Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 12, 1935 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1935
Page 2
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HOPS S$AiVft6m ARKANSAS Star B&ltoev Thy tieratd Report! Weekday afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. A; Alex. H. Washburn). at The Star,building. 212-214 South OB^, Atkassas. •"*-- 1... -. .1 i-- . '-^~. ^-u— : V" " Ci fe. PALMER. PrcsJdtnJ \ v * AJtEX, H. WAShBURN, EdHor nnft Publisher as second-class matter at the postoffice at Hope, Arkansas Under the Act ot March 3, 1897. .?„ ..__. || ._, _'_r'-i--iiLij-'- - i -"-j ___ i--- ' VUL'-'V---- -f^--.._:'-'•-''•— __'"— _" -i _- - '"R>e newspaper la an institution developed by modern clvil- the tiews of the day, to foster commerce and industry, Widely circulated advertisements, and to'-furnish* that check upon ' *Meh fto constitution, has ever been abto to provide."—Col. R. . Safe (Ai\?ay* Payable^ In Adviancdi: By city carrier, per month "6Sd! otte yea* $6.50. By Aail»; in Hempstead. Nevada, * and tafiayette counties, $150 per'year; elsewhere S6.50. Member Ot The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclsulvely Jttlfeck to the use fo.r fepublication of all news dispatches credited to it or /net otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. ' -'-"--'*--• -Li"-]f_f-U;. J-_I_-U_-«I -l-a* -J-l—.l- ll-Ll-l-L-ll -.-1.~ J ."-"• —l :r._ --i-m--t_-||-|i"n-- .-.- .__j_-- ._-- NatioJJal Advertising' Representatives: Arkansas' Dailies, Inc.. Memphis. LTenii., Sterick BUg.; New York City, 369 Lexington; Chicago, 111.. 75 E. Wack- *er t>rtve? Detroit, Mich., 33» Woodward Aye,; St. Louis, Mn., Star Bldg. Charge* on Tribtttea. Etc.. Charges will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolution, or memorials, concerning thendeparted. Commercial %h*wspnpers hold to this policy hi the news colunSnsSfe protect their readers front a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star^dlsclaims responsibility •the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. The Stiek-To gether Idea --•" -" oberts Barton "We dori't put up stockings," said a modern mother. "It's such drivel. DR. alOBRIS FISHBEEV Anyway, 'We. -have only steam radi- Journal of the Awer/ean JV^ed- ftwl* «iwu4UKa« MA MK; ^»*vv*•».««• *r teat Association, a«4 of Hygela, the Health ators andASshs^nianufacture hes about Santa Claus?" "\ One ot8ef%joifkd her but the rest of the crowd declared they had lov- getting nd of excess pro- . H ht on ^ ^ Mme thi without much trouble and it ,s whcn ^1%^ i thought, I sug- safer to have a hberal supply of pro- j fegted ^ ^ mother had a right to decide for-herself, then added that still believecf: in Santa, that I can- thought that also regulate your • not rid , rf - JOHN D|0N'T fHINK OP THAT &p^^ &$*«*^>- J^S ^ were Sunday dinner guests c4 Mr. and Mrs. IrVln'BeJts and family. Mr, Hlggs spent Sunday with Mt. and Mtis. Paul Andefsdn. Mrs. $at Fulter called on Mrs. John Ratellff Sunday, ^ Misa Odell. pawell and Miss Cathvyn | Shields were SJunday night supper i guests of' Mlsi} Charlotte and Louise ; Vocom. ! Mr. and Mrs, Lawrence May called I on Mr. and rtomer May and family j Sunday. Mr. and Mrd. Tobe Huckabee ahd Mrs.' Mart Yocom called on Mr. nnd Mrs. L, C. Betfs, Sweet Home i . ! W. E. Eherrlll of Behton preached j here Sunday and Sunday. j Rev. Reeves and Mrs. Reeves of j Prescott were here Sundajaattending ' church. ; Mrs. M. H. Montgomery and son Harvey were shopping in Prescott Saturday, ; 4 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. -Delpney visited ; their daxtghter. Mrs. Owen Harris and I Mr. Harris near Preseott Saturday : night. • • j Mr. and Mrs. L. Reese McDougald ; ^ncnt the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Grady Harris. ' Mi. and Mrs. Ross Spears and Mr. i and Mrs. Watson Yancy of Hope were here Sunday visiting relatives. : Mr. and Mrs. A. Morris of Blevins | visited relatives here Monday. Sorry to report yunt Satlie Morris is Blytheville