Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 11, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 11, 1935
Page 3
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Wedheday, December 11/1935 HOPE S?Aft, HOM ARKANSAS u»-~. ~—"^"--••-'••• Elrtck vines cling to the wall— Ah, I remember The winter follows the fall. And nil things die In December. Pot- winter always conies back Chilling the rose nnd the rune, Slaying nil things In its track— But this I'd forgotten In Jiinc. —Selected. the Friday Chornl club under the direction of Mrs. John Wellborn will present its annual Christmas Candle Light Vesper service nt 5:30 Sunday evening at the First, Methodist church. The program will consist of excerpts from the Messiah, a violin number by Miss Helen McRae, bass solo by Tal- hot Feild, organ groups by Mrs. Ralph Routon and Mrs. B. C. Myalt with piano accompaniments by Mrs. Edwin Stewart. All the churches in the city are uniting in observance of this service. _ Friends will be glad to know of the improvement of Mr. Edwin bossett, who has been ill for the past week at his home on North street. , * •» ^___^ the new officers elected for the coming year's work in the Womaris Missionary Society of the First Methodist church were as follows: President, Mrs. Frank M. Stanley; vice president, Mrs. O. A. Graves; record- 1c SALE 1c on DRESSES THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. C. P. Holland ,\'t. NEW DAM" WASH (ERV.'CF- NClfON-HUCKINf L A U N D P, Y . C 6 M PA N Y Friday-nitc, Doc. 13th . . . it's Hopes FIRST amateur night . . . come and cheer your favorite to victory! ing secretory, Mrs. Minor Gordon; corresponding secretary, Mrs. R. M. Lattrdnc; conference treasurer, Mrs. T. R. Bililngslcy; local treasurer, Mrs, A. M. Saunders; superintendent df Christian relations, Miss Dell McClanahan; superintendent of mission study, Mrs. C.' D. Lester; superintendent of Supplies, Mrs. 0. L. Reed; superintendent, of local work, Miss Mamie Brinnt chairman of memorials, Mrs. Frank Miles; chairman for World Outlook, Mrs. Qleri Williams; music chairman! Mrs. Edwin Stewart; publicity chair- mail, Mrs. L. W. Young. The Junior-Senior High P. T. A. will meet at 3:30 Thursday afternoon at the high school. This being the final meeting Of the year, the president urges a ftill attendance. Mrs. Olvor Williams was a Wednesday visitor in Little Rock. The Friday Music club will meet •Viday afternoon at the home of Miss Harriett Story, West Second street, vith Miss Mary Louise Keith as joint lostess. Tho Choral club will meet promptly at 2 o'clock, followed by the program at 3 o'clock. Mrs. Ralph Routon will present her Christinas recital on Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock at her residence on North Pine street. Friends of the the publis and those interested in this work arc invited. This is an annual affair of Mrs. Houton's with the Christmas decorations and suggestions adding no small part to the occasion. Among the out-of-town relatives and friends attending the funeral services held for the late Mrs. J. W. Anderson from the J. M. Houston hdmo in this city on Wednesday morning were Mrs. K. G. Anderson and daughter. Mary Lee of AMions, Texas, Mrs. Grover McEochin, Mrs. C. C. Taul and Miss Mary Elizabeth Taul of Little Rock. "Musketeers" at SaengerThursday FamiBtl 'Romantic Stoi v y Again Put mi Screen, this Time in Sound Elaborately riduhtcd, but with Its rich ctistumes, settings and speclaele never allowed to interfere with forceful directness of the greai mas tale of "the three Muskeleers comes thursday and Friday to the Saonger. For the firsl time the immortal f-wiisttbucklei-s, d'Arlagnah and his comrades in arms, come to the screen with sound to create complete realism. Brilliantly enacted, faithfully adaple'd, and directed with spirit,'the classic of 17th Century intrigue realizes the full romantic flavor of the Widely familiar novel. Swiftly, paced, the picture drives to its exciting ctimakes with verve, suspense arid emotional punch, Its "moi-e blustering episodes graced with lusty comedy, and its quieter moods wilh sentimental charm. Without slighting any of its colorful characters, the story has been kept paramount. Performances are skillfully proportioned to emphasize the conflict of Wit and blade, love arid blandishment which decides the issue between the queen of France and Cardinal Richelieu for dominance of the King, and the reckless devotion of the four fighting cavaliers who pledged their lives with the famous slogan, "All for one, one for all." kill* Dfty per tent Iftoro tffli than boys