Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 5, 1952 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 5, 1952
Page 11
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MOft ItAH, HOfl, ARKANSAS f uetifay, August 5 Ppfepfi ">' ,»$**> f(Mlrfay, Au§uit S, 1912 HO M STAft, HOFl, AtKANIAI The Negro •Community te MlM TtWWf ito ftmerai Heme Haoki ,„., ...,-. Chlonno ,' condgctlng ti revival Btttttl AMK Church, ,r*l, 8»rvlos» aro huld tly •«» 0 0,'blook ami will clone 17, Subi*pt» for thin week J lontruct" nnd ... .„..-. ^'Qut of Stylo" fW^UgSif* "trt» ^fow u«ni" i.... ^..'..- , - .. . J^y^M 43 will have - ^ ^ - fuw'toy. A »«' f'thl"'»|tiUr mnrllfiB plnco L " i ',Alt tn»mb«n are |el« No, 3 o( RceDep Memorial J '"i M»H1 mfft tit the liiimi* ftm Woodn of -, U visiting Mi San , und Booker Thorn* nf Ar* vlilllnr Mrit. Thorn' >. Mr, ami Mr*, R L, |vUltint Flint, h^r Rlntfr, Mr«, Ike to Visit Encampment of theVFW corn, 'I/)S ANOKLEft uW~On. Dwlfthl ft, F.lncnhower m»hp* H flying vMIl today In thi* notion*) on- tnmpmmt hflf* of thf Vcl<?ran» of irwi>lgn Wnrn. Me »rrlvM by pl»n# »f 8i« p. m. <Sr4fl K8TI. Then follow* a (low drlvfl tUwntown nlofi* a rout* po- Jlee expect to ix> lined with bun- drirdii of ihowmmli. Downtown ih« g«n«*r«r* motor- cnd«j will Jctln the Vt'W Million DoUflr Parml* of Drum* on It* wijy to Mmnorlnl CollMtim, wh«r» KUrnhortflf will rtt.tlw th* H*-r- nnro Rnnirh Awnrd for Ills "cnn- irllnitlon toward limiting Am^rl- can unity nnd *«><lwill among nil Ui*» puOplen nf tr>« world." A M-mlfiutf ftpwtrfi, dcicMbod A* .noii'polltk'Ul, will be made ahotit 7 p, m. VFW of/lclfll» laM the award •nd the Invitation w np»ok war* received by Kl»»nhow«r btfont he WM ohoten a* tho H.nubllean prcxldentlai nornlnvt. The genttriil will Ink* off on hU return to hl» U*nv«r h*odauort»nt At 9 p, m. Democratic political flgiiPM held the VFW NpuillHhl yimUrdny. • Me»- *f»«e* cum*) from Pr«ild«nt Tru- mnti. DBirjocrBtle nominee Ad|5l Sttrveniion jrid Hnvy Secretary ;0ii'n Kiml»l1. ! . , , IXmt night the VFW owiirtUid cornelian Bob llop«'th« flmt 'Al JOJiuin M«dnl for outiUmllhii nory. Ico In entertaining i«fvic«rn«n (luring nnd ulnae World War U, A Bantu Huron™ nehoolteachor, farm Prlrci) Whait movtd hluhor I alt tnd noybMni w«r« ow«r In early trading today. Who«*•!«, m*at« W«f «t«ady to a hlKher. ting* wi>r«> 2". to M at fnnrn \nwft, Cuttlf wore momly *t»-ndy. Cpllon futtifn* n|M»ni<d 30 ccntx b*l« hl«hi-r to 20 cpntfi l»w»r. lew York — Noon Oct. Oolton, l» today'* commodity re>ort, furnlnhftd by tho USDA'/ar» gelling 29 to 50 cents or more low«r at Indlonopoll* nnd 'lout m, \Mti» thin morning with hi- bulk of the 100 to 200 pound **£. iT"**" T*'* 1 " lnt " welghU BflllMK from $22 to $2,1.X8 A , 1 " '"i ly , rnrtl '»>> h '«» *,. . -. B .T— T ^mni ,*r*f. j ol/.*iii .«j 11 U I I«*L M ......... .. . hunt St. Lou)* htm a top of Mf», Jon«». wit* VFW "Tocher of' th* YW'.' for alvlng »tu(|ontii "the nWnirig arid "jfnotlco of rfcrnocrncy, 1 1, Koreans Hold First Free Election fty 8f AN CARTttR PU.SAN, Kor0o «!•«. South Korcnnn bdlloti-d irouble..frcp orderly loduy In their fir»t <| election of u prosldoni and vic« Police iinil troops, were ,on nlvrt for «.xp«ct«d Communist i illla raid* on polling 'plucfis mute wer« reportyd, " 110 who>U m at man uful burnca two building* n homo In n village In vrn Kurcw lust ;n[«ht. Bui who drovp af( th« rul<t*r* did not know whether bvit ,imo was c(«iii«ct«d with the Taylor of Hint, iq <* vi«iti|)| hvr mother, Mrs, •INifWp -nnd other ^apoleon TMtttrktma «p«nt thn , •wtth'-'Mr, and Mr». Willie alley..' i«nolh»r strlko, Uv«raa«t MUM thrnatpntd but Bov^nmeht ottidlnln p,r«dlcw US to 90 l>»f cent of tho 8,2J8,(X> - votvr*- would buiiot. Presidential cumllduH-s aro tho incumbent Hynjfmuh Rhee; formwr Cttmmunlm J^uder Ctoo Bong Am tldoBly former VIcO Prpnldenl U-n Shi Yung, hml rormvr Amba»»n dor to J a pirn Hugh Cywn. Nine cttndlduioM, «Ut of thrm »up porUrs ot.'Rht*, «r» *«oking U vlco pronld«ney. BPCUUSB of pcmr comnumlCHtloni. it will be tbout thr«» Uoys b«forc Uu> ruDUlU^re known. Ot a down voter » qu*«Hon«il u i*ndoin In A vlUttftt n»ur JUuun all «Blil th*y bad voted tor He K oxpectid to win be hi* U th* only nam* know U» thft bulk of tht v»Ur«. He dk iml maktt n ulngU cumpal«r 8pe«oh, but hid supporters cov w^lla throutthomt th« country.' hi* pq*t*r». .:••.- . ^ ••• PrevUmuJy, the Hr«y«nt, und vlco ut Aidant wero chcwfn i», in one • liuutio National AAMrobl; which v-nsi clucVed. to the voter* Him recently woi» v * constltutloi t-hun<o to p*cmlt popiUar election of ?x*cullvo olUc«r« and provlu> for « two-hou|« 8TART10 KORT whoihor to brlrt Aimi\ vvuuld havtt UxtroduciHl in J|ck«oi\ has been of Her todti u^lj idtnits u U»ub*ry»itl The govwnor.-r«fwn!4 tu PC. A . BucHunwi ot Mjwscutt, who th» crowd,: "U this m»f U twvtUii« (is crook nJinlnbjtvftttoa tu «om* to think, aw?t YOU UUnk u«t stead ot. ufcinijt mon d,*pi»rti»(»i)t» and etoctsd him, U« vo U> Markets AP Installs Arkonsans in Radio Teletype the "Know" at Service NKW YORK m*t Radio ti>letn>< service Ii, the lending ond radio slntlons cif Latin en nnd the We«t Indien wn» ii\;> Riirntt-d tiKlay liy The Associnte ! Convention By HOWARD 9UTTLE Wa*hlngton Bureau t:i>n's c.