Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 12, 1935 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1935
Page 5
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12. 190S V:**58$ * ' V r,/ '^'VvV" 1 v * V'-, vr-y* % f -«.? . yV A\*r/pH,»' t * f A,^f British and U. S. to Join Air Plans ^Transatlantic Air and Passenger Service Likely for 1937 WASHINGTON- (/W-Plans lo bo- gin n regular scheduled transatlantic air service between Now Yovk and England by the summer of 1037 were announced .Thursday by R. Walton Moore, assistant Secretary of Stale, at the close' of n conference with British, Irish and Canadian government officials, Plans Completed WASHINGTON -W)- Representatives of four governments combined Wednesday to remove one of the principal obstacles to early Inauguration of regular transatlantic air service for pajsongers and mail. American. British. Irish and 'Canadian officials agreed in principle to extend reciprocal landing and operating privileges in their countries for such service, and it was indicated that experimental flying might start next spring. 'Pan-American Airways and British Imperial Airways, Ltd., arc said to have worked out arrangements for joint establishment of such u service. They were said to plan to use Amer- Clipper," How In service on the trans-Pacific run. The two companies, which will ojjtt- hle as independent units in the services, contemplate tlsfng the Sof.tl. ' f.rn route via Bermuda ui.o tliu Azores p islands ,uiiing winter and Northern / route via Newfoundland and Ireland • in summer. - The proposed America terminus would be New York and the European terminus some point in the British isler not yet designated. During •severs weather a harbor south of New York would he utilized. Both companies have been assured mall contracts from their governments. Pan-American would operate the mail service from America to Europe and British Imperial Airways from Europe to America. • • T O L--E--T E X • OIL COMPANY Special—5 Gal. HI-Gradc $1.50 Lube Oil Phone 370 Day and Night Hope Wins by One Point Over Patmos Bobcats Start Basketball Season with a 36-to-36 Victory Hope High School basketball team won a 36-lo-35 victory Wednesday, afternoon over Fatmos High School. Prior to Wednesday, the Bobcats had practiced only two days. The game was played in the high school gymnasium here. Appearing in the lineup for Hope were: Reese, Turner Ramsey, Stone Galloway, Bright and McDaniel. The Bobcats will play Washington High School next Tuesday afternoon on the local court. | Practice games will be played with county schools until the Christmas holidays. The major schedule win get underway with the resumption ' of ! school. Sweet and Red Gum Logs AND Round Gum Blocks We expect to take in a good round lot of the above during the next 30 days. For Prices and Specifications Apply to Hope, Arkansas ENJOY Them More Home of DRY-SHEEN Process Put yourself in a rejuvenated suit (or dress), and yen piit yourself in u rejuvenated frame of mind. Get a belter Job by having It cleaned by the DRY- SUEEN process. Lobby Probers to Hit Business Plot New Judicial History Is Written by Rice Mill, j er's Injunction > By (he As.ioclalcd Press WASHINGTON - Swift reprisals, aguinLl organized industry's proposal | to work politically against "President Roosevelt's new economic order" may be expected from administration friends. Politicians here expect the first real blast to come from capital hiU, where temalor Black of Alabama and his well-oiled bbby investigation machinery are all set to move Into high gear. Since the- adjournment of (he last -crsion of congress Black has had his staff of investigators hot on the trail I'cr information. In the lobby of the ennte office building at times as many as 30 persons have been busily engaged whipping this material in shape for use later. Washington hears whispers that future revelations before the Black committee will be such as to make disclosures in the past pale in comparison. It even is rumored the forth- corning inquiry Will overshadow previous lobby investigations not even excepting the Mulhall investigation of 