Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 12, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1935
Page 3
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'' pecembei'12 1936 HOPJtt STAB,. HOPE,: ARKANSAS v^v v ut ,^' \»*>s A/r«. &'td Henry Wagon Wheels Wagon wheels along n lonely rood Branching from the highway leave their mark— fti reach their distant haven before dark; Wagon wheels—rumbling patiently Along a lone nnd little-traveled path, 'Leave behind their imprint In the soil— Passing by, this is their aftermath. Some lives, I've thought, are like those wagon wheels, Revolving in their still nnd obscure wayx, Weaving out their pale, small destinies Along the lonely bi-puths of their days: 'But, like those wagon wheels, there is no life, However regal, lowly, cruel or kind But, passing on its way, along the road, Leave seme faint impress on the path behind.—Selected. The Friday Music club will meet Friday nftcrno-m at iho home of Miss Harriet Et-jry. West Second street, With Miss Mary Louise Keith as joint hostess. The Choral club will meet promptly nt 2 o'clock, followed by.the program at 3 o'clock.' ' Mr. and Mrs. W. T. tlorluim have had as guest for the past two days, Mrs. Raymond Rcunlcnu of DeQueen. ,; Mr. anil Mrs. J. W. Perkins and Mr. and Mrs. Claude Nunn have had r.s gut-st for the past fuw days, Mrs. A. C. Kelly of Slamixs. The Occcmbcr meeting for the Ofilcsby P. T. A. was held in the Oglesby school auditorium, with the bum. As yet, the club dtscuascd mostly business matters, Born, to Mr. nnd Mrs. W. H. Ettef nt Washington Wednesday, December 11, a G'/i-pouhd girl, Sarah June Etter. Mother and daughter are doing fine, Mr. Etter is owner of the Washington Telegraph. [president, Mrs. Ruffin White, presld- ' ing and 59 members responding. In keeping with the Christmas season, the meeting was a Christmas tea with the decorations stressing the season's colors used throughout the auditorium, the toco covered tea table w~ c«iter-1 .^ , eft fm Q^^ mmors _ _ oasket or native p me UMC , nri f jcd oy a brlct p Br ii n mcntary. Wednesday night on the purposes of V 0 ;* French Hint Death (Continued from page one) Hitler and Banker Split^Policies Powerful Schacht Preaches ah Apparently Anti- Nazi Economy IN THE SCENES WASHINGTON By Rodney Dutohor BERLIN, Germany — (#) . mm- Schncht, Reich minister for eco- »., «. «• -. . - , ,, r, " <» nomlea and head of the ftelchsbank, ' f l * w J%*T ^ Cah £ 0t *# himaet ! came ln conflict with Dictator 'Hitler int ° waving wat a 55 to 4a per cent WAStltNOtON.—No one here Is trying to laugh off the current result* of the Literary Digest's current New Deal popularity poll. On the contrary, it'Is being discussed earnestly in the highest quarters. The effect created falls considerably5>- • " — short of-a panic, because there is no in crystal holders, with Mrs, Henry Haynes and Miss Mabel Elhridge presiding over the ten urns. The president's message wns read by Mrs. E. P. Young after which Mrs. White introduced Miss Beryl Henry City !-plt. With him weper,* socialism and capital,,,, had been Instructed to put the oil! Addressing a federal trade organUa- queslion aside- until the pence plan Is threshed out. The cabinet discussed the situation ngnln nnd apparently decided to stick by its decision. nrrwnnf ihr. /inline «.r,,,i <„ MI,,,. ti«n',, IC ' 01 B" sccrciai-y, anu fcdon. present, the dollar went to Miss Holt's It WIIK Sir Samuel who, with Premier Laval of France, formulated the new peace plan. lion, Dr. Schacht said that individual success is based on community service, but "nobody can demand success from the community." "Everybody must use his success to help society," he declared. "That Is active socialism, in nowise contradicting private initiative, which Is the stipportng force Of sound ecotiomcs nnd which a mere marketing organism -%*^^S2y?Si^'J^^rAA 1 t!a of Mrs. J. A. Henry a lender wns unintentionally from the list. Sorry. )K „ „,„ cannot supplant." This apparently was an attempt ' refute the strict principles headline* as "Ethiopia rejects peace of Walter Darre, Nazi commissioner ' omitted plan" and "smaller states let down , by France and Great Britain.' 