-iplifil is deserted and emp- I Ihe Senste Committee on Expend! J turc* in the Executive Depart I menu. Should 5>«?nator C'have* be defeated by "Pat" Hurley in New Mexico, he would also have the choice of taking that chairmanship or the chairmanship of the Commit too on Public Works. In the event that McClellnn should elect to hold the chairmanship of the Commlit on Expenditure* in the Governme-nt State Records Five Violent Deaths Mon. By The Associated Press An airplane crash, two aulomo- Peace Chats Overshadow Strike Talk SOCIETY Priori* 74481 ••twun I A. M. and 4 P. M. NEW YORK tin— Talk of a on the New York Central' .„. , Departments, Sen. Spessard L. Hoi i bile accidents and a drowning took '-east of Buffalo. N. Y., WASHINGTON, Aug. 4—The na- |;, n d O f Florida would succeed Sen j the lives of five persons In Arkan- -drowned, out today by fur I peace chats which have eliihin providing men-i'bor* In ,v ia ,''y "'Po'lUclann and celebrltlo, but • i" sl/zhnu with a 13 day heat wave !,nd broken out with a rash of "Stevenson Firatcrs." H U amaz how many people knew all thc utor Chavez as head of the Public isas yesterday. If P....I.., f~*r.r**n-* Ilt^tn . A _ ! — _ t „ _. ; iflien with n faster ana more fun l/leto new* report. They hnve b< "ri receiving the new* Ijy Morne win- Works Committee. McClellan-Colmer Bill Again A single-engine airplane piloted any immediate walkout threat by Ernest M Orr. 28. of Wichita,) The railroad and four indep With (he Initiation ot the now '"'"Krullon -.f Of course. Senator Chavez mayjKan., crashed at Toney Field near i ent ; brotherhood's planned new not be defeated In flew Mexico, as | Pino Bluff. Orr and a passenger,; gotiations today after spending . his chances have certainly been im Richard Kinman. Jr., 19. of Pine i day yesterday at a parley tabl< lime that the Illinois Governor waj proved by the Stevenson-Sparkrnani Hluff, were killed. Kinman was the "N" strike is imminent," to he the nominee, tt is even more nominations. In any event, the Ar- .son of Mr. and Mrs. It. E. Kinman Wilborl L. Reed, assistant to 2.1.26 and Indianapolis n ion of 2»,M). '11(« Clilrogo market Is under mrtlnl rpiorontin.- b«cau««. of 0 oDtnflotiir hoK dlnciiHc and >lntf Is prohibited. Thlx morkct I lower with 190 to 200 pound iutch«ri tailing from $22 to u top il $93. Sown are week to flfl cents ower. Most town tiro nelllng nl i round |I7 to $20 but some havf •••ached »20.7.1 at C America, now. Purl of tbi' success they had in Kansans Vote in Primary ,TOPK|CA. Ka». Ufi ~ Kansans fated today In u primary election 'nllvened mainly by u Hepubllcan Icutcnunt govrrnonhlp contest hat may have o bearing on future political patronage. Lt. Gov. Fred Hall of Dodge City nought nomination for a sec- ind.tflrm. Hid chief upponent Is !t.a(e St-n. Wnype Ryan of Clay " ' new meiit installed for the racfiotete typ" sorvkc o/m bo used jnl< r- charmoly, In receive Hthi'r plrtme: elumgoly, to receive eilher pict'irf; or newt), In co-operating to set up the radioU-lolypc- elreuil, I.nlin Aim -r Iran newspapers brought about fulfillment of their desire to have a nnd modern as that reeeived hv comparable membf-m In the 1,'iu- ted States. In full operation, the rmllntcle- lyrie »ervlee--the first linking :ill of the America.')- will Incrongo the present volume of iiboul l(J,ii(KI dr.lly to upwind:; of 411.0(10 W o'ni; dally. The news report an receiver! by I.alln American newspapers aii'l riidlo stations will be In exactly the Hume form UN that going to U. S. (numbers, except that the transmitting means Is a wireless All joking aside, the commcnta- lira, prognoslicntors and such politicians as are still here, includinR Republicans, have been grabbing up avidly any scrap of news bear ing on the question of southern sup- rt «f Ihe Democratic ticket. ipiesidenl of the Brotherhooc calendar Tueiday, August 5 The VJ-'W Auxiliary will meet 'uesday night, August 5, at 7:30. tfrs. George Hosiner and Miss ack Porter will be hostesses. L. B. Tooley, and Mrs. J. \V, Per kins. Sheriff Allen Nixon, who wit- Railroad Trainmen, after nessed the accident, said the plane' day's talks. He added: "We're kansa.s solon, McClellan, will keep [of Pine Bluff. the Committee on Expenditures in the Government Department, it is, predicted here in Washington, be-! had just left the ground, when' "thej >''« business with these people cause of his Intense interest in pas- ei'gine evidently conked out and | will continue to." sago by thc next Congress of logis the pilot had turned to come back! Lawrence W. Horning, vice p latlon creating a joint congression into the airport when he crashed! Went of personnel and public t Hope Country Club will enter- ain with "Game Nir.ht" Tuesday j light, August 5, at 8 o'clock. Mr. j Mrs. Albert Graves and Mr. I Mrs. R. M. LaGronc, Jr. will! hosts and hostesses. Mlss Beryl Henry Presents Program to Circle 3 of WSCS Circle 3 of WSCS of the First Methodist Church met Monday af ternoon at 5 o'clock in the Fidelis Classroom of the church. The president, Mrs. J. M. Har bin. presided and opened the meet ;i , comm i U ec on the budget. ___. -» .g.,^. ». I into thc field.' | lions for the railroad, said tha Senator McClellan considered the! Constable N. J. Brogdon snid ! was encouraged by the taJks It Is recognized that if the cum- j / a ji urc of the McClellan-Colmer bill f.oRoy Nicklc$, 31, of Ft. Smith, that he believed "there has bee compromises on platform; .. the most deplorable fatality of the burned to death yesterday near, gross exaggeration of the in of Mountainburg, Ark. when the truck nonce ol a strike." the ap nominee,, reached by ihe Dem Mrs. Florence Ambrose of Prcs- vill present a voice and ornan re- ing with prayer. "The Crowded Way's of Life" was read by Mrs. Sam Warmack. For the last study of The Book of Acts, Miss Beryl Information on New School Students This is the first of n scries of seven articles that will be run entitled "Is My Child Ready for. Wounded Mon Shoots Attacker LIVER SPRINGS, Tcnn. l.fl — Although mortally wounded by a rifle bullet, .'