be. tweert IS.aftd 2fe. BuyChriatiAas SealS ftftd h«)p protect them. — " "•«••« -i £ Amateur vShow Is Free at Fair Park Tenant's Share of (Continued fr*in page one) AAA Will Carry (Continued from page one) American pork to go to Canada to replace Canadian work exported to Great Britain, thus in effect permitting increased exports of American pork to Great Britain." "Agriculture's real and continuing problem is not how to stop the little trickle of competing farm imports, but how to move its own great surpluses into export." EXTRA —a feature featurette Gus Edwards' budding stars of tomorrow. "Trouble in Toyland" THURSDAY & FRIDAY Matinee 2:30 Thursday 15c Oumoi' dauntless ho roe i on Iht screen I Wllti Walter Ab«l, Paul Lukas,M«rgotGrahame, Heather Angel, lan Keith, Doyle J. W. Balch's wife of Doyle has typhoid fever, we hope she will soon recover. Peet Skinner of Murfreesboro was a AND HOW IT TRANSFORMS HANDS REBEAUTIFIES Y ou win adore the dainty purses i 2 e Chamberlain's Lot i o n which the coupon brings you. You will enjoy trying this quick-drying lotion. You will be amazed at how it re-beautifies hands aind skin. Not sticky or gummy, a blend of thirteen imported oils, it is a complete beauty treatment — one you must try. W S E THIS COUPON Chamberlain Laboratories, DCS Moinu, Iowa, n Please send free trial size of your »lotion. 'Name. . I Address. _ paid. -The status of each individual who has a share in the crop is clearly defined, and niuch of the confusion and misunderstanding involved in the settlement of claims unclei- the two previous programs will be avoided. Tlie person who .owns the land will receive 371-4 per cent; (he person Who provides the work stock and equipment Will receive \2\fa per cent; and the remaining 50 per cent will be divided between landlord and tenant in the same proportion as is the crop. Using a farm with an adjustment payment of $100 as- an example, Mr. Stanley explains that the division between landlord and share-cropper in 193G will be $75 to the landlord and $25 to the share-cropper, while in 1935 the landlord's share was ?85 and the share-cropper's ?15. The nonmanging share tenant's and the landlord's portions of tho payments under the 1936 contract will each be $50; under the 1935 cdntract, the landlord received $77.50 and the tenant $22.50. The mon- aging share tenant will receive $50 and the landlord $50 in 1936, while in 1935 such a tenant received $57.50 and the landlord $42.50. A contract signer may secure release from his contract at the end of any year by giving notice that-he wishes to -Ou so t/trfuit: Od'CinL't.i 1 uf llulL jcm, Mr. Stanley stated. Also, the Secretary of Agriculture may suspend or ter minate all contracts at the end of any year by giving notice to all producers of his intention by November 15 of tha year. Matches on Mauld- iri's Athletic Program Here Wednesday Amateur boxers and \vrestlers of Hdpe and Hempstead county will have an Opportunity Wednesday night to demonstrate their talent in a scheduled all-amateur show at Fair Park, the program will be free. The public is invited. Five matches have been carded. The feature event will be a wrestling match between Bert Mauldin and Carl Woodruff. The bout is scheduled 'Or two out of three falls. Last week Wauldin and Woodruff put on a good show, battling 20 minutes to a draw. Plans were under way for a possible sixth match, which would include Nathan Logan, negro brickyard mauler, who last week won a knockout Over Battling Siki, Hope negro. Logan is anxious to fight but no opponent had been found Wednesday morning. Promoter Mauldin said that -ogan would appear in the show if a worthy opponent could be found. Due to lack of sufficient training, only a small percentage of athletes enrolled in the amateur club, will see action Wednesday night. More than IWo dozen athletes have ->ccn working out each night for the past week under instructor Al (Dusty) Rhodes, former professional grappler. A number of these prospective fighters have not had enough experience to get in shape for a public appearance. Promoter MaUldlh said by next Week he hoped to have eight or 10 matches. Due to the free show and indications that Hope fans desire amateur performances, a large crowd is expected. The arena has a seating capacity of 500 or more. Heaters were turned on Wednesday rtoon to warm up the building. The show starts at 8 p. m. Ceittatnial Honor Mary Katneritie gldan Widow <f teas Miiit'aVy Hero,;"Jack" Beity PUTNAM, texos.