The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on August 9, 1985 · Page 8
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 8

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 9, 1985
Page 8
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1 PAGE 8- THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR- FRIDAY, AUGUST 9, 1985 Petition : . V; v ; i :lv; :' f ' ill; '$ i M;f S .!? if SKI'fet-Sf 7 : ?': ;si! ' : All that remains in Gasoline Alley is the sign, looming over the expanse where new garages will be built beginning in about two weeks. Speedway Continued From Page 1 $2 million and $3 million. ' Thompson said he hopes to have final plans available sometime next week. ' Race fans still will be able to get up close to the drivers when the cars are brought out from "Gasoline Alley" to the track, Thompson said. Such access for the fans was one thing that Anton (Tony) Hulman Jr., the late owner of. the Speedway, always insisted. ' Thompson said the garages will Hot be air-conditioned in view of the fact that Ihey- now are used "for only 21 days each year," rather Guilt I Continued From Page 1 that Magnuson bribed two former assessors and that Mohr and Carver bribed a third assessor. The three men are planning appeals of their convictions. . Last week. Sleekier sentenced Mohr and Carver to six-year prison terms and Magnuson to a three-year term. I The Howard plea agreement which was disclosed Thursday does not contain provisions for Howard's cooperation in any other cases. First Assistant U.S. Attorney Bradley L. Williams would not comment on the ' negotiations with Howard and his attorneys. . But the agreement includes tfiese admissions by Howard: In 1978, he arranged and participated in a venture with Mohr, Carver and Magnuson to obtain about $1 million in fees by getting a reduced property assessment for Merchants Plaza, the headquarters of Merchants National Bank and the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis. He knew that Magnuson had political influence with the Center Township assessor's office. He knew Magnuson "would make funds available, if necessary," to influence assessors. Sean Continued From Page I section to ensure sterile conditions. A healthy 7 pounds, 6 ounces, he was kept in a special ."clean" room at Boston's Children's Hospital where tests disclosed he had the deficiency. When he was 2 weeks old. Sean received a bone marrow transplant from his father, making the infant one of the nation's youngest successful recipients of a bone marrow transplant. A similar transplant failed in the Houston case, the new marrow apparently tainted by a virus that caused fatal blood cancer. .. Sean spent five months in isolation at the hospital, seeing only nurses and his mother, a former nurse who had to scrub with antiseptic and dress in a sterile gown to see her baby. ; Slowly, his own immune system began to work. : "Our life is very normal now," Mrs. Halloran said. "We're may be a little more cautious than we would be but that's probably out pf habit" ' Now, Sean pets a Great Dane Priests i Continued From Page 1 buildings later. Father McVean and Father Felice believe they finally have found the right site. f Including renovations, the building will cost more than the $2 million, which is being held in a letter of credit by Macklowe. Father McVean said they would need a state grant and private donations to complete the project. If the deal falls through and they don't find a building in a week, tRe" money reverts to the Mayor's than serving as year-round headquarters for racing teams as they have in the past. He said no decision has been made yet on whether teams will be allowed to hook up their own individual air-conditioners. , Each garage will be equipped with a wash basin. The garages are spacious enough that they could accommodate stock cars should the Speedway management ever decide to run them there, Thompson said. There were 84 wooden garages in the old Gasoline Alley. Most of them were built to replace previous wooden garages destroyed in a He "willfully failed and refused to inquire of, or investigate, the true activities of Claude Magnuson and Claude Magnuson's efforts" to influence assessors. . In addition, Howard admitted that he knowingly under reported his income in 1980 and 1981. In return, prosecutors dismissed 16 other charges in an indictment to which Howard originally pleaded in; nocent last year. At the time of these crimes, Howard was a partner in Indiana's largest law firm, Barnes and Thorn-burg, a former law partner of Mar- ion County Prosecutor Stephen Goldsmith, and was prominent in Republican politics. He also was a long-time aide of former Speaker of the House Kermit 0. Burrous and a fund raiser for Congressman Elwood H. Hillis, R-Ind. Howard also was an attorney for Merchants