1913 and that conducted by the Caraway committee in 1930. < Niw Judicial History "'. . The 6-3 decision of the supreme court in granting the plea of eigh't southern rice millers on the collection of processing taxes contintiff: cno cf the liveliest topics of convw> .".iti-jii in and out of official Washington. Veteran supreme court attaches pre positive the three justices—Brandeis, Stone and Cardoza—set a new murk in judicial history by their dissents. These charged with keeping the court's docket ray injunctions graijt- Kl arc very rare and they have 'humbed yellowing records of the -.nurt in vain trying to find a previous ilissent in granting one. An injunction involves a simple ruling granting or denying a motion. Supreme court justices do not explain their reasons as they usually do in final opinions Previous actions on injunctions have been unanimous—as far as the public was informed. Meanwhile, almost everyone except j the nine justices are asking just what I three justices implies. And there are as many varying opinions. Some are confident it is a forerunner of ultg'rW | nient on the basic constitutional issues j of AAA. Others are equally positive :hc three dissenting justices me.ri.-ly were approving the order of congress and the subsequent contention of tiie government counsel that processors, 'irst pay the taxes and sue for them I atcr—if AAA is found invalid. I Dinner Cheek Plus There were inward chuckles in WaUiington at "Big Jim" Farley's apV jeul to the young Democrats in an attempt to enlist the support of four million of them in a drive to make i -Jackscn Day, January. 8th, the largest ( and most impressive party. demonstra.T j tion ever held in the:United States.'', "Eig Jim" made his appeal over the longest and most extensive telephone 'ircuil ever set up in telephone hisr t iry—every state of the' Vnio'n being included.' , But Pleadtd Farley, "in order ttmt jvcry Jackson day: participant may ..eel that he or she is indeed being of naterial assistance to the Democratic •jarty, the price of your dinners should be worked out on a basis which will lermit forwarding a part; of'what t?,v- Dry diner pays U the Democratic n£- icnal ccmmittee." . ' >'/'<"' ( , I'-v*?,^ :\^vMi , ^ f i "'* ' >' ~<".-^4 WE DRIVERS A Series of Brief Ditcmtiatu on Df.Wng, bedi. cated to the Safety, Comfort and Pleasure of the Motoring Public. Prepared by General No, 1-^CURVES ANI> TURNS | Acquitted in Negro i KIllinfeHeld Again ; 5 Tennesseeans Rearrest- ;; eel—Trial Jury Is Flayed by Judge WHIN :| wi WANT | ,TO GO ! THIS WAY - •• • - - —T-. —i-« •> i-v *4*u,7 06 os drivcrS} WG me tui HJJI 10 IQII into ri ht D drlvlns that donlt Q lllt e measure up to What we really know is «.*,!' l< 5rJ? S i t *u Cei ? e a11 know that We ought td be careful about passing CMS, especially when another car is approaching from the opposite direction: ""•"'*•" And yet there possibly Isn't one of us who hasn't, at one time or another, moved over in the i-oad to pass a car, and then wondered if we Would get aroundj in time. Now here-'s an interesting thing about that. When we try to pass a car that's going forty miles an hour, it's just the same as if we tried to pass a standing siring of cars 120 feet long. In other words, it's like passing eiphf cars parked bUmper- to-bumper in the road. If .we try to pass one going sixty, it's like trying to pass a .. _,. .. , . line of more than steieen cars standing In the road, 6nd sixteen cars in a row will reach half a block. This is probably a new idea to most of us, If v/e kept it in mind, we would never pass a car unless we were sure that there were no oncoming cars for a good lone distance ahead. But turning aside to pass is not the particular kind of turning that we are interested in discussing here. What we are now concerned with is taking curves and corners. From time ,tq time in these discussions wa will .'find that the same'old laws of Nature will be involved. Foremost among them will be the laws of momentum, and momentum plays the major part in gointf around curves, Because momentum not only wants to,keep .us going.,but going'in the same