-Thc 82-year- : old Widow of A..J. "Jack" Berry, and a native of Hempstead County," Arkansas, is purported to be the fast Mirvi'v- ing wife of;a hero of the Battle of San Jacihto.i Mrs. Berrji is very active for her years and likes a keen interest in current events—especially the present plans that are being made in pre- paralioryfor Texas' 100th anniversary observance, Mich will be marked in 1936 with tht Texas Centennial Celebrations. .Mrs. Berry, whose maiden name WaS Mary K^therlne Sloan, was born near Hone, Ark., August 29, 1853. She came to Texas with her parents when twb years of age. At the age of 18 she Visited friends in Williamson county and it Was there she met "Jack" Berry.. Mrs. Berry became a widow when Captain Berry died July 31, 1899, having served in the battle of San Jacinton, the historic encounter which resulted in a victory for the TeJtans and marked the independence of the '/one Star Stale. A marker at the .grave of Captain Jerry in Callahan county, and placed here by the Texas Centennial Com* mission, will serve to remind Texans and visitors to Texas of the heroism of !orfe Wift Te*as Independence. his fi£o to Ihe cause 6f Plan to Purchase Browns Collapses George Sister's Syndicate Not tb Go through With Venture hold no further meetiflgs. - " " George, Sisler, former ster fi**tt)S*e- man and manager of the club* DoesYtjjir You Strong vt - iajJyg<yjfeayfifkiJ£.£ j* Youiig Crusoes On (Continued from page one) IllllIJI Ill Personal Tax List MUST BE PAID We have the personal tax list at the Hope office located over the Citizens National Bank Building. This office will be open from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. each week day and payment of taxes should be made there. I will have to proceed under the statute, which makes each item assessed responsible for the taxes, so please call at the office at once and pay your personal taxes and avoid the embarrassment of having your property sold to satisfy taxes. J. £. BEARDEN Sheriff and Collector T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T week end guest of Jimmie Balch. Russell Wright of Tokio was a Saturday night guest of Harold Hutson of Doyle. Willie Chambers of Doyle was a week end guest of Earl Brando Center Point. Mrs. Oliver Commings of Murfreesboro was a week end guest of her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. W T. Strawii. Mrs. C. C. Norwood of Doyle has returned from a hospital in Texarkana, and is doing fine. Mrs. Ida O'Bryant of Doyle is visiting her sister, Mrs. Clyde Hutson at Blevins. A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal No matter how many medicines you have tried, for your cough, chest cold or bronchial irritation, you can § et relief now with Crcomulslon. crious trouble may toe brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance with anything less than Creomul- sion, which goes right to the seat of tho trouble to aid nature to soothe and heal the inflamed inem- brnnes as the germ-laden phlegm is loosened and expelled. Even if other remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, your drussist is authorized to guarantee Creomulsion and to refund your money if you are not satisfied with results from the very first bottle. Get Creomulsion right now. (Adv.) ^N^ LADIES SPECIAL YOUR PERSONAL APPEARANCE Means a Lot and Can Cost So Little DRESSES Beautifully cleaned the Odorless Way. It's Better! Men's Felt Hats Cleaned hi Our Own Plsut Hall Brothers Phone 385 has been no sickness, or serious injury, among them so far. Dawn in South Seas What is the routine on these three lonely islands? Well, there's plenty of work to do. All the youths are up al dawn, and aawn in we south ft>eas is wi/rm &<=<•ting up to isee. The boys do their gym exercises, arid then eat breakfast. it takes all of one boy's time to cook arid wash dishes and keep the town clean. They take turns, each cook- 1 ing for a week. Then, one boy is always on "watch," as on a ship at sea, recording the readings of the weather instruments, and writing up the day's log. Every hour of the day he has to put down the temperature, speed and direction of the wind, barometer reading, describe the clouds, and so on. At night, it is done once every three hcurs. The boys take weekly turns at being weather man, too. The two not cooking or on watch are building an airport. They are clearing off weeds and leveling a wide strip each way across the island, to make a possible landing field for land planes. What will land planes ever be doing down there, a thousand miles from anywhere? Well, in the future we may be flying land planes across the ocean, land planes that will go faster than flying boats, and that would