National Bank and later served as a director of the bank. FBI agent Jeffrey A. Meyer outlined the facts of the Merchants Plaza case for Steckler and said Howard had told others that he knew Magnuson had been retained in assessment matters but "didn't know why and didn't want to know." named Mandi that he received just before Christmas. He can play with other children, and he eats fruits which were once forbidden because of their bacteria count His family once had to buy and keep separate jars of food for Scan for fear that germs in the family's containers or portions could make him ill. "Last year, we had family over but had to keep him in the playpen. This year, he can play with his cousins," Mrs. Halloran said. But Sean still requires treat ment for his deficiency. Every four weeks, he goes to Children's Hospital to receive an intravenous solution of gamma globulin, a "booster" to one side of his immunity system, his mother said. The procedure takes two to three hours, and Sean docs not always cooperate, she said. "It takes a few doctors and a few nurses," she said. "He's a strong bugger." Office on SRO Housing and will be given to another non-profit group to . build some type of shelter. Judith Spcktor, a spokeswoman for the SRO office, said no decision has been made on what to do with the money if the deadline passes. Though the city could technically give it back to the Franciscans and let them continue their search, Father McVean was not optimistic about that scenario. "Once the city gets the money, who knows what will happen?" he said. - - STAR STAFF PHOTO FRANK H. FISSE broad Indianapolis Motor Speedway , race-morning fire in 1941. There was an addition built in the late 1950s. Thompson said the new garages . probably will be assigned on the y basis of the order in which entries for the 1986 "500" are received .-, first come, first choice. - Some teams kept the same loca: . tions in the old garage area for; decades. A. J. Foyt's garages were: always toward the east end. of the . south side of the middle aisle. Roger Penske's team has been housed toward the west end of the northern , most row of garages. The AJ. Watson cars were bedded down toward the east end of the southernmost , , row. , Assistant U.S. Attorney David J. Ryan introduced into evidence a series of documents showing how Howard had disguised some of the Merchants Plaza fees as well as income from ownership of a building at 429 North Pennsylvania Street and income from the sale of a home. - - Internal Revenue Service agent David J. Cole told Steckler that Howard under reported his taxable federal income in 1980, 1981 and 1982 by a total of $123,763 and hid part of the income by "various machinations and manipulations." In one instance. Howard hid a $9,000 fee in the account of his girlfriend, Liz Eaglesfield. whom he later married, Cole said. Part of that money later went to finance ownership of horses Howard had with Indianapolis attorney L. Keith Bu-len, the former Republican national committeeman for Indiana, Cole said. In other instances, Cole said, Howard arranged for fees to be channeled through a partnership known as Meridian Management Co. for the purpose of concealing the money from his law partners and also to achieve a substantial tax savings. His long-term , prognosis also looks strong. "The worst that could happen is that he would have to continue taking the gamma globulin for the rest of hisife." said Mrs. Halloran, adding that he may outgrow the need for it in a few years. .' i YOU DON'T GAIN A REPUTATION WITHOUT FACTS TO BACK IT UP ... And Leon's has the reputation of being the best in the tailoring field. , - We have the knowledge, experience and ability to solve your clothing needs. Base your next suit on our reputation. It will be worth it. tilti tuning it $245 T 17AJ TAILORING IjUjUil ton paw 809 N. Delaware 634-8559 (Vm, Um f.iM MJA i tt Ia ilA. 4 V Thury to 700; M. 0 6 00 Continued From Page 1 Hart, D-Colo., Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., and Claiborne Pell, D R.I. The organization and its affiliate, the National Council of Resistance, 1 and Rajavi, its leader, were charac- i terized as anti-American in a State '" Department background paper ' twice provided to Congress, on Feb. 14 and June 17. The paper says the Mujahedeen sometimes spelled Mojahedin took a measure of responsibility for holding 52 U.S. hostages in , the American Embassy in Tehran for 444 days and was responsible for killing at least six Americans in Iran. The group denies these and other assertions by the State Department, f The disclosure of how the congressional signatures were sought and gathered has prompted a reassessment on Capitol Hill of how petitions are handled. i "We thought we were being very careful that we weren't endorsing any group," said Kevin