Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 12, 1935 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1935
Page 10
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Modern Actor. 14 — fcaft* ftf f his ipeefatty 15 Duration. 17 Chaos. is Oledresln. 30 to tie. 21 Oak frttit, 23 Raw cotton. 23 Belonging to arum fflmllyJ 25 Hammer head. 26 Shaded Walk. ZSMass of bread. 31 implement. 34 First (music). 36 Shallow dish. 37 Needy. 35 Hence. 39 To wod. 40 Courtesy titles. 41 Upon. 42 Masculine. 43 Also. 45 Color. 46 Right. 47 Preposition. 48 Transpose. 49 Postscript. StOTUWIEll NI IAIDIOIP J. College teacher 42 To damage. 43 Work. 44 Instruction. 45 Owns. 46 rh.miber. 47 Dyeing apparatus. 4S Bulb flower. Co tie was born 1 to depart. 2 Onager. 3 Behold. 4 Funeral oration. 5 Instrument. S Pronoun. 7 Views. S Spigot. 9 Either. 10 He is a on the Amer ican stupe". this (tint shrub. oward. 1 box it in era. tifiie grass Natural power in . 51 He stars the •4>'«X8 { ,;;<>-•• -• ' • < -'-^'/.v'^ - ^ , HOPEJJf AR, ttOPfi, OUR BOARDING HOUSE -..-.JV. ,O/ S. Free of Caney filled ;his regular appointment here Saturday "" lit, Sunday and Sunday night. . r t and Mrs. H. F. Tate were shop- jlin Arkadelphia Saturday.- Hugg and Miss Chloe Brooks place were, quietly married" morning, December 2. Their friends wish them a long and jjj$i>y life togtther. r,' arid JBJrs^.E'inl'ey' Gobdlelt yisit- at Oian Sunday. '•" .*' " • m?+"^ W» Y- P.i'S...has been,having p|cpntest/theipastyear by reading not ilfess than '20 verses daily in the Bible "*"id regular attendonce. Misses Vera Pilma Gene Tate and Miss Joyce .'Were awarded prizes Sunday, .nted by Rev. O. S. Free. . r. and Mrs. L. W. Cullins and Mrs. |,-JEva_,McCall were Sunday visitors of " ~~ Evelyn Stewart is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Denseil Stewart at Gurdon. Mr. and Mrs. rfarvey' Bolt. Mr. and Mrs. ' Aubry Bonds, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Osborn and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. J. 'B. Bailey and Mrs. E. .M. Bonds were shopping in Hope Saturday. Lester White, Misses Irrha and Joyce Wood, Mrs. Joel Chamblee and Miss Vera Tate were Sunday supper guests of Mr. and Mrs..fedd Chamblee. Mr, and Mrs. i)* A. Morris and family, Mr. and Mrs. Porter Morris and daughter, Remona ;Sue, were ' Sunday. . ;'; Mrs. Bessie Erie spent Monday afternoon -with Mrs. Melton White. Mrs. Edgar Leverett of Blevins was the Monday guest of Mrs. Lbn Wood. Bro. and Sister O. S. Free and Miss Emma Gene Jordan were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. A^ Brooks. Willie Mouser returned home Thursday of last week from. Hamlon, Texas. Pattern collars are provided with this clever morning frock, at i fording a chance to wear it with three color combinations. Tin Sleeves have inverted pleats anU the kick pleated skirt is finished Wtth large pockets. Patterns are si/ed 34 to 46, Size 36 require! 4 J.-2 yards of 35-inch percale, gingham or calico, and, J.