The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 22, 1940
Page 8
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PAOE EIGHT Today's Sport Parade «}• HKNHY McI.KMOKK STANDINGS BOXERS til MEET Southern Rob Has One Of His Worst Days; Dean No Is No Puzzle . By (iKOROK KIKKSKY United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK, April 22.—The same black hand of disaster which swooped down on Johnny (Double No-Hit) Va.idor Mcer after his two perfect games in 1038 had Bob Feller In its clutches today. The spell of magi: Mlcr cast over the White Sox on opening dny was rudely and uncrrimoiiioiBly punctured by the bombing bats of the Detroit Tigers yesterday. The corn-fed Van Meter, la., boy with the mighty right arm was routed in three iimtngs by the Tigers. Making hts first appearance since his no- hitler and Ills first start at Cleveland, Feller \vns o.ily a hollow shell of himself and was clouted for sis runs in three innings. The Tigers kept up their barrage until they had 15 Hits and won. 12-2. Lefty Grove, who had a no-hit game himself opening day for seven innings and closed out Ills stint by allowing only two hits, perhaps wa.s right when he said: "I'm not sorry I didn't get a no- hltter'. Tliosc tilings are unlucky." Feller bad one of his worst days , since he tecarae a star yesterday vcnicncc of against the Tigers. The first mini) promoters. NEW YORK, April 22.—Mujo league baseball owners apparently •. don't have enough sense even to' conic out of the rain. They are proving this now and proving it vigorously. The baseball season, their baseball season because It was arranged by Ihcm, opener) on April IS. Prom the .shelter of the ivory lower In which they dwell they fixed a schedule that called for the plny- Inj of 48 games between April 15 and April 21, which was yesterday. Mv staff mathematician, whose initials are II. M=L,, jusl Informed me that 28 of these scheduled games have been postponed because of rnln or cold .or .sleet or hull or snow or just plain lousy weather. „. I Billy Price To Caplain Visitors And Face 1 Chcnowith • After nn- absence of several months amateur boxing returns to nlythcvllle this week. 1'roinoter .foe Craig announced today. The crack Manila team, headed by (he clever nilly Price, will match blows with a selected group of local .sinjon-piire.s Thursday night at Die American Legion tirenrt. Highlights of the eight-bout program will lir; a double header feature. Price will attempt to .settle an old scorn with Allon Chenowlth in one three round event, while two This is nothing now. The weather i , . always is bad this time of the year ? , h ™ v >' Wfil 8 la "'"Is, Jimmy in the east and mid-*™ 21,1 ''"'.'sforcl and Wold mil Howling. the east and mid-west where major league baseball games are played. You can thumb old almanacs until both youv thumbs and (lie almanacs ask you to lay off wlllioul finding nice weather this time o! year for (lie past 10 seasons. Everyone knows this except tire baseball owners. Either they can't read or they are .suffering under ths delusion that Mother Nature is a red-hot baseball fan and is keenly interested in inking a bos scat along the third base line. It's pretty obvious now that Mother Nature doesn't care otic whit about baseball and is not going to rend- just the wealher solely for the con- 'a handful of alblelic to face him, Barney McCosky, lashed a double to right, and Uruce Campbell, his ex-teammate, followed with another double. The Tigers really teed off in the third and combed Bullet Bob for five runs. In the general collapse Feller allowed four hits, two walks, hit a batsman and unloosed a wild pilch. The climax came when Campbell bunted a double over the third baseman's head: Schoolboy Kowe Ditched brilliantly, allowing only five*hlts, one a homer by Trosky. Peller was lucky to get away with his life during the bombardment. McCosky ripped a line drive back at. the Indians' .vounq pitcher and , !