Seeks- Hardest Opponents Pine BluffTSttle RoclSI Ft. Smith, El Doi'arlo Are Invited • WASHINGTON"^)-children of! BLYT , M S V I LL F' A*- 81 * °< * hc the newly poor, who4 stnmlnrds ofi'/™" 1 *f& "^ »?»"» '» *rkan- Depression Will Affect Generation Children ofPoor of 192833 Impaired by Under- Nourishment nnlinrf l,,M,i,,,, 1 1.41 • ,„ ,,,OM| !SS lBVP )011 Cft pUCPS OH IhC ownward^tli -S dotrSn/b 1»36 ^hedule of the Blythcvil.e High ^veight between 19*8 and 1833 until tho ' School Chicks, ,t was annoimcedj* average child between six and len'fwd Sullbn, gradun e manager Who yean, weighed 2 per cent below nor. has submitted nliat ol seven open mill, Ihe United Stales public hcntlh;''«lc s ^. school officials at Pine HJiiff, -•ervice reports LlUlc Rock ' Norlh Litllc Rock ' Forl Charts made by the health service a™ 11 "' Hot Springs and El Dorado •how that the loss in weight among! Games also are being sought with the children of the "depression poor" Tech High, prep school champions of was more than the 2 per cent below Memphis, Maplowpod High of M. •lormal, since they weighed well above ; Louis and ° no outstanding southeast rmal before 1928. Missouri team. Weighed 5,400 Youngsters oc lhe lctllns whlch "PPenrod • on Health officials, in their attempt to ">e Chick .schedule this year only •.liscover the effect of the depression in children, weighed a group of 5,400 three hiwe been scheduled definitely tor next season. They, nre Forrest youngsters going to school in Blrm-' City, Jonosb->rq and Paragould, con- ingham, Cleveland, Greenville. S. C., |-'iderod the mostformidable aggrega- r-lttsburgh and Syracuse, they pick- Hers '" this suction. jd these between C and M years of age and kept track of those nges bc- '.ween 1928 and 1933. The Chicks, untied and undefeated since 1!I33, sought state championship honors this year, but on account of They studied children in three types their comparatively weak Schedule were handicapped in gaining statewide recognition. cf families; first, those whosu living remained comfortable though the depression vears; second, those families , which always had been relatively, nncl trucks ore driven by gasoline en the sick list. We hope for her a r . an(1 j nst t i lose w hase income coming in large part from the United 1.. . • States.—Raymond L. Bucll, president, Foreign Policy Association. I speedy recovery. ilroppetl during the test period. Mr. and Mrs.'Cliff3rd Husky were I They found that 15 of every 100 chil- | chopping in Prescott Saturday after- I t ' rtn belonged to the fortunate group ! noon. I which suffered no marked change in Miss Ann Bostick and Martha Mori ten attended the show in Hope Sun| clay afternoon. • Mrs.. Claud Stone is spending several the manner of living; -10 children in every 100 came from families which tlways hnve been classed as poor; and •15 in every 100 were in the group I H. Montgomery Tuesday afternoon. IMS NEA ' <& J* 00 . to *e amount of protem you j something m pt eri ou S happens to the fcj take m xour food, j world ^jctoSsffiias eve. , l£ ±^0,° 7n^in 1 ' l cannotp^ve'l am right in urgng "Another good 154 pounds, or 70,000 j „„„.„ „& t v,« nfti i t u 0 -.„,,„» rav ,>, i^u ^TT*- (U 'T ! Parents no't ^spoil should have* about 44 grams of ; Christmas f'mav I all myth in not "^^^Z^^^^z* ^r^rce^: cnV^: more sanely and purely as a Uberately and that the way in which you force arms backward as you lower them is most important. This one movement stretches and strengthens the pectoral muscles. routine improves your breathing as well as the lines of when, you buy your food, there- are about 454 grams to the pound , or about 28 to the ounce.) / Vfhen we study the amounts of. food that most Americans eat, we find that your chest. Here are directions: "Lie on the box, holding a five- pound weight or bar in each hand. Birth Day, without the materialism' Strelch arms upward, inhale deeply, ek?ui f n. 1 ? f Presents or the symbols of heathen- then keeping elbows stiff, lower arms " ^ ! lcr« tit* Cf\ rrtar\\T /I'll! tVlCk V»r»11 V nrirl • l._ ,.!