The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 23, 1940
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VOLUME XXXVH-NO. 31. T " E 00««NANT NEWSPAFKE OP NORlUsr ARKANSAS AMn p^™™"^4.^ ^ "" * ? O : ^i BlyUievUie Daily New* Blytheville Courier MIssslssIppI valley Leader Blylhevllle Herald ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MIBSOUHl SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT Allies And Germans; Are Maneuvering For Best Battle Position JIBT UN ID FRIEND' ,,.„ . .. ----- "' filrentHh, cliished on fronts MIL AI cue Lii'cle and .southern Nonvav loiluv Fragmentary reports Indicated* Umi the Allies had launched a combined laud, sea and ,,i r uttnck on the 3,500 Germans Isolated at Narvik, on the Norwegian Arctic <j"cle coast, lute yesterday, ,,,,d that the fight might already'be In southern Norway, British "V" 1 ?, w "° > Dlnl »e Norwegians in a battle line which was being formed somewhere between Hnmar .itul Li lehammar for the biggest land battle of the European war. Britain's navy was convoyhw A led troops, British, French, Can- «dlnn and Polish, to Norway in a steady stream. J a Germany, Cllt off Dy .itlllzlnsr everv avniinw/, t _ „-,, g every available flvin fied m southern Norway to Iniid froops suns, ammunition and simnl Us • PPeS transport troops were moving south toward lhe Lillehnmmer line „ German troops moved northward Germany intensified Us I om- bmdmenl of the entire area oi Namsos, one of the chief allie andmg bases, and fa" (her down the coast, to the lillc hammer area north of Hamar i hops of disorganizing the allied nd "° ""d giving their own troop, It was reported that hardly Building was left standing at Nam sos, where the first allied troops were landed in force—but that Hi had already Bone inland. The fact that German were blasting the Namsos-Stelnk jer-Levangcr-Trondhoim and Molde Andalsnes - DombaBi - Uilehammer Hamar railroads in wave alter wave of bombing raids indicated tha the allies were moving )n forcc , , wily lo the Lilleliammer front bui against Trondheim, the great German mid-Norway base Allied forces were reported to be Ingh mechanized and well-equipped with light tanks, anti-tank ana jmti-Birerart guns, and Held ariil- IAt Ihe start of the war, Britain'- nm!, lnr1 , < "li I ,"- v >VBS re « arf lect as thi nm, most 1 ,i,- th highly ineclinniml in (hi world, wllh almost no uuspwiall^c. One allied contingent, attacked by German planes near Steinkier i0 m »M south' of Namsos, was re- porced to have shot down five of Hie wen ptanes In I he squadron Norwegian reports were that the a .led nn-out attack on Narvik had Baited late yesterday, nfter rc- lieuted radio warnings to the civilian population to evacuate. . H was indicated, by Norwegian informants, that Norwegians oner- nt'iig with the allies had succeeded by clever enticing tactics, in drnw- ms out of Narvik a large part 01 me German occupation force lo- taiinj DII estimated, 3,500 men A Uniled Press report from Kiru- r.a, Sweden, said that there was an aculc shortage at Narvik Refu°cf were reported as saying that butter" eggs and sugar were gone and thai' as there was no yeast it was difficult to make bread. The Germans ;mer confiscating most of the fooc, held by Norwegians, had begun tc run short, it was said, and were making rieiv demands on the popu- An authorized Norwegian anus source reported that 1,000 German troops were in Narvik, 1,000 on the Rombak Heights across a narrow fjord, and 1,500 about 25 mile, lorth of Narvik near Gratangs- i, Brl " sh . t| w>Ps were reported u Iiiue lahded at rv,lgen,es.s