Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 12, 1935 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1935
Page 7
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' ' ' ' '*"- < MOPfiS STAJft, MOm 1 -r-x Vital inCampaign assing of Business Opposition Is Real Threat to Roosevelt By BiTUm PRICE Chief Of Bureau, The Associated Prewt, Washington Viewed from any angle, the massing of business oppoltion to President ftoosevelt is a matter of prime interest politically, as well as economically. Politics always Is uncertain, but at least Interesting possibilities can be predicted on the lessons of political history. One le.ison of the past is that it is almost Impossible to elect or reeled a President over a determined and wisely-directed opposition by organized business. Prom that the Democrats may take warning. Another is that the. bringing together of powerful business organizations for political action usually results in extravagnnt campaign spending, and is likely to culminate in a scandal bcnefitting the other side. The Republicans may learn from that. One way or the other, it is not improbable that business opposition to the Roosevelt policies, ,and to Mr. Rocsevclt himself, will be one of the dominating factors in 1038, Sentiment Crystallizing Of course there is nothing new in iilslnoss distrust of Mr. Roosevelt, or U the prospect that many important >\uslne..is leaders will be against him next year. The interesting new thing about it, how.ever, is that recently there has been a drawing-together of this sentiment, and a tendency to express it in organized fashion. Wholesale refusal of the utility companies to register under the new hold- Ing company act coincides with a number of significant developments elsewhere. Returns from a referendum among members" of the Chamber of Commerce of,(ho United States, on whose board are represented all of the great financial interests of the country, show on overwhelming majority against current "legislative trends." The American Bankers association, in annual convention, gives a cold reception to "new deal" speakers. The Liberty league, which manifestly has ample financial backing, extends its attack to include most of the President's major proposals. These organizations all maintain they are not in politics, but their effect on politics is beyond dispute. Cfl.mpnign Funds That the Republicans intend to make a thoroughgoing job of raising campaign funds is evident from the personnel of the new finance committee appointed by Chairman Fletcher. It is headed by lenders who represent concerns accustomed to deal in millions. A year ago, the Republicans were laving great difficulty raiding money, liose who were asked for funds replied in many cases by asking what assurance there was that the party would not go off at a tangent, and permit itself to be dominated by the radical elements, particularly In the west. The general tenor of discussion at the "grass roots" conferences appears to have satisfied many eastern Republicans that the party would at least be more conservative than the Democrats. . The danger of too much emphasis on financial backing is illustrated by the experience of Edward F. Hutton, chairman of General Foods. He urged business, in a magazine article, to "gang up" against administration policies, but he found it advisable later to withdraw the expression and explain that he only meant "get together." To Ecurly to Conclude It would be easy to draw liaslly conclusions from all of this, with no facts to support them. For one thing, the degree to which all business, big and little, is against the President has not been established. The Democrats contend that they will have much business and banking support next year, particularly from com- Dolores Returns in Mother Role A stunning girl, lowdr photo, •when nho left tho screen seven years ago to wed John 8arry j - tnore and boar him ' two chit-» dron; a beautiful, mature woman now, top photo, Dolores Costollo, In her screen' 'conie- back, will play the mother of F- r o d d is Bartholomew in a, forthcoming' .production. She, WEB divorced 'recently Irom ' By Paul Harrison HOLLYWOOD—Short takes; This is a town where everybody is a potential tar except the grocer boy. And he lias just submitted his seventh scenario. This town, says George Burns, is "the only place on earth where Grade Allen can't embarrass me." Hollywood is a place where the brain trusters will pay $80,000 for a successful Broadway play, and then spend $80,000 more changing it around so nobody, including the author, can