good fortune. Scott had insisted on dicing a cook but Dana had vetoed the sug gestion. She insisted this was a fine time 'for ner to learn to cook, and spent hours pouring over her other 1 color." " "The \ray you turn a casual com; p'flnieti't Into "life most 'unusual flattery'!" Dana laughed up at him. "Are compliments banned now that 'you're married?" "Certainly noil 1 need them more than ever. Every married woman faces the bugaboo of having tier friends say behind her back 'Poor dear, she's getting positively shabby.'" she noticed were Paula's tapestry ami expensive vases. "Very uioe." she commented. he ''Paula's a sweet girl to try to help supply is exhausted, the protein becomes the sole source of bodily fuel. Here is the danger of the starvation diet. As the protein is used up for glucose, the nitrogen output is raised, and the tissues undergo serious changes, which eventually may lead to death. roses at Christmas. In it was a re- I ceipt for five excellent bonds to the . you give an air to this place. But lovely things like these simply won't harmonize with the sort of furniture you hnve. You'll have to get rid of it, Dana." "You mean the tapestry?" There was hope In Dana's voice. "No. The furniture." "But I couldn't. H comes with f'na anartment. And we can't afford to buy furniture now anyhow:" "It was a ridiculous Idea for you cook book. On the 22d ot each month (the 22rt had been their wedding day) they celebrated by jgoing out to dinner. Afterward Ronnie smiled, you In that class. "I can't picture If any man ever they would dance attend a slioiv. two hospitals. Hattie said, "At last, j to come here." said Mrs. Cameron. Bill Murch, dear Bill Murch, you've come to -your senses. But this is a But I suppose there's nothing that can be done about that now. We bit. somewhere or one ot these eventful occa- allowed you to get shabby—well he ought—" Ronnie stopped. "Ought what?" ' "Ought to lose you," Ronnie re-' piled slowly. Dana's eyes met his. Ronnie flushed under her direct look. "Good heavens. Dana, You know I wns just generalizing." "Naturally." Dana renssnrefl him. "How could you be talking about me?" • » • QOMKHOW. though, she felt nettled. It had been utterly ridiculous of Ronnie to think she might take (he remark personally. "Because I don't look shabby," she thought proudly. "And Scott would never let me be!" II they continued to run around, partying so much, she would need a new evening dress. She wouldn't think about it now. This white one would do nicely for a while. And perhaps? they wouldn't nave so many invitations. People always invited newly married people out and then, after n while, the novelty wore off oiul they left them alone. A few \veel\s Inter Dana and oral chnin to his successor with a sigh of relief. "It is a terrible strain mentally, physically—find financially. Perhaps your hardest task during the year will be to evade too much eating and drinking." POTATOES WINESAP APPLES, Fancy—Dozen lOc Shotgun Shells, 12 gauge, smokeless, box 59c SUGAR MEAT CURE—25 Ib sack 85c WHEAT SHORTS—100 pounds $1.35 Formerly Landes Supply Co. A bombing plane built by an American manufacture for a South American government has a shatterproof fighting deck. Still Coughing? No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial irritation, you can get relief now with Creomulslon. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford, to take a chance with anything less than Creomul- sion, which goes right to the seat of the/ trouble to aid nature to soothe and heal the inflamed mem- trahes as the germ-laden phlegm, is loosened 'and expelled. Even if other remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, your druggist is authorized to guarantee Creomulsion and to refund your money if you are not satisfied with results from the very first bottle. Get Creomulslon right now. (Adv.) y - / sions Paula entertained for jScotl decided to pay off some social them with a perfectly appointed obligations by giving a email din- dinner. . ner. "Get A Book a Day '. By Bruce Catton a though. There are two love seats in the attic that you may use. A century ago the general public looked on all scientists as more or less *• goofy. It considered the •sntomologist, £, of bug-hunter, typical of the lot. A ».«• grown roan spending his life chasing *i butterflies and crickets — what was the "' world coming to, anyway? '*',; We have sense enough nowadays to ' look up to our scientists, but v/e aren't a great deal clearer about what they 1" are actually doing than were our un, enlightened ancestors. Unless a scien- •*"' tjjJt brings a tangible result in the' ~- shape of a new invention, serum, or .li. source of. energy, 'We are apt to write him down as a dreamy and sadly im'• practical fellow. * To sh'pwiust what modern science is C trying to do, who is doing it, and '" how much hsus been dQne, Bernard Taffe has written "putposts Q £ Science," an intejigent and readable . survey of the present state of scientif'c •- study. Mr. Jaffe fights $J*y of the cheaply . sensational, awl deyptes much of his , space to "pure" science— research like '"* Einstein's, for instance, which has no direct effect on our d^y-to-day living. But he is alert to show the tangible which follow seemingly |>oint T miracle. I never could work with you. \ can (j resi? up tn e place | I'd rather have it than anything in; ! ihe world." ! "Half yours, half mine," said Mr. ' Murch. "I'm doing without a few! things I had in mind for myself.' j "What wis the miracU Bill?" she : asked softly..,;;. ; "Oh, nothing. I just got interested." Ronnie sat on Dana's right and Scott at her left. Scott sat next to Paula, too, at the