-„ t-Tfjiv jjot iij s ' g! 0 ve in front of his face in time to slon the blazing ball. To make the defeat more <"»))lm. the Triers, who were licked six limes bv Feller last year, scored their first victory over him in two seasons. U has lonq been suggested, not only from this pillar of Ivulli. honor and fairness, but from countless "Mwr sources just .as no-account, that baseball owners ston hntn? •"•ccdy and cut their season Irom 154 names lo. say. !-IO [wiies. Thi- wnuld enable the teams to start the season 10 days or two weeks '»ler than nt uresert. when theele- mciiLs normnllv provide sunshine. ?lcar skies and Die other bits of iritmal trivia that nrc supposed to co iilcmi; with baseball, 1 have talked to baseball men nboul tills and Ihev hnve a stock nnswcr. It Is this: We can't possibly make nnv money If we nlay (ewer (htm 154 games, our Investment reQulrcs that we start early and cl<">f late. This doesn't make sense and I s«v It without n^ss lo their books. The clubs sucnd thousands of dollars in training camos to build up •• Thosn historians who were rank- „„ m( erest In tlm Inns who have ng Foler above Wai er Johnson bm , wllhoia lmcban „„ ^ ^^A^E^^, Tto * M « l ™'» l "«< ™ tories to iio before he gels in the I tnrrElliy lo note thai Johnson wonj ?5 and struck out .313 in h!s fourth I year in the his show while Pcller won only,,24 and fanned 240. .It would be a shame if the no- hit. ' no-run jinx which clamocd il c elf on Vander Mcer plagued Feller too. In the last ten years the . Ditchers .who've hurled no-hitters have had one thin; .nnd another to "onlenil wlth-f>ft«r reaching Din Hall of Panic. There've Wen nine no-hitters since irra. Cnrl Jlubbcll has liad less hard, luck than any of the f>roiiu hut even he's had to .have hh plbow sl«shcrl onen. Wo: Fcrrell Is struggling lo han<> on with Brooklyn. Bob Burke is out of the majors. Paul Dean lins Icen n victim of nnn IronWe oiul Is Irving to.stir* with the Ofanls. Vrr- non Kerncdy won 21 samcs Ihc year niter his iio-hillor. Since t.iion he's been goin? 'dnwii gradually. Bill Dietrich u hanging nroird with the White Sox. that's nil. Vnndcr Meer Is trying to regain liis confidence and luck. Moutc Pearson has nil the stuff in the world but sometimes he goes for weeks without pitching. On his eood days he's unbeatable, but I that's not often. | While Feller was •nttim belled Ted Lyons. 40 wars oH u/itt D"- ccmber. yanked the White So\ I-to the victory column with n C-2 win stay In n training caino twice as Ion? ns aclunlly is ncccssnry just to zcl. I.J'O b'jvs buck home honucd viu. Then wlint do Hie OK'ticrs do? Nolh- iiiir. nxceot arrive In the midst of it ".-ntlo blhzard n"d .sjiend their t'mc in hotel lobbies nnd cigar stores until Ihev have so ninny gnmcs postponed because of bail weather Ihnt soon nobody cares if ''"•v ulay at nil. Fnmc of the bolder owners, who infuse to worrv about Iheir players dx'ln" of nv'KKiire. go nhend and "Inv lo iventher that no thoughtful Pinifpsr would bring )ii.-, twin out lo sil in. The New York CllanUs. for cxiun- nle. oiiMie'i thslr homp slnv in Mew ivnnlc. With a little nubllcity von ri» oct. ti^t mnnv In walch n man (lemmKi-nte foiuilotr DCIK in n , firii-" window. Thn Ynnki°s. I ••''"ini'loiiu or Die world nnd the '•i-r^r-si. tlrnwlnn cnrd in bascbnll, iilavf.,1 (n n handful of 15000 in "" 1 " 1 !i"r thil T nvomlse .VDII-hnvhis hoc-: there—would have'cmisort Ad- mlv<\i Byrd lo slip on his galoshes. My nreument, nnd it is lused einlv nartlv nil the tact thnl r don't 1IV-" tn acnuire pneunionln mcrclv r"»nrtln<r miiira. |? (hnt .hnscbnll would make more monev with fewer oimi?i. if |hp