fishin t village, at the edge of Narvik ani lhe , which domtaate the town A second British force, it was asserted, hnd landed nud, Joining Norwegians, had marched towaro the Rombak Heights from the Norwegian troops, the Norwegian informant said, retreated by plan before a German force which marched northward from Narvik to try to intercept a British landing party. When the Germans had icached Gralangsholm, it was asserted, the Norwegians burned the (own, tormed a line across the high way lending back to Narvik, and cut off the Germans. It was asserted that the Norwegians defeated a desperate German attempt to fignl a way out and now controlled both the highway and Oratangs- liolm Heights, Annually England sells $500,000,000 worth t>i merchandise on the inslnllmenl plan Leachville Residents Injured, In Accident On Highway No. 18 Mrs, O. a Calloway. of ville, and her 11-year-old daughter Ruby, received severe lucermioiis; Mr. Calloway, Mr. nnd Mrs. \V. A Alexander nnd young son, also ot Leachville, escaped with minor cuts and bruises and two cars were damaged in n head-on collision fast night on Highway 18. After receiving emergency Ireut- ment at Blylheville Hospital, thc motorists were able to be removed to their homes.-Mrs. Calloway hatl a severe head laceration and her daughter received cuts on the lore- head and lip. The accident occurred as. thc Presidenl Insists Tlmt Canadian Leader's V i s i I "Means Nothing" WARM SPRINGS, On Am- 2'i lUI'l-l>reslde,it Roosevcll conferred today with w. I,, Mackenzie King. Canadian war leader bill Insisted that the meeting involved no questions of American or Can- lultan policy. Through his secretary, William u. Ha.ffiett, Mr. Rooscrelt cautioned reporters not to assume he was discussing major problems nffectlrV Canada nnd the United states ° tr7-!l° s ,l ato ' ncnt " 1!U| c »o reference to Mr Roosevelt's pledge to defend Canada In event it | 5 Invaded from beyond thc sens, the president's rogram of hemispheric defense, the status of Qrccnlnnd or the St Lawrence wnlerivay treaty In line with this" position, White House officers informed ncivsunper- rU 1 "^ *!?.™*™ to per- King because Annenberg Admits Charge Of Evading Income Tax Payment sucli an interview would not. bo good for the American position Reporters with the presidential party protested the that conference! King would grant aiu'.ouncemenl no press bill). U. a, nlslrlcl AUorncy William* J. Campbell iinnonnral the govern- nent would dismiss nil the other counts ajjnlnsl Anncnbcrg. '. The original indictment, hnd de- •miiKlcd $5,5«,384 in inxcfi Intcr- •st and pmnllles for tlie years ,0112-30. Joseph E, Hiifner, hrad of (he Mln-Haf distribuling corporation one of the elaborate networks of corporations by which Annenberu directed his diverse enterprises nlso pleaded guilty to six counts, of the nmln Income uix Indictment Campbell said oilier chnrges ngnlust him also would be iiis- misscd. •, He said he mnde no recormtiem)- ntion ns to the pennlty to bo 'imposed upon Annenberg und Haf- uer. Federal Judge James H w'llk- erson set May 2:1 for heatings on sentences. Anncnbcrg snlcl he wns Infln- Bailey Is Visiting In South Arkansas LITTLE HOCK, Apr. 23 IUP)~ Gov. Cnrl K. ijalley pnld u visit to south Arkansas lodi iiy and political observers- expressed belief he wns building- |,is political interests In ttmi section of the stnte, preparu- lory to lUinormcliHj Ills candidacy for re-election. The nuuouncccl -purpose of the governor's trip wns to Inspect a timber mill at Crossett mid to nt- the formal opening of the "CM- country club there. An nltnclic (ho governor'.