.ibo Hushes climbed down from the roof of his house and wounded John Dunn with a shotgun. The shooting wns the vllniax of an old feud between neighbors. School?" It is our desire thnt they { Sheriff Marvin Stinecipher said. will be of some help to parents'Stinecipher said Dunn gave this who have children that will enter school in September. Is My Child Ready For School? Parents of young children, in increasing numbers, are asking today what they can do to give the account of the shooting: '"„ 'I 01 '!, 1 "" % e Sowthern pro p r |otlons committees, for add! " " *'~ ' tlonal technical aid, he regarded only ys a "feeble step" in "the vote In line. General Els; i.rihowc-r and .Republican strategists j ir.ust completely I campaign plans, i Arkunnas, In The Know i The Arkansas delegation, without | the benefit of either of its Senators ; or any member of its House rep- i 11 soni.ation, in its membership, was I nonetheless very much In the know ! of what was going on. Of course, .Sen. John L. McClellan wns in con- I slant touch with convention leadership. He was in the "Inner sane overhaul their j rieht direction." wireless, t lim " hack of the speaker's plat . . , ""*-'• In -ifonn most of the time, saw every- ilcate equipment, using two wire.-; | )0( | y nnd foresaw every maneuver. of Ryun han the full support of Oov. Zdwurrt Arn, on early backer of •ell, UwlKlit D. Elsenhower, he nomination of Kl.sonh.nwer the tlOl 1 riiiKlklutc for presi- Uwt created opeculutlon thnt In he eymt of hU election one of h>. g«nr nil's top advisors, Sen. PrarJi Curlson, might bt> elevated b A hlglu'r postilion. ThN would leave the way open 'or Arn to resign and be nppolnted \o thp Semite by « friendly lieu- nunt, governor. Arn It bidding for a second term i governor "f thin triidltlonally Jlrpiibllcan atute, but Is unopposed for th> homlnutlon. The Democratic governorship contest is it five- man .race. Hull and Arn have been tit odds frequently. 'Their U no U. S. seniitorlal seat ot stake In Kaunas this yean.. Only tKre« o{ the stutn'.s six OOP eon M,™ receivers receives the radioed: .,.,„; _ stau ,. g junio[ . Sen a to ,r"j" wil . teletype signal and converts It into; , inm pulbright, was not only a n firm electric lmpul.se. Tin; radiu- rnachine then prints the Just as conventional tele- do. of tlu He Got Wounded the Hard Way WITH THE 25TH DIVISION. Korea Iff)—When Corp. Raul M. Menzer of Newburgh, N. Y., turned i fatally yesterday on Highway he was driving and a car sideswiped on Highway 71. firogdon said the occupants of the car. Mr. and Mrs. Jennings; elude problems of extra ] " Jh 'm, child a good start in school. Every one recogni/.os these early years to be u n important period in the -...«. 1.^,^,.^^ <tmuiu;M: ui *ii:.->-i IT * i . , '• child's development. The transi- ott and Luther Hollamon of Hope' ^'^"L*,™, 0 *^™^T."'^.™ tk> " "•«'» '^' '«""«.• t" the school is perhaps the most important step the child has taken up to this time and it is of ^reat concern to par- picnic supper wns | ,.„,„ thal thjs ^ a happy and sat| . sfying experience for their child. Parent Teachers Associations, Study Clubs and Pro-School Conferences are prevalent most every ital at thc First Christian Church, • <ashvillc, Ark., Tuesday, August; at 8 p.m. The public is invited.; or the purpose of repairing the At issue in the dispute are s ( hurch a freewill offering will be odd working rules and grieva.a^' ten> two years' sla'nding. The:! ner, presented "Paul the Daunt- i less." Following prayer by Mrs. Bessie Green, a served to the members and four guests, Miss Bin-yl Henry, Mrs. L. B. Tooley, Miss Nannie Perkins, and Mrs. Virgil Keeley. up Harding of Little Rock was injured _ ^ , ullll . u fatally yesterday on Highway 07 'at\""medlcai"a!d"'station' 1 for! nco r . Malv fm, Ark., in a two-truck talk started over the ;;k end Stein of Ft. Smith, were injured, switching, changing engines, and taken to a Van Buren, Ark.,| ( ' ( crows, and other subjects. SI hospit.il. The ' constable said the truck, loaded with cattle cleared a bridge overturned and caught fire. Forty - five - year - old David Involved, in addition to the ti men, are the Brotherhoods of comolivc Engineers and of L motive firemen and PJnginor treatment of a ,shoulder wound no| elision. one believed his story. Monzer admits the skepticism was understandable. The corporal was standing in a frontline bunker when a commu- teletype huv* primary opposition. tjirne are Rfpn. Krn-U P. Hcrlvrter, m-oond district; Myron V. G«ir«o. third fll.ttrlct, and Wlnt Hrnlth. sixth district. 