nin-pra don't sonti ri"<\ho this. Die fnns nri> »oinr lo domain! n vapor tent with every "core cai'd. will collide In the other. Price is well known in Hiyllie- vllle llnht fans having appeared here snvfira llines. He Is a colorful bnltlcr wllh' rwiiarkabld hoxhij; skill. In Ills last fight with Ohen- owith, one of the some 15 or mors times they have faced each other, I'rlce was knocked out. The Manila bantam, however, claims he was Just recovering from a sickness Nashville ,,' . Ultle flock .. Knoxvllle .. McmphLs .. . Hirmln^hnm . New Orleans Chattanooga . Atlanta .. League' W. fi (i L. I'd. a i.oco 'I .750 ,3 .MO V 4 .42Q NilflotKil Cincinnati .. Brooklyn .. Philadelphia i'UUburih . Chicago .. . St. Louis .. Huston ., New York .. League W. L. 1 ...... 2 J2U .374 :m .280 I'd. 0 1.090 0 I.tat 0 1.603 Jump Into Second Place; Vols Yet To Taste Defeat AfrR'TL 22, 1040 settled down from n shaky start. Chattanooga, had ' the nightcap tucked away until Ihe Smokies bloke loose for five runs and Ihc verdict In the last inning. Mttle Ro;k's double -victory marked the Travelers' third In a row over Ui c supposedly mighty Chicks. Alf Hrazle held the Mem- phlans to JO hits in the opener while Ills mates rapped three Chick hurler.s- for 1C, Includlni; thrce by shortstop Tommy Irwin, '- cw Kiaussc pitched five-hit ball The bitter taste of defeat was yet unknown to the Nashville Vols! v , c "° t Both games at New Orleans 1 00!) ,400 .250 .000 .111)0 American llostoo .. ,. Cleveland .. New York .. St. Louh .. Philndelphla • Detroit .. .. Chicago ,. . Washington League W. I,, 3 1 2 2 2 '2 2 1 toduy as they continued to pace the Southern Association. The Vols marked up their sixth victory of (lie season and iheir fifth against the Atlanta Crackers Sunday by a 10 lo 4 count In. the first fame of a double-header. The second 'was a f-all tie. Little Rock's surprising Pebbles Into extra InniiiKS. Dirnilug- ham broke a- 2-2 lie with a pair of scores In the 10th Inning of the opener. 'Jiie Pelicans turned the tallies by pushing across one run to break a similar deadlock in the nth-inning ol the second game. - No games were .scheduled today. 0 3 .750 .CO? ,61)7 ',MIO ,fil)0 5(10 .333 ,001) Trained Indians (la Jobless TUCSON, Arl*. (OP)—Scnr«liy of Jobs Is forcing many wcll-'cducaieil nnd highly trained Indians ba'ck to Hie reservations and has resulted hi a change In the entire concept wns not in his best psysical | of Indian education, according condition. I3ut he has been working .'isrd and says he expects to be reedy for Ccnowlih this lime. Afton Is a veritable human dynamo while Inside the squared circle. Me starts throwing leather from the opening gong and doesn't slop until forced to either by opponent or bell, andoftcn the gong fails to halt htm. He Is lough and hard lo hurt and 1ms been Improving right along. The lienvyweight go will put together two of the largest boys In this neck of the woods. Lunsford, a protege of Craig, stands six feet, tlireir indies in Ids bare feet and weighs slightly under 200. His opponent will have an Inch ad- vimtuge In height and approximately five pounds in weight, Though Ihey are beginners In (lie fight game, both have shown In workouts that they me willing and Ihcat usually is a good sign for the fans, Hugh Hurberl, former star ath- lele at (he local high school and novice middleweight champion ol mld-soutli Golden Gloves in 1938, likely will appear on (lie program, Craig said. The complete program will be announced later. Dr. W. w. neatly, director 'of" In- :llnn Education for the Department of interior. During 1939, "TACA" (Trans- Ijortcs Aeroos Centra Americanos) carried 'over 15,000,000 pounds of nir freight at a profit without a bit of governmental subsidy. Also, 25,000 passengers were carried during the year. Reurl Courier News i»nnt aris Chlcki;, G Knoxvllle the Clinttanaoga Lookouts, 8 to U niKl 5 to 4 while the liiriuintham ; gojj innlehM staecd in the Coimlw Barons. nitf New Orleans Pclicuns Club yesterday ancnl^»r- ivided Honors. took tieipated in l/y 20 players In/the •He opener, 4 to 2 and New Or- final oiUcomo was rot deter nin d tons .sah^od the nlghta,,, 3 to ^eause S o,e , a?