Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 12, 1935 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1935
Page 8
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'rashes as Dumps Hers jr---"- 4t at London and Stays ym Wednesday ;ty!ftc Associated Pttss WMoh silver market, which £a feotiapse Tuesday, was still .t&J Wednesday, and one Dem- ,tMted States senator hinted •Wish financiers are trying to i silver-buying policy. Collapses 2AOO—tho American silver re- progfam blew up with reverberated throughout Atesday and left business *tfd politicians from Shanghai to Jf" 1&>rk nnd" London wondering ftt nad happened. statments by Treasury offi' Washington that the silver rtK program would continue to .», '"ftiifiited" as usual, the whole iteme appeared to be suddenly going With Chinese governments j to dump vast quantities of the ; and the United States Treasury sent refusing to continue , j the bag" for foreign govern- WjMeats and speculators by taking all In Iiondon trade in silver was para- >'Xeed, % the first time id history. •A'aoraeH by huge offerings and firid- j»l no buyers, the London silver *orket dosed. Under the rules of the :J;<tindaa 'exchange, all silver offered ' day must be taken at the flxe*d at the opening. Traders themselves by refusing to fix &• UGCfllapse of silver sprices in the Ip^rld's marjcets. .created a problem in 4>feanghai and . Hongkong, where jv|fenese v goyernment officials had em- * Marked upon a prograrh of selling sil- c to get foreign exchange to be used ^/manipulating the new "managed" , ,CMnese currency, which the gov- 1 ernhient is seeking to link to the Brit- fish, pound sterling. Stocks of silver mining companies, f>-i particularly those with foregin hold- Jsings, fell sharply on the New York ^Stock Exchange. Leading issues broke 2^ to ?6 per share, unsettling shares Bother corporations, and sending a fiare into the trading fraternity. feCtlaited States Smelting suffered the ^-sharpest break with a 56 loss for the $MJay. . :•••,..:.. ',.. **+*. • • Sheppard Mr. Olen Hubbard of Sprudell and «VMss Lucille Cornelius were married "^Saturday night at Prescott They went ' on to Arkadelphia arid returned to Sprudell Sundfly where diey will y riiake their "home at present. Their many friends wishes them much joy and happiness. . ; " .Mr. Buff Gentry had a carwreck in ihia Saturday night but was „ usV hurt. He returned home Sfincteyi'; "{eij Cornelius spent Saturday with Olen Williams near Hope. Christeen Cornelius spent the end with Miss Ethel Gentry. ' l <jifi£. Collier Stevenson of Ozan spent ' 'Sunday night with his cousins, Miss ,' Myrtle Knotts and Mrs. McCall. • ( Mrs. Alice Knley and a friend from ' ( Hope made a business trip to Texar- 1 kana Saturday. JE-1 Mrs. Alice Finley and MJS. Ethel Lower STAfc, HOPU, ARKANSAS It's Alternijjtve to Arbitrary Division of Income Here at Home WASHlNOfON. — i/P^ — Secretary Wallace Wednesday pictured "n re» distribution of income" as a prime necessity, which the nation can not escnfce. The Secretary of Agriculture, in his annual report, favored an increase in the proportion of national income going to poorer persons. He held that this would increase consumption and make for expansion production of factories and farms. The other course open. Wallace snitl. "involves a redistribution of income likewise, buta.under happier conditions." - • . •*>;;"With production,stimulated through international : trade?' he said, "the total national 1 income would increase. and though the increase would have to be distributed so as to inc^-ease consumption per;.cairifa, the operation would raise the national standard of living. By this rrjeans we would be balancing the national consumption with the national "production or its equivalent—and on a rising scale." The secretary said that agriculture will not monopolize the benefit of a more liberal iniport policy "even in the earlier stages.'' "If we admit foreign goods into the United States, he continued, "it will provide dollar exchange that other countries can spend." Hold Your Tongue About Holding Hands Sweet| Ideal for Christmas Menu Home-Made Candies and Cookies Are Treasured Holiday Memories Santa's Pack Is Heavy This Year New Boom Hits Toyville's Market This Christmas Season By CUAKLES NORMAN Ai'/oclatcd Press Correspondent NEW YORK — (/P) — There is "boom" In Toyvlllc, and Sanln Cliuts' By MRS. ALEXANDER GEORGE Autlitr of "Menus of the Day" The Joyful anticipation of Christmas