recognize it. Tills is a town where even a title by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow may not pass the censors. They've changed "The Children's Hour" to "These Three" to circumvent associations between the name and the daring, un- filmnble play. New sport of Cinemanias princes— gliding. Jimmy Cagney and Robert Armstrong have taken it up. One of Mae West's staurichest fans is Marlene Dietrich. The latter always drops around to listen when Klondike Lou records a song. On the comeback list; Lugia Mon- munilies largely dependent on agriculture. . Another thing to be borne in mind i.s that the mere existence of important financial backing for the Republicans does not prove that the election is to be "bought," or that any illegal or immoral methods are to be indulged in. The legitimate expenses of a national campaign arc tremendous, and both parties spend plenty of money when they have it. All that can be done now i.s to note the facts as they exist, mid wonder what may come out of thorn. / will offer at Public Sale at my home in Columbus, Arkansas, on MONDAY, DEC. 16,1935, the following' personal property o'Clock, a, m, sharp. Sale starts at 10 1 Brood Marc, weight 1100 pound, and bred. 2 Colts, 1 year old, 1 Colt, 2 years old, 1 Good Mule 1 Good Saddle Horse 6 head of Cattle, some to fresh. 6 head of Hogs. 2000 Bales Johnson Grass Hay 100 Bushels of Corn 2 McCormick Mowers. 1 New Sweep Rake. 1 Bull Rake. Hay Forks and Ropes. 1 John Deere Plow. 4 Double Shovels 2 Georgia Stocks. 3 Sets Breeching Harness .5 Sets Plow Gear. Combination Middle Buster. 1 Hiding Cultivator. 6 Bridles. 2 Good Saddles. 8 pair new Wagon Lines. 5 Good Horse Collars. 2 dozen Sweeps. 1 new Sickle Grinder. 2 sets of Shop Tools, ;' leather Suit Cases. 1 Philco Radio. 1 Atwater Kent Radio, 1 No. 10-guage Parker Gun and case. 5 Hoes. 1 good John Deere Wagon. 1 Low Wheel Wagon, 1 Dining Table. 6 Chairs. 1 Dresser. 1 good All-Cook Stove. 1 Dutch Oven. 1 Hall Tree. and many other articles too numerous to mention. Cultists Defend Polygamy Belief Declare It Is Mormonism —But Mormons Excommunicated Them KINGMAN, Ari.-(/P)-l. C. Spencer and four other Short Creek colonists defended polygamy as part of their religious belief nt Spencer's trial on "open and notorious cohnbitation" charges hero Tuesday. The defense closed with testimony from Spencer who admitted that ho had practiced polygamy and told of his two wives, I The state had rested with evidence | picturing him as having two wives, 13 children and another baby on the Way. "Have you ever heard of the United Order?" asked Victor Hayek, Ills attorney. "I wns born into the order at Orderville, Ut." "Is the principle of plural marriage a belief of the United Order?" "No." "Is it a part of the Mormon faith?" "Yes." "Are you a Mormon?" "I was until excommunicated in 1925." "Do you still cling to the beliefs of the Mormon faith?" "Yes." "While you were in Mexico, Lee's Ferry and Short Creek, where was Sylvia Allred?" (Spencer's alleged polygamous wife). "She lived with inc." "Do you know Lyndia Spencer?" "She is my legal wife." "How many children have you?" "Nine by her." "How long have you believed in plural marriage?" "All my life." Admitting the advocacy of plural marriage as a part of their religious belief, Bishop John Y. Barlow, Isaac Curling, the latter's wife, Elva, and Roy Johnson, testified on behalf of Spencer, one of two polygamists under prosecution. Barlow, leader of the Short Creek clan of some 200 members said the United Order, of which Spencer is a member, is an economic and religious organization. Barlow denied the group has beliefs other than those of the' original Mormon doctrines. J. W. Musser, Salt Lake City, treasurer of the United Oi-der, testified the cult was patterned after the doctrines of Joseph Smith, original Mormon prophet. Witnesses for the prosecution said j Spencer had a legal wife and nine! children in Utah but had been living I at Short Creek with Sylvia. Allred. She has borne Spencer four children and is to become a mother again. Charles Hcaton, president of the Kanab stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon), testified the church excommunicated 14 Short Creek residents for their belief in polygamy. County Attorney E. Elmo Bolljnger produced through Howard Roarke, relief investigator, affidavits in which Spencer and the woman allegedly admitted the parentage of four children. tagna. Or maybe you recall him as Bull Montana. ' He has an acrobat role in "Song and Dance Man." Double Pay, Hnlf Work There arc more