<-.fdi o ClubJWney Held The f| rst of a .erics of intra-club golf miUehM staged a I the Hits were divided at i:i-cach in the first Atlanta-Nashville game but the Vols proved better at bunching Ihcm and amassed eight, runs In the (Irsl ihree innings, aaron Boots Polfcnberger was able ;o pitch the distance but the Crackers, who used four hurlers, gave him a rough ride. In the second game, Ihe Vols seemed a cinch to make it a double win but Atlanta rallied for four runs In the sixth and seventh innings to tie the count, at 7-all.' II was too dark to play any more, i Knoxville came from behind for both its victories. The Smokies overcame a six-run lead to win the opener after pitcher Jim Bivin in their scores. Rumor Rnglund and R. L. Stockett were captains of the two learns. Read Courier News Want Ad.s. VORTEX PETROLEUM CO. BtYTIIF.VII.I.K CITY LIMITS HIGHWAY Gl NORTH Ally 20c Cigarettes for IGc With Puri-basc of :1 Gal. or More of AKK. GAS AT MO. 1'KICES KEFINEKY TO YOUR CAR Michie IJros., Dealer Williams To Oppose Blakely Lefty Williams, Cabot, Ark., heavyweight, will tangle with Gene Blakely, Texas heudlock specialist, in one of (lie two rent we Ijouts en tonight's »ml card at Die American Legion arena. Williams Is a bisj fellow with a fair knowledge of the mat, game and Is figured to meet Blakely on an even basis in spite of the fact that the latter has one of the most punishing headlocks exhibited in the local arena and has tnet many of fine men at -his weight in Uie .southwest. The other match will feature Brix/lcd old Gorilla Dugan, the ancient irishman, \vliu will rough it. with Joe wclcli. Both matches will hn two oat of three falls, DO minute time limit, The program win start promptly at, 8 o'clock. 'Tuddler" Tends Fiirmoc In the aiccl Industry, a "piid- iller" designates a man In charge of a furnace in n plant jnniiiJfnc- lurliiB wrought iron by a special process. Chinese Dinners Ixjng Chinese dinners in the mandarin class often consist, of 24 courses mid require (he greater part of an evening. Ft-eqiiont rests for smoking arc (liken between (lie courses. nMmrd the Uoa-hciutecl of England is said to have Invented tarring and feathering ns a punishment. - PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & First I'hone' 141 i Yesterday's Results Simllicrn l.c,\siili Litlle Rock Q-2, Memphis -1-0. Nashville 10-7. Atlanta 4-7, second tie, called end seventh, darkness. Birmingham 4-2, New Orleans 2-3, first 10 innings, second II innings! Knoxvllle 8-fl, CtmU.mooga j-4. Natiuniil Le.igue St. Louis 5, Chicago 4. New York at Brooklyn,-postponed rain. Boston at. Philadelphia, ironed, rain. Cincinnati nt Pittsburgh, trailed, cold weather. post- post- Alliericnn I.canuc Chicago C. St. Louis 2. Detroit. 12. Cleveland 2. Washington at New Vork. ponsd. rnin. Philadelphia at Boston, polled, cold weather. posl- post- Today's Games Sontlimi Leujjue No games scheduled. National i,e:igue Boston al Brooklyn. iVcw York in Philadelphia. Chicago at Pittsburgh. Si. Louis :tt Cincinnati. the .