if accented in many homes by tho j preparation of holiday confections,< pac h will bo heavier—and costlier many of which arc made at no other! t n i s Christmas, season of the year, j Sania< c)f coursC( is no( intc vcsted In Home-made candies, cookies nnd figures—but they show that the $200,- ">thcr delicacies in gnyly wrapper! j 000.000 toy industry is experiencing its boxes and holly trimmed baskets make '. | ;C Kt year since 1929, with advance treasured gifts which bring memories'sales 10 per cent ahead of last year, holidays and of bygone childhood merrymaking. Holiday Fond Favorites Pcupernuts (Old Holiday Standbys) 1 3 cup "fat 1 tablespoon 2 cups confectioners sugar Ozan Mr. and Mrs. Ray Utley and daughter Betty were •visiting Mr. and Mrs. Sari Stuart Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Stuart of Center spent Monday. with home folks. Mrs. Stuart is teaching in the school there. -."•:. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Girst and daughters Frances and Nancy visited relatives in Bingen/Sunday. Miss Alma Hanna'.went to Center to :each in Mrs. lG. W. Stuart's place Vtonday. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Locke visited 'riends in Prescqtt Sunday afternoon. Rev. Robertson :'filled his regular appointment at : St. Paul church Sunday norning. The Home Demonstration club meets with Mrs. H. O. Stuart the 12th. Jack Qoodlctt' and Clifton Cifty were visitors to Nashville Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Ben Cjoodlett and Mrs. Floyd Matthews we're "shopping in Hope Monday afternoon, r Finley Goodlett' of Blevins was in town Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Herbert Schooley and little daughters Doris Evelyn and Martha Faye of Los Angeles, Calif., are visiting her parents? Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Stuart and other relatives and friends. "I never heard of her before," Clark Gable is reported to have commented when questioned about Dclln Carroll's story of a romantic Interlude with him while en a tropical cruise. Vet here they arc pictured on deck, side by side, and Gnblc doesn't look as (hough his pretty blonde companion was a total stranger. Docs a girl have the right to boast of her romances any more than n man? Thafs the problem raised by Delia Carroll, pert, blond, Hollywood-bound show girl, who ecstatically told reporters In New York about a shipboard romance with Clark Gable, much sought movie Idol. In this penetrating editorial, Helen Wdshiincr discusses the romantic Implications of Miss Carroll's action. By HELEN WELSHIMER Love making is a co-operative venture. It takes two to hold hands— and each party has to be willing. It takes two to kiss, too, if the osculation is worth the effort. ft> Miss Delia Carroll—if she had a j cracked, certainly in no wise attempt- romantic interlude with Clark Gable O cl to attract the pretty dancer. She on a Pan-American boat as she says herself says that her heart became -1 eggs J/4 cup cream 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon cloves i'j teaspoon nutmeg V'J teaspoon black pepper cnrdnmon seeds Vi teaspoon suit 1 teaspoon grated lemon rind 1,3 cvip chopped citron 1 3 cup chopped candied orange peel '/!> teaspoon aniseed 4 cups flour 1 teaspoon soda iind ii scarcity already apparent In "quality toys"—those of higher price. Awl toy factories, as n result, are working night and day, in 30 states, to keep up with the demand, says the Toy Manufacturers of the U. S. A. Inc. They Really Work A glance at Santa Clans' 1935 pack •hews every type of industry represented in "put-the-children-to-work" playthings. From housekeeping to building, toys are efficient, gleaming and streamlined. Stoves that can cook i> turkey, electric trains from $4 to $1.000 and grocery stores with scales that really weigh, rnfes with combinations, dial telephones and cash registers are "in the bag" for Santa. Cream fat and sugar. Add rest of j Farm toys are very popular, too, ! ingredients. Chill dough 3 hours or says the toy group, ascribing it to j longer. Shape into 2/3 inch balls, the wide publicity given the farm i sprinkle with more confectioner's belt by the drouth. Farm animals, j sugar and arrange 3 inches apart on j barns with modern lines, and tractors greased baking sheet. Bake 12 minutes , and snow plows are some oE the head- microscoprs, and chemicals used In Industry. Trnlnii There Is an odd-a-room house that can be built on the "Installment' plnn and