float as long as a boat. Sport Is. Fishing In the heat of midday, the boys rest on their cots under their tents. In midafternoon, they start work again. In the evening comes a Hawaiian's •eal fun. The Crusoes make for the )each, to spear fish. They are very good at it. If their tupplies ever gave out, they could live in fish indefinitely. The tropical fish ire so plentiful they can even take heir pick in color. But they must be careful. The reefs re infested with vicious sharks. They von't attack a brown-skinned Hawai- an as quickly as they will a white lan, but they'll attack if you give hem a chance. Once in a While, the boys catch a urtle on the beach, and then they ave a feast. Unless you find one sleep, he gets away before you can flip him on his back. They are big turtles, big as an ordinary office desk. The boys have plenty of fresh eggs. The islands are alive with birds, booby birds and frigate birds. They lay thousands of eggs a day. And here's a funny thing about those birds. Each one will set only on its egg. In the evening, aregular cloud of birds, thousands of them, will come winging in from the ocean, and everyone will pick out his ((probably her) special egg and come down to it. How they can tell, nobody knows. The boys will be alone over the holidays. The next ship clue to visit them will arrive in January, but January is the heavy surf season, and the ship may have to lie off the reef for a week before it can send a boat through. Yes, America is in earnest about that airline to Australia. The government isn't going to all this trouble and expense just for fun. Miller has been back in Washington for six weeks or so. But he seems to be hurrying around these days, as if he were getting ready to go somewhere. If you want o send him a Christmas present, you'd better get out your South Sea postal directory. THE END. WANTED-HEADING BOLTS White Oak—Whisky and Oil grade, Ovcrctip, Post Oak and Red Oak. , Round Sweet Gum Blocks. For prices and specifications, See HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Ark. ST. LOUIS—(^-Plans for the pur- "chase 6f the St. Louis Browns by n syndicate of St. Louis business men apparently fell through Monday. Walter Smith, spokesman for the syndicate, said the idea seemed "impracticable at th'e present time." Smith stated the syndicate would CHILDREN C KUfe ,fl & Stronger' .... sick Ult, f rbrtt. a hearty appetite arid Weroome the tlte'olMf to gas, instead you are,sure,to weaker each J and triore Vlji To escape V ness that J*¥e. Jure,, to undernourishihettt. you toBfirfid the to SJW Af ^lli to bo ttte soli We are 3-L Tdfl idge. JOHN 8. tHBSQN DRUG CO.,'Hope, i GIFST She Will Cherish Toilet Sets In the B£aiiClfl5t tifuc sliver , . , Gift Bikes. ll.Sd to $&-75 v EXQUISITE PERFUMES Cordnyd, Coty'3 Bourjols. HblBigani Rogers, Gallett aAd dtKefsj > $1;00 to $9.00 ' CUTEX TftAftlCtmE [SElJS In attractive gift boxes artd leather 50'c to $$.50 * OTVJJEK—Cotv's. ' Bf>ill*uii«! Tftfrfiiffftz j ' !.- v *>' "J , *"'*»».j»/«« ,*«.UU.I1U19 cuirt. Uki[C*a> u^>J.»Wr UIJiS'K' ,..,.., t J,y eihl ; r ..'* complete sctbt; B&RBARA GOULD CosmWics theW favorite beauty treatment for thousawas'cf women. You can get a gift packrige'for as low as Sl.OO Phone 84 John P. CoX Drbq Give Eagle Here's Real News for the thrifty Wise Thursday at 9 A. M. Roblspn Will Placi ON SALE E R Mo A cabbage weighing 20Vz pounds and measuring 51 inches in circumference was raised by Cohen Robertson of Lampr county, Ala. We know that this announcement of our spectacular one-half price dress sale will be welcomed news to many, many women in this community. All of our previous similar sales have met with a marvelous response , . . and we are offering even greater values and smarter dresses this time. For three days we are selling our entire stock of fine fall and winter dresses at just half their former price. These are all first quality, seasonable dresses in beautiful silk, wool and cotton fabrics, each smartly styled in fashions very latest designs. We suggest you plan on being here the first thing Thursday morning because we usually are sold out of many of the choicest styles by noon the first day. THREE DAYS ONLY -Thurs. Fri. and Sat, $16,75 DRESSES Now $ 9.98 DRESSES Now- $ 7.98 DRESSES Now - S8.38 S4.99 S3.74 $5.98 DRESSES Now .. $4.98 DRESSES Now $0.98 DRESSES Now-— $1,98 DRESSES Now S2.99 $149 S1.99 99c Price Be Here Promptly at 9 for the Choicest Selection The Leading Department Store We Give Eagle Stamps Geo. W. Robison £K Co. HOPE PRESCOTT NASHVILLE

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