than 100 highly paid screen scriveners in Hollywood, but' only half of them did any writing that i was translated into celluloid during • the last 12 months. It's THAT kind of town. Somebody gave Fred Astaire a little tin flute. He tootled so amusingly that they've written it into "Follow the Flee." The league may get around to invoking some sanctions against 20th | Century-Fox. Five war pictures are \ shooting there now; or pictures with battle scones. A pen sketch of Jimmy Durante in the Brown Derby requires two frames, tile second is for his nose. Charles Ruggles is building the Pacific Coast's largest dog kennels near Hollywood. Raising terriers is a hobby that pays big dividends. Ann Harding once worked as a clerk in an insurance office. Allison Sklpworth is one of the topflight bridge players of the screen colony. November, as usual, proved the poorest month for Hollywood fan mail. April is always best. Nobody knows just why, but it probably has something to do with spring. Each to Ills Taste People of simple tastes, these Hollywoodsmen: Wallace Beery drives his own flivver. Leslie Howard likes j corned beef and cabbage. William j Powell won't have a valet. Spencer j Tracy prefers to curry and rub clown his own horses. Clark Gable's idea of fun is cleaning guns and shining up his hunting equipment, Kay Francis likes acrobats and onion '• soup, football and card tricks, pop- J j corn, knitting, and tropical fish. But 1 she can't stand complete darkness, the ! smell ot fresh paint, pig Latin, or i I crossword puzzles. ! ' Claudette Colbert is fond of potato 1 ! chips and lacy lingerie and antique ' ' furniture and dogs—any dogs, big, lit-' I tic, mutts, and thoroughbreds. She : doesn't like .snobs, parsnips, radios, traffic signals, or interference with her private affairs—or the affairs she I crnficlers private. ; Carole; Lombard admits a fondness . for practical jokes. Also for oranges. > modern furniture, sapphires, and i, parties. Doesn't like details, people who attempt to exploit her, fish, or •street curs. Miriam Hopkins likes reading in bed rrepes. Su^elte, flying, eggs Benedict, swimming, horses, and washing her own hair. Can't bear avocados, weepy i 1 women, wishy-washy men, cold wat- ' IT (even to drink), and doesn't care ' much for candy. Terms made known on day of sale. Lunch will be served. DR. H. H. DARNALL SILAS SANFORD, Auctioneer. Germany, the Netherlands, Aryen- : Una und Uruguay in that order were Brazil's leading tobacco customers in . 19.'i4 \vhcn 34,18-1 long tons were exported, bringing a total of $4,237,360, Captain Triffino CCITCQ of the Brazilian tinny recently faced disciplinary action from War Minister Jo;i'> Gomes Ribeira because ho complained to President Gclulio Vargas against the minister's rigorous methods with ' officers and troops. i * to Drives Santa With a Sled Full of CHARMING, PLEASURE-GIVING •^R '«i \r «• •>-,.*< Sure to Please "HIM" Hand Made Ties A new assortment of Holiday patterns in Men's handmade neckties. Each tie packed .. In attractive gift boxes. A Of* Price «:....:......... *I3JC Gift SHIRTS A timely Christmas Gift. Largo assortment of patterns In plain and .fancy colors, pre- QO j% shrunk, fast 'colors.: wQC Pure Silk SOX Silk SCARFS Pure silk with neat attractive clocks up sides. Conservative shades,,black, navy, grey and brown Silk reversible, tubular scarfs. Your choice of plaids, stripes and dots. Buy early while our assortment is complete Price Fleeced Lined Kid Gloves Black or brown color. Large selection, either slip on or button styles. Buy early while sizes and colors are complete. S1.19 BELT and BUCKLE SET Each set packed in beautiful gift box. Genuine all.leather belt with buckle that will not tarnish. Remarkable value, and good looking too. . 49c Broadcloth Print Pajaitias • ^'f._ -tr . , ••* „,'._« (^ •* , -V -i Special gift assortment for Christmas, smart new patterns, neatly trimmed, good quality broadcloth, launders luccly, choico of button front or slip over style. 98 Men's Linen HANDKERCHIEFS Two-In-Box Plain linen handkerchiefs with neat white initial in corner. Box of Two \-VJl 4*Vt i 29c White Initialed * Of closely woven material with initial in corner. 