enlarged after the initial building is started, For the large number of children— and adults—fascinated by trains and tracks there'Is'ah automatic gnteman who jumps out of his booth nnd waves nt the train. Some of the trains this /enr have a whistle that sounds just like the real thing—enough so to make commuting fathers run for the station when they hear it. Dolls are numberless—and realistic. ior children, says the toy group, are realists. The Dionne quintuplets have helped boost the "felMh rate" of dolls. Streamlining, while nty new jfot has been brought to the 10-ce.n^ di«. vision for the first time. Fifty thou^ rand new designs In playthings, rep^. resenting the combined efforts of more " than 400 manufacturers, will pour , the larger pack of Santa this ySnr to, delight America's children. Parents who formerly" hnd to shoot. Snnta Clans may now explain t6 the t little ones that Kris is just enforcing sanctions. Mucli of the "morocco leather" gocds on European markets comes , from Kano, o city In Northern Nigeria • British West Africa. : Cornelius, made a business 'trip to Hope Monday. -Mrs. Pearl Cornelius spent a while with Mrs. Vergie Dudney Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Olen Hubbard and Miss Louise Hamilton of Spudell called on Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Cornelius Monday night. Legends tell of a mythical female .pope named Joan, said to have lived in the ninth century. she did—had every bit as much fun as the ladies' favorite. (Maybe more. For alter all, he is Clark Gable!) Therefore, why should she be excused for boasting of love on the decks any more than a man who kisses and tells would be? Nobody took advantage of the chorus girl. No girl is ever wooed against her will. She capitulates because she likes it, and if she is afraid of a romantic hangover she should put down her glass at the first sign of dizziness. If she suspects that a heart throb is a prelude to a headache, it is time for her to seek her cabin. Women Demand Sympathy In Lieu of Love Women, however, by divine right of sex, contende that it is their privilege to demand sympathy when anything goes amiss in a romance. They forget that they are just as responsible as men for the romance during its duration. They help it along. Romance is a game in which only one set of rules is played, men's rules, and a woman •who can't use them should turn in her cards. It is about time women stopped expecting a handicap. Clark Gable, adored by a multitude whose hearts are broken or slightly acrobatic when she heard he was on the ship and that she sought him out. Then let her take her medicine! If she didn't like the role of being Gable's playmate, she could have chosen another deck. Now that the boat has docked, it is a nebulous brand of sportsmanship that doesn't pay duty on romance and let it go. Even Movie Star Merits Privacy Every man who ever crossed an ocean has realized that it takes a woman t-j make the moonlight perfect. Clark Gable has as much right to a few tender minutes without the camera turning as any shipping clerk or merchant. If Miss Carroll is talking because she likes publicity, we don't blame Gable for saying that he never saw her. He certainly did not 1 . Not in that light! After all, it.will,be all right for her to tell her grandchildren sorne day that this is the hand that Gable held, but it is pretty low to tell her public. Besides, Miss Carroll had fun. At least a couple of million women would like to have the experience she claims. Why should she publicize her adventure? 6IFST She Will Cherish EVENING IN PARIS Toilet Sets In the beautiful blue silver (Gift Boxes , $1,50 to $8.75 EXQCIS1TE PERFUMES Cordayd, Coty's Bourjois, Houblgant, Rogers, Gallett and others $1,00 to $9.00 CWTEX MANICURE SlETS s In attractive silt boxes and leather 50c to $3.50 DUSTING POWDER—Coty's, Bourjois, Hudnuts and others. ?1.00 up. Why not give her a complete set of BARBARA GOULD Cosmetics, the favcrKe beauty treatment for thousands of women. You ca n get a sift package for as low as $1.00 John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps By Mrs. Mary E. Daguc Recent investigation has pretty well established the fact that commercially canned fruits and those done at home by the so-called hot-pack and pressure methods supply the same vitamins as fresh fruit. While the open-kettle method of canning is destructive to vitamin C, the same amount of heat applied to foods after sealing in cans has