_... n -..«l .. nrl r] n i>iv wmntttnVi \\f* r^rtlrl — ism as so many call the holly and misteltoe. . .' ,, Real Christmas Meaning Buried Actually; "we" 'are too prone to for- I get the r".al meaning of Christinas and } and down, meanwhile holding your breath. Do not exhale until arms are as far backward as they will go. Repeat fifteen times." NEXT: Makeup boxes for Christmas. Evening Shade Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Anderson spent Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. John Lee Anderson and family. Mrs. Irvin Belts and Mrs. Dixie Belts called on Mrs. John Ratcliff Monday aflerncon. Mi. and Mrs. Sam Belts of Hope called on Mr. Belt's parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Belts Sunday evening. Mi. and Mrs. Joe Martin spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Atler Grey. ' the outside, you have got to changs Mr. and Mrs. John Shields and I yourself, and everybody else, on th< daughter, Cathryn were Saturday i inside, for the New Deal will lie not night supper guests -if Mr. and Mrs. i >n the ballot box; or in a popular up days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. X vhich felt the depression closing in Carman. j about them, changing the food they Mrs. Clifford Husky visited Mrs. M. n t e , (he clothing they wore, and the quarters in which they lived. Mt mice In Future Generation It was Ihoso changes in the manner )f living which undoubtedly brought '.ho decline in tht- children's relative weight, snys the bureau of labor sta- i:.tics in its labor bulletin. "By affecting the health of children, he depression thus proved a serious If you want to change the world 01 Lawrence May and family. Mi', and Mrs. Author Fulcr, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fuller. Helen, Clovis, Fred and Mary Lou Fuller, Charlotte Yocom, U. Brogles. and Glcnton Belts, they take life grams of"protefii : every- &« tender beginnings of the Christian! t^day,'instead of 44. ' . era - Also tQ 0 quick to forget good Since protein, food is generally more expensive than carbohydrate food, it will toward men and kindness to our neighbor. Although it is not al- drotes fop fu^} or energy value, and proteins for body-building ans tissue . •en require the case, one is likely to discover that the modernist is not only pke- ly to banish St. Nick but the other things tod:"" ""'". . . It is very ha£d; tof analyze'* Santa, Witk tfll Jiu £ove by Mary Raymond Copyright. NEA 1933 Today's Health Question Qv—la dry air or damy air better in -winter? A.-^Thus far enough scientific evidence is not available to show that moist air in our homes in winter will reduce illness. But we do know that it makes us more comfortable, and that it is certainly •better for the furniture. This does not mean'moisture t£> the point of dampness* or increased perspiration. The greatest comfort for the human being is had'in a temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit, with humidity between 40.and 50 per cent. To have this moisture in the air, an evtra amount must be added.to the air during the winter. 'double purpose of maintaining their body and of growing. In fact it has been suggested that a child requires two or three times a? much food as a He in folk-lcjre.'jhQjvever, and most lore i; has apj.xinjg''from the needs .of aj Fecpte. Thr&ughout the centuries he has withstftQiOh.e ineffectual attacks! of the practical, ' Perhaps he* was created in the first; place to br.ingtthe spirit of Christmas; a little closer" to earth and human; understanding. .'An agent, one might, say, to eiTjlplemize the day of giving! and forgivbigf Like the flag that I shows us wevhave a common bond and without..which many would cease,' to think of country as "his" country/; his "personal" land. j The comparison ,is not analogous i but it serves to explain an idea. There is a certain UNITED fellowship under | Santa ClausJ' an emotional Jpdge, so I to say. At.'itChristmas time and dur- i in gits preceding weeks there is an I elevation of spirit. ' Valuable,,as Annual Release j We pretend it is the children, but i it is not living children alone who ' move us to be happy and expectant.' Her directions were followed dls- is those past youngsters—ourselves creetly, and in silence. Maybe maybe I BEGIN HERE TOD A If I • After the death ot Uer pnrtntn. lovely OANA .WESTBHOOK come* from abroad to make her home • Yr 11 li her xcrnnilmbtlicr,' M1IS. WII.I.1AHL) . CAME11OJV. Onnn'a hnl»-ilsecr. .