-! olllcc revealed tlnit n,,Hey wouki travel over ll,e unpnved stretch of Highway 13, between I'lnu Uluil and Montlccllo, which south Ark- groups have sought to make 'What we want to know." one reporter told Hassctt, "is .--._. .„,„ a!,™,.-,,, is whether pnnada is going to occupy Greei'- '""" or whether it will do so °y Floyd Simpson at about 7-45 o'clock near Dell. State police, who investigated, jaid that Mr. Simpson met nn un-' lighted wagon nnd in trying to Jvold striking this vehicle he .werycd to the left arid tried to pull/ onto the shoulder but- he .net the approaching car nnd the early collision followed." '"' Oreenland following Nazi occupation of Denmark had been one question which Mr. Roosevelt Imd been believed likely to discus., wi t|, the Canadian primp minister Mi-Roosevelt has declared' that Greenland is more Eu ocean h,,t M U»n w " " ls yel to ° Consider,ix)sslbllity.-of e «New York Cotton ui y Jet. Jec. /an. .«ar. open high . 1079 1083 . 1053 105G . 1022 1024 . 1011 1014 . 999 1001 . 935 998 prev. low close close 11)79 1083 1080 1052 1056 1052 1021 1010 998 935 1024 1012 959 09G 1021 1011 090 995 •lew Orleans Cotton .lav July Jet. . Doc. Jnn. jar. tending (he Monroe dojfrl'no" to t,. Uic slrateelcally Important Summoning reporters shortly alter King arrived at tlie Little White House, Hassett dictated the following statement which had been outlined for him by Mr. Roosevelt- The president hopes no unwarranted conclusions, deductions or assumptions would be drawn from Mr. King's visit. He said it liternllv means nothing. "Mr. King am! (lie president nre very old friends nnd they have known each othor for 30 years prev. Every spring when lhe Caradtan close ciose i parliament is in adjournment Mr 1091 King takes a trip south just for ,r«, ,„„ —• I061 rest nnd " """day and he nlwf>" 1024 1029 1024 1029 !0 21 comes to see the president 1014 1017 1013 1017 1014 "™<!re never has been 'imvtlilnc 1008 1011 1D08 ,0., ,009'"f Political slgiUficn, c ^ t c e 1COO 1002 999 100, I0oa visits nnd there isn't in this one H would not be good for thc American positloj) for Mr. King to R j ve out any statement or to be inter viewed while he Is on n p,, rc | y •n i « '' N ° I""" 011 of -American or i 1 . ['I Canadian policy Is involved in this oi 1-2, Visit, 885-8) Kind's visit to Mr. Roosevelt. 19- i j llowovel '' '•eprcsenlecl their first .,? .„ . '"fWiHg since Cnnnda entered war ns nn ' R i| v of , open high low . ICfll 10SU 1091 . 10S1 1005 10S1 1093 1064 •ays Stock Prices 00 3-4 T & T in Tobncco ' naconda Copper Jelh Steel Jhrysler '.'.'.'.'.'.'. -Ities Service Joca Cola icnernl Electric ....' sneral Motors nt Harvester ... fontgomcry Ward i Y Central ;..\ forth Am Aviation ".'."." 237-8 'ackard 338 lhilli Pfi '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 39 1-21 -=><"« 6 7-8 iepublic Steel 213-4 tpccny Vacuum ' j j itudebaker 111-4 standard Oil N j .'.'.'.'.'.'.'. m 7^3 j s steei 1 ::::::::;;:;;;;; *[~* ™rfs*,s '2S,,s unK-iJTC'^rs ^rssa- —"-", ss.-.-r.x'-jsrw At the s ft m B time he said he ' "ml section. "'I'""", Horn hoped to "dispose of thc civil' • MEPI1L1 Invest ignles Liberal Shipment Policy; Naval Officer Under Fire WASHINGTON. April 2.1. (UP) — I'lli! si-mill! naval n;f«lr s coinmtUi'i' look up mo ,,dmlnktifi|loii'.s new liberal policy on the export of wnr pliiiKw to belligerents lodny while lliree officials disclaimed responsibility for an lulmlrnPs prediction thnl a war between the Dulled Stntes and Japan wns Inevitable Tim commtltcc, considering Ihc house-iiDpi-oved bill (o Incrcnsc thc niwy's