1 of agriculture, as well as tiitler'.s speech three days ago in which the from meaning that all will be lost when Mr. \ Roosevelt campaigns next fall against* Republican candidate as y<?t unnamed. Nevertheless, all of us are entitled to us<S our own judgments and if the prevalent sWing against Roosevelt policies as shown by the poll contin- t|cs, we will have to answer these questions: 1, Does a request for approval or disapproval of "acts and policies of the Roosevelt New Deal" bring the same pro or con reaction as a demand lot choice between the election of Roosevelt and of Hoover—or Landon or Knox or Borah? ? 2. Is the present question equivalent Miss Maude Wynn hns returned to her home in Ashdown after n visit wlh M, other relatives. W. W. Ducketd ; Mrs. Robert Campbell will present j the following pupils in a piano nnd violin recital at First Baptist churc i iv,' • ftnivv. cum V.TI Ltll. JLJi Jltlll), •" 1"~ — — •...-•%,.. t«i.*j w U£,v in n A*4t.ll IJIW . . t • 1 f tl I t it i I The Star, calling the pence terms a dictator cited state railroads as. proof, in . the . Minds of poll voters witn that •sordid document, said it. would be I *"< " a n enterprise serving the com- . of lhc 1934 poll which asked whether better for "Eden's standing in the fu- j munity cnn be conducted efficiently v ° tci \ f f™ rcd Rooscvelt Politics on • •• --• without private capitalist tendencies.", tnc whole .' Schacht insisted that personal fae- 3 - How much of the anti-New Deal tors cannot be removed from over- vote is D P rotcsl v ° te trom liberals seas commerce and other kinds of and left-wirigers who feel Roosevelt hasn't gone far or fast enough, but who wouldn't vote for a Republican? 4. Is the Digest poll representative of not been denied." It continued: "The grand old woman of British politics, Stanley through nn hour Baldwin, passed trade, of humiliation In a^'Sy c= gf= r=. <;—M*** ^^JS^l WANTED-lfKADINU BOLTS White Oak—Whisky nnd Oil grade Ovorciip, I'dst Oak ami Red Ouk. Round Sued Gum Blocks, (•'or prices and specifications, .See HOPE IIKADIM; COMPANY 'hoiic 245 Hope, Ark. and Ophelia Hamilton, Carolyn Burr, Cnrlecn Brunei-, Alice nnd Shirley Gibson. Phcnca Munn, Luther Garner ! Jr., Linda Mario Cobb. J. T. Luck, i Burgher Jones, Dorothy Lee Neshilt. Mary Elizabeth King. Weldon John- j son oC Washington, and Patsy Ann' Campbell (pupil of Miss Helen Me-! Rae). The public is cordially invited.' This recital will close in time for th« amateur performance at the Saengor. The O. H. C. held its second mcol- ' ing on Wednesday evening at the j men would avoid." give a premiership to WITH THE j ADIES^ By Helen Welsbbner lints. The airline medical examiners, I composed of a group of 30 specialists who examine airline pilots only, have j decreed unanimously that women are not physically or psychologically suited for flying a regular run. In fact, there are limes When we belong on the earth, not in the sky, they stated. When Helen Richey, who knows her ; way about the air as well as any worn- all groups on the economic scale '1036 Poll Important Qno : Regardless of how you may answer those questions now, the poll which the Digest presumably will take next fall as between the two major party- candidates will be followed with infinitely more interest by all politicians and political prophets than the present one. 