\ A iV O V WALLACE. rc»enl« Dunn'* coiu- •IDB. Onnn'ii ernndni<v(lier l« elated wlien rich HONAI.D MOOKE full* In love tvitb bet grunddnuprlKvr. Dunn, meanwhile, has bpeomv nl- tractcd to DU. SCOTT STA.M.EV. a ntrugglinK j-oung phyiilclnn. Nnney. who iunnk« her love tat Ronald behind nn antnconlmle nt- tltniie. nnhnpi>ll7 wntchen III" l<*« f for nnnn deenrn. Ja«« nit anxiously, PACliA LOXG watelies seoit Stanley'* Interenl In Oann inereaxr. Dana and Seott. «nvepi nwny by their love for eneh otlipr, reckleitxlx deelOe to marry. Slr«. Cameron mloomlly predict* Innt the mrirrlaKe will not lost. Pouln In torn by an emotional »t«rm over the new» thill Seoll anil Pann hnve married. NOW co ON WITH run STOKV CHAPTER XX P AULA said to the housekeeper, "Pis rac VP gomething to drink, j means hellish consequences. Something stiff. AnG fcrlKB an- | . * • . other package of clgnrets. After that 1 don't want to be disturbed —not by anyone." there were those terrible pains In tier bead again. They always catne when Paula was emotionally upset. More terrfbfe tlinn ever . . . blind-' ing her with pain. Setting Ber crazy. She got up and staggered to the dressing table. From tier purse she took a smnll key,- whlcn she fitted Into a jewelry case. Prom the Jewelry case she lifted a small bos. For a moment, she stored at the little white Dill. She was remembering that quad! doctor's words. He had been called in one night at a hotel where she was staying. He hart given Her one ot these pills, withholding the name nerving herself to tell Scott about that accidental meeting with Konnie. And ne hadn't even Ueea In-, terested. It was bnrd to decide w|j1ch was n-orse—a lealoti? husband or a Husband ivlio wasn't even mildly lealotis. Packages beRan to arrive next from from her. pntn It had Drought relief almost miraculously For a price, he hnd finally revealed the name of it. But he bnd said: "1 warn you to leave this alone. It grown man <Joes for each pound of/ -who preserve a memory and still j « W hy don't you say something?" v/elght If the amount of protein you eat is much in eXc^s of what your body requires, the excess ia eliminated. .through the P/oper organs, although a part of it may be burned up in the body and used as reserve fuel. ; Artwally one gram of protein, or one gram of carbohydrate will yield ahout four calories of energy when burned in the process of digestion in the body. serve it. We romanticists dare not part with Santa, the tree, the stocking, the holly, the presents—although they may exist only in our thoughts. Besides, I think we need Santa Claus for one grand 'good explosion of joy A Book a Day Py Bruce Catton "Victorious Troy" finds John Mase- as is wwlly the case, producing a fine, stirring book to delight the heart r of,any stay-at-home who likes to read ' of #1* brave old days pf square-rigged . ships. i Mr. Ife»;fjel4's new book is a novel telling about an English ship in the great Australian grain trade. Coming across the southern Pacific the: vessel is overtaken by a typroon- The ' ekipper, bending the elbow a bit too freely, fails to recognize his danger j and refuses to Uk» proper precautions, j As a result, whs the etorm strikes, | the ship is immediately dismasted, half a dozen men—including the two mates —are washed pverboard, and the cap- is kjiopk«4 <»bwt by a wave and once a year... ... ! That he .should be associated with j Christmas instead of New Year's Day j or Thanksgiving must have a reason, j All Christendom has adopted a carnate j