The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 30, 1983 · Page 28
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 28

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1983
Page 28
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r- .V MONDAY, MAY 30, 1983- Mechanical woes slow Rahal P IRST IT WAS the clutch, then it A was the radiator. The latter put Bobby Rahal out of Sunday's 500 Mile Race perhaps part of the "sophomore jinx" that seems to shadow some Speedway drivers. But just as last year, Bobby Rahal gave plenty of evidence that he "belongs" to the Speedway elite. Last year, his rookie year here, he had to settle for 11th place because his engine quit with just 26 laps to go. - Sunday, starting sixth on the grid in the Red Roof Inns MarchCos-worth, he led twice for a total of 14 laps. But it was curtains after 110 laps when the radiator split Before that, the Columbus, Ohio, area driver who finished second only to Rick Mears on the CART champ circuit last year, experienced other problems. His clutch failed while he was leading and a costly 55 second pit stop put him all the way back to seventh place. . At the halfway mark of the race he was down a lap and still running in seventh place. "We could have kept going, but the radiator finished us," he said. Rahal took his front-running charge in stride. When he led twice, he said, he realized it was "awfully Deja vu: No place for Mario to go Sunday, for the second straight year, Mario Andretti was eliminated from the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race in an accident not of his making. Johnny Parsons accepted the blame for the crash on the 82nd lap that sent Andretti first to the hospital and then to his garage, where he fvas joined by actor Paul Newman, a sponsor of the car. Andretti sat out the 1982 race after being involved in, a crash at the Start A part on Kevin Cogan's car broke, setting off a spin that left Xndretti no alternative than to hit pie other machine. Sunday, much the same thing ccurred. ' - "Parsons spun and I had no place jo go," the unsmiling Andretti said afterward. "There's nothing really to say except to say the guy lost it in front of me. "All of a sudden Parsons just started spinning. It was very quick. He just lost control and carried me with it As soon as we hit I went into Ihe wall. I had no place to go." "IT WAS MY fault," Parsons said. "I took it down low to give Mario enough room and it got away from me. That is my first mistake here in 10 years." Andretti, the 1969 winner, struck the wall and was pinned in his car briefly but complained only of a sore thumb. Parsons also was taken to (he track hospital with a sprained ankle and, like Andretti, was treated and released. Andretti said the crash was "a hell of an impact a hard contact on that wall. Before that the car was mediocre at best, but it was drivable 3nd predictable. I don't think I would have gotten any more out of the car than 187 or 188, but we'll never know. And that might have been enough." - Andretti said he was "hurting in my heart. But this place is just something for me. I'll be back and Our season is only starting. Que sera, sera; just a racing accident. What more can I say?" Cooney fite delayed New York (AP) Heavyweight Gerry Cooney will not return to action against Phillip Brown June 18 as scheduled because of a knuckle injury that has hampered his training, CO manager Mike Jones said Sunday. The fight which was set for Las Vegas, Nev., will be rescheduled for mid or late July. WAREHOUSE SALE Si , MOWERS AT BELOW INVOICE WHILE THEY LAST CASH & CARRY 50 ONLY IN THE BOX NO CHARGES 21" PUSH Vi H.P. wCATCHER REG. 324.95 21" SELF-PROPEL 3 H.P. REG. $340 wCATCHER 435.95 SET-UP CHARGE $10.00 ATPr 8 h.p. this sal Vtjjw-? fjT I E&Tc ft$V 11 H P. 33" Cut REG. I 90 days same Elec. start 1715 85 AS CASH ON RIDERS . . EAST gsjfgl NORTH L i WEST ' .jpilll' ' '" 'J""" "" """ " Iin.M- J I......,,o . PIT PASS By The Star Speedway Staff early. I knew