niilhorlwil tonnage u ,, cr cent, called MnJ. Clcn. U l| Ar- Report Says Nazi Troop Transports Are Near Coast nold, chief oi the iirmy nlr corps, lo testify on the effect oi „.,„- liliitie purchases on the defense pro- Brnni and lhc nlrcrnlt imtusliy Hear Admiral Joseph K. Tniisslu's slnlcnieiils to the commlUeo yes- Ici-dny were only a few hours old when Secri'lnry of state Cordcll lull, Sccrelnry O f Nnvy cimrlcs k-dlson and chlof oi imvnl onein- i OMB, Admiral Harold It, Slnrk disclaimed Ilicm, Edison rclurns lo tomorrow alter a visit fleet , in Hie western Wnshluglon with the the companies. 2,000 Feet Altitude Required For Stunting! [John William Hardy Dies Suddenly Monday John William Hnrdy died siicl- llllc afternoon nt thc Hnrder. ofAHrtyti '-los'l their -, emoved to 5-irc»a££S-F=™ , - • «''> b »l<>iice were^lmftionsd bu on IIWL- .. that time he had assisted his son during (is anmuil maneuver ic western 1'aclflc. In San S n 80 '.,. 0 " 1 " '" St '" Bllt lle '"sntii-ccd wl h Jnussig, ,, c snl(l ,, mt |n h| opinion the United stales would not enter a Tar Easlcrn win-, nnd inal ImisslK's slntemcnls were only his own views, not the navy's Hint j'AUIS, April 23. (UP)-Kronch Americans Democracy Must Be Made to Work Wllllnm 'm-ynn of SI. Uiitls. Mo, lioverimr ,,f (he Mo-Kan-Ark ills- I rift or International. American clllneiis to accept "J" 1 """ 11 " »>' llie chnllense lo ninke lli c |j'"y«- g vvc( " c|Gt "'"'"" officlnl !^°!j lcl !'^V^ntnb'nn:; S T ta l;' ,, nliplane nighL-; ove! Si?'' ' C ' r " 0ry co "»»"«i, ft «ra Unit Prance fenied tliat Ow iiinn Helton ngnlnst Sweden mieh ue Imminent (United Press dispatches fron Stekholm In iccent days had ire- ilccted ncule Sucdlih anxiety. Not only hn<l Sweden protested Qef mnn nlrpSiinc flights O i er i^ ter illory. but it had shot down three Cicrnmii planes. All southern Sweden wns blacked out last night foreigners were forbidden lo enter two provinces boideiing on Nor- jvny. It Imd been indicated that Sweden wits especially concerns the possibility tha might be used se In u move on jjornhol '» lost nlsTa'ni th e Hotel NOWC ' Informant tlla n the objective of llic Japanese military cnste was world domlna- t'lon. Imd emphasized thai hu was expressing only his ncrsonnl beliefs But that did not prevent. Stnrk I ic aUmlrnl'fl superior, bsuln K this statement through Ueul. Commnn- ' Open Drive Against Speeding On Highways! A,|^ m^"^ and , "Athnlrnl Stork dcslrra to nwkc will be held IL «'<••»'• Hint Admlriil 'I'dawlg's les- at the Meth- I'mony Is contrary lo the iinvy , '1'enn., by llc l>nrtincnt's views and Invite 1 ! attention to Ills own testimony' previously given before (be same com- nWtec. The preparedness measure I'ccomiuciidctl by (lie nnvy dcparl- mcnt nre not directed ngainst any one but nre dictate! by mere prudence to maintain nur slrcnglh rclntlve lo Hint of other nations." Mull at hjs press conference yesterday suld thnl this government u well-defincil torclsn policy that no one outside tlic stnte The drive will be continued in-1 Hardy of Curve. Holt Funeral Elomc Is in cliarge. o u 1-8| 51 1-2 ' King Christian of Demnari- Is the world's tallest mSh H' Infinitely according (o state Police ! vnosald that most of the ncct<icnt,<i ! heir destination. HlBluvay Police nre .slopping cars going 65 miles per hour lor n wnrning and those exceeding tlmt municntlon Wednesday nlg'iii atTio I ^, nnr l IU . Cl ". B e'^- "«* «»W- «; cl °^- 1-- R U.ker, ?