saint with certain peculiar customs, to color the more abstract generosity. I I believe that Santa Claus in red suit | or brown, Santa fat or lean—leaving j gifts in the children's sabots or hang- j ing them on a tree—will continue to ! endure. It' is Mars we should destroy, | not the brightJmerry old boy who j I f ings out, "Merry Christmas to all, 1 and to all a good night." i Paula shrilled wildly, her tain nerves snapping. "Didn't you hear the news? Scott's married 1 ." "Yea. I know." Charlotte told her. "I'm sorry." "Sorry? What are you sorry about?" "I'm afraid he's made a mistake," Charlotte said quietly. "He had no business getting married when tie's Just beginning uis practice." "Of course he hadn't." Paula gulped down the strong drink and made a wry face. "He'll probably regret It," Charlotte said. No one knew Paula so well as her housekeeper, who bad tii« da? Dana and Scott returned from their honeymoon, Paula had gone shopping, looking By Alicia Hart Flat chests no longer are fashion- j room. devoted herself to spoiling Paula, catering to her every whim, for years, "All right, now. Go out and let me sleep." When the door closed, Paula flung herself down. Deep, terrible sobs, were smothered against a pillow. She told herself tbat she hated Scott. Sbe never wanted to see htm again! The paroxysm over, she lay staring witb glazed, pain- filled eyes at the beautiful, ornate given, three broken limbs. When the, bones and an under-developed chest t o see what was in ber heart In i storm %t Jast passes, the ship is \jt- j should swim as much as possible and, ' -. . . rly h*lpl|fS| and to* puty person who in addition, do exercises to develop tpke command U an apprentice the pectoral muscles. • in his mid 'tenijf. ! "The best exercises of this type able on the screen or off. The girl who has hollows around her collar- }t might have been different, she thought. K she bad allowed Scoti this lad ovey, gets the make use cf a low, narrow box (like a jory rig, 8n4 finally an orange crate) and dumbbells or port WSke* the | similar weights," says Donald Loomis, 9 SW«11 QD«, tOft 8$ I be- i trainer of Hollywood stars. t(0n*4, ' "Lie on your back on the low box, illy, Iff. MasefieW'S <J*scr»y- ! w ''h a two and one-half pound dumb- I typhoon i? one o| the most ' bell in each hand. Raise hands up- excJUna Wt* of writing «l ell the (ward, keeping elbows stiff, lower literature o* tb* st®. Von can fairly '' '" " ' u - " ! - 1 -- —' - 11 - 1 -"-fee! that storm, 03 h# gives it to you; feel it, ai»«l ee* it. and be«r it <ts well. "Victo- by rioua Troy" «eLL| (or f?,5Q. arms slowly to the sides and slightly backward, then, without bending elbows at all, g-j back to the starting position. Repeat ten times for the j first two weeks. Gradually work up ateqd of biding ber love. Sbe bad been so afraid o; losing his com f>aoiopsl)ip that she nad accepted erumbB—the confidence and affection be gave ber. But she bad never let nlra look into that secret place of her dean, filled so long with nothing Out aim. "1 know every mood of bis." Paula thought desolately. "It will take ber years to know biro as I do. And yet sue walks oft witb blm after a few months and marries bliu!" Perhaps If they bad not gone to the club that afternoon, be would July, ori«}*a!ty tb* fifth month of dumbbells. •* *rA<*-r «oa« stalls/? *'QiiirtH11«i" hv! "Rem6mc to twenty times; then use five^pound | »ot b a |r « ° T l ? year, the Romans. "Remember, <>f course, that the ex» ' c-rci«e must be* -done slowly and de- j bad pen nad some misunderstand- Jng wiib Ronnie oave Moore this for a wedi!