1'olU In ell Im open at 7 n. m 'K8T) and close at H p. m .Those lit rurttl areas «yen ut 0 p. m. (KSTJ and close at 7 p. m. Purity clov(t|y und warm wualher Nvas foretiiut. folio Fotal to Tfxorkana Woman TKXARKAJSA. Ark. tfi - Mrs L, J. Campcwu, Jr., i«-yoar-old mother ot three, died in on irot lung h«r«* yutttvrduy afternoon. Shw bud buvn under troatmen following a polio uttuck July 20 Her tuisbund, uiid throe ehildrei survive. clone observor, but kept hims( . u | nist mortar shell exploded ncavby. available at all times for consulta Thc concussion snapped^ wire iron. As a favorite son candidate, supporting a rife rack, i he observed the proprieties and „ °" c ? ^c rifles dropped to the two radio receivers |,, opl aw ,, y r ,. on , t . (m venti on h all. floor of tho bunker ancl wns ths ffets a d d i t i o n u I .safoftuank ypefl list iRainst atinosplu'rlr disturban The operation serves 111111111,;! itlier.s Mexico, Argentina, Uru| Chile, Peru, Kcundor, t'n- , Vene/uela, Panama, Cuba, The Dominican Itepuhlie Ilfriniida The Bahamas, Jamaica and Trinidad, Hra/ili.m newspapers and radio stations will join the network a.< soon as their equipment is in- Stalled. Meantime basic news service an abbreviated by Mor;;t' wireless continues to other members. Can't Fool a Wife on Burned Toast* AUJUQUKHQUE Ml—University, of New Mexico scientists got out did several others. On a show their Cieigor counters, their lab- orutory equipment and thoir ITII- Tbc delegation was in constant touch with the platform situation IhrotiKli Hep. Ilrooks Hays, who, to- iii-thci 1 with Sen. Jobti J. Sparkman, of Alabama, was credited wilh authorship of the civil rights compromise finally adopted by the convention. While the (tivil rights plank adopt fd was far from satisfactory to the (h cp South generally, it was just us far from pleasing to Governor Leh man of New York and the ex tit-mists in his camp. As a matter of record, Governor Lehman pro posed a substitute that certainly would have provoked a southern v.iilk-out. Rep. John McCormack, of Massachusetts, floor leader of the Hou.se, told him so in blunt and undiplomatic fashion, as charged by the impact. The bullet struck an iron ceiling support, shattering the iron and sending a sliver hurtling shoulder. into Menzer's Coroner Fred Lewis said King Wallace Curry, 17-year-old Negro, drowned while swimming in a farm pond near Magnolia yesterday. Funds for Flood AP Special Washington Service WASHINGTON IA>> — The Greurs Ferry Reservoir was allocated $40,000 by the Army Engineers for flood control planning between now and next Juno 30. nnd the O r d c.> r of Rail Conductors. Wednesday, August 6 A Ladies Golf Tournament will held at Hope Country Club onj Vednesday, August li, beginning at! The table was centered with an. artistic arrangement flowers. of summer -•— J t - »>.«f, ...... V W, m-^,1,11, .life, .IV, —» .. This is lor members only. | College fhose wishing to play please call -5552.. Wednesday, Circle No. August 6 3 of the Eva Jean Milcm Avra of Hope will be among the one hundred ! ninety seniors who will receive Christian their degrees at thc summer com Hughos, 65, was repairing his James H. Jones,hoot yesterday when Dunn, S6, Superintendent of Schools came along carrying a .22 caliber rifle. Hughes shouted al him: "You had better get another gun. I'm going to kill yovi anyway." Dunn fired his single-shot rifle, hitting two arteries In Hughes' neck. Hughes dodged a second shot- ss he climbed down from the roof. He went into the house, grabbed a .-I gauge shotgun and fired at Dunn, hitting him in the leg and shoulder. Then Hughes collapsed and died from loss of blood. Stinecipher said Dunn would be Jailed on a murder charge. Truman Casts Ballot Early in Missouri INDF.PKNDF.NCE. Mo., U.1P> — President Truman voted early today in Missouri's primary election, and ended his 10-day vacation at od—thnt this might be one of th Presidential Campaign to Be Hot Affair By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON MV~Scemed for 11 time—that was before it got start- the l.iyie White House in Independence. Thc President and Mrs. Truman entered the voting booth at Memorial Hall; about a block from their famous house on Delaware Street, at 9:01 a.m. CST. Three minutes later they handed their f elded ballots to George Wallace. | both got tapped. Mrs. Truman's brother and a Democratic election judge. They at tin- posed ballot briefly box. for pictures Witnesses Called in Bishop Case Ing Attorney Tom Downle snys Ihnt five witnesses may nppoar tomorrow before tho Grnnd Jury In Its probe of Tuck. Bishop's stntemen' thut he pnld $1,300 for n 00-duy Icnve from thc Cummins Prison farm. or nnd Stevenson, both utmost j Uownlo snld Washington County brand new In politics, full of per-> Sheriff Bruce Crldor and Stntc Pn siWitl ehiirm, and neither looking! rote Director W. P. Ball have not! for the presidency. Then suddenly i fied him they would be present for . tapped. j the hearing. Downlo issued sub Before his nomination the Ren- j puonas for tho two men yesterday oral was far too mild to suit Sen. i Downle nlso said ho might cai Tuft who rapped his knuckles with! Deputy Prosecutor James N Dowel nicest Alphonse and Guston presi dcntlnt campaigns on record. Two of. the plensantest gentlemen one could Imagine, Klsenhow- "No. Tho ballot is secret," President said. walked back where and in hope the awareness of parents' needs are discussed in -meetings of this nature. Certainly not all parents are reached through these channels. Articles on "Is My Child Ready for School" have been published in the press in previous years, but each year there aro parents who for the first time send their chil- NEGLECTING DUTY MONTREAL. (UP)—It cosf Women's Fellowship of the First; moncement at Arkansas State Tea- dren into our public schools. The mail truck drivers $.'