a lot could still happen. "The car was fine. I was able to run consistently and drive about any place I wanted to. At least we could run with them," he said. But he said it was frustrating being forced out of the race. STEVE CHASSEY termed his 11th place finish in the Chevy V8-powered Genesee Beer machine "a lot more work than I figured it would be," but he was pleased with his effort in his first Indianapolis 500-Mile Race. "I put in a day's work," said the driver of the lone machine powered by a stock block engine. "The car didn't handle perfectly but I was satisfied with the engine. It ran very fast on the straights and it never gave me any trouble. "My hands are tired and my neck is tired," Chassey said. "There were a lot of g-forces out there." Chassey came to Indianapolis "to race the track and not any one driver," and that's what he did all day. "When the car didn't feel good I didn't drive fast" he said. "I drove according to how the car felt." The 38 year old driver from Brownsburg praised his crew. "Everything went well on our stops but I had to make one unscheduled stop after running over some trash from the Mario Andretti-Johnny Parsons crash," he said. "The debris cut one of my tires." BOTH THE DAY'S first two wall-bangers thought that a tire problem might have been the cause of their misfortune. But Patrick Bedard, who just ticked the wall coming out of Turn 4, still was saying the buck stopped with him. 25-cent gasket forced Fabi out Rookie pole sitter Teo Fabi of Milan, Italy, said Sunday he would have won the Indianapolis 500 "for sure" if he had not been forced out because of a faulty fuel port gasket. Fabi led the first 23 laps of the race and was credited with 48 laps and 26th position. The nylon 0 ring gasket which is fitted inside a groove in the fuel port, came loose when Fabi's crew pulled the fuel hose out on the car's second pit stop. Fuel gushed out of the machine and the crew tossed water on the highly inflammable mixture. There was no fire, according to the crew manning the fuel hoses. When it became apparent the incident would end Fabi's initial Indianapolis 500, he jumped out of his green No. 33 Skoal Bandit and gestured disgustedly. "The car ran perfect at the start," said Fabi, who set new one-lap and four lap qualifying records in winning the pole. "I went to the lead very easily at the start and after our first pit stop I decided to just follow the leader because it is a long race. "My car was the best on the track in the beginning of the race and all month for that matter." Asked if he would have won the race except for the 25 cent part busting, he said, "For sure." Fabi's unfortunate pit stop occurred during a yellow light for Roger Mears' accident. DAVID KNIGHT $250 "Invoices Available for Inspection RIDER BAGGER BONANZA All Prices Include BAGGER 28" cut REG. 1355 85 S1181 S1287 $1486 Recoil Start P. 28" cut RPR Elec. Start 1505 85 THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR- "Jim Wright (his crew chief) theorizes that a tire may have gone down," he said, "but it's the driver's job to keep it off the wall. "I had a push from the start and it just got so bad then that there was nothing I could do." Roger Mears thought he also might have had a tire go flat or blister. "Nothing broke because it was just running too smooth," he said. "The car just jumped out from under me too quickly. "It just jumped sideways. I caught it the first time, but then it jumped again and I couldn't save it." TWO DRIVERS were black- pu mg iff W Vji!''W .mini.