*.iR present. She considered silver and chlnn. But she didn't Unow the patterns thq'y preferred. She doubted that Dana and Scott had even selected patterns. Marrying EO sqddonl?, they couldn't have planned anything. She decided on a beautiful and expensive lamp, the shade designed in an elaborate Oriental pattern. She had completed this part of ber shopping expedition and was prepaying to park her car before undertaking some other errand? whflii a roadster pulled out from the curb. Paula recognized the occupants. Ronnie Moore—and Dana! After the first shock, Paula them cited. Here was Scott's bride, back from a 10-day honeymoon, and already meeting Ronnie downtown. Deep in ber heart a voice whispered. "Patience, Paula—Just have patience.'" She could, almost bear the words, singing themselves aloud, • • • 'TPHAT night Pana said to Scott: •*• "I went shopping and Ronnie brought me borne." "Tbat was nice," Scott (said. He was standing by a window, looking out. Dana thought his face seemed sober, troubled. His voice bad sounded, grim, too. "You don't mind, do you?" Her voice faltered a little. Scott wheeled from the window. "Great heavens, not" He laughed. "But you look worried!" "J am worried," Scott admitted. "It's Mrs. WHkins- One of tbe prettiest, cleanest operations 1 ever performed. And now something's happened and tbe incision must be re-opened. There's no accounting (or things like that." "Who is Mrs. "Mrs. WHkins is 9 very important person to you anij to me. My first surgical in this (own. It would mean something to have trouble set In." He added, "Then, too, gne's a nice old, lady," Pana felt an impulse to laugh. She bad be«o to conadentioue, using, but in the well-springs of the human will.— Carl Vroomon. Bloom- inpton. 111. We listen to radios and obtain culture by listening, but our initativi dies as we listen, and through us i dies in our children, so that we arr getting to be not musicians, but liken' of music. — Edwin Claude Mill, inusi t-al authority. I There has been a lot of talk abou us having a drag. I want people t< know we serve our time in jail lik other respectable people. — Husband o Mrs. Ernestine' Mesks, Birmingham sentenced for : 'liquor violation. •'; Todays Italy is fighting'-in ElWopU a gasoline 1 ; ''wafe. -Its /tanks, '"airplane: An individual, may be generous, bu< nations have not the right to be, The> must be selfish and so it is lay. was Soon tlie small pvsrllowlni? wiih nparinie.it Doxes, as Scou's friends and friends ot tne -amoron family sent eoori wishes In the lime-honored way — In the form of packages from jewelry stores and sift shops. Dana found It an oxcltlng pastime, opening tlie pacUapo? with Scott- Despltp hi? tpasinp. she staunchly refused to untie a single ribbon alnne. i "It wouldn't he any fun without ; you," she said. i They already hart faced the per- • plexing problem nf where lo nut , these sifts In their limited qunr- ] tors. "Gosh!" Scott oxclatmed. "If ; this keeps up. we'll nport a house. Maybe 1 made a mistake giving j up the old place." - i "We'll find places." said resource- j ful Dana. "And you didn't makp a i mistake. Think how nlre It will ! be this winter without a furnace i lo bother with." j to prove to them that U is in their interest to be pacifislic. — Count Carle Sforza, former Italian foreign minister. nenacc," says the bulletin, "not only c the present, but also to the future ;eneration." Fierce Kea Birds Prey Upon Sheep i i New Zealand Sheep, Ranchers Appeal for Government Help Soil It! Find It! Rent H! Buy 11! In the Hope Star MARKET PLACE Remember, thu more you loll, the quicker you sell. 1 time, 10e Line, min. 30c For consecutive insertions, minim- mum of 3 lines in ono ad U times. Cc line, min. 50c fi times, 5c line, min. 90c 2G times. 3','ic line, min. $2.70 (Average 5'.£ words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the iiiuieistanding that the bill in payable on presentation 6f statement, before the first publication, Phone 768 ' NOTICE ' NOTICE—We are now Buying peas. Monts Seed Store. S-12tc . , . i ,,, , — | WELLINGTON, N. Z.