di)-ec«io?i. M'hen'it is tryirig td;lnake us go straight instead of curving 6Ur course, Jt operates under an assumed name, if you pledse. For then we call it "centrifugal force." •Now of course we all know what centrifugal force is. We. feel it when we go around curves. Highways and, railroads are banked at curves to oCset centrifugal force, Aviators bank their planes at turns by tip- plng.them.with the controls. But even though we all know about Centrifugal force, few of us realize how powerful it is, and how much greater it gets the lister we go, A 3000-pound car making a turn of 500-foot radius, has to overcome a centrifugal force of only about 156 pounds at 20 miles an hour. But at 30 miles an hour, that force has. grown lo 300 pounds, aud at 60 it is nine times as great as at 20 ... over fourteen hundred pounds trying its best to push us off the yoad! The only thing that keeps us on the road in the first place is the friction between our tires and the road... The minute the centrifugal force gets stronger than the force of that friction, off the road we go. The trouble is that we often don't"realize how fast we're going. On road trips, for instance, after we have driven at a certain speed for a long time, it seems a small matter to increase our speed a few miles an hour. Then after a white we may do the same thing again. In other words, we keep putting forward our basis of comparison till by-arid-by' we have lost our .usual sense of how fast we are going Then, the first thing we know, we are face-to-face "" J ". and we feel Old ~~ ~ ' ' '» MOMENTUM {••WANTS'' < -us TO :oc;: I THIS { WAY __, fenn. — (/P) — Once ! more five Cheatham county men who I killed a negro \Vott freedom in court i Wednesday and again they found of- I fleers' waiting with new warrants for j their arrest. j The five, Luther, Jesse, Jimmy and i Clyde Dotson, brothers, and their j cousin, Allie Brown, recently were ac- I quitted in Chealham county of the j murder of Baxter Bell, negro< who had i made- improper proposals to Luther Dotson's wife and had slapped her. 1 They cqnlended that when they forcibly took Bell from. two Dickinson county officers at White BlUff they intended to whip him. Luther Dotson said he killed Sell in self->defense. As the jury returned a verdict of acquittal, Circuit Judge Wirt Courtney issued bench warrants charging the five with conspiracy to inflict corporal punishment. He severly ccn- Jurtd the jury for its verdict The five were're-arrested and brought; to r. Nashville jail. They were held here until Criminal Court Judge 'Charles Gilbert granted a writ of Habeas corpus. •'.' '. ...,'.' • Their freedom • was brief, however, as Sheriff W. E. Button of Dickson county seryed them with warrants charging highway robbery and conspiracy in connection with seizure of the negro from Dickinson county officers. 'Plow Under'Plan for Europe Also ___ { Hungarian W^uld Pour Surplus Wine Ititb Hiver to Keep Price Up BUDAPEST-l^-Stepha'h Goergey, member of parliament, discussing fhe situation of HungarFSft winfe growers, suggested that half of the country's annUal wine production bp thrown Into the Danube, • Goergey taid the averpftjductlon of Wine on account of ever increasing trade restribti&ns preventing its exportation, has reduced' the price to about 2 cents a quart, <" . i it half of the wine w#<S' destroyed, be |old at home for a <mart, .'. APPL1A Waffle Irons — .. Harry W. Shi| SO what do we do? We clamp "down the brakes.. It's the only thine we that eorn' eh ^n We r "ft w £™ « oln « to ° fast - Bu * *<* the same?]pprbachi^ For if no%m has . (ke .Pt.«s from taking it as we should have liked to ° nS A P f mltl U is often d e 3 i r aWe to increase speed as we go a curve. As long as our rear wheels are not being retarded but are U eff "«v?and our car The long and short of it is that we can't take liberties with the laws of momentum. ana wntrifugal force. Man's speed laws may not alwlyl be observed, .but Nature's speed laws always are! always be 1 • . - .. - •'• •'•-4... •.-.'. ••![•••.' ". .' • ; :•''.';' •." '.'