{() each tc a few niiifl ristian Church will meet at tho me of Mrs. Ocloll Luck Wodncs- ny night at 7:30. home from work earlier every day. Jean MIchnud nnd Wilfred ger were fined after they pie guilty to neglecting their They told Judge C. Guerin . , ., I j • J p I • ' J-| LTAV; HUJWUfc V-.HL11 I, 11 V\ 111 llll \ I,' tot into the habit of skippiift nual fami , y picn , c lonjght al -1 IO l(L,,,t,»~i. :« * i, ... u.. „.. .„ ~.~. ~f 4 chers College Friday, August 8, | school is anSious to receive these JM n tJ l ^ uu On account of rain the Fidelis Sunday School (ilass of the B^ivst Icthodist Church will have its according to L. B. Jackman, reg istrar. The exercises will be at Estes Field at 8 p.m. Miss Avra will receive the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education few mail boxes in order their work sooner. The word diamond is from the Greek word moaning atamable and unconquerable. Coming ana Going Sgt. W. Sidney Stanford of Lack land Air Force Base. San Antonio. Church instead of Fair Park. Each Texas, arrived last night to spend [lember and her family is uregcd attend. I'clock in the basement of thc a 15-day leave with bis mother, Mrs. Juana Stanford. ' NOW!! NEW LOW PRICE! Circle 1 of WSCS Meets at Church Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Richard had as weekend guests, Mr. and Mrs George Teor and Little Rock. son, George, o£ ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY J For days they studied tho irihss nf blauk, porous material scut to them as the possibfr remains of one of tho mysterious uroen fireballs. It was sent to Ihem by a Macon, Ciu., school teacher who said il apparently lunded mi her sidewalk In li(|>iUI form. Finally, desperate. La *PiU, bend of thc Dr. F incoln university's Institute of Mittcorilics, showed tho 8tulf to his wife. Mrs. La Paz looked and sniffed und then proved: You can pu/./lo a scientist but you can't fool a housewife when it como.s to burned toast. The majority of watermelons are grown In Florida, California, Georgia, Texas, South Surolinii, Missouri, und Ari/.oiui. down, ho was beaten more than two-toono, in the platform com iiiilleo, ' "• Delegation In Next Congress It is extremely unlikely, aside from the loss of Representative iloyd Tackett, Nashville, as a result ot the census and redistricting n nd his decision to seek the gov i-rnorshlp instead of running against Hep. Oren Harris, El Dorado, whether there will be any change in the congressional representation of Arkansas in the 83d Congress. Neither Senator is up v for reelec tion. No one of the..Arkansas rep icsentatives hud opposition, except Rep. Brooks Hays, Little Rock, who has yet to meet Amos Guthridge, also of Little Rock, in the runoff primary. Hays is given a decided edge in the race. In the event of a Democratic Sen ate, Senator McClellan will of course retain his chairnuKnship of Unv» t»t « qu»rt«r ot letting Uwm n>v« Vyfta to la Inc., u» « track »Mv«itd RttucatMi A. H, ttoiuUi. who Pr#«eah, OU» nearby 4l»|ftte* »* men i ha*t to ' you can ty|» '$£?i iwife i LAST MINUTE RUMORS For the splendid vote that you gave me as a newcomer in Politics I shall ever be grateful to you, I present myself to the-people of Hempstead County without any political group or clique endorsement. I shall be indebted to all the voters of this County, "Not just a few." I hove not hired or premised to hire any person and will not until after the election (Rumors? Are afloat that I have hirtd this person and that person). Please don't be misled. When elected your County Judge I shall endeavor to hire worthy and efficient men thdt will draw your Tax money for working on your County Roads in your County. I hove never held a County Office and have never drown any tax money, and when elected by the people I $nolt do my best and devote my time to looking after the county interest to the best of my ability and shall spend your money economically and get full value for it. Give me o chance to serve you for four years and I Will devote my full time to serving you as your County qnd then give some other taxpayer a chance to you. Let's not perputate one man in office. U. S. GARRETT The Peoples' Candidate Far COUNTY JUDGE Circle 1 of WSCS of the First Methodist'Church met at the cluir- ch at 4 o'clock Monday afternoon j Mrs. Roy F. Prather and Mary with Mrs. R. L. Broach, circle j Delia have returned to their chairman, presiding. homes in Little Rock after a visit The meeting was opened withj with M ,. s stcvc Carrigan, Jr. roup prayer. Mrs. Edwin \\ardj nducted the study course of the ook of Acts assisted by Mrs. R. White. They used maps in il- ustrating the journeys of Paul. During the .social hour Mrs. A. Notes |B. Patton served cold drinks and