„„« launched be- Mnster announces Hint there will On Wednesday Night Chlcka.sawba Lodge No. 134 p. nnrt A. M. will meet In .sliued com- « " P " " >C A "' "' " lc <logrce. Chicago Wheat fay uly open high 111 UK 109 low- no close 1035-8 108 3-S 1091-2 Chicago Corn lay uly open high 645 047 551 G5G low close 61C C51 Livestock has Tlie event ell.uaxcd (he confer-• " sscrtcd timt Alllc d forces were op- cttcc of Division Twelve ot the' ei '" tln f wltl ' Norwegians nl present Mo-Kfin-Ark district held hero I ?" c Os} ° /I0nl '""' (lla ' *'« Al- ycsleidny which wtts attended i, v I llcs were continuing lo land troops representative.'! of the la clubs li.! wllllollt difficulty on the Norwe- Uie division, Poplnr Dluir, Ciiriith- B ' lll) cmst - crsville, Charleston, Dexter, Donl- phan, Bloomncld und sikcslon Mo nnd Joncsboro, Pnrngomd and Ulylhcvlllc In Arkansas Mr. nryiui warned tlmt Americans should not he smug nnd 51l t- Isllcd wllh their position, polntlnp out lhal perilous limes ahead lor civilization and .(ho best defense ngalnsl from within and without" nmy lie llmt "Isms mvukcned sense of rcsponr.ibllltj on tin? putt of nil Americans. Ho said business nnd govcrimieiv shoujd both give nnd Uikc. „ ...--< . He emphasized , Die, timeliness o Klwanlx Internnlionnl's 1040/ slo gnu of "Oltl/cnshlp rtcsponslbllih -Tlic Price of Liberty." 11'. A. Harper, president ol the Sikcslon club, presided nt the banquet. The National Cotton Picking Contest lo be held here next full received considerable attention during the conference nnd nt (he banquet, fn mtdtllon to a speech by Roscoc Crnfton, hend of the association, yesk'rdiiy nflernoon booklets detail.-! of lhe roi.lesl were distributed last night inul Mr. Crnflon wns ngnln Introduced Inst night. A member of the local Kl. — «™w v>iv, .11 n 11; *-«a"i', /» Liik;iikMi-i ui Uli: lUVlll IVI department wns niilhorl/.ed lo ,ils-1 wnnls Club, Mr. Crnlton wna lhe cuss It. i originator of the contest. Say Youth, 16, Ha« Admitted Car Thefts Thefts of numerous automobiles in lilythovlllc recently me believed solved with the nrrcsl of n 10-year- old local boy by Police Chief E A nice, n.viisled i Jy s i n(c police. The boy hns confessed to stealing .lie Edgar Borum cnr mid (lint of ?rank Graves, both of which were nlcr rccoverwl, anil has told olfl- cers of olher "jobs" in which he Mississippi county soybeans were un [ho menu and llielr edibility WHS highly complimented by visiting Klv:an!aiis. A dance followed llie bniiquct. assisted by two other boys who arc to be picked up today, JOllce said. The culprit will be turned over o the Juvenile court o. fedcrnl of' cers. Police Chief Itlce wild today Canadian Minister Talks With Roosevelt WARM SPRINGS, On., Apr, 2;i. (UP)—President Roosevelt and Prime Minister W. M. Mnekerate- Khi'f of Canada sat clown in the Little While House today for a conference on Cnnndlnn-Amcrlcim relations and war problems affecting the western hemispheres. The Canadian leader arrived this morning at thc Warm Springs foundation for nn overnight conference. LONDON, Apill 23 (UP Ah- Force planes bombed German nlr bases In Norway and Denmark ilurlng the night and slnrted a large Ore nt Fornebu air base" near Oslo, the nlr ministry said Jnia communique lodny. One British plnne failed lo return, the air ministry snid. i'l'hc .British planes raided Aalborg, lhc big aeiinau base in noi- Ihern Deiimnik, Pornebu, ami •pjeller- field, nho near Oslo i'» "Incen'dlttiry bombs were seen'lo slnrl h.