•'•'; Green. Lascter ' ; ' The Home Demonstration club met at the home of Mrs. Gladys Albritten. There, were 15 members, three visitors, STAMPS Plan For Free Ukraine WARSAW— (IP)— The Ukrainians of Galicia, bitter enemies of the Polish government since the birth of the Republic, have at last come to terms with the administration. , Many Poles say this abrupt change indicates that the Ukrainians want Polish support for plans to form 'ah' independent state in Russia, • ' Andrew Levicky, an Ukrainian, leadr er, recently -forecast an' early, tlisioiu- tion cif' tjie Soviet Union,. ' .', ' Thi. giJlish^Press, Ijcweyer, continues to acly'pfate \ friendly \vith Mrs. .>red Hunt, Mi^. Marshman Gentry and Miss Brookse Nell Rodgerj present. For the opening exercise we had [cripjuro reading and prayer by Miss Griffin. Reports of accomplishments of the club were turned in to Miss Giiffin. . , . Ntw officers were elected as following: Mrs. K. F. Simmons, president; Mrs. Gladys Albritten, vice president; Mrs. Nolen Lewallen, secretary and Mrs. Earl ROES, reporter. Christmas, gifts to be made from sciaps and odd threads were discuscd. Patterns frcm several different gifls were cut. -.^he club adjourned to meet again December;:), at the home of Mrs. A. M. Blevins. The Green Laseter club met Tuesday, December 3, with Mrs. A. M. Blevins, There were only seven members present;- Mi?s Griffin Vros absent but Mis? A'lforcj' was with uN, . ( .'The niee|ting.was oppnefl by Mrs, K, M, Blepnsi' bui.' .1935 i-'pijesi.dont. She MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES This Old Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief Of Pain Many sufferers relieve nagging • backache quickly, onee they discovej I that the real cause of their trouble inay be tired kidneys. The kidneys are one of Nature'* chief ways of taking 1 the acids and I traste-.out of the blood. If they donM i pass 3 pints a day and so get rid ol i inpre than 3 pounds of waste matter. ! your 16 miles of kidney tubes may iieed flushing. .If you have trouble -with frequent I bladder passages with scanty amount j which often smart and burn, the 15 | miles of kidney tubes may need flushing 1 put. -This -danger signal may be the beginning of nagging backache. leg pains, loss of pep and. energy, getting up nights, swelling, pufflness under the eyes and dizziness. Don't wait for serious trouble. Ask your druggist for DOAN'S PILLS— CLEANERS and DYERS A "We Know How" Phone 226 President Getulio Vargas of BraV.il . lock a leaf from President Roosevelt j in vetoing a bill providing bonus pay' menls to disabled veterans. "Not only would (he measure weigh onerously on thp nation," his veto message read, "but it would be unfair because it would not include all army and navy ranks." Give the Finest/ N» i>||i«r gift can bring the thrill (hat's a part of a gift cf jewelry! F»t anyone, jeweU-y expresses the very spirit of Christmas time, and continues Uu-ough the ye«n» to till U»e t«lc o( a "Merry Christmas." Decide today to make (his year's gift Ihu finest one of all ... jewelry fium STEWART'S. ..i• tfls;--,- our president - for the year 1936, and I am sure she will be as good a president,' We'sang two sings and an interesting devotional was given by Mrs. Gladys Albritton, reading the 2nd chapter of Matt. As SQ few were present very litle was done, but we had a good time. Tempting refreshments were served by the hostess. Our January meeting will be with Mrs. Riley Lewallen. Everybody come and start the new year off right. 7he house was caUed. t° ord,r by o yarsy the new president, Mrs. C. E, Bpyce. i people. They give happy relief and ihe devotional was •>. given by Mrs. ;l '-5yUl help flush out the 15 m\les of •dohniiie' ,'J?hprnpsoj?^)-ea.ding the ?3rd '. * J drjey .-.tubes. 