-3 yard con' for each collai-. To secure a PATTERN and STEP-BY-STBP SEWING JN' STBUCTIONS, /ill out the coupon below, being sure to MENTIOri f&E, NAME OF THIS NEWSPAPER. The WINTEH PATTERN' BOOK, with a complete selection ol late dress designs, now is ready. It's 16 cents when purchased iflparately Or, if you want to order it with the.pattern above, send ift j»8t an additional 10 cents with the coupon. TPPAY'S PATTERN BUREAU, Sterling Place. Brooklyn, N. Y. By AHERN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS ,. i NOW,t5ER SECOND tWf YOU BLUCK \CATO rtO SANmL GLAUS ', rv\H \T SHOULD UCaHT UNO dOYOUS,30 TULL M\T HAPPY A tS»EGC>Nti, soFO --me \NKV -frDS tXL ONLY B£ OUT 'i' M6W MODELS ,„_.-- LO6K\T TW ^OOH UKIOER M&, FEA SUIT-CASES! TPAVEUW * AM'' THIS MEW SHAPE i* COMFORTABLC ON pNfCS (T BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Enough Is Enough By MARTIN ,—> 6'Si\6V\T I »t *'l L-> «-! ,TJ •_ .« * / tfj 1935 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. HCC. U. S. PAT. Off — ALLEY OOP Oop Knows His Dinny By HAMLIN HURCV, OOP/ Y DANG IT ALL/ Sv /AW, TAKE IT EASY, GIT THIS OL < EVERY TIME I GO V GUZ -WE'RE IW ^ BAG-0-BONE5 .ANYWHERE WITH 1 ABSOLUTELY NJO ' T'MOVIIvJ •' V/c^i I «r±l ll xi—>i». I A. rx»iix-^-^.. YOU,SUMPW HAPPENS'/ DANGER/ *tf^y.^^m:%&'£tf$&iu •4 .'XI '..«.«''-<r j -'.^^^?'iv. :•'.'••' '.''• ''> v .' ' •:'-'''--•—\ -^-;~r".-^-'i'- : -^.—:-)—;•. WASH TUBES HERE'S WHERE WE LOSE) !!// THERE Y'ARE, GUZ - i THAT CRITTER - i—^ ^aJ DiDMT I TELL Y'THERE j HANGOM.' /€ ^^S^WAS^T^OTWTO Goldie Spills It '©TJI35 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M..REO. U. S, PAT. OFF, EAK1WHILE, POLICE IM WEW VORK INVESri6ATE> .._ FOOLS/ I'M (WWOCENJT/ THERE. AIN'T A COU<?T OW EARTH KIW tOWVICT ME A RAPID TIP FROM JOMVJ SkEET. WOT/S IT TO VA, •/A MU6S? I AINJ'f POME MOTHIM'. 'ICI4N6 AMP 5CREAMIM6^SLlPPERy 6)<5<3ER IS PRAd6EP ABOARP THE MAM/HAMA. , FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS |C \VOUK COU5HCOEWELIUS BIQ6ER, TELL you, L 9 ATT \ HAS COMFESSEP. HE SAVS yOU TALKED AMI lu|M ISJTO MURPERIW PAME. MIKEJ60R6EOUS. /AIN'T t%*ME WOTHlM'f IfNIU r'lUtSfCK.IIXJX^., _fl BROTHER FOR /IT'S A LIES MIS LIP6 (MSUJ3AMCE. j IT MJZ HIS OWW (PEAR AM' 1 KIM PROVEvvlT. S;^/ ^rJ fe v ~ ^ A Change of Attitude By BLOSSER ^&>f^»^sMa t t^.^MXt>aiA-e^y^sLiSSS^& > & l ^SIB^^&^^^^. LOOK, WUTTY •' IT KIMPA TOOK HIM BY SURPRISE.' I GUESS HE DIPM'T EXPECT US TO BE BRINGING HIM SOMETHING / COME MERE A HE SAYS NOT AND GROCERIES MIMUTE, BOYS ..... MAD AND UWLIMBERS THAT GUN. WE MAY I'D LIKE TO TALK SHALL WE \ OLD SAYlWG : - 10 YXJ J I WON'T I HURT YOU .'/ uoTTHlMK / MANY A TRUE HE'LL PO j WORD IS SPOKEN AMYTHIMQ A THRU FALSE TEETH/ I HAVE TO OUT-RUN i A LOAD OF BUCKSHOT y:.! »35 avTiFirTERViy'E. IMC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. Off. By COWAN Wanted THE NEWFANGLES (MonVn Pop) MAYBE PRINCE Z.IPF'0 THOSE rAIDGETS YEP DIDN'T ITELLYA THAT, YOU LOOKtN PER, HAS BEEN SWOWIN 1 SO CHUWAY WITH, NO SOONER ER LKTER, ONE OF OFF H\S KNIFE -TOSSItsi DOUBT/ HAVE TRIED TO ,MS GOBBLE, THESE CIRCUS BABIES' D i SKILL, ANiD RUN AFOUL. OF TUE LAW? TWE SWORD GUZZLER, TAKEN ON NVORE THAN HE CAN SWALLOW / SOMEONE^ VEST

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