-(/P)—New, WANTED ' 'ealand sheep farmers have asked for j _1— overnment aid in destroying the kea' WANTED: Reliable'man to succeed lird, one of the worst pests the sheep j t E_ Young in North LaFayette Coun- armor must contend with. ' ty. An opportunity to step into a'well The birds alight on the backs of the established business as Mr. Young/ hcep. digging sharp beaks into their j ust c6mpleted his llth' year, S. ictiiTUs until they reach lhe kidney Contract required. Everything 'fur-> , at, which they devour. ! nished but the car. Write J. A. Laws, f Thousands of sheep have been killed c / o Th e W. T. Rawleigh Company, j p, this manner each year. The birds Memphis, Tcnn. kept lo the higher country, nil have cf late followed Iho flocks lo he low country. 6-5ic WANTED:— Women's coats, Dresses i Evening Dresseu, Men'u SUita. 'coats. Joyce and Floyd Clothing Store, Third Street. Pattern never would she let Scott know of Ihnt first, deep disappointment she had felt when he had brought her to this home. "This," said Dana, her arms lifted high to Scott who was standing on a chair, par-king weddlnp gifts on a high shelf, "is the penalty for marrying such a Rood-look- Ing and popular doctor." Paula's present, which Dana called "Light from the East." was one ot those that was not packed out of sight. It looked very errand, and oddly out ot place, in the modest apartment. Paula had dropped In the day before and tlien dashed home for a beautiful Oriental tapestry and two gorgeous vases. "I have no earthly use for thorn since they don't match tho pfheme of my place," she salu. "So please use tbem. Dana." Neither did Dana think they matched the scheme of her apart- merit, but to refuse was out of the question. She watched, witb misgivings, as Paula tacked the elab- Money to Loan— <MORTGAGES Borrow 550 to $250 from us at 8Vo,on your furniture, automobile, or. other personal property. Pay it back! in small monthly payments. For •fujl;lu- formation ,seft GREEWNO INSURANCE AGENCY. " : 20-2<3t« ___ I FOR RENT — Bedroom adjoining j bath. Phone 906. Mrs. W. R. Chandler ' 7-Gtc FOR SALE FOR SALE— Horses and mules, {3ee C, H. Sutton at Button and Hale Service- Station, Hope, Ark. '12-26fp. FOR SALE— Girls bicycle, in excellent condition. Can be seem at-ltOG South Main Street. ll-3tp FOR SALE—1500 bales of hay. See Floyd Portcrfield. fl-3tp LOST LOST—Nine months old pointer p White with light brown ears. For reward phone 833, Fred Childers, 901 West 5lh St. .-ll-fop orate tapestry above Dana didn't like it. the couch. , She didn't : like tue Oriental vases, or the j Oriental lamp either. . Out what could she do about U j when Paula was obviously trying i to be friendly? ' Nancy breezed IB presently. , "Where's the incense?" f.be bad : asked. "And tho teabwood and tbe carved Ivory and all tue rest? 1 ! must say. 1 wouldn't bave sus- ;: pected you of anything like Ibis, ' Dana," ! •'Paula brought them. She seerae<J j anxious for us to use tbem." Dana ' said doubtfully. "I'm afraid the? i make this living room look pretty awful." • "Smooth as silk," Nancy commented. ; After a moment. Dana realized ' Nancy bad not been talking about j tbe living room. (To lie T HE blouse of this smart'two-piece model has a high round neckline under the scarf and the sleeve may omit the contrasting cuffs, thus allowing the blouse part to be worn with other skirts and ties. Make of velveteen and plaid woolen or plain and plaid woolen or silk. Patterns are sized 12 to 30 (30.to 38 bust). Si*e 10 requires 1 5-8 yards of 54-inch fabric for the blouse and 2 l->8 yards for the Bklrt. To aecure a PATTERN and STEP-BY-STEP SEWING INSTRUCTIONS. flU out the coupon below, being sure to MENTION THE NAME OF THIS NEWSPAPER. The WINTER PATTERN BOOK, with a complete selection of late dress cjesigns, now is ready. It's 15 cents when purchased separately. Or, if you want to order it with the pattern above, send in just an additional 10 cents with the coupon. TODAY'S PATTERN BUREAU, 103 PARK AVE-, NEW YORK Enclosed U 15 cents in cola for Pattern No Si«e Name Address City State K.-me of this newspaper .....> • • •. Want It Printed 81 i ^S 8 i H H We'll have a printing expert call on you, and you'll have an economical, high quality Job. Whatever your needs, we con serve (hem. Star Publishing COMPANY Makes an

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