'Get DOAN'S PILLS. Rsalm. : '., During ',th'e : Business hour, j : ' r ' "" "' v - plam- were discussed for the coming' year, each member giving the subject in.which fhe was most interested. A very interesting demonstration war given en German cookies by Miss Aif^rd, and it was enjoyed by 'all present. Then in thoughts, all were carried back to childhood days, as, names were drawn and presents wera taken from a Christmas tree and pass-- ctl around. Each eagerly and hastily unwrapped her package to see the contents; then asking her neighbor, "What did you gel?" The next meeting will be with Mrs. "A. G. Dudney, January 19th, with. Mrs. O. C. Jarvis as-joint hostess. ftntlEflCiES PpTflTOlS 0 II 1 0 N S Yellow spa>li ' h BULK COCOANUT TOMATfEl 3 ROOMS G °* iWeikht .0 UF A II n 9/1 nil r . CRACKERS Lbs 2 Pound RIBBON ANE FRE$H, , PORK BRAINS SET BEEF RQAST or STEAK: CHILI >at, - , ttVle 35o ,Pure Mexican S DECKER'S -,TALL KORN BACON O SELECTS Pint YSTER Baltimore EXTRA. Standards- Pint. 2 Pork Lint SAUSAGE, Ib Country Style *C; SMOKED SAUSAGEi Gro, & Market Horns, 1 Operated Dispatches from Coromandel in the 'nterior hillsides of Minas Geraes Hate, Brazil, say a diamond unearthed ihere weighing 141 carats was sold to joaquim Aguair, industrialist, for 495 contos (about 530,000) pnd is valued at 1,200 contcs (about 572,000). Oother large stcnes are the Orloff diamond, W carats; Pitt diamond,' 187 carets, and 'Kohihur diamond, .slightly ..over .10p carats. ' ''' *t.":.'.. ;! .. .1 • ! ,'•? •:- • Gcld^spangled _.„,.,.,.,, .,...,.„„,.„,. and, rounded: hoo'fg;;.-, ; eh^r,a^te:^kpv'!tl{e He Will Like Several Manhattan Shirte With No-Wilt Collars S1.98 White and Madras Stripe He tain-ahtelope" ranging from" the' Cape through East Africa" to Sorhaliland and Abyssinia. ^-ii 49c 98c GLOVES . FRENCH KID SILK FABRICS 49c .95 Hand Printed Fast Colors SCARFS 25c For All Kiucls of INSURANCE See Roy Anderson and Company ELQIN WATCHES DIAMOND HINQS 1817'SSGERS BROS. We Have a Complete Stock of Fine Jewelry, Watches, Clocks, Glassware, Silverware and Leather Goods Your Jeweler for the Last 31 Years *•'* Stewart's Jewelry Store "The Reliable Jewelers" We Give E A a i E STAMPS Columbus Columbus Home Demonstration club met Monday, December 9 with Mrs. J. R. Autrey hostess. The president Mrs. Bill Abbott presided. The meeting was opened by the club singing "Holy Night." Mrs. C. R. White gave the devotional reading the second chapter of Luke. Mrs. Horace Ellen secretary, called the roll and 36 members and four visitors were present. 1 After the business meeting the following program was rendered: "Christmas In Other Counties" by Mrs. R. C. Stuart, Miss Mildred John, son and Mrs. Horace Ellen. Christmas story, Mrs. Ernest Graham; reading, "Just Before Christmas," Miss Agatha Bullard; reading "The Night After ChrisUnas," Mrs. White. The program closed with singing "Joy to the World." I The Christmas motif was stressed in the decorations of holly, with the out- itanding feature being a brilliantly lighted Christmas tree laden with gifts for every one present. Miss Griffin gave a demonstration on making cookies. During the social hour pot luck refreshments were served with hot coffee. The January meeting will be with. Mrs. J. M. Bolding. j Bright Star The Bright Star Home Demonstration club met with Mrs. Walter Tomlin Saturday afternoon, December 6, with seven old n^wbJers, one, new member aud five visitors present. =Doe 8 Your Roof Leak?| sOnt! mouth of rain costs Hope eit-S Sfuens more than one year's flreS :: damage. £ = We Can Fix a Good Roof. = £ We Cau Helfl Oj> Old. One- a i Sullivan Const Co. i iimuumimiimitiiiimiiiiiitiimmiu CAR GLASS CUT AW) GKQUND TO FIT ANY CAR BRYAN'S Used Parts 411 South Laurel Street Mansco Shirts and Shorts Broadcloth Shorts Run Proof Rayon or Cotton Shirts 49o WILSON HATS Made by Mallory New Shapes $Q-50 New Colors V CHAIR TIDDIES In Three-Piece Sets Made of Monk's Cloth Hand Printed Designs 49c GIFT SUGGESTIONS BlUffJd* BJbJss. ItetiUHcnts. Toil Sejs, Kl?cUic«l CJIte, CflHdy and Many Others JOHN S. QIBSQN Drug Company Store" Hope, Aj'k. Phone 63 Egtoblished 1,885 LUNCHEON SETS and LUNCHEON CLOTHS 98c TO S1.98 QUAKER SILK HOSE First Quality Ringless Full Fashioned 69c TO $1.15 House Slippers Lftdief Genuine Kid in Red or Blagk Also Colored Velvets Leather Soles CM Covered Heels 91 CCI T CUACC AU Wocl F ' u I I*l«l VllvCO I-^herSuics 69c: LAPJES and CHILDREN'S KNITTED PAJAMAS Novelty Styling $|.9I Woven Cuffs All Colors to ^aa^

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