Icookics to eight members present. SIZED FOR PERFECT FIT! Circle 2 of WSCS Has Meeting Monday Branch Admitted: Mrs. A. M. Hutchinson, Hope, Mr. A. A. Andrews, of Hope. children and help them make the necessary adjustments as easily and oxpoditiously as possible. The home has the first respon sibility in guiding the growth and developments by providing many learning experiences for the child before lie starts to school. Here are some important opportunities that should be included in th<! day to day Jiving before school life begins for the child: Opportunities for developing a strong healthy body, and alert inquiring mind enjoyment of friends of his own, increasing independence in thinking nnd action, nnd a sense of well being or security in living. What happens to a child before he starts to school has a direct and important bearing on the adjustments thai he makes in a school situation. Other articles pertaining to this j all important .subject "Is My Child i Ready for School" will run in the | paper the next week with the express purpose of helping parents to help their children be ready and enthusiatic when they begin this new school experience. Georgia Demos Waste NoTime in Selections ATLANTA Ml — Tho state Democratic Executive Committee took only nine minutes to choose thc state's 12 presidential electors and instruct them to vote for Gov. Ad the reminder the Republicans were'as a awltnes.l. Unwell is expeetot A photographer asked Mr. Tru-1 fighlina the Democrats. Kisenhow-; l«i Little Rock today from a man if he would tell how lie voted, i or quickly made a speech blasting j to Utah to Interview Hishop am tho| the Democrats. j to Seattle, Wash to contact Hishop'; | Gov. Stcvomm didn't start out' brother. Thc President ami Mrs. Truman i throwing tho furniture around, 1 , The prosecutor said yesterday hi eilher. j investigator hns obtained signoc lie not only said he didn't want ; statements from Bishop and hi photographers- professional and 'he nomination but when lie got. It : brother but contents of the state amateur. i he persisted for several days there- j ments have not been learned. The presidential parly departed! iJ'ler in talking about his fate and! Other witnesses who may be call immediately for the airport. ! tfis reluctance until a reporter ft-jod to testify Include Miss Kathluei Mrs. Truman was remaining i.ally asked if ho was still re-j Vordon, ii Western Union employ luctaiit. i and John F. Wells, a Little. Hoc Stevenson assured the newsman: I publisher. House to the little White slowly to accommodate the professional and lai Stevenson and Sen. John J VaSparkman. Gov. Herman Tal- niadgc heads the slate. The brief harmonious scssior yesterday apparently shouldcrec aside any maneuver to put on the November ballot a group of indc pendent D e m o c r a t ic electors pledged to support Gen. Dwight D Eisenhower, thc Republican presi dential candidate. There had been talk that sucl an attempt might be made. Harmony among Georgia Demo crals was in strong contrast to th rivalry among the state's Repub licans. .Roscoe Pickelt Jr. of Atlant chairman of the faction formerl headed by Roy C. Foster, said hi group probably would file a slate ere with .her 110-year-old mother, 'Irs. David Wallace, wl'o has been I "I'm getting more combative and White House press secretary said | aggressive all tho time." As a matter of fact, though, as Tuck Bishop Is awaiting deal by a tiring sipuul on Aug. 'il ft slaying two Ophlr, Utah miners hat President Truman did not yet lave any visitors scheduled 'for ! M'on as they got the nomination . He WHS convicted and sentence omorrow when be returns to bisi the two men began to let the stones in the slaylngs while free from tl White House office for the first illy. Not big stones, the personall Arkansas prison. .imo since July Ufi. j kind that ^ittsh a head In. Fairly Mr. Truman,' accompanied byJMnall stones, tho kind that could Court Docket If * CITY Theodore Ross, driving ntnif. -pieft- gfliigf,* lined^ dfny 'In JaTl. »*--•«' Thomas Flagft Jr. driving Wn| drunk. Forfeited $25 cash and ordered tp.smye t,day fl , Kdmond McKenney, HutardoifjH driving. Forfeited $10 cash Curtis Tuiner, Illegal Forfeited $5 caih bond. Nemonia Smith, Che-Ste*" I Forfeited, ji.Vasnl>ond. Berry Handle, BfnOst speeding. Forloltod Theodore ftoss, ncr tfrTvir'lf so. Plen guilty, fined* E. D. O.ougltfs^; su. F.oj-CeHccl $5 08Sh«.boQti Clifford Thomas,, no stntC • Cat* license. FBffottC* £8 jyjj^ {j^d. light. Forfeited «*B. 0«»h bomtw , Bensley Noble; ' Thomas Uoss f P* cnnoiiar Plea gu Mrs. Truniiui, flow to Cliic;ino llu-n .o iirlili-css tin- DiMuocriitiu National convention. They c;uvu' on huro bo expected, just big enough to break a few windows. In his acceptance speech July 11 Kisenhowoi- promlacct to It-nil a •i-rus.ule "Knlnst n DemocnUlc .