-large Hie at'Fornebu." a .communique snld Quality To Count 'Quid Divorce' Statute Lmhed, Divorce Decree Set. Aside EAST ST. LOurs UP)—Hogs 3000 Top 5.GO 170-230 Ibs. 6.40-C50 140-150 Ibs. 5.35-6.25 Bulk sows 5.10-5.50 Cattle 3200 Steers 8.25-10.50 III., LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Apr. 23 — Using a case appealed from the Chfcknsawba district (Blytheville) Mississippi coutiiy clinnccrj' court as a sounding board the state supreme court again expressed its deep resentment against Arkansas' 90-day divorce law in an opinion rendered yesterday. The high court has been growing increasingly critical of the state's 90-day statute ns regards persons coming lo Arkansas in order to lake advantage of the 90-dav residential requirement. The court's declaration was contained in an opinion written by , Associate Justice Frank o Smith < which reversed n decree granted Apr. 33 to Prank Murphy of St. Loi?™ Mo against Mrs. Honoroli Murphy | Thc court nlso warned chnncel- •lors to "be careful" in u lc administration of the 90-day statute "Our 50-day divorce law lias been .frequently vpheld by this court as ' 0 ' bC "' g bcj ' 01d lhc bC ",' g , bcj ' 01 l d lhc as ar the man, who never, even for 80 (lays, became a resident of this stnle, gave an improper address, which made it Impossible to notify his wife that she hnd been sued, and she remained In Ignorance of that fnct unlll after she Imd been divorced. "Such divorces have, n 'mail order' appearance and we shall not hesitate (o set them aside, even though the divorced party shall have remarried before we have the opportunity, and, however innocent, tile second wife mny be, we cannot permit such frauds to be practiced upon the courts o! this state." Mr, nnd Mrs. Murpliy were married ni St. Louis, Mo., in 1008, where (hey lived un(lrifl27 They separated and he suet) for divorce in St. Louis, but the case did not go to tilal. Mr. Murphy, traveling mnn for a St. Louis brewery nnd former owner of s taslcnb business, went to Beel cows «.»-£» " Cutters & low cutters 4,25-fi.OO trial i vorcc , Blythcvllle and .filed suit for di- 28, 1D38. As re- SslaTion^ r f> " J» * ««• I ^ «»*"«« Arkansas or times used In obtaining unconlcst- cd decrees. The defense lawyer filed a report with the court In which lie said he hnd addressed ft letter to Mrs. Murphy nl 1460 Sprouie avenue, St. Louis, advising her oi thc divorce proceedings. Tlie letter, which had been relumed unopened, wns attached to the report. "It Is admitted that plaintiff (Mr. Murpliy) furnished this ad-, nnd It is admitted also that he knew this \va.s not (fie address oi his wife," thc opinion said. Justice Smith explained tbnt the was that oi Mr. Murphy's former home, nnd Hint Mrs. Mur- Phy Imd never lived there. When confronted with this charge, Mr. Murphy said he hnd given his own former address "Inadvertently." Before Mrs. Smith learned of the stilt, a decree wns granted at Dly- theville February 27. 1933. Mr. Murpliy waited two weeks nnd then married Beatrice Marie Cornwall of St, Louis. During the years of tliclr separation Mr. Murphy had his wife n divorce. The tribunal snid he refused to tell her where the divorce was granted, but tlmt she gained this Information inlcr. Mrs. ffonorah Murphy filed n motion in Mississippi Chnncery Court lo vncnte thc decree, The lower court refused and she np- pcalcd to the Supreme Court. Mr. Murphy nnd his second wife continued their married life nl si Louis until January, 19rJ, when they experienced their own troubles. The second Mrs. Murpliy filed suit for divorce nt St. Louis, charging that he assaulted her nnd sent her lo the hospital wllh n concussion of thc brain. Mrs. Honorah Murphy relumed lo Blythcvllle February 27. 19« and appeared below Chancery Court with another plea to set aside tlic divorce. Mrs. Beatrice Murphy charged that her husband and his first wife "conspired" by mutually agreeing that their divorce .