end of die tnble. She looked vivid in a green and gold (rock and her conversa- And there's a small console In the - t | on was sparkling. baelt reception room that Isn't j Dana was wearing white — the j Brave words. Dann was to ro- needed. I'll send It along, too." same dress she had worn the niglitjcal) them later. She decided to Before she left Mrs. Cameron ] o ( (j le party a t the Cameron home! serve chicken. She had ronsted called the janitor and ordered most j wl)en s f,e had first danced with'chicken several times before, and a maid In to help yon." Scott suggested. "1 don't need any help." Dana assured him. "Cooklnp for six people Isn't much more trouble jthan cooking for two.' JUST MADE! CREAM PUFFS Fluffy Light Puffs Chuck Full of Delicious, Pure Cream Filling. TRY THEM TODAY Order Your Christmas FRUITCAKE Dflifiously Mndu From Pure Fruits nnd Nuts Per Pound 75c Delicious Cakes Tasty Pastry Tempting Pies Blue Ribbon Bread Home of BLUE RIBBON Bread A HOPE INSTITUTION ' System Store Quality Groceries and Low Price; POTATOES No. 1 Reds ONIONS 3 IQc APPLES BANANAS Pound 5c LARD Cotton Seed OIL 8 Lb Carton CRACKERS COFFEE Red& p 0G und d 18c 2 PLkb ,17c CORN, Country Gentleman—2 Large Cans. SOUP, Campbell's Tomato—3 Cans 25c 25o SEMINOLE TOILET TISSUE BROOIS 4 Strand Each Del Monte PEACHES Large Can . PEARS Large Can By AUcia Hart research; ths *»pised impractical bug-bunter, for instance, out. • When Scott came home night, be stood in the doorway Eul she kne"''the truth when she said ' of ^the living room furniture moved !g cott , Sne had worn it again at it bad been delicious. An aspic later, "Shall we go to the Adams' teo?" ! And he answered, "All right. We can! Uop and see .Jim Miller on. the way. He has a sick little girl who is going to the hpspilal-'tomorrow." with a perplexed look on his face. Then be frowned a I i s h 11 s. "Where'd the ancestral treasures come from?" he asked. Dana (lushed. "Grandmother sent them over." • * t COTT'S brow knit together. Well. 1 don't like them. More , the College Club the night she bad salad would be easy to make and that promised to marry Scott. 'always looked nice, with Its bright Scott did not know It was the ! heart eestling In crisp green let- S COT "W same dress. Me knew only thai Dana was the prettiest girl at tbe party. Ronnie recognized the dress with a sudden tightening or the Heart. Try as be tied, be bad been unable to put Dana out of bis thoughts He bad realized long ago that be had behaved foolishly Dana's sud than that. 1 don't like tbe Idea of jden marriage bad served as a men The newest and most exciting makeup boxes are equipped adequately so the lucky girl who finds one in her Christmas stocking won't spend hours trying to figure what in the world to do'with so many beauty aids. Nor will she have to make mental notes on what to get to supplement those in the kit. They come in all sizes to suit your pockctbook and her taste, of course, and in all types of cases from pastel cardboard ;/ ijoxes to luxurious alii- ' people giving us tbelr old furniture." "And I don't like that Chinese tapestry Paula put up. or (nose Chinese vases.* The words were out before Dana could stop them. "Neither promptly, back." do I." "We'll Scott agreed Bend (hem ail "We can't!" exclaimed Dana in tiorror. "Wbo's going to live in this tal shock, setting bis reasoning faculties to functioning. And bere was Dana, beautiful and desirable as ever, wearing tbe dress sbe bad worn on ttie nlgbt be bad planned to propose, wben he bad plunged off ble course after (bat emotional outbreak of Nancy's. Later be bad let matters drift, awaiting a more propitious time, feeling vaguely that some curreni was at work whicb kept Dan* bouse? —your grandmother and j from being complete); aware df Paula? l guess we're entitled to Mm. Then bad come tbe storm a comfortable so'a and wall space 't.fcat isn't cluttered up with Chinese pagodas and dragons." tears to and their quarrel. "You're beautiful la whltf,, Dana." Ronnie pid, "More oeau; tfful toau %DI •gijtif girl (9 tuce leaves. She would bave cnn- died sweet potatoes, asparagus tips, hot rolls from the baker's, j And angel foot) cake with grated j pineapple and a dash of whipped i cream on it was a fool-proof dea- ] sert- J Pana began preparations for din- ; ner at an hour which allowed a| safe margin tor dressing. Wbat happened to tbe time, what bewitched the bours was something she was 10 puzzle over and never find the answer. Rushing wildly from one task 10 another in ber baste to retrieve lost cime only aggravated ber misfortunes, ID the end. there was Scott, hastening nome after a bard da; tuat bad netted blm absolutely nothing, to find Dana with a flushed face, wildly flourishing spoons. "JJow'f wj gal?" Scott called ae be entered the apartment.. "pb, Scott!" wailed Dana- "I'm 3D rJgUt. but everything else U Be Continued) GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES HOW ,« 10% Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical Phone FRUIT CAKE Ingredients Candied Fruits Shelled Pecans Shelled BLACK WALNUTS Dried APPLES or PEACHES 2 Lbs 1 pound Cello CORN FLAKES 2 Pkgs. FIREWORKS Quality Meats HAMS WILSON'S Half or Whole—Pound BACON WILSON'S SLICED Pound YOUR PERSONAL APPEARANCE Means u Lot and Can Cost So Little DRESSES Beautifully cleaned (be Odorless Way. It's Better! Men's Felt Huts Cleaned in Our Own Plant Hall Brothers Phone 385 PORK CHOPS LEAN—Pound BABY BEEF ROAST CHUCK—Pound SUGAR CURED BACON In Piece—Pound HAM Wilson's Sliced Center Cuts Pound FREESH MIXED SAUSAGE Pound BEEF No. 7 or Chuck Pound FRESH GROUND MEAT For Loaf Pound

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