-tart of his 18th campaign. Joe Kuhcl hit his second homer in two days, Dizry Dean's 1940 (iebiit was a flop. The Cardinals knocked him out of the box in the fifth and Pairings arc nr, follows, those first nnmrd b«>in» Capt. Miles' (cam. and those last --miied bclons- lii» to Cipt. Pate's learn: Cunt. Jesse Miles vs. Cnpt. Sharon Pntc: Kddin Ruff vs. Anirririin I.IMJIU. nelroit at Chicugo. Pliiladelphlix at New York. Cleveland al 31. Louis. Washington at Boston. — - •*• "«,•• ,..,,, , ivn inii., c.iinn' Klin v> lyvnniii scored a 5-4 victory for their first Provow; Ix>rov Whilen-r vs AdoT, win in four starts. ni77« MmiVort iT,,i^™i,, n ,. ', ^ „ . ' ' u ' 0| f > " win in four starts, Dizzy blanked the Cards for three innings but fell apart when Bob Sturgeon and Rip Russell made two boots. Ray Blades called on five pitchers before the Cards finally got under the wire .to win. pepper Martin's single drove in SI. Louis' winning run. Al Miles And Paic Golfers' Teams Gvvin's Club CARUTHERSVILLE, M O ., April 21.— The annual, intra-club lourna- ment of Owin Country Club play. tutf®, Bot underway here today, with f-tt* losing team to treat the wln- i<ners to a barbecued chick 2 n plcknlc, with wives and sweethearts of botli teams as- guests. Team captains are Jess Miles or Haytl and Sharon Pate of Caruth- crsvllle, and Hie entire club membership was matched. The individual contests will be concluded af "possible Mhls week, Untcrrelner; J. D. Donxl vs. Sam- , my Helton: Paul SuAbnry vs. S. P I Gates; John Sawyer Jr.' vs. Rnlph i Provow; Monte Shmsia'-wr vs Glen Myrrs; Gonlo': Wri-ilst vs Earl Urn*; Btli Crysler vs. C E B«rry Rov Harper vs. N. w. Holm; Harold Jnnm vs. R. p. Grcsnvvelt: W. J. i P'^V vs. Marion Bnrrov. Mix Kvlr vs . Clws R PV , !O!C J S . f Dernls Cilii vs. cicor-c ,T ,r,i» r T. C. Pinkley vs. Iiarrr'l "'••:. M '•W-v Wliiteiier VF. Charb- " • Wi'.lnvd Ray vs. Earl Rnvlrrk: Jcr» Kin?sbury vs. Carlos Southern- o W. Chtlton vs. Tom Markoy ',\b> •Segal vs. James VanA«s:Iall- Dick II i l iS™'" vs ' Joe Pnr ^'- Lnm»r Head I Ti'ompson vs. clyrte Hnrccr- Wy- imn Di'.lnwn vs. Ralph u a |; C V. A. T. Benton vs. John SHtrei- ,Jr Ellis Kolm vs. I3oh Kn;ibcrl- J. L. VanAiistlall vs. M. u. Rowland; Dr. Limbaugh vs. Fahcrly Pmkley: Hill Ncthery vs. Wi>.llvr Bernard: I'. X. Schumacher vs Crij) Armour; Ear! Witnbertey vs Dr. p. J. Aquino; Byron Ward vs Pete Robertson; Win. Khouric vs. Bob Reynolds; Warren Wilkerson vs. Raymond Pierce; John Tralnor vs. Shifty Winters;. R. N. Brasher vs. Frank Specr; Ralph Bints vs, Earl Coppage Jr.; George Olozler vs. J. R. i\falin; Lloyd Rogers vs Clayton Solmltz. For Best Results !n Baking — Use Shibley's Best FLOUR ASK YOUR GROCER Read Courier ilewa sain WRESTLING eORILLft OUCAH vs. JOE WELCH LEFTY WILLIAMS vs GENE BLAKELY American Legion Arena Monday 8 p. m. ITS ACTION IS EASIEST! " Tests prove Chevrolet's to be the easiest steering column gearshift to operate. Compared with the two cars next iti sales, Chevrolet— the leader —requires only 2.8 ft.-lb. of effort for a cycle of forward shifts, against 8.5 ft.-lb. for Car U and 14.8 ft.-lb. for Car C. LEVER AND ITS THROW" ARE SHORTER Because Chevrolet's gearshift is operated by vacuum, it requires less leverage. The lever is the shortest of all, and its travel or "throw" is the least ... and the shortest "throw" means the quickest shift. Length of Throw: Chevrolet, 4>/ 4 "; Car K, 71/2"; Car G. >e wesfofaff gearshifts to operate f *Q%Automatic.--Onlii20% Driver Effort! IT'S EFFORTLESS IN TRAFFIC " Stop and Go—Red and Green —Halt! Start! That's traffic. And that's where Chevrolet's easy .shifting is most appreciated. Vacuum power does S0% of the work, leaving only 20% of the shifting effort to be supplied by the driver. No tugging and shoving—just a ringer-flip—that's all there is to it! (OF STYLE AND COLOR now nl YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER'S come in and ice NtW CONVERHBIE CABRIOIEI wilh Automatic Top NEW SPRING COIOR COMBINATIONS NtW TORPEDO REAR-END STYtING NEW f ASHIONS IN FISHER BODY BEAU1V TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone 633

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