-'-- thai Mrs. Honorah Murpliy withdrew her nppcnl to the Supreme Court tifter the decree wns set aside, but Mrs. Beatrice Murpliy filed an Intervention, alleging that thc Chancery Court wns without jurisdiction when It voided the divorce because nu appeal to thc Supreme Court wns pending nt that time. 'Hie Supreme Court's decision In Picking Contest The ^winner of the • first prize in the National Cotton Picking Cori- tcsl, to he held in BlytheylUe September 23-24, will not be Judged solely on the amount of cotton he or she picks, It was stated this morning by J. Well Brooks, secretary of jhe National Cotter) Picking Association, sponsors ol trift contest, but aho on the quality-ot- :he cotton picked nnd the manner n which it u'ns done. "Cotton pickers entering the contest will lie expected to pick the cotton Just ns they would on their •cgulnr Job," Mr. Brooks stated 'We want to find the man or »b> nan who cnn pick the most-cotton in a given period of time, arid I'simpplng' the cotton nnd turning up nt the end of the time 'perfcd with n lot of trash mixed In with it xvlll automatically disqualify ^' contesdi.K," he added. There will bo n Judge appointed to follovv every Ihe or si\ pickers, It whs staled. He will walcli them closely nnd warn them to pick the cotton "clean", in an attempt ;to Bet ns much clean cotton in encli pickers bng ns possible when the cou lest Is over. Numerous letters of Inquiry have been received by the committee during recent days wanting par ticulnrs on Just such points ns these. Entry blanks and n list of rules nnd regulations are now be ing prepared, a member of the L'Oinmlttcc snid, and entrants will be able to file official application (or entry wltiiin a few days. White River Waters Are Under Control LITTLE ROCK, Apr. 23 (UP>The U. S. engineers office lor the kittle Rock district said today that he high water situation on trie ------ - ...... held Die chancellor wns without wmle River is under control and power _to set nslde the decree while appeal was ponding. At llie same time, Hie tribunal ruled that lllc tlc!it fcw d!1 J' s - Thc river stood the decree should have been invalidated In the first place because Mr. Murphy was not n resident ol Arkansas when the divorce was awarded. The opinion, said Mr. Murphy did ^ il even pny three months' imniv)' Now that no damage will be done unless there are unusually heavy rains'In not pny three months' board in nn effort to prove he was R resident of Arkansas. "During this 90-day period he wns employed ns n traveling salesman, covering a territory far removed from this stale, and when "Here the by the court lo represciU the wife. Then occurred an Instance which >inc-1 check every «.V' ohc 1 - Stay " 18 a day or 1.1 feet above Jlood stage at Gc-orge r town nnd .2 of a foot above Ilo«d stage at CInrondon and will go a foot higher during the next week, the weather bureau predicted. •• The stream Is falling now at. ivport and Batcsvllle. •:•>'' A few families hsve been forced lo leave their homes by the high water In the Clarendon section, the 1 bureau revealed. ' • > WEATHER for her maintenance. From Louis ' by the second wife Mr, Li'Tr'I'iP V?" S l! d> " A fraud ' Arkansas-Partly cloudy, eoldtr -rice charged that to. iluEft ,1^5 .^ "Pf". '^.. c ? urt .'» tonight,.Wednesday fair. ..':, . secon e Mr, Indianapolis, Iwl,, « tw days after .Beatrice charged that Mr Muinlw ' c "' '' ' '" P and :6, Wednesday i and cooler.

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