- nmn inpyi mm i m If -mr el' 'Wl - r mi,.,.. m,mw-w- "W" n'T'i' " w'W'-""'""-' Pickups, Vans and RVs! Limited time offer! RADIAL ATX SAVE $1 up to ale Ends Sot., June 4 Reduced puces on nil populo sizes BUY NOW CLIP & SAVE! LUBE, OIL & FILTER s We'll lubricate your car s chassis, dram old oil. add up to live quarts of new oil ! and install a new Firestone oil Wter 1 Please call lor an appointment STORE HOURS ALL STORES OPEN DAILY 7:30 A.M. till 6 P.M. Sat. 8-5 I WESTSIDE 3712 Lafayette Rd. 293-9051 Lafayette Square 3900 Lafayette Rd. Opposite i.C. Penney Store 291-9700 OPEN 7 30-9 Mon -Fri. 8 5 Sot ; 12 S Sun. Speedway SPEEDWAY SHOPPING CTR S814 Crawfordsvilli Rd. t 243-3733 flagged for driving too slow in the groove during the early part of the race. Chet Fillip, the slowest qualifier at 183.146 mph, and Dennis Fire stone, the second slowest qualifier at 190.088, were parked by USAC on laps 11 and 76, respectively. THE $10,000 award posted by UNO Games was won by UNO's driver. The Let's Play Games folks offered $10,000 to the driver wearing their decal who was leading on Lap 111. And Brabham, who finished fourth in the VDS PC-10, was seven seconds ahead of Howdy Holmes at that time. 30 per set of 4 Touqh. BoiO -p'Owen rodtO'i with raised white letters Look ond perform aeot on the rood ond in rouqh country 'OS? 0' f ' GUP & SAVE! AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE We II check your system, test lor pressure and leaks and add up to one pound ol refrigerant, it needed $1995 Offer Eipires Sun., June 5 is! f 11 pir 'i'L 1J 13 we should sell out of your size, we II give you a 'ramcheck' assuring NORA 1300 E. 86th St. 846-6516 Open Doily. 7AM CASTLETOH 6302 E. 82nd St. 849-9562 Castleton Square 6020 E. 82nd St. Opposite J C Penney Store 49-9130 OPEN 7 3& Mon -Fri. 8fSo: 12 5 Son For AUTO INSURANCE CALL Jim Binhack 241-3926 "t"i i2U ItMIMCt U. tinUrium M. Colwnk Ok. m Boys & Girls! Learn Basketball from the Pros! ISIAH THOMAS RAY TOIBERT BILLY KNIGHT JUNE 27-JULY 1 JULY 5-9 THE HOOSIER BASKETBALL CAMP Herb Williams Kent Benson Ir.ctiT. Write! P.O. tw Hill Jr. !.. M OKI lky etc Certer m4 Mike TRIUMPH STEEL-BELTED CIS- 95 , SI f I All Smim TreJI Wt..,all PI65 80RI3 P'85 80B13 P18575RU PI9575RU P205'75RU P225'75RU P165'80PI5 P205'75R15 P?I5'75BI5 P225'75I?I5 P235-'75RI5 $41 J CLIP & SAVE! 2' TUNE-UP We II install new resistor spark plugs, adiust idle speed, set timing, test battery and charging system, inspect rotor, distributor cap. PCV alve. ignition cades, air filter, crankcase vent titter and vapor canister filter. Most U S and imported Cars E.p.res June 5 4 Cl 6 rvl 8 cvl 9A T5 4A Mm W Ss?! EAST 6522 E. Washington St. 356-6301 Doily, 7 6 H. " it M & 4Ci. 6 cvi. scy. ao,. JL.m , J.SJ TT J Olfer Ep,r Sun.. Ju 5 it Washington Square 10202 E. WASHINGTON ST. Opposite J C Penney Ston 897-1282 OPEN 7 30-9 Mon -f n. 8 5 Sat ; 12 5 Sun. -PACE 29 auDnraces!'li June 2 The Midwest's Best Midget Racing See over t50 laps of racing action including: 25 & 50 Lap Features Hot i. tot 6 30pm Genvt Artrwi.U'O" fiflt f)t 8pm C'-n 16 HI S? una fi . fn( f June 3 June 4 " in JO Action Packed Races iivk ' Niahtlv Featuring . m ' a Thrilling 25 Lap FIGURE-8 1 Oui-'v 6 30pf CW- 16 mi f,rttc S OO pm Una- 6 fait INDIANAPOLIS fnnm m J06 U i 4 Kitlrv Aw RADIAL WHITEWALL P155 80R-13 Whitehall Plus SI 64 F E T No tradP m nppderj At Firestone, it can This is our lowest priced steel belter) radial Besides the great price, you get gas-saving radial economy and long-wearing, road gripping performance All that, plus whi-tewall style too1 SIZE White wall FT JPl858gR13 $40.95 S183 P 1 9575 R14 . . $4i95. S2.KJ. 1p20575R14 $49.95 $2 34 P2f575R15 $52JJ5 $2j.9 "P22575R15.. $55,95 S2.74 1P23575RJ ?T , $59.95 $2 96 . No trarjp-in npedPd All pnr.PS plus ta Firestone's Finest Gas-Saving Steel Radial P17575R14 (Biackwall) $35 oo plus St (0 P18575R14 $AR( ;oo (WSW) "TW plus $200 P19575R14 (White Stnpei s55 oo pit) S? 13 CLIP & SAVE! FRONT DISC Brake Service ImtoN new Orent dK poch Aoa U S can $6295 tesurtocc Cw Repock Iron beorngt kntaM new front great ioh )m(ert wWf cylHtder Inspevt brghe Kotet Rood w the car Moil DotUKIl. I, X i I 3 later delivery DOWNTOWN jl! 'i it 425 N. Delaware St. 634-1346 Doily. 7AM So . 8 3 OREENWOOO it Greenwood Park U.S. 31 at COUNTY LINE RD. 881-6735 MON FBI . 7 30 9 OO. SAT . 8 5 NOBlESVIilE it 10th & Wayne 77-2761 J

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