very little effect on this important tjement. Dried fruits are not to be depended upon for vitamin C. But with this excepticn they retain all the other es- ] sential properties of fresh and can- i ned fruits. Vitamins A and B, mineral When your knees don't y knock...that's a boost ^^ forHANES! V,. Tomorrow's Menu Breakfast: Grape fruit juice, cereal, cream, toasted codfish, corn bread, inilk, coffee. Luncheon: Noodle soup, stuffed date salad, pop-overs, milk, tea. Dinner: Boiled corned beef, mashed potatoes, French fried onions, cabbage and prune salad, steamed suet pudding with apricot sauce, milk, coffee. ble dessert for children. ..Prune and Cabbage Salad Two cups finely shredded cabbage, 8 prunes, 2 teaspoons sugar, Vi teaspoon salt, 4 tablespoons vinegar, 4 tablesoppons heavy cream. Let cabbage stand in ice water for thirty minutes. Drain. Add sugar and salt and crush slightly with a wooden spoon. Steam prunes until plump and remove pits. Cut in narrow strips and add to cabbage. Add vinegar, mixing well with a fork. Add cream, beating it into the mixture until the whole is frothy. Serve on the vivid green of leaf lettuce. Raisins can be added to cabbage in place of prunes. in moderate oven. Scnfoam j 1 cup brown Vs teaspoon I sugar salt 1 egg white 1 cup sugar i teaspoon 23 cup water vanilla Boil sugar and water without stirring until-fine thread forms when portion is poured from spoon, pour into egg white, beaten. Bent until mixture becomes thick. Add rest of ingredients and drop from spoon onto waxed paper. Top with nuts or dntos. Spiced Nufs (Something Different) 1 cup nuts Vi teaspoon 1 egg white cinnamon 4 tablespoons 1 A teaspoon sugar cloves Beat egg white, add sugar and spices. Add nuts and when well covered spread in thin layer in shallow pan. Bake 30 minutes in very slow oven. Fondant Loaf 2% cups sugar dates Vi teaspoon 'A cup chopped cueiam of tartar nuts ! V>. cup milk 1 teaspoon ' 1/3 cup cream vanilla \4 teaspoon salt Vi teaspoon al- Vi cup chopped mond extract Boil sugar, cream of tartar, milk, cream and salt until soft ball forms in cold water. Stir frequently. Remove candy from fire end pour into 2 shallow'.'dishes which have been rinsed out of cold water. Do not beat for 10 minutes. Beat one portion until thick and creamy. Add vanilla, dates and nuts. Knead until soft and creamy, thape into loaf 1 inch thick. Place on waxed paper. Add almond extract to the other dish of candy and beat until creamy and thick. Pour over the loaf. Chill and cut in slices. Christinas Dixies liners. In keeping with the "toys that work" motif, there arc lead-casting sets with which youngsters can make their own toys, if they wish; cement-mixers that mix cement; optromestrist sets with which Johnny can grind glasses for Joaf pan lined with waxed paper. Bake 113 hours in moderately slow oven. Dale Bulls (Spicy Fruit Cookies) 2 3 cup fat IVi cups brown sugar 2 eggs 3 tablespoons . cream 2 teaspoons cinnamon 1 teaspoon cloves ',i teaspoon nutmeg '/i teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 cup chopped dates 4 cups flour 1 teaspoon soda Cream fat and sugar. Add eggs and i cream, beat well. Add rest of ingredients and drop small portions from I tip of spoon onto greased baking i .sheets. Space 3 inches. Bake 12 min! utes in moderate oven. FORHER DuBerry Toilet Goods Perfume Sets Compacts Marcelle Cosmetics Manicure Sets FORHIM *® Comb and Brush' Sets Parker Pen and Pencil Sets Bill Folds Tobaccos H1RLEY TEMPLE DOLLS Also Other type Dolls NORRIS EXQUISITE CANDIES «^t^ejj We Have the Correct Gifts for Everyone Included on Your Gift List WARD & SON I'HE LEADING DRUGGIST Phone 62 "WE'VE GOT IT'l. Prompt Delivery H BBS's a reit of WiitfW andemsar with the highest anti-knock rating of any that ever flung '° your knees and hugged your ehettl When you get |hece close-knit ribs of warm downy fluff buttoned up to your rin«i you'll atop grousing about the weather, If» Chile in South America '-« bu$ it's Florida in HANES! Water, BANE8 fa KieuMfically »ized to match your trunk-measure q» we)i g* your chert* And the elastic-knit is so nimble that it stretches wjfh the g]i«htest pressure -Amoves vith you, whichever way you bepd, a» «wily 00 yom shadow I It was HAAES that put the end to mead , , , our buttons, buttonholes, cuffs, and setum have more stf tcheti than a major operation ! See your HANES today, P, I!, BANES KNITTING COMPANY, , N, C, 4 warty dttler hat BANES Union- 8uitJ, tl and up ... Shim and Prawn" b>$ln at 7Sc . . . Bo;>* Union-SulU, 75e . . . Herrkhild W«»*»-Si»U», 75c . . . al»o N»W Wint*r-W*l«l»t fbjft* *»4 Knit illu,tr a ,€d «t <•/«*(), We and iff each. Aim'?