Bonderud, an aide to Rep. Martin Sabo, D-Minn. He noted that the petition talked of June 20 as the commemoration day for "martyrs and political prisoners" in Iran. "There will be a closer look at these commemoration days," said Lana Polk, a legislative assistant to Rep. G.V. Montgomery, D-Miss,, who said Montgomery gets a "ridiculous", number of requests for such endorsements. Montgomery was surprised when a reporter told him he had put his name, to the petition. "We wouldn't be supporting that type of group," the conservative Mississippi-an said, but his office confirmed Mat he had signed the Mujahedeen-circulated petition. In all, the names of 22 congressv men' appeared in the ad. In some cases, the members acknowledged signing letters or petitions.' In oth-; ers, congressional staff members confirmed that their bosses had signed. In a few others, the Iranian group provided copies bearing the congressional signatures. Ali Safavi, a resistance spokesman, said the Iranians had collected signatures over a period of months from all 2,000 people named in the advertisement. -..', '' Freed Continued From Page 1 cratic Force have established a troop presence. Another group of 40 to 50 independent anti-Sandinista guerrillas, including exiled Cubans from Miami, has begun operating in the zone. "Our position is that Contras are Contras," Duncan quoted Armstrong as saying. - Duncan said the peace activists would travel north to the town of El Castillo where they had dropped off two protesters earlier. From there, the group presumably would travel back to the larger town of San Carlos and then go on to Managua. The journey to Managua could last as much as a day. ' Two Costa Rican civil guard patrols had been cutting their way through dense jungle toward each other along the southern banks of the San Juan River one from the north, another from the south trying to reach the group, said Mark Krischik, spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica. But the protesters said the troops had not arrived by the time of their release, Duncan said. The San Juan River courses its way southeast through Nicaragua marking part of the border with Costa Rica on its way east to the Caribbean. It has been the scene of recent tense border shootouts between Nicaraguan and Costa Rican troops. Krischik said three U.S. officials had traveled to a civil guard outpost near the border search area 47 S. Meridian St (2 blks. S. of Monument Circle) 636-2287, (fre parking next door) Castleton Square 849-1020 i Location in Chicago, Cleveland, Dollai, Denver, Detroit Houtton, Indianapolif, Milwaukee, MinneapoftiSfc Paul, Philadelphia . The letters and the "Solidarity With Iranian Resistance" petition speak of the need to restore democracy in Iran and end human rights Y violations under the Ayatollah Kho-1 meini's regime. j The petition does not mention the Mujahedeen," although it does refer to Rajavi as a resistance leader. Rep. Helen Bentfey, R-Md., doesn't remember signing anything, but after her name appeared in the advertisement she instructed her 1 staff "that nothing gets signed until the whole office has a chance to review it." In retrospect Rick Nelson, an aide to Rep..,Tom Lantos, D-Calif., co-chairman of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, said legislators or their staffs probably should have checked the source of the j petition, as he did. Nelson's suspicions were raised. by the relentless manner in which! Rajavi's followers pursued their re quest for a letter from Lantos or the caucus. '' In its caution to Congress, the State Department said: "During the 1970s the Mujahedeen were at the forefront of the opposition to the shah and in this period assassinated at least six Americans in Iran. "The Mujahedeen took a measure of credit for. the prolonged ; holding of American diplomats, as hostages, advocated putting them ; on trial as spies and staged a large , demonstration in Tehran in January 1981 protesting their release." v The group is a "militantfy Islam- ' ic, anti-democratic, anti-American , and anti-Western collectivist organi zation which employs terrorism and violence as instruments of its policies." The National Council of Resistance was described as a "Paris-based front dominated by the PMOI (the Mujahedeen).", t ; y Those allegations were repeated July 24 by Richard W. Murphy, assistant secretary of state for Near East and South Asian affairs. He' told a House panel that the Mujahedeen "has sort of been masquerading under a cover which attracted a surprising amount of support judging . by , some of the letters from Congress." - Wednesday to monitor the search efforts by radio. He said a U.S.