'The pole as- to policies shows clearly people arc closely related to one an-* other. And to the farmer who had never made more than $400 from his hogs, but was paid $1000 by AAA for not raising them—he was at different times a resident of Iowa, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Minnesota, ond Wisconsin and was claimed as a "friend" by Senator Dickinson of Iowa. Not to mention the three acquaintances of James Truslow Adams upon whom the AAA tried to force checks for not growing tobacco, cotton, and potatoes which they had never raised in the first place. (Administrator Chester Davis publicly called Adams a purveyor of "100 per cer^t untruths" for that contribution.) Probably in consciousness of its other sins as well as the fact that it's vicious, damaging propaganda, AAA always gets steamed up over these fake stories imd makes a great show of virtue in proving them untrue. Knowing that only 10 Main hog raisers are on the AAA books, that none of them is a woman and that there'd be no way to penalize such a woman even if there were one, Secretary Wallace is answering letters about the Maine woman with the assertion that federal agents were grafting, impostors were operating, or that the whole story is a big lie. He expresses belief in the third theory. I c !~, n ,.. ,. 1 ., , , iJVi. n IUI\»; lh UlelVVlJ Ull-IU IU« t>VlliU ^! f.'' ffG ;, B -.^ m ' '" Untlcr "1°. cnd - "cighta which women cannot attain! an who ever handled the controls, and |hat <)lc New Deal has slipped badly most men, too, went to work as a co- iri popular esteem, but still leaves in- pilot on an airmail run, the conflict terrogation points Let's take is bravely-therc are some I** 111 - Hired unwittingly as a pub- | On 'the'other hand, the Digest presi- i crship of the new officers as follows: When we start skyward we have to go , Fresldcnl. Steven Boeder; vice prcsi- os , ]:tsKcngcrs , unless wc want to go I dent. Loy Fay A-IilIcr: secretary, Ger- .,i oric ^ nJrline Van Sickle; Ircnsurcr. G B. , ' Thc ' Burcau of Ail . Commerce, upon Martm; sponsor, Mus Minn Mae Mil- thc udvlcc of its mcdlcn , divisloni wiU scon write int.-) its regulations a ruling that women should never be pcr- licity stunt, woman , employment of a I denl ial. polls-espccially the one in , , . bcamc sucha mitted to act as first pilots on the air- Here's another good one for Sun Carole Lombard. "Hands Across Table." Give the children what they really want most for Christmas —BOOTS. Ajid you find the best selection nt Duggar's. BOOTS for KIDDIES Cleverly styled hoots for the -little cues. The browns have a /.ippcr o|>cniiiR, the whites have lacing. Si/.cs ,'! to G and (Hit to 8. $A.45 $A.95 and lar feature the air transportation company got the government's permission to continue Miss Richey as a copilot on an occasional flight. After all, there was nothing in the rule books of the Bureau of Commerce on which to judge a woman's competency. Few Arc Affected " 1932—have been so indicative of the result that very few of us will be inclined to doubt its accuracy next October. Ha! 'More "Atrocities" Wanted: A poor old widow in Maine who killed two of her own hogs for her family's use, who was promptly pounced upon by federal agents Foreseeing the day when women' and penalized $18 "from her scant might want to qualify as pilots, the Bureau took the recent step that is resulting in a ban. Mi«: Richey says that she understands and she isn't provoked with i anyone. She is showing a sportsman- Ehto equal to that of any of her mas- ci'line contemporaries. Not very many of us have either the training or. the desire to pilot com- store." A very serious effort is being made to locate this poor old widow and almost any official in AAA is willing tu dig down to contribute for a reward to the successful sleuth. She apjx;ared first in the Atlantic Monthly in an article by John W. Owens, who ascribed the tale to a nice old retired clergyman of his ac- morcial transports. The ruling will quatntanco who had heard it while efi'ect a small percentage of the women of thc land. Just the , samCj Jhe on a visit to his old home town in Maine. matter of" women'i rights/ will^cSnc .