•ulnumstratlim full of vvnste, ni- n>R.mei. and corruption. Ihen he the next clay. He has been spending a leisurely summer vacation here, getting lots of rest and sleep to build up his strength after his recent tus- tie with a mild virus infection. lie has been spending about two weeks later Stevenson batted eight hours each week day at his j a few p'racllco balls Into the He- hotel penthouse headquarters in {publican kitchen, knocking the Kansas City, chatting with friends .dishes around and getting a few Egypt Starts Cleanup Drive CAIHO, Egypt im--K corruption drive got ui l flclally Tuesday as Premier pen Co STATE Albert Stephens', reckless driving, Plea guilty, flue* $28. ICrnost Cotton, drunkenness. For> felted $10 eush bprTd, Virgil Masting, speeding. For« foiled $5 cash bond, Knro Douglas, no driver's HcqnSO> Plen guilty, flood $5, Maurice. Webb, Knro Douglas, drunk while, driving. PJcn 4 ,flUllty ( fined $M and one day In joil,' Karl Thointon, drunk wb.Uo anil- of. Aly went fishing. In his own acceptance two weeks later speech and political associates and doiny h\uj;h.s. took a di« at the Republican President factions winch don't see eye to eye Vtty. Gen. with a rack about "both Hopub Julia Chester Admitted: Wm. A. King, Prescott, Mrs. Bobbie Rowe, Hope. Circle 2 of WSCS of the First Mrs. Neil Crow, Hope, Mrs. Eld- 'redge Forinby, Patmos, Mrs. Lile Calhoon, Little Rock, Mrs. L. N. . W. M. Womack, iMethodist Church met Monday af •t'ernoon at o'clock in thc church [office with eighteen members pres Grisham, Emmet. NEW LOW PRICE! BOY'S RUGGED DENIM JEANS • 8 Ox. Sanforized Denim! • Riveted Strain Points! • Zipper Fly! • Every Pair Perfect! 1.59 O Western or Eastern Styles! lent. Hostesses for the afternoon Iwere Mrs. Garrelt Story and Mrs. |J. W. Perkins. Mrs. Dell McClanahan, circle [chairman, presided over the busi- Iness session. Those taking part I in the program which was the I last course of study of thc Book lot Acts were Miss Mabel Eth- I ridge, Mrs. E. P. O'Neal, Mrs. Groves, Hope, Mrs. S. Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Lee R. Still and son, David Lamar, Hope, Mrs. Cecil Eddy, Stamps, Mrs. O. A. Clark and daughter, Cynthia Lynn, Rt. 1, Hope, Leon Smith. Fulton, Mrs. Hilton Shaplcy. Hope.. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Groves of THEME SONG MANSFIELD, O., (UP)—Engineer W. A. Wasemann of thc Was- tinghouse Corp., appliance plant, has inventecS an automatic clothes dryer. When a loud of laundry is finish- c-d, thc dryer plays the tune, "How Dry I am." electors before today's deadline. Another faction, headed by W. R. Tucker and recognized by thc Republican National Convention, already has chosen Its elector noj/.- inees. If the Picket group files a slate today, it will be up ot the state's the U. S. Senate. Taylor is opposed by Symington, formerly a key Stiuirt official in President Truman's administration. Despite President Truman's en- three-man election board ed by Gov. Talmadge — to decide which list gets on the November ballot. If ho NEW LOW PRICE! PAY DAY OVERALLS • Sanforised Heavy Denim! • Square Back! Value! 3.19 PA Adv. P»ld tor by U. Q. Qttrclt NEW LOW PRICE! CHAMBRAY WORK SHIRTS t Fall Cut! Roomy! t S«nfori*ed! Sues 14 to 17! Air Conditioned For Your Comfort Starring BEVERLY HUGO AllAN MICHAELS • HAAS • NIXON • H. Hope announce thc arrival of a son. Dr. and Mrs. Neil E. Crow of Hope announce the arrival of a son, Neil Edjyard Crow, Jr., on August 2. ' Mr. and Mrs. Lilc Calhoon of Little Rock, announce the arrival of a daughter, August 3. Little Lou Cook, ot Josephine Discharged: Fulton. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Burteo announce the arrival of a son on August 4. ——t r~ • USTDAY DALE ROBERTSON. JOANNE DRU PUICHASC BOYS SPORT SHIRTS '9 --q^lHP- H^Wp^i^ft* V 1.00 *SAENGER Starts Wednesday Mara Maru COLOR CARTOON UTi NEWS EVENTS THIS WEEK'S SINGER SPECIAL! Three world-famous SINGER* Featherweight Portable sewing machines which have been used as demonstrators available at reduced bargain prices. Good as new—never out of our hands. Here's the value you've been waiting for, so hurry — first come, first served! Liberal trade-in allowance. Easy terms. • ATr»ileU«I*o(TUE5INOEH11IO C-O. SINGER SEWING CENTER 108 S, Elm St. Hope, Ark. No phono orders, Mrs. Earl Childers Honored Mrs. Woodrow Easlerling, Mrs. Ardell Clark and Mrs. Dewcy Strip ling assisted Mrs. Dawson Henry in her home Thursday evening with a pink and blue shower honoring Mrs. Earl Childers. , Graceful arrangements of pink crepe myrtle decorated the rooms, Baby pictures were also placed ut vantage points. A kewpie doll graced the coffee table. A blue nylon corsage tied with pink ribbons and centered with a kewpie doll was pinned on the honurcc. Several games were enjoyed with prizes being won by Mrs. Hansil Herring and Mrs. Harold Hendrix. Mrs. Childers was thc recipient of many lovely gifts presented to her in a bassinet lined in pink, a gift from the hostesses. Delectable refreshments were served to the thirty six guests. official paper work. In today's primary, Truman backed St:iU- Atty J. E. iBurk) Taylor in the i-acejliean parties." for the Democratic nomination to | So far Stevenson seems to have said more iibout Elsenhower than (In- Ki-norul has said about the jIiAXTiior. Although the general hah plunty ol lime! to catch up, wauls to. Hut the general and the governor \\'(,n't liavi: the chance to iniike the campaign just tin exchange of personal .salutations and slight shoves. Other politicians want to got in on thc act. Democrats murmured .something about Eisenhower not being his own boss. And Sen. Nixon. Elsen- hower's vice presidential running matf, accused Stevenson of being the "captive" of the