-supplied helicopter had aided the search. Along the northern bank of the San Juan. Sandinista army troops and militiamen had been ordered "not to respond to firing" in case of an encounter with Costa Rican troops or rebels, Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry spokesman Angela Ce-ballos said in a phone interview. Carol Prado, a top aide to Pas-tora, said in a phone interview with The Miami Herald Thursday before the group's release that ARDE units had not abducted the protesters. Prado accused the Sandinistas. "This is a propaganda montage, a self-kidnapping designed to convince the people that we operate from Costa Rica and not from Nicaragua," Prado said. Wednesday night, Costa Rican President Luis Alberto Monge also pointed the finger at the Sandinistas. "The kidnapping could have beeit a publicity stunt by the Sandinistas," Monge said. In Managua, Nicaraguan Vice Foreign Minister Victor Hugo Tin-oco called a press briefing Thursday to announce that the government would use the incident to reiterate its call for the establishment of a demilitarized zone along its southern border. Speaking by ham radio Wednesday evening with Witness for Peace's Managua office, Armstrong reported, "We are well and healthy, thanks be to God." Armstrong had identified the abductors as rebels SPECIAL PURCHASE! These bookcases live up to our auality standards, but at a price that you can't beat anywhere! They're sturdy, . -good-looking, cmdliave a durably teak firjish ; which is easy to care for. , . I ,' . . Each bookcase comes with 4 shelves (3 are adjustable). ) i , -.-ii Eachunitis72"Hx30"Wxl2" In an interview with The Associated Press in Paris on Wednesday, Rajavi denied the allegations and said the Reagan administration Us being misled by "pr6-shah elements" that want a monarchy reinstalled in Iran. . ;. "To my sorrow, the background information provided to the American State Department was incorrect," he said, comparing resistance to Khomeini as similiar to the American War" of Independence. 1 In a statement released in Washington, the National Council of -Resistance said, 'The Mujahedeen, do not and have never "believed in the philosophy : of violence " and , terror and have condemned all formir of terrorism';; ;. ';: 'i;; it.?"5" Moreover, the statement said the Mujahedeen "were not in arty way involved with taking American hds-tages in Iran in 1980." ' One congressman who sigried'a statement of support for Rajavtf Bob Wise, D-W.Va.,, questioned the State department's view on the Mujahedeen, his spokeswoman says. "He will support any resistance to Khomeini and he's not surethe State Department is right" said the aide, Erin Splaine.; "We're asking'for more information from both parties:";- :- ; ::;;u" 1 But Rep. Mervyn Dymafly," D-Calif., one of those whose, flame appears in the advertisement, says he was duped into sending out a "Dear Colleagues" letter and a petition in support of Rajavi. . ": When some well-dressed Iranian students visited his office asking his help in the anti-Khomeini movement, Dymally said he was eager to lend a hand. ' " ; , Before learning more; he said he circulated among colleagues the letter and a petitiort accompanied by a . statement, iwhich talked of the rise of the Iranian resistance and mentioned Rajavi by name. ' "The purpose of the petition is to allow members of congresses and parliaments to indicate their support ) for resistance of the Khomeini regime," Dymally's letter said. ' " Once apprised of the State Department's view, DymaTly said he disavowed the material, adding he was "very distressed" to team his name was on the advertisement. -" from Pastora's army. . Pastora, before the protesters left on their journey, called the protesters "wolves in sheeps clothing" and ordered his men to fire on them. As the group traveled northward by boat after their release, Armstrong said of the groups' kidnappers: "Qiven Pastora's threat two days ago, we. don't have any doubt that they; were connected to him. U.S. moneys are going to the Contras, and we hold Congress and.the president responsible for this act. Things like this happen all the 'time to Nicaraguans, and if our people had been Nicaraguans. they could have been killed. There wouldn't have been, any press at all," Duncan quoted Armstrong as saying. Witness for Peace has staged similar peace vigils in other Nicaraguan war zones. The group ignored rebel and U.S. warnings in making the trip along the San Juan River. Drug tc$t sparks V, political battle , ASSOCIATED PRESS ,. . ... " ! Chicago A police bodyguard assigned to Mayor Harold Washington has flunked a drug test, sparking another round of political fighting between Washington . and foe Alderman Edward R. Vrdolyak. Vrdolyak is calling for wider uri; nalysis testing for drug and alcohol abuse among police officers, firefighters and other key city employees, including elected officials. , " FINISH if

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