- ,AAA Is', : alsp. looking: for a ; wealthy up And soinc banners will be flown, ' southern woman named Mrs. Dryden, undoubtedly, proclaiming that a worn- who' Is reported tb have received $1000 an can bring in her ship as well as a from the 'government despite the fact she had no. con tract to reduce cotton acreage and who, on seeking to return it, was told to keep it because its much red man can.' Evidence Favors Male Pilots Miss Richey and the thirty medical men should be convincing enough ev- return would mean "loo idence that at times the work of the tape." world tlivides into camps. The only woman who over acted as ari airmail pilot admits that handling a trans- It would also like to find the AAA agents reported to be distributing 5100 bills through rural districts as fast as port in rough weather takes plenty of they con hand them out. BOOTS for GIRLS Brown Polo Bools with side fastening. Also a luce bout for hiking or hunting—55.85, $,1-95 $.85 and 5 Your Boy Wants BOOTS for CHILDREN In brown or black, either \villi or without side lacings and strap over in.slrp. Sizes 8'/ 3 to Ills—12 to 2 $1.95 $2.45 $2.95 One style in brown with chain over instep and side snaps. Sizes i:i (o TOMORROW (Fri-Nite) First Big Amateur Nite HOPE'S . Either brown or black lacu boots, styles have knife pockets. Sb.i-s .S'a to lUa and 12 to 2 |.95 $A.45 $A.95 $A Sonic Big Boys' 21/2 to 6, 2-95,4.95 jjf Mens' Hunting and Dress Boots $3.95 to $9.85 .95 DUGGAR'S Sfar Brand SAo* Store III West Second Street USE OUR LAY-A-WAY PLAN FOR CHRISTMAS BUYING. FttlSCO LINES CHRISTMAS I HOLIDAY FARES I ARE LOW. ,. jfi —so low this year, that you •fc can't afford to miss another y, Christmas with thc folks at jjj home—and you can go earlier ij and stay longer. jij Ticfci'ls on sale daily commen-.-- :(: ing December 12th—returning, |J good until January 31st. strength. I If women become undifly excited over this decision, our male contemporaries are likely to take it as only another proof that we should stay on the ground. Clear thinking— nnd a rilot needs it— shows that where there is the slightest reason to believe that the difference between a man's muscular developments and n woman's may save a ship of passengers, there is only one choice to be made. After all, woman can l>e happy without being pilots. Perhaps few of us would want, to have a daily run anyway. Women haven't sought for chances to pilot street cars, locomotives, and run river boats. Few of us have sought jobs as truck drivers and only an occasional one has chosen a taxicab wheel as her method of livelihood. Women Will Gel Her Chance Wise women know that the anatomical division nf the sexes has an influence en division of tasks in the 1 economic field. They know, too, that obedience to this division will result in the greatest amount of lasting good to (he largos! numher of people. Therefore, if it .scorns best to thirty- ont competent medical men to lot men take passengers up the sky, women can bo happy as passengers or riding the clouds alone. | Some night, somewhere, though, a man may fall down at the controls and a woman passenger may bring ship through a storm. That's the in- ten-sting thing about life. And avia- lion. I Ail the Same Guy? It is officially suspected that those County Council Of (Continued from page one) present, had the greatest number. The next business to be discussed was the change of Ihe council meetings. It was decided that the four meetings would be held in January, March,.July and October