***** fOli MfN AND H»n*?i AreSs>WinHQP£&y GQRHAM&GOSmi content, fuel value, laxative properties, alkaline reaction—all these are abundantly and economically supplied by ! j dried fruits. • ; Fruits Rich in Iron Prunes, dates, raisins and figs are especially rich in iron. Peaches, apricots and apples contribute other min- j eral constituents. i Plain cakes and simple puddings i are made interesting and given more | food value by the addition of these • fruits. ; Raisins and figs can be stewed in a ! little water until tender to make a i gcod sauce to use over rice pudding. ! Cornstarch pudding, too, is improv- i cd by the fruit sauce. Apricots stew- i ed and slightly sweetened make a de- licicus tauce with a steamed suet pud- i ding. i Prunes and figs can be steamed and I stuffed with cottage cheese to make ! nourishing and inviting winter salads. j Prunes stuffed with peanut butter I make a nice salad treat for children. i Sc do fine large dates stoned and i stuffed with a combination of cream ! cheese and orange marmalade. i Lcng slow cooking is essential for | all dried fruits in order to soften the i skins. If prunes are soaked overnight in water to cover and then simmered always below the boiling point for three or four hours and allowed to stand again over night before serving they will be tender, firm and fine- flavgred. If sugar is added it should bi; put in just before removing from i the /ire. I tteamed figs served in their own ! juice or with cream make an accepta- It's strange, but the very people who want free speech preserved are afraid the future will find it in an excellent state of preservation. St. Louis railroad president weds his manicurist, which is one way a modern executive can have himself cured of biting hLs nails. Nazis advice to bride-to-be: "You do not marry him alone, but all his forefathers." Whereas the bridegroom usually finds he has wed most of her relatives. It an Antarctic explorer doesn't ihowup for a few months, his expla^ nation can be that he had taken a night off. '/l teaspoon lemon extract Vz cup toasted cocoanut M> cup pecans '/!• cup candied cherries Vis cup candied pineapple 2 cups sugar 1 cup dark brown sugar l'/z cups water 3 tablespoons butter 1 teaspoon vanilla Boil, stirring frequently, the sugars, water and butter. When soft ball forms in cold water remove from fire • and let stand 20 minutes. Add ex- | tracts and beat until creamy. Add rest of ingredients and drop portions from tip of spoon onto waxed paper tocool. Light Fruit Cake 2/3 cup fat apple 1% cups sugar '/i cup chopped 2/3 cup milk candied orange 1 teaspoon vanilla peel Go Gift Gathering at the Specialty Viteaspoon almond extract ] /4 teaspoon lemon extract 1/3 teaspoon sail % cup shredded almonds % cup chopped candied pine- cup white raisins 1. 3 cup chopped candied cherries 2Vfi cups flour 1 teaspoon soda 6 eggs whites, beaten Persona! Shopping Service Don't rack your poor drain for ideas. Let our efficient sales people help you with your Christmas gift list. They have a world of clever and difvient gifts to suggest. Cream fat and sugar. Add rest of ingredients, mixing lightly. Pour into Nanking Ready To Repel Planes NANKING —(/P)— Should hostile planes ever raid the Chinese capital they would be met by anti-aircraft fire from numerous and unsuspected £pots. Many a burial grove and tree sheltered shrine in the low hills within and around the ancient walls provides natural and effective camouflage for the guns. Christmas Cards Cheery bits of the holiday spirit, expnsssed J» clever artwork and bright puper! You'll want to remember all your friends with a coUeo (luii of the new Christmas cards we're showing. An Excellent PF Engraved and Sheer Sheen Cards Our Representative Will Be Glad to Call. Star Publishing Co. HAND BAGS Suedes, fabrics and leathers. Dozens of styles— $1.95 COMPACTS and EVENING BAGS New beauties in heaps of clever designs— $1.00 GLOVES Soft glace kid mid suede, in all sizes— $1.95 KERCHIEFS Hand embroidered handkerchiefs she'll like— 49c SATIN GOWNS Gorgeously trimmed luce— $2.95 HOSIERY Sheer is a mist holiday gifts— $1 "f rjntlwg That Phone An Impression" VISIT" OUR" NEW PERSONAUZED GIFT DEPARTMENT LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP

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