2 for 15c Garter and Suspender Sets 39c A large assortment of patterns to choose from. A useful gift that is always welcome. Leather Purse and Key Ring Set Genuine Fin Seal, purses Zipper fasteners, choice of black or brown colors.. Shaving Sets in Gift Cases Set consists of razor, razor case, shaving brush and two sterilized brushes (hair and clothes) Sateen lined case. fl» 4 Price >. $ I . COSSACK STYLE Suede Leather Jackets An ideal gift for father. Zipper front, adjustable cuff, two pockets, sateen lining 55.95 10-Pc. Leather TRAVEL KIT Guaranteed genuine leather case, ten piece set. tractive black grain zipper fastening kit At- $3.98 Make It a Merry Christmas for BABY Too INFANTS ITEMS Chinchilla Coats $1.29 Pajamas Novelty Blankets 98c Infant's Buntings 98c Brush Wool Suit $1.79 All Wool Bootees ISc Infants Bathrobes 59c Maderia Bibs 29c White Batiste Dresses j>9c Toddler's Silk Dresses 98c Gifts for the Home Rayon Brocade Bedspreads Beautiful brocaded designs lu blue, rose, green,- gold and lavender. Size 86x105. eryone! Sure to Delight "HEFT $1.98 Embroidered Pillow Cases (2 in Box) Neat embroidered designs In assorted color. Sets consists of 2 case* sl*» 42x36.... 79c Set Brocaded Table Scarfs Assorted sizes In high novelty brocades. Just .the thing for an outstanding gift. 49c Each Tied and Dyed TABLE SCARFS Brilliant Hed and dyed scarfs, that are so colorful, colors are blended harmoniously to give brilliant effect. 49c Each All Linen Dinner Sets No wonder they arc so popular, made' of all linen, In bright colored plaids with colored borders. Cloth 52*52, or 52x70, 6 napkins to match. S1.98 Set All Linen Luncheon Sets Gil}- plaids and bright color borders. Size 38x30 doth and 4 napkins. A gift you will bt> proud to glvo. • .. • • 79c USE OUR LAY-A-WAY PLAN Miscellaneous Suggestions Manicure Sets Complete 16 piece set. Unusually attractive case with mirror, an unusually appreciated gift 98c Bath Salt Sets A box of dusting powder, puff, toilet water and perfume. Set complete in gift box. 25c Shaving Set Everything he needs . 1 small tube Colgate toothpaste, 1 tube Colgate shaving cream, after shaving powder and 1 bar of Palmolive Soap. Complete in attractive gift package. 25c Bath Powder Sets 12 tubes of bath salts, each wrapped In bright colored cellophane, also large box of ba4h powder. In ffiCt package. 25c Novelty Prayer Rugs Made of heavy silk vclour with flower (lesigns. Sizes 13x20 and larger. Beautiful assortment to select from. 59c Each Novelty Silk Wall Rugs Some with famous picture scenes, others with animal designs. These beautiful ruga will make a dorful gift for any home. 98c Streamlined TRAIN *& Beautiful Crepe Gowns Pure silk. Fine quality all silk that will make an instantaneous appeal to fastidious .taste, available in tea rose, cut full length. /* I*! 1 t&i < /. r» Porto Ray SATIN SLIPS If you want her eyes to sparkle Christmas morning be sure to have one of these lovely slips for her beneath her Christmas • tree. See ' this value. All Silk CREPE SLIPS What a flattering gift to give, all silk crepe in flesh or tea .rose shades. Luxuriously Jace trimming. Good long fl»4 QQ length 4» I iwO Glove Silk UNDERWEAR S tep-ins—Panties—Bloomers Every woman appreciates beautiful lingerie. Always a. sure fire hit if you buy it at Burr's it will be sure to please. ' HOSIERY '•It's going to be hosiery for Christmas. Extra fine quality, shadow proof, ring- less hose 48 gauge, three thread heeL This hose will be appreciated by the most discriminating. Each pair individually wrapped In cellophane-. Glo-Sheen Satin Undies A' lovely gift that the younger woman '^witTibe especially '"pleased' to receive." Save with safety at Burr's. Rayon Slippers New PURSES An unusual collection in black rayon crepe styles with contrasting linings. 1%-inch heel 98c FLANNEL ROBES All wool, light weight, flannel robes that are warm and comfortable. Comes in either solid, or striped patterns, good lengths DRESSING ROBES Beautiful pure silk robes with lace trim ming, large assortment of pastel colors, with new cape sleeve.... Selections are best now., We have a,.complete assortment of new popular styles in the season's newest fashions. Price TOYS That Bring Real JOY Jumbo Baby DOLL 23-inch with voice. Complete with every details, almost human, open mouth, tongue, teeth, eye lashes, crying voice, sleeping eyes, turning head, fully dressed > $1.98 WARDROBE TRUNK Four pull out drawers and cloth*. hangers, an ideal gift 13-inch TEDDY BEAR 13-inch silk plush, soft and cuddly with bright eyes. The right Christmas gift for CQf% any youngster you know O5JC Toy Furniture Drum & Sticks Breaths there a boy with solo so dead who never to his Ma has said, I wanna drum. These have bright colored metal shells, and fabric heads. Kach 59c Largo size colonial style bed, green, nat» ural and maple finish with drop side feature. 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