in order to have a council meeting at the close of the year. The October council meeting will be combined with Achievement Day. Each Club a Program The Year Book for the council was discussed next. Each club is to furnish a program for one month of the year and these programs will be selected for the year book. The clubs were assigned the following months: January—Allen and Belton. February—Bingen and Hopewell. March—Cohunbus and McNab. April—Bright Star and McCaskill. May—Liberty and Melrose. June—Green Lasetcr and Centerville. July—Mt. Pleasant and Blevins. August—Patmos-Hinton. Sept.—Washington and Oakland. October-rOzan. November—Shover 'Springs. j Decemb'cri-DeAnn and Guernsey. Three"members of.the council were selected to be the committee representing the Home Demonstration Council at Quorum Court, in January. They were: Mrs. O. A. McKnight, Mrs. Eugene Goodlett. and Mrs. Lee Holt. Any other member of the council that will go was urged to attend. General discussion followed this and it was decided that the January meeting will be held on a Saturday afternoon at the City Hall in Hope, from 1 to 3 o'clock. This meeting will be strictly business, for the goals of the clubs are to be decided and other plans for the new yeaf-ftjse to-bfc tits* cussed. The meeting was dismissed 'to go into the Sunday School building Whetc a regular Christmas dlftn«t ftai sdrVi od, buffet style. •"'-' Although ihe leather prevented many of the women from attending the County Council, the day proved W be one of real Value and pleasure to those who Were Directed by two control stations, five radio patrol roadsters manned by po- lice aftTi Jandrd W wMl, . „ _ South America's flttt ftftd <M Uc* ^ststn. ' " 1c SALE on THE GIFT Si , (Mw. C. j The ruins of Qaleh i Gabr, or thn j ensile of tho fircworshippcrs, with its underground chambers, stand on a high mound southeast of Kuzerun, She's Sure to Adore TRAVEL BY TRAIN for SPKFU SAFETY rOMFOMT t:0!SYENIKi\<-:K (;> I I For complete information as to i'ij faces aud scbcdulos ask the Pajamas, Gowns, Robes, Slips &fi OE TO 50.33 . FRISCO I TICKET f Javv % i'A APPEARANCE Mourn a Lol and Cun Cost So UUlc DRESSES Beautifully clcuuud I lie Odorless Way. It's Belter! au-u'h Felt H»te Cleaned in Our Own PUuit Hall Brothers 385 IMPORTED LINEN and 'KERCHIEFS COMPACTS, BRACELETS, EVENING BAGS 49c TO S3 JO Claussner Hosiery—Baby Gifts STEM WARE GOBLETS, COMPOTES Iced Tea Glasses—Dessert Plates All in Matched Designs Curd Tables, J'luying Cards, Pottery. Imported China, I'erfujne Bottles, Pictures. Gloves und Slteet Bags. THE GIFT SHOP Front Street Mrs. C. P. Holland K O ' FOR A MAN'S CHRISTMAS Give Him What He Will Really EnjoiR;;, ' * * * *;, >-x»< Cigars^igarettes-rrTobacco ••'*& In Special Gift Packages CANDIES-FIREWOR Give Him a Year's Subscription to His . Favorite Magazine JACK'S NEWS STAND Prices for Friday and Saturday, December 13&lfJ1 PURE CANE SUGAR 10 Pound LIMIT MUSTARD 10n49c 10* QUART JAR SEMINOE TISSUE 1000 Sheets 4- CATSUP Large 14 oz. Bottle SOAP Large Yellow Bars For i 25c M E A1 FULL CREAM 24 .450 LARD 41 Pounds NAVY BEANS 4 us 17c SNOWDRIFT 3Lbs 55c 6Lbs$ t BROKEN SLICE PINEAPPLE No. 2 Can 15c JEWEL Lb. COFFEE HOT DATED 3Lb, 17c 50c CHOCOLATE DROPS COCOA OUR MOTHERS 2 Lb Lb Can CANDY Chocolate Covered Cherries Pound Box FRESH COCOANUTS Each POTATOES No. 1 Reds YELLOW ONIONS LETTUCE Large Firm Heads FLORIDA ORANGES Full of Juice P I AN IPO Shankless I V H I V 0 Cello Wrapped— Lb SALT MACKEREL ROAST BACON DMkw '' sli " dRin tound30c K ' CBRANDEDBEPE La BACK BONES Pound MINCE MEAT Pound 15c MIXED SAUSAGE, Ib JC. C. Round STEAK, U> . lie PORK SAUSAGE Fancy No. 7 Pound "FRES-SHORE" Medium Selects—Pint SALT MEAT ForBoiling Po un a10lo! AVCTCDC V I 9 I CII3 10ic 23c

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