CIO, city bosses, and President Truman, Helug newcomers, the general nnd the governor seem to needle easily. On Aug. J Elsenhower declared he was his own boss. And yesterday Stevenson said he was his own master. But it was Republican Sen. Dirk- M-n, from Stevenson's own Illinois Maher set 'up two commissions probe bribery, graft and unlaw.ful profits by government officials. At tho same time, the powerful Wafdlst Party--which governed Kgypt during most of tho lime the official stealing is supposed to have taken placo launched a purge of Its own ranks. It kicked out nine members, three of thorn former cabinet ministers, and set up a pnrty commission to examine >-v-S intf. Plen guilty, Hned $25 and 1 I day In Jail. \ • , B. C, Pate-, fnlae protcnso,' Ex- °' amlnation waived, Holt) to Ql'und Jury. Bond fixed ftt $1,000. Tho following forfeited • n $910' cash bond on a chilrgo of ovorlond; Chas, H, Cta(g k W, P. ACOiatrong, J. U. Power, D.' A, -Coulter., M. Rlsso, Harry Wllsmi, Hgnry Smith, Richard Diskln, RUL M1U», ( »A, Allen. . • » tativc pouts" to submit a full gtato* by the army following .{„ coup »^ n "°" ,!! !".. 1° M ™ Ml **' h * '?i PRESCOTT NEWS several days last .week in Helena and Memphis, Tcnn. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Holloway of Rosstort were Saturday visitors in Prescott. Miss Kay McRue • of Houston, Texas is visiting her grand parents Mr. and Mrs. Ike Avery. A l/'C Gracly Ilusley is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kd Masley before leaving for over seas duty. He has been stationed at Kirkland Air Force Base, N. M. Mrs. Hugh MeDaniel, Mr. nnd Mrs. Paul E. Edwards and daughter, Pamela, have returned from a visit in Canada. which led to the abdication of King Fnronk, In two separate decrees: 1. Set up a commission of career Judges to "investigate *md punish administrative offenses by government employos." 2. Ordered "all responsible officials or officials filling represen- who made the bluntest attack on the governor so far. Dlrksen Isn't a man who punches with feather pillows. Last night ho snkl Stevenson was rapidly, boeumlng known .as "Illinois' worst governor." having must explain why. Looks like we may be r. little warm weather. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main A Country Club rd< •TUE8. - WED, «-•• "CHALLENGED TO'LAS&TE''''**! Color by. Technicolor wlthi >* "^-* Edmund Qwenn — Donuld CHip' .Goraldlno Brooks .• dorsement of Taylor, political dopestcr is predicted victory for Symington. President Truman yesterday got a last-minute report on the race from his closest political assoulalo in Missouri, James M. PcndorgaBt Kansas City. Pendergast, the leader of a powerful Democratic organization in this county of Jackson, also is back ing Taylor but did not appear too optimistic about his chances. « Mrs. Burke Shelton Entertain? Canasta Club Members of the 1050 Canasta club were entertained Thursday alternoon by Mrs. Burke Shelton at her home on East Main Street. Colorful arrangements of zennias were used for decorations in the party room. Mrs. H. L. Eaton held high scoro honors for the afternoon. Members present included Mrs. Imon Gee, Mrs. H. L. Eaton, Mrs. W. F. Denman, Mrs. A. S. Buchanan, Mrs, C. G. Gordon, Mrs. Vernon Fore, Mrs. 'H. J. Wilson, Mrs. E. M. Sharp and Mrs. Leu Montgomery, Mrs. Elocta Wells and Mrs. J. B. Hcsterly were canasta guests. Tea guests were Mrs. Roy Uuke and Mrs. Wat White. A dainty sandwich and .dessert course was served by the hostess. Midsummer F. B. Ward Jr., Jack Gordon and Miss Patsy Griffin are attending thc Dixie Band Camp at Arkansas l&M College, Monticello for the .ext several weeks. Miss Mary Lou Thomas attended a Pi Phi rush part/ at Lake Hani- Iton Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hale moored to El Dorado Thursday and were the guests of their daughters. Mrs. Bob Archer and Mr. Archer. TELEPHONE BOOK GOES TO PRESS SOON Mr. and Mrs. Price Ramsey andj children, Barbara and, Scoltic, nave returned to their home in Center, Texas, after a vifcit with her mother, Mrs.,B. C. Stivers. Miss Ethel Be mis spent a part of last week in Little Rock as the guest of Miss Beverly Black. Mrs. S. H. McMahen and her guests, Major and Mrs. Williard Home and son ot the Canal Zone- have returned from a motor trip to Aiarnosa, Colo, where they vis ited Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Me Swain. Mr wad M«. A. M, 8*Uij{ August 15, 1952 Hurry, Hurry, Hurry to your Sears Catalog Sales Office. Get in on the big Sale Bargains in Sears Midsummer Sale Book before the Sale ends August 1 5th. Page through this remarkable Sale Book and see the bargains. Men's cool mesh shirts only $1.00 ... the lowest price in 12 years. Women's summer sandals only $1.89. Fluffy chenille bedspreads rt<> duced to $2.98. These are just 9 few of the summer bargains for your entire family and fe& the home. Pon't miss this bargain catalog. Remember, Sale Ends August 15m! L YOUR LAST CHANCE to order extra listings in the now directory for your family or business. %ii2£^^ Extra listings in the 'directory rtiajce It friends to call other your family or ym particularly if thqjr are different from And extra nornical < business members of yo*tf ( ll phone soon.

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